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metalfan_ive created a bug report one or two weeks ago, but if i do search for reporter "julius-junghans" i dont get any results?16:32
metalfan_where did the bug went?16:32
loolmetalfan_: You should have gotten a bug number with it16:44
metalfan_well, i did not write it down16:44
metalfan_should i have been notified via email about progress?16:45
metalfan_im sure i created the bug because loic minier asked me to attach some lspci information, which i did16:46
loolmetalfan_: Yes, you should have received email17:02
loolmetalfan_: You can search all bugs associated with your launchpad account17:02
metalfan_lool, i probably did, whats the options name?17:06
loolmetalfan_: Just go to your profile and click bugs17:06
metalfan_i did find my bug, finally :)17:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 387127 in ubuntu-mobile "poulsbo video not working (fit-pc2/intrepid)" [Undecided,New]17:08
metalfan_now even the search for poulsbo works, weird17:09
loolmetalfan_: Ping StevenK here when he's awake, I don't do much Poulsbo; I only checked your PCI id is recognized, and I believe it is17:13
ian_brasilmetalfan: i spoke with StevenK about this17:19
ian_brasilapparently it is not working on Jaunty but Intrepid should be fine17:19
ian_brasildid you try the ubuntu mobile ppa?17:22
metalfan_ian_brasil, its all from the mobile ppa17:43
metalfan_intrepid was 8.10?17:43
ian_brasilyes 17:44
metalfan_i did try 8.10, but will of course do it again. is Xorg.0.log.old enough information or should i post something else?17:44
metalfan_ah...my fault17:46
metalfan_the bug is about the intrepid installation. got confused17:46
ian_brasilmetalfan: i would wait..StevenK said he would upload the pouslbo bits soon ..he has a lot on his plate i imagine17:47
metalfan_ok, what bits would that be?18:01
metalfan_ian_brasil, as i said before i tested it on intrepid, just to make that clear18:20
metalfan_ian_brasil, and it looked more like a hangup as if something was missing18:20
metalfan_StevenK, you probably read this one:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-mobile/+bug/387127    just dont know what todo :(22:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 387127 in ubuntu-mobile "poulsbo video not working (fit-pc2/intrepid)" [Undecided,New]22:37
StevenKmetalfan_: I was wondering if you're using the default kernel, or something else?23:39

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