pizzledizzleanyone here ever put together an ir receiver?01:05
pizzledizzleDaviey, where did you buy the ir receiver01:19
Davieybuilt it myself.. it's pretty easy01:20
Davieyfailing that.. there are lots supported01:20
pizzledizzleno  i mean the actual receiver component with 3 pins01:21
Davieyoh.. just a component shop01:22
pizzledizzlei cant find one anywhere01:22
pizzledizzleare there any good online stores that have it them?01:22
Davieypizzledizzle: which country?01:22
pizzledizzleim in nyc01:22
momelodgreetings channel02:23
momelodcan someone please give me a hand.02:23
momelodim getting very frustrated w/ ivtv DMA timeout errors02:24
momelodi had no issues in 7.04, but when i did a dist-upgrade my ivtv started to go srewy02:24
fpsdavidhey Technophil1, you around?02:55
fpsdavidstill cant see my desktop :(02:55
fpsdavidand i have no audio too02:55
fpsdavidthe mythtv program autostarts itself, but if you quit it, all there is is a black background w/ a cursor02:57
fpsdavidno taskbar, no icons, no background, no right click menu02:58
fpsdavidyo technophil03:03
fpsdavidor Technophil?03:03
fpsdavidionno if theres anything of use in here, but heres the logs from inside mythtv http://mythbuntu.pastebin.com/f2242305603:23
ccb0x45can anyone please tell me how to make it so my damn mythbuntu box wont turn off the display after 60 minutes03:53
Zinnccb0x45: Please watch your language.03:53
ccb0x45or however long03:53
ccb0x45last time they said uninstall xscreensaver03:53
ccb0x45that didnt work03:53
gbuttersccb0x45: check your TV to see if it has a seeting that is turning it off.04:10
gbuttersccb0x45: also pastebin the output of "xset q"04:14
TechnophilHi Can anyone tell me, if the mythtv backend can crash and yet still maintain some CPU allocation in top?  Put another way is there a way to see whats happening on the backend when mythweb has fallen over from the command line?09:13
TechnophilMy expectation was that if it crashed it would disappear from top however I suppose it can morph into some frozen state where it takes some yet minimal cpu and is no longer working normally?09:15
TechnophilThis may be associated with frontends statting and once live tv is started there seems to be no key or remote control, the only way out has been to kill the frontend process.  I am thinking doing this wrecks the backend also, but the backend process does not actually crash.09:29
TechnophilI suppose and alternative maybe restarting the FE PC09:30
TechnophilCan anyone comment about this?09:30
TechnophilActually this might be the problem / answer http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/619209:44
TechnophilIs there a command I can use to shut down a frontend playing tv that is unresponsive to keyboard or remote?  Can't find anything like this....10:26
gbeekillall -9 mythfrontend10:30
TechnophilTHanks gbee10:42
bazzawilleeecan anybody tell me the difference between mythbuntu 8.10 and 9.04 I cannot find a change log and cannot tell the difference10:58
Technophillater kernel and later myth versions11:04
Gamarok__guys i had a question do i need a graphic card to set up a tv tuner card in mythbuntu11:37
Gamarok__and what about the resolution will i be able to use mythbuntu in xforcevesa mode11:38
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zapratI am running mythbuntu 9.04 and I get the folowing error on start up11:49
zaprat"could not connect to the master backend server" 9.0411:50
zapratAfter I hit the OK, it eventually conects OK11:50
zapratI presume the frontend is attempting to connect before the backend is ready11:51
zapratI added a sleep 5 but this did not fix it; what else?11:51
Technophilzinn:  Interesting helpful zinn.cgi.  May I suggest adding imagebin.ca also?11:58
Technophilzaprat:  I suggest you read the logs for front and backend for clues12:00
gbeeTechnophil: zinn is a bot12:52
ZinnI am an IRC bot written in perl, but my code is not yet released.  I am named after Howard Zinn, you can learn more about him here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Howard_Zinn12:54
moamahihi all just a newbie, I try to connect my sky box to the composte of my tv card. My tv card is ok I can see the tv, but I cannot "change" to the composite. The configuration should be ok. any idea thank you15:40
zapratanyone home15:42
zapratI having difficulty in getting sound working reliably15:43
zapratsomewhat frustrated15:43
williammanda43 JPM 10015:57
MythbuntuGuest56Hello, I have a problem during DVD playback and watching Live-TV in MythTV. During watching TV or DVD my screen ist parted in 2 parts. One upper an one lower part. Both show the same picture. Here you can see a screenshot off it: http://media.ubuntuusers.de/forum/attachments/2004357/1.jpg . I'm sorry for my bad english skills. Thanks for your help!17:42
gbeeMythbuntuGuest56: change the deinterlacing from Bob to something else, ATI driver does not support Bob18:33
MythbuntuGuest56Ok I will try it. Thanks! =)18:45
MythbuntuGuest56I have tried it out and you are rigth it works with a differnt deinterlacer! Thank you so much :D Have nice evening!19:24
henrik_I'm still having the Bug #341898 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/karmic/+source/mesa/+bug/34189819:45
ZinnBug 341898 in mythtv "MythTV Frontend does not work with RADEON DRI" [Unknown, Invalid] http://www.launchpad.net/bugs/34189819:45
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MythbuntuGuest42Is there anyone here that knows how to get the ir-reciver on Pinnacle i310 to work in mythubuntu?20:47
MythbuntuGuest42Or know something about lirc ? :)20:56
darthanubislirc is a pita21:09
MythbuntuGuest42pain in the ass? no kidding21:15
ZinnMythbuntuGuest42: Please watch your language.21:15
darthanubisMythbuntuGuest42, try to use the mythbuntu control center21:28
gbeehenrik_: Radeon bug, bug them about it, forgive the pun23:05

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