jcastroanyone know anything about libtheora? Seems we just get it from debian00:11
slangasekjcastro: is there more to know than "it's the lib that implements the codec"?00:18
jcastroslangasek: yeah it's just recently it's been a contentious issue with browsers, etc. upstream, I think it would be great if for karmic we had it nice and fresh00:20
jcastro"open web" and all that00:20
jcastroso, new browsers support the <video> tag00:20
jcastroso you can just embed videos00:21
slangasekwhat do you mean by "nice and fresh"?00:21
jcastroand mozilla and others have been sponsoring theora development00:21
jcastrothe current dev branch "thusnelda" brings a bunch of improvements to the encoder00:21
jcastroto make it more competitive for web video00:21
jcastroand I was just wondering if someone is keeping an eye on it (PPA or otherwise), so that for 9.10 we're not behind as far as a platform for people who want to encode theora video00:22
ajmitchI take it there's no new release of it yet?00:22
jcastroslangasek: keeping in mind that this didn't really seem important until like, last week00:22
jcastroajmitch: it's in alpha200:22
slangasekthat's the 1.1 branch, then?00:23
jcastroslangasek: that would be the alpha one I am referring to00:23
billybigriggeranyone know when the gtk2.0 problems will be sorted?00:58
slangasekbillybigrigger: what problems?01:01
billybigriggerthe constant seg faulting01:01
slangasekwhere has this been reported?01:01
billybigriggerim pretty sure, lemme check01:01
billybigriggeri can crash deluge, transmission all day just by trying to change where i save my torrent's01:02
billybigriggeralso im pretty sure my constant nautilus crashes are also caused by gtk2.001:02
billybigriggercan't seem to find a bug related to it, so ill file one01:03
slangasekthat would be the first step.01:03
slangasekplease use apport, so that we can actually see where this crash is happening.01:03
billybigriggerlibgtk-x11-2.0.so to be more specific01:03
billybigriggerJun 18 17:53:43 cabo kernel: [174822.185657] deluge[7151]: segfault at c0cc100 ip 00007f642a4b1e59 sp 00007fff1696da40 error 4 in libgtk-x11-2.0.so.0.1702.0[7f642a3fc000+43e000]01:03
billybigriggerJun 18 17:54:33 cabo kernel: [174872.489733] transmission[17614]: segfault at 640114e0 ip 00007fac754b9e59 sp 00007fff34c7c750 error 4 in libgtk-x11-2.0.so.0.1702.0[7fac75404000+43e000]01:04
slangasekyes, please use apport to file a bug that shows us the backtrace.  kernel messages don't give enough information to debug01:05
slangasekor even to match your crash up with other reports01:05
billybigriggerand what about this whole empathy thing, like why is it replacing pidgin? empathy doesn't use libnotify or notifications, and is bugged all to hell, i can start it up, see 0 contacts online, and fire up pidgin and see 10+ contacts online...01:07
billybigriggerapport won't even fire up01:09
billybigriggerwhen i crash deluge or transmission01:09
billybigriggerso i guess the crash log from /var/crash will have to do01:09
slangasekyes, you should be able to use apport-cli -c /var/crash/crashfile to pick it up.01:10
DreadKnighti'm running kubuntu.. recently pidgin doesn't connects to my yahoo account...01:37
DreadKnighti wanted to try empathy and it kept asking for a stupid password in order to connect to the accounts imported from pidgin automatically.. that was epic fail01:38
DreadKnighti removed empathy... now yahoo is not working... I don't recall any recent updates to pidgin or libpurle01:39
DreadKnightmy guess is that empathy messed it up01:39
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Syriuscan you ask questions in here ?05:59
tgpraveenSyrius: develop related ques yes05:59
Syriusokay cool tgpraveen06:02
SyriusI have newbie questions tgpraveen06:02
Syriusabout pbuilder06:02
Syriushold on06:02
Syriuslet me see what my question exactly is06:03
Syriusso once you make the debian packages you just install the ones in /var/cache/pbuild/result ? tgpraveen06:07
Syriuswith pbuilder06:08
tgpraveensorry am a noob too maybe someone else could help you here06:08
TheMusoSyrius: #ubuntu-motu would like be a better place to ask.06:10
Syriuswhat does that stand for?06:10
TheMusoSyrius: thats the IRC channel where you will most likely get the answers to your questions.06:34
dholbachgood morning06:56
* nixternal hugs dholbach 08:23
MacSlowGreetings everyone!08:24
tgpraveenis there a ppa for the messaging indicator so that I can get the empathy support for it( which is available in karmic ) in jaunty08:28
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* dholbach hugs nixternal back08:42
hyperairdoes anyone know how long it usually takes for a NEW package to get synced from Debian?09:11
pittiGood morning09:14
pittiMacSlow: seems we need to update dk-p then09:15
MacSlowpitti, wait...09:17
MacSlowpitti, I just pulled all updates (800+ MBytes) and now it compiles09:17
pittiMacSlow: we do have 2.27.1 in karmic, though09:17
pittiand it builds fine09:17
MacSlowpitti, yes09:17
MacSlowpitti, I have no clue was different though09:17
MacSlowjust happy it works and I don't have to enter dependency-hell09:18
kwahhi all10:20
kwahwhom may I contact with respect to tools available to create generic Ubuntu add-on CD?10:21
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tseliotpitti: about dealing with the blacklist file directly in the broadcom package (instead of the Jockey handler). What do you think about doing it in the postinst? https://pastebin.canonical.com/18727/11:13
tseliotpitti: this part "if [ ! -f $BLACKLIST_FILE ]; then" is what does what I said11:13
tseliotand of course there will also be a postrm which removes the file11:17
pittitseliot: that would work, since it would avoid conffiles staying around if you remove, but not purge11:18
pittitseliot: but why don't you blacklist b43 in the "b44" case, and b43legacy in neither case?11:19
pittitseliot: you should also blacklist ssb, and (just in case you are running an older kernel), bcm43xx11:20
pittitseliot: similar to what the current jockey handler is doing11:20
pittitseliot: but I do like the packaging approach11:20
lucasseb128: have you seen the thread on debian-devel@ about patch tagging guidelines?11:22
lucasseb128: since you did the original work on the ubuntu policy, it might be interesting for your to take a look11:22
lucasseb128: the current debian proposal is incompatible with the ubuntu one11:23
seb128lucas: ubuntu-devel got emailed about that I did read the email11:23
lucasah ok11:23
tseliotpitti: yes, the script is not complete yet but thanks for the feedback. I'm glad to read that you like the approach.11:23
tseliotpitti: ok, this version does exactly what jockey does. Shall I still call /usr/sbin/update-initramfs -u? https://pastebin.canonical.com/18728/11:33
pittitseliot: initramfs> yes, you need to, so that the driver isn't accidentally loaded in initramfs11:42
tseliotpitti: ok, thanks11:43
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tseliotpitti: one last thing. Shall I remove the blacklist file in the postrm when the postrm is passed the "upgrade" parameter too? (so that the file is regenerated when the package is upgraded)12:01
pittitseliot: hm, I think it's only necessary on removal12:01
pittireduces the chance to stomp over local modifications12:02
tseliotpitti: ok, good point12:02
pittitseliot: btw, please add a comment saying "# This file is autogenerated and will be overwritten" or so12:02
tseliotpitti: sure12:03
cjwatsonpitti: do you know why bug 363712 is on Steve's agenda under foundations rather than desktop?12:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 363712 in openclipart "cliparts are not in gallery-path of openoffice 3.0" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/36371212:04
cjwatsonpitti: I know doko was the one who targeted it ...12:04
pitticjwatson: not sure, I mention it on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/ReleaseStatus12:06
pitticjwatson: probably just a glitch in the topic list12:06
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bigonKeybuk: hi what was the reason of such changes?   * Bump build-depend on debhelper to install udev rules into13:35
bigon    /lib/udev/rules.d, add Breaks on udev to get correct version.13:35
bigon? can these changes be dropped?13:35
dokocjwatson, pitti: this one just needs a change of directory name, or else the extra cliparts are not seen in OOo13:36
Keybukbigon: udev rules have to be installed in /lib/udev/rules.d13:37
Keybukbigon: dropping those changes would mean they would be installed in the wrong place13:37
Keybukbigon: so, no13:37
cjwatsondoko: if you agreed with the patch in the bug report, I'm happy to sort out uploads13:38
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bigonKeybuk: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/21147124/garmin-forerunner-tools_0.09-2_0.09-2ubuntu1.diff.gz << there is nothing intresting in this diff as debhelper and udev are at the good version in karmic13:41
Keybukbigon: incorrect13:41
Keybukbigon: the build-depends is still needed to ensure correct builds if people backport13:41
Keybukbigon: the Breaks is still needed to support upgrades (e.g. LTS to LTS)13:41
dholbachpitti: I'm just taking a look atit13:42
dokocjwatson: yes, this looks fine (plus maybe update the dependency on OOo to >= 3.013:42
dholbachdoko: or are you done with it already?13:42
dholbachdoko: ooops13:42
dokodholbach: done with?13:42
bigonKeybuk: mmm ok13:43
dholbachpitti: or are you done with it already?13:43
ScottKKeybuk: Thanks for worrying about backports.13:43
pittidholbach: no, currently doing spec reviews; thanks13:44
dholbachpitti: I'll take over json-glib then13:44
pittidholbach: I'm already at that one13:44
pittiabout to dput it, finished building13:44
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apwpitti, any idea who looks after the upload janitor?  the one which moves bugs to Fix Released?14:12
pittiapw: hm, might be cprov? or at least he should know who14:12
apwhrm... i think i just found the failure ... our end ... thanks for the info14:12
cprovapw: ehe, is it also called 'janitor' ?14:14
apwheh ... no the failure it called me ... damn14:14
cprovapw: okay, ping if you need anything.14:15
apwcprov, thanks will do14:18
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loolErr I thought (hd0,1) meant sda2, not sda1; did this change with GRUB2?15:56
cjwatsonyes, it did15:57
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loolGeez how confusing15:57
cjwatsonsee http://www.gnu.org/software/grub/grub-2.en.html ("design mistakes in GRUB Legacy")15:57
cjwatsonshould mostly be using UUIDs now anyway ...15:58
Riddellmathiaz: will mysql 5.1 be in main for karmic or 5.0?16:20
mathiazRiddell: hm - good question16:24
mathiazRiddell: I've thinking about doing the transition16:24
mathiazRiddell: I think that the security team wants 5.1 in main for the next LTS16:24
kirklandKeybuk: upstart question for you...16:25
kirklandKeybuk: i assume you use some sort of kernel interface to see when new processes are launched?16:25
Keybukin upstart-nl, yes16:25
kirklandKeybuk: something more advanced than grep'ing ps or /proc, i assume?16:25
kirklandKeybuk: where can i learn this magik?16:25
ogra_dutch upstart ?16:25
mdzmvo: bluez-gnome is holding  back gnome-bluetooth on my system.  is this a known upgrade issue?16:25
cjwatsonogra_: netlink16:26
ogra_ah :)16:26
Keybukkirkland: I can tell you about it ;)16:26
kirklandogra_: heh16:26
kirklandKeybuk: please, do16:26
mdzkirkland: it helps to be pid #116:26
Keybukmdz: actually, it doesn't16:26
mdzKeybuk: you just like to be contrary16:27
Keybukkirkland: it's called the "proc connector", it's a netlink socket on which the Linux kernel sends messages about fork()/clone(), exec(), exit(), setuid(), setgid() [and hopefully by 2.6.31 if akpm gets up from under the firehose] setsid()16:27
Keybukmdz: it's a hobby :p16:27
kirklandKeybuk: i have a new package, powernap, that i think might benefit from such an interface16:27
kirklandKeybuk: it's part of our cloud-power-management work16:27
cjwatsonit *used* to help to be pid 1 ...16:27
Keybukkirkland: in principal, you open a PF_NETLINK, SOCK_DGRAM, NETLINK_CONNECTOR socket16:27
Keybukyou bind to nl_family = AF_NETLINK, nl_groups = CN_IDX_PROC16:28
Keybukthen you send the kernel a secret magic message16:28
mvomdz: not a known issue (to me), I have a look16:28
Keybukthe kernel should ACK that message16:28
Keybukand then the firehose starts16:28
kirklandKeybuk: it's a simple python daemon that watches the process table for some list of MONITORED_PROCESSES; if none of those show up for some contiguous number of ABSENT_SECONDS, the daemon will execute a specified ACTION16:29
Keybukis a trivial example16:29
kirklandKeybuk: with the daemon polling at a configurable INTERVAL_SECONDS16:29
kirklandKeybuk: okay, so ....16:29
Keybukkirkland: well, firstly i'd point out that such a use case is pretty much near the top of Upstart's design goals16:29
Keybukalso the proc connector is a firehose16:30
Keybukyou receive a massive number of events16:30
Keybukbecause the average Linux system spawns children like a monty python catholic16:31
Keybuk(threads are children too)16:31
kirklandKeybuk: heh16:31
kirklandKeybuk: every sperm *is* sacred16:31
kirklandKeybuk: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~kirkland/powernap/trunk/annotate/head%3A/powernap.py16:33
Keybuk  while <condition in which PROCESS should be started> and not PROCESS16:33
Keybuk  after TIME16:33
Keybuk  exec ACTION16:33
* Keybuk shrugs ;)16:33
kirklandKeybuk: so this is pretty upstarty then :-)16:34
Keybukthat's not to say it's not useful16:35
Keybukthe timescale for me getting that kind of thing working in Upstart is a lot less than the timescale for your already-written Python script ;)16:35
kirklandKeybuk: heh16:36
kirklandKeybuk: thanks for the dose of realism, then16:36
kirklandKeybuk: b/c this script is doing what we need it to do, right now16:36
kirklandKeybuk: so i am interested in this netlink interface, though16:36
Keybukexactly, better to have software today than vapourware ;)16:37
kirklandKeybuk: your inclination is that it would be more efficient than digging through /proc/*/args ?16:37
ScottKkirkland: If you make the script ugly enough it might be motivational for upstart improvements.16:37
Keybukkirkland: well, digging through /proc/*/args is necessary anyway16:37
Keybukthe only thing the proc connector gives you is pids16:37
kirklandKeybuk: i see, so it would eliminate my polling/sleeping16:37
Keybukyou still have to read /proc/$pid/* to figure out niceties such as process name, arguments, command line, etc.16:37
Keybukinstead of polling /proc and sleeping in between, you'd continuously read from the netlink socket instead16:38
kirklandKeybuk: and fire when a new pid shows up16:38
kirklandKeybuk: if that pid's args matches one of my regexes, reset its counter to zero16:38
KeybukI'd err on the guess that for the specific few processes you'll be monitoring, polling /proc is sufficient16:38
Keybukit'd be more CPU/power efficient for a start16:38
Keybuk(wake up once a second, not barely off the process table)16:38
kirklandKeybuk: oh, but i'd need the polling anyway, to tell when i've met the sleep threshold16:38
Keybukdepends whether the process is likely to come and go within IDLE16:39
Keybukwhich is the basic race you have16:39
kirklandKeybuk: yes, documented fairly well in the config file, though16:41
kirklandKeybuk: see the bottom of http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~kirkland/powernap/trunk/annotate/head%3A/config16:41
tgpraveen1hi which is the channel for a beginner in open source development could find help?16:41
Keybukkirkland: if that's not a concern, I wouldn't worry about it too much16:41
Keybukkirkland: the proc connector will obviously alleviate that concern16:41
kirklandKeybuk: sounds like a 2.0 feature for me then, as it's not a huge concern16:42
Keybukbut it's quite expensive to read, because you get a *lot* of data16:42
Keybuknow, if you want to limit the data16:42
Keybukthere's another piece of undocumented Linux functionality ;)16:42
kirklandKeybuk: i'm waking every 10 seconds right now, though in my testing, running every 1 second has no visible effect on load or powertop16:42
Keybukfor a given socket, you can upload a basic machine code program which the kernel will execute for each packet before placing it in your socket buffer16:42
Keybukso, combine the proc connector torrent of events with a packet filter that removes everything but the specific events you're interested in16:43
Keybukand you reduce your wakeups to something manageable16:43
KeybukI'd also recommend using epoll() so you can edge-trigger the socket and back off further letting the data pool up16:43
kirklandKeybuk: am i just being lazy, or does that sound like overkill for the goals of powernap?16:44
KeybukI think it's overkill :)16:44
KeybukI think you're fine just polling /proc16:44
kirklandKeybuk: basically, if a machine hasn't seen [/usr/bin/kvm, or ssh:] in its process table for 5 minutes, pm-suspend16:45
kirklandKeybuk: also, what do you think of the 10 second default polling period?16:45
kirklandKeybuk: nudge that up or down?16:45
Keybukgiven those processes, you're unlikely to be worried too much about missing them between polls16:45
kirklandKeybuk: right16:45
Keybukpolling proc is cheap, you don't need disk for it16:45
Keybukyou could poll every second without changing the processor wakeup I'd guess16:46
kirklandKeybuk: i'm actually testing this at home on my mythtv frontends, watch for (mplayer, vlc, xine, sshd:)16:46
Keybuksee what works for you16:46
kirklandKeybuk: cool16:46
kirklandKeybuk: as always, thanks for your time and info ;-)16:46
Keybukhey that's ok ;)16:47
KeybukI've been debugging somebody's machine-that-goes-ping all day16:47
Keybukit's nice to have a distraction16:48
mterrycjwatson: Regarding the ubiquity reorg, you talk about saving history and using 'bzr mv'.  But you can't move files between branches, can you?  Is there a secret bzr command for doing so?16:52
cjwatsonmterry: there's 'bzr join'16:53
* mterry RTFMs16:53
cjwatsonmterry: but I don't mind *quite* so much if we end up losing some file-level history from oem-config16:53
cjwatsonbzr join is a bit some-assembly-required16:53
cjwatsonI think it's probably fine to keep the history from the ubiquity tree (which is richer, in general) and to move in files from oem-config as necessary16:54
cjwatsonbzr join is probably overkill for this16:54
mterrycjwatson: I see.  I'll try to join as possible.  Lots of it should be joinable16:54
cjwatsonmterry: the thing I objected to in the last discussion was that file history from the ubiquity branch had been lost as well by moving files around in it with rm/add16:54
mterrycjwatson: Right16:54
cjwatsonI suspect you might end up wasting a lot of time with the bzr join approach16:54
cjwatsonand we'd have to use special repository formats16:55
cjwatsonand you'll probably run into exciting bugs16:55
cjwatsonand it may just generally not be worth it; that's my suspicion16:55
cjwatsonbut you asked :-)16:55
mterrycjwatson: Ah, I thought most bzr branches with recent versions were already rich-roots16:55
mterrycjwatson: I guess I see now that it's a special format16:55
cjwatsonI don't think so, even --development-rich-root is still separate16:56
* mterry is nostalgic for oem-config, doesn't like to see it treated as the red-headed stepchild16:56
cjwatsonI believe they merge with brisbane-core, but I forget16:56
mterrycjwatson: Alright.  Well I'll forget it for now and just avoid losing ubiquity history.16:56
mterrycjwatson: Good to know about join though16:56
cjwatsonwe'll probably be using join for putting together debian/-only branch history with upstream16:57
cjwatsonso it might be doable, if you first join into a subtree and then separately worry about moving all the files into place16:58
cjwatsonyou're bound to lose history from files that exist in both branches and need to be merged, though, absent some proposed bzr features that don't exist yet16:58
cjwatsonso if that's interesting to you, don't let me stop you :)16:58
mterrycjwatson: Yar, natch.  But you don't mind the format requirements16:58
cjwatsonI guess it would be dealable with16:59
cjwatsonwe'll be on brisbane-core soon enough anyway :)17:00
* mterry joins it up17:00
pittitseliot: great work on bcmwl!17:15
tseliotpitti: thanks for your help ;)17:16
mvoKeybuk: what was it that happend to vol_id in karmic? is it in a different package now? or replaced by something else?17:16
Keybukmvo: replaced by blkid17:16
* mvo updates ubuntu-vm-builder 17:16
tgpraveen1 hi which is the channel for a beginner in open source development could find help?17:17
superm1pitti, can you take a look an at LPIA FTBFS for bcmwl?  it's borking out in dh_strip, not sure if it's a problem in dh_strip or with the way the build was done for bcmwl17:17
pittisuperm1: will do (in meeting ATM)17:21
superm1pitti, thanks17:22
pittisuperm1: pkg-create-dbgsym acting up17:22
superm1tseliot, it's possible you might be able to work around that FTBFS by just installing wlc_hybrid.o_shipped_x86_64 on amd64, and wlc_hybrid.o_shipped_i386 on lpia and i38617:22
pittimeh, but only on lpia :/17:23
mvoKeybuk: thanks17:25
tseliotsuperm1: ok, if you're sure that this can solve the problem I can work around it in the debian/rules so that it generates a different install file from the .in file according to the architecture17:25
superm1tseliot, assuming it's only going to bork out on that one file during lpia, that should work around it.  you can check by uploading to a PPA I think.  (assuming pkg-create-dbgsym runs on PPAs too)17:27
superm1or if you build an lpia pbuilder with pkg-create-dbgsym installed17:27
pittisuperm1: it doesn't, but you can fake it by adding it as a build dep17:29
tseliotpitti: by adding what package?17:30
pittitseliot: if you want to test workarounds in a PPA, add a b-dep on pkg-create-dbgsym17:30
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tseliotok, thanks, I'll try it17:31
mathiazslangasek: regarding the sru for hardy 8.04.3 - looking that bug for samba and redhat cluster suire17:35
mathiazslangasek: *suite*17:35
mathiazslangasek: bug 290399 and bug 32887417:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 290399 in redhat-cluster "After ran the command fence_tool dump, the fenced process will take 100% CPU usage" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29039917:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 328874 in samba "getent group crashes winbindd on domain controller" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32887417:36
mathiazslangasek: I don't see how we can verify them17:36
mathiazslangasek: we don't have access to the necessary envrionement17:36
mathiazslangasek: bug 290399 - Test Case description: This is difficult to reproduce as it supposes a full RHCS setup and hitting the situation where those daemons enter the loop.17:36
mathiazslangasek: how can this be verified?17:37
slangasek1) set up a full RHCS setup ... :(17:37
mathiazslangasek: bug 32887417:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 328874 in samba "getent group crashes winbindd on domain controller" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32887417:37
mathiazslangasek: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/samba/+bug/328874/comments/1017:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 328874 in samba "getent group crashes winbindd on domain controller" [Medium,Fix committed]17:37
mathiazslangasek: the reporter doesn't have access to the domain controller anymore17:37
slangasekmathiaz: he says the patch itself is good, so mostly we need regression testing there17:38
mathiazslangasek: I don't see how we can easily do the verification there17:38
mathiazslangasek: hm - right. So how do we do regression testing on the samba package?17:38
slangasekmathiaz: installing it as a domain controller and shaking it? :)17:39
mathiazslangasek: what's the timeline for these verification tests to be done?17:39
slangasekmathiaz: we need to have them all wrapped up in the next week17:40
mathiazslangasek: for the openldap bug 305264, I wrote up the test case and did the upload17:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 305264 in openldap "gnutls regression: failure in certificate chain validation" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30526417:41
mathiazslangasek: I thought that someone else was supposed to do the verification17:42
mathiazslangasek: because it works in my use cases17:42
MacSlowWhy is there no ubuntu branch for gnome-power-manager? (like for lp:~ubuntu-desktop/gnome-settings-daemon/ubuntu)17:42
slangasekmathiaz: I asked dendrobates if the server team could help with verifications on these; I didn't tell him to pick on you specifically :-)17:42
mathiazslangasek: Oh I don't imply that. I'm looking at the bugs to see the potential work17:43
mathiazslangasek: IIUC verification requires both checking that the bug is fixed *and* that there isn't any regression17:44
mathiazslangasek: we've got no plans to cover the latter for the samba, redhat-cluster suite and openldap packages17:44
slangasekI'm not willing to assume that there's a pool of people using hardy-proposed that will see these packages and notice breakage, so regression testing has to be explicit17:45
slangaseknot necessarily /deep/, but explicit17:45
mathiazslangasek: agreed.17:45
slangasekfor openldap, the security team's test suite might be appropriate?17:45
mathiazslangasek: right - that's an option17:46
mathiazslangasek: and there is also the upstream test suite that is rather good for openldap17:46
* slangasek nods17:47
mathiazslangasek: for samba and redhat-cluster-suite we've got nothing AFAICT17:47
mathiazslangasek: so that means more time is needed to get the bugs verified17:48
mathiazslangasek: s/bug/upload/17:48
slangasekyes; unfortunately these have each been lingering for over a month already, we need *somebody* to pick up the verification17:49
slangaseksbeattie: ^^ do you have some bandwidth to set up a verification of the samba hardy SRU bugfix?  probably requires a bit more committment than the average hug dayer will want to make17:50
sbeattieslangasek: yeah.17:51
mathiazsbeattie: I can outline what needs to be done in terms of regression testing in the bug17:52
mathiazsbeattie: it's probably a day of work to get everything setup correctly17:52
sbeattiemathiaz: please do! my samba knowledge is somewhat shallow.17:52
tseliotsuperm1: I've uploaded the package here: https://launchpad.net/~albertomilone/+archive/broadcom-sta17:55
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mathiazsbeattie: I've updated the bug18:02
mathiazsbeattie: the biggest hurdle will be to have access to a NT/200X domain18:03
slangasekmathiaz, sbeattie: Etienne should be able to get you access to one18:03
mathiazslangasek: right18:04
sbeattieokay, thanks.18:04
mathiazsbeattie: another solution (that I haven't had time to investigate a lot) is to use EC218:04
mathiazsbeattie: EC2 now has the possibility to boot windows system18:05
mathiazsbeattie: last time I tried to install AD on it, it failed though.18:05
sbeattieI do have access to a win2k instance locally, but have never set it up as a domain controller.18:07
mathiazsbeattie: seems that it may be a good opportunity to dive into that :)18:08
superm1tseliot, great, and it looks like that was successful on all 3 arch's too18:12
tseliotsuperm1: ok, let me push the fix18:13
tseliotsuperm1: ok, the fix is in revision 15. Can you check my changes, please (my eyes are very tired)?18:16
superm1tseliot, yeah those look sane to me18:17
superm1tseliot, bump the changelog entry up for the fix, and i can sponsor that in18:17
tseliotsuperm1: sure18:18
tseliotsuperm1: ok, done18:21
cr3pitti: if I have a crash file under /var/crash, how can I submit it to launchpad from the command line?18:51
slangasekcr3: apport-cli -c /path/to/crash18:56
cr3slangasek: darn, doesn't support http_proxy environment variable :(19:00
ogra_cr3, file a bug !!19:01
tgpraveen1are there any plans for LIRC integration with notify-osd19:05
tgpraveen1if I click play on my remote then play notification could come19:05
cr3ogra_: thanks for the reminder, I added my 2c to the existing bug #37092419:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 370924 in apport "apport doesn't work behind a proxy" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37092419:05
ogra_sorry for nagging :)19:05
cr3ogra_: all good, my reaction was actually "meh, there's probably a bug open already" or "pitti probably knows already"19:06
ogra_and he didnt fix it yet !!!19:06
cr3ogra_: see, that's how confident I am that ubuntu is being tested by everyone, but there's a problem when everyone starts expecting everyone else to have done the work of reporting :)19:06
cr3ogra_: there are probably issues with the fact apport runs as root, I'd expect it to not be as trivial as it sounds19:07
ogra_well, as we all know pitti he usually fixes the bugs a day before they are filed ;)19:07
cr3ogra_: perhaps trivial ones, but maybe he coded those bugs on purpose in the first place in order to acquire that superstar status :)19:07
ogra_karma fishing :)19:09
mathiazkees: do you know how to interpret the values Sig* from /proc/pid/status ?19:15
Keybukmathiaz: I know19:16
Keybukmathiaz: iirc, they're just all 0 :p19:17
Keybukactually, they might not be, the kernel might re-apply the SigQ to it19:18
Keybukbasically they're the set of pending, blocked, etc. signals for that process19:18
KeybukSigPnd = signals pending19:18
KeybukShdPnd = shared signals pending19:18
KeybukSigBlk = blocked signals (process mask)19:18
KeybukSigIgn = ignored signals (SIG_IGN)19:19
KeybukSigCgt = caught signals19:19
Keybukeach column is a signal19:19
Keybuk1 if in the set, 0 if not19:19
mathiazKeybuk: http://paste.ubuntu.com/199475/19:19
mathiazKeybuk: these are two different mysqld_safe processes - once after an apt-get install and another after a reboot of the system19:20
Keybukoh, sorry19:20
Keybukit's hex19:20
Keybukwhat are you looking for?19:22
mathiazKeybuk: whether SIGHUP is ignored19:22
mathiazKeybuk: I'm tracking down bug 32676819:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 326768 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 "mysqld_safe thinks mysqld has crashed when it hasn't" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32676819:23
mathiazKeybuk: and http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=52762319:23
Keybukmathiaz: in the second one, it looks like it19:23
ubottuDebian bug 527623 in mysql-server-5.0 "mysql-server-5.0: 38_scripts__mysqld_safe.sh__signals.dpatch is inherently" [Important,Open]19:23
mathiazKeybuk: so it seems that after apt-get install is run, SIGHUP is ignored by shell scripts19:23
Keybukif apt sets SIGHUP to SIG_IGN19:24
mathiazKeybuk: ie shell scripts (mysqld_safe in that case, started by mysql init script) ignore SIGHUP after the mysql-server package is installed19:24
Keybukthen that'll be passed on to dpkg19:24
Keybukwhich will be passed on to the maintainer scripts19:24
Keybukwhich will start the service19:24
Keybukwhich, if it doesn't change it, will also be SIG_IGN19:25
Keybukwe should write a replacement init daemon that has a proper "start" command to avoid this kind of thing ;)19:25
Keybukone assumes though that mysqld sets SIGHUP to something else itself anyway?19:25
mathiazKeybuk: yes - mysqld installs its own handler19:26
mathiazKeybuk: however the init script uses mysqld_safe, which is a wrapper around mysqld that makes sure to restart mysqld if it crashes19:26
Keybukah, and mysqld_safe therefore doesn't TERM on SIGHUP ?19:26
mathiazKeybuk: mysqld_safe being a /bin/sh script19:27
Keybuk./apt-pkg/deb/dpkgpm.cc:      // ignore SIGHUP as well (debian #463030)19:27
Keybuk./apt-pkg/deb/dpkgpm.cc:      sighandler_t old_SIGHUP = signal(SIGHUP,SIG_IGN);19:27
ubottuDebian bug 463030 in apt "apt >=0.7.7 break menu update mechanism" [Important,Closed] http://bugs.debian.org/46303019:27
Keybuk... fail19:27
mathiazKeybuk: nope - SIGHUP is trapped so that a refresh command is send to mysqld via mysqladmin19:27
Keybukit's amazing how many people forget that your signal mask and disposition are passed onto your children19:27
Keybukmathiaz: the shell script uses trap?19:27
mathiazKeybuk: yes - http://paste.ubuntu.com/199481/19:28
Keybukmathiaz: that should set a signal-handler in the shell, surely?19:28
mathiazKeybuk: hm - apparently not19:29
mathiazKeybuk: if I send a killall -HUP mysqld_safe the refresh command is not sent to mysqld19:29
mathiazKeybuk: just after the package installation19:29
mathiazKeybuk: however it does work correctly after the system is rebooted (for ex)19:29
Keybukdash src/trap.c looks like it sets sigaction() for a trap19:29
Keybukare you sure that killall is actually sending the signal to the process?19:30
Keybukkillall sometimes likes to pretend it can't see things19:30
mathiazKeybuk: well how can I make sure of that?19:31
* mathiaz tries19:31
Keybukthough I admit it's suspicious that it looks like it's ignored ;)19:31
mathiazKeybuk: hm - using "sudo kill -HUP $(pgrep mysqld_safe)" gives the same result19:33
mathiazKeybuk: and stracing the kill command gives http://paste.ubuntu.com/199487/19:35
mathiazKeybuk: which seem like kill sent the SIGHUP command to the correct process19:35
mathiazKeybuk: so the last comment on http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=527623 may be useful19:36
ubottuDebian bug 527623 in mysql-server-5.0 "mysql-server-5.0: 38_scripts__mysqld_safe.sh__signals.dpatch is inherently" [Important,Open]19:36
mathiazKeybuk: especially this paragraph: http://paste.ubuntu.com/199490/19:37
Keybukright, I was just reading through the trap source code for dash19:37
Keybuk                if (act.sa_handler == SIG_IGN) {19:38
Keybuk                        if (mflag && (signo == SIGTSTP ||19:38
Keybuk                             signo == SIGTTIN || signo == SIGTTOU)) {19:38
Keybuk                                tsig = S_IGN;   /* don't hard ignore these */19:38
Keybuk                        } else19:38
Keybuk                                tsig = S_HARD_IGN;19:38
Keybuk                } else {19:38
Keybuk                        tsig = S_RESET; /* force to be set */19:38
Keybuk                }19:38
Keybuk        }19:38
Keybuk        if (tsig == S_HARD_IGN || tsig == action)19:38
Keybuk                return;19:38
Keybukso yeah, it looks right19:38
Keybukapt sets SIGHUP to be ignored19:38
Keybukfails to run dpkg in a clean environment19:39
Keybukdpkg passes on the ignored SIGHUP to its maintainer scripts19:39
Keybukits maintainer scripts run the initscripts19:39
Keybukso initscripts are run in an inconsistent environment19:39
mathiazKeybuk: only SIGHUP? or are there other signals ignored too?19:39
KeybukSIGQUIT and SIGINT too19:39
Keybukthough those are ignored in your top as well19:40
mathiazKeybuk: right - this a little bit more worrysome: There is also a trap for INT QUIT and TERM to send a shutdown command to mysqld19:41
mathiazKeybuk: that means that after a package install, mysqld would not be shutdown properly19:41
mathiazKeybuk: could upstart be used in karmic to replace mysqld_safe (wrapper script around mysqld)?19:49
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keesmathiaz: is it not documented upstream?  let me go check21:03
keesmathiaz: oh, nm, Keybuk gotcha21:04
Keybukmathiaz: TERM doesn't look like it's ignored21:06
Keybukmathiaz: and yes, Upstart should be able to wrap mysqld_safe21:06
Keybukjust as soon as I get 0.10 out the door21:07
mathiazKeybuk: I could upstart replace mysqld_safe (which is a wrapper around mysqld)?21:18
pitticr3: http_proxy> iz python urllib bug (and well-known)22:15
* pitti -> off again22:15
cr3pitti: I knew there was a good reason, you might like to add that to the bug so that people know22:15
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mathiazslangasek: I've updated bug 32676822:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 326768 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 "mysqld_safe thinks mysqld has crashed when it hasn't" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32676822:26
mathiazslangasek: I've found a regression if bash is used as the default shell (/bin/sh)22:26
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c_kornwhen will the next daily build be available?22:37
mathiazbdmurray: hey - is there a way in LP bugs to get all the bugs that have a reply made after *my* last comment?22:39
mathiazbdmurray: I've got ~20 bugs in mysql where I have asked the same feedback to reporter and would like to go through the ones where updates have been posted22:39
bdmurraymathiaz: maybe incomplete w/ response sort by date last updated?22:40
mathiazbdmurray: w/ == without?22:41
bdmurraymathiaz: otherwise some python-launchpad-bugs magic should do it22:41
bdmurraymathiaz: w/ == with22:41
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mathiazbdmurray: thanks - seems like it gives me the list I want :)22:43
bdmurraymathiaz: this url should do it https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mysql-dfsg-5.0/+bugs?field.searchtext=&orderby=-date_last_updated&search=Search&field.status%3Alist=INCOMPLETE_WITH_RESPONSE&assignee_option=any&field.assignee=&field.bug_reporter=&field.bug_supervisor=&field.bug_commenter=mathiaz&field.subscriber=&field.status_upstream-empty-marker=1&field.omit_dupes.used=&field.omit_dupes=on&field.has_patch.used=&field.has_cve.used=&fi22:43
slangasekmathiaz: hmm - why would anyone do that? :)23:05
slangasek"dash is too fast for me, let's use bash instead" :)23:06
mathiazslangasek: well - apparently some people do that - there was a similar bug in openldap IIRC23:11
mathiazslangasek: hm - well - I'm not sure anymore about openldap23:11
slangasekwell, it's a bug certainly if the scripts aren't POSIX-clean, but I'd treat that as rather low-priority23:12
EvanCarrollgod these automated bug reports are overhwhelming23:12
EvanCarroll95% of them are dupes23:12
EvanCarrollone program crashes and it affects 5 things, you get 5 bug reports, he does it five other times you get 25 total bug reports23:12
EvanCarrollfrom the same person23:12
dtchenTheMuso: finally getting traction with fedora folks in cooperating on sound stack issues :)23:39
Viper550http://hacktolive.org/wiki/App_Runner should be integrated somehow23:42
dtchenViper550: discussion already started; not sure if it's public aside from logs of this channel23:42
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