Ampelbeinhi. i have a question regarding python-launchpadlib: according to the api, a distribution_source_package-entry should have a name-attribute associated, yet I don't seem to call it correctly. See http://paste.ubuntu.com/198818/00:00
Peng_Why does LP's branch puller still use VFS access when branching from an HTTP server? Several releases ago, it was all-hpss, IIRC.00:01
eagle00789do not comment on this line: Launchpad bug 389247 in blueprint "Blueprint subscriber icons broken" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38924700:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 389247 in blueprint "Blueprint subscriber icons broken" [Undecided,New]00:01
wgrantAmpelbein: Interesting. what does targ.lp_attrs say?00:02
Ampelbeinwgrant: ['self_link', 'resource_type_link', 'http_etag', 'official_bug_tags', 'bug_reporting_guidelines']00:02
Ampelbeinwgrant: and print targ.resource_type_link gives https://api.edge.launchpad.net/beta/#distribution_source_package00:03
Ampelbeinwgrant: my problem is that i want the pure name of the sourcepackage, not doing some split()-magic to get it.00:04
wgrantAmpelbein: It works fine for me. How did you get that object?00:05
Ampelbeinwgrant: from a bug_task.target, see http://paste.ubuntu.com/198821/00:07
beunobdmurray, fixed those icons locally, will run tests and submit the branch tomorrow. Should appear fixed by Saturday the latest00:09
Ddordahello. i've signed OpenGPG before about 10 hours. when will it be accepted?00:10
bdmurraybeuno: okay, thanks!00:11
Ampelbeinwgrant: for the complete list of actions: http://paste.ubuntu.com/198824/00:11
bdmurrayAmpelbein: as far as I know there isn't a way00:12
Ddordais there any way to know if a string is on CLI use?00:13
wgrantThere is.00:13
wgrantThe DSP should have it.00:13
Ampelbeinbdmurray: there should be. https://launchpad.net/+apidoc/#distribution_source_package has a .name attribute.00:13
wgrantBut in that particular case, it doesn't.00:13
wgrantThere is a bug.00:13
Ampelbeinwgrant: ok, so my code should be correct and I found a bug python-launchpadlib? or is it a bug on the serverside?00:15
wgrantAmpelbein: Your code is correct. I wonder if it's only returning the attributes that are in IBugTarget.00:16
wgrantI think I've seen a bug about this before.00:16
beunowgrant, FYI, I landed a massive change to how icons work on Launchpad, so there may be fallouts from it00:18
wgrantbeuno: Yep, I know.00:18
beunoof course you do  :)00:18
Ampelbeinwgrant: you said before it worked for you. how did you connect to the bug?00:21
wgrantAmpelbein: I got the DSP directly, without going through the bug. If I go through the bug, it breaks.00:21
wgrantIt's a client problem.00:21
wgrantbeuno: Found three more instances of missing icons... Shall I file them separately or together?00:24
beunowgrant, batch em!00:25
beunoI can take it00:25
beunowhere are they?00:25
wgrantbeuno: Person page.00:25
beunowgrant, team icons?00:25
wgrantTop projects, blueprints and team icons.00:25
beunoteam icons is fixed (in a branch on my laptop)00:26
beunoyes, bug00:26
beunotop projects as well00:26
Ampelbeinwgrant: ok, i'll work-around this problem by doing http://paste.ubuntu.com/198832/00:27
Ampelbeinwgrant: I wonder if I should file a bug on python-launchpadlib?00:27
wgrantbeuno: Bug #38925600:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 389256 in launchpad-registry "Blueprint and most active project icons missing from person page" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38925600:28
wgrantAmpelbein: Right, it was what I thought. Bug #34093500:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 340935 in wadllib "Resources should be instantiated using their actual type, not the WADL specified one" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34093500:31
Ampelbeinwgrant: ah, ok. thanks for digging into this.00:33
wgrantbeuno: Are missing branch subscriber icons known?00:53
rockstarwgrant, yes.00:57
wgrantrockstar: Thanks.00:57
beunowgrant, yes, and I havee the fix already ready01:03
beunoI think I nailed all the (known) sprites bugs01:34
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ftaCould I please get a quota boost? https://edge.launchpad.net/~songbird-daily/+archive/ppa  (3 or 4 GB would be nice)01:37
beunofta, file a question, a nice LOSA like spm will take care of it01:38
spmbeuno: I resent that. I am not nice, and neither are the others!01:39
beunospm, exactly why I would say you where01:39
spmwoe is me. so misunderstood.... /laments01:40
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SamBcan someone please re-attempt https://code.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/pakke/trunk ?01:54
beunoSamB, re-attempted01:55
SamBbeuno: er, sorry, I got some of the details wrong when I submitted the request ... I gave the correct ones on the whiteboard, though02:09
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ftahm, filed a question and got a oops in return :P OOPS-1266EB8103:24
spivspm: ^ see fta's OOPS03:41
ftajust retried, it worked (the question was not submitted the 1st time)03:41
spmspiv: 1. ta. 2. wtf.03:47
spmfta: btw, I upped the limit to 3Gb back when too. meant to let you know but got distracted.03:47
ftaspm, probably wont be enough, but well, we'll see03:48
wgrantHow is it that Mozilla-based products are so obese?03:51
fta-dbg packages03:55
ftaand that's 3x4 builds at once03:55
ftait's still 10 times smaller than chromium :S03:56
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spivWhat do the different colours for the diff line counts on https://code.edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+activereviews mean?05:44
spmspiv: that you're not colourblind! :-P05:45
spivspm: that's what my tie-dye t-shirt is for :P05:45
thumperspiv: orange are stale05:46
thumperwhich means either the source or the target branch has moved since it was generated05:46
thumperred are conflicts05:46
thumperother are good05:46
spivSupplemental question: where could I have found this out, other than by asking someone?05:46
spivI looked around a little and failed to find any explanation written down.05:47
spiv(Also, if Launchpad knows that a piddly little 26 line diff of 1 revision is stale, just regenerate it already!)05:49
jmlspiv, you don't want to have an explicit operation to regenerate the diff?06:00
spivjml: I want to see the diff that would be merged in right now, not what it might have been last week.06:03
spivjml: especially with mirroring lag, branches that depend on other branches, etc.06:04
jmlspiv, is that a no?06:05
spivjml: as a reviewer looking at someone else's branch, do I want to hit a "regenerate diff" button somewhere and wait before reviewing?  If that's the question, then no.06:05
spivOtherwise I'm not sure what you're proposing.06:06
jmlspiv, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-code/+bug/33800206:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 338002 in launchpad-code "'Review Diff' on merge proposal page can be out-of-date" [High,Triaged]06:07
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thekorngood morning, somehow the stylesheets on edge are broken, item bullets are misplaced08:00
thekornis this a know issue, if not which is the correct component for a bugreport08:01
wgrantthekorn: It's known.08:03
wgrantthekorn: It should apparently be fixed after the edge rollout tomorrow.08:04
thekornok, thanks wgrant08:04
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robinhey, I want to push my branch tonight. Is it OK?08:49
robinabout [Bug 382795] : mirror-branch using too much memory08:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 382795 in launchpad-code "mirror-branch using too much memory" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38279508:50
spivjml: ^08:51
jmlrobin, no, sorry :(08:51
jmlrobin, everyone capable of dealing with that problem has just finished a hell-week. :(08:52
robinjml: :) ok. But if I don't still push my code, I will drive my mentor crazy~08:53
mwhudsonrobin: why are you worried about that particular bug?08:54
mwhudson(was it you that broke it before?)08:54
jmlmwhudson, yeah.08:54
robinmwhudson: yes~08:54
jmlrobin, actually08:54
jmlrobin, there are two (three) problems here08:54
jmlrobin, one is that bzr is using so much memory, the other is that our service doesn't handle memory overload very well at all08:55
jmlrobin, the third is that your branch shouldn't have been so big.08:55
robinjml: Other people use launchpad normally?08:55
jmlrobin, yes :)08:55
spivjml: the third is bzr and/or launchpad's fault, not robin's, right?08:56
jmlspiv, 'fault' is the wrong word.08:56
robinjml: Is it my problem? I just get another branch and make it as my new branch.08:56
jmlmaybe together we can figure out why the branch is so big. :)08:56
spiv(just trying to disambiguate precisely what you mean by "shouldn't")08:56
jmlspiv, yeah, it's a terrible word08:57
* jml having a look around08:58
jmlrobin, so how did you go about making your branch?08:58
robinjml:  bzr branch lp:******* bran-name and bzr push branch-name08:59
jmlI notice that there aren't many stacked branches in that project09:00
jmlperhaps because the trunk branch is format609:00
robinjml: Are there any methods to share my code?09:00
jmlrobin, which version of bzr are you using?09:01
robinjml: But other people use mysql-server branch work well.09:01
jmlrobin, yeah I know.09:01
jmlrobin, also, your branch is twice as big as the mysql-server branch.09:02
jmlrobin, which is *weird*09:02
robinjml: Bazaar (bzr) 1.13.109:02
robinjml: how large?09:02
jmlOn the copies I made to investigate the incident last week, 600M for mysql-server, 1.2GB for yours.09:03
robinjml: I realize some problems. May be it will help.09:03
jmlrobin, I am going to branch from lp:mysql-server and then push to the project to see if I get the same problem as you.09:04
jmlrobin, in the meantime, please upgrade to Bazaar 1.16 if you can.09:04
robinjml: oh, shit!09:04
robinjml: but other people use lp:mysql-server are OK.  Why?09:05
jmlrobin, well a lot of the people push to a local server & have Launchpad mirror those branches.09:06
jml(I think)09:06
jmlrobin, and as I said, I'm testing now to see if it's a problem that other people have :)09:06
jmlrobin, it'll take a while to fetch the branch. I'll let you know how it goes.09:09
alkisgHi, while I'm trying to uploading a package to my PPA but it's rejected because of "Unhandled exception processing upload: 'ascii' codec can't encode characters in position 50-59: ordinal not in range(128)"09:10
alkisgFull rejection mail in http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/199022/ - what could cause this? I don't see any #128 character in the changelog...09:10
robinjml: I want to ask you a question.09:26
jmlrobin, please do.09:26
jml(I'm still downloading mysql-server, btw)09:26
robinjml : bzr branch lp:******* branch-name; cd branch-name; bzr push lp:****     and   bzr branch lp:**** branch-name; bzr branch branch-name new-name; cd new-name; bzr push lp:***09:28
robinjml: Are they different?09:28
jmlrobin, no, they are the same.09:28
robinjml: ok. I must be away for 2 hours. Contact with you later.09:29
jmlrobin, ok. (I might not be around then, btw)09:30
sujihow to add new files and commit the existing branch09:32
spivsuji: "bzr add" then "bzr commit"09:32
spiv"bzr add" with no arguments will add all non-ignored files, though.  So you might want to explicitly list the files to add with "bzr add FILE1 FILE2 ...".09:33
spivCheck the output of "bzr status" after doing add if you are unsure.09:33
spivrobin: thanks for your patience.09:34
sujiif add that files in a directory , how those files are committed in the existing branch directory, i am confused of commit the files in the exiting branch...09:37
sujii need some examples please.....09:37
spiv"bzr status" is a good command to try here.09:37
spivIt'll tell you what changes bzr will commit.09:38
spiv"unknown" files in that output won't be committed.  You can use "bzr add" on those unknown files so that they will be committed.09:38
sujiif i give the command "bzr statues" it show an error bzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "/home/suji/"09:39
spivI'm not sure what your question about directories and branches is about though.09:39
spivOk, so /home/suji isn't a bzr branch (which seems right, you probably don't want a branch for your whole home directory).09:39
spivWhat branch are you trying to work on?09:40
spivSo you've previously done "bzr branch lp:~tamilfontsteam/freetamilfonts/tamil-fonts" ?09:41
spiv(Or perhaps "bzr checkout ..."?)09:41
sujinow i want to add some file in it09:41
sujihow to checkout09:41
spivOk, so cd into the tamil-fonts directory that created.09:41
sujiit's not created, hereafter i'm going to be create it09:42
spivWell, running "bzr branch lp:~tamilfontsteam/freetamilfonts/tamil-fonts" creates a 'tamil-fonts' directory in whatever directory you ran it in.09:42
sujisry i got the tamil-fonts dir09:43
spiv(as does "bzr checkout lp:...")09:43
spivOk, so if you cd into that directory, you can run commands like "bzr status", "bzr add", "bzr commit", etc.09:43
sujican i add a directory using bzr add?09:45
spivsuji: yep09:46
spivsuji: http://paste.ubuntu.com/199037/ is a quick example of making a new branch of tamil-fonts and adding a file to it.09:47
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pooliei got an oops <https://lp-oops.canonical.com/oops.py/?oopsid=OOPS-1266EB278> with an OSError permission error10:48
pooliethat seems surprising!10:48
spivpoolie: it's been happening all day; spm has been chasing it; a reload generally solves it10:49
poolieoh ok10:50
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mptallenap, is there a tag for bugs that occur on edge.launchpad.net but not on launchpad.net?14:32
vadi2How can I unregister a branch as a trunk?14:36
vadi2messed up on the team move and got my main trunk assigned to ~registry. past 24h after a request to re-assign, nothing is happening, so I'd like to just start a new branch.14:37
wgrantvadi2: https://launchpad.net/project/series/+edit should have a selector.14:40
vadi2hm.. bad url14:41
allenapmpt: No idea14:59
allenapmpt: And sorry I didn't see your question earlier.14:59
allenapI'll go and look.14:59
allenapmpt: There's no official tag afaict. I guess there are plenty of bugs that are only on edge not production, but every month we start at zero again :)15:02
allenapmpt: We use the test plans for that role I think.15:03
mptI suppose it would be "regression" if there was one15:03
allenapmpt: To track bugs we introduce.15:03
allenapmpt: Yeah, regression is good.15:03
allenaprockstar: Hello there, do you think you could take a look at a code import for me? I'm sitting on the fence. https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/jdefprog/trunk15:04
Bodsdahi, how do i make the first push to a branch with bzr?  bzr push ssh+lp:~user/project/branch  ?15:06
beunoBodsda, drop the ssh+15:07
Bodsdabeuno: will it sign it anyway?15:07
beunoBodsda, yes, but make sure you did "bzr launchpad-login USERNAME"15:08
Bodsdaah, havent done that yet15:09
allenaprockstar`: Hello there, do you think you could take a look at a code import for me? I'm sitting on the fence. https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/jdefprog/trunk15:18
allenapmwhudson: Hi, could take a look at a code import for me? I'm sitting on the fence. https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/jdefprog/trunk15:35
apwwho looks after the machinary that implements ppa upload pickup15:44
apwit appears to have stopped picking them up15:44
bigjools-afkapw: is your upload signed?15:44
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bigjoolswith a key known to Launchpad?15:44
apwsame one i was using yesterday15:44
apwcan i tell from the changes file which key id it has used?15:45
bigjoolsother people are uploading OK so there must be a problem with your setup now, it's nearly always the gpg key15:46
bigjoolsyeah, I forget the exact runs, but there's a gpg --verify-something option15:46
apwno its literally just done it, taken nearly half hour, not at normal15:46
bigjoolsoh it worked?15:46
apwyeah it just took an eon15:46
bigjoolsslow email I guess15:46
apwvery strange, never seen it take more than 10 mins ever15:47
bigjoolsor it could be there was an exceptionally large batch to process15:47
apwyeah could be ...15:47
apwas you sound clued up on things, is there a way to delete PPAs once created?15:47
bigjoolsI manage the Soyuz team, so you could say I know a couple of things :)15:48
bigjoolswe don't do PPA deletion15:48
bigjoolswe might have to in the future15:48
apwhow about rename of the short codes for them15:49
apwthen you could at least reuse them15:49
bigjoolsthat's something we can do manually, if you want to do that you need to file a question on the Soyuz Answers page15:49
apwok i'll think about that way then, thansk for the info15:50
bigjoolsit's another thing we could fix later this year, but right now we prevent it because people using the repo would get 404s15:50
bigjoolsno problem15:50
apwthat sounds like a positive outcome if you are deprecating a PPA15:51
bigjoolsindeed - but some people rename their account names without realising the consequences15:51
bigjoolsrenaming the ppa name is a bit more obvious15:51
e-jatcan someone help me with this https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/7412015:55
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BodsdaI have a project that is basically just a script, how can I add it to the download page on my project so that people dont have to pull the branch with bzr to get the code?16:00
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jdubhowdy gang... are there rss feeds available for PPAs?16:05
jdub(showing package uploads)16:05
jdub(there's no feed metadata on the ppa page)16:06
bigjoolsjdub: no, 'fraid not16:06
bigjoolsbut there is a blueprint for it16:06
jdubbummer, that'd be really handy! is there a bug or-- aha16:07
jdubthanks :-)16:07
bigjoolsnp :)16:07
jdubhappy it's on the agenda somewhere along the line ;)16:07
bigjoolsyeah, if only other stuff didn't keep pushing it down!16:07
allenapBodsda: Hi, take a look at https://help.launchpad.net/Projects/FileDownloads16:14
Bodsdaallenap: sweet, just what I was after, thanks dude16:18
allenape-jat: Ah ha, I just noticed your message, and coincidentally I had also commented on that question.16:18
allenapBodsda: Cool, you're welcome :)16:18
e-jatthanks allenap16:20
e-jati need to wait until the bug fixed then it can be merge right ?16:20
allenape-jat: Yeah, unfortunately, sorry about that.16:21
cumulus007Hi, I'm wondering why the fonts on Launchpad have become ugly16:21
e-jatallenap: its ok ..16:21
e-jati request to merge it .. since there is a loco-directory ..16:22
cumulus007for example, see this: http://imagebin.ca/view/SA359yk.html16:22
allenapcumulus007: How odd, I can't see that problem. Have you tried shift-reload, to make sure you've got the most up-to-date style sheets?16:24
allenape-jat: Could you add ~malaysianteam as a member of ~ubuntu-my for now?16:25
cumulus007allenap: I suppose it was a bug in FF.. after restarting it, the site works flawlessly16:26
allenapcumulus007: Phew :)16:28
e-jatallenap: k .. doing it ..16:36
e-jatallenap: so soon when it fixed .. u guys will merge it right ?16:36
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allenape-jat: Yeah, I should think so. I'm going to add it to the bug description to make sure.16:40
e-jatallenap: done :)16:41
e-jatallenap: so after this .. where should new member sign up .. ubuntu-my @ malaysianteam ?16:41
e-jateither or can ?16:42
allenape-jat: Right now, either, but you could try making ~malaysianteam a restricted team, and add some text to the team page to explain that new members should join ~ubuntu-my. That sounds like it might work!16:44
e-jatok ..16:44
Jonatan_MatchKör ni ubuntu?17:03
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allenapJonatan_Match: Hi, do you speak English? I don't know, erm, whatever it is that you're speaking :)17:07
LCID_FireQuestion: How long does it take after an upload via dput till the package shows on the site?17:12
SamBLCID_Fire: I'd expect it happens when minute ≡ 0 modulo 5, 10, 15, or 3017:15
LCID_FireSamB: I would, too - but it doesn't show up - I waited almost 30 minutes17:17
SamBLCID_Fire: oh17:17
* SamB wonders if jml has any idea17:18
LarstiQLCID_Fire: it could also indicate your upload wasn't succesful17:19
LCID_FireLarstiQ: I cannot do more than trust the "Successfully uploaded packages" message of dput17:20
LarstiQLCID_Fire: check that you uploaded to the right queue, that it's signed with the gpg key attached to an lp user with permission to that ppa17:21
LarstiQLCID_Fire: no accept/reject mail?17:21
LCID_FireLarstiQ: Nothing17:21
cprovLCID_Fire: is your gpg key registered in LP ?17:23
cprovLCID_Fire: what's the source name, I can check the logs for you.17:23
LCID_Firecprov: it's areca_7.1.217:24
cprovLCID_Fire: you key doesn't seem to be available in keyserver.u.c17:26
LCID_Firecprov: I just checked it and seemed ok - but if it isn't why don't I get a notification that somethings not right?17:27
cprovLCID_Fire: because we don't notify people with unknown keys.17:27
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cprovLCID_Fire: also, you have uploaded binaries.17:27
LCID_Firecprov: a darn, you are right - the key is an old one17:28
SamBso it's not possible for the server to reject dputs with unknown keys outright/17:28
LCID_FireSamB: that's what I'm wondering, too17:29
cprovsort of, the the server side isn't that 'smart' yet.17:30
cprovalso FTP is not the best protocol to inform errors17:31
cprovI mean, arbitrary errors17:31
SamBoh, dput seriously uses FTP?17:31
cprovI have a patch that makes dput/dupload to bail out if the server finds a problem in the upload changesfile.17:31
SamBhow does it do that?17:32
LCID_Fireand why not use webservices instead of plain ftp?17:32
cprovbut it will be only nice and clear when we use scp17:32
SamBah, dput at least *can* use scp?17:32
cprovLCID_Fire: which webservice is good for large files ?17:32
cprovSamB: yes, we only have to write the server side.17:33
LCID_Firecprov: any since you need to store the file in the ftp case in a similar way17:33
SamBthat can't be too hard17:33
cprovSamB: my patch terminates the ftp connection with a special error, that dput happens to print in its output17:34
SamBcprov: ah.17:34
cprovLCID_Fire: before we continue, define 'webservice', because you confuse me.17:36
LCIDFireWebservice like transfering the data over port 80 via Soap messages - basically I don't care what you use - but currently the whole ppa process is quite error prone17:39
cprovLCIDFire: right, that's what I thought, it apparently doesn't scale well for large files, but I haven't done any serious test yet.17:41
LCIDFirecprov: I remember a test a few year back where they compared ftp against http - and the difference was very very small17:42
cprovLCIDFire: the main blocker are tools, dput and dupload and well established and we shouldn't reinvent the wheel.17:42
LarstiQdput does allow for http to be used17:42
LCIDFirecprov: I agree - but what about extending them?17:42
cprovLCIDFire: as least for dput we can right custom transport modules, dunno dupload17:42
cprovLCIDFire: and ... I'm not disagreeing of your points.17:44
LCIDFirecprov: what gives me special creeps is that almost all tools in the area (gpg, dput, etc.) are hardly outputting any status messages - gpg --send-keys for example does neither complain, nor does it print a success message17:45
cprovLCIDFire: I blame the 80's17:45
cprovLCIDFire: :)17:45
LCIDFirecprov: you might be right :)17:45
bdmurrayWhat happened to official bug tags being suggested on edge?17:46
beunobdmurray, it's still working, as long as you've set the tags17:46
cprovLCIDFire: check the bugs we have on this area -> http://tinyurl.com/nurtys17:47
cprovLCIDFire: can you please add you comments in https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/soyuz/+bug/13659317:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 136593 in soyuz "no status update after dput for ppa package" [Low,Triaged]17:48
cprovLCIDFire: although your ideas also help other reports in that list (like the upload behind a firewall, or uploading w/o dput)17:49
LCIDFiremy pleasure17:49
cprovLCIDFire: I will see if I can write a tool using the LP api to make it less error prone.17:49
bdmurraybeuno: its not working for me or ogasawara on bug 38905317:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 389053 in libgcrypt11 "libgcrypt11 version 1.4.4-2ubuntu1 causes stack smashing" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38905317:49
cprovLCIDFire: thanks for bringing this up.17:50
LCIDFirecprov: my 2 cents are that there are a lot of developers out there that want to contribute but not to care about signing and stuff - so that should be setup as easy as possible17:51
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beunobdmurray, right. Seems it broke.17:51
beunointellectronica, mars ^17:51
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cprovLCIDFire: yes, that's a valid point, signing can be easy with seahorse (and other similar tools) we can make the upload smooth as well17:53
LCIDFirecprov: I have to say - the signing and stuff issue was the point to not contribute to debian - it's halfway manageable in lp now - thanks :)17:54
cprovLCIDFire: yes, it's serious.17:55
intellectronicabdmurray: thanks for letting us know. i have no idea why it isn't working. will investigate, hopefully it's a simple fix17:58
LCIDFirecprov: BTW: is there any long term plan to integrate git (not to import from git)17:58
bdmurrayintellectronica: shall I report a bug?17:59
intellectronicabdmurray: already done - https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/malone/+bug/38957917:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 389579 in malone "Official tags auto-suggest not present" [High,Triaged]17:59
cprovLCIDFire: I'm afraid not.18:00
* LCIDFire is sad18:00
LCIDFirecprov: kind of understandable - since canonical set it's bets on bzr (<- I'm not!)18:01
cprovLCIDFire: why not ? anything special18:02
LCIDFirecprov: tried it and it's like: they have a nice gui and are now working to get the core working faster and better - while on git the core works fast and great - what they need is to work on the gui - and the latter is far more convincing to me18:03
cprovLCIDFire: right, can't argument against that.18:05
* cprov dashes for dinner ...18:06
* LCIDFire thinks that cprov has a good idea18:06
LCIDFireok, the keyserver doesn't seem to have synced yet - I'm off - thanks for the help guys18:07
kolbyhow long should it take for a aconfirmation email to get to me?18:28
kolbyI just updated my openpgp key18:28
kolbyIt's been 30 minutes18:30
kolbyI still haven't recieved the email18:44
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kolbyhow can I make launchpad resend a confirmation email?18:44
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mushroombluedumb question time: is there a URL to search all the PPA's for a package?21:21
mushroomblueI've seen it before.21:21
mushroomblueat least I think I did.21:21
mushroombluebut there were tons of drugs used since.21:21
mushroomblueso I could've been hallucinating.21:22
mushroombluecan anyone point a newb in the right direction?21:22
salgadomushroomblue, I don't think there is, but you could get that with something like "<package> site:launchpad.net inurl:ppa" on google21:46
mushroombluesalgado: that might work. thanks.22:00
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LCID_Firehi again22:54
LCID_FireI tried uploading a package to ppa - but it complains, that it doesn't find the "person". Could anyone tell me what $%&§ person it is searching for?22:56
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soulrideris there a way i can delete my project on LP?23:07

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