lukjad007Hi, are there any freenode ops here?01:00
bazhanglukjad007, in #freenode01:00
lukjad007I see. Okay. Someone mentioned this channel. Thanks :)01:01
elky_workbazhang, um, if it's an ubuntu issue, he's only going to get palmed back here in a more irritated state.01:01
bazhangelky_work, he asked for *freenode* ops , then made a comment about here and immediately quit01:02
elky_workbazhang, becausr all you said was 'in #freenode'. not something like 'we are only ops for ubuntu channels. if it's not ubuntu related then #freenode is your best bet'01:03
bazhang<suraj> i m new to this.....whats irc02:09
PiciNot everyone knows what IRC is02:14
bazhangironic it was said using irc though02:17
bazhangwant to take a break, but Smis just entered #ubuntu 03:47
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Picibazhang: I wouldn't waste your breath in #freenode, its a train wreck without someone there with power to moderate.05:29
bazhangPici, too true. double bot attack05:29
rwwI would like to point out the /incredibly important/ bug that "* ubottu pulls out his louisville slugger and uses..." is inconsistant with ubottu being female.06:52
bazhangbalzac was unbanned?08:21
Flannelubottu: tell TamCore about away09:44
Myrttithat's the second time he's been told09:46
elkykeep an eye out for bacta, he's trolling #f as we speak11:43
Mamarok#f would be? Freenode?11:45
elkyjust got voiced in #defocus, so now he's trolling there too11:46
Mamarokarghs, he really is resistent to learning, isn't he?11:49
ikoniaokey dokey11:51
* jussi01 waves to ikonia12:02
jussi01and giggles at all the people talking to the muted bacta in #f12:02
ikoniahappy to talk to him12:03
ikoniahe can't respond12:03
TheFunkbombHey, can someone lift my ban on #ubuntu-offtopic?12:47
* Myrtti looks13:03
MyrttiOH BOY13:05
Myrttiwrong move13:05
elkyTheFunkbomb, depends, are you going to apologise for doing the wrong thing properly yet?13:06
TheFunkbombI did13:07
elkyno you didn't. you apologised that we got upset. that's not the same thing.13:07
TheFunkbombI said I was sorry that I broke the rules13:07
elkyand you're sorry why?13:08
TheFunkbombbecause I broke the rules13:08
elkyi just want to know you understand why it was wrong.13:08
elkynot 'because it was against the rules'. i'd prefer the reason why it's against the rules.13:09
TheFunkbombI understand why.13:09
TheFunkbombI think the whole thing is clear to everyone13:09
elkyi'm still not convinced you understand.13:10
elkyevery time you get asked to say it, you run. that makes me concerned you've learned nothing from this.13:10
TheFunkbombI have other things to do.13:10
elkysee, there you go. running again.13:11
TheFunkbombI didn't run.  I was explaining why I have to leave sometimes13:12
elkythen now that you're back, you can explain your understanding.13:13
TheFunkbombI was wrong to ask people to help harass a woman13:13
elkyyes. that's all we were ever after.13:14
TheFunkbombhasn't it been said?  Jesus13:14
elkyyou always responded with something that either equated 'im sorry you got offended' or 'i have other things to do' 13:16
elkythe ban is now lifted. it could have been lifted months ago.13:17
elkythere's no need for you to stay here.13:19
Tm_Telky: hrrr, nice fellow that13:33
elkyabsolute charmer13:33
Myrttikinja-sheep: how can we help you? the person you suggested to be banned left #ubuntu already13:48
kinja-sheepMyrtti: Ahh.  Nothing then, I guess. :<13:49
ubottuSeveas called the ops in #ubuntu (Smiffy pasting nazi symbols in private chat)13:53
Seveas<Smiffy> hello?13:53
Seveas<Seveas> yes?13:53
Seveas<Smiffy> I heard you're a jew, I need some advice from a fellow jew13:53
Seveas<Seveas> find a jewish channel.13:53
Seveas<Smiffy> what do you do if someone does this?13:53
Seveas<Smiffy> ==================13:53
Seveas<Smiffy> ==================13:53
Seveas<Smiffy> ==================13:53
Seveas<Smiffy> ==================13:53
Seveas<Smiffy> ==================13:53
Seveas<Smiffy> ==================13:54
Seveas<Smiffy> ==================13:54
Seveas<Smiffy> ==================13:54
Seveas<Smiffy> ==================13:54
PiciSeveas: we believe  you13:54
Seveas<Smiffy> Like do you cry?13:54
Seveaswith the === signs colored to display a swastika13:54
Seveasjust wanted to clarify what the person did13:54
elkyjust the text would have sufficed13:54
elkyor a pastebin13:54
Garythink I scared smiffy by asking what he was doing in pm14:00
jussi01Gary: you scare everyone... :P14:05
PiciI could have sworn that we had a factoid abuse factoid other that !msgthebot14:23
bazhangbotabuse ?14:25
Picibazhang: I mean for people who blindly throw factoids at people without actually paying attention to what they're asking.14:26
bazhangPici, maybe need a new one14:26
bazhangsomething with sebsebseb in it14:27
Myrttiwhat's his point now?16:15
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Myrtti/last TheFunkbomb16:46
PiciMyrtti: here?16:46
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)17:06
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)17:06
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)17:06
ikoniaI just saw it too17:07
PiciI'm not sure if that was a server re-linking or a real mass join17:09
PiciI guess we'll see17:09
ikoniait looked like a irc server rjoining17:09
Seeker`nickspeeen ?19:46
* Pici sighs19:50
PiciSomeone who claims to know what their doing with root, but also doesnt know the command to set the password o.O19:50
PiciNeat, this gtrans plugin actually worked.20:06
* Pici thanks nal-ioth for suggesting it20:06
* Pici sighs20:22
Seeker`Pici: whats wrong?20:22
PiciSeeker`: Just annoyed at some people20:22
ikoniait's all good Pici, have a moment to yourself20:23
Seeker`bigzed: how can we help you?20:30
Seeker`bigzed: please don't idle in here20:37
Tm_TSeeker`: hmm, banforward, I presume?20:38
ikoniaI did it20:39
Tm_Taye, his host revealed it, kinda20:40
ikoniabigzed: hi there20:42
ikonianeeds removing from #xubuntu also 20:44
ikoniabigzed: hello I know your at your keyboard as your joining different channels20:44
ikoniabigzed: if you chose not to respond we are unable to discuss you being banned from the #ubuntu channel20:46
Piciikonia: I agree that the host is not good, but we haven't historically banned for things like this. 20:55
Myrttihaven't we...20:56
PiciMyrtti: Have we?20:56
Myrttiwhy would hostname part of the host be any different from ident or nick?20:56
Myrttiof course we have20:56
PiciI can imaginine nal saying something about it.20:56
Myrttichoo him to #freenode to get a cloak...?20:57
PiciMyrtti: Then why don't we have that in our bans. We have *fuck*!*@* and *!*fuck*@*20:57
ikoniaBT shows a ton of hosts with abuse20:57
* Pici wonders what Kanappa is on about it #u21:00
* Pici is also going home21:00
ikoniafed up with it - if the channel is "that bad" - leave21:02
Mamarokbigzed: don't idle here, please21:03
ikoniaI'll change the forward to a ban21:03
ikoniaactually - I won't21:04
ubottuguntbert called the ops in #ubuntu (Kanappa)21:45
FlannelEr, what's with people being standoffish today?22:03
ikoniaFlannel what do you mean ?22:16
Flannelsomeone repeated their question four times in three minutes, got the !repeat factoid, and then proceeded to !botabuse the factoider.22:17
ikoniadoes seem to be a funny few days22:17
ikonia@mark knappa #ubuntu total timewaster claims to be the maintainer on 30 ubuntu packages and has been monitoring me for 10 years and other such random nonsense22:48
ubottuThe operation succeeded.22:48
Flannel(fixed in BT)22:58
ikoniaFlannel: ahhh thank you22:59
Flannelthis is worse than release23:05
ikoniaI've just warned grant-a about referncing autistic kids as swine flu carriers23:05
ikoniathese regular issue users need to be put on final warnings in my opinion as it's clear they just waste time/space23:06
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FlannelHowdy adamb_23:19
adamb_unban me pls23:19
Flanneladamb_: What reason do I have to do so?23:20
adamb_i wont tell you to shut up again23:20
adamb_and keep on topic23:21
ikoniaok so this conversation ends23:21
ikoniaif you can't speak to people who are trying to resolve your queries politley the conversation ends23:22
ikoniaFlannel: apologies for stepping on your toes, 23:22
Flannelikonia: Oh, none needed.23:23
ikoniaadamb_: please leave the channel and come back when you can talk to people without being rude23:23
adamb_What? I told him the reasoning of why he should unban me. I have no clue what you are talking about.23:24
ikonia"shut up"23:24
adamb_i told him what I did and that I wouldn't do it again.23:24
ikoniathat's not a reason to unban you - that's you just being rude23:24
adamb_Did you read something incorrectly?23:24
ikoniaadamb_: scroll up and re-read the conversation. You did not say you wouldn't do anything again - you just said "shut up" and "stay on topic" 23:25
ikoniaoh wait - I see what you're saying 23:25
ikoniayou want say "shut up" again23:25
ikonianot "I won't tell you again to shut up"23:25
ikoniamy apologies23:25
ikoniaFlannel: again - my apologies to you too23:25
adamb_Ahhh im confused.23:26
Flannelikonia: No worries.23:26
Flanneladamb_: Do you understand how being offtopic is disruptive to the channel/23:26
adamb_Yes I understand, I dont agree with making a statement like I did was off topic but I understand.23:26
ikonia@mark kanappa #ubuntu appears to be vertix23:26
ubottuThe operation succeeded.23:26
Flanneladamb_: Why don't you think such a statement is offtopic?23:27
adamb_correction, i know it was off topic, but it was just a statement of someone passing away, i dont agree with that being a "violation" but i dont make rules..23:28
adamb_I will follow them though, i understand why they are in place23:28
Flanneladamb_: There are 1500 people in #ubuntu, we don't need headline news.23:29
FlannelThere are plenty of other avenues, and even channels, that you can do to discuss such things.  #ubuntu is strictly support, because if it wasn't, it would be unusable.23:29
adamb_i understand =)23:29
FlannelAlright, just so that we won't run into future problems, please read over the IRC guidelines before I remove the forward: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines23:30
adamb_ok I have read, will keep that bookmarked23:32
FlannelSounds good.23:32
FlannelForward's removed.  Please rejoin #ubuntu to verify23:32
RichiHmichael jackson died some minutes ago. expect trollfests23:45
ikoniaon it already 23:46
FlannelI'm still not sure he's dead, but yeah, thanks.23:46
bazhanghim and Farrah23:46
ikoniaday 1 announces has no cash, day 2 annoucnes $people are suing him for $$$$$$$$$$$$ day 3 he's dead23:46
FlannelDay 4: He's not dead, egg on plenty of news agencies faces for buying into twidiots23:47
RichiHFlannel: 23:53
Flannelright, they're citing TMZ23:55
Seeker`BBC have just reported that he has died23:55
ikoniagood enough for me23:55
Seeker`not as good as netcraft, but good enough23:56
FlannelWhen I see a real story on it, I'll believe it.  Until then, I have no opinion, since everyone's just being sensational and jumping on the bandwagon.23:56
ikoniaBBC's normally quiet solid23:57
FlannelLA Times said "He died" in the headline, and then the actual article said that they confirmed from the officials at the hospital that his heart had stopped, and he wasn't breathing when he was in the ambulance, and that someone saw a family member rush out of the room in tears.23:57
FlannelNot *exactly* the same as someone confirming his death.23:57
ikoniathe wording is clever23:57
Seeker`Flannel: good enough for you?23:58
Flannel"Reports say"23:59
Flannelthat's the only credence that article has, ... so, no.23:59

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