MTecknologynewz2000: are you ignoring me? :P06:13
knomeMTecknology, no, i'm ignoring him.06:50
knomeermm.. ;)06:50
SiDihi hi06:50
SiDiyou ignore me, knome ? :'(06:51
knomemorning SiDi!06:51
knomenope. i ignore nobody.06:51
SiDiand why do you ignore him ?06:51
knomethat was a joke.06:51
MTecknologyI have one ignore - 0:51    1 root: MSGS06:51
knomei have ignores as well, but they are only ignores for different types of messages in channels06:52
knomeeg. joins and parts in boring channels ;P06:52
knomelike ermmmm... #ubuntu-website :P06:52
MTecknologythat's pretty much what mine is for too06:53
SiDimine ignores any message06:53
SiDi /ignore *06:53
SiDiyes, i'm ignoring both of you right now !06:53
SiDistop ignoring me Q.Q06:55
knomeMTecknology, i have an irssi script that makes the bitlbee root messages more readable (and also so short that they fit a normal terminal window) and modifies their type so that they don't create "activity"06:55
MTecknologyI'll have to grab it sometime :P06:56
knomenope, only private use ;)06:56
knomeit might be a bit crappy code, but hey, it works.06:57
MTecknologyI'll try it out sometime, thanks06:57
* MTecknology goes back to coding svg and all the annoying they come with06:58
knomeoh wow, that email is outdated06:58
knomei don't even have access to it anymore06:58
newz2000MTecknology: not ignore you, are you trying to reach me?14:43
MTecknologynewz2000: regarding that tarball I sent you a while ago :)19:35
newz2000oh, no, not ignoring you per se19:35
newz2000but I am consistently failing to reply19:36
MTecknologyI was just curious if you ever got around to look at it :P19:36
MTecknologythen I was going to ask what you thought19:36
newz2000I did look at it and I'm still not sure what I'm looking at. I'm not sure what problem it solves and I don't understand the solution.19:37
newz2000let me open the tarball again, just a min19:37
MTecknologyYou're familiar with Drupal. Do you have your own drupal site?19:38
MTecknologyIt's just text files for each banner option.19:38
newz2000each text file contains a reference to the js file (a script tag)19:38
MTecknologyI'd prefer it if instead I were able to just grab a tarball of the entire thing, but because you guys control the minute the banner switches to showing as released, it's not really possible19:39
MTecknologyThe project is lp:drupal-ubuntu-countdown19:41
newz2000a tarball of the entire "what"?19:41
MTecknologyall the images and everything needed so there's no need for your servers to get hammered19:42
newz2000a tarball of the images is certainly possible19:43
newz2000the only thing that gets tricky is to know when the image "it's here" should show19:43
MTecknologythat's what I was referring to19:43
newz2000but currently what I do is modify the js file19:44
newz2000it's not a big deal to modify something else so that your script can detect the change19:44
newz2000you may have noticed that the js doesn't appear to change for an hour or two after release...19:44
newz2000this is because of our caching rules changing19:45
MTecknologyya, I did actually19:45
MTecknologyYou could log into the website and clear cache19:45
newz2000this trigger we're referring to would suffer the same problem19:45
newz2000we do that19:45
newz2000well, wait19:45
newz2000we modify the servers in the day or days before release to prevent shift+reload from working19:46
newz2000the caches basically get a static copy of the site19:46
newz2000then we release the caches for a moment when it's time to release19:46
newz2000and then again shortly after release19:46
newz2000it's this second tiem that the js and banners change19:47
newz2000might be 15 min after or 2 hours after, but right in there19:47
newz2000anyway, your trigger script that detects the change would be subject to the same delay19:47
newz2000it's really not a big deal19:47
newz2000but if all you want is a trigger we can do it19:47
MTecknologywould you be willing to host a tarball for it as well?19:48
MTecknologyI don't have the bandwidth to offer for that sort of thing? I get 50mb up but my bandwidth/month is pretty low19:48
newz2000well, we host it on the wiki currently19:48
newz2000there's a page for the countdown banners and we put it there somewhere19:49
newz2000what is the purpose of the tarball, is it somehting your script will automatically grab? If so we should not host it on the wiki19:49
MTecknologyya, that's it purpose19:49
newz2000so instead we should create a ppa or something similar19:50
newz2000otherwise someone could stuff the tarball with nasty php or something19:50
newz2000or we could just agree on a naming scheme for the files19:50
newz2000and host them on ubuntu.com19:50
newz2000what we should do is hold off for just a bit19:51
MTecknologyhrm... how hard would it be to pull a ppa w/ php?19:51
newz2000probably hard. :-)19:51
newz2000I'm working on a solution to host static content19:51
newz2000for ubuntu.com and the related websites19:51
newz2000I'm hoping to have some progress soon19:51
newz2000it would be the ideal place for this stuff19:51
MTecknologyI'll look into the ppa as well, just since that sounds like it could be a fun idea19:52
newz2000we could probably put a redirect in place on ubuntu.com that points to the final location of the files19:52
newz2000it would only change once each release around the beta period19:52
MTecknologyYou should take a peek at the source code sometime, or try out the module :) - I think I did pretty decent work on it19:54
MTecknologyEverything I'm producing I'm going to try to port to D5 when it's all done19:54
newz2000ok, I will19:55
MTecknologyI'll wait a week or two before I poke you again :)19:55
MTecknologyor more if you prefer... somehow I get the feeling you're a busy person :P19:55
newz2000well, there's always more to do than I can do, so it just comes down to priorities19:56
newz2000this will probably increase in priority as it nears time to release banners again19:56
MTecknologyholy crap...19:57
MTecknologywhy ppa...19:57
newz2000yeah, bad idea19:57
newz2000that's just for debs19:57
MTecknologybut no reason we can't do something like https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu-drupal-releases/6.x/6.3.219:57
MTecknologyWe could use a redirect on ubuntu.com to point at w/e19:58
MTecknologywhat's your opinion on that?20:00
newz2000I think we can do better20:00
MTecknologyyou don't like the launchpad idea?20:01
newz2000wait, is this to a .deb file or can we host any file there?20:01
newz2000oh, any file20:01
newz2000yes, that's good20:01
MTecknologyIt's look something like http://launchpad.net/drupal-ubuntu-countdown/head/jaunty/+download/jaunty-banners.tgz20:03
MTecknologynot only that, but then I can have my group keep owning the code, but I can also add you ~ubuntu-website as maintainers so if I randomly die then you guys can keep it up to date20:04
MTecknologyYou think that's a good idea then? Or do you still want to look for better?20:05
newz2000that'll work20:06
MTecknologywe might still want a file the javascript can scan to see if it's been released or not20:06
MTecknologyI can easily make it so if the pointer is pointing at the same location as before then it won't pull new cache too20:09
MTecknologynewz2000: is there any way you could send me a tarball of all the images and everything else for the current release?20:11
newz2000they're on that wiki page20:11
newz2000that's the best place to get them20:11
MTecknologyI love launchpad bugs....20:16
MTecknologynewz2000: Any chance you could make a pointer that points here? http://edge.launchpad.net/drupal-ubuntu-countdown/banners/jaunty/+download/countdown.tgz20:17
MTecknologyI know it'll sit there because I just created it :P20:18
newz2000MTecknology: I'd rather not20:23
newz2000the reason is because I want to make sure we have a solid qa process before we put a redirect in from ubuntu.com20:23
MTecknologygood point20:24
MTecknologywhat is one redirect that you have setup?20:25
newz2000MTecknology: what do you mean?20:25
MTecknologyDo you have any redirects currently?20:26
MTecknologyI just wanted to see what curl showed me about them20:26
newz2000ok, sure20:26
newz2000let me find one20:26
MTecknologySo I'll probably pull the redirect and see if it points at a new location fromt eh one saved in the db and if it is different then pull a new copy20:31
MTecknologyThanks :D20:31

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