geniipastebinit is <reply> pastebinit is an Ubuntu package which is the command-line equivelent of !pastebin . Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which will then report an URL which contains the output. From command-line it may be installed with: sudo apt-get install pastebinit or: sudo aptitude install pastebinit .Simple usage: command-name | pastebinit   or:  textfile-name > pastebinit00:18
geniiy/n ?00:19
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about pastebinit00:20
Seeker`!info pastebinit00:20
ubottupastebinit (source: pastebinit): command-line pastebin client. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.11.2-0ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 21 kB, installed size 344 kB00:20
geniiSeeker`: I could maybe shorten it a bit.00:22
FlannelWhy do you need to give both apt-get and aptitude to install? that seems silly00:22
Seeker`how about something like "automatically pastebins command output, or any other text and returns a URL. For example: command-name | pastebinit or: textfile-name > pastebinit00:22
Seeker`the command name is the package name, don't think you need to tell people that in the factoid00:22
Flannelalso, cat textfile > pastebinit "textfilename > pastebinit" won't work.00:23
FlannelIf you don't have it installed, will Ubuntu recommend it?00:23
geniiFlannel: I actually wanted to just point to !apt or !apt-get so they could use method of choice  but that (those) factoid doesn't really help with that aspect00:24
FlannelSo, can probably skip the installation stuff, since they'll get that after they try it?00:24
Seeker`how about something like "automatically pastebins command output, or any other text, and returns a URL. For example: "command-name | pastebinit" or: "cat textfile-name > pastebinit"00:24
FlannelI think that's brevity at the expense of clarity.00:24
Seeker`genii: if someone doesn't know how to install packages, they'll ask00:24
Flannel(and Ubuntu will tell them)00:24
Flannelalthough, I suppose we can't count on those.00:25
geniiSeeker`: True :) I was just taking an example from the suggestion and trying to encompass users who don't use synaptic as in their sample00:25
FlannelI don't really think we need to worry about being that frontend agnostic.  The point is to get the thing installed so they can use it.00:26
Seeker`I mean, if you explain installing the package in the factoid, then you should probably include information about pipe, and cat, and redirecting output, and what pastebin actually is00:26
FlannelSeeker`: No, that's just silly.00:26
Seeker`Flannel: thats my point00:26
FlannelSeeker`: Uh, no?00:26
geniiOK lemme try a cleanup on it. 00:26
Flannel"apt-get install pastebinit" is much different than "cat outputs the file to stdout, pipe redirects it from stdout"00:27
FlannelSeeker`: Someone who just needs help in #u would likely benefit from the former, and not care about the latter.00:27
Flannels/would likely/may/00:28
Seeker`Flannel: if they need to know about installation they will ask, there is no need to flood the channel with the potentially useless information00:28
Seeker`my point was that we shouldn't need to teach people to install stuff in a factoid when the package name is the same as the command00:28
FlannelSeeker`: Adding twenty more characters isn't really a big deal00:29
FlannelSeeker`: Why not?  That doesn't seem to follow any logic.00:29
geniipastebinit is <reply> pastebinit is the command-line equivelent of !pastebin . Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which will then report an URL which contains the output .Simple usage: command-name | pastebinit   or:  textfile-name > pastebinit00:29
geniiWith above, if they try the command it will instruct them how to install00:29
FlannelI'm just worried that after they try the command (and don't have it installed) they'll think they're done.00:30
Seeker`Flannel: if 20 characters is no big deal, then why not explain cat, and pipe00:30
FlannelSeeker`: Because they don't provide 00:30
FlannelSeeker`: Because they don't provide *any* value to the factoid, and would take lines upon lines?00:30
FlannelThey don't help solve the "how do I pastebin" problem00:32
geniipastebinit is <reply> pastebinit is the command-line equivelent of !pastebin . Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output. Simple usage: command-name | pastebinit 00:32
ubottuIn ubottu, darlek said: !xboxcontroller is Ubuntu troubleshooting guide for XBOX 360 controllers can be found here:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Xbox360Controller00:33
geniiI'm *not* touching that suggestion00:34
Flannelalmost !scope worthy00:34
geniiCurrent suggestion for pastebinit acceptable ?00:35
geniiSeeker`, Flannel , any edits or concerns for: pastebinit is <reply> pastebinit is the command-line equivelent of !pastebin . Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output. Simple usage: command-name | pastebinit 00:38
Seeker`genii: fine by me00:39
geniiOK, added00:40
geniiI figure if they try the usage suggested, it will just recommend how to install it since the packagename is the program name. And it refers to the usual !pastebin for further info00:41
aplease monitor/remove rocko02:54
LjLlook at moneybagz902:55
FlannelAnd his bot02:55
LjLand the command he used, specifically02:55
LjLi get the feeling it's a... particular... kind of bot02:55
LjLi'd set +r.02:56
FlannelAnyone see why sylvanus should be banned from the flootbots there?02:58
aI would like to know why I was kicked from #ubuntu02:58
LjLwhat the02:58
Flannela: bug, hold on a sec02:58
FlannelLjL: I've seen this before, actually.02:58
LjLno, it's not a "bug"02:59
aI'm going through mibbit.com02:59
aa proxy, apparently02:59
Flannela: right, hold on a sec.02:59
FlannelLjL: a program did something its not supposed to.  That's what most people consider a bug.02:59
ais it angry about my name?  I find it quite funny03:00
Flannela: Try rejoining (you'll have to go through the proxy room again)03:00
LjLFlannel: indeed. i thought it was a *certain* IP which it is not.03:02
FlannelLjL: Nah, it bans some innocent bystander, it happened to me once in the past too.  I'm wondering if it some sort of odd crosstalk here.  Since last time the person involved was in this channel as well.03:03
LjLFlannel: the bots aren't in this channel so they can't see what's happening here03:04
LjLFlannel: it almost certainly has something to do with one of your kicks, though, i have to see which and whyu03:05
Hobbseejpds: oh, yes please.  For it to recognise jaunty in !info packagname releasename03:06
FlannelHowdy ekimmargni, how can we help you?03:39
ubot3In #ubuntu-cn, ainalome said: !secludedsage is null05:08
ainalomesomething just upload here?05:10
Myrtti[07:08] < ubot3> In #ubuntu-cn, ainalome said: !secludedsage is null05:12
ainalomei am wrong.....05:13
Myrttiainalome: do you want that factoid in the bot?05:13
ainalomeclean this...... i want to clean this.....05:13
ainalomeMyrtti, i just type the wrong character.05:13
ainalomeMyrtti, and it said something is sent here...05:14
Myrttiainalome: the bot just told that you said that, but nothing else05:14
Myrttiainalome: *nothing* happened05:15
ainalomei said nothing...05:17
Myrttiainalome: don't worry. Nothing happened05:19
* nalioth pets ubot305:31
Flannelnalioth: sheesh, causing a netsplit petting a bot05:31
MyrttiFlannel: he's freenode staff, he haz the powah05:33
Myrttioh damn, now I've got that song in my head05:36
ubottuhighvoltage called the ops in #ubuntu-devel-summit ()05:58
Myrttimyself is getting on the nerves05:58
Myrttiok, is anyone else about?08:48
ubottuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore08:50
ikoniahello yes ?08:50
Myrttigood. I'm going to kill someone in #ubuntu soon08:51
Myrttiit's getting on my nerves on some unexplainable way08:51
Myrttiso I'm going to take a slow step backwards, now.08:51
ikoniaokey dokey08:51
ikoniaI'll put the eyes on 08:51
Myrttiespecially finlay might need some babysitting08:52
MyrttiI have a feeling everything he says is passed through google translate mandarin-english08:53
Myrttiand lotharn, he said he's drunk08:53
ikoniahe's toast if he doesn't stop08:53
* Pici yawns09:21
ikoniawake up09:21
PiciI just did09:21
bazhang* [juliaGirl] (i=ircap8@ wupitixa <--PM'ed me offering 'candid webcam'11:22
Picibazhang: when?11:25
bazhangPici, about 75 mins ago, he/she is offline now11:26
Picibazhang: Okay, same person then, they/it were klined.11:26
bazhangPici, thanks for the info11:26
* genii sips14:37
ubottuIn #ubuntu, Guthur said: ubottu that is what i was intially talking about14:40
ubottuThe operation succeeded.14:45
bazhang@bansearch batchy_14:52
ubottuNo matches found for batchy_!n=ryan@d58-110-62-19.rdl8.qld.optusnet.com.au in any channel14:52
ikoniaanother .au14:53
bazhang#ubuntu-offtopic: 2009-05-30T12:23:25 <Batch> And i have a sound problem :<14:54
bazhang<Batchy_> You can imagine what sound problems im having /14:55
bazhangseems to be ban evading14:55
ikoniais it the same guy14:55
Jack_Sparrowturbo from this am14:56
Myrttiso he moved from michigan to queensland all of a sudden?14:57
bazhangyeah its him.14:57
bazhangmint6 user14:57
Myrttilike there's no other mint6 users in the world?14:58
Jack_SparrowMyrtti This is turbo from this am in ubuntu  n=elf@c-68-40-73-168.hsd1.mi.comcast.net14:58
MyrttiJack_Sparrow: indeed14:58
Jack_SparrowI have no idea what you are talking about14:58
bazhangwith the user ident ryan and the same exact sound probs, and the lolcat behaviour? I doubt it14:58
Myrttioh, RYAN!14:58
Myrttinow I get it14:58
ikoniatoast him then14:58
bazhangah he quit14:59
ikoniaproblem solved14:59
bazhanghe had some nasty things to say in here and in #u and -ot as well14:59
Jack_SparrowI think fenn .. the walrus has old history here..14:59
Jack_SparrowHe had multiple bans in Feb of this year15:01
geniiWork has me running around too much this morning to be overly useful monitoring #k so I'm /away but checking scroll every 5-7 minutes15:31
geniiJust FYI15:31
LjLoh lord.15:31
bazhanghehe I'm in there genii 15:31
LjL[16:28:40] <LjL> hi i'd like permission to make a quick ad for two language learning related channels in -irc, i think it should be appropriate since it's a multilingual channel15:31
LjLexcept i intended to say that here and not on -irc to begin with :<15:32
bazhangwhat's the channel?15:32
LjLbazhang: ##francais (not mine) and ##scandinavian (mine)15:33
bazhangLjL, you speak either?15:33
Myrttibazhang: swedish15:33
LjLi've learned some swedish, and i can more or less read french and sometimes write something that resembles it15:33
bazhangLjL, you can speak swedish? wow15:34
bazhangI can read/speak/write etc French15:34
Myrttiit's not like it's hard ;-)15:34
LjLand given swedish is similar enough to the other two to be mostly mutually intelligible, i thought one channel for all three would be nice15:34
Myrttilearning swedish is a lot easier than english15:34
LjLwell the grammar is easier in english15:34
bazhangenglish is hardest in the world15:34
LjLthe spelling is not15:34
jussi01tag team....16:01
Jack_SparrowTime to tighten the nose on jimmy16:01
bazhangnasty factoid16:01
LjLhe's in again16:04
LjLalways from 79.11516:05
jussi01!u > ahmed 16:34
geniiWhen from here !factoid > them does it just seem that ubottu wants to talk to them out of the blue?16:48
geniiThat could really mess ppl up...16:48
Myrttiit does say that someone wants you to know...16:50
bazhangnidhal is not reading that link very carefully16:52
ikoniahome time, laters all16:53
ikoniawhoaaaaa, it's not bed time16:53
ikoniajust going to drive home16:53
bazhangwhoops sorry :)16:54
jussi01!test > genii16:54
ubottugenii, please see my private message16:54
geniiAh I see now Myrtti wants you to know about .... jussi01 wants you to know about .... etc etc16:55
geniiIf it didn't do that, man, could cause some chaos16:56
jussi01yeah... :D17:04
Jack_SparrowIm going into lurk mode, starting breakfast17:04
* genii munches his sandwiches17:09
ubottuIn ubottu, jchoot said: no luck, there is an empty lock file there19:47
ubottuIn #ubuntu, fccf said: !no metacity is the default display manager in gnome21:09
jussi01!away > Kasm|away21:41
ubottuThe operation succeeded.21:58
Mezwhen's the next IRCC meeting?22:07
Seeker`Mez: dunno, why?22:10
MezSeeker`: just wondering. I'm interested in meetings lately :D22:10
topyliMez: somebody must have put something in your drink! :)22:12
Myrttiif anyone feels like it, do a banforward for [gquit]bombadil_ to ##fix_your_connection - I'm too tired to do anything too complicated now, heading to bed. nini.22:26
Tm_TMyrtti: night22:27
darthanubisWho do I address abuse of OP power to?23:16
darthanubisspecifically #ubuntuforums?23:17
darthanubisI was attacked in violation of COC by someone with OP power, and when I defended my position, I was banned.23:18
darthanubisYou have been kicked from #ubuntuforums by HymnToLife (If you have nothing interesting to say...)23:20
Seeker`I dont know if ubuntuforums is an official channel or not23:20
darthanubisis this acceptable behavior?23:20
Seeker`do you have a log?23:20
darthanubissadly I don't keep logs23:20
darthanubiswell I thought it was part of Ubuntu offcially23:21
darthanubisThanks for the reply.23:21
darthanubisKeeping logs from now on23:24
Seeker`anyone fancy taking a look at that?23:25
Seeker`I dont know where we stand with ubuntuforums23:25
MamarokSeeker`: it's listed here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat#Channels23:26
Mamarokdoesn't it make official then?23:26
Seeker`Mamarok: should probably be someone from the IRCC to look at it though23:34
Seeker`Mamarok: or at least someone with access in #ubuntuforums23:36
MamarokSeeker`: I guess so, never went there myself23:37
=== Mez_ is now known as Mez

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