lamalexsome ubuntu team needs help. as always, technical people are design challenged. need the help of you wonderful people to make it beautiful00:00
Viper550wow SVG can do that?00:04
lamalexsay goodbye to flash00:04
lamalexthe future is svg+javascript / html500:04
lamalexMTecknology: and doctormo have been kicking ass :)00:04
MTecknologyViper550: I'm building the whole thing using php/sql00:05
kwwiiViper550: wow, nice to see you still have the same nick00:06
kwwiistart working!00:06
kwwiiand now time for sleep00:06
thorwilkwwii: morning! do you have experience with freelance jobs for clients outside the EU, or even specifically australia?10:29
kwwiithorwil: well, I have done freelance jobs for non-eu people before, so yes10:49
kwwiibut not australia10:49
kwwiialthough from a german perspective it doesn't matter where they are as long as they are outside of the eu10:49
kwwiiyou won't have to pay mwst on what you earn from outside the EU :)10:50
thorwilkwwii: cool. but could the job be taxable in the country of my client?11:09
kwwiinot for you, no11:12
kwwiierm, although that depends on which country11:13
kwwiiin USA it probably would, I guess11:13
thorwilwell, my contact hopefully knows :)11:13
kwwiilet me ask someone I know who does a lot of contracting11:13
kwwiiI just talked to someone who has done several contracts for companies in australia and he told me that it was not a problem11:17
kwwiithere were no extra tax laws or such11:17
thorwilkwwii: great, thanks!11:17
kwwiin p11:17
michotemacvr: I uploaded a face-angel12:18
michotemacvr: do you want to have all the (open) mouths in lightbrown now?12:19
raozuzumichote: what are you talking about? :)12:25
michoteraozuzu: breathe-smileys ;)12:25
raozuzuuh... thnx you ;)12:26
raozuzuhow is going the whole work?12:26
michoteraozuzu: I'm just working on the smileys, but you can take a look at the wiki12:29
raozuzuyou're right :P I'll take a look ;)12:29
macvrmichote: looks good... but not sure about the blush...  lets see what Cory says... i think he might reply this week end... so you can wait before editing...12:32
michotemacvr: ok, we'll see.12:35
michotemacvr: did your comment refer to the mouths, too?12:35
raozuzummm the mouse pointer theme would be the jimmac's one also in KK?12:36
macvrmichote: you can edit the mouths similar to the surprise and add as a second version, let both be on the wiki12:37
michotemichote: ok12:38
thorwilmichote: really nice job on the halo. i think the blush is a nice touch12:40
michotethorwil: thx ;)12:40
thorwilmichote: you should perhaps try to have the halo cast light onto the face12:41
thorwilthe shadow you have now does help to keep both objects apart, though12:42
michoteyou mean changing the shadow into a shine?12:43
thorwilmichote: yes, though you might need to add a gap between halo and shine12:43
macvrthorwil: i like the blush , but there seems to be something off!12:43
macvrmaybe if the circle was bigger and the fade was more gradual...12:45
thorwilmacvr: ack12:45
macvrfrom the blush to the surrounding12:45
thorwilmichote: you could turn the dark strokes of the eyes into shapes and make them pointy at both ends. for the scalable size, only12:46
thorwilor let them fade out to the sides a bit12:46
macvrthorwil: isnt the 128 px, blush looking strong?12:47
thorwilmacvr: with ack i meant taht i agree with bigger and more gradual12:48
macvri know12:48
macvrbut i feel that the blush ... that blush makes the angel look like a cross dresser to me!12:49
macvrmaybe for the 128px, it could be lighter, more subtle12:49
thorwilmacvr: heh, don't you know that we market ubuntu to cross-dressers. too? ;)12:49
macvrwe can market , but angel?12:50
thorwil+1 for more subtle. i still say it is a nice touch :)12:50
macvri too like the blush... but its just too strong12:50
macvrmichote: could you try the blush in a lighter shade?12:51
macvrSiDi: have you looked into that file i sent?12:52
michoteyes, I'll will give it a try, I just was uploading glasses with a changed mouth ;)12:52
SiDierr i was away12:52
macvrSiDi: always very busy!12:54
macvrthorwil: did you have a look at the smile 3rd version? does the cheek look wierd?12:55
thorwilmacvr: yes, it does12:55
thorwilmacvr: it's too sharp12:55
SiDimacvr: which line ?12:55
SiDioh crap thats js :(12:56
SiDimacvr: im quite in a hurry right now, ping me about it tonight, okies ?12:56
macvrSiDi: line22212:56
macvrok no prob12:56
SiDi         body = body + subject + "\r\nfrom " + author + "\r\n"; ?12:57
thorwilmacvr: you should study how that looks in a real smile. there's a strong inward bend, so you would have darker shade to the sides of the mouth12:57
SiDitry this12:57
SiDi\r\n instead of " ,"12:57
SiDior try to actually go to next line12:57
macvrthorwil: i tried making it less sharp... but t just didnt work out!12:57
SiDisubject + "12:57
SiDisee you later people12:57
thorwilmacvr: the highlights shouldn't be right next too the lines12:58
thorwilmacvr: the high point of the cheecks would be elsewhere12:58
macvroh ... ok12:58
macvrthorwil: http://www.flickr.com/photos/everaldocoelho/3588311497/sizes/m/ i tried making it like this!12:59
macvri think i need to edit the stops...12:59
thorwilmacvr: the whole lighting is different there13:00
macvrthorwil: that wont look good here?13:00
thorwilhe seems to assume 3 light sources. and there is glow13:00
macvrah... !13:01
macvrso the shine MUST be higher for this one13:01
macvri kept feeling something was of!!!13:01
thorwilmacvr: http://www.live-wintersport.com/thumb_uc_5394_540_Bill_Demong_(USA_Kombi)_with_smile.jpg13:02
thorwilmacvr: maybe it helps if the think of the mouth as a shape on a vertical cylinder (think of the u-shape of the teeth)13:06
thorwilthe cheeks are like balls that are pushed to the sides and up by the smile13:07
macvrthorwil: i think i'm just going to remove the shine :P13:07
macvri'll try though... :)13:07
macvrthorwil: doesnt this look ok...  http://files.getdropbox.com/u/1325768/smiley6.png13:09
kwwiinote that the line around the outside gets pixelated at all of the smaller sizes you show13:10
macvrthe smaller sizes doesn have the cheek lines...13:10
macvroh you mean the 48,32?px13:11
macvrkwwii: ^13:11
kwwiiwell, i was only talking about the line around the outside of the whole thing13:11
kwwiiit looks pixelated on all of the smaller sizes on my screen13:11
macvri'll see what i can do...13:12
kwwiieither make the line bigger on the smaller sizes or less visible13:12
thorwilmacvr: it might look ok, but not exactly good13:12
macvrthorwil: :P ...13:12
kwwiiand make sure the circles are on a pixel grid13:12
macvrthorwil: i'll try adding the shine...13:13
macvrkwwii: ok...13:13
thorwilmacvr: i think the problem is that you leave the realm of printed-on-the-surface, but only so slightly and in a limited area. so the whole things falls apart a bit13:14
macvrkwwii: actually there is a black shadow below the line... is that waht is causing the pixelation effect?13:14
thorwilmacvr: so you need to either get the surface modeling right and applied on a broader area, or you need to go back to the just-printed-on look13:14
macvrthorwil: ah... i'll first try with the surface modelling...13:16
kwwiimacvr: essentially it is the fact that a thin line is showing which does not look good with the anti-aliasing13:22
kwwiiso it is a matter of size, transparency and placement13:22
macvrkwwii: ok... i'll correct it13:23
* kwwii gets lunch soon13:23
* macvr hates faces :P ... easier while working on inanimate objects13:40
SiDicrappy residence13:53
SiDithey just opened the laundry instead of at 9 am and now i dont have enough time to wash my clothes... >_<13:53
macvrSiDi: never picked you as a clean guy!13:54
SiDii got enough clean clothes for a good week yet13:55
SiDibut still13:55
thorwilwhat? i'm sure SiDi usually sparkles!13:55
SiDithat pisses me off13:55
SiDicause i'll have to do it monday before or after work13:55
SiDiand i wont have clean sheets when ill be back sunday13:55
SiDiwhich sucks even more13:56
macvrSiDi: see there is a down side to having toooo much action!13:56
SiDic'mon, i had PLAIN TIME for this this morning13:57
SiDibut they had to open it at 2 PM13:57
SiDiafter i asked twice13:57
* SiDi is upset13:57
macvrthorwil: do you have any of Oliver's work [links] ?14:39
macvrthe bird he had done for the stamp was awesome...14:40
thorwilmacvr: nope14:55
* thorwil goes for a walk14:55
kwwiiwe should get in touch with mma, I am sure he has some of this somewhere14:59
macvrkwwii: ^ was that regarding Oliver?16:12
kwwiimacvr: well, about getting the missing images back online16:13
macvri think michote has restored the png...16:14
macvrof all the files16:14
macvri was asking for the links ... just to analyze his work.. :)16:14
kwwiiahh, cool16:16
kwwiijust want to make sure that nothing gets lost accidentaly16:17
macvrkwwii: michote had convert the svg to png en bulk using the nautilus script, so some didnt look good, those i recognized as bad quality , i restored from the ones i had downloaded, also warned the other members via a mailing list so that they too could check  ...16:19

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