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keffie_jayxheyya folks11:05
keffie_jayxI have been reading the fridge wiki entry to get some idea of how one can send sotries11:07
keffie_jayxis it in the idea of the fridge to showcase stories from around the world? or is it just focusing on posting the UWN11:09
thewrathm2rt the site i linked?14:32
boredandbloggingkeffie_jayx: around the world14:38
boredandbloggingkeffie_jayx: approved your request14:38
effie_jayxboredandblogging, does fridge have any wysiwyg editor for news?15:26
boredandbloggingeffie_jayx: no, its on the todo list15:30
effie_jayxboredandblogging, I think it is a technicall issue15:32
effie_jayxboredandblogging, security holes in the plugins15:32
boredandbloggingeffie_jayx: it will be done, no one has gotten around to it15:33
effie_jayxboredandblogging, is there a ticket filed for it?15:33
* effie_jayx is usually pretty good at getting tickets done fast in rt15:34
boredandbloggingeffie_jayx: there is a LP issue somewhere15:38
effie_jayxboredandblogging, have a link?15:38
boredandbloggingeffie_jayx: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/fridge/+bug/30138815:45
effie_jayxboredandblogging, right15:46
effie_jayxboredandblogging, images at all?15:46
boredandbloggingeffie_jayx: images?15:46
boredandbloggingmeaning can you link to images? yes15:47
effie_jayxboredandblogging,  is there a style guidelines for the fridge?15:47
effie_jayxstored anywhere else15:47
joeyeffie_jayx, +1 on your email ;-)16:11
effie_jayxjoey, great :D16:12
effie_jayxI am just getting acquainted with how fridge works and tring to document the unwritten roles seems the first step16:13
effie_jayxso that once new contirbutors arrive, they can be clear on the dos and don'ts16:13
effie_jayxjoey, the wiki page with ideas is also a great way to go, I suggest we open up a letter with a very realistic set of goals out to the LoCo teams16:19
joeyeffie_jayx, We also need to figure out how to structure the Fridge in a way that preserves it's "face" to the public16:20
joeyeffie_jayx, so that the main page has big ticket news items16:20
joeyeffie_jayx, the loco material would need to attached to the front page but not, for the moment, front page material16:21
joey(too much controversy)16:21
joeynewz2000 has a new fridge layout which might work16:21
joeyJust need his time to upgrade the fridge and apply the theme & layout16:21
joeyThe new template could have the same front page news items but creatively hold other news....16:22
joeylike a sidebar set of items for Locos, or, a main/front page story and loco stories underneath16:22
joeyThere is also the fact that every fridge editor is a super editor16:22
joeyso if we suddenly give 200 people access to the fridge, it might be problematic16:23
joeythey can change layout, theme, unpublish items, turn stuff on that shouldn't be, etc16:23
joeywhich is why we usually pair up editors with a more senior editor16:23
joeyknowing what NOT to touch is almost more important than posting stories :-)16:23
joeyWe tried to get around this before but haven't had much luck with Drupal16:23
effie_jayxmmm interesting}16:23
joeyWe were after a community way of submitting a story, like Digg16:24
joeybut that would go into a queue and a fridge editor would review and approve it16:24
joeybut there was no consensus on how to do that and, more importantly, we couldn't get time from Newz16:24
joeyif we could get a good mockup going that we think would work, I'm happy to pilot it even without consensus16:25
joeyI think our biggest challenge with the fridge is that we have folks who can dedicate a few minutes to it each day but not enough to make a huge impact (myself included)16:26
joeywe need someone with no life and a desire to improve it16:26
effie_jayxjoey,  I think we can pull a gnome and do little ants work and get there ;)16:26
tycheHey, joey!  Quit talking about me.  Hee hee16:26
joeytyche, :-D16:27
effie_jayxjoey,  my concern is, fridge isn't  the point of entry for news anymore16:27
joeyeffie_jayx, yeah we should. Right now the only Drupal expert we have is Newz2000.  If someone else could work on that, I can get it deployed16:27
joeyeffie_jayx, that's by design actually. It's the combined news list and this channel16:28
joeywe wanted a single place to submit news16:28
joeyand then the fridge and UWN teams would figure out where it goes16:28
joeywhich are now really the news-team16:28
joeybecause the Fridge has a special ACL, it's editors are in a separate team16:28
joeyin LP, but I think we all think of each other as the news team16:29
effie_jayxjoey, exactly. but as we grow faster and faster it is important to reinforce that amonsts new commers16:29
joeyI think UWN has the submission information but the Fridge is antiquated and probably doesn't16:29
effie_jayxjoey,  is there any moderation for incoming news16:30
joeySo what I really think needs to happen is that Joey needs to go to UDS and hold a Fridge and News track. :-)16:31
joeyeffie_jayx, it's moderated in that it lands on the mailing list and then someone picks it up, edits it as necessary, and publishes it via UWN and/or the Frdige16:31
joeyeffie_jayx, if it's deemed inappropriate, it won't get picked up16:32
effie_jayxI think the flow works16:32
tycheThe flow works, but needs to be defined.16:32
effie_jayxas long as contributors keep sending stuff in with a nice writing style16:33
tycheSorry to butt in, here, but it's something I've seen, and maybe we can hash something out between us16:33
joeytyche, it was on the original proposal. There was a wiki page with it ...16:33
effie_jayxtyche,  if it is not defined how come I know of it :P16:33
joeylemme see if I can find it16:33
tycheUWN has some defined ideas as to what gets put in.16:33
tycheeffie_jayx: Because you've discovered it by context and example, rather than having something laid out for you.  That's NOT a disparragement, BTW.  I do the same thing.16:34
joeytyche, so that idea was on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Fridge/Rejuvenate16:34
tycheLooking . . .16:34
joeyas well as the main page16:35
* joey edits the fridge page16:35
effie_jayxjoey, can we still use the Rejuvenate entry to post ideas?16:38
joeyI just gardened the front page and rejuv16:38
joeyif you refresh you'll see the changes16:38
tycheOK.  From the standpoint of the UWN vs. the Fridge, I see a lot of what goes into the Fridge as either "Breaking News" or General Community News.  Some of that gets paralleled into the UWN.16:38
joeyrejuv needs more love though :-)16:38
joeyand UWN is posted on the Fridge :-)16:39
tycheThe heading area is posted on the Fridge, with link to the actual UWN16:39
tycheThat way, the Fridge isn't cluttered up with a lot of stuff that isn't "right now" stuff, like the Security and Updates.16:40
tycheAlso, the UWN is more of a window on what people outside of Ubuntu and Canonical think of Ubuntu, such as the news articles.16:41
tycheWhat I've seen on the Fridge seems to be more internal, such as announcements of events, reminders of sessions, information on things that are more specific to individual areas of the Ubuntu community.16:42
tycheBetween the two, there is some duplication, such as the Fridge calendar, and the posting of Upcoming Meetings and Events in the UWN16:43
tycheWhich, BTW, comes from the Fridge calendar.16:43
tycheThe Fridge is immediate, where the UWN is generalized over a longer period.16:44
tycheAm I making sense?16:45
joeyThe Fridge was the first thing in place and has suffered a bit from a small editorial community16:47
joeywe are push driven16:47
joeyrather than pull16:47
tycheI guess what I'm trying to say is that the Fridge is like electronic media (TV/Radio), where the UWN is like traditional print media.16:48
joeyI'd like to the change that but it's been hard for me to free up some time to go stir up some trouble :-)16:48
joeytyche, and we know the future fate of print media don't we? ;-)16:48
tyche(Oh, I don't know.  I think you do a very good job of stirring up trouble.  Hee hee)16:48
tychejoey: Not necessarily.  they just have to get out of the idea that they OWN everything, and understand that once you put something on the Internet, it's GONE.16:49
tycheThey suffer from "corporate think" (I know, that's something of an oxymoron)16:49
effie_jayxsorry just read up16:54
tycheNP.  I get a bit verbose when I get on a subject near and dear to my heart (or some organ)16:55
effie_jayxtyche,  it's all cool16:59
effie_jayxthere are several issues and they all boil down to  newz2000 doing all the work?17:00
effie_jayxor having the time17:01
effie_jayxI know a little drupal17:01
tycheThere are other people in the community that have some knowledge of Drupal, at least from the standpoint of administering it.  They may not be programmers or developers, but they have some ability.17:01
tycheSo do kennymc0 and MTechnology17:02
tycheI'm sure there are others.17:02
effie_jayxI believe the flow joey mentioned is fine17:03
effie_jayxit only needs to be hit with more contributions and more people ready to act on them17:03
* joey is talking with Newz about a Fridge sprint in Colorado.17:03
MTecknologyI heard my name17:03
effie_jayxjoey, while that happens can we have just regular news cming up every now and then ;)17:04
effie_jayxMTecknology,  you are drupal savvy no?17:04
MTecknologytyche: I really hope you can consider me at least somewhat of a dev17:04
tycheMTecknology: We were just talking about people with knowledge of Drupal.17:04
MTecknologyeffie_jayx: ya17:04
kennymc0uh oh sounds like tyche is trying to volunteer me for something17:04
MTecknologycheck out staging.profarius.com17:04
joeyeffie_jayx, well, I was thinking of just getting the Canonical Drupal expert and Fridge Webmaster over to my place in Colorado and have us upgrade and overhaul the fridge...with a VOIP conf setup for anyone who wants to dial in17:05
tycheNaw.  Just mentioning your name in artery.  That's because I wasn't taking it in vein.17:05
MTecknologyI'm making the whole header right now, it has over 100 combos for images :)17:05
effie_jayxjoey,  sounds ubber cool17:05
MTecknology13*3*12 - w/e that it17:05
tychejoey: With regard to MTecknology:  Now is the time that johnc4510 would say, "Here, little fishy."  Hee hee17:06
MTecknologylol - /me goes back to coding a drupal theme17:06
effie_jayxMTecknology,  looks cool17:07
MTecknologyactually - it's just time to test in IE :D17:07
* tyche covers his heart with his hat for MTecknology17:07
MTecknologyeffie_jayx: thanks17:07
tycheSympathy for your having to work with IE17:08
effie_jayxjoey, but again while that happens we should educate LoCo teams to submit their content in a way that would make it fit to print in the fridge17:08
tycheCondolences, even.  Hee hee17:08
MTecknologytyche: My code is clean enough that IE8 renders everything prior to my work today perfect w/o patches17:08
tycheeffie_jayx: I tried that with the UWN.  The best I could come up with was, "send it in, and I'll get back to you to help clean it up and get more information."17:09
tycheThe trouble is that it makes the editors "mentors" to a WIDE bunch of people.17:09
tycheThe good part is that a lot of them catch on very quickly.17:10
tycheBack.  sorry.  When you get to my age nature doesn't just call, it screams in your ear and bangs on your head.17:16
effie_jayxwell my initial input is get people to cherish the fridge, and offer their contect for review17:21
effie_jayxtyche,  does that make sense?17:21
effie_jayxjoey, where do LoCo team submissions go on the page now.17:22
joeyeffie_jayx, everything goes to the front page. The only variable is what category to file it under17:23
tycheThat's a good start.  Two things that come to my mind are: 1. WHERE should they submit; and 2. WHAT type of material should they submit to the Fridge?17:23
effie_jayxtyche,  for the time being stick to basics17:24
effie_jayxthe problem we have is ... the only whay for the community to find ut what the community does17:24
effie_jayxis either check monthly reports that almost none of the teams fill up17:24
effie_jayxor check UWN17:24
tycheI've often found that I work better with some boundaries to act as a constraint.  It gives more shape to what I do.17:25
effie_jayxand that means the news-team taking initiatives on behalf fo the teams if it does look awesome.17:25
effie_jayxso I think spreading the word about how to get stuff on the fridge could work17:25
tycheeffie_jayx: I agree with you about the problem we have.  I'm just thinking that if we put some defining parameters out there for them, and teach them as we go, it would make it easier in the long run.17:26
tycheThat doesn't stop us from just collecting the information as they pass it to us, and working with them to point it in the right direction, or clean it up for publication.17:27
effie_jayxabout the complete overhauling of the fridge, that's a different story. which indirectly would make it appealing to more people17:27
tycheThere, too, I agree.  And it's been talked about for at least a year (I remember boredandblogging talking about it shortly after I joined the UWN)17:28
effie_jayxthen a group of the best contributors could do the LoCo sumbitions, that could help17:28
tycheIt means creating a Fridge Team, much like the UWN team is.  We have specific levels of contribution dependent on ability:  Contributor, Editor, and Chief Editor.17:29
joeyeffie_jayx, tyche (et al) - I've submitted a request to see if I can steal NewZ for a few days and sequester him in my Colorado office. If that gets approved we'll work on the improvement ideas so please post any others there.17:29
joeyI'll post to the news list if we get the go ahead.17:29
effie_jayxjoey, that sounds fantastic17:30
tychejoey: Also, put it on the Fridge.  Hee hee17:30
joeytyche, :-)  after the fact!  Otherwise the surprise will be spoiled17:30
tycheTrue.  When it gets approved.  But then, too, this is a wide open channel.  Do you really think the information won't get out there?17:31
tycheI can just hear the comments: "Hey!  joey is stirring up trouble, again."17:31
MTecknologyWhat do you guys think of the heading here? http://staging.profarius.com17:46
tycheNot bad17:47
MTecknologytyche: anything you don't like?17:49
MTecknologyI know I need to sanitize the images some17:49
* effie_jayx checks17:49
tycheNot really.  It's clean.17:49
MTecknologythe current images being used work fine, but the other options need to be cleaned up17:50
effie_jayxMTecknology,  looks sweet :D17:50
MTecknologycustomizable too17:51
MTecknologyeffie_jayx: you use drupal?17:51
MTecknologyIf you do, you should try the theme and see what you think... bzr branch lp:ubuntu-drupal-theme17:51
tycheOf course, it's not http://www.azloco.com/17:52
MTecknologyThe options are in the theme settings page17:52
MTecknologyyam this one's better17:52
MTecknologyit uses Drupal instead of Joomla17:52
tycheActually, that IS Drupal17:53
MTecknologyoh... it used to be joomla though - i thought17:53
MTecknology"The upgrade will not effect the IRC server." s/effect/affect/17:53
effie_jayxMTecknology,  yep17:54
* effie_jayx on lunch break :S17:54
tycheWe've never tangled with joomla.  we went from the wiki straight to Drupal17:54
MTecknologyI created a countdown module for Drupal :)17:54
MTecknologyI still need the support of newz2000 and a back port to D517:55
tycheI think you're thinking of my personal blog site, which is wordpress17:55
MTecknologyDrupal > Wordpress :P17:55
MTecknologyMy blog is on drupal17:55
tycheI'm too lazy to change.  I use Drupal on the AZ site for posting things like the team newsletter and the live feed I did from an install fest.17:56
MTecknologyI'm so excited I finally rolled out these changes. Massive Massive Massive improvements. Rather than try to replicate these changes to my D5 version I think it'll be easier to just back port again17:59
MTecknologytyche: sweet... We almost have an RTL file for the theme too - Now the theme can be used in any LTR or RTL language :D18:03
MTecknologyubuntu-il.com/site/new if you wanna see18:03
MTecknologyonly a tiny tiny IE8 bug18:03
tycheYou're just a Drupal Demon.  Hee hee18:05
MTecknologyI'm getting better :)18:07
tycheOr would that be daemon?  Hee hee18:08
effie_jayxjoey, just so you know the LoCo teams just had a meeting and I have a couple of questions I would like to run by you first19:19
effie_jayxor you would prefer this on an email?19:20
joeyeffie_jayx, doesn't matter. I'm here, ask away19:20
joeyemail is fine too19:20
effie_jayxjoey, ok... the LoCo teams seem of wth emailing you content. I will highlight the guidelines for submissions19:21
effie_jayxjoey, some teams already do news in english... can the y have aggregation in a special block for LoCo news or something?19:21
effie_jayxlets say.. ubuntu-florida19:22
joeyeffie_jayx, technically it's possible19:22
joeyeffie_jayx, there needs to be some sort of owner for each of those, or one combined owner ... someone who will look after it19:22
joeyput that idea up on the rejuv page please. I'll see what Matt and I can do if we get to do the sprint19:23
effie_jayxjoey,  owner means also moderating andor maintaining?19:23
effie_jayxI will put the idea up in the rejuv, but I would need to know if own means the same to you as it does to me :P19:24
effie_jayxjoey,  can there also be a slideshow of pictures with a tag coming from picasa, flicker and the like?19:27
joeyeffie_jayx, at this point, since the technology we'd use to do that is not decided, let's call it "oversight & care and feeding"19:27
joeyeffie_jayx, yes on pictures technically but we've shied away from putting that on the front page19:27
joeyeffie_jayx, and in the main feed19:27
joeyeffie_jayx, we try to put a specific picture up to ensure we keep the front page solid and professional19:28
effie_jayxjoey, mmm let's say front page is not our aim19:28
joeythen yes, sure19:28
joeya better way to do it might be to source in the team blogs19:29
effie_jayxwe wouldn't mind having fridge.ubuntu.com/locoteams for that kinda stuff19:29
joeyvs the team planets19:29
effie_jayxjoey, problem is htere is no archive19:29
effie_jayxwe have blogged good stuff in the last three years and it gets lost in sindication19:29
effie_jayxjoey, some teams might want to aggregate their content... like the florida team19:30
effie_jayxsome others (like mine) might have to do it manually since their sites content is not in spanish19:30
joeyeffie_jayx, that may not be an issue so long as there is an understanding of the desired content on the fridge. We don't care about someone in Fla who blogs about their vacation but we would care about their release party19:31
joeyif you have a set of use cases, please add those to the item on rejuv19:31
effie_jayxjoey, exactly, so it would make sence to filter out the contect with a tag or category19:32
joeyas Matt and I see what we can install and configure (we have some limitations set by our system admins) we'll see what we can do to get close19:32
effie_jayxjoey, one last question... comments are off for all contect19:32
effie_jayxcould they be on for LoCo team content?19:32
effie_jayxor is it too much mayhem19:32
joeycomments are meant to go to the Forums by design19:35
joeyso we can look at just moving the posts to each of the loco team's sub forums19:35
effie_jayxjoey, great then19:38
effie_jayxI will add them to the rejuv entry19:39
effie_jayxjoey, in the mean time can I encourage teams to submit news following your guidelines?19:39
* joey is on the phone running a meeting. Please stand by. :-)19:41
effie_jayxjoey, I gotta run, but please do answer the question and I shall check later19:54
joeyok, meeting over19:55
joeyso effie_jayx, the best way until we sort something out is to send it to the news submission email19:55
joeymost likely it'll get picked up ONLY in UWN19:55
joeyuntil we have a format of doing that officially... unless it's really headline stuff which will then trigger a fridge post19:56
joeybut in reality it's not this clear cut :-)19:56
joeyIf it is a win for Ubuntu, a special international event, or something that affects a large international population effie_jayx then it usually gets posted to the Fridge19:57
joeyi.e. the front page19:57
joeyThe fridge though should really also contain targeted content like loco news as a side bar19:58
joeyor "second page"19:58
joeyWe're not setup to do that right now but with some hacking and layout changes we might be able to do that very easily19:58
joeywhen we did a round of voting about a year ago, the digg style back page concept was rejected (iirc) but your loco proposal is different and should fit within the personas we're targeting20:00
joey(see the front page for personas)20:00
joey(of the wiki entry)20:00
joeytyche, has johnc4510 surfaced?20:02
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tychejoey: Nope.  I haven't seen him in channel since a week ago Sunday.  He was supposed to be back Friday or Saturday.20:33
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