gorgutlo folks. I'm trying to adjust some X settings via an SSH session. can someone tell me the correct syntax to declare a display (or maybe i need a screen declaration?) in the following command line: 'xrandr --output LVDS --off"01:12
gorgutI assume it's something similar to "xrandr -d 0 --output LVDS --off" but I can't seem to get it nailed down01:13
TheSheepgorgut: just export DISPLAY=:001:25
gorgutTheSheep, then what is the correct syntax for the command line?01:26
gorgutTheSheep, also, should I run "export DISPLAY=:0" locally on the machine I'm adjusting, or through my remote session?01:28
TheSheepgorgut: you should run it in the same environment that the xrandr command01:32
gorgutTheSheep, sweet. Thanks, man01:37
Raggshi all02:27
focushows it going everyone, I was wondering what the difference between ubuntu and xubuntu as far as configuration, should I clean install xubuntu, or can install it from apt?02:49
Raggsfocus as i understand it you can apt-get it02:53
focusawesome, thanks.02:54
Raggsapt-get install xubuntu-desktop i believe02:54
knomeRaggs is right.02:55
knome!info xubuntu-desktop02:55
ubottuxubuntu-desktop (source: xubuntu-meta): Xubuntu desktop system. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.82 (jaunty), package size 15 kB, installed size 44 kB02:55
Raggsknome, it happens02:55
knomeit will install all the necessary packages02:56
focuscool, thanks.02:56
knomefocus, if you want to erase all gnome packages at some point...02:56
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE and !Gnome packages and have a default !Xubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexfce »02:56
Raggsknome how long have you been running xubuntu?03:00
knomeexactly two years the day after tomorrow.03:01
knomebut been running ubuntu for ages and xfce under it also earlier than 2 years ago03:01
Raggsyou are an old hand then03:01
sirtoastHi folks, this the appropriate channel for some xubuntu assistance?03:02
knomesirtoast, absolutely the best irc channel in the world.03:02
knomeRaggs, quite ;)03:02
sirtoastawesome, bear with me, i haven't used ircII since approx 199303:02
knomeno problem03:02
sirtoastI just did a system update on my xubuntu install, and when I log onto the Xfce desktop, i'm just getting a light blue background, it's not loading the desktop03:03
knometry moving ~/.cache to ~/.cache_backup03:04
sirtoasttesting now03:06
sirtoastthis truly is the best irc channel in the world:)03:06
Raggssirtoast, one of ;)03:06
knomein the best three ;)03:07
Raggsyes i am03:07
sirtoastis there something I missed in the system upgrade that caused this, or is it just one of those things that I should keep in mind when upgrading the system files?03:07
knomeit's something that can happen when upgrading - or even without an upgrade sometimes.03:08
knomedid it work?03:08
sirtoastit sure did03:08
knomeokay. good to hear.03:08
sirtoastthanks again for the help knome!  I'll keep pimping xubuntu at work03:14
knomeright :)03:14
knomesounds good03:14
sirtoastmay pop back in for more social stuff rather than just pop in for free support:)03:14
Raggsknome, of the buntus X is my favorite03:15
knomeRaggs, that's good to hear as well :)03:16
knomewe have done quite a work to set it up03:16
knome(a secret: karmic will be even better)03:17
Raggsi am not using Xubuntu atm03:19
knomewhat really matters is that people are using a non-propietary os ;)03:20
RaggsDebian here03:21
knomedebian is a really good distribution for servers03:21
Raggsits a really good desktop as well03:21
knomenever used it as a desktop since... 2000 i think03:22
knomeeh, i think that was red hat and not debian03:22
Raggsits a little better now03:22
knomewell, anyway ;)03:22
knomethe desktops sucked back then anyway03:22
Raggsi run testing anyhow03:22
knometesting is not bad either.03:25
Raggsi like it03:26
knomei don't mind risking some operability of my production machine, but karmic alpha is a bit too experimental :)03:27
Raggswell i hope it goes well03:28
knomeit will go well, but it's still a long time to release03:28
Raggsi should go to bed, but i am not yet03:30
Raggshave to get up early03:31
knomehah, if i'd had to get up early, i would be in problems. it's already 5:30 am. ;)03:31
Raggslol, 10:33 PM here03:33
tuv0kIs there a xubuntu pulseaudio guide. Fresh install on a 754 chipset with onboard sound. I have no sound.06:19
knometuv0k, try uninstalling pulseaudio? ;>06:50
immoREGISTER <pustefix13> <immo.weller@gmail.com>09:18
SiDihm :)09:18
SiDi /msg chanserv register pustefix13 (or another password now :p) immo.weller@gmail.com09:19
SiDii hope for you its not your gmail account password09:19
immoits not09:23
premorphoshey is there somebody pro on bluetooth solutions online?10:38
marcPVhi there10:38
marcPVanyone please, i deleted an user but i dont know how to delete his directories10:40
premorphosi need a good working solution on how to brows file system on cell phones... ex bacing up contacts, other files and so on...10:42
premorphosany one have a clue..10:42
premorphoshave tried gammu wammu and xgnokii and they arent working10:43
premorphosmarcPV: have you tried as Root10:44
marcPVsorry im little rookie here, tell me how pls10:45
premorphosopen terminal... go to the location of the subfolder and type sudo and give the delete comand and enter and root passwrd10:50
marcPVthanks, let me try10:51
marcPVsorry, whats the delete command for a folder?10:53
premorphosrm -r  but be cereful10:54
premorphosex rm -r foldername10:55
marcPV"sudo rm r yag-kosha" is ok? i want to delete a folder inside "home" from an user that i deleted10:56
premorphosno: sudo rm -r yag-kosha10:56
premorphosbut you need to move to home10:57
premorphoshome is not same as root10:57
SiDimarcPV: sudo rm -rf /home/username (be careful this will delete everything forever)10:58
marcPVok, i go to folder home, open terminal there (/home) and type that?10:59
SiDipremorphos: for your bluetooth problem10:59
marcPVrm f or rm -rf?10:59
SiDimarcPV: you can type it from anywhere10:59
SiDirm -rf10:59
marcPVok, thanks, let me try10:59
SiDiwhich stands for "remove recursively and force deletion"11:00
marcPV(hey, it works, thanks SiDi and premorphos for the support)11:01
premorphosno prob... "my first help case".... im so proud...11:01
premorphosim all ears sidi11:01
SiDipremorphos: i dont know in xfce but with gnome-bluez i used to can mount my bluetooth phone's folders and then browse them11:02
SiDias far as i recall11:02
SiDipremorphos: at worse you can google translate this page : http://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/bluetooth11:02
SiDiit explains some methods for sending and receiving data11:02
SiDimarcPV: you're welcome11:03
premorphosil look at it... tnx11:11
pandi2456so quite in here :D13:30
pandi2456ello gab13:30
pandi2456very confuse what is the basic different between ubuntu and xubuntu beside the layout ?13:43
SiDiits not exactly the layout. it's a different desktop environment.13:52
SiDiOurs is lighter and faster, but it has less features13:52
pandi2456uhmm... features like open office ? or other apps?13:55
SiDiyou can get any ubuntu app in xubuntu13:56
tuv0kpandi2456, pulseaudio is broken in xubuntu, but that is all13:57
tuv0kI should have just installed ubuntu from alt cd THEN installed xbuntu-desktop13:58
SiDituv0k: or install xubuntu from xubuntu's alt cd14:08
Ben_Csis there offtopic xubuntu chan?14:10
SiDi #xubuntu-offtopic14:14
SiDibut its empty14:14
Ben_Csso i'll ask a short question here14:21
Ben_Csdo you use simultaneously python and perl? or only one of them. which one?14:22
premorphoswhat can be wrong if i cant find my blue dongle with lsusb14:44
premorphosi wuled kill to be able to brows my phones on my system14:45
premorphosway is this so tricky14:46
pandi2456where is xubuntu place the temporary files ?15:03
tuv0kso there is NO xubuntu pulseaudio wiki? or Fix?15:24
charlie-tcaxubuntu does not use pulseaudio by default15:25
tuv0khence my question15:25
charlie-tcano, there is not, since it does not use it15:25
tuv0kand does not provide an option for those that do. WHY is there even a xubuntu when ubuntu  with xubuntu-desktop is not broken or depreciated?15:26
charlie-tcaIt is a Ubuntu component, so you could use any Ubuntu pulseaudio help15:26
charlie-tcaIf there was no Xubuntu, there would be no xubuntu-desktop15:27
tuv0klol, riiiight15:27
erik__hi all15:35
erik__i have a quick question15:35
charlie-tca!question | erik__15:37
premorphosok what is your q?15:37
ubottuerik__: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)15:37
KangaroooHello from Latvia.. I Found one maybe big problem.. at leas for me.. :) I have Xubuntu and I allways liked save session on shutdown (yes Im shutting down computer) and I also like dropbox but its as I found only available if also installed nautilus but it won't take over.. ok but I some times started nautilus also and now my session is dirty- allways starting with nautilus as desktop manager.. how can I reset session or delete it? Applications -> Sett15:48
cody-somervilleYou can delete .cache/session directory from your home directory to reset your session15:49
Kangarooowhole folder or files in it? /home/kangarooo/.cache/sessions15:51
charlie-tcawhole folder, Kangarooo15:54
Kangaroooin windows if I would delete folder then programm would ask in witch then save..15:54
Kangaroooah ok :)15:54
Kangarooothanks :)15:54
charlie-tcaYou are welcome15:54
premorphosif i cant see a usb dongle in lsusb.... is there any way to fix this or shall i go shopping16:07
TheSheeppremorphos: check the cable, also look at dmesg16:15
premorphosthesheep: tnx 4 your reply16:40
premorphossweet there it was... but what is dmesg?...16:43
premorphosif i se my bluetooth dongle in dmesg... can i mount it so that i see it in my file system every time i pair a device?16:50
TheSheeppremorphos: bluetooth is not a disk16:58
TheSheeppremorphos: you can't see it in your filesystem16:58
TheSheeppremorphos: you see it as a network device16:59
lvrhow do i get transmission, rhytmbox and such icons back to the toolbar in xubuntu? i removed them by accident and don't know how to reverse it17:08
SiDido you mean the menu ?17:11
SiDior launchers in your panel ?17:11
slow-motionright click on the bar "add new items" > "starter"17:11
TheSheepI think he means system tray17:12
TheSheepit's called 'Notification area'17:12
SiDiyou removed the notification area off your panel, lvr ?17:12
lvrSiDi is that what its called? i guess, then17:13
lvrokay thanks got it back17:13
AraneidaeIs there any way I can stop xfce from saving my workspace?17:38
AraneidaeI know I can turn it off ... but it keeps turning itself back on again!  Grrr17:39
SiDiremove .cache/sessions17:39
AraneidaeIn fact: "Automatically save session on logout" isn't set!  Yet it just restored something...17:39
AraneidaeThanks SiDi17:40
SiDiit stops saving sessions17:40
SiDibut it still restores the last saved one17:40
SiDibadly designed feature, imo :p17:40
AraneidaeWhere is the saved session saved?17:40
SiDiits in ~/.cache/sessions normally17:40
AraneidaeWell, duly deleted ... we'll see what happens17:41
AraneidaeI dug a little deeper into my missing RAM17:41
AraneidaeI think I might need to try a PAE kernel!17:41
spaztik1hey guys, anyone know why the 3 finger salute wouldn't work to restart GDM?17:43
AraneidaeHasn't that been turned off in recent *buntu updates?17:43
charlie-tcaTurned off in 9.0417:43
AraneidaeThink you need to add Option "DontZap" "false" to xorg.conf17:43
Araneidaeafraid so!17:43
AraneidaeDesigned to protect the ... uh ... less able17:44
spaztik1bah, so i guess i should find a thread that is already bitching about this17:44
spaztik1well, how would one re-enable it17:44
spaztik1i'm assuming in the /etc/X11 files somewhere17:44
AraneidaeJust add the line 'Option "DontZap" "false"' to Section "ServerFlags"17:44
sml12261Can I run a 64 bit VM in a 32 bit OS? I do have a 64 bit CPU17:44
AraneidaeCan't imagine why not.17:45
charlie-tcasml12261: don't believe it will work17:45
charlie-tcaIt depends on the actual kernel you are using. If you installed a 32 bit kernel, it won't run 64bit kernel17:45
spaztik1sml12261, not sure, but one would presume if the vm cpu was 64 bit it might emu the arch? not sure if that falls back on the host cpu or not17:46
spaztik1Araneidae, is that to me? the DontZap?17:46
AraneidaeThe DontZap refers to C-A-Backspace17:46
spaztik1lol that's a funny config param17:46
Araneidaesure, it's pretty odd.17:47
charlie-tcaspaztik1: see the release notes here: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/904#Ctrl-Alt-Backspace%20disabled%20by%20default%20in%20Xorg17:47
AraneidaeIt's in xorg.conf(5)17:47
sml12261I was planning on putting Virtual box on my 64bit Ubuntu and my 32 bit Vista so wanted to be able to move between the two. Think it would work?17:47
spaztik1so it's not an ubuntu thing, but rather an xorg preference?17:48
spaztik1or did the ubuntu guys change some xorg things?17:48
AraneidaeSuspect it might be an Ubuntu build preference, don't know though17:48
spaztik1well actually it makes sense that it's been in xorg for a while actually... i guess most distros just have it compiled with it enabled17:49
sml12261Why can't I get my normal nick?? It's annoying17:55
charlie-tcadid you register it?17:56
charlie-tcaThat is probably why then. Anyone else can use it17:57
sml12261nobody else is using it though so unless somebody registered it I don't get it17:57
charlie-tcaIf someone else registered it, it is no longer available to you17:58
sml12261Well I doubt its registeredbecause this has happened before and the next time I get on I have my old one back17:58
sml12261Need to try to register to be sure17:59
sml12261I looked and found my regular nick and it says its me??? I'm only on 1 pc so not sure why this is happening.18:10
firecrotchHow can I stop xfwm4 without it restarting itself?  I need to do this as a regular user, without using sudo.  If I just kill xfwm4 it restarts itself18:11
sml12261Why do you need to do that?18:12
TheSheepfirecrotch: you can start a different window manager with --replace option18:13
firecrotchTheSheep: I need there to be no window manager18:13
TheSheepthat's precisely what xubuntu avoids18:13
TheSheepyou can probably uninstall xfwm418:14
sml12261Go to services (i think thats where it is) xfwm4 is in there I think. Tell it to end it and that may work. Not in Xubuntu now so forget exactly how18:14
firecrotchThanks guys for pointing me in the right direction - I found a setting that allows me to tell it to not restart when it's killed18:17
sml12261Where I can't remember if what Isaid was even close to right18:17
firecrotchApplications -> Settings -> Sessions and Startup -> Session tab18:20
sml12261That is what I was thinking of just not remembering what it was. Thanks for letting me know.18:21
spaztik1firecrotch, you need to have a different startup script19:07
spaztik1like in your .xinitrc you can just start whatever you want19:07
davebotCan anyone help me? I am having an issue with my GUI.20:56
davebotBasically, my tool bars that are normally at the top and bottom of my screen have disappeared and I was wondering how I could get them back.20:57
TheSheepdavebot: press alt+f2 and type 'xfce4-panel'20:58
davebotah, thanks20:58
gsa1A little question, after some reboot I lost the automatic starting of panels and so, each time I reboot I need to execute Alt+2 and xfce4-panel21:46
gsa1This is a know problem? Have some solution?21:46
TheSheepgsa1: press alt+f2 and type 'xfce4-panel'21:52
SiDigsa1, what GPU do you have ?21:54
SiDidid the reboot include the latest kernel upgrade ? Do you know if you have proprietary drivers for this kernel ,21:54
SiDiAlso, you can just add "xfce4-panel" in a file named .initrc, that'll do for now21:54
TheSheepSiDi: I think it stays when you run it22:33
SiDinot with a bug linked to mesa drivers22:34
SiDiwhich breaks xfce4-session's launch22:34

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