karatekickzhas anyone here messed with the x11vnc parameters?01:23
fluvvellTechnophil: Re the mcc for the diskless workstation crashing, I'm using Jaunty 9.04. The script hangs when I try to commit changes. I'm trying to weigh up whether to just make changes in the overlay because the workstation mcc keeps hanging.02:57
Technophilfluvell: I believe 8.10 was known to have problems, me included however 9.04 I understood to be better...it seems maybe not...04:29
fluvvellTechnophil: Thanks, looks like using the terminal (which is obviously a chroot ) is allowing us to make the changes05:39
karatekickzI have a question about x11vnc06:00
karatekickzanyone around to help?06:00
karatekickzim having massive problems running headless with x11vnc06:19
fluvvellcan anyone shed light on how to get a diskless system to shutdown (booted from usb stick) I get SQUASHFS error sb_bread failed reading block 0x62eda  ( Unable to read cache block  blah blah blah.09:39
fluvvellTechnophil, I see you're logged in, any ideas?09:40
michael__hey i've got some questions - Is mythTV for me? I've just installed it, i'd like to be able to watch TV on it, but i'd really like for it to be able to access all of myt downloaded media and play that on a TV10:58
michael__and also i'm having issues getting a drive to be discovered (haven't been able to mount it yet)10:59
michael__no answer?11:25
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