lifelessvery much so00:01
pooliehello jelmer00:05
poolieand lifeless and gary00:05
pooliejelmer: when you use bzr-svn on a svn repo that's had changes merged from a branch into trunk00:08
lifelessjelmer: not all bugs need tags :P00:08
pooliewill bzr see the history of changes to a file on the branch before they're merged in?00:08
jelmerhi poolie00:09
jelmerpoolie: In what context?00:09
jelmerlifeless: It's so easy to add them now I'm trying to add some that seem relevant when possible00:10
jelmerlifeless: I find them useful when looking for dupes00:10
pooliei think it's worth adding tags about proportional to the frequency you use them00:10
pooliei didn't use them much previously, now they're a bit useful00:10
pooliejelmer, well if you run log or annotate within bzr for example00:11
pooliethe specific case was00:11
jelmerbeing able to edit them without having to go to a different page makes them a lot more useful00:11
poolie> 1. import /trunk/foo.txt00:11
poolie> 2. branch /trunk to /branches/mybranch00:11
poolie> 3. edit /mybranch/foo.txt00:11
poolie> 4. merge /mybranch to /trunk00:11
pooliewill bzr see step 3?00:11
lifelessjelmer: I think tags that are reused a lot are great00:12
jelmerpoolie: depends on how (4) was done00:12
jelmerpoolie: if it was a merge done using bzr and pushed using bzr-svn, then bzr will see it00:12
mwhudsonjml: is bzr 1.16 in any ppa yet?00:12
jelmerpoolie: otherwise, it won't, even with svn 1.5 (since it only supports tracking cherrypick merges, not "full" merges)00:12
lifelessjelmer: but when there are few bugs for that tag its no better than searching00:13
jelmerlifeless: right00:13
pooliemwhudson: "apt-cache madison bzr"00:14
pooliewell, assuming you have them all added00:14
lifelesspoolie: rmadison bzr00:15
lifelessoh damn00:15
lifelessrmadison should be able to query ppa00:15
pooliewhat's rmadison?00:15
mwhudsonseems not00:15
poolieremote madison?00:15
lifelessqueries lp/debian00:15
lifelessrmadison -u debian bzr00:16
pooliejelmer: in the mail i have, the person asserts that svn can follow the distory of that file00:17
pooliemaybe because it didn't exist on trunk at all before the merge?00:17
poolieso svn just represented it as a copy (speculating)00:18
pooliein that case i think bzr-svn will track it?00:18
lifelessspiv: ping00:20
pooliewhere should we put the ppa debs?00:20
pooliei guess we could manually maintain an archive somewhere...00:20
jelmerpoolie: svn would be able to see which revisions have been cherrypicked onto trunk00:21
jelmerpoolie: but bzr isn't able to deal with cherrypicks, so bzr-svn ignores that data00:21
jelmerpoolie: it could do analysis to see if a range of merged revisions is a "full" merge and then add the appropriate parents, but I'm worried about the performance of that analysis if it has to be done for each revision and it seems like it'd just be a stopgap until proper cherrypicking tracking is in place00:22
garyvdmHi poolie00:30
pooliespiv, any ideas about bug 389087?00:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 389087 in bzr "ErrorFromSmartServer: Error received from smart server: ('error', "Absent factory for ..." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38908700:33
lifelessjml: mwhudson: thumper: is https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/372881 still affecting you ?00:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 372881 in bzr "RevisionNotPresent in insert_record_stream - bzr cannot branch from rocketfuel" [Critical,Confirmed]00:35
jmllifeless, I couldn't say.00:37
mwhudsonlifeless: haven't heard anyone complain about it for a while00:38
jrwrenjam: i'm back to where I was at 16:45 EDT.  what is this trace class of which you speak for me to trace.mutter ?00:39
jrwrennvm, google first.00:40
thumperlifeless: not me personally00:40
jrwrenwill mutter messages always been output to STDOUT or STDERR?00:48
jelmerjrwren: only to ~/.bzr.log afaik00:49
RenatoSilvaIf I have two different features to implement and propose for merging, should I use one branch for each one, or one single branch?00:49
jrwreni don't have that file, do I need to touch it?00:50
jrwrenor maybe on windows it goes to that APPDATA place?00:50
Peng_RenatoSilva: Two branches, if it makes sense. Obviously, if one depends on the other, that'd be harder.00:50
Peng_Could still use looms, I suppose.00:50
RenatoSilvaPeng_: the problem is that the branch is a bzr plugin, and I'm using both modifications locally. They don't rely on each other, but I do reply on both of them :)00:51
RenatoSilvaPeng_: maybe I could have 3 branches locally, 2 of them for development, and one for local use. I would merge the 2 branches into the thrid one once in a while. How about it?00:53
Peng_RenatoSilva: Sure.00:54
RenatoSilvaok, thanks00:54
spivlifeless: pong01:01
lifelessnetwork deltas01:02
lifelessI'm blocked on check, and picking the next thing to do01:02
ebroderHow do people usually submit one-line patches to LP projects? Branch it and request a merge? Just file an LP bug?01:03
=== ddaa1 is now known as ddaa
lifeless#launchpad might have a better answer; I'd say branch and submit a merge (without doing that its rather hard to test :P)01:04
lifelessbut if its just a typo or something, sure  abug with a diff inline01:04
* ebroder nods01:05
lifelesswhatever gets the devs attention and is appropriate for the ammount of work really01:05
ebroder*shrug* I'm used to the amount of prep work for a fix being disproportional to the fix itself :)01:05
spivpoolie: regarding that AbsentContentFactory bug, it's almost certainly a dupe of 354036, those are both stacked branches that were created before
spiv(and I see it's already been marked as a dupe)01:06
lifelessspiv: 'network deltas' wass in reply to your pong01:07
pooliespiv, lifeless, thanks, i thought it probably was01:10
lifelesspoolie: 'bzr info <branch>' is a fast way to check if branches are stacked01:10
spivlifeless: network deltas would be great to do, I still haven't got to them :(01:11
poolielifeless: i know, why?01:13
pooliei mean, why do you mention that?01:13
lifelesspoolie: just seemed like the time to handoff that bug was about the same as doing a quick check and duping01:14
RenatoSilvaPeng_: optionally, I can merge the 2 branches to the 3rd one, and keep the merge uncommitted. When I have new changes in the 2 branches, I just bzr revert and merge again. I think it's the easiest way...01:16
lifelesspoolie: it was just a though01:17
poolieif you actually mean to say "checking that it's stacked is a 100% reliable way to know it's a dupe" then that i didn't know01:17
poolieand i'm not sure i believe it01:17
lifelesspoolie: its extremely high probability. In this particular case I know 100% that the current branch was a dupe, because I ran the fixer and it found missing inventories.01:18
lifelesspoolie: the lp-code people have not yet run the fixer across launchpad stacked branches01:18
RenatoSilvahumm I can't merge twice without commiting the first merge :(01:18
lifelessRenatoSilva: you can by passing --force to merge; but its unusual to do this.01:18
pooliejam, are you still around? want to talk sometime?01:19
RenatoSilvalifeless: I'm afraidn you're following the discussion, but I think it's a good solution in my case, I'll try --force, thanks!01:19
lifelessI did follow it.01:20
RenatoSilvalifeless: ok01:20
AfCIs there a technical reason why the text metadata in a bundle all has to come at the beginning, _above_ the patch? Could we not have a one or so line header01:21
RenatoSilvathe 3rd branch is read-only01:21
AfC# Bazaar merge directive format 3 (Bazaar 1.17)01:21
AfCand then the patch01:21
AfCand then the revision id crap?01:22
AfCor better yet,01:22
poolieAfC: probably not a good reason01:22
pooliepossibly showing the target branch there is useful01:22
lifelessRenatoSilva: that doesn't make a difference AFAICT01:22
lifelessRenatoSilva: doing merge,commit,merge,commit and merge,merge--force,commit is not altered by the read state of the third branch01:23
AfCpoolie: oh, still showing it (if necessary) but down below, after the patch, above the base64 [or whatever] blob of data01:23
pooliejam, nice work on bug 34599801:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 345998 in bzr "MYSQL/BZR P3: Python-based Windows installers are not available for python2.6" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34599801:23
RenatoSilvalifeless: I mean that I won`t deliver the 3rd patch01:24
RenatoSilvalifeless: If I want to change something, I will do it in the other branches01:24
RenatoSilvalifeless: s/3rd patch/3rd branch01:25
lamontlifeless: how soon do you think 1.16 will be released?  (as in installable on an ubuntu box)01:35
=== abentley1 is now known as abentley
lifelesslamont: PPA should be up shortly01:37
lifelessjohnf is reasonably prompt01:37
lifelesshe offers a two day SLA01:38
lifelessbut - 1.16rc1 is pretty close to 1.16.01:38
lamontactually, there's a 1.16-1 in debian, I assume that should just work, no?01:38
lifelessand thats alrady in the ppa01:38
lifelessI'd expect so,yes01:38
lifelessjust get it synced()01:38
lamontlifeless: I'm pretty sure you know why I'm asking, and what the rules are for me to live within.01:38
lifelesslamont: wasn't, but just noticed now.01:39
lifelessjam: are you still around at all?01:44
lifelessjelmer: help me understand https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/38607901:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 386079 in bzr "bzr-svn throwing procedure entry point errors" [Critical,Confirmed]01:46
jelmerlifeless: as far as I've understood it the problem is that if there's other svn dlls in directories in PATH those get used rather than the DLLs that subvertpy was linked against01:49
jelmerlifeless: so it's probably not important enough to be critical, but John would be better able to tell you01:51
garyvdmlifeless: I got my widget to load lazily :-) And so for working trees, I only create copies of items that are shown.01:57
lifelessjames_w: if you're around, is there a good link on bzr packaging at the moment?01:59
lamontlifeless: in the painful case, it's a merge of the diffs in 1.15->1.15-x to s/5/6/g02:00
lifelessthere are diffs?02:00
lamontwhich is part of why I got out of that business02:00
lamontapt-get source is your friend02:01
lamontsome of them are only a diff in debian/changelog02:01
lamontothers have debian/control and debian/rules changes02:01
lamontothers... well, ISTR one setup.py patch one time02:01
pooliejml, lamont suggests not doing the announcement mail until we have installers for say ubuntu and windows at least02:02
poolieinteresting idea02:02
lifelessI don't like it02:03
lifelessbecause redhat + bsd + suse etc02:03
lifelessunless we want to take responsibility for building all of them too02:04
lamontlifeless: I do.  makes it get done before I get the privilege of explaining that it's not out to people who think I should install it NAO02:04
lamontlifeless: you could block on $everyplatform - that'd be more software industry standard02:04
jmlpoolie, for that to work & still have time-based releases, building those installers would have to be the RM's job, I think.02:04
lifelesslamont: the people in question should know better :)02:04
pooliewell, making sure that someone builds it02:04
jmlpoolie, which would mean that building those installers would have to be as easy as falling off a log.02:05
poolieit tends to make the RM's job bigger02:05
thumperif I have a light weight checkout, can I just switch the underlying repository format under it?02:05
pooliewhich is undesirable02:05
pooliethumper: probably yes02:05
lifelessthumper: yes02:05
thumpermove my packs repo out of the way, move 2a in and have it work02:05
jmlpoolie, making sure someone builds it drags out the process further, because of hand-offs & TZ issues.02:05
lifelessactually 'no'02:05
lifelessthumper: the root data in the dirstate will be invalid02:05
thumperlifeless: why?02:05
lifelessof course, its likely that I've just realised that 'bzr upgrade' has a critical bug with respect to rich root changes02:06
lifelessthumper: recreate the tree02:08
lifelessthumper: you should do this for all trees when you upgrade the repo across a model change (non-rich-root to rich-root)02:08
lamontlifeless: if the announcement said "we'll have binaries shortly" or some such, that'd help.02:09
pooliei think it normally does02:09
lamontright now, if I go to bazaar-vcs.org and click on what appears to be the link to go get ubuntu install info for 1.16, I get.... 1.15-102:09
lamontwhich is kinda confusing to a newbie02:09
pooliewhich link?02:09
lamontDownloads and installation instructions02:10
lamontthen  02:10
lamontppa repository,02:10
lamontdownloads and install being a link under 1.1602:10
lamontwhich, of course is one of 2 ways that I check to see if it's out already.02:12
lamontthe other being apt-get update; apt-get showsrc bzr | grep Version02:12
thumperlifeless: branching from my server to my laptop where both repos are 2a over bzr+ssh I'm getting CPU maxing on the server, and very little network traffic02:13
thumperlifeless: fetching revisions02:13
lifelessthumper: is it an initial branch?02:14
lifelessthumper: that is, is the target repo empty?02:14
lamontanyway, family time gluing a floor down.  later.02:14
thumperlifeless: yes02:14
lifelessciao lamont02:14
lifelessbug 38826902:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 388269 in bzr "getting a branch into an empty shared repository takes a long time to figure out revisions to send" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38826902:15
* thumper nods02:15
thumperwe probably want this fixed before everyone tries to grab LP :)02:16
lifelessnot going to happen02:17
lifelesstheres a bunch of stuff we /have/ to get done which if we don't things will be consistently bad much more often02:17
lifelessand you have a fixed date for the LP code; I don't see us getting through everything for 2 before then; *if* we do then perhaps - but this isn't a regression02:18
lifelessits been like this for a long time, and the LP code base is no worse than mysql's, AFAIK02:18
Peng_lifeless: ...I totally didn't know about merge --force. I'll have to remember that!02:33
lifelessigc1: ping03:20
lifelessjelmer: hi03:22
lifelessjelmer: I have a small request for you while you are touching bugs03:22
ahnI'm new to bzr and am trying to figure out a way to merge converted repositories.03:22
Peng_ahn: What exactly do you mean?03:22
lifelessjelmer: as you qualify as a dev, perhaps you could try to move the bug forward a step at the same time?03:23
ahnI have a bzr repository A, which is a conversion from CVS with full history, that includes versions from say 2000-2005.03:23
ahnI have a bzr repository B, which a conversion from darcs with full history, that includes version from say 2006-2009.03:23
ahnI'd like to know if there is a way to essentially "concatenate" the two repositories so that the histories are in series.03:23
lifelessjelmer: specifically, after you touch it, it should be either incomplete needing more info, waiting for someone more knowledgable than you to comment/analyse, or ready-to-code.03:24
lifelessjelmer: ^ not a requirement, but if you can, its actually more useful than merely categorising many bugs to do that to a smaller number of bugs03:24
lifelessahn: what you may find works best is to export B as a fast-export and use fast-import to append it to A03:25
ahnlifeless: fast-import appends to an existing repository while preserving full history?03:25
lifelessI'm fairly sure it can03:26
lifelessof course, work on a backup until you've got the process tuned for you03:26
lifelessfast-export and fast-import are in the bzr-fast-import plugin03:26
ahnI will investigate, thanks.03:26
=== mark|autoconnect is now known as mm-mysql
Peng_jelmer: FYI, you had a revision of bzr-rebase's trunk that marked it as compatible with bzr 1.16 and 1.17, but it's been replaced by the 0.5.1 release.03:47
treeformi am trying to get another project member using bzr04:34
treeformhe he is running into all sort of porblems like this04:34
lifelesstreeform: use a newer version, that bug was fixed04:34
treeformlifeless: thanks!04:35
treeformlifeless: hmm there is no 1.1.6 windows build yet04:36
lifelessshould be a 1.15.x one though04:37
treeformno they got new on up in another place04:37
jmlhttps://edge.launchpad.net/bzr/1.16/1.16 has windows builds04:38
treeformbut its not main link at the site04:38
=== igc1 is now known as igc
igchi all04:40
igcpong lifeless04:40
treeformsup igc04:40
lifelessigc: iter_changes; are you blocked/its on the shelf/its all done vis-a-vis commit?04:41
lifelessigc: if its on the shelf I may do it next week04:41
jmltreeform, is now :)04:42
igclifeless, it's on the shelf for at least a few more days04:42
jml(yay wikis)04:42
igcigc: if you got to it, that would be really great04:42
igclifeless: ^^04:42
lifelessigc: ok. Monday I'll page it in and make a call about doing it/not.04:42
treeformjml: i love open source :)04:42
igclifeless: sweet. I did put a fair amount into it but nothing beyond my initial terrible-to-ok-but-not-great patch that's worth sharing04:43
lifelessigc: kk04:43
treeform"bzr: ERROR: Unable to look up default port for ssh" ?04:49
treeformhmm its 20 or 22?04:49
treeformshould bzr know that?04:50
treeform22 wins!04:50
lifelessnever seen that error before04:50
lifelessyou might like to file a bug04:50
treeformi think his problem is that04:51
treeformhe cant break lock04:51
treeformbecause of this stupid ssh error04:51
treeformand he cant rebind04:51
treeformbecause of the stupid lock04:51
lifelessif you run with -Derror you will get a backtrace that may help debugging04:51
treeformis there a way to break lock manually?04:52
lifelessI'm not sure why you have a lock that needs breaking anyway04:52
lifelessthat should be very rare04:52
spivtreeform: have you tried "bzr break-lock bzr+ssh://host:22/..." ?04:52
treeformthere is no lock on the server04:52
treeformits local04:52
treeformi ran bzr break-lock on the server04:52
treeformnothing cameup04:52
lifelessrun bzr unbind; bzr break-lock; bzr bind04:53
spivAlso, maybe your %SYSTEMROOT%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Services04:54
spivneeds fixing?04:54
spiv(that's just a wild guess, though)04:54
lifelessthe backtrace will tell us04:54
treeformhow to disable default bzr-tortouze stuff on windows?04:56
treeformhis computer is lagging like hell because of it04:56
lifelesstreeform: I'm not sure05:38
treeformi think i found it05:44
RenatoSilvaany bzr-eclipse folk here?06:33
johnjosephbachirhey folks06:42
johnjosephbachirworkflow question: i'm working on some code, i want to merge in upstream changes. i get the message "ERROR: Working tree "blah blah/" has uncommitted changes"06:43
johnjosephbachirwhat are my reasonable options here?06:43
lifelesseither commit before merging, or shelve before merging06:43
lifelessmerging changes your tree and then you need to commit what you merged06:44
johnjosephbachirwhat i want to do, is bring in the new changes, and then carry on with what i was doing.06:45
johnjosephbachirto do that, do i shelve, merge, unshelve?06:45
lifelessshelve; merge; commit; unshelve06:45
lifelesscommit; merge; commit06:45
lifelessdepending on whether you have reached a suitable point to commit your own changes06:46
johnjosephbachiryeah, i haven't06:46
johnjosephbachirokay, i just did bzr shelve, and then y y y y06:47
johnjosephbachirbut bzr status still shows modified files06:47
johnjosephbachirdo i need to manually rever them?06:47
johnjosephbachirby manually i mean, explicitely, with bzr06:47
johnjosephbachirand/or: won't merge still complain?06:47
lifeless'bzr shelve --all' should save everything such that 'bzr st' will show no changes06:48
lifelessif it doesn't, what bzr version are you using?06:48
johnjosephbachir--all did it06:53
johnjosephbachiri wonder if i was hitting y / return so fast that it missed a couple ys06:53
lifelessjohnjosephbachir: I'd say so ;)06:55
ttyTypehi people06:55
ttyTypemy kitteh just managed to catapult my spoon out of my cereal bowl, so my monotor was covered in soy milk spatter06:55
ttyType(it's a lappy)06:55
ttyTypeit looked like someone has been looking at pr0n06:56
=== ttyType is now known as bizarrefish
poolieanyone want to comment on the proposed phrasing in bug 346677?07:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 346677 in bzr "message about launchpad-login is confusing" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34667707:19
spivpoolie: commented07:41
pooliethanks spiv08:27
=== mthaddon is now known as afk
treeformhmm lifeless, jml  windows bzr just not working for us... the guy i was working with gave up08:39
jmltreeform, that sucks.08:40
treeformi dont know what to do08:40
treeformi been using bzr for so long08:40
treeformbut when other people try to use it it just breaks for them08:41
jmltreeform, there's a couple of things I can think of.08:41
treeformpart of the problem might be that the bzr repo is 1GB of data08:42
jmltreeform, the first is look for the failures in Bazaar's bug tracker: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr08:42
treeformand we dont have great network connectsion08:42
treeformso its always a bother pushing this much data around08:42
treeformjml: i have opend some bugz in that list08:43
jmltreeform, although my mental powers are to be greatly feared, they do not extend to mind-reading.08:43
vilahi all08:44
treeformwell what do you want me to do?08:44
jmltreeform, explicitly describing the observed failures is often half the battle.08:44
jmlvila, hi :)08:45
lifelesstreeform: where did you get stuck with your friend?08:45
treeformwhen working with some one who is not verly technical its a real pain08:45
vilajml: hey !08:45
lifelessI'm not really here right now08:45
lifelessbut I'd say08:45
lifelessbe sure they don't run random commands, if they are having trouble flailing will make it worse.08:45
lifelessif bzr gives an error that you don't recognise file a bug etc08:45
treeformwell it started out with sftp08:46
treeformbasically i did an update08:46
treeformit did a repack08:46
treeformand it when redownloading everything08:46
treeformso i say08:46
treeformok lets switch to bzr+ssh08:47
treeformjust kill the update08:47
treeformwhich was running now for 2 hours08:47
treeformso he broke it08:47
treeformnow lets rebind08:47
treeformits locked08:47
treeformlets break lock08:47
treeformcant break lock08:47
treeformthen you guys suggested to update08:47
treeformok we update08:47
treeformstill cant break lock08:47
treeformbecause now we cant ssh08:48
treeformso another thing broke during update08:48
treeformon the other hand i cant really blame bzr08:48
treeformbecause its turning more into people problem then a software problem08:48
treeform--- end of rant --- sorry08:48
* igc dinner09:05
jmltreeform, the situation certainly sounds complex.09:17
jmltreeform, maybe sending an email to the bazaar list is your best bet.09:17
treeformbzr is being blamed for making computer run really really slow09:18
treeformit can be a virus09:18
treeformhe is uninstalling to conform09:18
=== jtv1 is now known as jtv
jtvjml: more bzrlib complications...  I think I need to get a trans-id for a directory in my revision tree.10:09
jtvI know how to get its id, but not its trans id.10:09
lifelessdoesn't exist10:11
lifelesstrans-ids only exist during a tree transform, they are transient10:11
lifelesswhy do you think you need it10:11
jtvlifeless: nm, I've got it now, from the transform preview.10:16
jtvlifeless: this is still for the direct-commit-to-branch stuff.10:16
pooliespiv, lifeless, bug 389413 is strange10:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 389413 in bzr "ObjectNotLocked: _KnitGraphIndex(CombinedGraphIndex()) is not locked running diff across hpss" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38941310:56
poolieis that a dupe maybe?10:57
lifelesspoolie: are you burning out? logoff :)10:57
pooliemm, why?10:57
poolieshould i know what it is?10:57
spivI think he's saying it's nearly 8pm :)10:57
lifelessno, uhm have you seen Jono's talk on burnout?10:57
spiv(I'm certainly about to logoff...)10:58
pooliei believe it is that time in the northern suburbs too :)10:58
pooliei am too actually10:58
pooliei'm staying on because i'm enjoying it10:58
lifelessI'm online, but doing personal stuff10:58
spivpoolie: if it's a recent regression, the traceback suggests it may be fallout from my get_rev_id_for_revno patch.11:00
pooliemm i thought so11:01
spivIn which case I'd guess cmd_diff isn't locking early enough...11:01
poolieit should go without saying you don't need to fix it tonight :)11:01
pooliei was just wondering11:01
poolieotoh launchpad seems pretty fast after the 1.16 rollout11:02
spivYeah, I won't fix it tonight :)11:03
spivcmd_diff isn't exactly trivial ;)11:03
spivWell, it is, but the helper it calls isn't...11:03
spivG'night all :)11:05
lifelessspiv: more likely a remote.py bug11:06
lifelessunless its using --old or something11:06
spivlifeless: maybe, either way it's my fault ;)11:06
lifeless:P just trying to aim things :)11:07
lifelessas pack_repo is very strict on locks itself11:07
poolieok, good night11:11
vxnickhi guys - I'm getting the following error when trying to commit: bzr: ERROR: No such file: '/home/vxnick/bzr/repo_name/trunk/.bzr/branch/last-revision': [Errno 2] No such file. This happened after I had to break-lock because bzr commit was hanging11:25
vxnickthis is also a remote repo11:26
lifelessyou shouldn't ever need to break-lock11:26
lifelessunless bzr advises you to11:26
lifelesshave a look in that directory, see if there is a last-revision.* - some sort of tem file11:27
vxnickyeah there is11:27
vxnickthere's two - one with a prefix of tmp and one with a suffix of tmp11:28
lifelesscheck the datestamps11:28
lifelessand/or the contents11:28
lifelessone will will have higher revno and be newer11:28
lifelessrename that to last-revision11:28
lifelesswhy did you think commit had hung?11:28
vxnickI think my connection to the server was dodgy11:29
vxnickit took 6 minutes to commit a couple of lines11:29
lifelessare you using sftp ?11:29
lifelessok, that could explain it; with sftp we cannot do atomic operations so we emulate11:29
vxnickI've been looking at using the bzr server but am unsure as to how stable it is atm11:30
lifelessthat should be the only oddity you'll have; if you can use bzr+ssh it will be faster and more robust11:30
lifelesswe're still evolving it but as a user you shouldn't notice that.11:30
vxnickis "bzr serve" the same as SmartServer?11:31
lifelessyou can just install bzr on the server11:31
lifelessand then replace sftp with bzr in your urls11:31
vxnickI need to use ~/.bazaar/authentication.conf for the server don't I?11:31
lifelessunless you have /~/ in your url, in which case you need to change that to an absolute path11:31
fullermdITYM "with bzr+ssh".11:31
lifelesssorry, as fullermd says, with 'bzr+ssh'11:31
lifelessvxnick: no, it uses ssh, same as sftp11:32
lifelessvxnick: there should be no need to change anything else.11:32
fullermdvxnick: The smart server actually has 3 different interfaces, but you can ignore two of them and just use bzr+ssh (no need to config anything on the server beyond having bzr installed and in $PATH)11:33
vxnickit's more efficient than using sftp right?11:33
fullermdIn general, it's somewhat more efficient.  Occasionally, it's mind-zonkingly more efficient.11:33
vxnicklifeless: thanks for your help with the last-revision, it seems to be working now :)11:35
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vilajam: Pping13:52
vilaerr, ping I meant13:53
ddaaHey. Where can I read about bzr new shiny beta branch format?13:58
ddaa("in the mind of bzr devs, Spock-style" is not an acceptable answer)13:58
viladdaa: ML archives, doc/developers, sources :)14:16
ddaavila: can you give me a single URL?14:17
ddaaI stopped reading the ML eons ago because I want to have other sources of informations and still do something in my day.14:17
viladdaa: bazaar-vcs.org has docs online AFAIR14:17
* LarstiQ has a look14:21
LarstiQddaa: http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/latest/developers/improved_chk_index.html is not what you're looking for I suppose14:22
LarstiQddaa: http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/latest/developers/development-repo.html14:23
ddaadefinitely interesting, I'll put it on my reading list, but a weeeee bit too detailed.14:23
LarstiQand the later one is a bit stingy on details14:23
ddaathe later one appearst to be a process document14:24
ddaanot a technical summary14:24
LarstiQddaa: sorry, at the very end14:25
LarstiQddaa: http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/latest/developers/development-repo.html#format-details14:25
ddaaRight, thanks.14:25
ddaaSo in summary: 1. groupcompress delta 2. CHK inventory store14:26
bialixjam: hi14:27
ddaacould use something intermediate between that and the chk_index spec :)14:27
viladdaa: patches welcome :)14:37
ddaaI'll just wait for the bargraphs14:37
ddaasooner or later jam will generate new ones because they are known to make Mark happy :)14:38
vilabialix: graphics  with bars to show results (sales, performances, etc)14:52
bialixsales... sounds good14:57
LarstiQbialix: the ones jam makes are usually about performance :)15:03
jamhi bialix, ddaa15:03
bialixjam: hi15:04
jamddaa: http://jam-bazaar.blogspot.com/2009/03/brisbane-core.html ?15:04
ddaajam: hi15:04
bialixLarstiQ: vila knows better ;-) I guess15:04
jamvila: pong15:04
ddaajam: thanks, readitlatered15:04
bialixjam: I think the size of imageplugins could be dramatically reduced15:06
bialixI'm just not sure how to write the support for bundling them into bzr.exe15:06
bialixwhat version of PyQt4 you have installed on your build machine?15:06
vilajam: The needds fixing was about gdfo to be declared as long right ?15:06
vilajam: auddenly I had a doubt about 'Needs Fixing' == 'tweak'15:07
jamvila: and generally pyrex improvements15:07
jamvila: which I was willing to work on before we land15:07
vilaha, so I don't submit then ?15:07
jamI have no idea what is "tweak" versus what is "resubmit"15:07
jambialix: I'll check15:08
vilajam: resubmit exists as such...15:08
jamvila: resubmit actually *resubmits* the request15:10
jamas in, start a new merge request15:10
jamnot, "come back later with a new one"15:10
jammore "I updated my branch, here is a resubmitted version"15:10
jambialix: py -c "import PyQt4.QtCore; print PyQt4.QtCore.qVersion()" gives15:10
abentleyjam, there's a bug in reconcile that's affecting mars.  Any chance you can take a look at it? https://pastebin.canonical.com/18735/15:14
jamabentley: I think that is the wrong paste15:15
jamthat is a 'bzr info' one15:15
abentleyjam: Sorry, it's a bit hectic in #launchpad-code today.  https://pastebin.canonical.com/18733/15:15
abentleyjam: We upgraded to the 2a format overnight.15:16
jamabentley: .... the traceback makes no sense15:17
jambuild_details is a dict15:17
jambut "iteritems" is just a method15:17
abentleyjam: could it be a mismatch between the .py and the .pyc?15:17
jamabentley: possibly15:17
jamcertainly _get_components_positions() is used all the time15:18
jamand not just for reconcile15:18
jamI wonder if there might be a bug in the compiled extensions.15:18
jamHe might try without them15:18
jam(at least that random of an error makes me wonder about random memory corruption.)15:18
marshi jam15:26
marsjam, would you be able to tell me how I would go about running bzr without the extensions?15:26
jammars: well, the easiest is to grab a tarball of bzr, extract it into a folder15:43
jamand then run from there15:43
jamwithout running 'make' first15:44
jamyou can just do "~/path/to/bzr reconcile"15:44
jam(we support running directly from the source tree)15:44
jamsorry, I'll be a bit in and out for the next couple of hours15:44
marsjam, ok, I'll give that a try15:45
vilajam: if you intend to work on it, be sure to grab the latest from lp:~vila/bzr/gdfo-heads/15:46
jammars: As an added bonus, that makes it easier for us to tweak things and see what works15:46
jamif it *does* work that way15:46
jamthen try running "make"15:46
jammars: (first copy your repo)15:46
jamand see if "bzr reconcile" breaks after "make"15:46
jam(well, "~/path/to/bzr")15:47
=== afk is now known as mthaddon
vilaOook ?15:56
vilaabentley:     from bzrlib.plugins.bzrtools.tests import test_fetch_ghosts15:57
vilaImportError: cannot import name test_fetch_ghosts15:57
vilaabentley: I was so sure you fixed that 8-/15:57
abentleyvila: Should be there as of revno 70915:58
marsabentley, before running the bzr reconcile, should I reset the repository state?  Perhaps by copying backup.bzr to .bzr, or something similar?15:58
abentleymars: I'm not clear whether reconcile creates backup.bzr16:00
vilaabentley: eeerk ! system-wide plugin ! Sorry for the noise16:00
marsabentley, ah, right, it could have been the 1.6 upgrade16:00
abentleyvila: np16:00
visik7a question16:42
visik7if A commit to revision 1 than B commit to revision 2 than A modify a file and update to rev 216:43
visik7does the file get a conflict ?16:43
marshmm.  if bzr reconcile runs the disk out of space, it doesn't clean up after itself after aborting, thus cleaning up the space it used :(16:45
luksvisik7: that depends on the changes16:47
visik7luks: in which sense ?16:48
luksvisik7: they might conflict or not :)16:48
luksif they change the same code in a different way, it will report a conflict16:48
luksbut if they change e.g. different function, it will not16:49
visik7no wait16:53
visik7A put a revision 116:53
visik7with 2 files16:53
visik7for example with main.c and functions.c16:54
visik7B commit rev 216:54
visik7modifying file function.c16:54
visik7now A modify main.c16:54
visik7and before commit he run an update16:54
visik7the conflict should not happen, right ?16:55
visik7ok now I'm going to check why it had happen16:57
marsabentley, found a new bzr reconcile issue using the tarball, san-extensions, as jam suggested: SHA1KnitCorrupt: https://pastebin.canonical.com/18752/17:05
abentleymars: I'm not sure what to do about that.17:07
jamabentley: given that this is an inventory, and that it is mismatching the raw content, I'm guessing its our old friend17:08
jaminventories not consistent with inconsistent ghosts17:08
jamit is also failing on the Knit side17:08
jamnot the GC side17:09
jamcertainly that is a different error, but I don't understand why you would ever be getting the first one17:09
jamhmm... maybe in an exception clause, let me check17:09
flacosteI'm trying to move a LP branch from my old repo to a 2a repo18:33
flacosteand i get this error:18:33
flacosteKnitCorrupt: Knit <bzrlib.groupcompress._GCGraphIndex object at 0x7f925da0e510> corrupt: inconsistent details in add_records: ('53507751 66036 91238 118445', ((('01creation.txt-20071122132843-ajpxh023ndwrzebk-2', 'kiko@canonical.com-20080801032521-84uzp66nlpu511ur'), ('01creation.txt-20071122132843-ajpxh023ndwrzebk-2', 'abel.deuring@canonical.com-20090612090543-dz2kjihx7jnbj0f6')),)) ('65 580329 1680183 1707390', ((('01creation.txt-18:33
flacoste20071122132843-ajpxh023ndwrzebk-2', 'abel.deuring@canonical.com-20090612090543-dz2kjihx7jnbj0f6'),),))18:33
flacostei did run bzr reconcile in the old repo beforehand18:34
jamflacoste: weird. for the file "01creation.txt" in a given revision18:43
jamone side claims 2 parents18:43
jamthe other side claims only a single parent18:43
jamboth claim "abel.deuring..." but the first claims "kiko@canonical"...18:44
flacosteunfortunately, i have no idea on why this is happening18:44
jamso... you *do* have inconsistent information for that entry... but I couldn't tell you why18:44
jfroyjelmer: thanks for the two bug fixes18:44
flacostejam: anything i can do about it?18:44
jamflacoste: well, other than cry?18:44
flacostejam: or should I just recreate a new branch and apply a diff?18:44
jamflacoste: how big is the branch?18:45
jamhow important?18:45
flacosteit's trivial to recreat18:45
jamWe can try, but it would take time and effort18:45
flacostenot even a 100 lines18:45
flacostei'm reporting it more as part of the dogfood effort18:45
flacosteand making it a super experience for everyone else18:45
flacostei think it points either to a bug in reconcile18:46
flacosteor in the uprade to 2a18:46
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jelmerjfroy: can you still reproduce bug 269669?19:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 269669 in bzr "Tried to branch a svn checkout on another machine" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26966919:33
jfroyjelmer: I have not seen that bug again19:34
jfroyI doubt I can reproduce it either.19:34
jfroyClosing as invalid.19:34
jelmerjfroy: thanks19:34
jfroyFor the record, Invalid is a lame status :p19:35
jfroyI'd prefer "No to be fixed" or "Works as designed™"19:35
bialixjelmer: did you saw bzr-svn test.log @ win32?19:35
jelmerbialix: no, where was that?19:36
jelmerbialix: thanks19:37
bialixmaybe you need to persuade jam to get tdb bundled into bzr.exe19:38
jelmerI doubt it builds on windows19:39
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johnjosephbachirhow do i view the differences between my local committed code, and the code in the remote repo to which i push?20:13
=== Kissaki^0ff is now known as Kissaki
beunojohnjosephbachir, I use:  bzr send REMOTE_BRANCH -o review.diff20:14
johnjosephbachirbeuno: muy bueno, thanks, i'll read the docs on send and the -o flag20:14
dashhm, i think the other way is "bzr diff -rsubmit:"20:15
bialixbzr diff -rbranch::push20:21
dashhah, ok. I didn't know about :push20:22
bialixthere is a few of them20:23
bialix:parent, :submit20:23
bialixI'm not sure where these aliases actually documented20:23
bialixbut I'd stick to beuno reciepe20:24
fullermdI'm pretty sure they're not.20:25
jskulskihey I'm using bzr-svn to work with a svn repository (initially i bzr branch file://var/svn..) now I am trying to get updates from that repository, bzr update says i am updated, bzr pull and merge fail saying I have uncommited changes20:25
jskulskican anyone give me some direction20:26
dash'bzr update' just makes sure your working tree is in sync with your local branch20:26
bialixlook what `bzr status` says20:27
dashjskulski: you can't bring in new changes from a remote branch (your svn repo) if you have uncommited changes to your working copy20:27
Takwhat? since when?20:27
dashjskulski: what I usually do in that case is 'bzr shelve' if it's changes I want to keep20:27
jskulskidash is that just part of the bzr workflow? (I am new to bzr and DVCS in generall)20:27
jskulskibialix i have a few unknown files and one modified20:27
bialixdash: I think pull should work even if you have uncommitted changes20:27
dashjskulski: yes20:27
bialixtry bzr pull20:28
bialixbzr pull ~= svn update20:28
Takpull Works For Me when I have uncommitted changes - I do this all the time20:28
dashoh, true. pull works20:28
dashi got confused :)20:28
jskulskii get20:28
jskulskibzr: ERROR: These branches have diverged. Use the merge command to reconcile them.20:28
bialixI suspect this20:29
dashright. so in that case you _do_ need to shelve or commit (or revert) your changes until the merge is done20:29
bialixyou can bzr merge --force20:29
bialixbut better if you to do as dash said20:29
Takif you commit changes, you'll still have to merge20:30
dashwell. no matter what you'd still have to merge20:30
bialixjskulski: you can compare 2 branches with `bzr missing` and you'll see what the difference in histories20:30
jskulskii shelved my changes and bzr merged, it pulled it changes, and unshelved20:32
jskulskithanks bialix Tak dash20:32
bialixit was easy20:32
bialixdash: what it means? (<3)20:33
dashbialix: it is supposed to be a heart shape.20:36
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bialixigc made incredible work with bzr explorer20:39
jfroy_jelmer: do you foresee problems with doing uncommits?20:44
jfroy_on a local branch of a svn branch20:44
fullermdbialix: Oh, BTW, since I got my new workstation up, I finally got to try out qlog.  Pretty nifty.20:44
bialixfullermd: kudos to garyvdm20:45
fullermdI did come across one or two wishlist items...20:46
fullermdI'd like to be able to 'expand all' on the merge revs.20:48
bialixyep, sometimes me too20:48
fullermdAnd maybe set the diff window to default to unidiff mode rather than SxS.20:49
bialixyou can send your feedback to qbzr ml, or file a bugs20:49
bialixqdiff should be controlled via command-line options20:49
bialixor you talking about invoking qdiff from qlog?20:50
fullermdFrom qlog, yah.20:50
bialixbug a file20:51
johnjosephbachirhow can i see the results of bzr revert?20:52
beunojohnjosephbachir, bzr diff20:52
johnjosephbachirbeuno: okay, i'll check that out... but what about, just simply obvserving the basic state of my repo?20:52
johnjosephbachiri.e., what i have reverted back to?20:52
bialixbzr cat?20:53
dash'bzr log -l1' maybe20:53
johnjosephbachirdash: exactly-- that does NOT change after i run revert20:54
dashnot sure i understand the question20:54
bialixjohnjosephbachir: your question is also haha20:54
fullermdjohnjosephbachir: revert doesn't change anything in the branch/repo; it only affects your working tree.20:54
dashyeah i was just thuinking that20:54
fullermdSo it would never affect log or like commands.20:54
johnjosephbachirbzr diff has no output.20:56
bialixanybody knows how can I made good looking screenshot page at http://bazaar-vcs.org/BzrExplorer/Screenshots?20:57
bialixfor some reason moin stretch the images20:57
johnjosephbachirbialix: when you suggested cat, i was hahaing my own ineptness at presenting my question20:58
johnjosephbachirfullermd: after i run revert, how can i then observe the changes that it made to my working tree?20:59
bialixif you revert then you lost your changes20:59
Takbzr time-machine?20:59
dashjohnjosephbachir: are you talking about 'bzr revert -r somerev'?21:00
johnjosephbachirdash: i thought revert went back a changeset at a time with each invocation21:00
fullermdWell, it'll [under some circumstances] make backups of the files it changes named like $FILE.~1~.  That's not necessarily reliable across multiple reverts though, and it doesn't tell you anything about renames etc. that it reverted.21:00
johnjosephbachirTak: lol21:01
dashjohnjosephbachir: with no args, revert just removes existing differences with the branch tip from the WC21:01
johnjosephbachirdash: Oh. Okay. That sounds very subversion-like. for some reason i thought it was different. so revert is still the best way to roll back changesets, right? (with the -r flag)21:02
bialixno, you need uncommit for this21:03
fullermdI think a much more precise definition of "roll back changesets" is needed to answer that...21:03
dashyeah, this is different from svn, 'bzr revert -r X' is equivalent to 'svn up -r X'21:03
johnjosephbachirbialix: fullermd: dash: okay, that clears everything up -- thank you!21:03
fullermdNot exactly it's not...21:04
dashso if you want to create a new revision that undoes the changes of a previous one, sure. 'bzr revert -r X', 'bzr ci'21:04
* bialix nods21:04
dashfullermd: i should have said "analagous to"21:04
dashsince bzr and svn are obviously different. :)21:04
johnjosephbachirbialix: yeah i was thinking of uncommit dash: right, so that is the svn way, but uncommit is the bzr way (more or less)21:05
dashjohnjosephbachir: eeeeh21:05
fullermdBut that doesn't undo [X+1], it commits the state exactly as of X.  So it would undo _any_ changes you made post-X, not just those in [X+1].21:05
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dashjohnjosephbachir: uncommit actually removes commits from your branch21:05
johnjosephbachirdash: yep, that's what i want in this case.21:05
dashjohnjosephbachir: the main use case for that is when you check stuff in, and befor you push, realize you made a mistake21:06
dashif you've already shared this revision with other people, it's often a good idea to not do that. :)21:06
Takhmm, if you uncommit, it tells you the branches diverged when you try to push, doesn't it?21:07
dashTak: if you uncommit stuff that's in the remote branch, yes21:07
bialixpush --overwrite can do magic21:08
dash"do magic" means "break things" ;-)21:08
* fullermd grabs a Dremel and does magic.21:10
bialixthis moinmoin made me crazy21:10
bialixwhat's wrong with my png?21:12
bialixfirefox increase images21:13
johnjosephbachirgrrr. my ports system doesn't have bzrtools up to date for my version of bzr21:15
johnjosephbachirso i can't use clean-tree21:16
fullermdWhich ports system?21:17
bialixinstall by hands, no?21:17
fullermdWhat versions does it have?21:17
johnjosephbachirbzr 1.15, bzrtools 1.1321:18
johnjosephbachiri'm installing from source now... does the main source distribution have bzrtools or do i have to install that separately?21:19
fullermdWell, the quick short solution would be to grab the bzrtools 1.15 tarball and stick it in your ~/.bazaar/plugins/.21:20
fullermdThat saves you from doing any system-wide screwing around.21:20
* fullermd grumbles at the wiki.21:21
johnjosephbachirfullermd: ah okay-- fantastic21:21
johnjosephbachirfullermd: worked perfectly, thank you so much, you saved me 30 minutes of pain21:22
fullermdYou'll get my bill in the mail   ;)21:23
johnjosephbachirbzr is throwing an exception when i try to unshelve something... is there any way i can save my shelved changes?22:08
dashthey're in .bzr/checkout/shelf22:09
dashwhat's the exception?22:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 389674 in bzr "exception encountered when unshelving" [Undecided,New]22:12
dashOh dang22:13
dashthat's not happy22:13
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mwhudsonjelmer: hi, do you know anything about this failure? https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/mnemosyne-proj/maemosyne23:42
lifelesswow, odd to have maemosyne in git... mnemosyne is bzr23:54

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