dtchenif you have the debs in /var/cache/apt/archives/, you can use ..install binpackage=version00:00
nixternalya, they aren't there anymore :/00:01
dtchendid you see bryce's mention in u-devel about the debs in his ppa?00:01
arandnixternal: nah, I'd say it's somewhere in gdebi-gtk>>dpkg, since gdebi-gtk gives dpkg: unable to read filedescriptor flags for <package status and progress file descriptor>: Bad file descriptor00:02
nixternalya I did actually, what is his ppa00:02
arand...whereas gdebi from terminal works without problems00:02
dtchendeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/bryceharrington/ppa/ubuntu karmic main00:02
nixternalthank you00:03
nixternalhahahaha, I was trying to move my mouse to copy that :p  can't do that w/o X00:03
DanaGyou can do it with gpm, if you get used to it.00:04
BUGabundook gonna test out #NM 0.7.1 . if I don't come back, blame @asac ... ;)00:04
nixternaldtchen: thanks dude, that fixed it00:08
nixternalahh, I love my KDE when I can use it :)00:08
* genii throws un unknown widget error at nixternal!00:09
* nixternal throws the widget back00:09
nixternalwho needs silly widgets anyways :p00:09
geniiTrue, true00:09
BUGabundonixternal: did you really say that?00:09
nixternalI haven't seen anything under my Konsole in a long time anyways :)00:10
BUGabundoPlasmoids are soooo cool00:10
nixternaloh they are, I just need to start utilizing them after I write them :)00:10
BUGabundoI hope a day I can drag one from my LCD to a phone screen00:10
bobesponjakwin is crashing here since my latest update of karmic, any quick fix please? :)00:11
bobesponjanixternal: any clue? :)00:12
nixternalbobesponja: why yes, I know how to fix it00:13
nixternaldeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/bryceharrington/ppa/ubuntu karmic main00:13
nixternalsudo apt-get update00:13
nixternalsudo apt-get upgrade00:13
bobesponjacool, thanks a lot00:13
nixternaladd that to /etc/apt/sources.list of course00:13
nixternalbobesponja: just fixed that about 2 minutes before you joined the channel00:14
bobesponjanixternal: yeah I saw your latest message and suspected exactly that00:14
nixternalyou get to kdm, log in, it starts and then crashes back out to kdm?00:14
nixternalif so, then yes, what I just said will fix it, or at least should fix it00:15
nixternalintel video?00:15
bobesponjaI'm using plasma-desktop from xfce right now, but it I start kwin I get the same error00:15
BUGabundonixternal: took you a while, but now you don't miss users confirming it00:15
nixternalright, earlier I couldn't get anyone on my side00:15
nixternalI need to do the same on my GNOME box too so I can get it back up and working00:16
nixternalback in a bit all00:17
pace_t_zuluanyone else experiencing problem w/ GNOME?00:33
pace_t_zuluin ubuntu+1 that is00:33
arandpace_t_zulu: That is a _very_ generic description ;)00:34
pace_t_zuluarand: login doesn'00:35
pace_t_zulut complete00:35
pace_t_zuluarand: failsafe GNOME doesn't complete login either00:35
arandpace_t_zulu: In what way, black or white screen? ...00:35
pace_t_zuluarand: see the desktop wallpaper... panels come up... notify window showing network is connected... then screen goes blank and back to login splash... not enough time for the Ubuntu login audio to complete00:36
pace_t_zuluarand, do you know where the relevant log files might be?00:37
pace_t_zuluarand, i can get to failsafe terminal00:37
arandUhm, no, I had some problems with it going to white or black screen every now and then but that seems to be a completely different thing00:38
pace_t_zuluarand, i think this could be visual effects... but i don't know where i might find logs that would indicate what is causing the problem00:38
arand/var/log/gdm might be something...00:39
pace_t_zuluarand, yeat that's what i'm looking at... in /var/log/gdm/:0.log.2 the last line is "Saw signal 11. Server aborting."00:41
pace_t_zuluarand, see the same thing in /var/log/gdm/:0.log.300:42
pace_t_zuluarand, i /var/log/gdm/:0.log.1 and /var/log/gdm/:0.log.4 i see " ddxSigGiveUp: Closing log"00:43
Wiclapace_t_zulu: sounds like bug #39180800:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 391808 in mesa "[i945] Xorg crash in intel_renderbuffer_set_region() on Dell XPS 1330" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39180800:45
pace_t_zuluWicla: yeah i've got Intell chipset... i think 965M00:46
WiclaHad the same problem. A fix is submitted in that bug report that fixes it :)00:46
pace_t_zuluWicla, the fix being Bryce's PPA?00:48
pace_t_zuluWicla, thank you ... problem solved00:56
pace_t_zului have another problem w/ karmic ... I was using the BCM 43xx STA driver in Jaunty... when i upgraded to Karmic this went away (not even an option on "Hardware Drivers" ... anyone know how to resolve this issue?00:57
pace_t_zuluanyone know how to resolve my BCM 43xx WiFi driver issue?01:08
Sarvattsudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source, or just unblacklist b43 and ssb to use the kernel drivers01:11
pace_t_zuluSarvatt, thank you ...01:11
pace_t_zuluSarvatt, how do i "unblacklist" ?01:11
Sarvatti dont know exactly what file the old driver put the blacklist in, it would be one of the ones in /etc/modprobe.d/01:12
pace_t_zuluSarvatt: thank you01:13
pace_t_zuluSarvatt, the method for dealing w/ the blacklist seems to be addressed here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=24814101:18
pace_t_zuluSarvatt, thank you for pointing me in the right direction01:18
Sarvattah, I was asking you for the output  of ls /etc/modprobe.d/ to try to walk you through it in a PM, but looks like you found a guide :)01:19
pace_t_zuluSarvatt, sorry missed the pm01:19
Sarvattin one of those files you'll find blacklist b43 and blacklist ssb, you want to remove the # in front of those01:19
Sarvatterr you want to ADD a # in front of those, sorry01:19
pace_t_zuluSarvatt, commenting out those lines does not resolve the issue after i purged bcmwl-kernel-sources01:34
Sarvattlook through the other files in /etc/modprobe.d/, the old STA drivers probably didnt use that one01:35
pace_t_zuluSarvatt, i also commented out 'blacklist bcm43xx" in blacklist.conf01:35
Sarvatti dont know why you installed bcmwl-kernel-source and then commented it out and then purged bcmwl-kernel-source01:36
Sarvattjust reinstall bcmwl-kernel-source :)01:36
pace_t_zuluSarvatt, i commented out all lines in blacklist-bcm43.conf01:36
pace_t_zuluSarvatt, i purged bcmwl-kernel-source because i prefer not to have unnecessary packages on my system01:37
pace_t_zuluSarvatt, it seems as if the bcmwl-kernel-source resolved the issue... the modprobe.d blacklist had no effect01:38
Sarvattbecause the old STA drivers were blacklisting b43 and ssb somewhere else, the blacklist-bcm43.conf was probably installed by bcmwl-kernel-source01:39
pace_t_zuluSarvatt, so i need to find any blacklist command referring to bcm and comment it out?01:42
pace_t_zului suppose i just need to install bcmwl-kernel-source again01:45
pace_t_zuluso Sarvant... wireless networking is not an option in my notification tray... but the driver is indicated to be active in "Hardware Drivers"01:59
pace_t_zuluSarvatt, bcmwl-kernel-source uncomments the blacklisted items02:04
pace_t_zuluSarvatt, is bcmwl-kernel-source required? or can this issue be resolved with the correct blacklist configuration?02:10
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
DanaGSarvatt: you deal with the radeon-kms PPA, right?02:38
DanaGI'm trying it on a Radeon 7500, and I'm getting this:02:39
DanaG(EE) AIGLX error: Calling driver entry point failed02:39
DanaGKMS itself is working (now that I removed the xinput2 PPA packages), but DRI is not -- it's using swrast.02:39
DanaGah, I got help in #radeon.03:08
DanaGI just have to compile my own mesa.03:08
RAOFTo use libdrm-radeon1, probably, yes.03:12
billybigriggerwhat version of mesa do you have DanaG ?03:13
DanaGhttp://pastebin.com/f582b2036  -- that's *drm* and *radeon*03:14
billybigriggerseems a fix is coming DanaG for mesa03:15
billybigriggerapt-cache policy mesa-common-dev03:15
billybigriggerwhat does that show?03:16
DanaG  Installed: 7.4.1-1ubuntu303:16
DanaG  Candidate: 7.6.0~git20090621.df70d304-0ubuntu0sarvatt203:16
billybigriggermesa (7.4.1-1ubuntu6) karmic; urgency=low03:16
billybigriggerLaunchpad-Bugs-Fixed: 37979703:16
billybigriggerbug 37979703:16
DanaGIs that for with r100/r200 KMS?03:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 379797 in mesa "(Needs mesa 7.5rc2) mesa doesn't install dri.pc" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37979703:17
billybigriggeris that your problem?03:17
DanaGYeah, I'm using the KMS repo.03:17
DanaGcheck the pastebinned thingg.03:17
bjsniderDanaG, which one is that?03:17
billybigriggeroooh missed the pastebin :P03:17
DanaGI've tried the 7.6 one; no change.03:18
Sarvatt...are you using the kernel in the PPA?03:18
bjsniderDanaG, i mean what is the kms repo03:18
Sarvatt(notice its a lower version than in ubuntu right now)03:18
DanaGYeah, I'm booted into -9kms4 (or whatever that '4' was).03:19
DanaGgmake[5]: INSTALL@: Command not found03:19
DanaGthat's a strange error.03:19
DanaG(in trying to compile my own mesa.)03:19
Sarvattwhy? the mesa in the ppa uses libdrm-radeon103:20
DanaGlemme' show you the xorg log.03:20
DanaGDriver entry point failed, is what I get.03:20
Sarvatttheres another problem, probably didnt revert absolutely everything when you switched03:20
DanaG(EE) AIGLX error: Calling driver entry point failed03:21
Sarvattxorg should be ubuntu packages, all 4 libdrm's should be 2.4.11+git20090617.2fa2db13-0ubuntu0sarvatt03:22
Sarvattxserver-xorg-video-ati should be 1:
DanaGdpkg -l *mesa* *xorg* *radeon* *drm*:03:24
DanaGor wait, apt-cache policy is better... lemme' pastebin that.03:24
bjsnideri didn't know the radeon driver still used aiglx03:24
DanaGugh, apt-cache policy won't take wildcards.03:25
Sarvattdpkg -l | grep sarvatt or grep tormod :)03:26
Sarvattif you have more than drm and mesa in my name it needs to be downgraded03:26
Sarvattii  drm-modules-source                          2.4.11+git20090604+libdrm-radeon.2cb4c64d-0ubuntu0tormod3       Source for the DRM kernel rendering modules03:27
Sarvattyou installed drm-modules-source and wiped out drm from the kernel03:27
Sarvattpurge it, reinstall the kernel03:27
DanaGmodinfo drm03:27
DanaGfilename:       /lib/modules/2.6.30-9-generic/kernel/drivers/gpu/drm/drm.ko03:28
Sarvattii  mesa-utils                                  7.6.0~git20090624.bc5c40d7-0ubuntu0sarvatt                      Miscellaneous Mesa GL utilities03:28
Sarvattdowngrade that03:28
Sarvattyou dont have intel but this needs to be downgraded if you use intel later #03:29
Sarvattii  xserver-xorg-video-intel                    2:               X.Org X server -- Intel i8xx, i9xx display d03:29
DanaGTo another your-name one, or back to bare ubuntu?03:29
Sarvatteverything from xorg-edgers isnt portable anywhere else right now because of the dri2proto changes03:29
Sarvattjust sudo apt-get install mesa-utils/karmic xserver-xorg-video-intel/karmic03:29
Sarvattsudo apt-get purge drm-modules-source03:29
DanaG7.6.0~git20090621.df70d304-0ubuntu0sarvatt2 003:29
DanaGthat's the other.03:30
DanaG        500 http://ppa.launchpad.net karmic/main Packages03:30
DanaGstupid apt-cache... doesn't show WHICH ppa.03:30
Sarvattiyep thats the right one03:30
DanaGMight be good to add a bit of the PPA name to the package version.03:31
DanaGThe only currently-visible difference is commit number and date.03:32
DanaGOh yeah, I tried MPX (on an nvidia-based thingy)... fun.03:32
DanaGToo bad nothing is compiled to use it.03:32
DanaGMPX works as part of the xinput2, of course.03:32
DanaGAnd nvidia is quite glitchy with cursor drawing.03:33
* DanaG restarts gdm...03:33
DanaGyay, that worked.03:35
DanaG(oh yeah, I'm running finch in screen.  Quite a winning combination.)03:35
DanaGChecking for non power of two support: Not present.03:36
SarvattDanaG, are you using my xi2 ppa?03:37
DanaGWas now, but not anymore.03:37
bjsniderppa packages are supposed to end with ~ppa but the system doesn't reject the upload if they don't03:37
Sarvattah ok03:38
DanaGBut that doesn't help with having MULTIPLE ppa archives.03:38
Sarvattit just recently added support for >255 keys03:38
Sarvatt(remember you having a problem with that)03:38
DanaGooooooooh!   Sweeet,03:38
DanaGToo bad I killed (as in, firmware wedged in a bad state) the laptop that uses that... so I have to try it once I send it out and get it back.03:39
bjsnideryou're using a newer kernel in that ppa than is in karmic03:39
bjsnideri think03:39
DanaGLinux GLaDOS 2.6.30-9-generic #10kms6-Ubuntu SMP Mon Jun 15 19:25:59 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux03:41
DanaGthat's glxinfo03:42
DanaGodd... NPOT is missing.03:43
DanaGI wonder if that secondary card (a no-display-attached voodoo3 that doesn't even have tdfx load) would do it.03:45
DanaGNOte that the tdfx driver is not loading.03:45
DanaGThat reminds me... I wanna' reboot with that card as primary, just for the hell of it.03:46
=== hggdh_ is now known as hggdh
bjsniderDanaG, how old is the voodoo card?04:29
DanaGer, probably 1999-2000-ish.04:30
SarvattDanaG: there have been a bunch of fixes in that area since the mesa in the radeon-kms PPA but we cant update mesa in there until theres a newer kernel :)04:36
Sarvattthe ppas and you have linux-libc-dev from 2.6.30-10 which doesnt have the radeon KMS stuff in it04:36
bjsniderDanaG, does it work or what?04:36
Sarvattit'll be better once 2.6.31-rc1 comes out04:37
=== Amaranth_ is now known as Amaranth
DanaGThe voodoo3 doesn't give DRI -- screen-res and color depth are too high.04:54
DanaGI'd have to make Xorg start at 16-bit color, for one.04:54
DanaGoh yeah, and compiz on the radeon isn't working -- reports no NPOT.04:55
DanaGLinux GLaDOS 2.6.30-9-generic #10kms6-Ubuntu SMP Mon Jun 15 19:25:59 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux04:55
DanaGthat's uname -a.04:55
AmaranthDanaG: What did you expect?05:00
DanaGOn what?  The radeon?05:01
Amarantheither one05:01
DanaGWithout the KMS PPA stuff, NPOT is fine on the RV200.05:01
Amaranthwhat kind of radeon is it?05:01
Amaranthah, rv20005:01
DanaGRadeon 7500.05:01
Amaranthok then, bug in the KMS stuff05:01
DanaGWhat's the difference between R100 and RV200... and between RV200 and R200?05:03
DanaGreal R200 is 8500, isn't it?05:04
Amaranthyeah, I believe so05:04
Amaranthpretty sure the RV200 is the R200 with stuff taken out though05:04
Amaranthvs an R100 with stuff added05:04
bjsnideris aiglx going to be taken out with the 2.6.31 kernel?05:07
DanaGargh, where's my NPOT?05:10
mase_workbjsnider: isn't aiglx part of xorg ?05:11
bjsnideri think aiglx is software 3d rendering05:12
bjsniderwhich shouldn't be necessary with ttm05:12
mase_workbjsnider: isn't TTM a memory manager ?05:12
bjsniderttm makes hardware 3d rendering possible05:13
mase_workhardware 3d rendering is currently possible afaik.05:14
mase_workwhere are you getting this information from ?05:14
bjsniderit isn't wihtout a memory manager05:14
AmaranthAIGLX is Accelerated Indirect GLX05:14
AmaranthIndirect GLX is normally software rendering, AIGLX makes it hardware rendering05:14
DanaGoh, and: DRM version 1.0 too old to support HyperZ, disabling.05:15
AmaranthIt has a slight overhead versus direct rendering but not enough to matter for things like compiz (the only that that needs it)05:15
bjsniderbut direct rendering is possible with ttm no?05:15
AmaranthDanaG: Ah, the DRM version changed and the driver is turning stuff off based on that05:15
Amaranthbjsnider: direct rendering is possible now05:15
joetheoddPeople talk in this channel?05:16
bjsniderbut not without a memory manager05:16
Amaranthbjsnider: What isn't currently possible is pbuffers, framebuffer objects, and texture_from_pixmap05:16
DanaGI'm also getting horrid font corruption.05:16
Amaranthnote those are all somewhat related05:16
Amaranthbjsnider: No, AIGLX is only used for compiz on your system right now05:16
Amaranthbjsnider: all other 3D apps are using direct rendering05:16
mase_workbjsnider: the TTM allows other things, it doesn't really have much to do with 3d in its self .05:17
bjsniderso aiglxis all about the compositing05:17
DanaGMight need capital S.05:17
mase_workbjsnider: The purpose of the TTM implementaion is to provide tools for buffer object placement, caching, mapping and synchronization05:17
AmaranthTTM allows for mode setting and those things I mentioned above05:17
DanaGUUgh, have to restart Xoreg.05:18
bjsniderat what point does it become possible for the open source drivers to abandon aiglx?05:18
Amaranthbjsnider: Why would they? It's useful for remote X sessions05:18
mase_workbjsnider: in order to do what exactly ?05:18
bjsniderto use composite direct rendering05:18
mase_workbjsnider: but why ? i don't see what you gain05:19
Amaranthbjsnider: AIGLX was always a TODO, it was just low priority until 3D compositing needed it05:19
mase_worki only see what you loose05:19
Amaranthbjsnider: On my system right now (intel) I have GEM, UXA, and DRI2 so I run compiz without AIGLX05:19
DanaGoh, and: DRM version 1.0 too old to support HyperZ, disabling.05:19
DanaGoops, already said that.05:20
Amaranthbut there is no reason to remove AIGLX, it is useful for remote sessions05:20
Amaranthlike if I start up an X server on my machine and run glxgears on your machine without AIGLX it'll use software rendering05:20
DanaGWould be best with gigabit ethernet.05:20
bjsniderAmaranth, how's that working these days?05:20
DanaGOkay, now what do I do?05:20
Amaranthwith AIGLX it'll use the hardware on my machine to do the rendering05:20
Amaranthbjsnider: pretty well, KMS is not so nice though05:21
AmaranthI lost my brightness control and my screen is locked to full brightness05:21
bjsniderwell, forget kms05:21
AmaranthIntel had better fix that before the 9.10 release or people will scream05:21
AmaranthDanaG: You showed that already05:21
AmaranthDanaG: The answer is (turn off KMS)05:21
DanaGfixed the case.05:21
Amarantherr, "" not ()05:21
mase_workAmaranth: that issue is in F11 too i believe. you should be able to use kde / gnome brightness controls though05:21
bjsniderjust before jaunty was released you told me it would be a year before the intel driver was fixed05:21
Amaranthmase_work: No, my monitor does not expose any brightness controls05:22
mase_workah ok05:22
DanaGDesktop, or laptop?05:22
Amaranthmase_work: It's all in the video chip and the kernel does not expose that interface05:22
mase_workfair enough.05:22
DanaG... or all-in-one?05:22
Amaranthmase_work: I believe the plan is for the kernel to expose the interface and the intel xorg driver to use it to emulate the way it has always worked before05:22
Amaranthbjsnider: They suddenly put the breaks on features and spent months improving it05:23
Amarantherr, brakes05:23
bjsnideri see hahaha05:23
Amaranthit's still not as good as before05:23
bjsnideri think that's what i said would happen05:23
Amaranthbut they also now have a new tool to see why things suck05:24
bjsniderbut you cynically refused to believ it05:24
Amaranthbjsnider: I still think it'll be a long time before it even gets back to where it was before and all this new stuff promised to make it better and faster05:24
bjsnideroh come on05:25
bjsnidereven when it's using gallium05:25
bjsniderand it will be the first drive to use it05:25
Amaranthbjsnider: yeah, gallium won't be for some time05:25
Amaranthnouveau is the first to use it, afaik05:25
bjsnideri doon't think so. it is being developed at the same time as gallium05:26
* billybigrigger needs to read more about KMS05:26
* billybigrigger doesn't know what all the fuss is about :P05:26
billybigriggerseems you intel and ati users are pretty pissed about this whole KMS deal :P05:27
bjsniderwho cares. ubuntu isn't even going to use kms05:27
Amaranthbjsnider: actually nouveau has driven the advances in gallium recently05:27
Amaranthbjsnider: karmic has KMS on by default for intel now05:27
Amaranththat's why I'm using it05:27
AmaranthI booted, saw it, have been too lazy to reboot to fix it05:28
bjsniderit won't be much use if karmic boots in 10 seconds05:28
Amaranthuh, you're thinking of plymouth05:28
Amaranthkernel modesetting is used for X too05:28
AmaranthKMS is required to get ubuntu booting that fast05:29
Amaranthalso, karmic won't boot in 10 seconds05:29
bjsniderare you sure?05:29
Amaranththe goal is for 10.04 to go from grub to fully loaded desktop in 10 seconds on a Dell Mini 905:29
bjsnidermy jaunty boots in 15 if you exclude grub05:29
billybigriggerquickest i had jaunty was 15s, and that was around A4, about beta/final it was back to 21s :P and haven't seen anything faster so far05:29
Amaranthfully loaded standard GNOME desktop, not netbook remix05:30
billybigriggeris this according to bootchart or a stopwatch?05:30
Amaranthprobably both05:30
Amaranthyou can tweak bootchart to chart login too05:30
DanaGOh yeah, and KMS can make usplash look better, too.05:30
Amaranthwe won't have any splash05:31
bjsnideri could cut it down if i eliminated grub's boot time05:31
DanaGMy good laptop (the one with the R600) boots a relatively fresh Karmic in 20 seconds.  Sweeet.05:31
Amaranthblack screen to desktop05:31
billybigriggerno time for a splash :P05:31
DanaGJaunty was 35.05:31
bjsnideri don't see what's so great about kms05:31
Amaranth5 seconds of black screen is no big deal05:31
DanaGNot having monitor do glitchy mode-switch thing would be nice.05:31
Amaranthbjsnider: better suspend/resume, faster startup, flicker free boot05:32
DanaGAnd having gdm draw right over usplash... would be nice.05:32
bjsniderstartup and boot are insignificant05:32
Amaranththe kernel already has to set a mode, might as well set the one everything else is going to use and save some time05:32
DanaGand HAVING NON-POWER OF TWO TEXTURE SUPPORT *cough* *hack* *wheeze*05:32
bjsnideris there a flicker on boot?05:33
DanaGWell, it takes a while before KMS decides to initialize, for some reason, for me.05:33
Amaranthbjsnider: there is the mode set for your BIOS splash screen the the mode set by grub then the mode set for your system05:37
Amaranthand that's the end05:37
virtualddoes usplash+kms work for anyone?05:37
Amaranthwithout KMS you get BIOS, grub, kernel, usplash, sometimes another flash during usplash, then gdm05:38
DanaGhow do I find out what version DRM actually is?05:38
DanaGme needs hellllppplplpllpppp.05:38
bjsniderbut are flashes a big problem that requires an entirely new graphics driver, when graphics drivers are already years of painstaking work05:38
billybigriggerDanaG::: thats what i have05:39
DanaGHmm.  So why is it saying "1.0 is too old"?05:39
billybigriggerwhat is saying that?05:41
billybigriggerall the libdrm* packages i see are version 2.4.1105:41
DanaGI enabled hyperz in driconf... and now glxinfo spits that out.05:41
DanaGAnd I also get lack of non-power-of-two support!05:41
billybigriggerno idea05:42
billybigriggerim lost on this one :P05:42
DanaGah, have to autogen.05:43
Sarvattdmesg DanaG05:47
Sarvatt[    2.374678] [drm] Initialized drm 1.1.0 2006081005:47
DanaGStill, shouldn't it say "1.1" is too old?05:47
DanaGoh, and why is it using such an old drm module?05:48
DanaGIt's from the PPA.05:48
Sarvattyou say this like radeon KMS support is anywhere near being as bug free as you are expecting :D05:48
DanaGWell, I don't expect it to be calling itself from 2006.  =P05:49
DanaGs/calling itself/stating that it's/05:49
Sarvattdid you reinstall your kernel after purging drm-kernel-source? if so i dont know what to tell you05:49
DanaGIf it were really that old... would KMS even be working?05:51
DanaGdang, same.06:00
Sarvattthe DDX might be broken, will look into it tomorrow06:02
DanaGAh, that works for me -- thanks.06:02
DanaGI should go to bed soon, anyway.06:02
DanaGOh yeah, and when not giving that texture corruption... the 2D is being faster than it was before.06:02
Sarvatt[drm] Initialized radeon 2.0.0 20080528 for 0000:02:00.0 on minor 006:03
Sarvattyour drm is fine, its probably the ddx needing an update06:04
Sarvatthmm it might actually need to be built against xserver with dri2proto 2.106:06
Sarvattugh yeah, that is crappy right now because of the linux-libc-dev problem, need a newer kernel in there to build all this06:07
DanaGgrr, damn HID devices don't deal well with USB autosuspend.06:08
Sarvattwont be able to fix this up until 2.6.31-rc1 most likely, should be any day now06:09
DanaGWill R600 get KMS in time?06:18
DanaGKMS and 2D acceleration, OR just 3D for compiz -- either would be great.06:18
DanaGAnyone else seeing failures to mount NTFS?06:19
Sarvattyeah they're working on it, i wouldnt be surprised if it wasnt really fully usable until next year though :D most of the effort is going into things not supported by fglrx now06:21
SeveredCrossSo basically, we want to support things that fglrx doesn't, and halfassedly support things that fglrx does?06:21
SeveredCrossSounds like free software to me.06:22
Sarvattmore like, supporting things not supported by fglrx is such a huge task they need to focus on that for  now06:22
DanaGWe need a fglrx for 2.6.30, though.06:22
DanaGEven if not for
SeveredCrossSarvatt: Right, but why is that the effort?06:22
SeveredCrossMy commentary wasn't directed at the size of the effort, it was an underhanded comment on the state of priorities in free software.06:23
Sarvattbecause theres more than 400 pci ids to support vs the 30 or so intel has and huge changes between each generation06:23
SeveredCrossOh, by things you mean cards.06:24
SeveredCrossThat's a  different story. Here I was thinking that effort was going into supporting OpenGL features that fglrx didn't support yet or something, not supporting actual hardware.06:24
Sarvattr600-r700 support in mesa wont be until next year regarding my comment if you took it out of context by the waya06:24
Sarvatthe was asking about KMS support06:25
SeveredCrossRight, but that context dind't help me to figure out if you meant supporting features or supporting hardware.06:25
Sarvattr600-r700 support isnt far off06:25
DanaGWell, I was asking about whichever-comes-first.06:25
Sarvattin mesa06:25
Sarvattjust not KMS06:25
DanaGBut I need the NTFS thing fixed, top priority.  =P06:25
SeveredCrossNTFS works here06:25
DanaGDoesn't work for me, for not-in-fstab drives on eSATA.06:26
DanaGGives dbus timeout.06:26
DanaGAnd gvfs-gdu-monitor segfault.06:26
DanaGAnd gvfs-hal-volume-monitor crash, too.06:26
SeveredCrossHmm. I don't have any esata, but USB and internal partitions work.06:26
Sarvattmounting mine fine too, odd06:26
DanaGHmm, try taking a partition out of fstab (comment it out).06:26
Sarvattits not in fstab06:27
Sarvattmounted via nautilus06:27
DanaGOdd... for me, it gives timeout.06:27
DanaGDBus error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Message did not receive a reply (timeout by message bus06:27
Sarvattyeah sounds like a gvfs problem for sure06:27
DanaGorg.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownMethod : Method "Mount" with signature "ssas" on interface "org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.Volume" doesn't exist06:29
DanaG... and before I fixed that, I got this:06:30
DanaGorg.freedesktop.Hal.Device.Volume.UnknownFailure : Cannot get volume.fstype.alternative06:30
DanaGgnome-mount -vvnt --device /dev/disk/by-id/scsi-SATA_SAMSUNG_HD642JJS1AFJDWQ528361-part106:31
DanaGthat's what I was running.06:31
ubottuUbuntu bug 300443 in ntfs-3g "hal rejects to mount ntfs-3g partition" [Medium,Fix released]06:32
DanaGNOte the date on that.06:32
DanaGIt's damn well not fixed for me.06:33
DanaGIn fact, it's been fine up until this last round of updates.06:33
DanaGI just don't get why it suddenly broke.06:35
DanaGdo any of you have the fdi file mentioned... the one with "ntfs" in the name?06:35
DanaGI don't.06:35
DanaGgrep -Ri ntfs /usr/share/hal06:36
DanaG<match key="volume.fstype" string_outof="ntfs;vfat">              <!-- allow these mount options for ntfs -->                <match key="volume.fstype" string="ntfs">06:36
DanaGthose three things on three separate lines... that's all I get.06:36
DanaGsomebody please check what that gives.06:40
DanaGI see.. it IS right... the "ssas" is missing!06:40
DanaG.... please?06:42
zniavre_DanaG, do you need grep of karmic ?06:44
DanaGyeah, for somebody with working SATA mount of ntfs.06:45
DanaGJaunty would also help.06:45
DanaGFor me, they're all in this file: /usr/share/hal/fdi/policy/10osvendor/20-storage-methods.fdi06:45
zniavre_sorry my karmix is on vbox i can't try ntfs06:46
DanaGwell, seeing if it's any different will help, anyway.06:46
DanaGif your host is any other distro, in fact, that'd be useful for comparison.06:47
DanaGzniavre_: wow, that DOES help.... I am entirely missing that file!06:49
DanaGone more thing, please: dpkg -S 25-ntfs-3g-policy.fdi06:50
=== drmrhorse_ is now known as DrMrHorse
SeveredCrossDanaG: apt-file is your friend.06:51
zniavre_just one line > ntfs-3g: /usr/share/hal/fdi/policy/10osvendor/25-ntfs-3g-policy.fdi06:51
SeveredCrossI do not have that policy file, NTFS mounts fine via Nautilus.06:51
DanaGodd... for me, ntfs-3g does not have that.06:51
DanaGaND IT fails to mount.06:51
SeveredCrossI have to authenticate, but it mounts.06:52
Sarvattdisk mounting isnt even done by hal in karmic06:52
Sarvattprobably is a problem with ssas permissions in udev-extras or something06:54
Sarvattdevicekit-disks needs to be updated but needs polkit-gobject to get updated which isnt packaged yet as far as i can see06:56
DanaGah.  well, if it's a known work-in-progress, that's enough for me.07:00
DanaGFor tomorrow, I can just manually mount, and copy the stuff I need.07:00
jmlI'm getting a fatal exception when I start gnome-do07:54
jmlhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/203389/ -- Unhandled Exception: System.TypeInitializationException: An exception was thrown by the type initializer for Mono.Unix.Native.Stdlib ---> System.DllNotFoundException: libMonoPosixHelper.so  at (wrapper managed-to-native) Mono.Unix.Native.Stdlib:GetDefaultSignal ()07:54
Hobbseejml: poke RAOF when you see him about that07:56
jmlwill do07:56
jmlit's also happening with Banshee.07:56
billybigriggerjml probably because of mono being held back07:59
jmlbillybigrigger, ahh good point. apt-get reports a lot of mono packages being help back08:01
billybigriggerrun gnome-do or banshee from terminal and look, you'll see mono errors08:02
jmlbillybigrigger, yeah I've done that already (see the above paste)08:02
billybigriggerahh yeah08:03
billybigriggerits late :P gimme a break08:04
billybigriggerim off to bed08:04
billybigriggernighta ll08:04
jmlbillybigrigger, g'night08:04
billybigriggeryou can do a partial upgrade, but i don't suggest it, i did it on my karmic test system in a vm and thats about as far as i'd go :P08:05
billybigriggersome really nasty stuff *can* happen, not saying it will or anything...but...08:06
jmlbillybigrigger, installing the held back mono packages and running upgrade again seems to have not been too disastrous08:06
jmland banshee & do work now.08:06
billybigriggercool beans, gnite :P08:06
jmlg'night & thanks :)08:07
nhasianhello everyone08:45
=== ripps_ is now known as ripps
dupondjecan somebody remove busybox from topic ?09:57
dupondjeits not an issue anymore09:57
dupondjesince its fixed :P09:57
maxbWha?!? There is a goldfish swimming across my screen?!10:31
maxbI have not installed anything like that10:31
crdlbmaxb: you didn't type 'free the fish' into alt+f2? :)10:32
maxbno :-)10:33
crdlbapparently, it can also be triggered by pressing f three times on the about panels dialog10:33
hifikarmic only? :(10:34
crdlbno, that easter egg has been there forever10:34
hifiabout ubuntu and press three times f?10:35
crdlbabout panels10:36
dupondjerofl :D10:36
hifiyay, my own fish10:36
crdlbthe other easter egg is 'gegls from outer space' in alt+f210:37
hifiI rebinded alt+f2, whats the app it runs?10:38
hifi(Run of course but whats the command line name)10:38
crdlbthere isn't one10:38
crdlbthe WM sends an X message to the panel to open the dialog10:38
crdlbopenbox includes a gnome-panel-control that can do it, though10:39
hifithe command to open the alt+f2 to open the dialog to run sommand :p10:39
dupondjeLOL, how to get rid of it ? :p10:39
crdlbdupondje: kill the gnome-panel process10:40
dupondjefishstick ! ;)10:40
hifigegls from outer space was a hardcore easter egg10:43
coz_hey guys  strange occurance here... I am on kubutnu  and installed ubuntu-desktop as well... all sounds in gnome/ubuntu are disabled not drums and woodblocks etc :) however in kde  for non kde applications   like xchat...nvidia-settings..ccsm... each button or tab I hit I get one of the different wood block sounds from gnome10:45
coz_hifi,  is that gone?10:47
crdlbcoz_: the problem is that gtk-enable-input-feedback-sounds is enabled by default10:49
crdlbso the libcanberra gtk module is playing sounds10:49
coz_crdlb,  ah10:49
coz_crdlb,  mm  it is most irritating :)10:49
crdlbon gnome, that setting gets disabled by gnome-settings-daemon (if you choose to disable it)10:49
coz_crdlb,  I did disable it in gnome10:50
crdlbright, but that doesn't affect kde10:50
crdlbsince gnome-settings-daemon is not running10:50
coz_apparenlty :(10:50
coz_crdlb,  it is definitly irritating :)10:50
coz_crdlb,  although those specific sounds in gnome were greyed out10:51
crdlbtry putting "gtk-enable-input-feedback-sounds = FALSE" in ~/.gtkrc-2.010:53
coz_crdlb,  mm that seems to have worked ... I put that in the ~/.gtkrc-2.0-kde410:55
coz_I will have to restart xchat for that to take effect let me try that10:55
crdlbmaybe it needs to be false instead of FALSE10:56
coz_ok I will try that now10:56
crdlbif that doesn't work, you can remove libcanberra-gtk-module10:57
coz_crdlb,  no that didnt work...what side effects with removal of libcanberra-gtk-module?10:58
crdlbno input feedback sounds? :)10:58
coz_I probably should chach this in gnome also before doing that10:58
coz_crdlb,  oh cool  I wouldnt miss feedback sounds :)10:58
coz_crdlb,  hey you know how well I spell at times :)10:59
crdlbwell, the ~/.gtkrc-2.0 won't affect gnome since gnome-settings-daemon overrides it10:59
coz_ah ok11:00
coz_ok let me restart x  and try this11:02
coz_crdlb,  so much nicer  when its quiet :)11:04
coz_crdlb,  thanks  I should have known to ask you first :)11:05
coz_guys I notice that libgtk-.2 is no longer in the repos  I have one applications...not important... that uses that any way around that?12:16
BUGabundoanything superseeding it ?12:17
coz_BUGabundo,  you mean me?12:18
BUGabundohello my friend! welcome to Karmic Koala12:18
BUGabundocoz_: any package to replace it?12:18
coz_BUGabundo,  ah well there are newer versions of it but the app doesnt see it12:18
Bmw1000chello :) hello koala users12:18
BUGabundocoz_: file a bug on the app to upgrade12:18
BUGabundoand if required, file it upstream12:19
BUGabundobut before that check the build dds to see if it is still buiilding or if it failed to build12:19
coz_BUGabundo, well the problem with the app is that it is not really developed and I have tried to contact the originl developer12:19
BUGabundoBmw1000c: you are now also a koala user!12:19
coz_BUGabundo,   not an important actually12:19
Bmw1000cyes i am12:19
coz_BUGabundo,  I just didnt want to have to go through a possible rewrite of the application12:19
BUGabundocoz_: out of luck then, unless you or someone for you repackage it to use the superseeded lib12:20
Bmw1000cguys, i've tried to install bootchart-java, but12:26
Bmw1000cE: ca-certificates-java: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 112:26
BUGabundoremove --purge and try pybootchart instead12:28
BUGabundoBmw1000c: ^^12:28
Bmw1000cBUGabundo http://paste.ubuntu.com/203500/12:29
dupondjemmm :D wammu got fixed :D12:29
hifinow for my whole day at work I have had the easter egg fish swimming across my screen12:38
christophsturmhow can i see bugs reported by me in launchpad?12:46
frandavid100Hi! I just updated empathy but there's no geolocation... do you have any clue?13:29
=== robin0800_ is now known as robin0800__
yofelhey, any vim users here that could confirm bug 392086 ?14:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 392086 in vim "[karmic] vim-7.2.148-2ubuntu2 - broken regexp in debchangelog.vim" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39208614:04
m_tadeuhi everyone....is grub2 supported by previous grub configurators? like the one in kde system settings?14:13
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
darthanubisI am not able to find KK's kernel. 2.6.30-10? I'm looking in the kernel mainline14:44
yofeldarthanubis: you do know that ubuntu has its own kernels at kernel.ubuntu.com ?14:45
darthanubisI thought those were the ones?14:46
yofeldarthanubis: those are builds of the official kernels form kernel.org14:47
darthanubisno wonder14:48
yofeldarthanubis: you can get the ubuntu kernels from the repositories14:48
darthanubisyofel, even if I'm still running 9.04? Because I don't seem to have the line in my source.list for 9.10 kernels?14:49
yofeldarthanubis: you can try to get them from http://packages.ubuntu.com/karmic/14:51
yofelthe images are  in 'base utilities'14:51
yofeland the headers in 'development'14:51
darthanubisI'll try that, but there is no easier way, like a PPA?14:52
yofeldarthanubis: only easier way is to upgrade to karmic alpha14:52
yofelat least as far as I know14:53
darthanubisthat looks dead14:53
yofeldarthanubis: btw, why do you want the karmic kernel?14:55
darthanubisyofel, because it is a better kernel than the one for 9.04. Specifically, disk speeds15:01
Briareos1how can i verify that the "grub-installer/grub2_instead_of_grub_legacy=false" was correctly accepted by the system on boot (alpha 2)?15:06
=== Amaranth_ is now known as Amaranth
Yanick_hi, I just upgraded KDE to 4.3 beta 2 (Kubuntu) and I can't find the printer-manager16:58
Yanick_anyone home?17:01
yofelYanick_: well yeah, but it doesn't seem they know  the answer ;)17:02
yofel<- gnome17:02
Yanick_yoasif, I know, that's what I told the other guy in #kubuntu17:02
Bmw1000c<-- gnome also17:03
Yanick_I used to have gnome, but I wanted to try the kde interface. If I go back to gnome, I'll miss those desktop widgets :P17:05
PiciYanick_: Are you running Karmic?17:05
Yanick_Pici, I'm not sure17:05
PiciYanick_: Ubuntu 9.10?17:05
Yanick_Pici, 9.0417:05
Yanick_oh.... yearh... right, karmic is 9.10 :)17:06
PiciYanick_: #ubuntu+1 is for discussing and troubleshooting issues with 9.1017:06
Yanick_feel dumb for a sec17:06
Yanick_Pici, I got referred here in #kubuntu17:06
Yanick_never been here17:06
robin0800Yanick_, use #ubuntu17:07
Yanick_... lots of changes for 9.10?17:08
yofelhey, any vim users here that could confirm bug 392086 ?17:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 392086 in vim "[karmic] vim-7.2.148-2ubuntu2 - broken regexp in debchangelog.vim" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39208617:38
sotomayorcan I pm anyone for smome help with cve-2009-0688 what ever that is?17:44
ikoniasotomayor: what is he problem ?17:45
sotomayorwell i keep getting a arrow saying i need to download some libs dealing with cve-2009-0688 i dont know what is wrong17:47
Picisotomayor: An arrow?17:47
xhemahi all, anyone responsible for ldap here?17:47
sotomayoryess at the top of my screen next to the firstarter firewall17:47
ikoniaxhema: ask the question17:47
Picisotomayor: On Karmic?17:48
xhemaikonia, question : how can i easily include a schema in the new ldap back format. I have just a samba and other schemas i want to import and it is driving me crazy17:48
sotomayorno right here on update manager17:49
xhemait is just too difficult for n00bs17:49
ikoniaxhema: it should be the same as before just put the schema file as an "include"17:49
ikoniaxhema: or do you want to use ldap as the actual config file witin the directory17:49
Picisotomayor: If you're not running Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) then you should be asking your question in #ubuntu, the same goes for anyone else seeking support here.17:49
sotomayorok sorry about that17:50
sotomayori will move on but thanks anyway17:50
ikoniadoesn't look like ubuntu17:50
xhemaikonia, there are no more includes in the new system17:50
ikoniaxhema: so you're using ldap as the actual config file, like 309 project ?17:50
xhemaikonia,  i dont have a slapd.conf anyomre17:50
ikonia389 sorry17:50
xhemaikonia, it seems that way17:50
xhemai just installed this17:51
ikoniaxhema: is that packaged for karmic now #/17:51
xhemai have slapd 2.4.15 here17:51
ikoniaand that's the karmic package ?17:51
xhemai am using 9.04 , but this seems to be a new feature17:51
xhemai can upgrade if it would help17:52
ikoniaif you're using 9.04 why are you asking in here ?17:52
xhemaikonia, no offence, but i think it is an advanced question17:52
xhemai have no problem with upgrading17:52
ikoniathis isn't an advacned channel17:52
xhemaif you tell me it would help17:52
xhemaor point me to the right channel17:52
ikoniathis is a 9.1017:52
ikonia#389 sorry17:53
xhemaubunut is overcrowded and i got no help17:53
ikoniaxhema: that doesn't mean come in here17:53
* xhema looks #389 17:53
ikoniathis channel is for 9.10 discussion17:53
xhemaikonia, ok. if i upgrade to 9.10 can you help me then?17:53
xhemai would if if it would help.17:53
ikoniait won't help17:53
ikonia9.10 is a pre-release software and is unstable17:53
xhemai am a developer17:54
xhemaand know about debian packageing17:54
xhemaand testing17:54
xhemabut, i dont know ldap17:54
ikoniahow does that change anything ?17:54
xhemait is just making me crazy.17:54
xhemasorry to bother you17:54
ikoniaI understand that, which is why I've pointed you at the correct support resources17:54
ikoniait's no both17:54
xhemai will try there17:55
ikoniano problem17:55
tawmasHow do I get rid of the password prompt when I plug an USB disk?18:12
tawmasI tried giving myself permissions with PolicyKit, but that didn't work18:12
BluesKajso how do I go about remounting the NTFS partition now that the latest kernel upgrade removed access thru fstab and mtab ?18:31
=== AlienX__ is now known as AlienX_
cabreytap to click isn't working on this netbook, is this a known bug or should i file a bug?19:36
cabreyi had to pass an option to the psmouse module to get it to work, but it was the same with jaunty19:37
Sarvattsynclient TapButton1=1 didnt turn it on?19:42
cabreyi looked in system > preferences > mouse > trackpad19:43
Sarvattit isnt on by default on any touchpad with more than 1 physical button (see man synaptics)19:43
cabreyand it said it was already on19:43
Sarvattyeah thats not quite caught up with the driver changes19:43
Sarvattit will be the next time gnome-settings-daemon is updated though19:44
cabreywell i created a file in /etc/modprobe.d containing options psmouse proto=imps19:44
cabreyand it works perfectly19:44
cabreytheres a bug on launchpad about it19:44
cabreybut i really don't know if thats a sorta temporary hack or acceptable to be included :/19:44
Sarvattthats a hardware specific problem and they couldnt include it generically like that because that would make everything use imps, but if its a bug in the psmouse detection they could forward it to try to get it fixed. but theres other problems in the synaptics drivers in that they disabled tap to click by default now and you have to manually enable it, and the touchpad settings applet doesnt work right right now so you have to do it thr19:51
Sarvattough a hal fdi or synclient in terminal19:51
maxbcabrey: ooh that sounds familiar19:51
maxbI have an Aspire One, and the latest karmic kernel seems to randomly sometimes detect my touchpad as a mouse, sometimes not19:52
cabreymaxb, have you tried psmouse fix?19:52
Sarvatti have an aspire one as well and dont have that problem, thats odd :D aoa15019:53
maxbWell, as I said, it's an intermittent problem19:53
cabreywell it's ok because i've had to use that on intrepid, jaunty, and now karmic19:53
cabreybut i also have another oddity -^19:53
maxbInteresting - I've only had the problem since the very last karmic kernel update19:54
cabreyunder the Places menu i have a cdrom1 entry19:54
cabreyand obviously i don't have a optical drive19:54
Sarvattyou know, i've had to rmmod and modprobe psmouse after bootup twice since 2.6.30-10 too maxb because it wasnt even detecting the mouse19:55
Sarvatti'm on a totally different x and using XI2 with synaptics 1.1.99 though19:55
DanaGdamnit, my text is all screwed up.19:55
DanaGI'm going back to non-KMS radeon.19:56
maxbI think we can conclude that it's definitely something screwed up at the kernel level19:56
Sarvattwonder if its the same thing and -mouse isnt getting loaded in my case where it is for you19:56
Sarvattthere wasnt anything changed in that regard between 2.6.30-9 and 2.6.30-10 though19:56
cabreyi literally just installed karmic19:56
cabreynot too sure about UXA being enabled by default tho :\19:57
Sarvattits still a problem in 2.6.31 that i compiled yesterday at any rate, got a spurious ack message and it didnt load synaptics at boot and i had to rmmod modprobe right after19:57
Sarvattthink its just if i touch the touchpad while its booting19:58
cabreyhmm havent tried moving the touch pad during boot19:58
* maxb tries that19:58
cabreyalthough grub is acting weird19:58
cabreycomplaining about a --no-floppy option19:58
cabreythen when i tried to edit it everything got wiped out19:59
Sarvattdid you upgrade to grub 2?19:59
Sarvatt(you'd know because it brings up a graphical grub menu instead of the text one)19:59
cabreyno i thought it would be installed by default20:00
cabreyhow do i upgrade?20:00
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about grub220:00
Sarvattseems like its adding the --no-floppy to grub1 that doesnt support it so people that havent upgraded yet have problems in 2.6.30-1020:00
Picigrub2 is only installed on new Karmic installs, it will not upgrade grub if you are doing an upgrade from a prior release.20:01
=== siegie is now known as siegie_
Sarvattgrub2 is the default now but it leaves grub1 for you to manually upgrade if you were using 1 before20:01
Sarvattyeah what Pici said :)20:01
cabreywell then it must be a bug because i wiped everything20:02
Sarvattsudo update-grub-from-legacy i think it is20:02
cabreymaybe update-grub2?20:03
Sarvatttry sudo update-grub<hit the tab key twice>20:04
cabreyi have either update-grub or update-grub220:04
aemyrIt's update-grub, I tried it once20:04
Sarvattthat just updates the menu.lst20:05
aemyractually twice20:05
Sarvatttheres a seperate command to upgrade from grub1 to grub2, cant remember what it was and it looks like its gone after you upgrade :(20:05
cabreythe package grub-pc is installed which says it is grub220:06
cabreyand version 1.96 is shown but i still get a text based menu20:06
cabrey1.96 == 2, correct?20:06
Sarvattyeah by default it only adds grub2 as a chainload option in the grub1 menu20:06
Sarvattsudo update-from-grub-legacy thats it20:07
Sarvattit should have told you this when you installed grub220:07
cabreyit seemed to have removed it20:08
cabreyhold on i'll reboot real quick20:08
Sarvattthats weird, maybe it got confused with how you wiped but grub 1 was still installed in the mbr20:09
Sarvattmaybe try installing grub, let it do its thing then install grub2 again20:10
Sarvattit'll remove grub2 when you install grub120:10
cabreyok that was interesting20:12
Sarvatt<Sarvatt> thats weird, maybe it got confused with how you wiped but grub 1 was still installed in the mbr20:12
Sarvatt<Sarvatt> maybe try installing grub, let it do its thing then install grub2 again20:12
Sarvatt<Sarvatt> it'll remove grub2 when you install grub120:12
cabreythe entry for the most update-to-date kernel is still blank20:12
cabreybut i modified the <recovery> one and got KMS20:13
cabreyand it booted insanely quick20:13
cabreyalright so I would run grub-install first?20:13
=== elpargo_ is now known as elpargo
cabreyok so is there a way to completely start over with grub? running update-grub / update-grub2 bricked it20:20
cabreyeverything is blank20:20
BluesKajIm sure some of you guys had the ntfs access problem like I do after the last kernel upgrade , so how do i fix it. I re-edited fstab and mtab and added the proper lines and uid etc by the tutorial , but I'm still getting permission denied20:32
DanaGah, non-KMS works fine.20:54
LeftmostI'm using xmodmap to remap a key on my system to Alt_L. After running xmodmap, xev reports the key as Alt_L but it doesn't behave as such. Any ideas?21:28
BUGabundohey everyone21:35
BUGabundoanyone having disk trouble after suspend or hibernate?21:35
yofelsyn match debcontrolSection contained "\v((contrib|non-free|non-US/main|non-US/contrib|non-US/non-free|restricted|universe|multiverse)/)?(admin|cli-mono|comm|database|debian-installer|debug|devel|doc|editors|electronics|embedded|fonts|games|gnome|gnustep|gnu-r|graphics|hamradio|haskell|httpd|interpreters|java|kde|kernel|libs|libdevel|lisp|localization|mail|math|metapackages|misc|net|news|ocaml|oldlibs|otherosfs|perl|php|python|ruby|science|shell21:37
yofelhow did that happen now o.O21:37
yofelsry guys21:37
BUGabundoyofel: bad bad boy :p21:40
yofelBUGabundo: was busy debugging the vim debchangelog.vim syntax file, wanted to check what happend in irssi and pressed the wrong key -.-21:42
Bmw1000cguys how can i speed up my boot time??? http://img341.imageshack.us/img341/2121/bmwdesktopkarmic2009062.png21:46
Bmw1000chow can i speed up this22:40
BUGabundocrazy dude22:40
BUGabundogets a 10sec boot and compaints!22:41
SeveredCrossGet a faster HDD? :P22:41
BUGabundoget FAST SSD22:42
BUGabundoremove X22:42
* TheInfinity still not understand whats the difference between 10 and 50 sec booting :p22:44
BUGabundoTheInfinity: how many times do you boot?22:45
BUGabundoI boot like 222:45
BUGabundoand suspend or hibernate the rest22:45
BUGabundoI got a 5 day uptime last week eheh22:45
TheInfinityor i just start it and get some coffee22:45
BUGabundoTheInfinity: Bmw1000c just rebooted like 20 times... we didn't even noticed it22:45
BUGabundoit was THAT fast22:46
TheInfinityi mean without coffee i cant work ;)22:46
TheInfinityso -> why use time to speed it up? :p22:46
Bmw1000cSeveredCross my HDD is the fastest 250gb avaiable22:47
TheInfinityBmw1000c: -> ssd :p22:48
Bmw1000cyeah :(22:48
TheInfinityor just some patience. you will never save the time you need to get it shorter :p22:49
SeveredCrossHeh. I think I boot once or twice a month.22:51
SeveredCrossMy server box is up to 50 days, and it would be more if we hadn't moved it.22:51
BUGabundo 22:52:54 up  1:47,  4 users,  load average: 2.97, 3.05, 3.0822:52
BUGabundoBmw1000c: $ w22:52
Bmw1000c 22:53:18 up 38 min,  2 users,  load average: 0.29, 0.35, 0.3622:53
BUGabundoSeveredCross: ?22:56
SeveredCross 17:57:27 up 50 days,  4:58,  7 users,  load average: 0.07, 0.14, 0.1622:57
SeveredCrossThat's from w.22:57
BUGabundoyeah I know22:59
Bmw1000crip mickael jacksomn23:03
Bmw1000crip mickael jackson23:03
Teknoking of pop23:04
BUGabundo!ot | Bmw1000c23:08
ubottuBmw1000c: #ubuntu+1 handles support for the development version of Ubuntu.  Please join #ubuntu for all other Ubuntu support.  Chat in #ubuntu-offtopic.23:08
BUGabundoTekno: you too :p23:08
Bmw1000csorry ubottu23:08
BUGabundoit was me!!23:12
BUGabundohey RAOF23:12
Bmw1000cyou?? it was ubottu23:12
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
BUGabundono! it was me you told the bot to tell you !23:15
BUGabundono! it was me you told the bot to tell you !23:17
BUGabundoBmw1000c: ^^^^^^23:17
Bmw1000cit was ubottu23:17
BUGabundo(11:08:14 PM) freenode: !ot | Bmw1000c23:20
BUGabundo(11:08:15 PM) ubottu: Bmw1000c: #ubuntu+1 handles support for the development version of Ubuntu.  Please join #ubuntu for all other Ubuntu support.  Chat in #ubuntu-offtopic.23:20
Bmw1000cit was ubottu23:20
* BUGabundo ignores the new kid on the block :p23:20
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=== Don_Miguel is now known as BlinkyToon
BUGabundohi ryan23:56
BUGabundohi ryan__23:56
ryan__Hi Bug23:57
ryan__anyone here an expert? im a nub23:57
BUGabundoI can try to help23:57
BUGabundowhat s up ?23:57
ryan__i lost my toolbars on my desktop both top and bottom23:58
yofelryan__: does pressing Alt+F2 open something?23:58
ryan__no response23:59
yofelcan you right click on the desktop?23:59
BUGabundoryan__: eeepc?23:59

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