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MacSlowGreetings everyone!08:24
macvrhi... does anyone know what a bug state is , when it is "TRIAGED"?12:02
macvris it under-consideration or being worked upon?12:03
SiDiit means it has enough information for devs to take care of12:03
SiDiit's identified and fixable, just needs some developer love12:03
macvrSiDi: because of you now MacSlow aint notifying when he is out for lunch! :P12:08
SiDihe's out of food maybe :o12:09
SiDifilling a critical bug against the lack of food in #ayatana, brb12:09
MacSlowmacvr, I will after the screencast of the day :)12:13
macvrah , was just about to request the link :)12:14
SiDiblue icon ?12:16
MacSlowSiDi, there is not blue icon12:16
MacSlowSiDi, if you refer to the top12:16
SiDii meant the volume muted icon12:17
SiDiits blue instead of red12:17
SiDidamn, looks sexy with compiz12:17
MacSlowthat's the "help us debug wrongly tagged notification-urgency-levels"-bar12:17
SiDii wish there was a way to get compiz + xfwm :|12:17
MacSlowSiDi, it's red not blue12:17
SiDiMacSlow: i mean (but maybe my player screws colours) that the notification-audio-mute icon is white n blue instead of white n red12:17
macvrSiDi: is color blind :P12:18
SiDithat'd be worrying for someone always in #ubuntu-artwork12:18
macvrMacSlow: is there anyway to have bold letters in the second[body] line?12:19
SiDino :)12:19
SiDiIs that _red_ ?12:20
MacSlowmacvr, no12:20
MacSlowmacvr, no formatting in body-text12:20
macvrMacSlow:  are you having plans for allowing formatting?12:20
MacSlowSiDi, gee your mplayer looks f**ked up12:20
macvrSiDi: all the colors are messed up!12:20
SiDiits Totem12:21
SiDii got the same when watching in FF12:21
SiDii suggest you check your ogg :|12:21
macvrthe top bar is actually blue!12:21
MacSlowmacvr, no... the design-decision in terms of visual guidelines says no to formatting in the body-text12:21
MacSlowmacvr, "less is more" :)12:21
macvrMacSlow: i understand that... but there is a problem when allowing mails notifications via notify-osd...12:22
SiDimacvr: thats why you should use indicator-applet instead :]12:22
macvrother than the top line... rest ends up looking line a paragrapg12:22
macvrSiDi: thunderbird, not yet supported!12:22
MacSlowmacvr, according to the jaunty-notification guidelines, apps wanting to seamlessly (also visually) integrate should step back from doing any too funky stuff with text-layout and formatting12:23
SiDicode it then12:23
SiDiffs :p12:23
MacSlowmacvr, you can always hack it if you want12:24
MacSlowmacvr, it's opensource you know :)12:24
macvrMacSlow: i tried looking into it..  12:24
SiDii think macvr is not much of a dev :p12:25
MacSlowmacvr, you do know these resources here? -> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NotificationDevelopmentGuidelines https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NotificationDesignGuidelines12:25
macvrMacSlow: but not doing it with formatting , looks bad for the mail notifications alone... anyway... its just me i guess!12:25
SiDiMacSlow: when will indicator applet guidelines be available btw ?12:25
MacSlowmacvr, well don't forget notifications are not meant to present "essays" of text to the use :)12:26
macvrMacSlow: i have seen the guidelines already... but thought that mail could be allowed this...12:26
MacSlowSiDi, I can't tell... I'm not involved in that effort12:26
SiDimacvr: if thunderbird is kept for karmic and if xfce-indicator-applet behaves nicely, i might try to code a thunderbird plugin :P12:26
SiDibut thats very hypothetical12:26
SiDi(kept in xubuntu *)12:26
MacSlowgee... NotificationDevelopmentGuidelines needs updates badly *sigh*12:27
SiDiI think i once sent you a mail about it, MacSlow 12:27
macvrMacSlow: oh pls... thunderbird plugin :12:27
SiDilike a few months ago :D12:27
SiDimacvr: Canonical doesnt provide support for Thunderbird :)12:27
macvrMacSlow:  its not essays, the problem arises when several mails arrive... then all the mails subjects look line a paragraph... its not able to set the lines apart...12:28
* MacSlow dodges that elegantly by ... -> lunch12:28
macvrMacSlow: or it there a way to and line spaces?12:28
SiDimacvr: yes12:29
SiDiJust actually insert a line :)12:29
macvrSiDi: 12:29
SiDiif you have a \n in the string you send, it'll turn into a line12:30
SiDi(in c, of course, not with notify-send)12:30
macvri tried editing the thunderbird xpi... 12:30
macvri meant adding a blank line 12:31
macvrthe /n12:31
MacSlowmacvr, bzr branch lp:notify-osd ; cd notify-osd/examples; there look at hm... icon-summay-body.py12:31
macvrMacSlow: thanx..12:31
SiDia \n, not a /n12:32
SiDiMacSlow: btw is there a way in ./configure to explicitely say i dont wanna build the examples' exes ?12:32
SiDiEach time it cries about the fact i dont have gmcs12:32
MacSlowSiDi, no... not atm... I need to fix that though12:33
macvrSiDi: that was my typo...!12:33
macvrSiDi: could you have a look at this? > http://filebin.ca/complete.php?id=4a3b78fcd2fc6 this is from the thunderbird xpi ... i had this tweaked , but i want to add a blank line after every subject...12:41
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seelehow do i assign stuff to hundredpapercuts?19:30
seelewhen i got to a bug page and click on Choose for Assigned to, the project doesnt show up when i search for it19:30
SiDiAlso affects project19:31
SiDimake sure its a paper cut, too19:31
seelethanks for the info19:33
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