owen1i am installing xbuntu on old inpirion. it stuck at 'configuring apt', 'scanning the mirror'. any ideas?00:12
MalfermitaKodohow old is the box?00:14
owen1how to switch keyboard layout from terminal? setxkbmap works but arrow keys and others stops working when i run 'setxkbmap -rules xorg -model pc105 -layout us'.00:32
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LorenI recently installed xubuntu 9.04 to my computer.02:45
Lorenfor some reason the sound gets messed up when I reboot or go into hibernate.02:46
Lorennot sure if it should be running Alsa or OSS for the main driver, but it is on OSS, and the volume is very weak so I can hardly hear anything..02:46
MalfermitaKodowhat sound card?02:48
LorenMalfermitaKodo, is the onboard sound card via 82xx or something02:48
LorenI noticed this just recently happened when I tried to play a youtube video02:48
MalfermitaKodocan you do an lspci02:49
LorenMalfermitaKodo, sorry for the hold up02:50
MalfermitaKodoonly a question of hors02:51
* MalfermitaKodo is dist-upgrading a s***box02:51
Lorenyeah lol hopefully its an easy fix02:51
owen1how to remove the top bar from xterm?02:52
Lorenuse compiz fusion owen102:53
Lorenoverkill solution if you don't have it already02:53
Lorenother than that I don't know02:53
MalfermitaKodookay, FF crashed02:53
LorenMalfermitaKodo, yours did ?02:54
MalfermitaKodoI think other WMs can remove the title bar as well02:54
MalfermitaKodoerr no02:54
MalfermitaKodoit was just slow02:54
MalfermitaKodoDid I mention that this box is a s***box already?02:54
Lorenahh .. I use an extension called "fasterfox", but you need "nightlytestertools" to use it.02:55
LorenMalfermitaKodo, what are you running on ?02:55
MalfermitaKodoa netbook02:55
Lorenalso: nightlytestertools = nightly tester tools02:55
LorenMalfermitaKodo, I just recently cleaned the cooling system on a 5 year old Sony Viao laptop02:56
MalfermitaKodoAudio device: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT1708/A [Azalia HDAC] (VIA High Definition Audio Controller) (rev 10) <--- this is your soundcard02:56
Loren3ghz cpu and 512 mhz ram,02:56
Lorenthe cpu went from running at 75-100% an average with only 1 program open (firefox)02:57
Lorento near 0% average load02:57
MalfermitaKodoit shouldn't be the issue here...02:57
Lorenits worth doing on old laptops, becuase some of them have a CPU clock speed regulator that decrease the freq. when the temperature increases02:58
Lorenand also shuts off the computer if it gets too hot02:58
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Lorenanyways thats regarding your computer.02:58
LorenI won't have that problem with mine I have a coolermaster tower lol02:59
MalfermitaKodoI am searching on whether your card is fully supported02:59
MalfermitaKodoit is only a question of BLOODY AGES!02:59
MalfermitaKodoPardon my British02:59
LorenMalfermitaKodo, it was working 100% 10 minutes ago02:59
Lorenand thats after being used for around 3 weeks solid02:59
Lorenwhich is when  I installed Xubuntu03:00
MalfermitaKodoit is messed up when rebooting as well?03:01
LorenI will check, one second.03:01
anom01yI just rebooted, and alsa was not in the list in the mixer03:09
anom01yneither was my soundcard03:09
MalfermitaKodocan you manually start Alsa03:10
MalfermitaKodoie: is it a configuration effup or an alsa effup03:10
anom01yI just ran "sudo alsa reload" in xterm03:10
anom01ythe mixer is the same as before03:11
anom01ydoesnt show my soundcard03:11
MalfermitaKodoit shows any soundcard?03:12
anom01yyeah it shows a realtekALC888 soundcard,03:12
MalfermitaKodoand did you get an error message?03:12
anom01ythat may be fore the tv tuner card I have03:12
anom01yMalfermitaKodo, warnings03:12
MalfermitaKodocan you pastebin them?03:13
MalfermitaKodoI do not see that the correct module is being loaded03:18
anom01yMalfermitaKodo, btw that file exists, oss-compat..03:18
MalfermitaKodowell, yes, it tells you that it is deprecated03:19
anom01yhmm what does that mean ?03:20
MalfermitaKodooutdated, won't work in future versions03:20
anom01yMalfermitaKodo, so it doesnt use the old one ?03:21
MalfermitaKodoit probably does use it03:21
anom01ycould doing an update delete that working alsa that  I already had ?03:21
anom01yis it a package that I need to install ?03:22
MalfermitaKododid you update your kernel and/or alsa?03:22
anom01ywell, I update all the time, and I recently upgraded to xfce 4.6.1, (from 4.6.0)03:22
anom01ybut that upgrade didn't break anything which was a week ago03:23
MalfermitaKodoSorry, I think I can't help you atm03:23
MalfermitaKodotoo late for Malfies03:23
anom01ywell thanks for your help03:23
anom01yanywhere I can start looking ?03:23
anom01yor what I could try ?03:24
anom01yI bet you if I installed my old xubuntu 9.04 cd from scratch my sound would work03:24
anom01yuntil I upgrade03:24
anom01yahh well03:24
MalfermitaKodoyou should google for your model and alsa03:24
sml1226anybody know how to enable the scroll wheel  on my mouse? xev says nothing when I scroll on the box. I heard a fix for a ps2 mouse but this USB mouse will not work with that fix03:49
sml1226also why does it require a password when I am opening gparted?03:50
sml1226Installed after xubuntu because ps3 version does not come with it preinstalled03:51
anom01yhow do I hibernate my computer ?03:52
sml1226thats another thing, my usb ports will not keep the power on when I sleep on my PC03:52
sml1226anom01y when you select quit from the xfce menu hibernate should be an option.03:56
anom01yI have no quit in the menu, just log out03:57
anom01yfor some reason my alsa completely died, nothing will restore it,03:59
anom01yI've tried logging out, reinstalling alsa-base,03:59
anom01ynm I got it04:01
sml1226so no hibernate still?04:03
sml1226what ver of xubu?04:03
sml12268.04 I know how to fix that no quit problem but haven't figured it out on my 9.04 yet04:05
sml1226Anybody know how to fix scroll wheel, password on gparted, or no power to usb while sleeping?04:06
sml1226anom01y get hibernate working?04:07
anom01ysml1226, no04:07
sml1226what version of Xubuntu are you running?04:08
anom01yI think it already automatically hibernates if I let it sit 5 minutes04:08
sml1226I didn't thing you could set hibernate that fast04:09
sml1226I thought minimum was like 30 mins04:09
anom01ywhere is the settings for this ?04:09
sml1226looking for it now04:10
anom01ypower settings04:10
sml1226in power management if gives sleep timer option but I think there is a hibernate option also somewhere else04:12
sml1226anom01y is xfce menu on your panel?04:17
sml1226if not add it, if so right click and select properties then click the "Use default desktop menu file" radio button. Then open the menu and tell me if quit is on it.04:19
anom01ysml1226, it is, but it doesnt show "quit", just "log out"04:27
sml1226anom01y oh well duh log out is right. Click it and a menu should come up. Hibernate is an option if this works properly04:29
sml1226I had my old menu in mind when saying it the first time, it said "Quit" and brought up that menu04:30
japnixis there a way to enable wireless on boot and not after i log in?04:30
ron_ojapnix, >> system > services should do it04:40
sml1226scroll wheel fix anybody?04:46
sml1226ok so what do I edit in it to get a usb mouse to work?04:49
ron_oit should work automatically, but xorg.conf should handle all that.04:52
ron_oall my usb mice work just fine.04:52
ron_oeven my logitech ball mouse I just got.04:52
ron_oafter you plug in your usb mouse, restart or check #dmesg | tail to see if it's recognized.04:55
MalfermitaKodoHi xubuntuistoj!05:01
tekkhey guys, is there a msrdp server i can run on xubuntu so i can connect using mstsc rather than vnc?05:06
sml1226ron_o I have never had success with this mouse's wheel and linux. Do you know why gparted asks for a password while opening?05:07
MalfermitaKodosml1226: because you are not root?05:08
sml1226Just wondering which is newer P4 M or P M mobile cpu?05:08
sml1226MalfermitaKodo It doesn't ask me on my pc but it does on my ps305:09
MalfermitaKodohow do you start it both times?05:10
ron_ogparted needs root access and you can run a GUI with root with the command $gksu <command>05:10
sml1226open through the xfce menu in both of them05:10
sml1226I added gparted after xubu was installed on my ps3 but it was preinstalled on my pc05:11
MalfermitaKodoTalking about weird05:17
sml1226know how to make it not ask me?05:18
MalfermitaKodoI had a perfectly good configuration of my trackball in 8.04... now after an upgrade and a reboot, it is gone, commented out in the xorg.conf and it says HAL would take care of it05:19
sml1226for a password05:19
MalfermitaKodosml1226: log in as root?05:19
MalfermitaKodonow? I do not want a homicidal AI to control my trackball!05:19
sml1226I don't have to do that in 8.04 on my pc so why here?05:20
MalfermitaKodoyou probably have to there as well, gksu just remembered your session05:21
MalfermitaKodootherwise, file a bug05:21
sml1226never had to do it there. devs of PS3 version are lazy!05:21
sml1226So many bugs that are extremely common05:22
MalfermitaKodoSecurity conscious != lazy05:22
sml1226Thunar did not work at all in 8.10 on any ps3, not just my crappy cds like I thought05:23
* MalfermitaKodo passes out now05:23
sml1226hfs+ format? how can I add compatibility for writing to that format?05:41
sml1226and formatting to it05:43
Salix_How to change list of buttons/options of the shutdown dialouge? Currently it offers hibernate/logout/shutdown/etc. but I want to remove hibernate...06:36
Salix_where do I find the xfce4-session settings?06:51
pteaguei lost my panels... suggestions for getting them back?07:48
MikeChelenSalix_, app > system > login window?07:49
MikeChelenpteague, right click desktop, apps > settings > panel07:51
pteagueif i'm mostly using kde apps under xfce like konqueror & kate... & i can't even think of any gnome apps i'm using...  on the session and startup -> advanced tab -> compatibility section ... should i make any changes to that? or is that in regards to gdm/kdm ?07:54
MikeChelenif you are using kde apps i guess it might help to enable07:56
MikeChelenlikewise if you don't run any gnome apps maybe that could be disabled, although i don't think it really uses alot of resources07:57
Salix_pteague: Alt-F2 and then xfce4-panel08:05
Salix_MikeChelen: the login window does not allow to modify the loug out button preerences08:06
Salix_MikeChelen: (at least I dont't know how) :-]08:06
MikeChelenSalix_, what do you want to change about it?08:06
Salix_How to change list of buttons/options of the shutdown dialouge? Currently it offers hibernate/logout/shutdown/etc. but I want to remove hibernate...08:06
Salix_I think it is xfce4-session realted. Isn't it?08:07
MikeChelenoh hmm, im not sure how to change those buttons08:08
MikeChelenin settings > power management it's possible to set the power button to cause suspend instead of hibernate08:08
pteagueare you talking about in the panel? or the popup when you quit?08:08
Salix_pteague: my problem is the popup when I quit; your solution is Alt-F2 and then typing xfce4-panel08:14
Salix_if you are asking me... :-)08:15
pteagueyeah, i got the xfce4-panel :)  just couldn't remember what it was called...  & i have a hard time remember alt+f2 - it's a memory fragment from windows & i've been running consecutive 0s & 1s over that part of my memory for a while ;)08:16
pteaguegeeze, i'm really hating kde4 crap & i currently don't have time to mess with trying to set up kde3 stuff08:19
MalfermitaKodoHi xubuntuistoj10:26
MalfermitaKodoWhat in Tux's name is HAL and why should it be in charge of my system after the 2001 disaster?10:29
ubottuFor an informative description of the Hardware Abstraction Layer , go to this site : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hardware_abstraction_layer10:30
MalfermitaKodooh... I only remembered it from 200110:30
MalfermitaKodoSeriously, when I saw in the new xorg.conf that things I need have been commented out and it says they are managed by HAL I freaked out10:32
MalfermitaKodoShouldn't the link in that trigger go to HAL_(Software) ?10:40
vinnlYeah I guess that would be better, no idea how to do that though10:41
MalfermitaKodookay, do you know where I can read up on HAL and make it fully support my trackball again?10:46
vinnlSorry, no idea10:51
MalfermitaKodoFor foo's sake!12:54
MalfermitaKodowhy does apt-get hold back the packages, I want NOT to be held back12:54
MalfermitaKodoand what can I do against that effing foo?12:56
AraneidaeIs it possible to add gnome applets to the xfce bar?12:58
MalfermitaKodoSorry, can anyone here help me to upgrade the kernel? it says that the old version of linux-generic is kept back13:07
brodstaHi, I'm trying to change the default terminal to gnome-terminal, and have done so with update-alternatives, but using a panel launcher with "Run in terminal" still starts in xfce4-terminal.  Anyone able to help?13:13
knomebrodsta, see settings -> preferred applications -> tab "utilities"13:20
brodstaAh, thank you very much13:20
AraneidaeIs it possible to add an applet written for gnome to the panel?13:26
knomeAraneidae, add xfapplet first and then add the gnome applet into it.13:26
AraneidaeThe applet I want to install doesn't appear in the "Add New Items" list, which is hardly surprising ...13:26
Araneidaexfapplet?  Ok, I'll see what that is...13:27
AraneidaeAha!  Thanks.13:27
AraneidaeOh, that's excellent.  Really nice and simple13:29
knomeof course.13:30
AraneidaeDo you if it's possible to tell xfce not to decorate a window of my choice?13:31
AraneidaeI can see that apps can ask not to be decorated, but if the app doesn't ask I'd love to tell xfce: leave this one bare, please.13:32
knomeno, not window-specific. but you can run some apps without window borders (it's their feature then)13:32
AraneidaeYes, it's under the control of the app.13:32
AraneidaeSo if the app doesn't offer the feature, I guess I'm out of luck :(13:32
knomewhich apps are you talking about?13:33
AraneidaeWell... hmm... actually, I'd *really* like to lose all my window decorations across the board (but then I'd need, at least, a "kill this window" button, and some way of tracking focus)13:34
AraneidaeHowever, there's a game which doesn't run in the right place full screen, and runs windowed with decorations (UT2004)13:34
knomethe button is doable13:34
knomedo you run that under wine?13:35
AraneidaeIf I could run that undecorated (and I guess push the panel away while it's running) that would solve my problem there13:35
knomeor does it work ootb13:35
AraneidaeNo, that one is native13:35
knomewhy can't it run fullscreen?13:35
AraneidaeSeems to have a problem full screen under NVIDIA -- worked ok with ATI, but alas I'm having to abandon ATI for now.13:35
AraneidaeIt plonks itself between my two monitors13:36
AraneidaeStupid thing.13:36
knomeyou can disable the other monitor while playing the game13:36
knomeand that way you could play it fullscreen13:36
knomeis that a bad solution?13:36
AraneidaeAh.  That's a thought.13:37
knomeat least it would work.13:37
AraneidaeI suppose I'd have to do that through the nvidia control panel?13:37
knomeyes, through nvidia-settings13:37
knomebut you can add a mode with those settings there and just switch13:37
AraneidaeCool.  Is that pretty easy?  (`nvidia-settings --help` looks pretty detailed)13:37
AraneidaeThink that would solve that problem13:37
knomerun the app with sudo and look at the gui ;)13:37
knomehmm, i'm not actually sure if it gives you possibility to save modes anymore13:38
knomebut anyway, just go to the second item and disable your other screen13:39
knome"resolution: off"13:39
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AraneidaeCheers!  I'll try that13:39
knome!hi | Madcyclist14:21
ubottuMadcyclist: Hi! Welcome to #xubuntu!14:21
Madcyclistcheers, i'm new to Ubuntu, looking for some assistance :-D14:22
knomeif you need help with Ubuntu, not Xubuntu, i suggest you should also look at #ubuntu14:22
Madcyclistok tah I'll try there then, thanks14:22
knomethough they have a lot in common so free to ask here as well.14:22
knomebut there's more people available there14:22
Madcyclisti'll give it a go then, i've installed Adobe Air but unable to install TweetDeck14:23
Madcyclistnevermind knome, I'll give #ubuntu a go14:26
viddive upgraded from 8.10 to 9.04 and the system freezes during boot....14:29
viddive restarted and selected the older kernel and it boots properly....14:29
viddany suggestions?14:30
AraneidaeGraphics card trouble, do you think?  Could be14:30
viddi doubt graphix14:31
viddthe progress bar only gets maybe 1/5th of the way across b4 it freezes14:31
AraneidaeAh, that's not too promising.14:32
viddand wouldnt graphix fail with the older kernel as well?14:32
AraneidaeIf you could turn the console output on perhaps that would tell you something useful14:32
viddthere is a log file somewhere...14:33
viddjust dont know where and which one =\14:33
viddwell...the only difference (that i can tell) is the kernel version....14:42
vidd2.6.27-14 boots, 2.6.28-11 does not14:43
viddand i cant find any log files that refence the .28-11 kernel to see where it fails14:43
rgnrhow do i know if compiz enabled?14:57
vidddo you have the special effects?14:58
vidddid you install compiz?15:04
cody-somervillergnr, If you don't think compiz is running, it probably isn't. However, if you're wanting to know for sure then you could use a command like pidof. For example, if compiz is running then 'pidof compiz.real' will probably write out a number. If it isn't, then it'll write out nothing.15:06
cody-somervillergnr, You can also just open the system monitor from Applications > System and look in the "Processes" tab.15:07
vidd\0. cody-somerville15:08
cody-somervilleHi vidd :)15:08
vidddid you see my ? earlier?15:08
rgnr10x cody-somerville15:08
cody-somervillevidd, Must not have. What was your was question?15:08
viddi upgraded from 8.10-9.04, and the new kernel freezes, the old works fine15:09
viddso i have to select the old kernel in grub to boot15:09
viddwhen i did a clean install on that machine, it also freezes15:11
viddany suggestion?15:15
cody-somervillevidd, What kernel do you have installed for 9.04?15:19
cody-somervilleie. what variant, what version exactly, etc.15:19
viddgeneric 32 bit15:19
cody-somervillevidd, Do you want to be adventurous and see if maybe Karmic will boot?15:20
viddhehe...funny you should say that....im upgrading now =]15:20
viddi figured it cant HURT any15:21
viddi see karmic is using kernel 2.6.3015:21
S0210The font size of the menu of one application (Thunderbird) is smaller than the font size set generally... Anything to check?15:22
viddbut i cant file a bug if i can find the logs showing the failure15:22
viddS0210, you might want to check the settings of that app15:23
S0210vidd: I did15:23
S0210vidd: Could find the reason15:23
viddbut most apps get the font size of thier menu system from the underlying stsem....so its probably just an optical illution15:24
S0210vidd: How do I make sure that Thunderbird does get the font size from the underlying system?15:24
viddthunderbird's menu font size is set by your desktop manager...not thunderbird15:25
S0210vidd: what does it mean? should I take a picture to show that the font size of Firefox and Thunderbird are different?15:26
viddS0210, if you change the font size in your system, you should see a corilating change in thunderbird15:26
viddfirefox has a setting that will allow you to customize it to NOT use the settings from your desktop15:27
viddS0210, it is rude to PM someone without asking permission15:27
viddand I dont have the bandwith or the system resources to RD anywhere15:28
S0210vidd: sorry vidd, I didn't mean to hurt you with my PM15:29
S0210vidd: OK15:29
viddyou didnt hurt me any15:29
viddjust a frendly head's up15:29
viddS0210, did you change your system settings to see if thunderbird changed as well?15:31
S0210vidd: strange anyway because firefox font size changes immediately as I change the font size of the underlying system15:31
viddand thunderbird?15:31
S0210vidd: actually Thunderbird also changes.. {:-/15:32
S0210vidd: but ff->12->14 tb->10->1215:32
S0210vidd: I1m not sure about the px but something like that15:32
viddS0210, you sure its not just an optical illusion?15:33
S0210vidd: yes15:33
viddand how does thunderbird compare to....say...xchat?15:34
S0210vidd: "The font size of the menu of one application (Thunderbird) is smaller than the font size set generally" as I wrote in my first msg.15:36
S0210vidd: so in short Thunderbird fonts are smaller15:37
viddi think its the same size, it just seams smaller15:37
viddsince you can over-ride the system settings in firefox and not thunderbird....15:38
S0210vidd: don't ask me again if it is and illusion because that would be really rude!15:38
viddif the sizes there are different, its because firefox is modified, not thunderbird15:38
viddi asked you to preform a simple test, and you implied i had no clue what i was doing15:39
viddshort of having you do a screen shot and measuring the pixels in gimp15:40
viddactually....thats not a bad idea15:40
S0210vidd: my I PM you to find a way of showing you a picture?15:41
S0210vidd: would you please suggest me a way to show you the picture?15:42
viddbut post the pic on a site and post the link here15:42
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about picture15:42
viddhey knome where do you paste pics?15:42
viddS0210, dunno...the lines on the panels seem to line up perfectly to me =\15:46
S0210vidd: take ruler15:47
viddthe letters on firefox are bold print, and the ones on thunderbird are not bold...15:48
viddso the spacing is different15:48
viddbut the size of the menu bar looks identical on this POS monitor with this junk display adaptor im using15:49
S0210vidd: hmm...15:49
vidddo you see that the menu bar on both apps are the same size (if you ignore the letters)15:50
S0210vidd: I think I see what you mean15:51
viddif the menu bars are the same size, then they are using the same font-size15:51
S0210vidd: but aren't the menu size is based on the size of the letters? {:-.15:52
S0210vidd: but the letters are definately not the same size15:52
S0210vidd: I think I have to give it up now... by daugthers are here. Thanks for the effort...15:53
viddone is bold brint (looks bigger) and one is not (looks smaller)15:53
S0210vidd: I don't think so... I have to go now. Thanks again!15:55
viddall he needs to do is add "!important" to one line in his thunderbird config file15:57
sml1226can xfce give a preview of the image as the icon on the desktop like in gnome?16:26
cody-somervilleI don't think it can16:30
sml1226ok me either just wondering16:30
sml1226Gnome is too slow but that is 1 thing I like about it16:30
sml1226(on my machine)16:31
* MalfermitaKodo seriously effed up her system :/17:11
cody-somervilleMalfermitaKodo, whats wrong with it? :(17:16
MalfermitaKodoI upgraded her from 8.04 to 9.04 to hope that the internal mic would work. Now the trackball does no longer work well, the network is sporadic and still no internal mic17:17
vidddid you  do a direct upgrade form 8.04 - 9.04, or did you upgrade from 8.04-8.10-9.04?17:19
MalfermitaKodothe latter17:19
cody-somervilleMalfermitaKodo, Are you sure the upgrade is 100% complete?17:19
cody-somervilleie. There isn't any unconfigured/broken packages, packages held back, etc. ?17:19
MalfermitaKodoit said that it is finshed and wanted to reboot, three packages were held back but I delt with them17:20
MalfermitaKodothe trackball issue stems from HAL. But I have no idea how to give HAL the options, I gave Xorg17:22
viddMalfermitaKodo, try this:17:23
viddwait...i lost the link....17:23
viddbasically, tell apt to re-install hal;17:23
MalfermitaKodo7me has to deal with grub atm17:24
cody-somervilleMalfermitaKodo, What kind of trackball do you have?17:25
viddMalfermitaKodo, how so with "taking care of grub"?17:25
viddapt-get --reinstall install hal17:26
MalfermitaKodovidd: it boots a hackish kernel I needed for 8.04 per default17:27
viddMalfermitaKodo, and b4 you start yanking kernels from grub, try re-booting into the older version of the kernel to see if that brings the trackball back17:27
viddMalfermitaKodo, so you haked the kernel for 8.04 to work....did you make the same "hacks" to the 9.04 kernel?17:28
MalfermitaKodono, it actually booted17:29
MalfermitaKodoafter one upgrade in 8.04 it no longer did, thus keeping me at version $ancient17:30
viddtry booting your old hacked kernel....17:30
viddsee if your stuff works17:30
MalfermitaKodothe new one actually works better17:31
viddso even booting into the old kernel (with the old drivers etc still intact) the stuff stopped working?17:32
managica1is xarchiver just an xfce modded xarchive? What is the difference between the two very similar apps "xarchive" and "xarchiver"?17:34
MalfermitaKodoyeah, because if fooed up madwifi17:35
MalfermitaKodobrb, edited the menu.lst, need to test it17:35
MalfermitaKodookay, this kernel sees my wireless network17:43
handjobhi all.linux noob here.i just instaled xubuntu hh.i installed drivers, updated the system and everything is ok except there is no sound.i have to sound cards on bord some integrated crap and sound blaster live.i get the impresion that everything is good in alsamixer.what can be wrong?17:44
MalfermitaKodovidd: I got the message 'Reinstallation of hal is not possible, it cannot be downloaded.'17:44
cody-somervillehandjob, What version of Xubuntu did you install?17:46
handjobhh (hardy) 8.0417:46
cody-somervillehandjob, Can you run this script and paste the URL it gives you back into the channel? http://alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh17:48
handjobsure can17:48
viddMalfermitaKodo, dunno then17:48
cody-somervilleMalfermitaKodo, What issue are you working on right now?17:49
handjobah btw do i need to run it with sudo?17:49
viddhandjob, its a web site17:49
MalfermitaKodoI was reading the wiki page on my system17:49
cody-somervillehandjob, I don't believe so.17:50
viddyou dl the script and it just reads...so no, you dont need sudo17:50
viddits pretty cool17:51
Tuxedohello everyone here17:51
viddhello Tuxedo17:51
TuxedoHello vidd17:51
MalfermitaKodohi Tux(edo)17:51
TuxedoHow can I install flashplayer nonfree?17:52
TuxedoHello Cody17:52
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash17:52
Tuxedobut, here in xubuntu?17:52
cody-somervilleTuxedo, Same way17:52
viddsorry for the caps17:53
viddsudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree17:53
Tuxedois it some tutorial about a xubuntu, install all codecs, java, etc?17:54
cody-somervilleTuxedo, yes17:54
cody-somerville!restricted | Tuxedo17:54
ubottuTuxedo: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats17:54
viddTuxedo, or, if you just want flash, run the command i stated earlier17:55
Tuxedook!!!, It's working now17:55
TuxedoI seen xubuntu is more light than the other desktop manager17:57
Tuxedoand fast, very fast17:58
handjobcody-somerville: i got this http://pastebin.com/pastebin.php?dl=d306a26f0 and i don't quite knew how to check results ; S18:01
MalfermitaKodoI think the guide is too GNOME specific :(18:02
cody-somervillehandjob, run it with --pastebin18:04
handjobcody-somerville:  http://pastebin.ca/1450916 ^^ thx for explaining18:06
cody-somervillehandjob, What is the output of cat /proc/asound/cards ?18:11
MalfermitaKodooh great! sound WORKS!18:12
handjobcody-somerville: http://pastebin.com/pastebin.php?dl=d56c6976018:14
cody-somervillehandjob, What sond card you plugged into?18:14
handjobcody-somerville: sound blaster.are you suggesting that banto is using the other one as a default?18:16
cody-somervillehandjob, The intel card is card018:17
handjobah thank you.18:17
cody-somervilleand card0 is the default18:17
cody-somervilleSo to fix this18:17
cody-somervillehandjob, Can you pastebin /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base?18:20
cody-somervilleIf the intel card is built in btw, the easiest option might be to disable it in the bios if you can18:22
handjobcody-somerville: http://pastebin.com/pastebin.php?dl=d49783314. well i am not sure about the archaic bios but i can try18:23
cody-somervillehandjob, Otherwise, I think adding the following to /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base might do the trick: options snd_intel8x0 index=118:25
handjobthank you for your time and your wisdom sir <3.18:26
MalfermitaKodohas anyone here a black belt in network manager foo or many plusses against config issues relating to networks?18:26
cody-somervilleMalfermitaKodo, no18:27
viddMalfermitaKodo, i dabble in NM-foo18:27
viddwhat is the issue?18:27
MalfermitaKodoI want to re-create the settings I had on 8.04, where I could connect to DSL (via command line), to the campus Wifi (works alsready on 9.04) & VPN and to my parents setup18:27
MalfermitaKodothe latter one works with prayer and DHCP18:28
viddso the campus wifi works18:28
MalfermitaKodothe network manager seems to be completely unaware of eth018:28
viddoh...so the only problem you have is that NM does not see eth0?18:29
MalfermitaKodoyes. I can get online via DSL with sudo ifconfig eth0 up && sudo pon dsl-provider18:29
viddthis is common.... wired ethernet is set up during install18:29
MalfermitaKodoI didn't install but upgrade to it. and in 8.10 it worked18:30
viddto get NM to "see" it, you have to modify your /etc/network/interfaces so that the only settings not commented out (line begins with # is commented out) refer to "lo"18:31
viddin 8.04 (maybe .10...dunno, i yanked NM out a long time ago) NM read your interfaces file....in 9.04, it auto-configures what interfaces does not18:32
viddthis is why, for example, if yoiu add a second lan card to your system, NM will see it and configure it, and not the original18:33
MalfermitaKodookay, #-ed the lines18:33
MalfermitaKodoeverything except the 2 lines refering to lo18:33
viddnow run the following command (you will lose internet on that machine)18:33
viddsudo /etc/init.d/networking restart18:34
MalfermitaKodookay, then bbl18:34
viddthen log out of the desktop and log back in18:34
MalfermitaKodothank you very much, vidd !18:40
viddhappy to help18:40
mnemochi, I reinstgalled upgrading from 8.10+4.6 to 9.04 (feels nicer!) but now pidgin doesn't show itself up there next to NM, and idea what am I missing?18:40
* vidd knows entirely too much about that tiny app he hates so much!18:40
ubottuFor an informative description of the Hardware Abstraction Layer , go to this site : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hardware_abstraction_layer18:41
viddmnemoc, thats actually a setting in pidgin18:42
viddin pidgin ctrl+p to load preferences18:42
mnemoci'm there, haven't find it yet :\18:43
viddthen set "Show system tray icon" to "always"18:43
mnemocfound, thanks! crappy translation :(18:43
MalfermitaKodoWould an entry in xorg.conf override HAL's settings?18:44
viddfile a bug against the translation!18:44
mnemocvidd: good idea :)18:44
viddthey cant fix it if they dont know its broke!18:45
viddMalfermitaKodo, in THEORY yes18:45
MalfermitaKodohmm worth a try!18:45
viddbut you would be better off putting the custom stuff in the .local files18:46
viddand if you want them universal, set up the skeleten user account (the settings that the create user tool uses as a template) to pull the files up and auto-add them to new accounts18:47
MalfermitaKodoMy google-skills found nothing on how to setup these18:47
viddMalfermitaKodo, yes...the hidden files in your home directory (start with "."18:48
viddyour google-fu needs training =]18:48
MalfermitaKodowell, I know that. I am a former Gentooisto18:48
MalfermitaKodoI however do not know the syntax, which they want18:49
viddone sec18:49
viddmy system is anchient, so everything is slow to load18:49
viddi believe you place xorg complient code into a file called .xsession18:50
MalfermitaKodoxorg complient?18:56
viddMalfermitaKodo, well...yes...the same lines you would set in xorg.conf18:57
MalfermitaKodoah, then I understood you correctly18:57
viddbut ~/.xsession is not the correct files18:57
viddlet me find the correct file to edit18:57
viddwhat kind of stuff will you be setting?18:59
MalfermitaKodohow the buttons of the trackball work18:59
MalfermitaKodoI want to use middle-click and move for scrollage again19:00
viddso....the "mouse" settings in the settings app does not work for you?19:00
MalfermitaKodoit is painfully insufficient19:01
vidddunno....works great for me19:02
viddMalfermitaKodo, sorry...i cant find the file name you would set up19:05
MalfermitaKodookay, I will try the xorg.conf19:06
viddgood luck19:06
MalfermitaKodoalas no success!19:26
MalfermitaKodoI think I was successful19:36
MalfermitaKodoit works!19:41
MalfermitaKodothank y'all for putting up with me!19:42
jreyes33I'm having trouble with xubuntu, it's not booting right19:45
RoybotOne shell i access is using a grsec kernel. But how can i find out what os it uses?20:27
vidd!hi | max_20:28
ubottumax_: Hi! Welcome to #xubuntu!20:28
viddRoybot, should it matter?20:29
RoybotIm just curious20:31
TheSheepuname -a20:40
Roybotthats what gives me the linux.2.6.blabla.grsec20:42
th0ris there a way to get network manager to NOT save every single wifi I try to connect to?20:45
viddth0r, no20:48
viddth0r, but if its any consolation, windows and mac cant do that either =]20:49
th0rvidd: how about a way to make it mark the saved configs to NOT autoconnect? I travel a lot and hate to see a list of hubs that are not HERE and that nm will be searching for to try to auto connect20:49
viddth0r, did you edit the individual connections to noauto-connect?20:51
vidd(its difficult for me to be sure....i use wicd as my wifi manager)20:51
viddth0r, perhaps you should try it out20:52
th0rvidd: yes, I edited the individual connections, but would like to find a way to set it up to do that automatically20:54
th0rvidd: I tried wicd and it won't recognize the external usb wifi I use on the boat....that one uses ndiswrapper for the drivers20:55
viddth0r, then i dont know what to say20:55
vidd(except, perhaps, dont use ndiswrapper)20:56
viddwhat chip-set is that usb wifi?20:56
th0rvidd: if I recall correctly it is a broadcom chipset20:57
viddth0r, if its a bcm43xx chipset, its easy as all-get-out to set up20:57
th0rvidd: the available drivers on the net don't support the specific chipset in the adapter.20:57
viddth0r, if you can get that plugged up and im around, i woul very much like to assist you with it20:58
th0rvidd: I am ashore now and the adapter is on the boat. From here (Deltaville VA) I don't think I can get to the wifi system from the boat.20:59
viddnow im confused....20:59
th0rvidd: the hardships of spending one's life afloat <smile>21:00
viddso you have one network adaptor that you use on land, and a seperate physical piece of hardware to connect at sea?21:01
th0rvidd: close. I have an internal wifi card that I am using now sitting in the marina lounge. I have a usb wifi adapter that I can set outside the cabin when I am on the boat so it reaches a little further than the internal one.21:01
th0rvidd: I didn't bring the external adapter with me now as I knew I would be able to get online with th einternal card21:02
viddso you have a wifi booster?21:02
viddi think i understand....21:02
th0rvidd: it isn't actually a booster, just an external that I can set outside. An engenius adapter21:02
viddthe interal has low range, but works out-the-box21:03
viddthe usb is a wifi card, like the internal, just with a longer range21:03
viddyes? no?21:03
th0rvidd: right (sorry had to run outside as some kids were trying to make off with my dog)21:04
viddthats ok21:04
vidd(the taking a while...not the kids taking off with your dog!)21:05
th0rvidd: the internal worked out of the box with jaunty, but the external only worked with ndiswrapper. ndiswrapper was a last ditch effort after trying to get the internet drivers working21:05
viddth0r, did the "internet drivers" tell you to install b43 drivers?21:06
th0rvidd: I may have the two chipsets confused. one is broadcom and the other is atheros...the external may be the atheros chipset. Trying to find out now...but not having much luck (too busy watching those darn kids)21:07
viddth0r, lspci will tell you21:08
th0rvidd: ok, just found it. The INTERNAL is a broadcom 43xx....ran out of the box. That means the external is an Atheros and needs ndiswrapper21:09
th0rI knew I had that info somewhere21:09
viddb43 wont work "out of the box21:09
viddyou have to download the fwcutter21:09
viddand that crap never works21:10
th0rvidd: honest to god....it worked with the live cd and when I installed and booted off the drive...no problems whatsoever21:10
viddwhich is why i have the cood firmware on my site21:10
th0rhwinfo lists the following....pci.product = 'BCM4312 802.11b/g'21:11
th0rvidd: I was really surprised when it worked, but I wasn't going to argue!21:11
th0rvidd: running an Acer Extensa 4420 with jaunty.21:12
viddatheros is a big-time "always works" with linux...so idk21:12
th0rvidd: that is what I thought....I thought maybe I was having a senior moment....the broadcom worked and the atheros didn't....very confusing!21:13
viddwell...i dont know what to say21:14
viddbut do you right-click or left-click to see the available networks?21:14
th0rvidd: I know what you mean....but that is the magic of linux...learn something new every day <smile>21:15
vidd(moving on to your ACTUAL issue....)21:15
th0rvidd: I left click on the nm icon to see the list of networks. IF I have the usb wifi plugged in I see two lists. The internal card sees SOME of the networks that the external sees21:15
viddok, so you should be able to select the desired network from there21:16
viddand you should disable the internal while you are using the external21:16
th0rvidd:I have tried to disable the internal but can't figure out how. If I use the hw switch it turns off all wifi, not just the internal card.21:17
th0rvidd: the issue is that as I travel, if I don't constantly delete the old wifi hubs, I will end up with a huge list of networks I have connected to, and they will all be marked autoconnect21:18
viddnow this is where wicd kicks the crap out of NM21:18
th0rvidd: now so long as they are unique network names that is OK. But what about names like 'linksys' and 'netgear'....if I use it once I am now going to always try to use it21:18
th0rvidd: I agree...if wicd had recognized the external wifi I would have kept it and dumped nm in a heartbeat21:19
viddth0r, these networks are id'd by mac address, not by essid21:19
th0rvidd: but the list shows them by name21:19
viddnm should only show a list (when you left-click) of the networks in range21:20
vidd(remember...i dont actually use it)21:21
viddif it does show networks tha are not in range, then i can see the problem21:21
th0rvidd: yes, but if you right click and choose edit connections it shows EVERY wifi I have ever connected to21:21
th0rvidd: and every one of them is marked autoconnect21:21
viddset them to manual21:22
viddor delete them21:22
viddmac and m$ do the same thing21:22
th0rvidd: left click shows the wifi hubs it sees now, right click shows all the hubs it has ever connected to, and all marked autoconnect unless I edit them or delete them21:22
th0rvidd: so I guess I will have to make it a habit of editing each one so they don't autoconnect21:23
th0rsure would like to see that as a preference setting21:23
viddim sure if you crack the case on the source, you can see where the "AUTOCONNECT=YES" setting is and change it21:24
th0rI have searched the web and found a number of people asking the same question....so apparently it is a concern to more than just me. I have considered going to the source and recompiling...if I get somewhere I have daily access to the web I might do that (leaving in the morning for St Mary's....then on to Solomons...."I',m a traveling man....made a lot of stops....."21:25
th0rvidd: just downloaded the source....trying to find the autoconnect default now (been too many years since I programmed <smile>)21:30
viddi hear ya!21:31
viddth0r, pastebin me the output of "nm-tool"21:33
th0rvidd: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/190474/21:34
th0rvidd: going to have to do a script to find that autoconnect setting in the source code...it isn't in the system-settings like I thought it would be.21:36
viddyeah...you might want to review the code for wicd too21:37
viddill brb21:37
th0rvidd: don't have much time left to play with this...only found the following one line about autoconnect in src/nm-device-wifi.c21:46
th0rvidd: if (!nm_setting_connection_get_autoconnect (s_con))21:47
th0rwill play with it as time permits. Thanks for letting me bounce some ideas off you21:47
ProcrasticusHey people, in a bit of a spot concerning an extremely old video card and Xubuntu. Anybody think they can help?22:59
durtProcrasticus, just ask the question.23:02
ProcrasticusWell, alright. I suppose I was prefacing myself in the event nobody was even around. Anyhoo, I've got a Cirrus Logic GD 5446 video board in this really old computer, and I'd like to get a driver for it. So far, though, I haven't been able to find one--I tried google and the ubuntu forums, and I just can't come up with a driver.23:05
ProcrasticusIf a driver specific for this card is unavailable, are there any alternatives I can try to use?23:05
cody-somervilleProcrasticus, Linux isn't like Windows23:10
ProcrasticusBoy do I know that23:10
cody-somervilleProcrasticus, Generally you don't need to go out and find drivers23:10
cody-somervilleProcrasticus, The best driver is automatically selected (usually).23:10
ProcrasticusOh, well that's good23:10
ProcrasticusIt seems as though whatever was picked for use in this installation isn't actually the best, though-- I'm completely incapable of watching video here, but have no trouble doing so from live discs like Knoppix and Puppy23:12
ProcrasticusAre there any reasons why this would be the case besides a different, less effective driver?23:13
cody-somervilleProcrasticus, Can you pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log?23:22
ProcrasticusI'm sorry, heh, how can I bring that up? I suppose it's obvious, but I've really got almost no idea what I'm doing. I know to use the terminal, though.23:23
Procrasticusoh, wait, I think I can get to it without that. Hold on, please.23:24
ProcrasticusOkay, here you are. http://pastebin.com/d4949cd223:29
cody-somervilleProcrasticus, So what exactly is "wrong"?23:36
ProcrasticusWell, the biggest issue is that of functioning video23:37
Procrasticusspecifically, I have none. Using the built-in media player, I cannot watch video--it displays the first frame of the footage and though it begins to play, nothing happens on screen. Since the exact same file works from within the Puppy Linux or Knoppix Live CDs, I know my video card can handle it, so I assumed that my issue here in Xubuntu is caused by a poor driver.23:40
cody-somervilleProcrasticus, This has nothing to do with your video driver23:40
cody-somervilleIt most likely has to do with video codecs23:40
cody-somervilleYou need to install the xubuntu-restricted-extras package23:40
ProcrasticusHmm, well, alright. How do I do that?23:41
cody-somervilleProcrasticus, Via Add/Remove23:42
ProcrasticusI expect I just input  xubuntu-restricted-extras into the search box, then add it to the system?23:43
cody-somervilleProcrasticus, Yup.23:49
ProcrasticusI got a result for a graphical user interface addon to ffmpeg. Is that what I was supposed to get?23:50
cody-somervillemmm... Do you see the drop down menu next to "Show:"?23:53
cody-somervilleEnsure you've selected All available applications23:54
jreyes33hello, I need help with my boot up in xubuntu 9.04. It stops at about 10% and shows message: Loading manual drivers23:57

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