Shooreeok, that's gone too00:00
Shooreenow? rebuild xconf again?00:00
Shooreexserver, I meant00:01
SiDiNow, still nothing listed ?00:01
Shooreestill nothing00:01
Shooreemaybe an update to apt-get is in order?00:01
Shooreeor whatever governs it?00:02
SiDiNo, it should be ok00:02
SiDiI dont know exactly how that hardware drivers window works though00:02
SiDido you mind trying to manually instal the 177 ?00:02
Shooreeabsolutely not00:02
Shooree180 was recommended, though00:02
Shooreebut... that didn't help me much, did it.00:03
Shooreethe 180's I just killed were taken from synaptic00:03
SiDiI dont trust 180 when i have problems :p00:03
Shooreeshould I use it now as well?00:03
SiDi177 have been recommanded at the beginning of Intrepid00:03
Shooreesynaptic, I mean00:03
Shooreeright, I'll take them00:04
SiDisudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-17700:04
SiDiSynaptics is ok too00:04
SiDiits the same, just more clicks :p00:04
Shooreehell, I'll take a coloured wollen blanket as a gfx driver now00:04
Shooreeyea, I know00:04
Shooreeit's the winluser in me00:04
SiDithe only thing to avoid in ubuntu is to avoid the "from website" installation method00:04
Shooreefor gfx drivers, or in general?00:05
SiDiin general :)00:05
SiDiwhen an application is packaged it means : 1) the content  has been more or less verified (or there is someone to slap in case of problem) 2) the app is known to work (at least to launch) in ubuntu00:06
Shooreetell me, SiDi, while this installs... do you play Wesnoth by any chance?00:06
SiDiAlso, itll be auto-updated and the possible tweaks needed for ubuntu will be in the package00:06
SiDino time for games :[00:06
Shooreeshame. Wanted to return the favour there.00:06
ShooreeI fancy myself quite good in that thing, at least.00:07
Shooreeanyway, yes, I understand what you're saying00:07
Shooreeright. drver install all done00:07
SiDinow... you're gonna reboot ^^00:08
SiDiand cross fingers, indeed00:08
Shooreesee you in a jiffy, as they say00:08
Shooree...or do they?00:08
MTec007im having some problems with firefox 3.0.10, using gnash 0.85    some sites like youtube will play videos but google maps "street view" and some other sites, the movie will not load. just a black screen where the video should be playing00:10
MTec007Linux matthew-laptop 2.6.28-12-generic #43-Ubuntu SMP Fri May 1 19:27:06 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux00:10
MTec007and xubuntu 9.04 with latest updates00:10
Shooreewell damn00:11
Shooreenothing changed00:11
SiDiShooree, if its still buggy i fear i cant help :/00:11
ShooreeSiDi, you've been so very helpful and too kind00:11
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution00:11
SiDicheck that link tho00:11
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto00:11
SiDiand that00:12
Shooreethanks, man00:12
ShooreeI'll see what I can do00:12
Shooreethanks for everything00:12
Shooreeoh dear00:12
SiDiMTec007, im not completely sure but i think gnash doesnt implement the whole flash's functions, so some  flash apps wont work00:12
Shooreehere it is00:12
SiDiShooree, you're welcome :p00:12
SiDiShooree, where is what00:12
MTec007is there something that will work correctly?00:12
knomehello SiDi00:12
Shooreemy frames are back!00:13
knomeMTec007, suppose the basic stuff00:13
SiDiknome, hey00:13
Shooreecould it be that Compiz was to blame?00:13
knomeShooree, might be00:13
Shooreethat IT in fact didn't cope with the upgrade00:13
knomeyou never know00:13
ShooreeI reloaded it so many times00:13
SiDiMTec007, one thing that works is using openvideo.dailymotion.com and totem's youtube plugin, and banning Flash of your PC00:14
Shooreenow I switched to another window manager00:14
Shooreeand my frames are here00:14
SiDiShooree, huh, do you mean you were missing the border of the windows ? :P00:14
Shooreeugly as a donkey's mug, but finally bloody HERE00:14
MTec007how do i ban 'flash of my pc' ?00:14
SiDilet us know when you have compiz, Shooree .. its not by default in xubuntu ;)00:14
Shooreeyes, SiDi. that's what we've been trying to do all along, mate00:14
SiDiMTec007, type "vade-retro flash" in a console (this is not serious btw)00:14
ShooreeSiDi, I'm so sorry00:15
SiDiShooree, hehe, np :D00:15
SiDiShooree, we owned tonight...00:15
ShooreeI tried getting help in so many places, I forgot what I told where and to whom00:15
MTec007SiDi, what do you mean it is not serious?00:15
Shooreeyes, Compiz isn't showing winframes00:16
SiDiMTec007, there is no "vade retro" command ;) it was a joke00:16
ShooreeSiDi, you owned and I can only hope that you shall continue to own just as so, if not more, for when I screw up next time.00:16
SiDiMTec007, if you're having problems with gnash, use flash, and if really you dont want proprietary flash plugin, there is nothing more to do00:16
SiDiShooree, :D00:16
SiDiShooree, i hope ill own even more then !00:16
MTec007i dont care what it takes i just want something to work.00:17
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash00:17
SiDiMTec007, first link. Install adobe flash (from our repository) and then no more crashing apps00:17
SiDi(shht ! :P)00:18
SiDiknome, i broke my volume daemon's code btw :D00:18
Shooreelater, people. I need some victory/beauty sleep00:18
knomeShooree, yay00:18
SiDii'm rewriting it cause it wasnt sexy00:18
SiDiShooree, good night !00:18
knomenight Shooree00:18
MTec007what do i do about this: Package adobe-flashplugin is not available, but is referred to by another package.00:19
knomeMTec007, package flashplugin-nonfree00:20
SiDiknome, blue wiki please *puppy eyes*00:20
MTec007already the newest version? hmm00:21
knomeSiDi, weren't you able to do css? :P00:21
SiDiknome, its moinmoin, its not css00:21
knomeit's not moinmoin, the theming is css00:21
SiDiyeh but putting it in the moinmoin is moinmoin00:21
knomeit's still css :]00:22
SiDiMTec007, sudo apt-get autoremove --purge gnash flashplugin-nonfree00:22
SiDiand then install flashplugin-nonfree00:23
tyranosdoes xubuntu have osd for brightness down and up ?00:23
knometyranos, not by default00:24
MTec007knome, mine did by default?00:24
knomeSiDi, do we have that by default?00:24
MTec007i never installed or configured anything for osd00:24
knomeit's some time since i've xubuntu with a laptop (and not been using jaunty)00:25
tyranosknome, thx , but that is not a problem as long as the fn keys are working ;)00:25
knometyranos, okay, maybe you can ask SiDi if you want them, as he is working on the osd things00:25
lacrymologyI'm having a lot of problems with my xubuntu laptop, and I'd like to fix some00:25
SiDiOo ?00:25
knomeSiDi, then notify stuff00:26
lacrymologyfor example: when I plugged a monitor on the VGA out of the laptop, it froze00:26
SiDii was reading glib stuff00:26
SiDiok so whats wrong ? /P00:26
lacrymologythen I rebooted, and it worked ok with the.. external?.. monitor, but then it wouldn't let me switch back to the laptop screen00:26
lacrymologyso what gives? =P00:27
SiDiHi lacrymology. What version of xubuntu, and what graphic card do you have, please ? Also, did you activate your hardware drivers ?00:27
knomeSiDi, see tyranos' comments00:27
SiDiok, so the notify-osd bubbles for that are obtained if gnome-power-manager is installed and used00:27
SiDiand i have no idea how it will work in karmic yet00:27
MTec007ok flash is now working nicely.00:28
SiDiMTec007, good to hear00:28
lacrymologySiDi: 8.04.2 it's some shitty intel card and I think I'm using the default vesa drivers, so no I havent activated the drivers00:28
SiDilacrymology, if you're on intel then theyre activated by default (when they exist) so there isnt much to do00:28
SiDilacrymology, old intel cards are really not the thing for dualscreen00:29
SiDiMTec007, what happened is that you had flash + gnash, making conflicts. If you install one , dont forget to remove the other before.00:29
lacrymologySiDi: so I have to switch back to XP if I want this piece of crap to work as it should?00:29
SiDiIf you absolutely need dual screen then either that or ask people who _do_ know intel cards :)00:30
MTec007SiDi, i hadnt noticed that i had done that but now i know one more thing than i did before:) thanks00:30
SiDiMTec007, you're welcome00:30
lacrymologyok, so since we're at this.. will hibernate ever actually work under linux laptops?00:31
lacrymologybecause I was never able to resume a session00:31
SiDiIt works like a charm on my machines - when i feel the need for a swap partition00:31
tyranoswell it works on my eeepc as a charm00:31
tyranoslike a charm00:31
lacrymologythe boot said something like "no image found"00:31
MTec007lacrymology, my dell inspiron 1200 (2005) uses the hibernate just nicely00:31
lacrymologycan someone help me.. don't know.. diagnose the problem?00:32
SiDinot me , lacrymology, i dont buy intel cards :)00:32
lacrymologyI just tried to do it last night until this boot, so the logs are fresh =)00:32
lacrymologySiDi: I don't buy'em either. I was pretty much *forced* to buy this computer00:33
MTec007whats wrong with intel for the record?00:33
lacrymologySiDi: and I was talking about the hibernate issue00:33
lacrymologynothing per se.. but there's nothing RIGHT with them either00:34
lacrymologyMTec007: talking about graphic cards00:34
SiDiMTec007, i need 2D/3D rendering performance, so i just get nvidia00:34
SiDiMTec007, most of my hardware apart from GPU is intel, though00:35
lacrymologyMTec007: unless you're an intel graph chip experienced user and want to help me fix my monitor issue =)00:35
MTec007i have an intel chipset and i dont have much problem that isnt related to having 256mb shared with video RAM00:35
MTec007lacrymology, i know my vga port doesnt work (right now) on linux but i dont use a second monitor00:37
lacrymologyMTec007: yeay! we share pains. Is your memory 166MHz too?00:37
lacrymologyMTec007: I don't usually either, but I had a monitor lying around and I wanted to watch a movie a little bit bigger00:37
lacrymologymy computer is a real real piece of crap00:38
MTec007ddr1 pc270000:38
MTec007dont know ram very well so..00:38
lacrymologyMTec007: I don't either, but it's what lshw says00:39
lacrymologyclock: 166MHz for the memory banks00:39
MTec007under *-pci ?00:40
lacrymology*-core/*-memory/*-bank:0 and *-bank:100:41
MTec007no clock00:41
lacrymology             description: SODIMM DDR Synchronous 166 MHz (6.0 ns)00:42
lacrymologyand below that there are physical id, slot, size, width and clock descriptions00:42
lacrymologyI don't know, I haven't seen any lshw output besides this machine's00:43
MTec007             description: Chip DDR Synchronous00:43
MTec007(my ram is build in, not a ram chip)00:43
MTec007but any way, yeah i cant swap monitors like i could in windows00:45
lacrymologyI'm very sad that I really can't reccomend linux to my friends because of stuff like this00:47
lacrymologylike "oh.. right.. what network card you have? mmm.. yeah, no.., you see..."00:47
MTec007my sister in laws laptop, same issue00:49
MTec007so like right now, my vga is plugged in but i cant do anything with it, screen stays blank00:49
MTec007so on the bios screen i can swap either vga or lcd not both and cant swap at all after xubuntu boots00:54
lacrymologyMTec007: yeah, same thing00:57
lacrymologyI can kinda choose monitor at boot time00:57
MTec007lacrymology, the OP on this link posted a xorg.conf that matches mine; if it matches yours it might help01:25
MTec007i tried to follow, but it messed X up for me and i had to revert01:26
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MTec007i have a general question. /var/mail ...   all incoming email goes here right?03:51
=== sgallinger is now known as EvIL
MTec007what kind of things need to be done in order for that to happen?03:53
=== EvIL is now known as Guest52103
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anom01yhey you guys do a great job just would like to tell you that.04:04
anom01yXubuntu 9.04 really kicks serious ass. I've installed it on 4 of my frineds computers and they are all very happy04:05
anom01ythey are complete newbs, but they are willing to learn from the start04:05
cody-somervilleThats awesome to hear.04:06
lizarddude951how can i set up xbuntu to output audio through my ps3?05:02
=== forces is now known as freego
swiftarrowI all, I have a very big problem: five minutes ago, all the shortcuts in the sidebar of thunar just upped and dissapeared.  The firefox wasn't submitting forms (epiphany was) so I restarted firefox.  All my bookmarks dissapeared.  I restarted.  Now i can add a shortcut to the sidebar in thunar, and it dissapears one second later.  I think some malware may be running? HELP!!!08:05
Da_FraHi everybody!11:46
Da_FraCould you please help me?11:47
Da_FraHow can I add a splash screen in XFCE? (something like balou)11:47
mib_y08w7h64Can someone please help me how to activate drivers inside virtual PC 07 for intel graphics gma x4500?12:37
mib_y08w7h64Can someone please help me how to activate drivers inside virtual PC 07 for intel graphics gma x4500?12:40
rootmosis there a way to set a proxy in xfce that applies to every program?12:41
javiskefkaHello, I have a question about scim12:57
javiskefkaWhat would I input for the configuration if I want the keyboard shortcut to go to next IM to be left alt + left shift?12:58
Teknowolfhi all13:59
Teknowolf== noob. can anyone tell me how to get X-fi to run under Ubuntu 9.04 ?14:01
SiDiwhat is x-fi ?14:02
Teknowolfcreative soundcard14:02
SiDiwell, i have no idea, sorry :/14:03
ablomenTeknowolf, http://ubuntu-utah.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=571656 ( google is your friend :) )14:05
butterbeangoogle is your friend .....i 2nd that:)14:06
Teknowolfthank you ablomen14:06
SiDibeen written 2 years ago14:07
SiDii dont think it'd run14:07
Teknowolfyeah but it might be a starting point14:08
ablomenSiDi, well as long as the driver is still compatible with the current kernel.. it just shows you how to compile your own kernel with a patch14:09
Teknowolftoo bad creative didn't make installing drivers as easy as nvidia did14:13
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CarlisHow do i remove openoffice.org presentation from Office ?14:37
TeknowolfOK I'm working on the OSS install and I'm doing the modprobe blacklist command and I'm getting "Permission denied" error does that line need to be preceeded by sudo as well?14:38
Teknowolfeven with sudo it's  perm denied  any ideas14:40
CarlisHow do i remove openoffice.org presentation from Office ?14:42
CarlisI need help14:42
SiDiTeknowolf, whats the exact command ?14:42
Teknowolf>> /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist14:43
SiDiand theres an echo on the left side, right ?14:44
SiDitype "sudo su" to login as root14:44
SiDiand then type the command14:44
SiDiyou cant use echo with sudo, only as the true root14:44
Teknowolfno echo14:44
SiDiwhats on the left then ?14:45
butterbeanCarlis..I did it earlier but I don't think it was the correct way.14:46
Teknowolfthese are the commands for "Stopping ALSA" under the Opensound How-to14:46
Teknowolfsudo chmod 776 /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist sudo cat /lib/linux-sound-base/noALSA.modprobe.conf >> /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist14:46
butterbeanI think I just used the "Add or Remove" under the Applications menu.14:47
butterbeanI think....You might have to wait a few minutes till someone that knows more than I can help you14:48
Carlisok. Thanks butterbean14:49
SiDiTeknowolf, its sudo cat /lib/linux-sound-base/noALSA.modprobe.conf >> /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist14:50
SiDiTeknowolf, not two separate commands14:50
TeknowolfOIC   thx Sidi14:50
SiDiCarlis, in Add/Remove type openoffice and indeed you'll see it. no idea why you wanna remove just this one though14:51
butterbeanCarlis, I once used Synaptic Package manager to remove a whole lot of OpenOffice stuff and really screwed things up.14:53
Carlisbecause I 2 openoffce.org presentation and I want to see 1 openoffice.org presentation14:54
CarlisI see 2 openoffce.org presentation14:54
DetroitLibertyPemy recoommendation would just be to remove all openOffice, and then install the most current version14:55
CarlisHow do i remove Dictionary from Office ?14:57
SiDiCarlis, type "cp /usr/share/applications/openoffice* ~/.local/share/applications && cd ~/.local/share/applications && thunar"15:01
SiDiand then for each openoffice file you can see in the folder, right click, edit them, add "NoDisplay=true;" to those you dont want to see in your menu anymore15:01
CarlisThanks Sidi15:04
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Teknowolfafter I install OSS do I need to reboot for it to take effect?15:24
Carlissidi ??15:29
SiDiYeh ?15:30
TeknowolfOK I now have OSS installed ....... still no joy with my x-fi sound, my motherboard has a built in (Realtek) sound card is it possible Ubuntu is defaulting to that? If so how do I get it to use the X-fi instead15:36
Carlissidi you said I have to edit them, add "NoDisplay=true;"  I don`t find how to edit them but I have found the solution I delete that icon15:45
SiDideleting in /usr/share/apps was a very bad idea16:11
Pres-Gasback up, back up...oh, and did I happen to mention...back up?16:14
ochosii just wanted to install gnome-do, when i realized that synaptic wanted to install evolution (same behaviour in apt-get and aptitude) and a list of other (useless) things that are all not mentioned as dependencies here: http://packages.ubuntu.com/jaunty/gnome-do16:15
ochosidoes anyone here know why that happens?16:15
ochosiat least it seemed strange to me that the whole evolution package would be more than a recommended package for gnome-do16:16
charlie-tcaI think recommends are installed along with depends now.16:23
charlie-tcaGo into Synaptic Package Manager -> Preferences, and uncheck "Consider recommended packages as dependencies"16:24
charlie-tcaThat is checked by default16:24
ochosicharlie-tca, thanks! that's what i was looking for16:27
ochosicharlie-tca, how come this also affects apt-get and aptitude?16:27
charlie-tcaI don't know the answer. I just know where to find it16:30
ochosinp, i'll keep looking myself16:30
ochosithanks for now!16:30
charlie-tcaIt might not affect them. They have their own options, if you try apt-get --help16:31
charlie-tcaYou have to tell them them to not install recommends, but I can't remember how16:31
ochosion the one hand that's true (about the options), on the other hand i'm quite sure their default behaviour was (just as with synaptic) not to treat recommends as depends16:32
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=== techknowlust|awa is now known as techknowlust
asmasalut tout le monde17:28
asmaj'ai perdu mon est s q quelq'un peut m'aider merci17:29
asmaj'ai perdu mon bureau17:29
MTec007i have a real good question. how do i fix an parse error in /etc/sudoers ?!17:31
MTec007i can't sudo to open the file...17:31
rsarsonhello everyone.  does anyone know how to save the display refresh rate?  i can change it as a user, but it reverts back after i reboot.  when i tried to change the refresh rate using "sudo xfce4-display-settings", nothing happened after i hit reply.17:40
rsarsonsorry... "apply"17:40
DetroitLibertyPersarson: I'm getting the same problem since updating to 9.0418:12
DetroitLibertyPeYou may want to submit a bug report18:12
SiDiWhich problem ?18:14
=== Sinister` is now known as Sinister
rsarsonSidi: i was asking why i can't save my display settings.18:17
SiDiIntel card ?18:17
DetroitLibertyPeSiDi: I'm really not sure which card I'm using18:18
SiDilspci | grep VGA18:19
DetroitLibertyPeI know I didn't have the problem on 8.10 or 8.0418:19
rsarsoni have an ATI Rage 128 AGP18:21
SiDirsarson, wow :)18:21
SiDirsarson, i think you wont be able to solve the problem then. 9.04 came with a new version of the X graphics server, and i dont think there will ever be drivers for the Rage pro cards18:22
SiDiI would advise you to use 8.04, and to use PPAs to get updated versions of your favourite apps and of XFCE18:22
ubottuWith Launchpad's Personal Package Archives (PPA), you can build and publish binary Ubuntu packages for multiple architectures simply by uploading an Ubuntu source package to Launchpad. See https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart.18:22
ubottuWith Launchpad's Personal Package Archives (PPA), you can build and publish binary Ubuntu packages for multiple architectures simply by uploading an Ubuntu source package to Launchpad. See https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart.18:23
rsarsoni can change the settings, they just don't save when i reboot.18:23
DetroitLibertyPeSiDi:What the heck is this ! command you activated in here?18:23
moodogevening :)18:24
SiDihi moodog18:24
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution18:24
SiDirsarson, open the last link please18:24
SiDirsarson, 4th part18:25
=== techknowlust is now known as techknowlust|awa
rsarsonSidi:  thanks for the link.  i tried to add an xrandr line to the end of gdm.conf, but it didn't take.  my xorg.conf file is empty and i don't have an .xprofile file.  should i mess around with xorg or am i just using the wrong gdm startup script?18:47
SiDiyou should mess around, definately :)18:48
SiDi(note that you should also save personal data)18:48
=== techknowlust|awa is now known as techknowlust
SlonkieWould it be a possibility to make the grub loading time 0 seconds?19:01
rsarsonSidi: i made an .xprofile file with an xrandr line and it worked.  that's a good start, though i'd prefer to happen by the login screen.  and i just realized, i used gdm.conf, because it was on my system, but i use xfce... does that matter?19:02
SiDiwe use GDM in Xubuntu too19:03
SiDithe .xprofile file is in your home folder right ?19:03
SiDimaybe you can try to copy it to /etc/xprofile and see what happens ?19:03
SiDino, forget, thats a dumb idea :p19:04
SiDi(it would just use that profile for any user, but it wouldnt solve the problem with GDM at all)19:04
rsarsonso if adding the xrandr line to gdm.conf doesn't work, where should i add it?19:06
Ben_Csdoes conky work fine with xubuntu?19:06
Pres-GasBen_Cs, funny, I was just getting ready to play with that this week  :P19:07
=== avvay is now known as lukinfore
Ben_CsPres-Gas: it works great on fluxbox19:07
Ben_Csbut i wonder how to integrate it into xfce desktop19:08
Pres-GasBen_Cs, I would say that if it works with flux and gnome, it should be okay...unfortunately I am not ready to dive into that yet19:08
MTec007i have a real good question. how do i fix an parse error in /etc/sudoers ?! i can't sudo to open the file...19:14
DetroitLibertyPein 9.04 CTRL+ALT+ESC no longer activates xkill, how do I renable?19:35
MTec007on my system (i didnt changeit ) its ctrl meta esc19:37
MTec007but settings -> Keyboard -> application shortcuts is where to find it19:37
DetroitLibertyPemtec007: what is "meta"19:41
DetroitLibertyPeis there a difference in IRC between mtec007 and MTec007?19:42
MTec007i dont know what meta is19:43
MTec007i dont think so19:44
MTec007but you can change it back to ctrl alt esc19:45
MTec007yeah i just set mine to use ctrl alt esc as well19:47
DetroitLibertyPe[quote/] on my system (i didnt changeit ) its ctrl meta esc [quote] how can you not know what meta is?19:52
MTec007i dont know what meta is.?19:52
MTec007but settings -> Keyboard -> application shortcuts is where to find it     <-- this will tell you what the keyboard shortcut is for things on your system19:53
MTec007it says ctrl meta esc, i dont need to know what meta is to read that19:53
MTec007i dont know what xkill is and i havnt used it, so..19:54
knomeDetroitLibertyPe, i suppose meta is alt19:57
DetroitLibertyPeknome: as in a different keyboard configuration? (FR vs. US for example)?20:03
geniimeta is usually the "Windows" key20:03
genii(or super - one or the other)20:03
DetroitLibertyPeMTec007:xkill is a very helpful tool, it will turn your mouse into a scull & cross bones and allow you to force kill any application who's window you clikc with the skkull20:04
DetroitLibertyPemy old machine gets really slow and this short cut has saved an otherwise dead/frozen/crashed session more than a time or two20:05
likemindeadAnyone else20:32
likemindeadAnyone else's Xorg acting up after this morning's updates?20:33
likemindead^-- My current htop.20:38
=== techknowlust is now known as techknowlust|awa
likemindeadWhat is that weird Xorg line?20:39
MTec007i have a real good question. how do i fix an parse error in /etc/sudoers ?! i can't sudo to open the file to edit it...20:44
=== techknowlust|awa is now known as techknowlust
charlie-tcaUse a liveCD to start the system, mount the drive, then edit the file directly20:46
SiDiDetroitLibertyPe, just add it back to keyboard shortcuts20:46
SiDiMeta is another name for Alt afaik20:46
MTec007charlie-tca, is there another way20:46
SiDigenii, super (or cmd on macs, afair) is the win key20:47
charlie-tcaRestart, try recovery menu from the grub menu. Choose root, then edit the file directly.20:48
charlie-tcaMTec007: ^^20:48
charlie-tcaIf you can't edit it using sudo, you have to do it another way20:48
MTec007like how?20:48
likemindeadroot shell?20:52

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