ttxhm. ca-certificates recent autosync breaks ca-certificates-java. Preventing everything java-based to build for karmic.13:59
ttxbug 39210413:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 392104 in ca-certificates-java "[Karmic] Update to ca-certificates 20090624 prevents ca-certificates-java from installing" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39210413:59
* persia finallt gets around to drafting the email calling for a Java Team meeting14:58
persiattx, 9 UTC still good for you?15:00
ttxon Thursdays ?15:00
persiaMy memory is that was the day we chose.  I'm open to other opinions.15:01
ttxpersia: works for me15:01
ttxpersia: I'll echo this call on my blog in a few days.15:05
ttx(as planned)15:06
persiaYeah, a month ago.  Sorry about that.15:08
anoop__iam just a beginner to java..can anybody tell me which book is best for java16:46
Skaaghow do I get the Java "Client" on Ubuntu Server?16:48
mhall119|workgood afternoon18:05

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