macvranyone? feedback on this >>> http://imagebin.ca/view/6g3oDc.html << i'd want to use this as the base for the smileys? anyi have missed? is the color ok?06:04
macvranyone? feedback on this >>> http://imagebin.ca/popup/6g3oDc.html << i'd want to use this as the base for the smileys? anything i have missed? is the color ok?07:41
macvrSiDi: feedback on this >>> http://imagebin.ca/popup/6g3oDc.html << i'd want to use this as the base for the smileys? anything i have missed? is the color ok?08:27
ryanpriormacvr: IMO you should use the *awesome* smileys. People love those.08:27
ryanpriorIf you don't want to rip them off, you could at least use them as inspiration. The smiley you posted there has no style. :-(08:28
macvrryanprior: ? i dont know whic u are refering to? links pls?08:28
SiDitoo glossy for me :)08:28
ryanpriormacvr: http://www.google.com/search?q=%3Aawesome%3A+smiley08:28
macvrryanprior: but those icons dont have any gloss, or shade... are u sure that is the style for breathe?08:30
macvrSiDi: but if the gloss isnt there it would look too close to the gnome icons! :(08:31
SiDii dont think that'd be so dramatic08:31
SiDii *hate* glossy smilies personally :D08:32
SiDiget a mirror and tell me if you think your face looks like human flesh or like plastic :p08:32
macvri tried to make them look like buttons, not faces :P08:33
macvrryanprior: where u mentioning about the eyes? or just the whole look of the awesome smileys?08:34
ryanpriorbasically the fact that it's recognizable08:39
ryanpriorit has spirit08:39
ryanpriorthe :awesome: smiley is generally done in few colors, but it has vibrant colors, big expressive eyes, and it makes me happy to see it08:44
ryanpriorthat's why it's so popular, so I'd say either just use that as a base and adapt it to what you want, or use it as inspiration to build a similarly expressive, happy smiley08:44
ryanprioras far as being in the breathe style, the breathe style is "better than reality". That doesn't necessarily mean reality in all things. The tradition of smiley faces has never been to be realistic. So take what makes a smiley, and make it really shine, put a little gloss and lighting on it, and I'd hope it'll fit the breathe style fine.08:47
macvrbut i didnt recognize them :P   .... but i get ur point... i'll see what i can do to make it better , the problems i thought would arise with adding the white os the eyes , was with small sizes, i'm not sure i'll make them look good, but will try... :)08:54
ryanpriormacvr: I took a big Awesome and just resized it down to 16x1609:13
ryanpriorstill easy to identify09:13
ryanpriorcould use pixel tweaking of course09:13
ryanpriorbut I don't think whites in eyes is a big deal so long as you use big eyes09:13
macvrryanprior: ok... will try...but i'm just a noob with inkscape :(.. things are just easier creating for 128px... :)09:44
ryanpriormacvr: Keep at it! Thanks for the effort. :-)09:44
macvrryanprior: how to draw dots in inkscape?09:45
macvrits easier in gimp09:45
ryanpriormacvr: nah, you just have to think differently09:45
ryanpriormacvr: small circles with no border is an easy way09:45
ryanpriormacvr: If you want fuzzy "painted" dots, use a gaussian blur.09:45
macvrryanprior: ok, i thought that small squares are the best! maybe i should try with circles09:47
ryanpriormacvr: Are you talking about one-pixel-wide dots?09:47
ryanpriormacvr: I hate using Inkscape for pixel editing, dunno what other artists use but I wouldn't do it.09:48
macvrryanprior: what do u use ?09:48
ryanpriorthorwil: What do you use for pixel art?09:48
thorwilryanprior, gimp09:49
ryanpriorI'd go with that then, macvr.09:49
thorwilmacvr, if you have to tweak just one pixel in inkscape, use a rectangle09:49
macvrthorwil: ok.09:50
thorwilmacvr, but if you feel the need to do so for an icon larger than 16x16, you are doing something wrong ;)09:50
macvrthorwil: but i find gimp easier , does gimp do svgs?09:50
ryanpriormacvr: I use mtpaint (http://mtpaint.sourceforge.net/) but The GIMP has much better plugins, etc.09:51
macvrfor 16px ,09:51
thorwilmacvr, gimp can render SVG and import paths from SVG. COuld be it can also save paths to SVG, not sure09:51
thorwilmacvr, but it is no SVG editor and you can't save te whole image as SVG09:52
macvrthorwil: i tried saving as svg , but kept loosing pics!09:52
thorwilmacvr, raster images in SVG are referenced, not embedded, for all i know09:52
ryanprioryes, SVG is xml only09:53
thorwilmacvr, show me what you are working on09:53
ryanpriorI personally think there should be a container format allowing for embedding content09:53
ryanpriorbut SVG is not that09:53
macvrthorwil: http://imagebin.ca/popup/6g3oDc.html09:53
macvrthorwil: thats just a base for the smileys09:54
macvrfor breathe09:54
thorwilmacvr, where do you see the need for per-pixel editing there?09:54
macvrthorwil: ryanprior suggested using awesome smileys as base with white eyes....  for that09:55
thorwilmacvr, i assume every size is exactly on its plate and you turned on the grid to place everything exactly on the pixel grid?09:55
thorwilawesome smilies?09:55
macvrthorwil: does that look ok?09:56
ryanpriorthorwil: the :awesome: smiley. http://www.webwhitenoise.com/media/1/20080619-awesomehuge.jpg09:56
macvrthorwil: http://ryanprior.com/awesome_tiny.jpg09:56
ryanprior^ my quick dirty sized-down version09:56
macvrryanprior: u sized it down using which program?09:57
ryanpriormacvr: imagemagick09:57
thorwilmacvr, i think a more stylized and straight-on look is more fitting for Breathe09:58
macvrryanprior: ok.09:58
macvrthorwil: any comments on the base smiley i have done?09:58
thorwilmacvr, yes. see on the mailing list ;)09:58
ryanpriorthorwil: straight-on smileys are soulless. They don't make me smile. :-\09:59
macvrthorwil: damn i forgot the eyes!10:00
macvractually wanted to do it for the different emotions ... thought it might be a better place to hint the light10:01
macvrthorwil: light from above will it look good?10:01
macvrits just a minor adjustment but i 'll try light from above10:01
thorwilmacvr, light from straight above simplifies shading and shadows and is consistent with Tango and Oxygen. there is a risk that it looks a bit stiff, boring, but lighting has to be consistent across the set10:04
macvrthorwil: i'm making the changes ... will show link soon... but personally i think emoticons should be allowed an exception like the folders :)10:06
macvrthorwil: http://imagebin.ca/popup/QnSstFVH.html < how is this?10:25
thorwilmacvr, ok. try to move the shine a bit lower, towards the center10:31
thorwilmacvr, also, play a bit with the shapes of the eyes to see if you can reduce the jaggedness10:31
macvrthorwil: how could the shine be at the centre? then it would become a ball!10:32
thorwilmacvr, is there a stroke on the eyes, or are the fill-only?10:32
thorwilmacvr, yeah, shouldn't be at the center, just a little lower than now10:32
macvrthorwil: http://imagebin.ca/popup/ZV_1d6CR.html the eyes here have more light...10:34
macvru mean the eye shape of the 128px? or the smaller ones?10:35
thorwilmacvr, yes, on the big one10:35
thorwila bit too much shine on the eyes on the last10:36
macvrthen probably i should use a rounded rectangle for that size too10:36
thorwilmacvr, no10:36
macvrwill see what i can do.. with an ellipse10:37
thorwilmacvr, if there's an outline (stroke) around the eyes on the large size, you should try turning it off10:37
thorwilor at least make sure it's 1px strong10:38
thorwilas lines below 1px will lead to bad rendering10:38
macvrthorwil: http://imagebin.ca/popup/Ejx436.html < i think this is better? adjusted the light on the eyes too, brought the top shine down... does it have to be lower?10:42
macvrany  other changes need to be made? & i'll stop bugging u !10:42
thorwilmacvr, no, it's fine!10:42
macvrthorwil: shine?10:43
thorwilmacvr, try less saturation on the bottom10:43
macvrthe border?10:43
macvrthorwil: but then it didnt have the thickness of a button!10:44
thorwilyes, what is now a brownish orange10:44
thorwilmacvr, right above this thick edge, you could add a thin and subtle highlight, running up on the edge to almost middle height10:46
thorwilbasically a "u" shape10:46
macvrok i get it...10:46
thorwilmacvr, btw, recommended reading: http://www.itchstudios.com/psg/art_tut.htm#light_stuff10:51
macvrthorwil: http://imagebin.ca/popup/DuP3lP5b.html ... how is this?11:00
thorwilmacvr, good11:01
macvrok... thanx a lot... i'll add that to the submissions :)11:02
macvrthorwil: http://imagebin.ca/popup/LXjam3Ls.html ...this is the latest edit of the fav emblem11:19
macvrthorwil: actually i forgot to mention yday, this one is actually symmetrical but, i realized that it is more like the startrek ^ symbol!11:20
thorwilinteresting. i keep wondering if the edges of the star shouldn't line up11:22
* thorwil -> supper, bbl11:22

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