nhandlerWhat tag did we decide on using for tiny bugs? bitesize?05:03
nhandlerYep, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/WhereToStart05:14
nhandlerWhat happened to the License wiki page that is linked to in the footer on wiki.ubuntu.com?14:48
j1mcnhandler: i see a "legal" link.16:29
j1mcbut don't see one for a CC license16:30
Saj0577anyone in here from the doc team and available to talk quickly?19:37
cody-somervilleJust say what you wanna say19:40
Saj0577i edited a wiki page that had the notice at the top saying it needed expandind can i just remove it once expanded?19:47
cody-somervilleIf you feel its appropriate, yes.19:48
Saj0577okay cheers just though would check.19:48
cody-somervillebest to ask for forgiveness than for permission ;]19:50
Saj0577why you think that?19:51
cody-somervilleSaj0577, Anything you do on the wiki can be reverted19:51
cody-somervilleso if you make a mistake, its not a big deal19:52
Saj0577alright just dont want to cause loads of work for others19:52
adamwhi, ubuntu folks. can someone do a quick sanity check for me here? as far as I can tell, the ubuntu wiki has no license specific to it, so it's licensed under the terms at http://www.ubuntu.com/legal - is that right, or am I missing something?20:47
Saj0577adamw i think thats right but not 100%. its under CC license i THINK20:49
adamwSaj0577: well i sort of figured it probably would be, but i can't find such an attribution anywhere. do you know where to look?20:50
Saj05772mins i will have a look around for you20:50
adamwthanks a lot20:51
adamwi saw for e.g. the edubuntu wiki has a little license boxout at the bottom of each page, which is what i'd expect. but the main ubuntu one doesn't seem to.20:51
Saj0577I think that legal page is correct why is there a specifc reason your asking or something u want to do with the documents?20:52
adamwwell, just thinking of using some content from the ubuntu wiki, but that would require permission from canonical, according to that license.20:54
adamwjust wanted to make sure i wasn't missing something that says it's OPL or CC or GFDL or something.20:54
Saj0577what you looking to use it on/for?20:56
adamwthe fedora wiki. :) i'm the adamw who works for red hat, we're talking about improving our pages on what to look for when reporting bugs in certain apps20:57
adamwsomeone pointed out ubuntu wiki has some great pages on that - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProcedures20:57
adamwso I thought, well, there's no point duplicating all that work, we may as well just re-use your stuff...but if it's not under an 'open' license we can't, really, we'll have to re-do it ourselves20:58
Saj0577yeah. I would contact Can... though because if you ask there may not be a problem but i would not bother just copying not worth the possible hassle20:58
adamwyeah, exactly. i might try and find somewhere appropriate to ask if there's a particular reason it's not under a share-able license20:59
adamwthanks for checking my sanity on this one :)20:59
Saj0577its fine. I think its not on a shared license because some people would just copy it all and claim it which is annoying for people who put in alot of hardwork (i sat doing the pages right now lol and i know i would be annoyed if someone claimed it all as there own lol)21:00
adamwsure, i don't want to argue about the reasons, just wanted to make sure whether or not i was right on the facts. thanks again21:08
Saj0577adamw yeah sure did not mean any offence or any of that ;)21:10
j1mcadamw: someone else just noticed today that the license was missing from the footer.22:52
j1mci believe that the wiki is licensed as creative commons, but i don't recall the creative commons license type22:52
j1mci'll send a note out to the documentation team mailing list.22:52
adamwj1mc: ah, i see - so it could be just a bug?22:52
dsas_cc-by-sa 322:53
dsas_The license is linked from the footer. Which theme are you using?22:53
adamwi see the footer now22:53
adamwi didn't see it earlier when i was asking :)22:53
adamwlooks like someone's fixed it22:53
adamwno theme change, i'm not logged in, so i'm getting the default view any visitor gets22:54
adamwh, actually22:54
adamwdifferent wiki22:54
Saj0577note:help.ubuntu.com and wiki.ubuntu.com may hae different licenses22:54
adamwi'm talking wiki.ubuntu.com , not help.ubuntu.com22:54
adamwthe specific page in question is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProcedures22:55
j1mcdsas_: i don't see the link in the footer, either.22:55
j1mci checked it while both logged in, and logged out22:55
dsas_what do you see in the footer?22:56
Saj0577when you go to edit it dont you agree to a license or something j1mc?22:56
j1mcline 1: © 2008 Canonical Ltd. Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Edubuntu, Xubuntu and Canonical are registered trademarks of Canonical Ltd.22:56
j1mcline 2: Feedback — Legal — Credits — Site Map — Powered By the MoinMoin Wiki Engine22:56
j1mcLegal just goes to Canonical's legal page. Not very specific22:56
adamwSaj0577: yeah, i was thinking of trying to sign in to make an edit and see what it says22:57
Saj0577think it asks you to agree to the license before saving so check the license :) i tried did not show the license but it did when i was editing a page earlier :S22:58
dsas_j1mc: Are you looking at wiki.ubuntu.com or help.ubuntu.com/community ?22:59
j1mcdsas_: wiki.ubuntu.com23:00
j1mcI just sent a note to the doc team ML23:00
j1mcit's weird that this topic has come up 2x on the same day23:00
dsas_j1mc: Ah, uhm, there is  no wiki wide license for that wiki23:01
j1mcdsas_: really?23:01
dsas_j1mc: Pretty sure that's the case.23:01
j1mccan you explain further?23:02
dsas_mdke tried to get it resolved once but found it more productive to drop that and just get h.u.c licensed properly23:02
dsas_There were more  people object to relicensing w.u.c23:02
dsas_as far as my memory serves23:02
j1mcso . . . what license covers w.u.c23:02
dsas_none. legally speaking each page is copyrighted by it's author I believe.23:03
dsas_unless stated otherwise.23:03
Saj0577that dont seem too logical23:04
dsas_mdke will likely remember and know better than I though23:04
j1mcok - well, i put the note out to the ML. we'll see what people say23:04
j1mcwhat if someone forgets to indicate what license they've selected for their content?23:04
j1mcthat's so lame23:04
dsas_well, I think most people aren't going to object if you do something with the content. Most of the content on there should just be feature specifications, team organisation etc23:06
dsas_documentation belongs on help.ubuntu.com/community which is licensed.23:07

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