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dholbachgood morning06:56
directhexmorning dholbach08:29
dholbachhi directhex08:42
* hyperair pokes dholbach 08:55
hyperairdholbach: remuco's in karmic? i don't see it =\08:56
dholbachhyperair: you're right - sorry, I was mistaken08:59
hyperairdholbach: do NEW packages get autosynced?08:59
dholbachuntil we're in DebianImportFreeze08:59
dholbachwhich isn't until June 25th09:00
hyperairah i see09:04
hyperairdholbach: do main and universe packages get synced at different frequencies?09:04
dholbachno, I don't think09:04
hyperairdholbach: nautilus-share which i got uploaded to debian a short while ago was after remuco-server, but it's been synced already.09:04
dholbachmaybe it was an explicit sync request09:05
hyperairmaybe it was09:07
hyperairso how long does it take for a package to get synced usually?09:07
dholbachhyperair: I don't know - best to ask in #ubuntu-devel09:09
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geserhyperair: depends on when an archive-admin triggers the autosync09:27
hyperairah so it's not auto? O_o09:27
geserno, only semi-automatic09:35
hyperairwell i'll just continue waiting then09:37
geserI'm currently not sure if NEW package are included in the autosyncs or if importing them needs to get triggered seperately by an archive-admin09:39
geseraccording to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArchiveAdministration#Syncs this doesn't happen automatic09:43
geserhyperair: you could ask jdstrand to sync also NEW when he does the archive work today (it's his archive day today)09:45
hyperairah okay09:46
hyperairnevermind, i'm in no hurry, as long as the package makes it in before debian import freeze =p09:46
hyperairand featurefreeze09:46
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maxbPackages in Debian NEW *cannot* be synced, manually or otherwise11:01
maxbOnly after they've been accepted out of Debian NEW11:02
DktrKranzthere's no way to access them, OTOH11:03
hyperairmaxb: er i meant just came out of NEW.11:04
hyperairDktrKranz: it's remuco-server, which had been ACCEPTED some days ago11:04
maxbAh, "new" not "NEW" :-)11:04
DktrKranzhyperair: heh11:11
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_rubenheh .. "funny" version .. Unpacking mysql-client-5.0 (from .../mysql-client-5.0_5.1.30really5.0.75-0ubuntu10.2_i386.deb) ...12:48
geserthis is used when a version needs to go backwards (which isn't possible) and one want to avoid adding an epoch (which will need to stay forever)12:53
_rubenso there was a "faulty" 5.1.30 upload at some time i guess? which does seem wrong for a 5.0 package indeed ;)12:55
geserlooking a the changelog it seems it was done because the mysql 5.1 packages provided a package which was also build from mysql-5.0 which broke things (or so)13:02
_rubennice :)13:05
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LarstiQHi, what do I have to do to get someone to pay attention to bug 342782 ?14:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 342782 in pyqwt5 "python-qwt5-qt4 will not install on Jaunty" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34278214:24
kklimondaLarstiQ: if there is a patch attached subscribe motu-sru14:28
LarstiQkklimonda: there are, though not really correct, due to python2.5 vs python2.6 site-packages/dist-packages differences. Still subscribe?14:29
ScottKLarstiQ: I think the 'hack' probably gives enough hints at the proper solution, so it's worth subscribing.14:30
ScottKLarstiQ: The odds go way up if you can get it to work for Qt3/Qt4 on both Python versions.14:30
* ScottK worked on trying to figure that package out before release and didn't come up with a solution.14:31
LarstiQScottK: aye, I'll try that if I have some time to burn, will subscribe first14:31
ScottKLarstiQ: If you get it figured, ping me and I'll sponsor it.14:32
LarstiQScottK: cool, I will if I do :)14:33
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gaspadholbach(or any MC member): is it too late to sign for the next MC meeting?16:01
Laneythey say 7 days don't they?16:02
gaspaLaney: yep16:03
Laneydoesn't it say when the next one is?16:03
gaspa25th, the next Thursday...16:04
gaspaIn fact I'm a bit late... that's why i'm asking.16:04
dholbachgaspa: I personally have no objections16:04
gaspadholbach: ok, thanks.16:07
slaytonthe diff.gz that gets generated during build is that only for the debian dir or can it contain patched sources as well?16:12
dholbachslayton: the latter16:12
dholbachif the packages uses a patch system already, it's good if you use that patch system for changes to the actual changes16:12
slaytonok... but sources that are changed from upstream don't require patch files to be accepted?16:14
slaytonin revu16:14
dholbachif you prefer working without a patch system that's fine16:15
Laneyis it?16:16
directhexcrap but permissible ;)16:17
dholbachLaney: sure - we have a bunch of those in the archive16:17
dholbachask cjwatson for his opinion on patch systems :)16:17
Laneywe do, but I wonder if w...16:17
* Laney runs16:17
directhexdholbach, ISTR i did!16:17
Laneyhow did that end?16:17
ScottKIt's also quite invitable for pacakges that use DVCS.16:17
directhexLaney, respectfully, of course!16:18
LaneyI think that we should encourage best practices for our new contributors16:18
Laneywhat that means depends on who you talk to16:18
Laneyand circumstances of course (DVCS being one)16:18
dholbachwhenever I have to use quilt, I'd prefer straight patches to the source :)16:18
directhexstraight patches to the source are easy.16:18
directhexuntil they stop applying, then they suck16:19
Laneyhaving had to detangle a mess of diff.gz patches, they aren't fun16:19
directhexpatch systems are useful because they have an "off" switch, more than anything else16:19
dholbachin any case I wouldn't want to overrule a package maintainer for no good reason16:19
dholbachif it makes your job easier, do whatever you like, but I don't see a lot of use in setting up a policy for it16:20
directhexno, of course, keep the maintainer's decisions16:20
directhexand if it's the first patch, check whether the package conforms to some kind of group policy - i.e. add a patch system if the package follows a policy which mandates one16:20
Laneyso if you're sponsoring a new package, should you question it?16:21
mok0Laney: thank god for splitdiff16:55
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mok0sebner: are u gonna merge flightgear?17:52
sebnermok0: wll, if you want to do it you are free to take it as I have 3 more weeks of military service todo with hardly any time17:55
mok0sebner: no time for flight simulator, huh?17:56
mok0sebner: ok, I'll take care of it17:56
sebnermok0: heh, you don't need if you don't want to. It's just that I'm not really sure if I have enough time for it this weekend or the next one17:57
mok0sebner: I doing at least one merge a day, so I was looking for one :-)17:58
mok0sebner: most are reserved17:58
kb9vqfajmitch: Looks like I won't be able to deal with FDS after all....my main server cluster was just taken out by the severe storms this morning.17:59
kb9vqfajmitch: Lightning struck within 30 feet and the EMP fried my systems. :-(17:59
* kb9vqf is on his laptop for now17:59
kb9vqfSorry! :-(17:59
sebnermok0: heh, fine then. I'm also happy to have a new version and when I have more time in future I'm going to play flightgear a lot :D17:59
stefanlsdmok0: i was looking at putting together a system where last contributors get notified of a new merge (sometimes you dont even know!) and then a way to say, feel free for someone else to take it...17:59
mok0stefanlsd: nice... in principle though, all merges are "free" since we have joint maintainership.18:00
mok0There have been complaints that the "last-merger-ping-required" policy has slowed down merging18:01
stefanlsdmok0: yeah, although we like to defer to the last uploader as they may have some specific knowledge.. also, I guess people trying to trying to show contributions dont enjoy other people doing there merges...18:02
mok0stefanlsd: at this point though, the merges have been sitting there since the archive opened a month and a half ago18:03
stefanlsdmok0: i think it has slowed merges alot! also some of the last mergers are not around anymore...18:03
mok0stefanlsd: right18:04
stefanlsdmok0: my thinking is that the last merger would get notified. if he doesnt do the merge or object to anyone doing it, or say its free - in a certain time period, it would move to a feel free to merge18:05
mok0stefanlsd: ... is that something you would implement of top of MoM?18:05
stefanlsdmok0: its just thoughts at the moment. not sure where exactly where its gonna go (ideas welcome!018:08
mok0stefanlsd: kk... I think it would fit nicely there18:09
stefanlsdmok0: kk. thanks. i will look into it there...18:09
carthikIs there a guide somewhere on how to take a debian sid package, change a few dependencies and build a package for Ubuntu (jaunty)?18:20
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slaytonis there a cdbs variable that can be used to determine which version of GCC is used?18:49
azeemslayton: "CC"18:52
slaytonazeem, ty18:52
c_kornwhen will the next daily build be available?18:54
RainCTomg can't we just set up a filter on the ML which rejects any mail containing the word "mono"? :P19:09
slaytonRainCT, what if there is an outbreak of disease?19:13
directhexRainCT_, a new flame war? yays :|20:03
directhexoh, someone trying to push the gnote suggestion on pure "zomg" grounds20:04
RainCT_directhex: Yeah, I'm starting to get annoyed of such mails.. A few more of them and I'll switch from "anti- but I don't really care" to "pro-mono" ;)20:07
directhexRainCT_, these folks don't seem to understand the harm they do to their argument by acting like f... in a tiresome manner.20:08
CarlFKsomone in some #chan (I think here) pointed me to some site that would search PPAs... anyone know what I am talking about?20:10
CarlFKor... anyone know where I can find dia-trunk.deb20:10
CarlFKthe version in jaunty has huge issues exporting svg, want to try trunk before I go wining about it20:11
kb9vqfCarlFK: This link should work: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas20:12
kb9vqfCarlFK: Or there's this (unofficial20:13
kb9vqfpage: http://ppa-search.appspot.com/20:13
CarlFKbingo.  lets delicious it this time...20:14
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