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shunobiesHello all I have a quick question probably like most. Does anyone know how to get Quick Synergy to work?09:35
shunobiesI have attempted to set it up several times now and have not luck09:36
shunobiesHello all09:44
vanexxCan anyone suggest me a goos ARM board with usb host? cheap pls.. :)11:00
loolvanexx: beagleboard is probably the nicest you can get for now11:01
loolit's v7 and has advanced modern hardware11:02
vanexxyeah but is there any seller here in europe?11:03
vanexxi know it is 149 $11:03
vanexxbut shpping cost is 8011:03
vanexxhmm hey what about this.. http://plugcomputer.org/ it is cool11:04
loolYou can group orders; don't think there's a reseller in Europe11:05
loolvanexx: The sheevaplug is cute and nice and cheap, but keep in mind it's ARMv5 and has no VFP11:05
loolYou can run Jaunty or Debian on it, but soon you wont be able to run karmic11:05
vanexxI am crosscompiling UVCVIDEO to an arm board with linux 2.6.14, uvcvideo needs to be compiled with version >
vanexxSo its ok, I crosscompile it with 2.6.28 in my PC with no problems,  the problem is: when I try to insmod the compiled uvcvideo.ko into the ARM kernel i got errors of the type12:42
vanexx"undefined symbol X", thats normal because those symbols (symbols from v4l2 etc)  are not in 2.6.14 os version, so is there way for compiling12:42
vanexxuvcvideo specifyng that all refrences must be static instead of dynamic?12:42
gaspavanexx: you need to compile the module with the kernel you really use.12:45
gaspaif uvcvideo needs a kernel  > 2.6.14, then it needs that version to run too.12:46
vanexxbut.. i cant change the os in the ARM board12:47
vanexxit is 2.6.14 and cannont be changed..12:47
vanexxI do believe it is possible without compiling with the version  I really use.. it is only a matter of compiling statically12:48
gaspano, it's not.12:48
vanexxI mean gaspa, the only diff between 2.6.14 and 2.6.15 for example are new functions and symbols12:48
gaspawhy can't the kernel be changed? it's on a ROM?12:48
gaspa"only" ?12:48
vanexxso if u export those symbols to ur static compilantion...12:49
vanexxwell no really only but, yes for that  matter12:49
ograyou will at least need the headers for that kernel12:49
vanexxgaspa no its on a flasy and yes it can be changed but i have no support from the vendor to do it12:49
ogra(the *configured* headers, which means you need the source)12:49
vanexxogra yes... thats true12:50
gaspaogra: "(01:42:26 PM) vanexx: I am crosscompiling UVCVIDEO to an arm board with linux 2.6.14, uvcvideo needs to be compiled with version > 2.6.14."12:50
ograyep, i saw that12:50
vanexxthats what i want: use the kernel headers but when compiling the resulting module must have all their references static12:50
ograbackport it then :)12:50
ograor forwardport the missing functions12:51
gaspai think backporting is what you need to do.12:51
vanexxhow can I do it?12:52
ograwith a lot of coding :)12:52
gaspachange the code of uvcvideo to match the interface of 2.6.14...12:52
ograand there is no guarantee it will work12:52
ogra(which you will only find out in the end)12:53
=== ogra_ is now known as ogra
vanexxand what if I dont change the OS in the ARM but in /lib i put libraries from the 2.6.28 for ex?13:46
vanexxusing busyboc for ex13:47
gaspavanexx: no, userspace library doesn't matter at all. uvcvideo is a kernel module, and so, must be compiled against the "same" kernel that will run it.14:14
* bizkut i am back16:52

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