kubuntu_beginnerim trying to make a kubuntu install to my external without doing wubi00:05
kubuntu_beginnerany ideas?00:05
kubuntu_beginnerdoes anyone know how to install directly to my external without bothering the internal?00:11
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jussi01xp-killer: first tell me why you want compiz over kwin? they are pretty close to equal now...00:23
EurysilasHas anybody here that uses Hardy been able to encode mp3 files? I've tried 3 different solutions, all with some problem.00:23
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats00:23
xp-killerjussi01: i no noting of kiwn 1st time ive herd of it.and i just need comppis for the easy zoom nothing else00:24
jussi01xp-killer: which version are you on?00:24
jussi01hrm I dont remember 8.10 that well...00:25
jussi01and now Im going to bed.00:25
JontheEchidnakde in 8.10 should have a zoom effect00:26
jussi01 but have a look at system settings desktop00:26
jussi01thanks JontheEchidna :)00:26
JontheEchidnaSystem Settings -> Desktop -> Effects00:26
JuJuBeeI just re-arranged my partitions and /home moved from /dev/sdb7 to /dev/sdb6 as a result.  Thins seem ok except my panel customization are gone.00:26
JuJuBeeAll of my apps I added to the panel are missing from panel.00:26
EurysilasActually, jussi01, my problem is that ffmpeg seems to not be able to encode MP3 even WITH the appropriate stuff. It does have the "--enable-gpl compiler flag, though, which makes me think it wasn't compiled with MP3 support.00:27
xp-killerJontheEchidna:  i dont seee effects00:28
JontheEchidnait should be the first module in the Desktop config part of systemsettings00:29
EurysilasLet's see....I tried Sound Converter, too....It can't seem to find "decoderbin", some problem with GStreamer, evidently, and lame just plain doesn't seem to be able to handle OGG files, .ogg or .oga.00:30
xp-killerJontheEchidna: nope00:30
EurysilasSo, does anybody know how I'm supposed to be able to encode MP3? I think I've exhausted the main options.00:32
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wangyuananybody here?00:36
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b0nnhmm, Im having a bit of trouble with a tvout card, and not sure how to troubleshoot it.  When the computer boots, POST is sent to the tv, and the kubuntu splash screen, but once boot is complate I get a black screen and Xorg is chewing up 93% cpu00:49
carolijaHello ya all00:58
carolijaI have volume ext3 and that is other HDD but I want to all space be in /home/00:58
carolijaI have to Unmount it or .. ?00:59
carolijalike this is confusing little space here little there ...00:59
carolijaI more like to be all in one00:59
carolijaany idea or suggestions ?01:00
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xp-killerhow do i run compiz without going in the terminal or the run comand to type it?01:12
coz_what is terminal command to open system settings?02:03
coz_Dragnslcr,  thanks just figured it out as you typed :)02:04
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cmoman4is there a KDE gui for altering what services run a different run levels02:15
cmoman4the  GTK equivalent seems to be BUM02:15
susbwoycmoman4: you can install chkconfig02:19
susbwoycmoman4: does the job relatively good/easy but its console02:21
cmoman4susbwoy:   okay, had just installed it and seeing if does what a want, older versions of KDE (3?) had a gui and I haven't been able to find the equivalent so far02:23
ubottuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore02:26
Yanick_hi, anyone know of a good plotting program to plot recursive functions?02:36
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=== gpf_ is now known as gpf
susbwoyYanick_: koctave?02:38
susbwoyYanick_: http://sourceforge.net/projects/koctave/02:39
Yanick_susbwoy, I am currently trying Labplot, looks nice (with TeX support), does koctave have that too?02:42
susbwoyYanick_: yeah latex is everywhere, also look at scilab02:45
Yanick_susbwoy, man.... I don't know how to work with those shell math programs02:48
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mandingoceoi have 710 installed and i have to keep that version but i need to upgrade the kernel as so my nforce 730i mobo chipsets are detected what kernel do i need to go to and what is the simplest wayto do it, im still a noob03:06
zapper_1Hey! I'm here! :d03:06
zapper_1I'm still a noob too.03:07
zapper_1How do I get to other servers?03:07
cjae_how do I get speed crunch in normal mode03:07
zapper_1Don't all answer at once!03:07
mandingoceoi have 710 installed and i have to keep that version but i need to upgrade the kernel as so my nforce 730i mobo chipsets are detected what kernel do i need to go to and what is the simplest wayto do it, im still a noob03:09
bazhang!upgrade | mandingoceo03:11
ubottumandingoceo: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - To upgrade to Jaunty (9.04) directly from Hardy (8.04) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/JauntyUpgrades/Kubuntu/8.04 - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading03:11
Dragnslcrmandingoceo- support for 7.10 ended a couple months ago, so there won't be any new kernel packages for it. You can compile a newer kernel for it, but it usually isn't that simple03:11
bazhangmandingoceo, that version is end of life, you will need to upgrade the entire version not just the kernel, as 7.10 is unsupported now03:11
mandingoceoyeh i know but i have to keep that version, i did compile but my nvidia based chipset mobo wasnt recognized so i was thinking i left something out when selecting what to configure03:13
mandingoceowhen compiling, i didnt see anything that said nvidia so not sure what i missed03:13
bazhang7.10 is supported no longer03:14
mandingoceojust need to know what do i need to add when compiling a kernel for nvidia based mobo03:16
cmoman4Yanick_: Is qtoctave suitable?03:25
cmoman4Yanick_: http://qtoctave.wordpress.com/03:29
Yanick_cmoman4, I don't know how that works03:37
Yanick_cmoman4, the koctave I installed is a terminal :/03:37
Yanick_cmoman4, I'm not on windows03:38
cmoman4Yanick_: qt octave at front end to octave, a program similar to matlab. it runs in kubuntu03:39
Yanick_I need to plot a function like so : x_{k}=x_{0}+k*h  where k is the iterator and h the delta, and y_{k+1}=y_{k}+h*f(x_{k},y_{k}) where y_{x_{0}} = 103:40
cmoman4Yanick_: susbwoy made the suggestion of koctave which I looked up and noticed its last update was 2006.  I know qtoctave is being actively maintained03:40
Yanick_I installed 4 plotting applications so far, and all have failed to produce that03:40
Yanick_the reason being that I have absolutely no control over the iterator variable03:41
cmoman4Yanick_: well, I am not a maths expert but www.pythonxy.com might offer some more options03:41
Yanick_cmoman4, that's the point, I'm not a math expert too03:42
mermshausdid gnuplot fail too?03:42
Yanick_mermshaus, gnuplot is also a terminal application, I just don't know what to do with it03:43
Yanick_tutorials (good, and easy) are rare, if not absent from the web. Most information I find don't help at all03:43
cmoman4Yanick_: Do you have the ability to install software on your machine and are your running kubuntu?03:44
mermshausyeah, it's difficult to get started with such applications. it kind of sucks.03:44
cmoman4sudo apt-get install qtoctave  will install qtoctave for you, from there you'll have to start reading up the help documentation.03:45
cmoman4qtoctave  is all gui based so should give you a little more idea of what is going on03:45
Yanick_cmoman4, I'll take a look03:45
BooVeManhi there - question - I deinstalled pulseaudio but still it shows up everywhere in asoundconf in Multimedia (phonon) - How do I make it disapear?03:46
cmoman4you'll ultimately have to figure you out how to script your maths to suit gtoctave though03:46
Yanick_cmoman4, well, it looks like the most complete app i've seen so far (there a variable list, at least)03:47
cmoman4Yanick_: figured that might help, another good option is matlibplot which is mathematic plotting library for python03:49
cmoman4Yanick_: http://matplotlib.sourceforge.net/03:49
Yanick_cmoman4, yeah, I've seen that.. but I still don't know how to write x_{k}...03:50
cmoman4Yanick_: yeah , not always easy figuring out how to code maths into scripting languages, good fun  when  you start making progress though03:52
mermshausi just read that octave uses gnuplot btw03:54
mermshaustrivia fact of the fay. ;)03:54
cmoman4mermshaus: the good old *nix way of chaining tools together03:56
Yanick_I still don't know how to write my recursive function :/03:57
mermshauscmoman4: or the tradition of coding a gui for something nobody knows how to use :o)03:57
cmoman4mermshaus: :)03:58
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cmoman4Yanick_: sorry, can be more helpful03:58
cmoman4Yanick_: can't be more helpful03:58
mikehey does someone know the sudo thing to install gyach enchanced?04:05
mikei cant find it...04:06
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Guest31765or a way i can get my jasper plugin for kopete?04:06
Guest31765can someone help me please?04:08
kingjereGuest31765: you need to go here https://launchpad.net/~loell/+archive/ppa04:09
SilentDishello :)04:09
kingjereits not in the repos.04:09
Guest31765how do i do it04:09
Guest31765can you tell me how04:09
Guest31765or know  video?04:10
alishai have these random lines that appear on my screen every now and then while using Kubuntu... what is it?04:10
SilentDisalisha: what kind of vid card?04:10
alishaumm i dont know how do i find that out04:10
SilentDisalisha: at a terminal:  `dmesg | grep -i video`.  just need to know if it's ATI, NVidia, or Intel :)04:11
kingjereGuest31765: in my ever so humble opinion, if you are doing it for voice chat, you might be disapointed.04:11
Guest31765i use to have it04:11
alishaokay hold on04:11
Guest31765i lost it04:11
kingjereGuest31765: Oh! right jasper. Hold on I know the package you need . . .04:12
alisha[   12.428434] Boot video device is 0000:01:00.0 thats what it tells me04:12
kingjereGuest31765: apt-get install libjasper-runtime04:13
kingjereGuest31765: sudo of course04:13
Guest31765i messaged you kingjere04:13
Guest31765look there04:13
alishaokay when you tell me this stuff you have to talk to me like im stupid... i am new to kubuntu and linux so i dont know this stuff04:13
SilentDisalisha: kay, we'll do graphical :)04:14
Guest31765me too04:14
alishahaha thank you!04:14
SilentDisalisha: k menu > computer > system settings04:14
alishak now what04:15
alishaalright im in system settings04:16
SilentDisalisha: sorry, i'm at work lol04:17
SilentDisalisha: tap display, should say there, iirc04:18
alishai dont see iirc04:18
alishamy graphics card is SiS Real256E04:19
SilentDisalisha: lol, my apologies.  "iirc" means 'if i remember correctly' :)04:19
SilentDisalisha: is this an older computer?04:19
SilentDisalisha: what distrobution of kubuntu are you running?04:20
SilentDisalisha: i know there's some issues with the intel graphics cards (i run one myself on my netbook), and enabling a different vid mode for xorg to use fixed it04:21
alishawell i think its about 4 years old and hmm04:21
alishaim not sure what version im running its not the newest its is a slightly older version04:21
SilentDisalisha: 8.10?  8.04?  older?04:22
SilentDis!version | alisha04:22
ubottualisha: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »04:22
alishahow do i find out the version04:22
alishai dont know04:23
SilentDisalisha: ubottu is our local friendly knowledge repository bot :)  go to a terminal, and type in that 'lsb...' command04:23
alishaim running Kububtu 8.04 Hardy04:24
SilentDisalisha: i'm hesitant to recommend upgrading, as i don't know your hardware04:25
alishago ahead and recommend one and if it screws me up ill just reinstall... i have like 20 discs i dont mind04:26
SilentDisalisha: lol04:26
SilentDis!upgrade | alisha04:26
ubottualisha: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - To upgrade to Jaunty (9.04) directly from Hardy (8.04) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/JauntyUpgrades/Kubuntu/8.04 - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading04:26
alishai dont really wanna upgrade the version... i just want to know how to fix the lines unless upgrading to Jaunty will fix that04:28
SilentDisalisha: i have no knowledge of what might be causing display lines on an 8.04 install with a SiS graphics card.  I can't relly search from here for ya (i'm at work, on a tiny netbook) unfortunatly :(04:29
alishathats ok ill just upgrade to jaunty and see if that works for me... if not ill probably go back to ubuntu... i jsut like the K desktop better04:30
SilentDisalisha: kubuntu is ubuntu :)04:32
alishai know just with different desktops systems but ubuntu didnt have these dang lines04:33
SilentDisalisha: you can install both desktop environments on either system.  the package name is either kubuntu-desktop or ubuntu-desktop :)04:33
SilentDisalisha: only suggestion of something to try would be to use the gdm manager with kde04:33
alishayea i dont know what that is04:34
SilentDisalisha: do you notice the lines on the login screen itself, or only once you're logged in and on the desktop?04:35
alishajust after i login04:36
SilentDisalisha: ohhhhh... this might be an easy fix.  let me check something real quick.  do you already have the ubuntu desktop and kubuntu desktop setup on this machine?04:36
alishano its not dual boot i just have kubuntu04:37
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SilentDisalisha: `sudo aptitude install gdm` at a prompt.04:38
SilentDisalisha: what you'll do is run the gnome display manager, but with the kde desktop and such04:39
alishaE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)04:39
alishaE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?04:39
alishaReading package lists... Done04:39
alishaBuilding dependency tree04:39
alishaReading state information... Done04:39
alishaInitializing package states... Done04:39
alishaBuilding tag database... Done04:39
alishaE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)04:39
alishaE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?04:39
alishathats what it tells me04:39
SilentDisalisha: you've got another package manager (an upgrade?  some program open on the desktop to install programs?) running.04:41
SilentDisfinally, a boring day at work is over.  take care :)04:44
alishaoh its upgrading04:46
Zanderflyanybody in here>05:05
p_quarles!ask | Zanderfly05:06
ubottuZanderfly: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:06
ZanderflyTrying to install Sid Mier's Pirates, But Wine isn't working.  either freezes or fails to install05:07
Zanderflyhow do i install game using wine?  tried terminal and from disk05:08
Zanderflytype in:05:08
Zanderflycd .wine05:08
Zanderflywine dosdevices/d\:/setup.exe05:08
Zanderflyno luck05:09
ZanderflyAnybody got some advice to help me out?05:10
Zanderflywhere can i get some help on figuring this stuff out?05:12
hubar_hmm question, how do I restart the composite manager under KDE4 if it crashed earlier?05:16
hubar_hmm nice. :)05:17
hubar_What does that do anyway? I imagine it relating to some hotkeyed applicatio?05:18
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Guest31765does anyone know a program that i can use that allows me to use a cam for a yahoo like thing05:24
byonixhi, my touchpad won't work at all except for the left and right click?how to make it works (a compal mechine)05:25
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jackCatneed help with blogspot and firefox05:26
jackCattime to go back to 8.04??05:27
jackCatboy what a hot day today05:29
jackCatwhats it like where you are at05:29
draikMy netbook will see APs and connect, yet it won't actually be online. I have done this at home and I have done it at work. Both used to let me connect, but now it's just dead after the AP.05:41
draikI use the correct password for the AP, but it does nothing more than actually let me 'connect' to the AP and nothing further.05:42
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draikIf anyone here has a netbook with issues connecting to wifi spots, let me know if you've found some type of solution.05:47
p_quarlesdraik: chances are it's a problem specific to your wireless adapter and not the so-called "netbook" class of PCs05:53
hubar_ hmm, does anyone know how to get network manager to import a pcf file (for vpn) under jaunty?05:55
hubar_hmm, why is my plasma always taking 100% cpu???06:01
hubar_That doesn't seem right.06:01
draikhubar_: I had the same issue. An upgrade came around and it fixed it all for me.06:04
draikp_quarles: What do you think would suddenly cause it?06:04
hubar_draik: you *had* the same issue? which kubuntu (version) do you have it with?06:05
hubar_I am running jaunty, and I am pretty sure this is the latest... (after upgrade and upgrade)06:06
draikhubar_: I was on Jaunty, 9.04. An upgrade came along and it was suddenly fixed.06:09
draikKernel upgrade, I mean06:09
hubar_hmm. which kernel you have?06:10
hubar_I have 2.6.28-1106:11
hubar_how did you get to 12? :)06:12
draiksudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade06:14
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hubar_hmm, are you using some strange repository?06:15
draikNope. I do, however, have them all enabled.06:15
hubar_hmm? what do you mean"all enabled"?06:16
draikI removed the hash in front of the commented repository entries.06:17
hubar_you mean the file /etc/apt/sources.list?06:18
prasanthwhen i am restarting my destop baground picture changes to blue screen06:19
draikhubar_: Yes06:19
prasanthwhat to do for not changing ?06:19
hubar_hmm... I am looking at sources.list right now, and for some reason, they are all enabled too.err.06:20
hubar_hmm, I didn't enable the backports repository.06:22
draikI have it all enabled. It's just a preference, nothing more.06:22
draikprasanth: When you restart your computer or when you restart your background (which I assume you mean refresh).06:27
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cjae_Is there a way to make a text editor shorten the length of .txt files? I have a wide screen monitor but this is ridiculous amounts of scrolling06:39
cjae_I am currently using kate06:39
draikord wrap06:40
draik*word wrap06:40
cjae_draik, cool thanks06:41
=== mike is now known as PROject-Emerald
anonimous_depmod -a what does this command do06:45
draikanonimous_: depmod --help06:46
draikI'm off to bed. Have a great day/noon/evening everyone.06:50
anonimous_which way i can see all the kernel modules in kernel06:58
tsimpsonall modules currently loaded, or just all available?07:00
anonimous_currently loaded07:00
anonimous_what is modeprobe -a07:00
tsimpsonInsert all module names on the command line.07:01
tsimpsonsee "man modprobe"07:01
anonimous_i m non-english speaking %)07:02
anonimous_man is not understandable ^(07:02
oobeanonimous_, what language do you speak07:05
anonimous_do not send me to another channel .i am banned there %)07:06
anonimous_i do speak chukcha07:07
anonimous_and english a little bit07:07
Mamarokanonimous_: man is the command for a help page, so 'man modprobe' will show you the help page for modprobe07:11
WerekatHey, all. Anyone that can help with a USB moust problem?07:15
oobewerekat google is good for stuff like that07:16
WerekatBeen there for a few hours. Maybe you can point me to the right FAQ.07:18
anonimous_Mamarok: i know it07:18
WerekatIf you are willing to read about the problem in detail, of course.07:19
Mastercactapusanybody know of a tool to combine files (merge data where large chunks of 0's are)07:19
Mamarokanonimous_: why did you say "man is not understandable" then?07:20
MamarokWerekat: which Kubuntu version?07:20
anonimous_Mamarok: tell me if i can add variables in squid conf07:20
anonimous_Mamarok: because my english is not well enough07:21
ubottusquid is a caching proxy for the Web.  See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SquidGuard  See: http://www.squid-cache.org07:21
Mamarokcheck that, anonimous_07:21
anonimous_!mamarok does not hear me07:22
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:22
MamarokWerekat: with KDE 4.1.3 I suppose then...07:22
anonimous_thanx a lot07:22
Mamarokanonimous_: yaw :)07:22
Werekat4.1.4 It looks like it started after the update.07:23
MamarokWerekat: you need to add the 'device notifier widget' to the panel07:23
WerekatIt's there.07:23
Mamarokand what are the problems then?07:23
MamarokWerekat: what are the prblems then?07:25
WerekatBasically, the mouse freezes randomly. Xorg.0.log and so on says it can't find the device, and thus closes the settings for it in hal. Then it finds it again, just as randomly. The mouse works on other computers fine, other USB devices (except mice - I've tested 2) work fine.07:25
Mamarokso it's an usb mouse you talk about, right?07:25
Mamarokthat should be automounted anyway, as it's not a storing device07:26
MamarokWerekat: a cordless mouse?07:27
Mamarokfrom what you describe I think the usb port has a connection problem, did you try on another usb entry?07:29
Werekat*nods* On both of them available, and other USB devices on them mount fine.07:29
WerekatLooking at the logs, even when everything's "ok" for a while, it finds and mounts the mouse multiple times. If it weren't for the fact that the other devices work OK, I'd say the same.07:29
MamarokWerekat: what exac mouse is it?,  Brand, model number? Google could give you some advide maybe07:30
WerekatGenius model GM-030003 NetScroll + MiniTraveller. Basically, a very generic mouse.07:30
Mamarokif it happens only with this mouse, then the mouse is probably the culprit I would say07:31
WerekatYesterday another mouse did not work, either. I haven't tested as of today.07:31
WerekatGah. It looks like it is the USB port. Because if I plug in another anything alongside the dead mouse - just tried a second one to test, and then a flash card - it starts working.07:32
WerekatSorry for the bother. :(07:33
MamarokWerekat: can you open and check the connectors eventually? sometimes just a cable think07:33
MamarokI still suspect the mouse, as it has the same behaviour on the other port, didn't you say that before?07:34
WerekatYes, it does. Both the ports might be loose, though.07:35
Mamarokhm, check the connectors then07:36
Mamarokhi Herr_W_aus_A07:36
WerekatOpening and checking the connectors - you mean the USB ports, or opening the mouse itself? English isn't my first language either, and especially not tech English. :(07:36
MamarokWerekat: opening the PC and check the USB ports, yes07:37
WerekatMight be a bit difficult to get into a laptop. But I'll try. Thanks. :)07:38
MamarokWerekat: hm, yes, but the handbook tells you what you can access07:39
Werekat*nods* Exactly. :) So, signing off. Hopefully, to be back in a while.07:39
Guest31765any one know the sudo code to get skype?07:47
MamarokGuest31765: what do you mean, sudo code?07:47
Mamarokwhere to download Skype from you mean?07:48
Guest31765by sudo apt-get install07:48
Guest31765that stuff07:48
ubottuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga07:48
MamarokGuest31765: check these help pages07:48
Guest31765what is a repository07:49
MamarokGuest31765: that is where the packages are stored07:51
Guest31765well i gotta go07:52
Guest31765thanks for the info07:52
Mamarokyaw :)07:52
WerekatMamarok: thanks, that seems to have been the problem. :)07:58
MamarokWerekat: oh, great!08:01
MamarokWerekat: it's not uncommon on laptops btw, as those are carried around quite a bit08:02
Werekat*laughs* I didn't really get the chance to carry this one around much yet. But now I'll know what to look for. :)08:03
Mamarokoh, a new one?08:03
Mamarokthat's sad, what brand?08:04
WerekatYeah. Only two weeks or so in operation, and most of that at home. Asus F9.08:04
MamarokAsus usually is building well, surprising08:05
Mamarokdrop them a note, so they check their manufacturing process for POF08:05
Werekat*nods* I will. Is that better to do through the local representation, or maybe through their website?08:06
MamarokWerekat: no idea, check if there's something on the website08:08
WerekatLooking it up already. Just thought maybe you'd had some experience with their support. :) Anyway, time to go actually get work done - thanks again!08:09
Mamaroknever had an Asus, just know the reputation of their builds08:10
muhinMy name is Dmitry08:55
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amgarchinghi, how do I install the packages recommended by kubuntu-desktop automatically. I had to remove a couple in the past.10:08
bazhangreinstall kubuntu-desktop amgarching10:12
EruaranIf I install mononono, will this much (if anything) on Kubuntu 9.04 ?10:12
bazhang!info mononono10:12
ubottuPackage mononono does not exist in jaunty10:12
bazhangwhat is mononono Eruaran10:12
Eruaranbazhang: mononono introduces an internal conflict with mono packages, to they will be uninstalled... and if updates or other packages in the future try to install mono, it will warn me of breaking mononono10:14
bazhangEruaran, installed from where10:14
Eruaranbazhang: well I assumed it would be in the repo's but if it isn't then from here: http://tim.thechases.com/mononono/10:15
bazhangEruaran, jaunty?10:15
bazhangits not in the repos10:15
BooVeManhi there - question - I deinstalled pulseaudio but still it shows up everywhere in asoundconf in Multimedia (phonon) - How do I make it disapear?10:23
wathekhello all10:47
BooVeManwathek: I deinstalled pulseaudio but still it shows up everywhere in asoundconf in Multimedia (phonon) - How do I make it disapear?10:48
wathekI got a problem I cannot navigate on the net it's strange coz I can I can connect to amsn and to xchat and I can ping the external network10:49
wathekbut I cannot navigate10:49
wathekI can connect to ftp too10:49
wathekbut no http10:49
BooVeManwathek: review your proxy configuration10:50
ubottuIt's a weekend.  Often on weekends, the paid developers, and a lot of the community, may not be around to answer your question.  Please be patient, wait longer than you normally would, or try again during the working week.10:50
wathekBooVeMan, have no proxy10:50
wathekBooVeMan, I can connect to https too10:50
BooVeMancan you telnet to google on port 80 ?10:50
wathekBooVeMan, let me try10:51
wathekTrying Connected to www.l.google.com.10:51
wathekthat's what it says10:51
BooVeManwathek: so its def a browser prob - yo are using lynx? firefoxx? konqueror?10:52
wathekBooVeMan, same problem with firefox and konqueror under Kubntu 8.1010:52
wathekfirefox 3.0.1010:53
BooVeManin the console you get something doing a echo $http_proxy ?10:53
wathekBooVeMan, nothing10:54
wathekI've not that variable10:54
wathekyesterday it was working10:55
BooVeManvirus ;-)10:56
wathekLinux's Virus ?10:56
wathekyou're kidding ?10:56
BooVeManwathek: Just kidding - so did you change something between yesterday and now? system uprades? new plugins?10:57
wathekBooVeMan, no10:58
BooVeManwathek: sorry - I#m out of ideas - last resort: restart - btw hows the weather in tunisia?11:00
watheklol BoostedR36MK3 I restarted my computer I restarted the router and nothing :p11:00
wathekoops sorry BoostedR36MK311:00
watheklol BooVeMan  I restarted my computer I restarted the router and nothing :p11:00
wathekBooVeMan, it's sunny here11:00
BooVeManwathek: I'm missing 1h30 to sunrise - gonna grab some sleep - bye11:01
wathekBooVeMan, ok thanx11:01
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kristinahi, I added my printer (hp laserjet 6l) under system settings, printing of test page works, printing of a pdf from okular doesn't, any suggestions? never had a problem with this printer before11:14
oobekristina, did you select the printer with okular11:18
kristinaoobe: hi, yes I did. just found out that it works if I start okular with sudo, so I suppose I don't have the rights to print as a user. how do I add myself to the printing group?11:19
oobenot sure on that one11:20
kristinaoobe: ok got it. tnx11:29
myselfcan i have ubuntu and kubuntu installed at the same time with the programs crossing over11:32
myselfor is it treated like two seperate installs11:32
myselfor will they connect11:32
myselfif i do sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop11:33
jussi01myself: they are connected and you can choose which one to login to at the login screen. programs will be available in both11:34
myselfokay, will it create problems if i have both installeD?11:35
myselfi just want an RSS feed on my desktop, i mean integrated into the desktop, and people are telling me KDE is better for this11:35
myselfso will kubuntu use the same directory and files and everything for say stuff like Wine or other programs like firefox and music players11:35
myselfis it all interconnnecteD?11:35
myselfso if i run kubuntu, what im asking, are all the programs and packages intereconnected? how exactly does it work11:38
myselfwith ubuntu11:38
miramaramigos eu estava com o Kurumin NG aki na maquina .... mais ontem a noite fiz uma atualizaçao .....12:02
miramarsou ner no linux ....12:03
miramare queria saber se tem como eu ver que versao que eu estou agora12:03
alumno0Webcam problem. I've an easynote packard bell computer with a webcam. The problem is that the image is shown down. Any idea?12:11
jussi01!ebox > tsimpson12:11
ubottutsimpson, please see my private message12:11
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dresnuhello, is there a way to prevent message notifications for downloading files with konqueror in kde 4? They are so annoying12:38
replmanHi! Jow can i save the current session in kubuntu 9.04? I read about "Save Session" in KDE-Menue but i don't find it....12:42
myselfhey so amarok will archive but not play my mp3s, ubuntu-restricted-extras is installed12:46
DoctorPepperhi guys!12:50
myselfhow do i change my kde theme12:51
myselfto make it so the windows aren't all white12:51
myselflike a freaking mac12:51
Mamarokmyself: systemsettings -> Appearance -> select another color scheme12:52
Mamarokand it's not white, it's light grey, you should tone down the brightness of your screen I suggest...12:53
myselfhehe alright12:54
myselfmy biggest problem though12:54
myselfis amarok not playing mp3s12:54
myselfalso non-kde programs, they will still be light grey?12:55
myselfcan anyone help12:57
myselfme get mp3s to work in amarok12:57
Mamarokmyself: for the gtk programms you can use the options in the same place...12:57
Mamarokmyself: patience!12:58
Mamarokmyself: install libxine1-ffmpeg and make sure you have the Xine backend in Phonon12:58
myselfokay let me do that :)12:59
myselfso im actually downloading an update , its taking a while12:59
myselfso i can change GTK program colors too?12:59
myselfits all connecteD12:59
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
myselfi see you just have to restart them13:00
myselfi seem to have figured it out13:01
myselfthank you13:01
Mamarokyaw :)13:02
DoctorPeppercan an ext4 partiition be used as /boot  on kubuntu 9.0413:04
MamarokDoctorPepper: yes, why not?13:05
DoctorPepperi am asking  because  ive  seen  a talk by an ext4 developer where it was said that grub  wasnt supporting  ext4  as a boot partition13:08
MamarokDoctorPepper: oh, and this is recent?13:12
DoctorPepperin 200913:14
DoctorPepperabout 4 month ago13:15
MamarokDoctorPepper: well, I don't know then, as the possibility to convert to ext4 is offered, I would think it's ok, but have to check13:16
myselfhow do i make it so i can see the files on my desktop in kubuntu13:16
myselfi saved something to my desktop but i cant use it13:17
myselfi cant see it13:17
Mamarokmyself: you mean the files folder widget?13:17
myselfi mean so i can see the files that are located in my "Desktop" directory on my desktop13:17
Mamarokmyself: you will have to set the folder in the widget to /home/yourname/Desktop13:18
myselfits empty, i cant see anything on my desktop13:18
myselfhow do i do that13:18
Mamarokmyself: when you hover over the folder view widget, you get a handle with a tool icon13:19
Mamarokclick there and set the view to the desktop folder13:19
valgaav_DoctorPepper: I'm using ext4 on my jaunty box and have no separate ext3 partition for boot ... so yes GRUB in ubuntu is patched so that it can run from ext413:19
myselfwhat is the folder view widget13:19
DoctorPeppervalgaav_: thank you13:19
Mamarokmyself: it is visible by the default in the upper left of your screen13:20
myselfwait im confused, i click the "start menu" type thing?13:21
myselfand do what?13:22
Mamarokmyself: look at your desktop, there is a widget in the upper left corner, showing some content13:22
DeepthoughtI managed to mess up the package system by trying to install compiz; it also messed kwin, and I can' t get the broken package-manager to fix it.13:23
Mamarokmyself: which by default shwos you the desktop folder13:23
MamarokDeepthought: edit the sources.list by hand then and correct it13:23
myselftheres a thing only in the upper right corner13:23
DeepthoughtMamarok, ?!?13:24
Mamarokmyself: so you removed what was on the screen by default?13:24
myselfi didn't remove it13:24
myselfit did it on its own >:)13:24
Mamarokmyself: you are running KDE4, right?13:24
myselfno actualyl you're right13:24
myselfthere was a folder13:24
myselfbut i closed it13:24
myselfhow do i get it back13:24
myselfit did have my desktop on it13:24
Mamarokmyself: no, nothing goes "by it's own"...13:24
myselfyeah its my fault13:24
myselfim stupid13:24
myselfim sorry13:24
sil3nt|warri0rcan anyoen plz help me my wifi running :(13:24
Mamarokmyself: right click on your desktop, add widget13:24
sil3nt|warri0rusing kde4.2.4 (kubuntu-9.04), card chip is bcm432213:25
DeepthoughtMamarok, where can I find sources.list, and what has it got to do with my problem ?13:25
myselfwhich widget?13:25
sil3nt|warri0rit was working before a did a full update :)13:25
Mamarokmyself: there, seacrch for the folder view and add it13:25
MamarokDeepthought: you added some sources, no?13:26
DeepthoughtMamarok, no13:26
MamarokDeepthought: then what did you do exactly?13:26
=== ubuntu is now known as ubuntu_
DeepthoughtMamarok, tried to install compiz13:26
DeepthoughtMamarok, then everythoing went haywaire13:26
sil3nt|warri0rbut after update the restrickted kernel module does not seems to work, its showing "module activated but not is use"13:26
MamarokDeepthought: you do not need Compilz, you have desktop effects with Kwin13:26
Mamarok!it | paolo13:27
ubottupaolo: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)13:27
DeepthoughtMamarok, I know, but I wanted the extra's kwin doesn' t offer...   like explodinfg fire.. Anyway, that;s  not the point, it should work but it got messed up13:27
MamarokDeepthought: did you follow some instructions from somewhere?13:28
DeepthoughtMamarok, no, just used the package manager and the knowledge from several forums and earlier versions onf KDE that it can use compiz.   Anyway, it' s not a compiz problem I believe but a ***-up of the package manager13:29
MamarokDeepthought: then use the command line, I can tell you how13:29
MamarokDeepthought: and watch your language...13:29
DeepthoughtMamarok, it keeps saying packages are broken, but when I try to fix' m it won' t go13:29
Deepthoughtstars !13:30
MamarokDeepthought: open a konsole and type sudo apt-get remove compiz*13:30
DeepthoughtMamarok, I tried apt-get check and apt-get -f install, all goes, but problem persists13:30
myselfhey how come i can't click the "Computer" link/icon on my desktop from ubuntu (the one that took me to CD ROM/ HARD DRIVE) in Kubuntu13:30
DeepthoughtMamarok, good thought, 'll try that now13:31
MamarokDeepthought: do you get an output on the console for errors?13:31
Mamarokmyself: what computer link? Are you really using KDE?13:31
myselfi am on kde13:31
myselfbut i have ubuntu installed too13:31
myselfi just installed kubuntu13:32
DeepthoughtMamarok, a whole bunch of dependency-stuff, compiz not installed, and an error-code (1)13:32
myselfso i have all my ubuntu stuff too13:32
Mamarokmyself: that doesn't matter, it's a different Desktop environnment13:32
MamarokDeepthought: please put it in a pastebin and give the link here13:32
myselfi see i should probably have different desktop folders for KDE and the other one heh13:32
DeepthoughtMamarok, please remind me on pastebin ?13:32
Mamarok!paste | Deepthought13:33
ubottuDeepthought: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)13:33
Mamarokthere you go :)13:33
sil3nt|warri0rany help guys with my wifi thing :|13:33
Mamaroksil3nt|warri0r: I can't really help, you will have to wait till somebody else steps in13:34
Mamaroksil3nt|warri0r: you did google and search the forums, didn't you?13:34
DeepthoughtMamarok, http://paste.ubuntu.com/190263/13:35
sil3nt|warri0ryea, i did search google13:35
DeepthoughtMamarok, I kenw that, just needed the adress13:35
=== natschil_ is now known as natschil
DeepthoughtMamarok, hope the dutch doesn't throw ya off13:36
MamarokDeepthought: you seem to have quite some dependency problems, what version of Kubuntu are you using?13:36
MamarokDeepthought: I can read it ok :)13:36
DeepthoughtMamarok, fout=error, vereisten=dependencies, instellen=configure,13:37
Mamarokand apt-get error outputs look the same in all languages with european characters :)13:37
MamarokDeepthought: you seem to have quite some dependency problems, what version of Kubuntu are you using?13:37
DeepthoughtMamarok, jaunty13:37
MamarokDeepthought: anything else you added to the default repositories?13:37
sil3nt|warri0rMamarok: i am not very expert with google, but when i try to search "kubuntu 9.04 kde 4.2.4 broadcom bcm4322"13:38
sil3nt|warri0rMamarok: its only show one result and thats not in english13:39
DeepthoughtMamarok, And I' ve noticed... have a serial ATA and parallel ATA, partitions spread among all three drives on both, sometimes after standby one drive on pATA doesn' t re-initiate; probably sourc of problem ...13:39
DeepthoughtMamarok, no extra repo''s, just the dedaults including restricted13:39
MamarokDeepthought: I am puzzled, because those dependency problems come from Gnome, do you have an older Gnome version lingering somewhere?13:40
DeepthoughtMamarok, nope, and it puzzles me too, 'cause I couldn' t see the sense in installi g all this gnome stuff when I ticked compiz; it's a totally fresh jaunty kubuntu alternate install13:41
DeepthoughtMamarok, with some extra installs13:42
DeepthoughtMamarok, all within kpackage13:42
MamarokDeepthought: you should eventually ask in #ubuntu if there are known dependency problems in the official repos13:45
Mamaroksil3nt|warri0r: wait, I'll show you something:13:45
DeepthoughtMamarok, and how would I phrase that ?13:45
Mamaroksil3nt|warri0r: http://myriam.kollide.net/googlesearch_bcm4322.png13:46
Mamaroksil3nt|warri0r: I get 742 matches, there must be something somewhere...13:46
DeepthoughtMamarok, and how would it give me info I could use how ? (I' m totally lost here, as you can pobably tell)13:47
MamarokDeepthought: paste the output you showed me, btw there also is a #ubuntu-nl where they can all read Dutch :)13:47
DeepthoughtMamarok, yeah, but it's not that crowded...13:47
sil3nt|warri0rMamarok: "the page not found on this server"13:47
DeepthoughtMamarok, or knowledgable13:47
MamarokDeepthought: I strongly suspect some repository problems, maybe in your local mirror13:48
Mamaroksil3nt|warri0r: oops, sorry, second...13:48
DeepthoughtMamarok, I usually end up being the guru over there.. ;-)13:48
Mamaroksil3nt|warri0r: http://myriam.kollide.net/googlesearch_bcn4322.png it was a typo13:48
DeepthoughtMamarok, but I' m using the international repo, because the dutch has all sortsa stuuf missing !13:49
MamarokDeepthought: the main server?13:49
DeepthoughtMamarok, yep13:49
Deepthoughtlemme check though13:49
MamarokDeepthought: then do a sudo apt-get update, just to see if you get errors13:49
DeepthoughtMamarok, no errors, and it's all http://archive.ubuntu.com, that' s main, right >?13:50
Mamarokyes, that's main13:51
DeepthoughtMamarok, it does have some stances saying ' neglected'13:51
Deepthought(in dutch)13:52
MamarokDeepthought: ask in #ubuntu, pasting your output, there is something wrong in the Gnome repos13:52
MamarokDeepthought: those are the US translation sources :)13:52
DeepthoughtMamarok, will do, thanx13:52
Mamarokwhich never existed, btw :)13:52
DeepthoughtMamarok, just to be clear, how would I phrase my question ?13:53
MamarokDeepthought: well, tell them you wanted to install compiz and that's the result you got13:53
myselfhow do i add a system tray to the top of my screen?13:53
myselfim a little nublet forever13:53
DeepthoughtMamarok, eh, but it' s the result from remove comiz ?!   should I maybe try reinstall and paste that output ?13:54
Mamarokmyself: right click on the desktop, Add panel13:54
MamarokDeepthought: oh, wait, that's what I didn't get :)13:54
Mamarokyes, try reinstalling it13:54
myselfhow do i move the digital clock?13:55
MamarokDeepthought: btw, using the command line for package installation is always easier13:55
Mamarokmyself: click and drag?13:55
myselfthe widget on the panek13:55
Mamarokmyself: I stringly suggest you try before asking...13:55
myselfi did13:55
myselfof course13:55
myselfclicked every mosue button13:55
Tscheesy_mysel unlock the Plasmoids first13:55
Mamarokoh, you wnat to add it to the panel?13:55
myselfwell its on the panel13:56
myselfbut i want to drag it to the right corner13:56
myselfits in the center13:56
MamarokTscheesy_: those are not locked AFAIK13:56
Tscheesy_click on the panels-cashew-nut then13:56
Mamarokmyself: there is a cashew shaped icon on the lower panel, click on it, then you can move things on the top panel too13:56
myselfi see cool, thanks13:57
myselfalso how do i install themes i downloaded13:57
myselfcolor themes etc13:57
myselfnot color, but actual themes13:57
DeepthoughtMamarok, if you know the exact package name that is13:57
MamarokDeepthought: sudo apt-get install compiz13:57
Tscheesy_myself: open the Plasmoids-Menu - on the lower-end is a Menu - please Try yourself first bevor asking13:58
myselfhey its wierd, i keep dragging the digital clock to a corrner, but it goes right back to the center whe ni let go13:58
Mamarokmyself: themes are added in the system settings, but you need to have them compiled against KDE4 to work...13:58
Mamarokmyself: umlock the widgets?13:59
myselfyeah well this is a KDE theme13:59
myselfthey are not locked13:59
DeepthoughtMamarok, yeah, that one's easy, but they're not all like that...   anyway, you' re pobably right about the repo; get a load of this:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/190274/13:59
DeepthoughtMamarok, think I' ll head over to #ubuntu now and hit them with the paste...13:59
Tscheesy_myself: then ther's no space left - ther where you try to place it .. please make further tries13:59
DeepthoughtMamarok, the sticky paste... ;-)14:00
myselftheres space.....14:00
myselftheres nothing there14:00
MamarokDeepthought: good idea, there really is something wrong with their dependencies :)14:00
Tscheesy_myself: may you try with other plasmoids14:01
Mamarokmyself: did you follow instructions on techbase.kde.org on how to make a theme?14:01
myselfit was a theme i downloaded14:01
myselfwell, hold on14:01
myselfi wanan figure out how to just put the clock in the corner14:01
myselfits wierd, i mean theres space there14:01
myselfbut it wont move14:01
myselfit just goes back to the center14:02
myselfafter i move it14:02
Mamarokmyself: what exact KDE version do you have?14:02
myselfi installed it from ubuntu14:02
Mamarokthat's the Kubuntu version, but the KDE4 version?14:03
myselfthe latest one14:03
myselfi got it like 2 hours ago14:03
Mamarokmyself: on the panel cashe, go to more settings14:03
Mamarokchange the Panel alignment14:04
myselfyeah i want the clock on the right14:04
myselfit crashed14:05
myselfokay well wierd14:05
Mamarokmyself: and you only have the clock there?14:05
myselfclock and desktop14:05
myselfso i align it to right14:05
Mamarokmyself: why not just add this widget to the desktop, on the upper right?14:06
Mamarokyou do not need a panel for that...14:06
myselfwould be nice for windows not to overlap it14:06
myselfwhen i maximize14:06
jussi01How does one mount .mdf files?14:06
Mamarokmyself: drag the lower panel to the top and add it there?14:06
myselfyeah when i add the clock to the bottom, it does go in the corner14:07
France1159Hello everyone14:07
myselfcause theres a bunch of other stuff14:07
Deepthoughtis there a way to do a reinstall without losing all my extra installed programs ?   (I have a separate usr partition; maybe a similar thng to home with the settings ispossible ?)14:08
Mamarokmyself: remove the clock and add it back again once you have everything set, it will go to the right14:08
MamarokDeepthought: a separate /home partition you mean?14:08
France1159someone use Kopete for the MSN protocol ? I'm asking that because i want a similar module to MSN Plus! in order to have in my contact list my nickname from friends.14:08
myselfhow do i add a systray widget? i want the systray widget to be on top14:09
MamarokDeepthought: the only way not to loose extra programs would be to create a separate /opt partition and install the programs there14:09
Mamarokmyself: add it...14:09
myselfoh dfound it14:09
tsimpsonjussi01: http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion#mdf2iso14:10
Mamarokmyself: you really should try a bit by yourself, I am sure most of this you could find out by <ourself if you wanted to...14:10
Tscheesy_myself: Please look in the Add-Plasmoids Menu in the top-Right Cashew and get familiar with these you can put your own Panel together with these14:10
DeepthoughtMamarok, that too, but I was thinking, maybe having a separate usr could give an otion to have all the extra installed programs to stick around as well (I did reinstalls with all my settings intact due to my separatre home, and since all extra' s get installed in usr I thought maybe there' s a way to have them stick around as well ?)14:11
myselfyou mean add widgets? whats a plasmoids14:11
Tscheesy_please play a bit with these14:11
DeepthoughtMamarok, by the way, no response yet on ubuntu14:11
myselfso is there a way to resize the system tray?14:12
myselfits huge14:12
Tscheesy_please try yourself with the Panels-Cashew14:12
MamarokTscheesy_: those are called widgets since quite some time, no more plasmoïds :)14:12
myselfi seem to only be able to move it14:12
myselfnot resize it14:12
Tscheesy_k :)14:12
Tscheesy_myself: you will find it14:13
myselffind what14:13
Mamarokmyself: no need to think aloud...14:13
myselflike it doesnt behave like a resizable thing14:13
myselfim asking you how to resize it cause it does not seem to be able to be resize14:13
Mamarokmyself: right click on it, we have told you at least ten times already you can find out things with a right click on it...14:13
myselfthere are no right click options for resize14:14
Tscheesy_how to resize a window? by its Borders14:14
myselfyeah im only able to move it, not resize it14:14
myselfeven when i click the corner14:14
Mamarokbrb, later14:15
DeepthoughtMamarok, hm... interesting..   How would that work ?   could i give an extra parameter to apt-get to get all my important extra's to install into opt or something like that ?   and how would the new install know about those progs then ?   and put them in the menu ?14:15
Tscheesy_yeah - on the cashw whts then ? myself14:15
Tscheesy_please look at this  a bit14:15
myselfwell at least i am able to resize the entire panel14:15
Tscheesy_i really would recomment to play tith the widget settings14:16
Tscheesy_Deepthought: google will lead you to many Forum-Threads how to save a list of your installed packages and further tipps.14:17
MamarokDeepthought: but if those are from the regular repositories, th installation doesn't tak much time14:17
MamarokDeepthought: there is a possibility to get a list of all installed packages, save it and reuse it to reinstall with the same configuration14:18
DeepthoughtMamarok, you mean like automagic ?   how ?14:19
MamarokDeepthought: I always do it with the synaptic package manger, haven't seen the option it in another one yet14:20
* Tscheesy_ thinks(automagix is evil)14:20
xp-killeromg i love linux14:20
Deepthoughtmyself, if you get the opytions from the panel there' s an option there that says ' hight'  , click it and be amazed and satisfied !14:20
MamarokDeepthought: ?14:20
DeepthoughtI have synaptic; where' s the option /14:21
DeepthoughtMamarok, that was a tip o myself14:21
MamarokDeepthought: go to the installed packages, then click on the packageview and select all (Ctrl+A does the trick)14:22
myselfim sorry for all the hassle14:22
myselfhieight is it14:22
myselfthanky ou!14:22
MamarokDeepthought: then go to the Menu File - Generate a download script14:22
DeepthoughtMamarok, eh, how do I go to installed packages ?14:23
MamarokDeepthought: Status (on the lower left) -> installed packages14:23
DeepthoughtMamarok, aha 114:23
DeepthoughtMamarok, that is sooooooo coooool !14:24
myselfhmm height is kind of it, i mean, itll make it smaller, but only if it makes it taller14:24
DeepthoughtMamarok, and how do i get it in then on my new install ?14:24
Mamarokmyself: there is a minimum size of the panel, else you don't see the content14:25
Deepthoughtmyself, <?!?14:25
MamarokDeepthought: it's a script, so you can just execute it14:25
DeepthoughtMamarok, as in click it ?14:25
MamarokDeepthought: no, you can load it in synaptic on the other computer14:26
DeepthoughtMamarok, or some sh . thing ?14:26
MamarokMenu option File -> add downloaded packages14:26
DeepthoughtMamarok, ok, wich menu-item ?14:27
Deepthoughtread in markings ?   (bad translation, anyway, top of the file-menu14:28
DeepthoughtMamarok, or ' add downloaded packages'14:28
MamarokDeepthought: read what I wrote above :)14:30
DeepthoughtMamarok, ?14:30
DeepthoughtMamarok, I got the making the script, but how do I import it in synaptic in the new install ?14:31
MamarokDeepthought: 15:26 < Mamarok> Menu option File -> add downloaded packages14:31
DeepthoughtMamarok, ok !   YOu just made my life a whole lot easier....   Thanxalot !   (one of the knights of the round Ubuntu-table)14:32
MamarokDeepthought: just check it really did generate a list, sometimes this seems to be a tad buggy14:33
DeepthoughtMamarok, one more question thoug: how big is the chance that if I make this script and do a reinstall (no solution could be faster probably then just doing that, especially with that script) that I inherit the rpoblem ?   Or is there some error-checking in that proces ?14:34
MamarokDeepthought: well, you shouldn't do this with your actuall configuration...14:35
DeepthoughtMamarok, ehh ?14:35
DeepthoughtMamarok, as if I have more then one ?14:35
MamarokDeepthought: you have lots of broken links in there, you shouldn't use that14:36
MamarokDeepthought: or were you able to repair the compiz stuff?14:36
DeepthoughtMamarok, so just start fresh )...again... sigh...) ?14:36
MamarokDeepthought: come on, it takes maximum 30 minutes, and don't reformat your /home partition :)14:37
MamarokDeepthought: last time I had to install and update a Windows Vista, it took me like 10 hours, and there was nothing more than Vista...14:37
DeepthoughtMamarok, I know, but getting all the extra's takes osme more time...   noit a big sweat really, but it' s only the xxx' d time...14:37
MamarokDeepthought: well, you sure you need all these extras, really?14:38
MamarokDeepthought: how many packages have you installed currently?14:38
Deepthoughtthought the script thing would save lotsa time, but the again, it will in the future, every working config i' ll make that script, so I will have only one step lost in the future if something goes wrong again...   so thanxagain...14:38
MamarokDeepthought: how many packages do you have installed?14:39
Mamaroktotal count I mean?14:39
DeepthoughtMamarok, yep, firefox, thunderbird, xchat (another problem; lost my channellist in quassel, can' t get it back), and of course the studio-package, and I can' t remember what else, you' re right, it' s no big drama ads long as my home-part stayz...14:40
MamarokDeepthought: could you answer my question please?14:40
DeepthoughtMamarok, oh yeah, the arcade-games like torn and sauerbraten  and doom etc (still have windoze for the real games though... ;-))14:41
DeepthoughtMamarok, oh, sorry, how can I check that ?14:41
MamarokDeepthought: in the baseline of synaptic14:41
DeepthoughtMamarok, noot my fault; dependencies, eh ?14:42
DeepthoughtMamarok, funny thing, it sez no packages broken, still experience sez different...14:43
Mamarokbut 1234 is not much for an installation14:43
MamarokDeepthought: those are not exactly broken, the dependencies have conflicting informations14:43
DeepthoughtMamarok, 's what I thought, had much more before14:43
DeepthoughtMamarok, aha14:43
MamarokDeepthought: well, you only have Kubuntu now, right?14:43
DeepthoughtMamarok, yep14:43
Mamarokand you didn't add all the KDE packages available, didn't you?14:44
DeepthoughtMamarok, ?14:44
MamarokI have 2167 packages, which is all KDE4 packages + dev environnement + some -dbg packages too14:44
MamarokDeepthought: if you go through the repsoitories and search for KDE4, you have a lot more than what comes with a basic installation :)14:45
DeepthoughtMamarok, I just go for what I need, and when it suggests installing a lotta gnome stuff I look again for an alternative, so apart form the compiz (wich dragged all that gnome stuff) I didn' t install anything that had more than a few 'normal' dependencies14:46
DeepthoughtMamarok, good suggestion14:46
MamarokDeepthought: if you are patient, Kwin comes with a lot more options in KDE 4.3 btw, like exploding windows, etc14:46
Deepthought'll keep that in mind14:46
MamarokDeepthought: and you do not need Compiz, unless you really want some particular features, but then you need to change the default windowmanager from Kwin to Compiz14:48
sergioalguem aí fala portugues ?14:48
Mamarok!pt | sergio14:48
ubottusergio: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.14:48
DeepthoughtMamarok, maybe I should do just that, ' t was just a little bit of experimental thing, not really a neccesity; but I 'd come to expect (k)ubuntu to not crash on installing stuff, maybe I was wrong, or maybe if I want that sorta behaviour I should stick to the long-support versions...14:48
DeepthoughtMamarok, the real problem is that the compiz-exp made my kwin run'n'hide, I can' t reactivate it...14:49
MamarokDeepthought: well, stick with what you need really, because everythin which is not part of KDE will a) not look that good in the first place and b) drags you a lot of external stuff you will rarely need anyway14:49
DeepthoughtMamarok, I' m not even sure wich is running my desktop now... :-)14:50
MamarokDeepthought: that might well be related to the x drivers of your graphic gard anyway, Compiz would not work neither then14:50
MamarokDeepthought: go to systemsettings -> Desktop and check14:50
DeepthoughtMamarok, makes a lotta sense...   I have room left on a drive, think I' ll make an extyra install so I don' t mmess up my home-office everytime I try something...14:51
Mamarokthat is indeed a very good idea, so you have a working environnement and an experimental one14:51
DeepthoughtMamarok, check wheere exactly ?14:51
Mamarokbtw, you can very well use other stuff in a VirtualBox btw14:52
DeepthoughtMamarok, also a good idea14:52
RurouniJonesAnyone know a list of linux friendly PCI wireless cards?14:54
DeepthoughtMamarok, just get in effect-settings, no mention of wich winmang14:55
MamarokDeepthought: can you click the Enavle Desktop effects button?14:56
MamarokDeepthought: you din't edit any environnement settings to add compiz instead of Kwind, didn't you?14:56
DeepthoughtMamarok, yeah, but after a few x-resets it gives a kwin-error... so i guess that answers my question, right ?14:56
Mamarokas this is not set automatically14:57
Mamarokwhat Kwin error?14:57
DeepthoughtMamarok, nope14:57
Mamarokhence you still have Kwin running14:57
DeepthoughtMamarok, oh, wait, now it doesn' t give a kwin error, just mentions it an' t initiate in these settings; let' s trrrry putting it to defaults14:58
DeepthoughtMamarok, keeps  refusing...   sez something about try to disable compositing14:59
DeepthoughtMamarok, but I didn' t do anything in that area15:00
MamarokDeepthought: does it say something about not enough memory or CPU speed or such?15:00
DeepthoughtMamarok, eh, well, I did install compiz-icon, and at one point or another I activated it and changed to compiz, but I don' t believe it stuck... ohhh... it' s a mess, maybe I should just reinstall... seperate home has been my saviour before, will be again... and than xto you , next time the synaptic-script will be as well (still, I think I' ve definitely learned not to experiment with my day-to-day-system...15:02
DeepthoughtMamarok, absolutely not; p4 3.2 MZ, 2 Gbyte and 4 Gbyte in two partitions swap15:05
ahmadhi: what is the tool that i can use to join kubuntu station to MS domain15:05
DeepthoughtMamarok, I mean 2 G ram and 2x 2 G swap15:05
xp-killeri want to install the right drivers to run compiz but the fglrx pluging give me a little problem and i restart x server now everythings is big and i cant change the display15:06
lorindoes anyone know how to configure flash player so it can work with konqueror ?15:06
ahmadlorin: why not using Firefox ?15:06
lorinbecause i'm running on kubuntu...15:07
DeepthoughtMamarok, hey, here' s someone else running compiz !15:07
ahmadlorin: sudo apt-get install firefox15:07
lorinokay, thanks15:07
MamarokDeepthought: well, I wouldn't, but check with him if he finds the solution :)15:08
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BluesKajHowdy all15:08
Mamarokafk now for some time, later15:08
DeepthoughtMamarok, fglrx is ati, right ?   I have nvidia (had problems in jaunty beta though, due to new xorg )15:09
ahmad_Deepthought: i never used i before. is it good ?15:10
ahmad_used it*15:10
Deepthoughtahmad, ?15:11
administrator_bana t]rkce yardem adecek  araniyor15:13
ahmad_what was that ?15:13
BluesKajahmad_, turkish15:14
p_hi all15:14
p_i just installed kubuntu for my first time yesterday15:14
ahmad_ah i c :)15:14
p_and everything is just a mess15:15
p_i'm sorry for my english, anyone french here?15:15
p_in fact i'd like to work with adobe premiere-likes15:15
p_such as cinerella15:16
p_but 1) i dunno where to store the downloaded files15:16
p_2) even with this, i can open deb files15:17
ahmad_p_: what browser u r using ?15:17
p_default one, konqueror15:17
Deepthoughtbye Mamarok , thanx for yer help !15:17
ahmad_install firefox to ease your life15:17
ahmad_p_:  sudo apt-get install firefox15:17
p_i tried to make the script-line for it takes the dépot-files directly15:17
p_ok thanks15:18
lorinand do you know why when i'm trying to activate driver for Nvidia graphic card (fx5600, driver vers 173) it don't makes anything except what is written in the field where writes the type of driver becomes ... whiter ( i don'y know how to explaing that change of colour exacly)15:19
p_it says, the package is missing, old-fashionned and at the ending line, no pack is associated w firefox15:20
p_> ahmad _ thanks for help; maybe i must precise that i m totally novice. ok. shall i type the code when the tar gz is opened in ark?15:25
p_hi again, can anyone help?15:27
=== john is now known as Guest35034
xp-killerhow to install the drivers for my ati card?15:30
ign0ramus!ati | xp-killer15:30
ubottuxp-killer: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto15:30
p_i've an amilo which runs on amd64, why does every setup - even in .deb, close with an error message?15:33
ign0ramusp_, what are you trying to install?15:34
BluesKajp_, what's the error message ?15:34
ign0ramussup, BluesKaj :)15:34
BluesKajhi ign0ramus , not much , just recovering from moving daughter to Toronto ...did the uhaul thing15:35
p_<ign0ramus> well, actually, artwork upslash, a few medibuntu stuff, cinepaint, gdal, seq 24 etc15:35
ign0ramusp_, ok, lets start with something in the repos, like cinepaint15:36
ign0ramusp_, what is the outpute of "sudo apt-get install cinepaint" ?15:36
ign0ramusBluesKaj, sounds fun :/15:37
BluesKajp_ whynot paste the errors15:37
sebastian_hi everybody15:37
xp-killerhow do i Enable accelerated the accelerated ATI graphics driver in the restricted-manager15:37
=== yaa_ is now known as anonimous_
BluesKajign0ramus, heh, not my kind of fun :P15:37
ign0ramusxp-killer, did you read the link?15:37
p_E: Impossible de trouver le paquet cinepaint15:37
ign0ramusp_, ok, please pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list15:38
xp-killeryea i read it they told me if i have all the things to Enable accelerated the accelerated ATI graphics driver in the restricted-manager15:38
BluesKajp_ , you have to find new sources15:38
BluesKajor more sources at least15:39
p_<ig0ramus> man, i read the online tutos yesterday, whats the etc/apt/sources? is it a directory? maybe i didn't dl this at the right place?15:39
ign0ramusxp-killer, no, not you.  Check in System > Hardware Drivers15:39
BluesKaj!sources | p_15:39
ubottup_: The packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories15:39
ign0ramusp_, do: "kate /etc/apt/sources.list"15:39
p_it's in the 'dossier personnel' root15:39
xp-killerits  on flgrx15:40
ign0ramusxp-killer, are there any proprietary drivers to choose from?15:40
p_<ign0ramus> "bash: kate/etc/apt/sources.list: Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type" ("no files of that type")15:41
ign0ramusp_, you are missing a space - copy the command above15:41
xp-killerby dafault its on fglrx.i just want my display back everything is big since i restart the x server i need my display back to 1240*720 i tink it was something like that15:42
ign0ramusxp-killer, you tried adjusting resolution in System Settings?15:43
xp-killerign0ramus: thats the thing i got only 1 resolution it cant be change15:43
xp-killerit happen when i restart the x server$15:44
ign0ramusxp-killer, but it was available to you before?15:44
xp-killerign0ramus: yes15:44
ign0ramusxp-killer, have you tried reconfiguring xorg server?15:44
xp-killerign0ramus: i got the problem when i try to make compiz work good with my ati card15:44
xp-killerign0ramus: no i havent how do i do that?15:45
ign0ramusxp-killer, "sudo -dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" ... it will give you display options15:45
p_<ign0ramus> rite, i got a text file, like a hijackthis logfile; at the ending it tells me ive got a "main restricted" version. seems that i got universe / multiverse stuff.15:45
xp-killerign0ramus: but i dont know the resolution by head so i might not kno wwhat to put manualy15:45
ign0ramusxp-killer, "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" *15:45
ign0ramusp_, please pastebin the textfile and post the link here15:46
p_the whole thing?15:46
ign0ramusp_, yes, the whole thing15:47
xp-killersudo -dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg15:47
xp-killersudo: please use single character options15:47
xp-killerusage: sudo -h | -K | -k | -L | -l | -V | -v15:47
xp-killerusage: sudo [-bEHPS] [-p prompt] [-u username|#uid] [VAR=value]15:47
xp-killer            {-i | -s | <command>}15:47
xp-killerusage: sudo -e [-S] [-p prompt] [-u username|#uid] file ...15:47
* JontheEchidna feels he missed an "i accidentally..."15:47
xp-killeroh sorry i taught u mean me to paste it here15:48
ign0ramusJontheEchidna, lol15:48
xp-killerign0ramus: thats what it give me15:48
jussi01xp-killer: remove the first -15:48
ign0ramusxp-killer, i corrected the command... see my next comment15:48
p_<ign0ramus> just sent to you in pv15:49
xp-killerign0ramus: i didnt see the option for the resolution15:50
ign0ramusxp-killer, generally, the first question is "Autodect resolution?" ... it didn't ask you that?15:50
ign0ramusp_, yes, i see that, but i asked you to *pastebin* the file .... http://paste.ubuntu.com15:51
xp-killerign0ramus: ok yes then what should i do?restart the pc or the x server?15:51
ign0ramusxp-killer, once you've picked your options, restarting X should suffice15:52
p_sorry, done! http://paste.ubuntu.com:80/190323/15:52
shadeslayerMamarok: hii15:53
prasanthwhen i restart my destop picture change to defalt  what should do to avoid it?15:53
ign0ramusprasanth, ok, see on lines: 38,39,45, and 46 - they all begin with "#" ?15:53
ign0ramusp_, ok, see on lines: 38,39,45, and 46 - they all begin with "#" ?15:53
ign0ramussorry prasanth, i didn't mean you15:53
ign0ramusp_, remove that "#" mark on those lines, save the file and exit15:54
xp-killerign0ramus: tanks a milliong my display is back15:54
ign0ramusxp-killer, glad it worked for you :)15:54
ign0ramusp_, then do: "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade"15:54
prasanthwhat should i do to keep my wallpaper same ?15:55
xp-killerign0ramus: how do i know if im in 8.04 or 8.10?15:55
p_<ign0ramus> administator rights requested15:55
p_i can't save15:55
ShadozeDoes anyone experiance there bookmarks never saving in firefox?15:56
xp-killerShadoze: no15:56
xp-killerit always save for me15:56
xp-killerShadoze: reinstall it15:56
Shadozehave done, no luck15:56
ShadozeI can bookmark all i want, just will not save them15:57
ShadozeWhich makes it useless15:57
p_<ign0ramus> shall i replace it? or restart?15:57
=== martin__ is now known as doilgheas
ign0ramusxp-killer, "cat /etc/issue" will tell you15:57
ign0ramusp_, huh? just save the file with your changes and close it.  that's it.15:57
ign0ramusp_, then do "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade"15:58
xp-killerdarn i install the wrong one15:58
p_no, it talks about unsuffisant rights so i cant save in directory.15:58
xp-killerhow do i get to 8.10 ign0ramus?15:58
ign0ramusp_, ok, close it, and re-open it by doing: "kdesudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list" and make the necessary changes15:59
ign0ramusp_, then you will have les permissions to save your changes15:59
folkslavewhy myspace playlist doesnt work with my kubuntu?15:59
ign0ramus!upgrade | xp-killer15:59
ubottuxp-killer: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - To upgrade to Jaunty (9.04) directly from Hardy (8.04) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/JauntyUpgrades/Kubuntu/8.04 - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading15:59
p_Application 'kate' crashing...16:00
p_Application 'kate' crashing...16:00
xp-killerign0ramus: i dont wat to upgrade to 9.0416:00
ign0ramusxp-killer, wow, you must read really fast.16:01
prasanthhelp me plese16:02
ign0ramusp_, ok, so kate crashed.  you can try using kwrite for the same purposes - "kdesudo kwrite /etc/apt/sources.list"16:02
xp-killerign0ramus: lol sorry16:02
p_<ign0ramus> ima try the second way, i didn't have the time yet; tell you later16:03
ign0ramusxp-killer, if you read the links i posted, you would find you can upgrade to any newer release simply by using the alternate install cd16:03
xp-killerign0ramus: yea im reading it16:03
p_<ign0ramus> it starts dl and install through the command line?16:04
BluesKajprasanth, state your problem16:04
p_how do you make this possibl?16:04
p_i did'nt understand the way you asked for it16:04
prasanthmy background picture changes to defalt when i am restarting16:04
ign0ramusp_, i have no idea what you're talking about... I'm simply saying open a file with kwrite (if kate is not working), and take out the 4 comments that are holding you back16:05
p_it just dl lots of files / updates16:05
ign0ramusp_, so you managed to edit your file and save it?16:06
p_<ign0ramus> i dunno, it crashed anyway16:06
p_the cl just told me this16:06
ign0ramusp_, grrr... look, if you want help, you have to follow instructions.16:07
p_Réception de : 34 http://fr.archive.ubuntu.com jaunty-updates/multiverse Sources [639B]16:07
p_10,7Mo réceptionnés en 19s (541ko/s)16:07
p_Lecture des listes de paquets... Fait16:07
p_seems good anyway, thank you16:07
BluesKajyes, it worked then, p_16:08
ign0ramusp_, if you made the necessary changes, you can now do "sudo apt-get install cinepaint", and voila!16:08
p_so how do you tell the cl to get and install a program? i didn't understand the grammary16:08
ign0ramusp_, see my comment directly above yours16:09
ign0ramusp_, also "man apt-get" will teach you many things16:09
BluesKajp_ may I suggest you read more about sources and how they work, they are also called repositories in english ... I suggest you read what they are about and wht they do ..very important for installing new applications updates and upgrades16:09
ugaign0ramus: man pages aren't the most user friendly documentatoin round...16:10
p_<ign0ramus> i understood the principle, but in the tutos they mainly don't explain the pragmatic ang simple things. but i'm on the help page16:11
ign0ramusuga, agreed, but all the syntax is there.  there's only so much people on irc can do... i can't explain APT in a few short lines.  reading is fundamental16:11
ign0ramusp_, ok, you said you wanted to install cinepaint.  do: "sudo apt-get install cinepaint"16:11
ign0ramusp_, now that you've uncommented out sources, the package should be available to download16:12
ugaign0ramus: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGet/Howto16:12
ugabetter than man pages =)16:12
ugait's hard to explain that [] means optional to the average user =)16:12
ubottuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)16:12
BluesKajuga,  ...    :)16:13
ugaactually I believe that irc shouldnt' be the starting point of kubuntu users16:14
ugathey all know instant messaging. irc is just too complex for first timers16:14
p_man, i was born in the eighties, even on w98 we used emule ircs16:15
p_its a cultural object now16:15
p_quite geek, even if i dont like this term16:15
ign0ramusuga, for the younger crowd, maybe... us older folks lived on irc back in the baud/dial-up days :)16:16
ugaign0ramus: you dare teach irc to your mom? =)16:16
ign0ramusuga, I label Firefox "Internet"on the desktop for my mom ;)16:16
ugawe live in a world where you tell people... "you'll find it at www.foo.org" and they go google and type in www.foo.org in the search entry16:17
ugainternet == google, messaging == msn, and e-mail == outlook.16:17
ugathe day google changes name, they're dead16:18
p_quite rite16:18
ign0ramusuga, haha... someone here the other day was complaining about the help we were giving, because "sudo apt-get install whatever" isn't a valid web site :P16:18
ugaign0ramus: there should be some default jabber channel that every user gets connected to, when starting the desktop first time16:19
BluesKajign0ramus, :>)16:20
ugaand remote control capability =)16:20
ign0ramusuga, would save me some frustration, that's for sure :)16:20
p_is it possible to link an arduino board to enter porg in it through kubuntu?16:20
* uga wonders what an arduino is16:21
p_(found it).16:21
ign0ramusuga, http://arduino.cc/en/Guide/HomePage16:21
p_its a microcontroller card16:21
BluesKajuga, I find IM more complicated than irc ....but I guess I'm a bit old school16:21
ign0ramusBluesKaj, irc has all kinds of syntax commands for functionality, but IM has awesome smilies!16:22
p_hey excuse me all once againe, but i just realized i dont have any synaptic-like prog16:23
ign0ramusp_, you don't need one, but you can do "sudo apt-get install synaptic" if you want16:23
ign0ramusp_, you can substitute 'synaptic' with 'adept', 'kpackagekit' or whatever, but they're all just calling APT commands you can issue yourself16:24
ugaign0ramus: uh, atmega. never used that architecture16:24
ign0ramusuga, me neither, but it seems intriguing16:24
p_kpackagekit is my default but im afraid of minimal interfaces16:24
ign0ramusp_, imho, synaptic is the best frontend, but i've weened myself of the gui apps altogether.  APT from cli is *awesome*16:25
BluesKajign0ramus, oh yeah ..can't forget them smilies !16:26
ugaign0ramus: old pic, x52, arm and coldfire cover all my needs. No space for more ;)16:26
BluesKajI use adept and synaptic mainly for finding the correct syntax and names of apps/libs16:27
p_and, at last, maybe i can walk quite alone tonite. is there anything spec to do with the command line to dl the apt with the web browser?16:27
ign0ramusBluesKaj, "apt-get search <query>" or "sudo apt-get install <beginning_of_app_name>" + TAB button work excellent16:28
ign0ramusBluesKaj, "apt-cache search" *16:29
ShinyDoofyi have an encrypted partition on my laptop (dm-crypt, reiserfs behind that) and wanted to install kubuntu 9.10 alpha 1 on a different partition16:29
ShinyDoofycan the installer handle that or will it shoot down my data?16:29
BluesKajyeah, ign0ramus thanks for the tip ...do those cmnds cover all the bases so to speak ?16:29
ign0ramusBluesKaj, not just those 2, but again, the gui's are just using APT commands you can do yourself16:29
ShinyDoofyi didn't change anything i just told it to take that partition as encrypted, everything else was automatically filled in16:29
=== tdn_ is now known as tdn
ign0ramusBluesKaj, "apt-cache show <package_name>" is another cool command16:31
solifugusWow.. back online--NEVER uninstall python 2.6!!16:35
ign0ramussolifugus, learning is most effective when it is done the hard way :)16:35
solifugusNow what do I need to install to get wireless networking?16:35
ign0ramussolifugus, i recommend wicd16:36
solifugusign0ramus: yeah.. well, i need python 2.5 for Google App Engine16:36
BluesKajnetwork manager widget, solifugus16:36
solifugusI am one by one, still discovering apps I no longer have..16:38
solifuguslike, Adept..16:38
p_ok, thanks for all. see you next time16:40
ign0ramusp_, cheers16:40
ign0ramussolifugus, some of the apps have been replaced.  you can still install adept if you'd like.16:40
solifugusign0ramus: what replaces adept?16:41
ign0ramussolifugus, kpackagekit16:41
en1gmasup all16:41
en1gmaim following a guide and it says i need this "Standard C++ runtime library development" and this "Standard C runtime library development"16:41
solifugusok...    how to you use wicd?  (I don't have firefox back yet)16:41
ign0ramussolifugus, honestly, i don't like either, but i abhor kpackagekit16:41
ign0ramussolifugus, easiest way is to restart X, and it will initialize automatically, and then just set your encryption stuff, etc16:42
solifugusok.. yeah.. I don't particularly like adept, either.. but.. sometimes easier than looking through apt-cache search  results16:42
ign0ramussolifugus, if you're going to use a gui, i still think synaptic is the most complete and intuitive, even though it is gtk16:43
solifugusthe only two gui apps I didn't have to re-install so far were skype and openoffice16:43
ign0ramussolifugus, also, you'll find the adept in kde4 is sorely lacking (much different than kde 3 version), and very crash-y16:44
folkslavewhen I open myspace page it doesnt open playlist16:44
ign0ramusfolkslave, that's not really a 'kubuntu' support question, per se....16:44
ign0ramusfolkslave, if its something like a Flash issue, that can be troubleshot here, but myspace functionality isn't covered very extensively here16:45
petsoundshello, yesterday i'm asking about msn substitute in linux and the answer is aMSN, thanks to aMSN i'm now able to view my friend cam even she is using W. now the Q is what is substitute for Yahoo Messenger in Linux so i'm able to view webcam from W user. thank you16:46
ign0ramuspetsounds, kopete or pidgin16:46
ign0ramuspetsounds, although i'm not sure if pidgin implemented webcam support yet16:46
solifugusign0ramus: yes.. I am still in disarray about how messed up kde 4 was.. not the bugs so much as some of the design decisions..16:46
petsoundsign0ramus: that's not work16:46
ign0ramuspetsounds, what's not work16:47
solifugusit's the first time I ever thought about switching to gnome.. briefly..16:47
petsoundsign0ramus: both kopete and pidgin16:47
ign0ramussolifugus, nooooo!  kde 4 is still progressing (pretty quickly, too)16:47
ign0ramuspetsounds, if you say an app "doesn't work", that is possibly the most vague way to describe your issue16:48
solifugusI've been using kde since 1.016:48
solifuguson a daily basis16:48
ign0ramussolifugus, well then you recall some of the major upgrades to kde that weren't exactly warmly received then ;)16:49
sebastian_im a linux newb and need somebody who can answer some simple questions16:49
petsoundsign0ramus: what i'm trying to say is both kopete and pidgin can't receive webcam invitation (apologize for my bad english)16:49
solifugusign0ramus: sure.. none compared to this, though...  kde 3 is so well refined...  1.0 to 2.0 was just light bumps.. less with 2.0 to 3.0..16:50
sebastian_its would be very nice if someone has got little time16:50
ign0ramussolifugus, i agree that this is a pretty major jump, that probably wasn't completely ready, but people were always complaining about the x.0 versions16:50
sebastian_nobody? :(16:51
ugaign0ramus: 3.0 turned out much better iirc16:51
ugagiven that it wasn't that much of a jump from 2.x, compared to 4.x16:51
ign0ramus!ask | sebastian_16:52
ubottusebastian_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)16:52
ign0ramusuga, solifugus, i agree. but kde 4 is the first one that you can show to a windows/mac person, and honestly impress them... i think the idea was to modernize and polish kde, but i wish they'd have put function before form :(16:52
ugaign0ramus: I think the mistake was in releasing 4.016:53
ugabut that's just mho, confronted to many16:54
solifugusign0ramus: Yes.. and actually, people I've introduced kde too get kde 3.0 a lot better than kde 4.0 -- its gone down a notch in usability16:54
ugaI have to disagree on usability part, but well, each got their own opinion on that16:54
ign0ramusuga, agreed. 4.0 was kind of a disaster... not from a developer's standpoint, but the fact that it was being pushed by certain (ahem) distros.  I'm on 4.2.3, and I find it passably reliable16:55
sebastian_i wanted to install JRE via apt-get funktion in the terminal. i had to accept a license but i didnt know which key i have to use so i killed the process. then i tried another way (via downloaded.bin) -> warnings...16:55
sebastian_i cant install16:55
sebastian_i dont understand the error16:55
solifugusmy understanding is that this was to provide infrastructure enabling it to be eventually have all those fancy 3D effects as with Berryl  (or however you spell it)16:55
ign0ramussebastian_, from terminal, press the right arrow key to go to "OK"16:55
ign0ramussebastian_, to accept the license agreement16:56
sebastian_ahh okay thx16:56
sebastian_but i cant reinstall :D16:56
sebastian_theres an error16:56
ign0ramussebastian_, what's the error?16:56
sebastian_can i paste?16:56
ign0ramussebastian_, if it's 2 lines or less16:56
ign0ramussebastian_, else, use pastebin16:56
ign0ramussebastian_, i'm not your mom16:56
ign0ramussebastian_, i am your father.16:57
sebastian_sry im newb16:57
=== Michael___ is now known as MichaelS
asraniel_hello, what can i do if the networkmanager wideget does not connect to the wireless network? but always asks me again after 1-2 minutes for the password?16:58
ign0ramusasraniel_, install wicd (my .02)16:58
asraniel_ign0ramus: but then there is no GUI, and i need a gui for my gf, and it worked always very good until today16:59
sebastian_http://nopaste.codersnet.org/pastes.php?view=253 ign0ramus16:59
ign0ramussebastian_, what command spit out that error17:00
ign0ramusasraniel_, what do you mean "there is no GUI" ?17:00
sebastian_i used the packet installer17:00
sebastian_dont know the right word17:00
sebastian_my english is bad17:00
ign0ramussebastian_, what was the command that spit out this error?17:00
ign0ramussebastian_, in french it's "paquet", which in english, is "package"17:01
asraniel_ign0ramus: i don't know, do you need the command line to connect/manage your connections?17:01
ign0ramusasraniel_, no.  you can, but not necessary. wicd comes with a very intuitive gui17:01
asraniel_ign0ramus: great to hear. So i install wicd, remove the networkmanager widget and i'm all set?17:02
ign0ramusasraniel_, installing wicd will auto-remove networkmanager and widget17:02
ign0ramusasraniel_, so... yes. :)17:02
asraniel_ign0ramus: your my hero ;) thx17:02
ign0ramusasraniel_, don't thank me until everything works! :)17:02
asraniel_ign0ramus: one last question, does wicd save the wireless passwords? i imagine it does not use kwallet17:03
ign0ramusasraniel_, yes, it stores passwords, and can auto-connect if you so choose.17:03
ign0ramusasraniel_, sometimes, people have issues initializing it once installed... if that's the case, just restart X, and it will begin the daemon automatically17:04
sebastian_je ne sais  pas parler le francais bien ign0ramus :D i just doubleclicked on the .rpm package and wnated to install17:04
ign0ramussebastian_, oh, sorry, thought you were french because you're calling them 'packets'... but you don't want to install .rpm packages17:05
ign0ramussebastian_, Ubuntu packages are .deb packages17:05
ign0ramussebastian_, let's start over... what are you trying to install?17:05
ign0ramussebastian_, "sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras"17:06
jsoko?? can I just jump in with a question or is there a queue?17:06
ign0ramusjsoko, you are number one in queue.  please ask your question now.17:06
luis_I have a question ... I'm  just after jsoko ??17:07
jsokoThx.  I'm getting ready to upgrade from 8.10 to 9.04 and i don't want to use adept to do it - last few times I used it to d/l pkgs, it failed.  What else can I use?17:07
ign0ramusluis_, you are also number one in queue.  please ask your question now.17:07
ign0ramusjsoko, Alternate Install CD17:07
sebastian_ign0ramus do you speak german? :)17:07
ign0ramus!upgrade | jsoko17:08
ubottujsoko: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - To upgrade to Jaunty (9.04) directly from Hardy (8.04) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/JauntyUpgrades/Kubuntu/8.04 - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading17:08
sebastian_i tried but also error17:08
ign0ramussebastian_, very little. just how i speak 12 languages :)17:08
ign0ramussebastian_, what is the error?17:08
sebastian_it needs additional packages17:09
luis_Interesting .... Ok. I have a little problem. I like to configure lirc to use my remote liek a mouse. I dont know very well how change the xorg.conf file because atcually xorg.conf are pretty clear. If I understand well, the X server autoconf oon the fly alone, not ??? So, how I say to the X server that there other mice device ??17:09
ign0ramussebastian_, if it is asking to install them, go ahead.  if it has unresolved dependencies, then that's a separate issue17:09
sebastian_no its not asking17:10
ign0ramussebastian_, please pastebin the output after you issue "sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras"17:10
ign0ramusluis_, i don't know much about lirc.  hopefully someone here can help17:10
jsokonext q. I have another system that also needs upgrading.  Where can I find proper command-line commands for upgrade from 8.10-9.04? thx17:11
luis_:) .. Oh I forgot , I'm using Kubuntu 9.0417:11
sebastian_ign0ramus http://nopaste.codersnet.org/pastes.php?view=25417:11
ign0ramusjsoko, see the links ubottu posted for you above.  the answer is there.17:11
ign0ramussebastian_, first, do "sudo apt-get -f install"17:12
jsokosorry--missed the scroll.  Thank you for help, all!17:12
perojokhello, does somebody answer me how to make my SATA disk rewritable to non-root?17:12
ign0ramusjsoko, cheers17:12
ign0ramussebastian_, that should fix broken packages.  then try to install kubuntu-restricted-extras again17:13
sebastian_ign0ramus i forgot "sudo" i just typed apt-get  -_______________-17:14
sebastian_its seems to work17:14
ign0ramussebastian_, and you are able to install restricted extras now?17:14
luis_one more thing .... In Lirc documentation, say that I need to add  a lines to xorg.cong  of  Section "InputDevice" and a line in Section "ServerLayout" ... but the actual xorg.conf file not have these sections !!!!17:14
sebastian_ign0ramus it looks like :)17:15
ign0ramussebastian_, gut!17:15
sebastian_ing0ramus thank you very much. you saved my day.17:16
ign0ramussebastian_, no problem.  all i ask in return: how do you say "you're welcome" in german?17:16
sebastian_bitte schön / gerne wieder  / nichts zu danken ign0ramus. i know its a strange language :)17:19
ign0ramusluis_, xorg.conf has drastically changed in jaunty.  not sure if it will work, but you can try backing up your current xorg.conf, and then adding those sections and lines.  restore the old xorg.conf if that does not work17:19
ign0ramussebastian_, cool.  now we both learned something :)17:19
luis_I will try...17:21
ign0ramusluis_, just a quick search reveals a lot of people having issues with lirc in jaunty.  good luck!17:21
luis_I have lirc working perect in xbmc and I made a .lircrc to launch cbmc and other soft, but I need to get working lirc mouse.... I think that in the worst case, I can try to config .lircrc to emulate keyborad keys and activate mouse control via keyboard...17:23
BluesKajwhat's the command for making an app the default , for instance gwenview is broken on my setup so okular seems to be the next best. How do i make it the default ?17:24
ign0ramusluis_, you obviously know more about this than i do, so you can try different configs to see what works.  just remember to create backups of your currently working files!17:24
ign0ramusBluesKaj, if it's not in System Settings, you can always right-click a picture, and use Open With and choose your app, and then tick the box to remember this setting17:25
BluesKajign0ramus, there's no 'remember this setting' option17:26
ign0ramusBluesKaj, there is if you search for the executable.  instead of picking 'okular' from the menu, browse to /usr/bin, pick okular, and then make it remember the setting17:26
AlethesI just installed jaunty and I'm trying to use a static ip on my box, however, I keep getting a dhcp assigned ip17:28
Alethesin the network settings, it says "never" for the last time used on the connection I created17:28
Alethesam I doing it wrong?17:28
ign0ramus!networking | Alethes17:28
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about networking17:28
Alethesthis is a kde configuration issue17:29
Aletheshow do I make the settings in the Network Settings window be used?17:29
ign0ramusAlethes, maybe this will help: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=111057617:30
Alethesthanks ign0ramus17:32
xp-killerhow to use samba so that vista can take or read my multimedia files?17:38
ign0ramus!samba | xp-killer17:41
ubottuxp-killer: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.17:41
Binary_Revolutiohey anybody on wanna help me with a issue?17:41
ign0ramus!ask| Binary_Revolutio17:41
ubottuBinary_Revolutio: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)17:41
Binary_RevolutioWell ok I have a problem with crossover office and office 2007, the installer keeps failing any ideas?17:42
Binary_Revolutiohey gorgon17:42
ign0ramusBinary_Revolutio, that's not really a 'kubuntu' problem, but let me see if i can find something17:42
ign0ramusBinary_Revolutio, from what i've read, just click "Install Windows Software" and use the Office 2007 disc... it seems to work OOB17:48
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m_tadeuhi all...what is the apt line for kde4.3 beta1?18:08
m_tadeufor jaunty, I mean18:08
CPrgmSwR2Yeah, I would love to run kde 3.4 beta 2 on Jaunty when it comes up since karmic koala completely screws up my system18:11
ahmad_any one work with eclips ?18:23
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toterI have a question! Is Firefox the ONLY browser that can route DNS traffic through an SSH SOCKS5 Proxy? I created an SSH tunnel and it seems that Firefox is the only one that have this option18:33
toterWhen I try another browser, the HTTP traffic on wireshark shows that it is encrypted, but the DNS information is not!18:35
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k4_k4i changed setting in kde4.3 to "start with clean session" instead of "restore last ssession" and i get this : http://imagebin.ca/view/cWzQIlj.html18:39
k4_k4can someone comfirm or verify this ?18:39
k4_k4never seen this start menu before18:39
asobianyone can help me with bash scripting?18:43
asobitrying to bulk cat files18:43
ahmad_toter: have u tried chrome ?18:47
ubottuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore18:48
toterahmad: google chrome for linux (version at least) does not have the option to route the traffic to an SSH tunnel.18:57
mamontso the DVD image doesn't really have anything extra except i18n stuff?19:04
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adaszhow i get electric sheep in the fullscreen?19:20
ubuntu!info electricsheep karmic19:36
ubottuelectricsheep (source: electricsheep): screensaver showing collective dream of sleeping computers. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.6.8-9ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 2661 kB, installed size 3424 kB19:36
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dpsQuick question: How do I disable autologin? I want to be able to login as root did configure (/etc/kde4/kdm/kdmrc) but need to disable autologin as current user19:47
ubuntudps: it will be in the settings for KDM in system settings19:48
dpsubuntu: So its the same file /etc/kde4/kdm/kdmrc ??19:48
dpscant find any values like Autologin=false etc19:49
robinrcan't you press esc or something just before login happens19:49
robinror log out after login19:50
=== lex is now known as lex_shadow
robinrthat did work in KDE319:50
dpsgot it AutoLoginEnable=true19:51
dpschange to false - ill try and reboot wish me luck :-)19:51
tightdrunkenhow do i get in other chans20:08
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harald_wacom bamboo tablet usb has problems with scrolling20:33
harald_using the scroll ring I can only scroll upwards but not downwards :(20:33
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p-fI have two Xorg instances running, one started with kdm, the other with 'startx -- :2'. If I play music in :1, it works fine. If I switch to :2, the music output stops. Why?20:49
crphello world...20:55
=== boomer_ is now known as boomer__
mefisto__p-f: does it continue to play if you switch back to :1 ?20:59
p-fmefisto__, yup, with some glitches for about half a second21:00
boomer__saludos.... mejor irc para ubuntu...21:02
mefisto__p-f: is playing the music from console an option for you? that would probably play regarless of which X you're in21:03
mefisto__p-f: from a virtual terminal, that is. as in ctrl-alt-F121:05
jauntyHi, I cannot dist-upgrade http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m5986095421:05
p-fmefisto__, it's not exactly an option, my player is X only21:06
sourcemakerwhich irc client is better: quassel or konversation?21:10
mefisto__p-f: you can use mplayer from commandline21:11
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p-fmefisto__, mplayer doesn't really have the same feature set as amarok 1.4...21:13
p-fmefisto__, but I guess it's better than nothing21:13
mefisto__p-f: there may be some X setting you can change, but I don't have a clue so all I can offer is the commandline workaround. Not absolutely sure that will work either, but it probably will21:14
=== joerg is now known as jaydee
p-fmefisto__, I was just sort of hoping that that something I used to be able to do five years ago on crappy hardware would be possible now :)21:16
sigma915how do i get kde4 to automatically browse usb flash drives like it does with cd's? i don't want to click on them in the device applet to be able to browse them. kde3 did it but not kde4 i see21:17
mefisto__sigma915: it's the same for cd's isn't it?21:18
sigma915mefisto__: nope cd's are automatically browsable in kde4 as well. i want to have the same happen with flashdrives but don't know how21:19
mefisto__sigma915: did you do anything to get cd's to be automatically browsable? what do you mean by "automatically" exactly? are cd's automounted when inserted? they don't automount on my kde21:21
mefisto__sigma915: both cd's and usb drives show up in the device notifer applet on mine21:22
sigma915mefisto__: yeah same for me. what i mean is if you put a cd in the drive and go to /media/cdrom the contents appear automatically without you clicking anything in the device notifier. but you can't do that with a flash drive21:24
m_tadeuhi all....how can I hide the "lost+found" in dolphin?21:25
sigma915m_tadeu: i don't think that is a good idea21:25
mefisto__sigma915: I see what you mean21:26
m_tadeusigma915: why?21:26
m_tadeuI don't want to remove it....just searching for a way to filter the view on dolphin21:27
sigma915m_tadeu: im pretty sure thats a system file21:27
sigma915m_tadeu: what i do is create a folder and put everything in it. and then never open the root again21:28
m_tadeusigma915: it is....I think it's where corrupt files go21:28
m_tadeusigma915: that's not a bad idea21:29
sigma915m_tadeu: nothing is hard linked so its easy to implement21:29
m_tadeuI think I'm gonna post a wish for dolphin.....filters would be a cool feature, I guess21:31
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mefisto__sigma915 still here?21:45
mefisto__guess not21:45
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=== ahmad- is now known as a7mad-
=== ahmad is now known as steeve
LoreCasteranyone have any experience setting up windows-only printers in linux? can i use wine of vbox? (specifically Canon ImageCLASS D760)21:52
=== solid_li` is now known as solid_liq
zosquestion: why doesn't upon executing sudo -s command the script /root/.bashrc doesn't get executed as well?22:12
myselfhow do i set the default browser to firefox22:13
mefisto__myself: systemsettings > default applications22:14
ubottuThe packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories22:15
myselfhow do i change the boot screen? I want to use KDE but i want the on and off boot screens to say Ubuntu22:16
tr_hawkzos: have you tried -i (simulate initial login) or -H (set HOME environment)?22:16
zostr_hawk: no, I can try. thanks for the reply22:16
zosit works, thanks! I made modifications to the file, so that I get  a red prompt whenever I do something as root!22:18
mefisto__myself: sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so22:20
tr_hawkzos: man pages are often underestimated :-)22:21
myselfit says there are no alternatives22:21
myselfi mean im pretty sure i have the original Ubuntu screen installed22:21
myselfits just that i recently installed KDE too22:21
myselfamnd i want it to say Ubuntu  for everything, intead of Kubuntu for everything, when i turn on and off the comptuer22:21
mefisto__myself: is usplash-theme-ubuntu installed?22:21
zostr_hawk: I read them just now!22:21
myselfyes it is22:22
myselfso do i remove the kubuntu splash screen then?22:22
myselfif i only want it to be the ubuntu one?22:22
mefisto__does /usr/lib/usplash/usplash-theme-ubuntu.so exist?22:23
myselfwhy cannot i just type the path name in Dolphin22:24
myselfokay i dfound it22:25
mefisto__/usr/lib/usplash ?22:25
myselfubunut exists22:25
myselfUsplash-theme-kubuntu <----so can i just remove that?22:25
mefisto__usplash-theme-ubuntu.so is there?22:25
mefisto__well that update-alternatives command should let you choose which one to use22:26
myselfNo alternatives for usplash-artowrk.so.22:26
mefisto__myself: try this: sudo ln -s /usr/lib/usplash/usplash-theme-ubuntu.so /etc/alternatives/usplash-artwork.so22:29
myselfwhat will that do22:29
mefisto__myself: if you do ls -l /etc/alternatives/usplash-artwork.so you'll see that it is a link to /usr/lib/usplash/usplash-theme-kubuntu.so22:30
mefisto__the ln -s command will link it to the ubuntu one instead22:31
mefisto__that update-alternatives command should do that for you. don't know why it's not working22:31
myselfln: creating symbolic link `/etc/alternatives/usplash-artwork.so': File exists22:32
mefisto__ah, of course it does22:32
mefisto__sudo rm /etc/alternatives/usplash-artwork.so will remove it22:33
myselfi did those two commands22:33
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myselfso now, the splash screen...should be ubuntu .. yeA?22:33
myselfbut why did i just do this in "alternatives"22:34
myselfif the files are in /usr/lib/usplash22:34
mefisto__ ls -l /etc/alternatives/usplash-artwork.so shows it now links to /usr/lib/usplash/usplash-theme-ubuntu.so ?22:34
myselfyes it does22:35
mefisto__the files in /etc/alternatives are all links to other files. so you can choose what you want as default22:35
myselfnow what do i do :)22:35
mefisto__I think it should work now22:35
myselfokay lemme try it brb22:35
ibouhow to open a dvd movie manually ?22:37
myselfit didnt work22:38
mefisto__myself: so did you still see the kubuntu splash?22:38
lovrehi all. I wonder if its possible to somehow run another OS (windows) in virtual machine software, but in another terminal. Lets say i run Kubuntu under CTRL+ALT+F7, and i would like to run Windows (virtualy) under CTRL+ALT+F1, so i can quickly switch between the two, and also have both in fullscreen? Is this possible?22:38
mefisto__myself: maybe try   sudo apt-get install usplash-theme-ubuntu22:39
myselfits already installed22:39
mefisto__myself: maybe try   sudo apt-get install --reinstall usplash-theme-ubuntu22:39
coz_hey guys... where would kde wallpapers be located?22:40
myselfokay brb22:40
myselfthank you hopefully thisll work22:40
coz_also where are the splash screens located for editing?22:42
tr_hawkcoz_: kde4?22:42
coz_tr_hawk,  yes22:42
tr_hawkcoz_: depends on theming i'd guess: e.g. /usr/share/kde4/apps/kdm/themes/oxygen22:43
myselfokay it worked..soo..  can I get rid of that etc/alternatives stuff?22:43
coz_ok let me check thanks22:43
myselfhey actually22:45
mefisto__myself: no, that needs to be there. you can remove usplash-theme-kubuntu if you want22:46
myselfi see22:46
myselfi got a question--how do i make it so in the file browser22:46
myselfi click the file twice instead of once to open it22:46
myselfwait found it22:47
tr_hawklovre: do you need virtual terminal or can you live with desktop (run qemu/vmware in fullscreen on different desktops)?22:48
namerhi, i need some help to install kubuntu inside windows, i downloaded the dvd image and uninstalled my ubunutu installation, but now i can not install kubuntu via the dvd image inside XP SP322:50
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tr_hawknamer: what do you mean with "inside windows"? Wubi?22:55
namersorry 4 caps22:56
ubottuWubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php for troubleshooting. Please file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.22:57
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tr_hawknamer: sorry, no experience on this side with wubi: I think you need to downlowd wubi and place your image inside the installer dir.23:01
nameri did, but i counter a strange error downloading metalinks!!!!23:01
myselfhey the weather applet LCD weather in Kubuntu does not show my local weather, the one in ubuntu does...how do i fix this23:02
nameror it just downloads the iso image of the kubuntu-dektop.iso rateger thatn using the dvd image23:02
mefisto__myself: I use this weather applet: http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php/yaWP+(Yet+Another+Weather+Plasmoid)?content=9410623:04
mefisto__myself: got it from here: https://launchpad.net/~samrog131/+archive/ppa23:05
myselfoh okay, lemme check it out23:05
myselfwait so what exactly do i do23:06
tr_hawknamer: have you tried a reboot after wubi? Maybe you get a new boot dialog to select the newly installed kubuntu?23:06
mefisto__myself: well, first add that samrog131 ppa to your /etc/apt/sources.list23:06
nameryup i tried, but when mounting the dvd image with daemon tools, i get wubi without install inside windows!!23:07
mefisto__myself: then sudo apt-get install plasma-widget-yawp23:07
myselfi see23:07
mefisto__myself: adding the ppa to sources.list is explained on the page I linked to. ask if you can't figure it out23:07
myselfdo i have to add the key?23:08
solifugusI haven't done a dual-boot since 1998 with win95..  is it still possible to shrink and cut up a winxp partition?23:08
mefisto__myself: it's not necessary, but if you don't a warning will be shown about the source you're downloading from23:09
solifugusI remember an app somelike "fips".. not sure exactly what it was called.23:09
myselfhey so i added those lines to my sources23:10
myselfand its wont find the package23:10
myselfE: Couldn't find package plasma-widget-yawp23:10
alarmhello, i want to set alt+shift as hot keys for changing the language layout . i read that by Editing  the file ~/.kde/share/config/kdeglobals and changing to : Switch to Next Keyboard Layout=Alt+Shift_L;Alt+Shift_R23:10
alarmshould work. but there is no line with "Switch to Next Keyboard Layou"23:10
alarmin that file23:10
mefisto__myself: did you add the ppa to /etc/apt/sources.list ?23:10
alarmhow can i change the layout hot keys to alt-shitf ?23:10
tr_hawknamer: is there a wubi inside the image? Have you tried starting this one?23:11
myselfis the ppa those two lines23:11
myselfdeb http23:11
myselfdeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/samrog131/ppa/ubuntu karmic main23:11
myselfdeb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/samrog131/ppa/ubuntu karmic main23:11
myselfi added those23:11
mefisto__myself: you could also just download it directly from that page and install it, but you won't get updates23:11
myselfwait but i added those two lines, thats the ppa right?23:11
mefisto__myself: do you have jaunty?23:12
mefisto__change karmic to jaunty23:12
myselfmaybe i gotta sign the key???23:12
myselfit actaully says jaunty in the sources.list23:12
myselfi think i just refreshed the page23:12
myselfmaybe i gotta add the key?23:12
ActionParsnipmyself: do you have the gpg error?23:13
myselfno error23:13
mefisto__myself: like I said, if you don't you'll get a warning, but it will still install23:13
mefisto__after changing sources.list, do a apt-get update23:13
tr_hawksolifugus: I used gparted for shrinking and repartitioning (after backup...): have a try with e.g. systemrescuecd (on a stick...)23:14
alarmany ideas with the layout hot keys ? how i can make kde 4 accept alt-shift ?23:15
ubottukeyboard shortcuts can be set in K -> System Settings -> Keyboard & Mouse. Try also "Input Actions" in KControl. If your multimedia keys don't work with that, try the 'keytouch' package, explained at https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KDEMultimediaKeys - See !Keyboard for changing layouts23:15
myselfnot adding the ppa manually it worked23:16
myselfi mean, i used to add stuff w/ text editor but for some reason it didnt work w/ text editor this time23:16
alarmActionParsnip,  in the settings it doesnt allow me to have the alt-shift combination23:16
ubottuTo switch your keyboard layout on GNOME: System -> Preferences -> Keyboard (GNOME) - KDE: K -> System Settings -> Regional & Language -> Keyboard Layout (KDE) - Xfce: see https://help.ubuntu.com/6.10/xubuntu/desktopguide/C/switch-keyboard-layout.html - See also !Shortcuts23:17
myselfhey mefisto__ under what menu bar is this weather thing installed?23:17
mefisto__myself: it's an applet/plasmoid, so you have to add it to your desktop or taskbar. it's not in the menu23:18
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myselfwhats it called23:19
myselfi cant find it23:19
MIrrorIMageHi all! I accidentally closed my Desktop widget/plasmoid and was wondering how to restore it. Thx!23:20
mefisto__myself: right-click the lcd weather one, go to panel options, add widget23:20
myselfits caled YAWP23:20
mefisto__ok click add widget, or drag it to where you want it to be23:20
alarmActionParsnip, just checked it again on the regional settings i dont have the option to change to alt-shift23:20
myselfthis is really good, thank you23:20
myselfway to call it "imperial"23:21
myselfmakes me guilty about using it23:21
myselfimperial degrees23:21
myselfinstead of farenheit23:21
mefisto__well there are other things like windspeed, etc. if it's not metric, it's imperial23:22
myselfwhats imperial mean23:22
mefisto__in this context, it means not metric system23:23
ActionParsnipoops, stupid google, my bad23:23
mefisto__I think it refers to the British Empire, but the UK uses metric system now23:23
myselfyeah but its referring to like the USA being imperialistic and stuff23:24
ActionParsnipwe use both ;23:24
mefisto__myself: well...23:24
ActionParsnipmyself: its not, its just a definition of measurement units23:24
rolingstonedyhe new world order is stil active23:24
ActionParsnipmyself: its like using feet and inches (Metric) or feet and inches (Imperial) (or it may be the other way round)23:24
myselffeet and inches is imperial, but why is it called imperial?23:25
mefisto__the british empire used to use it, and they were definitely imperial23:25
myselfi see23:26
mefisto__whereas europe used metric system23:26
ActionParsnipwe do use both though, its entirely individual23:26
mefisto__but much of europe was (or wanted to be) imperial too :)23:26
myselfempires are evil23:28
ubuntucan anyone help me with an smb problem, i have the folder set for full control for everyone but i cannot write to the folder23:34
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.23:34
nameri need help to install kubuntu on sp3 after i un installed my ubuntu 9.0423:40
namerxp sp3 *23:40
namerany one can help to solve this wubi nasty errors?23:50
alakhiawhat is the nasty error? I don't use wubi but I can try anyway23:53
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