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djsiegel__seele: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PaperCut please check it out and change if you'd like00:29
cbrhi, latest karmic crashes on kde login09:51
cbrxorg log has some backtrace09:52
cbropenbox works though09:52
davmor2cbr: hit ctrl-alt-f1 type in the following sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade this should then add about 16 packages.  It should then work.  Or at least it is for me now on gnome test install.10:07
cbrdavmor2: yup, did that10:15
cbrand no, it didn't work10:15
davmor2what gfx card do you have?  I'm assuming this is down to kms being enabled10:16
cbroh wait, there's some mesa stuff now10:16
cbri have intel10:16
cbrand kms doesn't work now for some reason10:16
cbralthough it did before10:16
davmor2cbr: yes the mesa stuff and some xserver stuff too that should fix it10:17
davmor2cbr: did that fix it?10:26
cbrdavmor2: yes11:00
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Mamarokarghs, some users...11:02
\shsebas: congrats11:14
Mamarok\sh: what for?11:17
* Mamarok wonders11:17
davmor2cbr: Cool :) everyone is a happy bunny again :)11:27
\shMamarok: for his new job at kdab11:35
Mamarokoh, that :) he started back in May already :)11:35
\shMamarok: I didn't know that :)11:41
Mamarok\sh: well, I learned when we had the Amarok sprint at KDAB offices back in May :)11:42
\shMamarok: hopefully I have time to go to most of the FOSS real world meetings next year...seems like I miss quite a lot of good meetings :)11:43
Mamarokyou definitely do!11:44
Mamarokand you will not attend Akademy if I understand you right?11:44
Mamaroksad :(11:44
Mamarokwhat about FrosCon?11:44
\shMamarok: as I never attended Akadamy, I don't know what I will miss...and as said at the end of last year and at the beginning of this year, I won't attend any FOSS fairs or conferences this year, because of Family. :)11:45
Mamaroknot even FrosCon? That's not that far away and only a weekend11:45
\shMamarok: yeah...but you know since may I was only 2 weeks really at home and the rest of the time travelling between our datacenters and doing a lot of work...so time with family has prio 1 :) but hopefully next year I'll take wife and son with me to travel around :) so Sean Ryan learns about the FOSS community from the very beginning of his life :)11:47
Mamarokthat sounds nice!11:47
freinhardcan i change to another kde session in karmic? doesn't work for intel on jaunty atm.12:13
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valgaavfreinhard:  AFAIK that's a driver issue12:37
valgaavshould be fixed with kms /gem/ dri212:37
valgaavit's jut that with dri1 you cannot run 2 xservers with 3d at the same time12:38
freinharddoes a kde desktop without any effects need 3d?12:41
freinhardcan't use them anyways, hardware to slow.12:41
freinhardor driver too bad.12:41
valgaavwell maybe12:50
valgaavI never really tried to run a second xserver with OSS drivers...12:51
JontheEchidnanixternal: phonon is built against pulseaudio so that if its installed, you'll get support. But luckily having libpulse0 installed != having pulseaudio installed ;-)13:12
nixternalfunny, same symptoms as having it installed13:13
JontheEchidnait doesn't contain the pulseaudio binary, just the libraries13:18
nixternalwell, in the past we have been able to remove them, therefor removing "PulseAudio" from the multimedia selection13:21
nixternalotherwise it will keep saying my Intel audio doesn't work, falling back to .13:21
nixternaland I have to live with no sound13:21
JontheEchidnasounds like something aside from pulseaudio is failing, and in the process it's falling back to the fake PA backend13:24
nixternalwho is buying breakfast this morning?13:24
nixternalI figured out what it was, it was pulse, just not those packages13:30
nixternalwhen I grep'd and all those pulse packages showed up, which I wasn't used to seeing in the past, I got a bit nervous13:31
JontheEchidnayou should do something like that mononono package13:32
nixternalgotta bare with me, I am cranky because I quit smoking13:32
nixternalI think we should have Mono in Kubuntu13:32
nixternalwe can put Tomboy in by default13:32
nixternalnow that would be a great April Fools right there13:33
JontheEchidnayeah, boycottnovell'd shit its pants13:33
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JontheEchidnaor, we could port knotes to the mono qytoto bindings :D13:34
nixternaloh man, that would be so awesome13:36
JontheEchidnait would totally be called "pulling a reverse gnote"13:36
nixternalthat would be really funny13:36
nixternalI looked at the Tomboy and GNote code, it is by far the largest mess for the smallest app I have ever in my life witnessed13:36
nixternaldude, their codebase screams "OVERENGINEERING!!!"13:37
rgreeningdid we remove gdebi yet from default install? Riddell or ScottK? As KPackagekit can likley replace it all right?13:59
* rgreening cant recall if it was done last cycle or for this...13:59
rgreeninghmm.. I believe install-package deps on it for some reason (and that would need fixing).14:01
JontheEchidnayeah, we never got around to removing the dependency from install-package14:03
JontheEchidnatonio's looking in to putting the functionality into kpackagekit14:03
txwikinger_workAnybody having an idea when the redrawing issues and plasma-desktop problems will be solved?14:10
freinharddtchen: about that firmwareupdate for prism cards: i clone the the git from the repo, commit my local changes and then?14:12
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nhandlerryanakca: Some links in the footer have the same problem as the "You are Here" link. The /License page is also missing (I am trying to hunt that down)14:57
nhandlerryanakca: I'll file a bug report later today. I just wanted to let you know15:03
seelewhat did we decide about bug 389740? invalid because oxygen isn't the default theme anymore?15:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 389740 in hundredpapercuts "KDE desktop + - zoom icons need improved" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38974015:11
seele(at least for a papercut)15:11
yuriyseele: I doubt that the icons are transparent, and the icon set is not changing, so i'm guessing the icons were actually fixed15:19
yuriyor not, don't see any changes in svn15:26
seeleyuriy: the icons weren't fix, the problem must be with the oxygen theme15:46
seelemaco: are you planning on working on the "Abort" strong papercut? if so, I'd like to assign it to you15:47
QuintasanScottK: ping16:17
QuintasanRiddell: ping16:45
freinhardwhat do i need for a debug package? DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=?16:47
agateauseele: where can i find the paperkut list? on your wiki page?16:48
macoseele, yes16:50
macodid kpackagekit's persistent notification thingy start working? the icon's changed...16:51
JontheEchidnamaco: yeah, we re-enabled kpackagekit's notifications17:00
QuintasanJontheEchidna: who else I can poke to get new rev. of update-manager-kde reviewed and uploaded? ScottK is mentioned he has lot's of work17:04
JontheEchidnaridell, apachelogger, and tonio are the other guys you might try17:05
rgreeningQuintasan: Tonio_is online, maybe he has a quick minute to dput for you...17:06
seeleagateau: https://bugs.launchpad.net/hundredpapercuts/+bugs?field.tag=hundredpaperkuts17:07
QuintasanTonio_: pingstorm17:07
agateauseele: thanks17:07
seelemaco: done :)17:08
seeleagateau: feel free to add any, there are probably some out there i dont realise are papercuts because i dont know how little/much work they take17:08
agateauseele: ok17:09
agateaubut probably not today in fact :/17:09
agateauhave to go17:10
Tonio_Quintasan: can you ping me in a couple of hours ? I'll be at home and online, and I may forget about that ;)17:11
QuintasanTonio_: sure, if Riddell won't show up faster :P17:11
Tonio_Quintasan: oki :)17:11
rgreeningScottK: you around?17:14
macoseele, "hundredpaperkuts"? cute17:23
JontheEchidnaas a note, they've been removing the hunderpaperkuts tag and replacing it with kde17:24
macoand no "hundredpapercuts" to replace it?17:24
seeleJontheEchidna: why?17:24
seeleJontheEchidna: i saw they only did it to one, not all of them17:25
JontheEchidnaI saw two of them, figured it was a trend17:25
JontheEchidnaas for why, dunno.17:25
seeleargh.. i feel like i'm playing operation17:26
seelei broke my backspace key and now all these little pieces are falling off17:26
seeleand i'm trying to put them back into their exact holes or else it messed up the other little pieces17:26
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macoseele, get an external keyboard, then get StevenK to fix yours17:32
macohe managed to get my Ctrl keycap back on at UDS17:32
maco(i was trying for 3 weeks!)17:32
macohrm.... seele?17:34
macoin kpackagekit, on the updater...the down arrows...17:34
macoif i'm UPdating, why do the arrows point DOWN?17:34
seeledownloading updates?17:35
maco(with the programmer hat, i'm guessing it's something to do with DOWNloading the updates...?)17:35
seelei remember havin this discusison with someone else before17:35
macoi'm trying to figure out how my brother and mom would act if they used kde17:36
macoim not entirely sure mom would know to click the arrow...i think my brother might guess17:37
seelewhich arrow are you talking about? the update indicator?17:41
seeleYES i fixed it17:42
JontheEchidnaseele: I think the discussion you are recalling was in regards to the proposed update-notifier-kde icons when it was first developed17:44
JontheEchidnaprobably with me :P17:44
seeleah, hehe17:44
macoin the updater window17:46
macothere's a blue arrow to the right of the package name17:47
macoand you click that to tell it to update that package17:47
macoi feel like it ought to point up...or have a thumbs up to say "yes" ...or something17:47
freinhardQuintasan: when you remind Tonio_ about your update-notifier-kde changes, please remind him of my branch too: https://code.launchpad.net/~freinhard/update-notifier-kde/respect-exitcodes17:59
Quintasanfreinhard: sure thing :)17:59
Tonio_freinhard: I merged already ;)18:07
Tonio_freinhard: I'll release a new version this WE, after I fix a bug that affects debian18:07
freinhardTonio_: great! merged on your local machine or is lp slow these days?18:10
Tonio_freinhard: look the code on kdesudo project/trunk18:11
Tonio_freinhard: should be in afaik...18:11
freinhardTonio_: stupid me, wrong ff tab!18:12
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Tonio_freinhard:  ;)18:21
* Quintasan loves Vi input mode in kate19:01
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_Groo_hi/2 all19:08
_Groo_anyone working on amarok 2.2 builds? i need a fresh mysqld patch :P19:09
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Mamarokgroo_: seems no one, so please, go ahead :)20:25
groo_Mamarok: yeah gonna have to fix it... 2.2 crashes now when i use the embedded mysqle.. i need to use external..20:26
groo_Mamarok: gonna see what i can do20:26
Mamarokgroo_: works fine here, but I have a self-compiled mysqle here20:27
groo_Mamarok: can you paste.bin your ./configure? i wanna see if something changed, and what svn number?20:27
Mamarokfor my Amarok build you mean?20:28
groo_Mamarok: it broke after 98375020:28
groo_Mamarok: yes20:28
Mamarokgroo_: my SVN build is r98649420:29
groo_Mamarok: hmm ok, can you paste.bin your ./configure (confgi.log)20:30
* Mamarok checks20:30
Mamarokgroo_: you sure about the name of the file? I compile a SVN checkout with cmake here20:34
groo_Mamarok: no, no amarok.. the configure of your mysql20:34
Mamarokright, sorry, let me check20:34
Mamarokgroo_: my bad, I sem to use the libmysqlclient15-dev from jaunty, forgot I did a complete reinstall here :(20:40
groo_Mamarok: it works now??? using default jaunty dev?20:41
groo_Mamarok: it didnt before.. interesting20:41
Mamarokgroo_: and it seems to work since quite some time, I haven't reinstalled this machine since April20:42
groo_Mamarok: did you use jauntys package to rebuild amarok?20:43
Mamarokgroo_: yes, all is jaunty, except the taglib-extras, the qtscriptgenerator (apachelogger did build one that works btw, use it on another machine) and liblastfm now20:49
Mamarokactually, there are jaunty packages for both taglib-extras and qtscriptgenerator that work20:50
nantali have a problem with the amarok music player20:55
nantali can't play musics in mp3 format20:56
Mamaroknantal: install libxine1-ffmpeg, and please, use #kubuntu for support questions21:04
nantalok, thank you21:06
Mamarokyou are welcome :)21:07
nantaloh, thank you very much, it works again :D21:09
Mamaroknantal: and this is not Amaroks fault, it's a license problem, we can not ship those by default because of restrictions in some countries21:14
* Mamarok notes that missing codecs should be proposed automatically for Amarok in Kubuntu *hint*21:15
QuintasanMamarok: If I'm not mistaken there is KNotify popup which suggests installing additional packages :>21:17
MamarokQuintasan: that's the theory...21:18
Quintasanwell it showed up for me after installation21:19
MamarokQuintasan: never seen that happen in real life on Jaunty so far, guess why we have so many support request for mp3 not working...21:19
Mamarokcoming mainly from Kubuntu users21:19
MamarokQuintasan: also, it shows up for gstreamer, but not for xine21:19
Quintasanhmm I think it should get fixed once for all21:20
Quintasanhowever my coding skills are almost 0 :<21:20
JontheEchidnaMamarok: this is with the kubuntu packages that it's not asking for codecs?21:21
groo_btw will support for replaygain in xine be implemnted in 2.2? gstreamer is a piece of...21:21
JontheEchidnait's expected that it wouldn't work for ubuntu users since they don't normally have update-notfier-kde installed21:21
JontheEchidnabut if they're using the kubuntu packages in kubuntu then it should ask for the codecs21:21
MamarokJontheEchidna: hm, and we get tons of angry users who can't play music in Amarok...21:22
JontheEchidnaall I've ever seen are bug reports from ubuntu users21:22
MamarokJontheEchidna: nope, check the logs for #kubuntu, those are Kubuntu users new to Jaunty, most have never seen that pop up21:22
Mamarokand we have most of them in #amarok anyway, and in bugzilla21:23
rickspencer3-afknick rickspencer321:23
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QuintasanTonio_: ping21:32
Tonio_Quintasan: reviewing ;)21:33
Tonio_thanks fo the reminder21:33
QuintasanTonio_: rev. 80 and I'm sorry for making small mess with commits :P21:34
Tonio_no pb :)21:34
freinhardTonio_: didn't merge my branch in and forgot to modify kdesudo.h and the signal.21:35
Tonio_freinhard: hu ?21:35
freinhardTonio_: try to compile rev3821:36
Tonio_hum the problem is that you patched an old trunk and I had problem following your diff :)21:36
Tonio_freinhard: wan't trunk access ? that would easier21:36
freinhardTonio_: sure :)21:36
Tonio_freinhard: would be way easier than finding what you modified in a hudge diff :)21:37
Tonio_freinhard: just subscribe to the list please21:37
Tonio_freinhard: I'll approve you immediately21:38
freinhardTonio_: done21:39
Tonio_freinhard: approved :)21:39
freinhardthx! still don't undestand why my version was to old. i modified r37, that's the latest version listed.21:43
Tonio_freinhard: hu ?21:47
Tonio_weird, I made a diff and it was realy hudge... missing translations and so on.... well nevermind, you can do whatever you want now :)21:48
freinhardTonio_: that's all i did: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~freinhard/kdesudo/return-exitcode/revision/3821:51
Tonio_freinhard: I might have been drunk then :/21:51
freinhardTonio_: k then i'll commit the rest of the changes.21:54
Tonio_freinhard: super !21:54
QuintasanTonio_: hope mine is good too :321:55
Tonio_Quintasan: it is21:57
Tonio_Quintasan: also I don't understand why the python script fails when started accross the link21:57
Tonio_Quintasan: especially since kblueplugd is in the same place, same kinda link, and doesn't have the same issue...21:57
QuintasanTonio_: I don't know, if I remember correctly ScottK and rgreening couldnt solve it either.21:58
Quintasanbut I hope that solution is acceptable21:58
Tonio_Quintasan: waiting for any better, this works21:59
Tonio_Quintasan: uploaded21:59
Tonio_Quintasan: would be interesting to ask Riddell is he has any idea of a better fix22:00
QuintasanTonio_: I pinged him two times but I guess he has work to do22:00
dtchenfreinhard: request a pull22:03
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freinharddtchen: but where would you pull from? so i need some githost?22:13
dtchenfreinhard: yes, you would need a publicly accessible git host22:14
dtchengitorious, github, ...22:14
freinhardTonio_: does a LP #<bug> in a commit message trigger the "fix commited" status change?22:45
JontheEchidnafreinhard: fix released, yes22:46
JontheEchidnayou can set it to fix committed if the fix is in bzr or upstream has committed the fix in their repos22:47
freinhardright, was talking about bzr.22:47
JontheEchidnaoh, dunno22:48
Tonio_freinhard: yup22:48
JontheEchidnaI've never had it set it to fix committed automatically for me22:48
freinhardi'll wait some more minutes for the magic to happen22:49
smarter_freinhard: bzr commit --fixes lp:1234523:07
smarter_if you use that nifty utility which I forgot the name of and that generate commit messages from the changelog, I think it's done automatically23:08
freinhardsmarter_: thany you for the hint!23:08
smarter_(damn, I really haven't packaged for a while)23:09
freinhardTonio_: looks like bug 258799 got fixed with http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-kdesudo/kdesudo/trunk-kde4/revision/35 ?23:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 258799 in kdesudo "kdesudo incompatibility with kdesu" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25879923:11
freinhardworks for me here.23:11
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Tonio__freinhard: I'll fix the changelog then if I can confirm this works23:18
Tonio__freinhard: id you commit your changes ?23:18
freinhardTonio__: yes i did.23:19
nhandlerryanakca: You know the footer I was talking about earlier? That should not be there at all. The Copyright / License stuff and mention of a free license currently only applies to help.ubuntu.com (where ubuntunew is used)23:19

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