aramorning :-)07:09
eeejayhowdy ara08:01
aramorning eeejay08:01
eeejayara: i didn't understand the Buddy derivative thing, but it doesn't really matter08:02
araeeejay: ok :)08:03
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eeejayara: ok, i get it now :)08:14
eeejayara: here is what i am thinking about, specifically08:28
eeejayara: http://paste2.org/p/24204608:28
araeeejay: looks nice! a solution in between ;-) very diplomatic08:30
aramorning jcollado08:30
eeejayara: thanks :)08:31
eeejaymorning jcollado08:31
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MDMonster_hello everone14:21
arahey eeejay15:21
eeejayhi ara. i am about to push a bunch of changes15:21
araeeejay: cool15:22
eeejayara: I almost got the MSN suite working too..15:22
araeeejay: hehehe15:22
araeeejay: almost¿?15:22
eeejayara: it was my first attempt!15:22
araeeejay: wow!15:23
araeeejay: cool, thanks! I will continue tomorrow with the msn suite15:24
araeeejay: ta!15:24
eeejayara: ta ta. the notify suite will need an update, too15:25
araeeejay: ok, I will have a look as well15:25
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