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dhendrixdoes anyone have a pair of kernel-img.conf and kernel-pkg.conf files set up for kernel packages with completely non-interactive setup (using make-kpkg)?03:45
sunnydrakehi can someone explain me - will ubuntu distro work wihout problems with "original" kernel(i wish to check unified kernel patches on ubuntu liveusb system) ?05:52
lifelessyes, and there are packages built with the vanilla kernel specifically for testing06:00
lifelesshowever, you may find the live system isn't supported by the vanilla kernel, or some hardware 06:00
kdubhey all, i'm good with kernels, and would like to contribute, where can i start?08:53
smbkdub, You might want get familiar with the workflow. See Leann's mail to Jeremy at https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kernel-team/2009-June/006170.html08:58
smbIf you think you want a go, there is a community section of bugs if you follow the link on the topic08:58
zeroproghey guys  im trying to edit the module that colors the ubuntu layout....anybody know what folder those files are located in?08:59
kdubsmb: thanks, i know its annoying when people ask "how can i start" questions, but i really think i can help out a lot if someone helps me get my foot in the door09:00
smbkdub, No problem. We really can use a few people out in the community helping out with the work09:01
kdubi'll read the links in that email, and ping back with any questions i have09:02
smbzeroprog, Are you sure, the kernel is the right place to look for that?09:02
kdubbut i have decent experience with embedded systems, kernels, drivers, all that jazz09:02
smbkdub, Sure. Thanks for joining in09:03
zeroprogsmb: not at all....i was hoping to write a simple module that says something stupid everytime you delete something but i cant find where that folder is either09:08
zeroprogthe names linux uses are short and sweet but not so much descriptive 09:08
zeroprogthe only things i can figure out are crypto, acpi and a few others 09:08
smbzeroprog, my problem might just be to get the connection between that and something that colors the ubuntu layout. Heck, I am not even sure I understand what you mean with ubuntu layout. ;-)09:11
zeroprogergh...curse my explanatory skills09:13
zeroprogive been trying to look for a use for modules that im able to do....drivers are too complicated for some reason plus i have no real devices i wish to use...maybe ill just learn the nokia n800 deal09:14
smbHm, not sure I can help there. The modules I look at are either drivers or part of a bigger stack. If I saw something simple I probably forgot it. :-/09:21
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apwhrm i thought there was a config option for tickless10:00
apwhrm no longer an option for it10:01
kdubsmb: im a bit overwhelmed with all these configuration caveats...10:02
smbapw, NO_HZ10:02
smbkdub, which one exactly?10:02
apwwell i assume its on then :)10:02
smbapw, I guess so10:03
kdubif i want to build a standard i386 kernel, the .config lives in debian/config/i386?10:03
ckingapw, I suggest asking for powertop output first, e.g. powertop --dump to see if there is anything insane causing CPU heat10:03
smbkdub, It is split into a generic part and a part for the generic kernel. Karmic will be even more split10:04
smbkdub, But usually you will not have to care that much if you compile with "fakeroot debian/rules binary-arch" or "debuild -b"10:05
kdubi'm not so comfortable with fakeroot/deb building stuff just yet...10:05
smbkdub, For releases up to Jaunty, you get the used config by cat'ing together debian/configs/i386/config{,-generic}10:07
kduband jaunty? cat all 3 together10:08
smbkdub, Jaunty is the same as above. The new stuff will come with Karmic10:08
apwthere are common configs at the top level and at each arch plus config deltas per flavour in karmic10:09
kdubsmb, sorry, i meant karmic10:09
lesshasteI have been told to enable boot logging and post the output ( https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-power-manager/+bug/389930 ) but this feature has not worked for ages and does nothing in jaunty10:10
smbkdub, As apw said. :)10:10
ubot3Malone bug 389930 in grub "grub menu skipped after shutdown" [Low,New] 10:11
lesshastecan anyone tell me, do they secretly mean /var/log/dmesg?10:11
kduboh there we go, its 3 configs combined together10:12
apwcking, i've asked them to identify the exact kernels which are good and bad, then for those that do that i will give them a tragetted set of mainline kernels to test to give us a bisection10:14
apwi guess thats a start10:14
ckingmeanwhile, let me install intrepid + jaunty on one of my spare lappies and see if there is anything obviously different10:15
apwcking, thanks10:15
smbapw, I will do a karmic installation on a laptop here, that might give additional data points10:15
kduband once this gets done compiling, do you guys usually run in a vm, or as the running kernel?10:15
kdubeg, what is more useful to do?10:15
apwyeah kirkland is complaining about a thinkpad10:15
apwkdub, bit of both depending on the change10:16
ckingapw, 64 or 32 bit machines?  64 will bang more gate transistors :-)10:16
smbkdub, depends, a vm is good to see it boots at all. real hardware might be the only way to find other things10:16
kdubapw: alright10:16
apwcking, hehe always been 64 bit here10:16
smbkdub, And for some stuff, we have to ask the reportes as we don't have the hw at all10:16
ckingme too. 10:16
apw135 wakeups per-second sounds like a lot to me10:17
ckingapw, that sounds typical to me.10:17
smbapw, Got 240 on hardy here10:17
smb(given without tweaking)10:18
apwheh then i guess i shoul be happy :/10:18
kdubwell, i guess i'm up off the ground, so to speak. next up is, what, looking for bugs?10:18
ckingI will also measure power consumption using my little meter gizmo10:18
apwi guess when your keyboard is showing up ... that you don't have that many ints10:18
apwkdub, did you see the triaging stuff that leaan emailed out?10:19
ckingturn down the beacon interval on your access point :-)10:19
apwi _think_ smb may have pointed you at it10:19
smbI passed the link to her email 10:19
smbAnd if that feels ok. The link to the bugday is on our channel topic :)10:20
kdubapw: i did, it didnt make a whole lot of sense though10:20
cking66 wakeups/sec on my karmic dell640010:20
apwyeah.  most people who start getting involved in the kernel stuff, start with helping out on the bug triage10:20
apwthat gets you used to the bug handling, which is a little odd10:21
apwthen generally one ends up touching a few which need actual work and can start to make a difference10:21
apweasing in gentle like10:21
lesshasteis there any way of disabling a fingerprint reader without doing it through the bios ? I get A USB device is active 100.0% of the time:10:24
lesshastein powertop10:24
apwsome devices have a power control separatly10:25
apwin /sys10:26
* kdub still doesnt really know what to do next10:26
kdubgo through launchpad?10:26
smbmaybe unbinding (for testing purposes) might work as well10:26
apwkdub, if you want to get a feel for our bug process, then reading the triage doc, then helping out with the community section of the bug day page is a good start10:27
smbkdub, In the end all goes through launchpad. I don't know, but I believe it helps to go ttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/BugDay/20090623 there10:27
apwmany of those will just be simple closes, but the ones which are not, will need some investigation10:27
smbkdub, and then to Bugs, there is a link to a table with bugs10:27
apwcommonly involving finding likely fixes and building test kernels etc10:27
smbOne section is community bugs. 10:27
apwwhen you find those too easy, we have plenty of other bugs to move up to10:28
smbThe bug numbers are selectable and take you to launchpad10:28
kdubalright, so i pick one bug, and see what i can do to help with it, i guess10:32
smbkdub, Yep, same we do. ;-)10:32
apwkdub, the process docs give you more idea what states to put things in when you do things with them10:32
lesshastekdub, you could start with mine :)10:32
kdubsmb: but unlike you guys, i don't have a lot of experience with this :P10:33
apwand the bug day page has some help on the sorts of things its reasonable to say with old bugs and which states to use 10:33
apwso the use knows why we are closing them out etc10:33
apwthen the interesting one you get to make up ways to test, look for patches, etc etc10:33
apwwhen you find fixes and stuff come back and we can help you get them in10:33
apwas in tell you the process there, not to overwhelm you now10:33
smbkdub, Sure, but we all started at some point. It just takes a bit time to get into it10:34
apwkdub, heh don't worry if things are too hard, leave them, feel free to pick things you think you can solve, help with, make a difference with10:34
apwkdub, realise that even if you only did some triage work and helped weed out the old crappy bugs, the ones already fixed, and make sure the right info is obtained, that is all valuable work to do10:35
apwas it reduces the work the rest of us have to do, so we get to more of the bugs.  if you actually fix bugs as well thats the cherry on top10:35
apwbut either way its appreciated, as it helps everyone get more done10:35
* apw watches the merge window slam shut ...10:36
kdubapw: my general goal is to be less trouble than i'm worth :)10:38
apwkdub, then you have the right attitude!  really any work you do correctly is a win for us, we are a small team, probabally about the equivalent of 8 people10:39
apwkdub, welcome aboard.  please do come back here and ask questions on anything you are unsure about, anything that seems mad (and there will be a lot of mad stuff) etc... ask, we are pretty approachable10:39
smbkdub, mostly. (joking). Yes, welcome10:40
kdubthanks, everyone10:40
kduband mailing list?10:44
apwthere is mailing list assosiated with the ubuntu-kernel-team in launchpad (i believe10:45
kdubdo people use it?10:46
* apw checks its the right one10:46
apwUbuntu Kernel Team <kernel-team@lists.ubuntu.com>10:46
apwis the one we use, we review all patches and there is a fiar bit of discussion on that one10:46
kdubalright, thanks. i subscribed10:48
apwsmb, when we rebase across version i assume the -ABI number reverts to -1 ? yes?12:10
Kanohi apw, do you want to update ndiswrapper toady?12:20
Kanoi got a patch from the s626 author, i am just not fully convided that the patch is needed in that form. i would have guessed adding the id would be all needed12:23
Kanohe added a bit more12:23
[plane]anybody here??12:27
mok0I have a regression on my netbook, the latest kernel upgrade to 2.6.28-13-lpia made the wireless go away13:29
AceLanmok0: whick wireless chip do you use?13:50
mok0AceLan: bcm431513:50
mok0AceLan: I used to have it visible in jockey, but no more13:52
mok0AceLan: "Broadcom STA wireless driver"13:52
AceLanmok0: do you remember the version of the original kernel?13:53
mok0AceLan, 2.6.28-11-lpia13:53
mok0AceLan: It was a recent update from jaunty-updates13:54
AceLanmok0: do you know the module name of the wireless driver?13:56
mok0AceLan: yes, it's "wl.ko"13:56
mok0wl I guess13:56
Kanothats in restricted13:57
Kanowell i made a dkms script13:57
mok0The old driver is in  /lib/modules/2.6.28-11-lpia/volatile/wl.ko13:57
AceLanmok0: so, the w1 module doesn't exist now?13:57
mok0Kano: yes it's restricted13:57
mok0AceLan: no13:58
mok0AceLan: wasn't included in the upgrade for some reason13:58
mok0AceLan: ... or something happened during the installation... I guess it is built on installation13:58
smbmok0, Yes it is. The binary parts come with linux-restricted-modules and it is linked on boot13:59
mok0OK, makes sense13:59
smbmok0, Could it be lrm was not upgraded at the same time?14:00
mok0smb, I can check14:00
mok0smb, aargh out of battery & no charger here14:00
mok0I will check when I get home14:01
smbmok0, bad. ok14:01
mok0Justed wanted to hear if you guys knew about a problem14:01
smbNot right of my head. I tested Jaunty wl driver from lrm on amd64 and that worked14:02
mok0smb: ok, I have not heard from other mini 10 owners about anything either14:03
smbmok0, So we'll have to find out what went wrong with yours.14:04
mok0smb: ok, I'll let you know... or perhaps turn up here in panic14:04
smbmok0, either way :)14:04
cjwatsonrtg: grub2 --no-floppy> on my list to fix (I think there's an upstream patch for it)15:39
rtgcjwatson: cool, it bit me on my laptop.15:40
rtgIs there an LP bug already? I got distracted and didn't file one15:40
cjwatsonrtg: yeah15:54
cjwatsonrtg: bug 39104415:54
ubot3Malone bug 391044 in grub2 "grub2 update adds --no-floppy to "search " lines" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39104415:54
* hyperair wonders if anybody can boot the 2.6.31 kernel from the kernel-ppa?16:03
cjwatsonrtg: I've uploaded the necessary bits for the installer to use -generic-pae in the same way it used to use -server; will need to be refined I expect, this is just basic support16:26
rtgcjwatson: noted.16:27
cjwatson... and corresponding cdimage and seed changes16:30
apwhyperair, never tried18:53
hyperairapw: didn't you compile that, though?18:54
apwhyperair, the mainline kernels, they come out of my automation yes.  doesn't mean i boot them18:55
hyperairaha, heheh18:55
hyperairi se18:55
mok0smb: I solved my wireless problem18:55
hyperairhello mok0 =)18:55
rtgapw: I've booted the mainline 2.6.31-rc118:56
hyperairrtg: oh it worked for you? =\18:56
hyperairit hangs at modprobe for me18:57
rtghyperair: amd64, dual quad-core18:57
hyperairi'm on a dual core18:57
mok0smb, I had to run lrm-manager and let it form a proper initrd.img file18:57
hyperairwhat does lrm-manager have anything to do with initrd? O_o18:58
mok0hyperair: it builds a new one18:58
mok0hyperair: after the modules have been installed18:58
hyperairi see18:58
mok0But it does so for the running kernel18:58
mok0which means that if you install the restricted modules under another kernel, it will not be the right one18:59
hyperairthat.. doesn't sound nice18:59
mok0... therefore the drivers wont take effect when the new kernel starts up, and you become very confused19:00
hyperairi see19:00
hyperairi thought that the restricted drivers were loaded after root was mounted though19:00
mok0I don't understand why that is allowed to happen19:00
* hyperair doesn't either19:01
mok0hyperair: well, I _think_ this is what has happened in my case...19:01
hyperairwhat i do know, however, is that my dvd drive suddenly detected a blank dvd around 30 minutes after i inserted it.19:01
hyperairwhich driver were you using?19:02
mok0hm, at least it came around19:02
hyperairheh if only it would come around each time19:02
hyperairit's a blank dvd and i can't burn into it19:02
mok0hyperair: the wireless driver19:02
hyperairmok0: i meant which wireless driver 19:02
hyperairmy dvd drive's whacked up for some reason. it can only detect and burn to cds19:02
mok0ah, its for the broadcom wireless chip19:02
hyperairah broadcom19:02
hyperairnasty one that is X_X19:03
hyperairi avoided that one like plague when i was shopping for my notebook19:03
mok0it's the broadcom proprietary dirver, called "wl"19:03
hyperairnot b43?19:03
hyperairwait, i think i saw that in some guy's notebook during malaysia's osconf19:03
hyperairexcept his issue was much simpler--he turned off the rf kill switch and couldn't figure out why it wouldn't work19:04
mok0it really should use dkms19:04
hyperairindeed it should19:04
mok0I might file a bug against it19:04
hyperairdkms is a seriously cool package =p19:05
hyperairgo file it then! =p19:05
mok0I should learn more about it though19:05
mok0... tomorrow19:05
mok0hyperair: did you make uuc btw?19:06
hyperairmok0: yeah i did =) thanks for your endorsement19:06
mok0nice, congrats19:07
hyperairthanks =)19:07
mok0hyperair: next step is motu19:07
mok0hyperair: you should start getting your application together19:07
hyperair=O now?19:08
hyperairi thought i'd bide my time until i'd gotten more stuff done19:08
mok0hyperair: yeah, start adding stuff to your journal with stuff you do19:08
hyperairhmm yeah19:08
mok0hyperair: so you can apply for the karmic cycle19:09
mok0karmic+1 19:09
mok0hyperair: after the summer19:09
hyperairwell i'll see how it goes =)19:09
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CarlFK1why does "sudo reboot" sometimes reboot the hardware (back to POST) and sometimes use kexec to reload the current kernel? 21:05
NCommanderCarlFK1, if kexec-tools are installed, it will use it if possible21:11
CarlFK1NCommander: um... -tools installed, but it is not doing it right now21:20
CarlFK1juser@dhcp216:~$ apt-cache policy kexec-tools ...   Installed: 20090000-2.0.0ubuntu3.121:21
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CarlFK1pretty sure this is a firewire module thing: 1041.217340] dvgrab[6370]: segfault at 7f2911245c88 ip 00007f29184700a1 sp 00007f29111a2fa8 error 6 in libc-2.9.so[7f29183ec000+168000]21:30
CarlFK1trying under gdb now21:30
nick_schembricjwatson: Do you have a link to the new live cd remaster process for 9.10 +21:32
ccheneyogasawara: is bug 392288 a proper kernel backtrace it looks a bit different from what i remember them looking like21:35
ubot3Malone bug 392288 in linux "dd extremely slow writing to usb key without oflag=dsync" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39228821:35
CarlFK1http://dpaste.com/59783/ #7  0x00007f6027e97fcd in clone ()     at ../sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/x86_64/clone.S:112 No locals. 21:36
cjwatsonnick_schembri: there's a new process?21:37
nick_schembriAt south east linux fest Creg talked about the aufs being removed from 9.1021:40
nick_schembrioops Pete Graner21:42
ogasawaraccheney: probably because it's not an oops/panic message that you're probably used to seeing.  was that an ext4 fs?21:46
ogasawaraccheney: 2.6.31-rc1 was recently build, would be good if you could test and confirm with that kernel - http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v2.6.31-rc1/21:47
ccheneyogasawara: it was writing directly to the device21:51
ccheneyogasawara: ok will take a look after my system update is done21:51
Sarvattis there a reason memory stick support isnt enabled in the kernel? just curious as to what problems it might have that might have led to it being disabled22:02
dtchenhmph, quite a few things FTBFS against the 2.6.31-rc1 headers, which isn't surprising22:05
dtchennvidia, bcmwl, vbox, ...22:05
hyperairvboxdrv worked22:08
hyperairnot vboxnetflt though22:08
Sarvattvbox 3.0 beta 2 compiles fine on 2.6.31-rc122:08
dtchennot in a position to test 3.0b2 yet22:10
Sarvattfix there22:10
Sarvatt(for 2.2.4 too)22:11
hyperairnow if only i could boot that kernel =p22:13
ccheneyogasawara: i tried the 31 kernel and it wouldn't even boot into gdm for me22:14
ccheneyogasawara: it just went black after loading the kernel, i think at the point it tried to start gdm22:14
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ogasawaraccheney: well that's no good22:14
ccheneyogasawara: i tried both with and without nomodeset option22:14
ccheneythe current karmic kernel gets my resolution wrong so i use nomodeset on it22:15
ogasawaraccheney: yah, I've seen similar bugs for the resolution issue22:15
cjwatsonnick_schembri: that doesn't affect customisation22:44
cjwatsonnick_schembri: the bulk of the live CD is still in a squashfs22:44
hyperairthe .31 kernel hangs running modprobe for me =\22:45
cjwatsonnick_schembri: the only difference relevant to customisation that I know of is that the live CD initramfs is now LZMA-compressed - that's just a matter of decompressing initrd.gz, recompressing it with 'lzma -9c', and writing it to initrd.lz22:46
hyperairit appears to load iwlagn, hda-intel, and some other module, then hangs when it should bel oading i915.22:46
cjwatsontry loading intel-agp first?22:46
hyperairhmm i should try that.22:46
hyperaircjwatson: but shouldn't modprobe automatically load intel-agp first?22:47
cjwatsonthere was a driver bug that meant it didn't22:47
cjwatsonI believe it's been fixed upstream22:47
hyperairi see22:47
cjwatsoncf. https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2235822:47
ubot3Freedesktop bug 22358 in Driver/intel "Performance regression:  Sluggish text scrolling, 100%CPU after upgrade from 2.7.1 (UXA bug)" [Major,Resolved: fixed] 22:47
hyperairso how would i go about getting intel-agp loaded before i915?22:47
cjwatsonstick it in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules?22:47
hyperairit panicked when i had that22:48
cjwatsonactually, a current karmic initramfs should load intel-agp for you automatically22:48
cjwatsoninitramfs-tools 0.92bubuntu3222:48
hyperairthat's my initramfs version, yes22:49
cjwatsondunno, then22:49
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