cwillubryce, kms and intel and vbetool:  be advised that pm-utils also makes calls to vbetool, which causes some grief.  00:16
cwillubryce, I added a note to #37248000:16
* cwillu pokes ubottu with a stick00:16
ubottuUbuntu bug 372480 in acpi-support "vbetool should not be called on -intel when KMS is in use" [High,Fix released]00:17
Sarvattweird, it should be removing all quirks and adding the nochvt one when it detects KMS is active via /usr/lib/pm-utils/sleep.d/98smart-kernel-video00:22
Sarvattnot to mention it had a kernel fix to work around it just incase people were still using it, are you on jaunty by any chance?00:25
Sarvattbecause jaunty's pm-utils doesnt have the extra KMS handling is why I ask, sorry00:27
cwilluSarvatt, no, karmic00:30
cwilluremoving the execute perm from vbetool fixed it, so I'm assuming pm-utils is to blame00:31
cwilluI see that file now, wonder why it didn't work00:33
Sarvatthmm, the fix was added to 2.6.30-rc6 and should be in ubuntu's 2.6.30-6.7 kernel if you're using that, thats strange00:39
Sarvatt[   61.162844] [drm:i915_wait_request] *ERROR* something (likely vbetool)00:40
Sarvattdisabled interrupts, re-enabling00:40
Sarvattyou saw that in the log?00:40
cwilluI'm using a daily out of the mainline ppa, there's another bug that causes a nicely gradual crash after resume00:40
cwilluunder 2.6.30rc7 or our normal kernel, I crash on resume.  On the mainline daily, I don't00:41
Sarvattjbarnes: ping incase you are interested that vbetool is still causing some problems after the deal from http://bugzilla.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2089600:42
ubottuFreedesktop bug 20896 in DRM/Intel "[GM965 KMS] X does not draw untill mouse is moved. Probably IRQ problems" [Major,Resolved: notourbug]00:42
Sarvattyeah there were some great fixes for intel merged on the 29th that arent in rc700:42
cwillugod I hate backing out of my statements00:43
cwillumust have gotten lucky 2-3 times in a row, right after I disabled vbetool00:43
cwilluit's broken again00:44
cwillumouse cursor moves, but I can't interact with the screen or change vterms00:44
cwillulet me ssh in and check dmesg00:44
cwillutouchpad works, external mouse is dead, even after replug00:45
cwilluno errors in dmesg or xorg.0.log00:45
cwillumachine itself is live00:45
Sarvattthe classic intel crash :D00:45
cwillucan't interact, change vt's via ctrl-alt-f100:45
cwilluSarvatt, but why would the external mouse not work?00:46
Sarvatti have no idea, thats just how all my intel crashes play out, x dying but the machines still alive and the touchpad works00:47
Sarvattthere have been a *load* of fixes for those types of hangs in the newer libdrm/intel drivers though, might be worth trying newer ones from https://edge.launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ppa if its annoying enough to be unusable but you still want KMS, or trying again in a few days when bryce updates the ones in karmic 00:54
cwilluI'm on edgers already00:54
* cwillu does that thing where he checks one more thing he forgot about00:55
cwilluhmm, worked that time00:56
cwillulet me suspend 9 more times and then I'll have some confidence in that :p00:56
cwillunope, failed the next time00:56
Sarvattfunny, I've actually heard people complaining about suspend/resume hangs alot in the past week since this commit too - https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2201000:57
ubottuFreedesktop bug 22010 in Driver/intel "[945GM] [Bisected] X hang after suspend" [Normal,New]00:57
cwilluthe earlier suspend issue I had (the reason why I'm on a daily kernel) is unrelated to X, 00:58
Sarvattyep, X just hung and mouse pointer still functional when i did a suspend/resume there :D01:00
* cwillu cheers01:07
Sarvattbuilding it now after reverting that commit to see if it makes any difference, i'll put it on edgers if so01:10
Sarvattwell that looks good, first suspend/resume is fine01:14
* Sarvatt prepares to eat his words01:14
cwilluregurgitated words are so tasty01:15
Sarvatt2 3 and 4 are fine \o/01:16
Sarvattalready uploaded to edgers but it probably wont get built before the publisher runs at 20 after, just want the deb?01:17
* cwillu beams01:17
Sarvattno KMS cursor flicker patch in it though :D01:18
cwilluwhatever will I do :p01:19
SarvattSHOOT cwilllu, wait a second01:20
Sarvatti am using xorg 1.7, built it against that01:20
Sarvattand I doubt you are too lol01:20
Sarvattnooo, i386 just finished01:21
Sarvatt1 minute after the publisher ran01:21
Sarvatt10 suspend/resumes fine here, woohoo01:25
Sarvatti'll hold off updating jaunty until you say it works for you too just incase01:27
cwilluare you uploading another deb, or am I waiting for the edger build?01:28
Sarvattedger build, would probably take me the 10 minutes till that gets published to set up pbuilder for it :) it takes less than a minute to compile on my atom cpu if you want to build it yourself though01:31
cwillunah, I can wait an hour :p01:32
cwilluI get the feeling there's a kernel bisect in my future anyways :p01:32
Sarvattalso reverting to karmics -intel would tell you if that was the problem too01:32
Sarvattwell it might have problems in other areas with the same symptom too possibly :D01:33
cwilluI need to run, but I'll let you know when I get back01:33
Sarvattoh http://ppa.launchpad.net/xorg-edgers/ubuntu/pool/main/x/xserver-xorg-video-intel/xserver-xorg-video-intel_2.7.99.1+git20090601.704771f1-0ubuntu0sarvatt_i386.deb01:36
Sarvattgood luck with it01:36
cwilluup already?01:37
Sarvatt25 suspend/resumes, pretty safe to say that fixed it for me01:43
Sarvattgotta love these 2 second flicker free suspend and resumes with KMS, thats for sure01:43
cwilluSarvatt, I know, I squealed the first time I saw the resume work03:40
cwilluI mean, okay, fast reboots are nice03:41
cwillubut a suspend that's so fast that I'm tempted to change "blank screen" to "suspend" is another thing entirely :)03:41
Sarvattcant beat 2 seconds though, agreed lol03:41
Sarvatttalked to 4 people now that reverting that commit fixed suspend/resume for03:42
cwilluI just got back, I'll have another yay or nay for you in a minute03:42
Sarvattyou have gotta update that drm at least though :D03:42
Sarvattif you're still on 2.4.9 from may 2nd like in that bug report03:44
* Sarvatt crosses fingers for you03:45
Sarvatthyperair, check out the mesa i just uploaded to edgers, 30 minutes of running a loop opening/killing firefox and i'm at 211MB gem object bytes with compiz running :)04:50
Sarvattthat would hit 1GB in 30 minutes before and it was 186MB just enabling compiz after a fresh boot04:52
tjaaltonSarvatt: the dri.pc -issue is already fixed in git05:29
hyperairSarvatt: my gem memory has hit 900MB11:01
jcristauhi bryce. feeling better?14:52
bryceyep, much better14:53
Tm_Thi kids15:36
hyperairSarvatt: do your brightness keys work with KMS on?17:15
hyperairSarvatt: doesn't work for me17:15
Sarvatti built my own devicekit-power and gnome-power-manager because the 2.26 ones in karmic were buggy as hell for me, but yes they do work :D17:16
Sarvatti like how gnome-power-manager has powertop built in now too17:16
hyperairyeah i like it too =)17:17
hyperairbut i didn't rebuild those two17:17
jbarnes_LHRSarvatt: just pushed a fix for the tearing problem17:17
hyperairso gpm only detects my battery level sometimes.17:18
jbarnes_LHRSarvatt: wanna package up a fresh xf86-video-intel for edgers? :)17:18
* cwillu bounces17:18
hyperairthank goodness for the battery charge monitor applet17:18
Sarvattnice, sure thing, was just in the middle of updating mesa17:18
* hyperair sticks a trampoline underneath cwillu before cwillu lands17:18
hyperairSarvatt: anyway: 6h of usage and ~702M GEM memory used. this is much better than what it was previously =)17:19
hyperairSarvatt: but 702M is still excessive.17:20
jcristauis that with the mesa patch?17:20
Sarvatti'm at 308MB used after about 14 hours of running an open/close firefox loop that would put me at 1gb in about 30 minutes before17:20
Sarvattyeah I put his take3 patch and the other one on edgers last night17:21
hyperairSarvatt: what's your pciid?17:21
Sarvattare you running the clutter test hyperair? that still leaks to hell for me17:22
hyperairer no i'm not17:22
hyperairi'm lazy to compile it =(17:22
hyperairneed a whole lot of dependencies which i'm lazy to track down17:22
Sarvattbut he even said it didnt fix clutter17:22
hyperairso basically we can conclude that the mem leak had many sources17:22
hyperairthe fact that you're not seeing it any more means that the source that both you and i had was fixed. but there's another source of memory leaks =O17:23
hyperairwhich i still see17:23
Sarvattjbarnes_LHR: uploaded, it'll be published at 40 after17:27
jbarnes_LHRSarvatt: cool I'll pull it then17:27
Sarvattdarn, yeah, suspend/resume is broken unless I revert http://cgit.freedesktop.org/xorg/driver/xf86-video-intel/commit/?id=8e942b70cb9a784b3f1311affd6fc74c4bcf68bb17:32
jbarnes_LHRSarvatt: oooh you should file a bug for that17:36
jbarnes_LHRor raise it on intel-gfx@lists.fdo at least17:37
jbarnes_LHRoffhand though the revert looks ok17:39
jbarnes_LHRwith the possible exception of the actual emit call17:39
jbarnes_LHRlooks like the arg order changed17:39
* cwillu perks his head up17:40
cwilluSarvatt, I've still got the hang post resume, although the external mouse will move the cursor once if I'm moving it while resuming17:41
cwillunot sure if this is relevant to that commit revert17:41
cwilluon the other hand, I can suspend dozens of times in a row with kms disabled17:43
jbarnes_LHRSarvatt: what's the version number?17:44
jbarnes_LHRSarvatt: ah nm, got the git commit17:45
Sarvattsorry, stepped away while mesa was building, it was a bug report for the same issue that got me to try it after reverting to see if it fixed it and it did, its https://edge.launchpad.net/%7Exorg-edgers/+archive/ppa/+sourcepub/642605/+listing-archive-extra17:47
Sarvattdid you want me to apply your cursor flicker patch to it too?17:47
jbarnes_LHRno tearing17:47
Sarvattdid you mean for me to apply your cursor flicker patch too jbarnes?17:48
jbarnes_LHRSarvatt: nah that one isn't as important17:48
hyperairooh there's a cursor flicker patch!17:51
* hyperair would really love a more substantial mem leak patch, though this will do nicely for now17:51
hyperairuntil i need to virtualize anything17:51
ZoraelQuestion: When I log out, X crashes with a backlog in Xorg.0.log and shoves me to the terminal. As I'm running the intel driver with KMS enabled, should such a bug be filed against X or xserver-xorg-video-intel?17:51
hyperairthe last time i ran virtualbox, i oom-ed within 2 hours.17:51
Zoraelobviously. :317:52
Sarvatthyperair if you were using edgers you were using the cursor flicker patch for about 2 weeks :D17:52
hyperairSarvatt: ..no way.17:53
hyperairSarvatt: i still see a flickering cursor damnit.17:53
Sarvattdoes it go corrupted sometimes too?17:53
hyperairer no17:53
hyperairactually the cursor itself doesn't flicker17:53
hyperairthe area around it does17:53
hyperairlike one square area17:53
Sarvattthats what i meant, sorry17:53
hyperairoh, and some of my icons get corrupted17:53
hyperaire.g. my battery charge applet17:54
hyperairthe gnome-panel applet17:54
hyperairnot gpm17:54
Sarvatti'm glad its down to just little things like that compared to being completely able to use uxa with all of the crashes a month ago at this time :D17:56
Sarvatt*completely unable17:56
hyperairheh yeah17:57
hyperairi've got oen moer issue17:57
hyperairresuming from hibernation, basically17:57
hyperairit hangs upon resuming from hibernation17:57
hyperairit doesn't appear to happen for suspend17:57
hyperairbut hibernation, yes.17:57
hyperairso i've been walking around with my notebook draining power in suspend to ram state17:58
Sarvatthmm at 741mb gem objects now, looks like those mesa patches fixed it for opening and closing firefox but its still leaking during actual use (albiet slower)18:05
Sarvattbut its no increasing no matter what i do now, something just made it jump 300mb in the past hour18:07
hyperairinteresting eh18:11
bryceSarvatt: I see there is a 0602 snapshot of -intel in edgers now; how much testing has that one gotten?  Is it sane for me to pull that into karmic, or would an older snapshot be safer?18:34
Sarvattit's basically the same as debian-experimental and the one thats been in edgers for a week with a fix for video tearing jbarnes just pushed a few hours ago18:37
bryceok, I'll pull it18:37
Sarvattheyo tormod, they reverted that gamma commit you had a problem with in xserver master. uploading it now since i wanted to test out changes to the hooks anyway :)20:33
Sarvattnot that it'll build anytime soon with the firefox build bot of doom running still20:34
* cwillu points out the existence of bug #382884 to Sarvatt :p20:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 382884 in xorg "[KMS] [GM945]: Xorg hang after resume from suspend" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38288420:46
cwilluthat's odd21:36

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