pittiGood morning07:11
pittididrocks: hey! happy to be back home? :-)07:12
pittidobey: no :)07:12
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Zdradobey: yes empathy have sound support09:02
Zdradobey: but ubuntu's sound theme is missing almost everything09:02
Zdraafaik on jaunty the only sound we have is incoming-call09:03
Zdrawhich is the most important IMO09:03
seb128I'm not a big fan of sound effects09:03
Zdrame neither09:03
Zdraseb128: about MSN file transfer, I don't think we can say pidgin support that09:04
Zdraseb128: I never had more than 4b/s09:04
seb128no, it's very very slow09:04
Zdrawhich is totally useless09:04
seb128some of the other points are good ones09:04
seb128ie sending message to people not there09:04
seb128or custom emoticons09:05
Zdraseb128: IMO it's much much much more important to have xmpp audio/video09:06
seb128is that working?09:07
Zdraseb128: also, it depends if ubuntu want to promote good support for open protocols (jabber) or closed (msn)09:07
LaneyI bet there's a lot of people who use even the broken msn file xfer we have in Pidgin09:07
Zdraseb128: yes it is working09:07
seb128cassidy said it was not working fine right now and that it will not working out of the box anyway because it requires codecs which can't be installed by default09:07
Zdraseb128: did he said that? we support speex and theora09:08
Zdrathey are installed by default on ubuntu09:08
Zdrait should even work from live CD09:08
Zdraseb128: in fact we can use any codec supported by gstreamenr09:09
seb128"<cassidy>seb128: also note that for google video (interop with the web client), we need H264 (thanks Google...) which can't be shipped by default"09:09
Zdraseb128: ah, that's for google's client09:10
Zdraseb128: I meant for empathy<>empazthy09:10
seb128ah right, that works using theora09:10
Zdraseb128: yep, google's web plugin for video is a problem, there is not much we can do09:11
Zdraseb128: basically it's up to canonical to go to google's office and shout people until they add support for open codecs09:11
Zdraseb128: but installing ubuntu-restricted-extra should be enough to get it working now09:12
seb128Zdra: anyway having ubuntu to ubuntu video working will already be nice09:15
seb128and we want to promote free protocols but not in detriment of what users need09:16
seb128ie if other protocols are totally rubish compared to pidgin we will probably roll back before karmic09:16
Zdrathe problem with other protocols is nobody actually work on them09:17
seb128but we will get user feedback anyway before deciding so we know where we stand and what is still required if we are not ready to switch09:17
Zdrawe have some work done on MSN level, but not that much afaik09:17
Zdranon free protocols have lots of user, but not a single developer, that's the problem09:18
seb128well apparently pidgin has people working on it09:19
seb128you don't get the feature for free by using libpidgin ?09:19
Zdraseb128: for protocols, yes09:27
seb128so things like sending message to people who are not there or custom emoticons should be working?09:27
Zdrafor MSN there is a dilemma because we have a dedicated CM for it09:27
seb128dedicated cm but nobody working on it you said?09:28
Zdraistaz_: is working on it sometimes09:28
Zdraseb128: and someone is working on audio/video support09:28
seb128ok, we might want to test msn using the cm and using libpurple09:28
seb128to see which one is working better09:29
Zdraseb128: we made the choice in empathy to not show pidgin based msn if butterfly (the dedicated CM) is installed. But maybe we should reevaluate that09:30
seb128I will test both and let you know how they are working there09:30
istaz_Zdra: I think the guys of the papyon project have started to work on it09:31
chrisccoulsonhi pitti - i got some positive feedback on my fix for bug 361205, although the package is only in my PPA at the moment. do you want me to prepare a debdiff for jaunty-proposed later today? (I see a lot of other stuff got uploaded this morning)09:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 361205 in tracker "Tracker uses notifications with actions when the index is corrupt" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/36120509:37
pittichrisccoulson: proposed> I saw that, good job! Please prepare an upload and attach it, then I'll sponsor it09:38
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diverse_izzuehi all. are there plans to replace scim by ibus for karmic or karmic+1?12:45
asacArneGoetje: ^^12:57
* asac lunch time13:32
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pittiseb128: https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-karmic-gnome-3 whiteboard still has the discussion notes, and it seems they have much more information than the final wiki spec15:33
pittiseb128: is that intended? can the whiteboard be flushed now?15:33
SiDiHey pitti . You're the person who coded the new notifications in gnome-power-manager for notify-osd, right ?15:34
pittiSiDi: no, that was davidbarth15:34
pittiwhich reminds me that they are broken in Karmic15:35
SiDiI saw your name in the changelogs :)15:35
SiDiYeh, well, i wrote a quick spec for notify-osd integration in Xubuntu, and there is a note about the power manager15:35
SiDiWhat id like to get is : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Specifications/Karmic/NotifyOsd?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=notify-osd-powerinfo-example.png15:35
SiDiI think i can do it for xfce4-power-manager but we're likely to stay on gnome-power-manager. But i really cant write code on this one with so many changes being done to it15:36
pittiSiDi: yes, I sponsored the changes15:38
SiDiDo you think it's possible to remove half the text and replace the bulb icon with a battery icon indicating the percentage left, in order to make the notification bubble easier to read ?15:42
pittiSiDi: please discuss this with MacSlow or davidbarth15:43
SiDipitti, okey, willdo, thanks15:43
SiDishall i mail ubuntu-desktop, maybe ?15:43
pittiSiDi: ayatana is probably better for design questions15:45
davidbarthSiDi: hi, how can i help?15:54
SiDiHello davidbarth15:54
SiDiWell, it's about notifications for battery state15:54
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SiDiI think they're a bit overloaded and could be optimised a little15:54
artirmeeting is in 6 minutes?15:54
SiDihttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Specifications/Karmic/NotifyOsd?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=notify-osd-power-current.png & https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Specifications/Karmic/NotifyOsd?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=notify-osd-powerinfo-example.png15:55
davidbarthSiDi: ok, i see (slowly reading the log)15:55
SiDishall give you an idea of what i want15:55
davidbarthSiDi: the mockup is interesting; the only thing we'd like to avoid is to display useless notifications; ie the user should only see them when it makes sense15:59
SiDidavidbarth, thats for the XF86Power triggered notifications15:59
SiDiIt's just a little cleanup to make it easier to read, actually15:59
davidbarthSiDi: ok, makes sense then, as they are the direct result of a user action16:00
SiDiSec, gonna upload a video with what i have in mind ;)16:00
davidbarthSiDi: that's a good suggestion; would you like to comment on that in the Ayatana list16:00
davidbarthSiDi: see https://launchpad.net/~ayatana16:00
SiDiIm on it already16:00
SiDiIm Steve Dodier (got a pending mail to send about user activity monitoring too ^^)16:01
davidbarthSiDi: cool, be sure to get mpt's attention too, as he lead most of the design/usability aspects of these changes16:01
SiDias for the icons, i spoke with kwwii and mat_t and they seem ok to get them included, already16:02
seb128pitti: not sure how the whiteboard should be used, should it have the session notes or discussions?16:12
pittiseb128: it should ideally only have status metadata16:12
pittiseb128: I left the discussion there for now16:12
seb128pitti: I didn't feel that having a summary of the softwares, what they are doing etc was having a sense in the spec16:13
pittibut if there's anythign important which is not covered by the wiki page,it should move into "BoF discussion" section of the wiki page IMHO16:13
pittiunreleavant stuff can be removed, of course16:13
pittiseb128: agreed16:13
seb128I've reviewed the notes and didn't add notes on purpose there is nothing really interesting there16:14
seb128I will clean the whiteboard and checking it's all correct16:14
pittiseb128: cool, thanks16:14
seb128you're welcome16:15
seb128session restart brb16:15
seb128ok works correctly16:20
* seb128 does upgrade some components to karmic16:20
seb128pitti: you mean the file in /etc? /usr/share is not under the admin's control16:21
seb128they are the same file16:21
pittiah, that mess, I remember16:22
pittiseb128: can we fix the code to read /etc, clean up an unchanged /etc/ file in the postinst, and drop the symlink in /usr ?16:22
pittis/postinst/preinst/ of course16:22
seb128pitti: and for wine, file-roller taking over the mimetype and hijacking the action was one of the things the wine guys complained about in jaunty16:23
pittiI guess so16:23
pittiexecutables should be handled by binfmt-misc16:23
seb128right now zip-exe are opened in file-roller16:24
seb128I though that was normal mimetype association16:24
seb128but I don't know the details, will pick an easier example16:24
seb128we can probably do upgrade magic and cleaning for the defaults.list yes16:24
seb128np, thank you for the quick review!16:25
seb128I'm still not clear about design and implementation difference too16:25
seb128but I guess I will never understand those16:25
pittidon't worry too much about those16:25
pittiit's "what" vs. "how"16:26
pittibut sometimes that's too small a difference16:26
seb128how, ie "start gedit, code, profit"? ;-)16:26
pitti * Move keyboard handling from hal to udev16:27
pitti * Build hal with --disable-keymaps16:27
pitti * create a migration script to convert hal fdi files to udev rules16:27
pitti * ship new rules in udev-extras16:27
pitti * install udev-extras by default as part of ubuntu-standard16:27
pittiseb128: that would be an example, as I understand and use it16:28
seb128I would tend to write the design as a spec summary16:28
pittiasac: ... humans?16:28
seb128and use the implementation list for design16:28
seb128but gotcha, thanks ;-)16:28
pitti* asac is now known as Bender16:28
asacpitti: killall sshd ;)16:28
asacis meeting now or in 1h ?16:29
pittiasac: in one week and 1 h16:29
seb128asac: you should start reading emails ;-)16:30
asacerr. i read all emails afaik16:31
asacguess it was send before allhands?16:31
artirin the fridge it says that the meeting is today right now16:31
pittiasac: check for a procmail rule * ^From: Rick Spencer\n/dev/null16:32
pittiasac: was sent yesterday or so16:32
asacno. i am really sure rick goes in my inbox16:32
seb128asac: subject is "team meeting and specs"16:35
asacyeah ... did he send with @canonical.com?16:36
seb128asac: it has been sent to your canonical email16:37
seb128and coming from rick's canonical email16:37
asacok thanks. will check on that16:38
seb128asac: I can bounce you the mail if you want16:38
asacseb128: yeah please do. i see it in my procmail log as being pushed into inbox ... but its not there :)16:40
asacmaybe i hit delete when processing this morning16:40
seb128asac: sent to your ubuntu email16:42
seb128ups canonical rather16:42
asacthanks. got it16:47
asacoff getting some food stocks ... bbl17:03
pitti'nuff sponsoring for today, I'm off for the evening17:44
pittiI might come back later, but need to run out for some errands17:44
* pitti waves17:44
seb128pitti: see you later!17:46
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asacseb128: which ppa was the bluetooth-gnome thing in? u remember?18:22
asacpitti: when you get back, could you approve https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-karmic-firefox-3.5 for karmic?18:32
asac(not that it matters as i am about to start drafting)18:32
SiDi* rdepends migration (to xulrunner 1.9.1 + webkit)18:34
SiDiwebkit ?18:34
asacSiDi: yes. the more we can move to webkit the less we have a need to do backporting for xulrunner18:38
SiDiwell, that means webkit will be present in ubuntu's default image ?18:39
slomoseb128: you probably want to sync libgdata from debian/unstable for totem 2.27 (once it's from NEW)18:58
dobeytotem uses google apps?19:07
crevettefor youtube video plugin19:07
seb128crevette: where did you put your bluetooth updates? in a ppa? which one?19:09
crevettehey seb12819:09
seb128slomo: ok thanks, has libgdata been approved for GNOME now?19:09
crevetteseb128: nome-bluetooth?19:10
slomoseb128: no idea, it's an optional dependency of youtube anyway19:11
crevetteseb128: the bug is https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-bluetooth/+bug/37239519:11
ubottuUbuntu bug 372395 in gnome-bluetooth "[karmic] Please sponsor gnome-bluetooth 2.27.5" [Wishlist,New]19:11
crevetteand there is a build in my ppa yes19:11
slomoseb128: i mean, an optional dependency for totem, required to build the youtube plugin ;) so you really want this in ubuntu... sjoerd already complained to me that i uploaded totem 2.27 without the youtube plugin ;)19:12
seb128yet another depends19:12
seb128*shrug*, GNOME starts being really bloated19:12
slomowell, before it used python-gdata19:12
slomoyou can demote that to universe maybe ;)19:12
Tm_Tseb128: starts being?19:12
slomobut all those mini libraries are really annoying19:13
seb128Tm_T: go troll somewhere else will you?19:13
seb128Tm_T: that's not the right channel for that19:13
Tm_Thmh, and again I did wrong wording19:13
Tm_Twhat I mean is, it's hard to draw a line when something is bloat, so I was asking what is the thing you find now going over the line19:14
seb128there is no obvious over the line19:14
seb128but every second day they add a new library nowadays19:15
seb128where some other people are trying to reduce the number of libs19:15
crevetteseb128: by the way for gnome-bluetooth I tested the workflow with pulseaudio 0.9.15 and this is rallt working fine for me, I was able to connect and play music on my bluetooth audio gateway in few click19:15
seb128so the issue is not the number but the direction19:15
seb128asac: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-bluetooth/+bug/372395 <- that?19:16
ubottuUbuntu bug 372395 in gnome-bluetooth "[karmic] Please sponsor gnome-bluetooth 2.27.5" [Wishlist,New]19:16
Tm_Tseb128: roger roger, I often have to explain how DE:s are not bloated when compared to WM:s19:16
slomoseb128: into which other library would you put libgdata btw? ;)19:17
Laneyseb128: I'm looking at it now that I got reminded19:17
Laneyfell off the radar19:17
Laneycrevette: sorry19:17
seb128slomo: it used to be in e-d-s19:17
crevetteLaney: hey not problem, I know you all have lots of things to do19:17
slomoseb128: yes, good that it is outside eds now... eds brings in a too large dependency chain for your average google api using application ;)19:18
Laneyfeel free to ping me if I forget again :O19:18
seb128slomo: will the binary was splitted in e-d-s obviously, ie no extra depends19:18
seb128will -> well19:18
seb128just longer build to rebuild this one19:18
seb128but I'm not sure have 15 sources instead of e-d-s will make anything easier19:18
slomoseb128: well, you could use libgdata on windows but i doubt you'll be able to build eds on windows ;) but i don't think there's anything to argue about here, all those mini libraries only make things more complicated in general ;)19:19
slomoseb128: do you know what's blocking totem 2.27 in ubuntu?19:22
seb128ie just came back this weekend and yesterday was an holiday19:22
seb128I will have a look tomorrow19:22
slomook :)19:22
Laneycrevette: You should try to make your changelogs more verbose: where - what - why19:28
Laneyalso did you package from scratch? I'm seeing a lot of changes from 0.11.0-0ubuntu4 that aren't in the changelog that I can see19:30
crevetteLaney: 0.11 gnome-bluettoth was a different project19:46
crevetteit used to be only a obex server19:46
crevettenow this feature is provide by gnome-user-sahre19:46
Laneycrevette: you still should have mentioned all the changes imo19:47
Laneybut it's not a blocker19:48
Laneycrevette: Dude you need to update the copyright file19:50
Laneythat is a blocker for me I'm afraid19:51
crevetteah yeah I remember I didn't know what to do19:52
crevetteshould I drop it and replace by a new one19:52
Laneyas long as you keep the copyright of the old debian packager19:52
Laneyunless you completely rewrote it19:52
Laneyit just need to be accurate and up to date19:53
Laneyfollowing dep5 is probably a good idea19:53
Laneyping me when it's done and I'll have another look19:53
crevettedep5 ?19:54
crevetteLaney: the copyright references gnome-bluetooth tools & gnome-bluetooth library, but there is no tools (I don't know what it meant) and I'm not sure gnome-bluetooth provide a library. should I meantion it applied to previous version until 0.1119:58
Laneycrevette: delete it and start again if that's easier20:00
crevettenothing remains from gnome-bluetooth, but as I took bluez-gnome as reference I should perhaps reference this20:00
Laneyit pretty much just needs to list all files, their license and copyright holders20:00
Laneyreference any packagers who worked on this stuff before you20:00
Laneyin the copyright for debian/*20:01
seb128slomo: working on gtk 2.17 now?20:09
seb128slomo: some reason is http://git.gnome.org/cgit/gtk+/commit/?id=663bf3db0efde02f96e34bc08846356be3240f7f, see  bug http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=57876520:10
ubottuGnome bug 578765 in docs "no rule to make manpages" [Normal,Unconfirmed]20:10
crevetteLaney: thanks for the review, sorry to waste your time :/20:11
Laneyit's not a waste, this is what the process is for20:12
crevetteI could have been more efficient20:12
crevettelet's focus on this20:12
slomoseb128: no 2.16.2, but thanks :)20:25
seb128slomo: ok, 2.17 has the same issue20:25
huatsseb128: hello !20:26
huatsHow are you ?20:26
seb128hey huats!20:27
huatssafe trip back ?20:27
seb128huats: got a cold but otherwise good, you?20:27
huatsgood too :)20:27
seb128yes, trip was just fine, I was home for lunch on saturday20:27
huatsgreat :)20:27
huatsI haven't found you at the karaoke :(20:27
seb128I was not there20:29
seb128how was it?20:29
huatsI know !20:29
huatsthat is what I meant !20:29
huatsit was nice20:30
huatsI don't even had the chance to say you good bye :(20:30
seb128how do you know, I could have been there but in the middle of all those people not easy to find for example!20:30
huatshaven't you seen some pics/videos ?20:30
seb128no, I didn't do too much computer during the weekend20:30
seb128and I've been busy catching up on email, etc today20:31
huatsI can imagine :)20:31
seb128so I didn't look for photos online20:31
seb128we will see each other at next uds probably so that's ok ;-)20:31
huatsI have made a video just for you, of robert singing ;)20:31
seb128heh ;-)20:32
huats(since I knew you weren't there I wanted to you can see your padawan :P)20:32
huatsI haven't post it yet20:32
huatsI'll let you know once I have20:32
seb128I had diner with people having ubuntuflu and not wanting to go for party, that was perhaps a mistake since I got a cold now20:32
seb128ok, cool20:32
huatsno big deal :)20:33
seb128btw did you start working on some update?20:34
seb128I was not sure and did some so sorry if I hijacked yours or something20:35
huatsoh ok20:35
huatsI have started a bit on evince20:35
huatsbut not a lot20:35
huatsdid you ?20:35
seb128ok, I did this one20:36
seb128I looked for opened bugs first but there was none20:36
seb128we will use bugs for todolists soon I expect20:36
Laneyis there a list?20:36
huatsso just get me another one ?20:36
huatsseb128: ok great20:36
seb128huats: bug-buddy20:36
seb128you can merge on debian and update to 2.2720:36
huatsI'll do that20:37
seb128Laney: no right now and I think we are mostly updatetoday right now20:37
seb128huats: cool20:37
seb128Laney: there is quite some merges and sponsoring to do though20:37
Laneyyeah i looked at the queue20:37
Laneyi'll take some when i can20:38
crevetteLaney: about the changelog do you want I strip all uptream changes ?20:39
Laneyno I like having those there20:39
LaneyI think you should explain *your* changes better20:39
LaneyI used interdiff -z -p1 old_version_of_gnome_bluetooth.diff.gz your_version.diff.gz to get the diff to review btw20:39
Laneyso that's what I'll look at20:39
Laneyyou should make everything in there as easy to understand as possible ;)20:40
huatsseb128: actually didrocks already did the merge I think :)20:40
Laneysponsors queue!20:40
Laneyits pretty epic right now20:40
SiDihey YokoZar21:34
YokoZarhey SiDi21:34
SiDiThey didnt record your plenary talk but for sure someone recorded you at karaoke :]21:34
SiDiI have the feeling i went back home too early :(21:35
YokoZarSiDi: I heard the plenary talks are on a hard disk on a plane at the moment21:36
YokoZarSiDi: the day that Jorge forgot to hit the record button was either Wednesday or Thursday I think21:36
SiDiahah :D nice21:36
SiDibtw kudos on daring singing alone @ karaoke :D21:37
YokoZarI did it 3 times ;)21:37
SiDiI didnt sing at all :P21:38
SiDiThat'll be for the next UDS21:38
* mgunes is about to take the liberty to add a "hundredpapercuts" task for bug #38262621:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 382626 in nautilus "Nautilus location bar toggle icon implies unrelated function" [Low,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38262621:47
seb128mgunes: you can probably do that or ping the dxteam about it21:52
seb128mgunes: btw short bug descriptions are usually appreciated, verbose one might seem nice but are extra work to read and understand for no real win21:53
seb128ie you could describe this bug in one line rather than one screen21:53
mgunesseb128, I've done the latter earlier in the day, but there's been no response; the reason I'm going ahead with it this time is that everyone was in agreement at the session.21:54
seb128I would let those guys bother about those bugs, there is enough bugs to work on already21:54
seb128lool: do you still need this gnome-keyring arm workaround? (ie building with -O0 to avoid a lock issue)21:56
seb128that seems to be the only ubuntu diff we still have in karmic21:56
mgunesseb128, point taken, and I normally try to be concise, but I do think the verbosity is justified here.21:58
seb128well then do a short description and then an user story if you think it adds a value21:58
seb128but that could be only me21:58
seb128I get so many bugs that I tend to skip those have over 6 lines of text21:59
seb128have -> having21:59
seb128ie "the notepad icon doesn't represent the action in a clear way" is enough22:00
seb128I don't think upstream picked this one because they think it's good anyway22:00
seb128there is probably no good icon for this action, the bug is not really useful without a suggestion of what we should be using instead22:01
mgunesseb128, I was fully aware that this was known, and would not take any real triage effort, hence the verbosity.22:01
dobeyyeah, the gtk+ edit icon is pretty pointless22:02
dobeyand "edit" is a bit too abstract to really have any useful metaphor22:02
seb128I was just saying that you don't need to bother writing a good user story22:02
seb128usually it makes the submitter spend quite some time on the bug and not benefit the triagers22:02
seb128but you decide how you spent your efforts ;-)22:02
dobeyi really don't see why we have a button to toggle between editable ui and list of buttons anyway22:03
dobeyit should just always be editable22:03
mgunesseb128, I don't know if you actually read past the first two sentences, but I would argue that it's somewhat beyond "user story" and closer to "technical substantiation by citation" :)22:04
seb128because a text entry is confusing to users22:04
dobeytoggling between buttons and a text entry is horrible22:04
seb128ie they don't know what to enter22:04
seb128so they want buttons22:04
dobeyi didn't say it should be a GtkEntry always :)22:04
seb128and powerusers want somewhere they can type the path directly22:04
dobeywell, seth wanted buttons22:04
dobeybecause osx had buttons22:05
dobeyand then hackers wanted an entry so they could type stuff22:05
dobeyand now we have the crappy toggle thing22:05
mgunesit looks to me like a typical case of bypassing a real design decision by providing an "option to switch between things"22:05
seb128mgunes: no I didn't, see my comment about over 6 lines of description ;-)22:05
mgunesseb128, I knew that ;)22:05
dobeymgunes: yes, there was no real design behind it22:06
seb128in any case the design team is welcome to suggest a better icon or way22:06
seb128knowing that we want something easy to use for standard users and a way to enter a path directly22:07
mgunesseb128: I kind of did, but it took, like, two paragraphs :)22:07
dobeyi'm all for having a better gtk-edit icon (because it's used elsewhere as well), and a better way to use the path in the file chooser22:07
dobey"There's no such thing as a standard user, and if there were, it wouldn't be you."22:09
seb128mgunes: right, I read the full bug description now22:10
crevetteLaney: ah, In the meantime, debian had a gnome-bluetooth package so I think we can now just sync it from there22:11
mgunesseb128, thanks :) See, a toggle button looks essentially out of place, which is where the problem only begins.22:11
seb128mgunes: usually I tend to describe the bug in the description and then add a comment to suggest changes but everyone has its own workflow I guess ;-)22:11
Laneycrevette: wow thats recent22:11
mgunesseb128, right, probably a better way.22:11
Laneycrevette: you could help maintain it in that team :)22:12
seb128mgunes: the issue is that making clear icons for those actions is not trivial22:12
Laneyi'm sure some of your packaging could be of use to them22:12
crevettesure, now I reviewed all patches22:12
crevetteLaney: we have an additional patch for notification that I jus ported22:12
crevetteand too bad, I find the package after writing a more verbose changelog :/22:13
crevetteLaney: is it acceptable to sync the package and then divert it by adding our patch?22:13
mgunesseb128, I know, but the ambiguity of the icon is not the only problem. Even with a better icon, the "pressed vs. non-pressed" state of a lonely toggle button is not a good way to convey mode information and lead people to switch modes in this case.22:13
Laneycrevette: that's called a merge22:13
seb128mgunes: right22:14
mguneshence the point the HIG makes about it.22:14
crevettehmm time to sleep now22:14
crevetteI still have a bug to submit to debian22:15
crevettegood night and thanks so much for help22:15
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