Sarvattyeah they changed it to work with the device properties directly in upstream g-s-d now so it'll all work right even without the patch next update - http://git.gnome.org/cgit/gnome-settings-daemon/commit/?id=4eb9bd09219afbb56f114a2d10bc585e24db803e00:03
Sarvattabout all these bugs regarding GEM not working with PAE, should they be reassigned to the kernel?01:01
Sarvattlike https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bugs/38888601:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 388886 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "[G45,DG45ID] No GEM, DRI, XvMC. Busy CPU." [Undecided,New]01:03
Sarvattor just tag it xorg-needs-kernel-fix01:03
cwilluwhat's responsible for turning off the backlight during boot?  (even on a non-kms kernel without quiet and splash on the boot line)09:19
cwilluoops, wrong channel09:19
hyperaircwillu: it should be when i915 is loaded, isn't it?09:38
cwilludoes 2.6.29 have kms?09:48
Nghmm, I thought not09:49
Ngbut perhaps it does, isn't F11 .29?09:50
hyperairi'm not sure09:55
hyperairi only turned on KMS after upgrading to .3009:55
hyperairmodinfo i915 and see if it's got a modeset option =\09:57
cwilluI don't believe I'm running kms, although I do have i915 loaded11:29
cwilluit has the parm, so I'm probably running it then11:29
cwilluinteresting, because my suspend seems to be working properly11:29
cwillualbeit, modesetting seems to be broken :p11:29
* hyperair grumbles about memory leaks13:53
apwbryce, hey did you get to test that GEM/PPA kerenl?16:21
bryceapw, only on nv so far, I need to rejigger my box again with an ati card.  will get to that today18:06
apwgot any intel you could test it on?  both the generic and server.  it has a pae fix for gem applied we could do with testing18:09
bryceyeah I've got a i94518:51
bryceoh wait, it's busted.  hrm18:52
brycethe ati box booted ok with this kernel tho18:55
* bryce tires of fussing with the i945 and just reinstalls19:28
bryceapw, btw, the ati box booted the kernel but no drm19:29
Sarvattbooting linux-image-2.6.30-9-server_2.6.30-9.10kms9_i386.deb now19:36
Sarvattapw: PAE kernel works fine on my 945GME19:50
Sarvattcan ignore the mtrr part, I didnt boot with enable_mtrr_cleanup mtrr_spare_reg_nr=1 thats required for my netbook that time19:54
apwSarvatt, thats excellent news ... will try it on my laptop also as that has 4GB of ram20:02
apwoh no i can't as i am 64 bit20:02
Sarvattbryce: the drm thing is to be expected, you would need https://edge.launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/radeon-kms since it has KMS enabled for ati20:05
Sarvattapw: odd that I'm not having that build error in i915 when i build it in instead of having it as a module20:09
jbarnesbryce: ok patches are out there to detect hangs and send uevents21:20
jbarnesand even recover (at least in my limited testing)21:20
Sarvatti dont know any ways to hang the gpu anymore on my machine to test it lol21:26
Sarvattguess i could build a ddx from before the firefox hang fix since that was nice and easy21:27
jbarnesSarvatt: intel-gpu-tools has some hang tests now21:28
jbarneswell one that reliably hangs for me21:28
Sarvattah only resets on 965+?21:29
jbarnesso far21:29
jbarnespre-965 is kind enough to tell you to reboot though :)21:30

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