__lucio__sladen: in what context?00:17
sladen__lucio__: I think it was ubunet related, somewhere on the bugtracker  "we'll also need the involvement of IDS" or sometsuch00:22
dobeyISD generally means "independent software distributor"00:32
dobeyand i think the palm pre currently has no way to accept self-signed certificates :(00:33
sladen__lucio__: dobey: I'm guessing it's https://launchpad.net/~canonical-isd-hackers02:12
lifelessdobey: ISD is the is development team :P02:44
dobeyoh right, that too03:01
sladenlifeless: and what's "is" ?03:51
lifelesssladen: information services05:04
sladenlifeless: is that elmo?05:28
sladenlifeless: or something more general relating to internal-systems/webservices.  Anyway, doesn't matter, it's enough of an expansion for unexpand the TLA05:30
lifelessmore general06:06
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Slick666hello all23:38
Slick666I have an account but I'm not sure if I've requested an account w/ubuntu one23:38
Slick666does anyone know the way to verify the request?23:38
dobeyaccount != subscription23:44
dobeyaccount means you can "log in" on ubuntuone.com and launchpad.net23:44
dobeysubscription means you have actually agreed to the ToS and can use the services on ubuntu one23:45
dobeyand yes, there has been confusion about that, and we're working out how to make some of this stuff more clear :)23:47

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