FFForeverhow do i upload a file via scp?, scp user@host /path/to/file00:46
giovaniFFForever: man pages are your friend00:55
FFForevergiovani, when you have the documents installed i kinda removed them ;)00:56
FFForeversaving space one file at a time XD00:56
jmarsdenFFForever: See http://manpages.ubuntu.com/00:59
jmarsdenBTW, you must be working on a tiny embedded machine to be that short of space, right?01:00
giovaniany embedded device that's that limited on space is HIGHLY unlikely to be x86 ...01:15
giovaniso somehow I doubt it01:15
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johny__what's the different between view "localhost_resolver" , view "internal" and view "external" in named.conf02:34
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jmarsdensystem_V: view internal and view external are what clients see depending on whether they are internal (local to your LAN, usually) or external (everyone else)...02:51
jmarsdenYou will need to look for the match_clients paragraph and teh corresponding acl definitions to determine what clients each refers to in your specific case.02:52
system_Vthanks jmarsden02:54
system_Vand what's view localhost_resolver ?02:54
system_Vbecause i was trying to run caching only server02:55
system_Vbut it seems im the only person in the netwok who can dig my self02:55
jmarsdenI'm not sure... maybe a view that is just for the local machine?  I've not used that one myself.  You may need to read the "BIND 9 Administrator Reference Manual" for the full story.02:56
system_Vdo you know any good manuals02:56
system_Vi will google it02:56
system_Vthat one02:56
jmarsdenYes.  See http://www.bind9.net/manual/bind/9.3.2/Bv9ARM.ch06.html#id2562349 for the part you probably need02:57
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raidy_NYCthanks (K)03:05
Rafael_Need help configuring cifs to connect windows client to ubuntu server..have review man samba and other sites but have questions?03:37
jaypur_mbhi can someone tell me a good monitor for my server???04:20
jmarsdenjaypur_mb: What are you hoping to monitor exactly?  nagios3 is one general purpose monitoring framework you could try.04:23
jaypur_mbjmarsden, i am kind of new at ubuntu-server, but i'm runnnig an open arena server, so i'd like to have a monitor that could monitor, lol, temperature, cpu, and internet badwith04:24
jaypur_mbbandwith *04:24
jmarsdenYou could set up nagios to do that, I think, although there will be some work involved in configuring it.04:25
jaypur_mbjmarsden, more work more learning... :D04:25
jmarsdenIndeed :)04:25
jaypur_mbjmarsden, i've already set ssh04:25
jmarsdenTwo other packages to check out would be munin and (for checking services are still running, etc) monit04:29
jaypur_mbjmarsden, hmm to install nagios i think i'll need to get mysql on and... apache maybe...04:29
jmarsdenApache yes, mysql no.   sudo apt-get nagios3 nagios-plugins-basic nagios-doc  # should do the install for you.04:30
jmarsdenif you can't run Apache on the server being monitored you could set up nagios on another machine and have the one you want to monitor send moitoring into to it using nrpe ... but if you are new to this that's a lot of learning!04:32
jaypur_mbjmarsden, yeah thats for sure!04:33
jaypur_mbjmarsden, so can i sudo apt-get from here, my laptop, and monitor my server without installing nothing???04:33
jmarsdenNot really.  But you can install just a few things on the server and have the pretty web interface etc on your laptop (assuming the laptop is going to be connected 24x7...04:34
jaypur_mbaaah i got it...04:34
jaypur_mbbut what i really need is, like my friend did... like a website, with all the stats of the server...04:35
jaypur_mband i can access from anywhere...04:35
jmarsdenYes, so what machine will run that web server?  Your laptop, or your main server, or some other machine?04:35
jmarsdenIt is your choice.04:35
jaypur_mbmain server for sure04:36
jmarsdenIf your friend has already done this, why aren't you asking *him* for help setting it up??04:36
jaypur_mbbecause, i think he is sleeping04:36
jaypur_mband its like  +5hours from here04:36
jaypur_mbhe helped me with ssh :D04:36
jmarsden:)  And a few hours is too long to wait...  long term it will be better to ask your friend, because then when you have questions he will know how to help you further...04:37
jmarsdenBut if you want to try installing nagios on the main server, go ahead and do the command I gave you earlier.04:37
jaypur_mbbut jmarsden thanks a lot04:37
jmarsdenSure, no problem.04:37
jaypur_mbi really love all the ubuntu support04:37
jaypur_mband i'm always helping my friends with my blog posts and at college04:38
jaypur_mbso i'll ask him later04:38
jaypur_mbthanks a lot04:38
jmarsdenMe too... I'm just a Ubuntu user like you are.  I've just been running Unix/Linux/Ubuntu for longer than you have :)04:38
jaypur_mbyeah, this year i'll make 1 year of linux04:39
jaypur_mband i'm so proud of myself04:39
jmarsdenIt will be (I think) 17 years of Linux for me later this year :)04:39
jaypur_mbit's like, my life got better, and all the people i knew, all the things i did... made me a better person04:39
jaypur_mbjmarsden, congratulations man, i'm happy to talk to someone is that long on the linux world04:40
jmarsdenThanks :)04:41
gaveenjmarsden, so you started using Linux in late 92? Wow! :)04:41
jaypur_mbi'd like to make some questions to you guys...04:41
jmarsdenYes, the first kernel arrived in late 1991... in late 1992 Linux fit onto two flopy disks...04:42
jaypur_mbbecause i tell i have a server at my house, but is it really "a server"?04:42
jmarsdenWell, if it is running Ubuntu Server and it runs 24x7 and you use it to provide services to other people/other computers, then it's a server...04:42
jaypur_mbjmarsden, damn, so i have a real server... this is a dream come true for real...04:43
jaypur_mbi'm in this "server" thing since 2005... studying and learning...04:43
jaypur_mbjmarsden, my first server was a counter-strike 1.6 dedicated from steam...04:43
Rafael_anybody can help me with a guide for samba and cifs?04:43
jaypur_mband now on 2009 i've just set a ubuntu server dedicated... full time04:44
jmarsdenRafael_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpSamba04:45
Rafael_jmarsden: i have read this but have some questions?04:46
jmarsdenRafael_: You can ask them and see who answers.  I used samba years ago but am not at all up to date on the details of it now.04:46
Rafael_jmarsden: windwos computer store data on ubuntu server, i would like some folders to be able to access by everybody and some folder only by some users..i have read sama setup but can not understand who to do this users and groups?04:50
jmarsdenRafael_: Hmm, he left already? OK.04:53
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BullterdHey All.10:20
BullterdI have two NIC's in the same machine, each configured to there own IP10:20
Bullterdwhen I ping one IP, I get act lights on the one nic10:20
Bullterdbut when i ping the other IP I get act lights on the same nic?!10:21
BullterdAm I correct in saying its routing all traffic through the first NIC for both IP's ?10:21
tonyyarussoBullterd: Are both NICs plugged into the same switch, as well as the machine you're pinging from?10:26
tonyyarussoWhat happens if you unplug the blinking one and ping again?10:33
lukehasnonameUbuntu Server needs documentation on Nagios10:35
lukehasnonameI've installed the Nagios3 package, and only by searching other websites do I know that it has created its own directory link in apache. However, I do not know the default password to the 'nagiosadmin' htpasswd user, etc.10:36
lukehasnonameeven the community documentation is dated to feisty10:37
* tonyyarusso thinks proper documentation should be a requirement for acceptance into main10:47
twbtonyyarusso: then you wouldn't have a kernel10:52
jmazaredocan i use the default postfix restart script and put it in crontab?10:58
yellabshello there you all11:39
yellabswhat are some good web based / or other gui interfaces to administer our ubuntu servers?11:39
yellabsit would be for print / file share, and one web server...11:41
yellabswould webmin , or ebox be any good, or are there better options?11:42
yellabsany one , who has some expirience with this?11:44
jmazaredoim using it for a couple of years11:45
yellabsok, seems like the best option, have you also worked with ebox?11:46
yellabsis it any good?11:46
jmazaredodunno what is ebox11:47
jmazaredowhats that :D11:47
jmazaredogame console?11:47
jmazaredosorry im a beat ancient in technology11:47
yellabshere you see an screenshot11:48
yellabsits basicly also an web based gui frontend for configuring your server11:48
jmazaredoah i see11:48
jmazaredowell i havent seen that :D webmin is easy "for me"11:49
yellabsi am just trying to find the easiest one to use, since i am really a beginner in this11:49
jmazaredohahaha its Xbox im thinking11:49
yellabsthat is running an ubuntu webserver..11:49
jmazaredoim using a desktop version for server11:50
jmazaredoim a newbie too11:50
yellabsxbox for administering your webserver, now that would bring great joy to the ict workers...:P11:50
jmazaredoyou can also in webmin11:50
twbjmazaredo: webmin is not supported on Ubuntu11:51
jmazaredoadding virtual websites11:51
twbwebmin is basically like syphlis.  It breaks everything, and encourages you to force it on others.11:51
yellabstwb is ebox supported?11:51
twbyellabs: theoretically.11:51
jmazaredomaybe it breaks some11:51
yellabsor maybe i should ask, what web based gui might i use with ubuntu server?11:51
jmazaredoall breaks11:51
jmazaredonothing is perfect11:52
twbIndeed; unfortunately AFAICT all web-based administrative tools for GNU/Linux systems are abysmal monstrosities that will shit all over your system.11:52
twbBut AIUI ebox is what Ubuntu recommends11:52
yellabsdid you ever see clarkconnect?11:53
jmazaredoif you use gui the %tage of break is up11:53
yellabsit has a very decent gui for the server admin11:53
twbyellabs: isn't that a router distro?11:53
twbIt's logo is a thin upright triangle with a dot over it, or something11:53
jmazaredoya saw clarkconnet11:54
yellabsit say's Provides core server applications11:54
yellabs- mail, web, VPN, backup, file and print services...11:54
jmazaredohavent tried it though ubuntu also provide that11:55
jmazaredoim a newbie i don't know if this is a good advise to use the gnome for server since in takes up memory11:55
yellabsuses dashboard as gui frontend11:56
yellabsbut afcause i am looking for something that works with ubuntu 9.04 server11:56
yellabsthats the point11:57
twbjmazaredo: whereas PHP takes up marshmallows?11:57
jmazaredodunno where php got its mallows :D11:58
yellabsso i thought , lets ask the professionals11:58
twb"professionals" being the people you find in IRC on a Sunday?11:59
jmazaredoim no pro11:59
twbI'd have thought that was "execrable losers"11:59
jmazaredoim a newbie11:59
jmazaredojust another guy in the neigboorhod12:00
twbFWIW I'm paid to babysit CentOS and Ubuntu servers, and unfortunately most of them have webmin installed.12:00
yellabshmm, you are right, sunday is not a good day for this12:00
twbI know enough about webmin to STRONGLY urge you to stay well away from it.12:01
jmazaredogot your point12:01
yellabsyes, but whats the alternetive,12:01
twbOther web admin interfaces I have not studied so closely, but my impression is that they're all sucky.12:01
yellabshmm, so back to the bash eh?12:01
twbTo the point where what I have recommended we give to customers is Xvnc exporting a single-app session running the gnome-server-tools dialogues.12:02
twbAnd if they need anything more complex, they can call us to do it from the CLI.12:02
twbUnfortunately management wasn't too keen on that plan.12:02
twb(Oh, and gnome-system-tools is shit.  But it's a different level of shit, IMO.)12:03
yellabsi hope not that the end of this story would be to recommend windows server 2003...12:03
twbNah, the end of the story is "suck it up, twb.  You *will* install webmin, though I agree it's shit."12:04
jmazaredoBut for me still learning things. How twb learned the shit on webmin? you checked, from time to time he learned that its a shit12:04
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.12:05
ubottuebox is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/eBox12:05
yellabsah , now thats clear info12:05
twbjmazaredo: for example, the webmin package has over one hundred errors that are *automatically* detected by the quality assurance tools.  Of those, three are severe.12:05
twbWebmin modules are of varying quality, but it's typical for them to simply delete comments or configuration they don't understand.12:06
jmazaredothey have their own world :D12:06
twbAnd while not on the same scale, it pisses me off that the default webmin interface shows *all* modules -- even the ones not applicable to the current system.12:07
jmazaredoyep correct at that12:07
jmazaredoall modules har har har12:07
jmazaredoi thank webmin for today12:08
twbThose modules whose source I have inspected also had about as many security holes as a PHP app12:08
yellabsany thoughts on ebox then?12:08
twbOh, and webmin will by default listen to all interfaces and accept password-based authentication, so if you put it on a gateway server without knowing that, you'll get cracked quickly.12:08
twbMost Debian services will only listen to localhost by default.12:09
twbyellabs: I haven't tried it, personally, but I heard that it was badly broken in 8.10 (and 8.04?), though it may be OK in 9.04.12:09
yellabshmm, okey12:10
jmazaredoall is broken :D12:10
yellabscan i install virtual machine host on a normal machine ? without kvm extensions in the processor...12:10
yellabshmm, never mind, i am installing it already , we will see if its possible..12:12
n0deHi can anyone help me, I've set up a working postfix etc setup, but I cant for the life of me get SPAM to be sent through to the client (not deleted/dropped) and to show the X-SPAM-STATUS header in emails.. thx !12:14
jmazaredou using rbls?12:16
jmazaredowell i don't really understand the question :)12:17
n0dejmazaredo: you asking me?12:18
jmazaredothere's someone alive at #postfix12:20
jmazaredowell gtg12:20
n0deI'm just running a standard ubuntu with postfix + av/anti-spam etc.. but I dont know how to set it so spamassassin doesn't delete spam, just to forward it on to the mailbox and set X-spam-status flag to yes12:20
jmazaredocheck spam assassin12:21
jmazaredomaybe this will help http://www.debuntu.org/postfix-and-pamassassin-how-to-filter-spam12:24
NativeAngelshello im building a webbased control panel but am stuck when it comes to executing root commands13:41
NativeAngelscan someone help13:41
rainer_hi all... is there a way to get a karmic vm using vmbuilder?14:09
rainer_i'd like to try karmic, but without screwing up my system ;)14:09
philsturgeonanyone here set up red5 on ubuntu?15:10
MTecknologyHow do I check what's listening on a port?16:29
MTecknologyI used netstat -a and I see this tcp        0      0 localhost:smtp          *:*                     LISTEN16:31
MTecknologyI have no idea what app that is though16:32
jmarsdenMTecknology: sudo netstat -ntlp   # will show you the process that is doing the listening16:33
MTecknologythanks :)16:33
jmarsdenNo problem.16:33
jmarsdenMTecknology: Note that it is listening only on localhost, so there is no network security risk from that.16:35
MTecknologyjmarsden: I'm trying to figure out why mail isn't being sent through it16:37
jmarsdenwell, it seems there is outbound mail in your mail queue, so the listening part is not the issue.16:38
jmarsdenIt listened well enough to accept that mail and queue it up.16:38
MTecknologycan I flush the queue at all?16:39
jmarsdenI'm not at all knowledgeabel about exim, but you'll want to ask it to try those delivery attempts to your smarthost (you did configure a suitable smarthost, right?) with some level of debug turned on and see why it is not delivering them, I think.16:39
jmarsdenhttp://wiki.exim.org/TroubleShooting   # may be handy16:40
MTecknologyexim can send the mail, right?16:41
jmarsdenYes, it will once it is set up correctly -- looks to me like there is soemthing you did not configure quite right yet.16:41
MTecknologyI'll run dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config16:42
MTecknologymail sent by smarthost; no local mail16:42
MTecknologyIP address or host name of the outgoing smarthost:16:44
MTecknologyI bet I did that wrong16:44
MTecknologyWhat should it be? localhost?16:44
jmarsdenNo :)  The smarthost, the remote machine that you have permission to send out your email through.  A mailserver out there on the Internet somewhere... your ISPs mailserver, perhaps.16:45
MTecknologywould smtp.gmail.com work if that's it's final destination?16:46
MTecknologyI thought exim could send the mail out itseld16:46
jmarsdenIt can... you chose to use a smarthost... so it needs to have one... why di dyou choose to use a smarthost if you don't knwo what a smarthost is??16:47
MTecknologybecause I apparently didn't read the first option in the list16:47
jmarsden:)  OK!16:48
MTecknologylol... exim is REALLY happy now16:49
MTecknologyand now messages from 3 days ago arrive16:50
MTecknologythanks :)16:51
jmarsdenNo problem.16:51
Rafael_have 5 windows computer and ubuntu server, i want all of them to be able to access for example Folder A, only 2 of them to see folder B, only 1 of them to be able to write and read Folder A..how do id o all this groups and users..i am confuse..also i see that the way to go now is cisf compare to smb..were can i find help for this?17:43
phoenixz Is there a program that can create a customized ubuntu install CD with the packages that I want and some commands automatically executed? I need to have a non-interactive install CD that I can just copy 50 times, shove one in each new server that I get and when the server boots it will automatically install ubuntu, reboot and leave the server ready to run...17:54
steffanphoenixz: isn't that possible installing over a network?17:57
phoenixzsteffan: yeah, looking into PXE booting now actually..17:58
victorbrcaHello, I need to install inetd on a 8.10 server to share a scanner over the network. Anyone know if by installing inetd would create problems on already running apps, like vmware?17:59
phoenixzvictorbrca: AFAIK, it should not cause a problem.. just for curiosity.. sharinng a scanner over the network, how would you do that?17:59
victorbrcaphoenixz: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ScanningHowTo18:00
phoenixzvictorbrca: Im asking because at or office, we have one of those all in one printer scanner copiers.. Its connected directly to the network.. I can print to the thing but scanning, no way..18:00
victorbrcaphoenixz: I was thinking about buying an HP and use HPLIP to share printer and scaner, but looks like HPLIP does not support scanning over the net.18:01
phoenixzvictorbrca: this thing is also an HP18:01
victorbrcaphoenixz: I'm waiting for a reply from them to be sure before I buy it...18:02
victorbrcaphoenixz: https://answers.launchpad.net/hplip/+question/7344718:02
victorbrcaphoenixz: But for now I'm going to try and share a canon scanner that I already have18:02
phoenixzsteffan: would it be possible to have a "virgin" server (no os yet) boot from PXE and have it automatically download and execute an ubuntu installer?18:05
steffanphoenixz: PXE can boot using a network interface, I'm not sure about grabbing the installer from elsewhere and installing though18:07
steffanphoenixz: That's probably not a question for #ubuntu-server, try looking at some PXE support groups18:07
steffanphoenixz: I don't have much experience with automating installations (but it is possible as far as I know), I only have experience with network installations18:08
phoenixzsteffan: well, it is related to ubuntu-server since thats what needs to be installed.. :) the PXE part is not a problem18:08
steffanphoenixz: You're asking that PXE automatically downloads and executes a Ubuntu installer, correct? If so, that's nothing to do with #ubuntu-server, it's a query on PXE's regard18:09
phoenixzsteffan: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation#Server%20and%20network%20installations I think this is it..18:09
steffanphoenixz: If PXE can do that, then I'm sure it is possible18:09
steffanphoenixz: Your probably looking for https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/LocalNet. It might be worth looking at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/LocalNet#Pile%20of%20PXE%20related%20links too.18:11
phoenixzsteffan: thanks!18:12
mrvdvanyone know how i can set a certain shell user to only download so much and then his account is automatically stoped for over the limit of d/l?18:50
jaypur_mbhi, i opened all the ports to apache and ssh, but people outsite my network cant acess...19:18
jaypur_mbany ideia?19:19
BullterdHey All20:00
BullterdMy server keep loosing internet connectivity20:00
Bullterdif i ping it, i get about 10 good pings, then it drops out for 30 second20:01
Bullterdthen back available again20:01
Bullterdwould this suggest hardware driver issues ?20:01
giovaniBullterd: driver, modem failure, switch failure, lots of things are potential causes20:01
BullterdCan anyone recommend a gigabit PCI NIC that's uber ubuntu compatable ?20:03
giovaniintel NICs work nicely20:03
Bullterdintel pro ?20:03
giovanianything using a solid intel chipset20:03
* Nafallo 've'd good success with 3Coms in the past.20:04
BullterdI got some cheap ass ones at the mo20:04
Bullterdhoping thats the cause of my network issues full stop20:04
giovaniI wouldn't presume that that's the cause20:06
giovaniunless you swap out the NIC and it stops20:06
giovaniyou don't have a spare nic of a different chipset around to test?20:06
Bullterdnot gig unfortunatly20:06
giovaniwhy do you need gig to TEST?20:06
Bullterd1080p doesnt stream so well over 100mb :p20:07
giovanithis is a test ...20:07
giovaniwho cares if something streams ...20:07
giovaniyou're testing if the nic/driver is the cause20:07
BullterdWhen i boot the machine it hangs on "Loading Hardware Drivers" for like, 30 seconds20:10
Bullterdand then randomly after a few reboots it decided to rename eth1 to eth1_rename20:10
Bullterdwould that also point to hardware / software incompatability ?20:11
victorbrcaphoenixz: got the scanner working... but it took me a while.20:16
pmatulisBullterd: has this problem always been with you?20:20
NativeAngelscan anyone tell me if you setup a cronjob, and the process is already running when the cronjob runs will it restart the process or check if its already running ?20:24
pmatulisBullterd: what release are you using?20:25
NativeAngelsim not yey20:26
Bullterd8.10 x6420:26
NativeAngelsits just a questin i have20:26
NativeAngelsserver ed20:26
pmatulisBullterd: do you have multiple network cards?20:27
pmatulisNativeAngels: can't you see that i'm not pre-pending your name to my comments?20:28
BullterdSo I swapped NIC's20:29
Bullterdbeen streaming and pinging, no loss so far20:29
pmatulisBullterd: i was going to suggest you to rename /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules and reboot.  it may not be the card itself20:30
jmarsdenNativeAngels: The cron job will run even if the previous instance of it is still running... if course you can check for that in the script that is being run by cron and take whateevr action you desire...20:30
pmatulisrename to .bak and have it be re-created20:30
Bullterdpmatulis: Its the fact it hangs for about 30 secs on "Loading Hardware Drivers" at startup.20:31
BullterdTogether with the random interface renames20:31
Bullterdand constant packet loss / loosing IP connectivity20:31
pmatulisBullterd: yes, i know20:31
BullterdI mean, that sounds like hardware / software issues with the NIC, right ?20:31
pmatulisBullterd: not necessarily20:31
Bullterdwhat about the fact it works perfectly with a replacment nic ?20:32
pmatulisBullterd: yes, it's still possible b/c the udev rule file sucks in MAC addresses (hardware related)20:32
pmatulisBullterd: you may want to try my suggestion, at least just out of curiosity20:33
Bullterdso, put the old NIC back in, boot, rename that file, reboot ?20:34
ieemubuntu-9.04 server + HPT370 = love ?21:22
bhajankirtancan anybody help setting up home server accessible through WAN ip21:39
bhajankirtanhello there21:41
ScottKbhajankirtan: That's a very broad topic.  Generally it's better to ask specific questions.21:44
JackB21It's not difficult21:47
quizmehow do i compile in mod_userdir into apache on ubuntu ?21:47
sorenquizme: Why would you want to do that?21:49
quizmeso that i can use it21:49
bhajankirtani m totally new to linux server21:50
bhajankirtani want to setup my home server which i can access it outside of home network21:50
sorenquizme: Just enable the module. No need to compile anything.21:50
bhajankirtanis there any site for how to21:50
sorenquizme: sudo a2enmd userdir21:50
sorenquizme: IIRC21:51
ajmitchI believe userdir is enabled by default21:51
bhajankirtansetup my home server21:51
sorenajmitch: Might very well be.21:51
ajmitchhm, looks like I'm wrong, it's not enabled on this recent install :)21:51
uvirtbotNew bug: #384607 in bacula (universe) "bacula did not accept my password during installation" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38460722:05
quizmesoren: got it thank you.22:06
bhajankirtananybody can help me or give the link to setting up home server accessible from outside network22:10
uvirtbotNew bug: #384609 in samba (main) "package winbind 2:3.3.2-1ubuntu3 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38460922:11
quizmesoren: http://pastie.org/50391122:15
sorenquizme: Look in /var/log/apache/error.log22:17
CoinBRI can't limit port 80 on Shaper/CBQ... could anyone help-me?22:27
CoinBRcould anyone help me with shaper?22:29
quizmemod_userdir is not compatible with mod_rails, which my server depends on.  Is there another module like mod_userdir that will allow me to access some web files via my ip address?22:30
Alex_21Hi, ... I am trying to erase disks from the Ubuntu Server CD in the prompt.22:48
Alex_21How can I do this.22:48
Alex_21I tried Code: "dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=4k conv=notrunc"22:48
Alex_21But nothing is happening. Any ideas? Please22:49
NafalloAlex_21: install wipe for proper removal of data22:53
Alex_21Remember I am on the CD, ... I haven't installed yet22:54
Alex_21How can I install then?22:54
Alex_21Also, ... I just want to wipe out enough to prevent the installer seeing the disks as the RAID aray they once were22:54
Nafalloah. dd should work then.22:55
Alex_21So my command Code: "# dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=4k conv=notrunc" is still nagning. Is this normal22:55
Alex_21Or am I doing something wrong22:55
Alex_21I eman what is DD doing?22:57
Alex_21Is it writing zero's to my drive? I am trying to clean the drive that is 320 GB. How long should this take?22:58
NafalloAlex_21: depends on the speed of the disk really.23:01
Alex_21It is a Sata drive23:01
Alex_21But roughly how long?23:01
Alex_21That is a relief.23:03
Alex_21I have two disks. Do they automatically show up as sda and sdb?23:03
Alex_21They are the only ones in the machine23:03
Alex_21Besides a sata CD/DVD drive23:03
Alex_21It's working I think23:25
Alex_21So I'll be back. But one more question. I am setting up a raid aray with RAID1 and two disks. Do I have toset the bootable flag to true if this disk is to be the startup disk?23:26
Alex_21I'll stay untile i get this response23:26
billybigriggercan someone help me out here?23:32
dthackerbillybigrigger: you know the drill,  ask and see.23:32
billybigriggerim trying to setup my mailserver...i can send mail out no problem...now i have setup thunderbird to use my mailserver, and forwarded port 143 to my mailserver...i tried sending a test mail from hotmail to my user@mydomain.com23:32
billybigriggerall while watching /var/log/mail.err and mail.info23:33
billybigriggerno errors...but i don't even see the incoming connection from hotmail23:33
billybigriggerthe reason i can send mail out is because im using my isp's smtp server...23:33
NativeAngelshow can i generate someoutput from a crontab in the form of a pop or message to a shell23:33
Alex_21Make it compose an E-mail and send it maybe23:36
Alex_21Using Perl or something to write the message to Zimbra or Postfix23:36
PhotoJimAlex_21: commandthatgeneratesoutput | mail -s Subject\ Here person@domain.com23:41
Alex_21I didn't know about that one..23:43

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