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PhantomasHello, I would like to have the ubuntu cloak instead of "unaffiliated".12:31
bazhangare you a member?12:31
bazhang!member | Phantomas12:31
ubottuPhantomas: Want to become an Ubuntu member? Look at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/processes/newmember12:31
PhantomasNo bazhang, I am not a member... Thank you!12:34
simosxHi All13:14
simosxI have a question about 'cloaking' and getting a cloak for our members at #ubuntu-gr (official channel for www.ubuntu-gr.org).13:15
simosxFreenode stuff apparently say we cannot register the 'ubuntu-gr' cloak13:15
bazhangare they ubuntu members?13:15
simosxThe IRC guidelines for Ubuntu say we need to become 'Ubuntu members'.13:16
simosxI do not think we have many (or any) Ubuntu-gr members that managed to complete the process yet to become 'ubuntu' members.13:16
simosxIn order to get a 'ubuntu-gr' affiliation enabled, do you need to go through the Ubuntu IRC Council?13:17
bazhangthen an unafiiliated cloak is what you can get13:17
simosxCan we deal with this directly with the Freenode stuff?13:17
bazhangnothing with ubuntu in the name unless you are Ubuntu member13:17
ubottuMany Ubuntu IRC channels prohibit access from !proxies such as TOR due to a high level of abuse. You can however obtain a hostmask cloak: see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks13:18
simosxI see.13:18
bazhangalso /msg ubottu member13:18
simosxbazhang: thanks!13:21
bazhangsimosx, no problem :)13:23
bazhangalways need more -gr Ubuntu members13:24
LjLhi i'd like permission to make a quick ad for two language learning related channels in -irc, i think it should be appropriate since it's a multilingual channel15:28
djonesJust for info (not sure if this is how ubot4 is supposed to work) using an "!info epiphany-browser" command  in #ubuntu-uk causes ubot4 to return "jaunty is not a valid distribution ['hardy', 'intrepid', 'karmic']"  while running the same command with ubottu returns the expected answer, epiphany-browser was just the  example noted in -uk20:28
A4TechHey all. There is such a question. Is it possible for Russian LoCo, on channel #ubuntu-ru, #ubuntu-translators-ru to shell server for the bot ubuntuhelp (clone ubottu)? It has a set of plugins: FloodProtect, repeatProtect, AntiScrawls(autodetect non UTF-8), Encyclopedia (Russified), Bantracker, as well as standard plugins.20:33
MaWaLehi all22:05
MaWaLei'm a new ubuntu member22:05
MaWaLeapproved by the EMEA RB22:06

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