dindawhat is the best mailing address for this project?  the LP one?00:27
bodhizazenyes dinda01:30
bodhizazendinda: do we have an official response re licensing ?01:31
bodhizazenthank you doctormo01:31
pleia2no, the lists.ubuntu.com one is the official one01:31
bodhizazenI appreciate that01:31
pleia2the LP one needs to be shut down01:31
bodhizazenit is ???01:31
pleia2we were only using the LP one until we got the lists.ubuntu.com one sorted (it is now)01:32
bodhizazendoctormo: I have been checking licensing issues with other sources (no offense to anyone on this channel)01:32
dindabodhizazen: was trying to find the official project mailing list so I can send the referral info for legal advice from the SFLC01:53
bodhizazenthank you dinda02:12
dindapleia2: so which is the project mailing list?02:13
pleia2the one linked on the wiki page, sec02:15
dindaack - I gotta figure out which folder these are being filtered to on Tbird as I've not seen these posts02:16
pleia2oh, and it shouldnt make the From: address be UCLP anymore ;) I fisehd that02:17
pleia2fixed too02:17
pleia2ok, heading off for the evening02:18
dindajust got directed to this site from the Sugar group:  http://www.linux-for-education.org/02:53
dindayet another Moodle Open source learning site02:53
doctormodinda: Thanks! it's CC-BY-SA too :-D good for remixing and stuff. I'll add it to the wiki page03:00
cprofitthello doctormo dthacker pleia2 greg-g popey15:41
doctormoHello cprofitt, popey15:42
cprofittdo you have time to talk about a LoCo related item15:52
popeygo for i15:52
cprofittThe NY team will be applying again in July...15:52
cprofittthis the format I am going to use - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NewYorkTeam/ApprovalApplicationDraft15:52
cprofittfor the application -- does that look good (information needs to be added)15:53
popeythe information is more important than the format :)15:54
doctormocprofitt: I thought the NY team was approved already15:54
cprofittand the second to that is how to consolidate the following -- https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NewYorkTeam/Events15:54
cprofittdoctormo, no we were turned down in March15:54
cprofittand turned down the year before15:54
popeyi like that events page15:54
cprofittshould I just link to the event and meeting lists popey ?15:54
doctormocprofitt: hmm, not enough events or some red tape glitch?15:54
cprofittI had those events on our last app in March and it seemed to confuse the council15:55
cprofittdoctormo, back in March we were told we did not have enough sustained activity15:55
cprofittthe nature of the LoCos events has changed since I got more involved in scheduling them as well...15:56
cprofittpopey, we have a sep. page for meetings - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NewYorkTeam/Meetings/Past15:57
cprofittso I am thinking of listing a summary of event totals over the last 12 months, meetings over the last twelve months... with a highlight on a few key events...15:57
popeynice and comprehensive15:57
cprofittthen linking to the full archive pages15:57
cprofittpopey, should I repackage the What We Do and Goals section (bottom of page) from here as well -- https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NewYorkTeam/ ?15:58
popeyif a few of the "what we do" lines linked to supporting logs/photos/blogs/etc that might be useful15:59
doctormocprofitt: If ever your up in Massachusetts, come and see what we do at community centers, every week we teach Ubuntu Desktop.16:00
cprofittok... sounds good.16:00
cprofittdoctormo, we are looking to try and get the ability to teach - but so far we do not have any 'centers' that have computers that have interest16:00
cprofittthe two I know of are 'blue' with Microsoft and have no interest from changing, but I do communicate with them16:01
cprofittI am currently searching out (have found two) teachers who use Linux at the K-12 level16:01
cprofittand looking to support them... and help them 'sway' others16:01
cprofittpopey, do you feel we have enough activity? the right mix of activities?16:02
popeylooks good to me :)16:02
doctormocprofitt: We've found it's good to teach techies to teach first and then people will get confortable, to be honest the SETC has acted like a weekly beacon and people come even to not teach but just to hang and talk and think about Ubuntu.16:02
cprofittpopey, thanks... I really want to nail this one down... to avoid any negative feelings like we had the last time...16:03
doctormocore members mostly do the teaching.16:03
cprofittso I want to work with you guys to make sure I present the information in the best possible manner16:03
greg-gmorning all16:56
cprofitthey greg-g17:33
tiddI feel like I have a really stupid question. ioctl, what package installs it? I cannot seem to find it, running jaunty20:45
bodhi_zazenplaypen us up ;)23:09
doctormobodhi_zazen: thanks23:14
bodhi_zazenit will be at learn.bodhizazen.net23:16
bodhi_zazenI need to configure my router , can not access from work23:17
bodhi_zazenI was wrong, it is up now23:43

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