BCM43Is there a good list of the features of edubuntu that I would be able to give to teachers?17:51
LnsBCM43: you might just want to show them the list of applications available with edubuntu17:58
Lnshttp://www.edubuntu.org/applications/8.10 (for Edubuntu 8.10)17:58
BCM43Lns: looks good, thanks17:59
LnsBCM43: you're welcome =) let us know if you have any other questions18:00
BCM43Lns: Acntully, have you ever installed edubuntu in a school enviroment?18:00
LnsBCM43: I have installed many applications that Edubuntu uses, yes18:01
BCM43Lns: how have teachers reacted. From the few that  I have installed it for, they seem to like it, and I am thinking about installing about 10 more.18:03
LnsBCM43: reactions as far as what?18:03
BCM43Lns: how well the switch went, whether they liked it, if it had what they needed.18:04
LnsBCM43: well most of the sites I switched were going from Win2k to Ubuntu... best description is here: http://linux.com/news/enterprise/case-studies/16798-linux-makes-the-grade-in-california-schools18:05
LnsThought it doesn't say much about edubuntu apps specifically, it's essentially the same18:06
BCM43I'm working on doing it in a nyc public school and I might write it up later.18:06
LnsBCM43: awesome!18:07
LnsBCM43: keep us updated, it's always nice to hear about successful installs. Are you doing LTSP on top of edubuntu as well?18:08
BCM43Lns: not on about 3 hours a week I am not.  I do community service there for school, and go there on my own time sometimes, but this is not even a part time thing.18:09
BCM43plus I would have to lean more about it as I don't know enough yet.18:10
LnsBCM43: so how many systems are you going to install it on?18:10
BCM43Lns: I have it on 5, we are getting 10 more of the same donated, and there are 5 on which I would like to install it but there is a bug in the bios and since the bios is locked down, only the Department of Education can update it, so I have to go through a lot to get that done.18:12
Lnsthat's pretty hardcore =)18:13
BCM43Lns: dont get me started on the Department of Education in nyc. Windows only. Viruses going all over the place, and the school I am working at can no longer pay for a tech support person.18:14
BCM43You know you need more money when a 16 year old is doing all your tech support as community service.18:15
LnsBCM43: it's all too common, unfortunately. You would be doing the DoE a service by installing Linux on any of these systems and persuading them to learn how to use it18:15
LnsWith LTSP, administration is easier than Windows domain / roaming profile/etc stuff could ever be18:16
LnsI'm sure you already know that though ;)18:16
BCM43The only problem I am having is that there is some special management software that the special education teachers use that I need to find a way to get working on linux. I don't have time to teach them or set up a free version, and I'm not sure the computers can run a vm. I have to try out wine.18:18
Lnswhat's the software?18:19
BCM43iep pro18:19
Lnshmm, looks web based - have you tried it in linux/firefox?18:20
BCM43Lns: there is a special client that you need.18:21
LnsWell, any moderately equipped server could handle a VM... I use VMWare myself, but there's also Virtualbox and KVM that apparently work very well too18:22
Lnsvery little overhead to run a virtual server these days18:22
BCM43ok. I would need to read up a bit on how to set it up first, but I will look into it.18:23
BCM43Lns: I would love to switch them to this, but I have no idea if it is possible. I have tired both, and this is superior. http://iep-ipp.sourceforge.net/18:24
LnsI've never heard of this software18:26
BCM43this too need a server, and I have to keep in mind that the server room is the old projection room for the auditorium, with no windows and just a fan.18:26
BCM43Lns: yea, they have a web demo and it seems really good.18:26
LnsThis is something that we might want to include in edubuntu18:26
Lnsif possible18:27
Lnshighvoltage, stgraber : ^^^18:27
BCM43good idea. Development seems to have stagnated.18:27
Lnsmaybe it "just works" =)18:28
BCM43Lns: from the demo, it seems that way. I need to set up a server to test it with.18:29
BCM43I also need more time. :)18:29
Lnsi hear ya18:31
LnsI shouldn't even be here right now =p18:31
Lnsmy first day trying to allocate time during the work day so i get more stuff done, and i'm behind schedule ;)18:32
BCM43Lns: are you in this channel often? If not, could I have an email to keep you updated or ask questions?18:32
BCM43Lns: well, don't let me take up your time.18:32
LnsI'm here a lot, yeah - I'm in California18:32
LnsNo no, it's ok, I'm doing other stuff =)18:32
BCM43Lns: ok, I will be back every so often with updates and questions.18:33
LnsYou can always ask questions here - if you want my e-mail though, its jerickson -at- logicalnetworking -dot- net18:33
LnsI'm sure others would be able to answer some questions better than I could here though, so always check here first18:33
Lnsyw, good luck!18:33
alkisgHas anyone got sabayon to work from sbalneav's PPA?20:48
dgroosalkisg: I'm getting close to starting to test it.21:03
alkisgFor me, when I press the [Edit] button to edit a profile, it just hangs there...21:04
alkisgI tried changing my UI to en_US to test if that was to blame, but nothing changed21:04
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