jetole_does anyone know how to configure unattended-upgrade?00:10
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mathiazkirkland: hey - just updated my kvm on my hardy server - got this sequence: http://paste.ubuntu.com/203215/00:12
mathiazkirkland: kvm from the ubuntu-virt PPA00:12
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mathiazkirkland: it seems that the kvm module hasn't been reloaded00:12
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jetolefor what it00:14
kirklandmathiaz: hrm00:14
jetolefor what it's worth, kvm sucks00:14
jetoleso does ubuntu (yes my favorite dist) when it comes to VM00:15
kirklandmathiaz: hmm, looks like an ordering issue00:15
kirklandmathiaz: the module was removed00:15
kirklandmathiaz: then kvm was restarted00:16
kirklandmathiaz: then the module build takes place00:17
mathiazkirkland: right - shouldn't kvm depend on kvm-source?00:17
kirklandmathiaz: yes, i think so.00:18
kirklandmathiaz: i'll send another set of builds to the ppa00:19
mathiazkirkland: you may wanna test it locally first to make sure it does the right thing in the right order00:21
kirklandmathiaz: i will before uploading00:22
kirklandmathiaz: but i can't do it tonight00:22
mathiazkirkland: It should work - since kvm-source says it enhances kvm00:22
kirklandmathiaz: it's my anniversary and i'm supposed to be outta here already :-)00:22
mathiazkirkland: no worries - it's not urgent00:22
LiraNunawhat is dac_override?00:23
kirklandmathiaz: tested locally, looks good00:39
kirklandmathiaz: i'll push an upload shortly00:39
uvirtbotNew bug: #391874 in openssh (main) "“dynamic” application-level port forwarding non-functional" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39187401:16
yann2_W: GPG error: http://archive.ubuntu.com hardy-updates Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 40976EAF437D05B5 Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>01:16
yann2_I've been getting this for a while01:16
yann2_on a LTS server01:16
yann2_no way to past around it, it's pretty annoying01:16
yann2_does anyone know what the problem is?01:17
MrPocketssup guys01:30
MrPocketsreinstalling GRUB on the FIRST partition of the First SCSI drive, would be (hd0,0) ?01:37
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lninjoxcant get a ssh session with server on fresh install?03:00
lninjoxcorrect password but wont authenticate03:00
lninjoxanyone have an suggestions would be apprecitative03:00
twbubuntu-server does not install the openssh-server package by default.  You can pick it from the tasksel list during the install, or install it later using aptitude or apt-get.03:25
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bclninjox: *may* be an IP issue? does your IP resolve?04:24
bclninjox: also use ssh -v and see if it elaborates04:25
lninjoxissue resolved had to install open-ssh thanks alot for the help04:29
bclninjox: I didn't consider that because you sounded as if it was prompting you for a password :D04:31
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jetoledoes anyone know of a way to keep an inventory of what updates are pending on what computers? Especially something that displays a changelog05:09
bcjetole: for the changelog part, install apt-listchanges. it'll display the changes and allow you to decline to update or proceed before you install an update.05:13
twbThat's only when you're actually performing the interactive upgrade, though.05:18
twbWhat I typically set up is cron-apt or unattended-upgrades, to email me each day if there are outstanding upgrades.  That doesn't include their changelogs, however.05:19
twbcron-apt may be obsoleted by recent apt versions, since /etc/cron.daily/apt exists but is not active by default, see also apt.conf.05:19
twbWhy is Ubuntu setting APT::Install-Recommends-Sections by default?05:28
twbIt's not documented in apt.conf05:28
ScottKtwb: Because given the definition of recommends it makes sense (Debian does this now too).05:30
twbWhere is the meaning of that variable documented?05:30
twbIncidentally, I can't see it set in apt.conf.d on a Sid system...05:31
ScottKThe meaning of Recommends, which is what that causes to be installed is in debian-policy05:31
twbI know the meaning of Recommends, but not Install-Recommends-Sections05:31
ScottKSorry.  Misunderstood the question.05:31
twbI mean, I can make an educated *guess* as to what it means...05:32
twbIf I'm adding entries in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d, is there a particular number that I should use?  (e.g. 20 or 50 would seem a good default choice)05:36
jetolebc and twb. Sounds good. Was hoping for something more like an inventory style app (and please no one say landscape) that could help me tie it into puppet policy changes etc but I guess just wishful thinking05:47
twbjetole: man, if you can work out how to get a web front-end for puppet, I will buy you a beer05:48
twbCurrently my boss forces me to do unpleasant things with webmin and Xorg (namely: install them) because puppet has no wanky front-end that we can hand to customers05:49
bcjetole: apticron looks like it emails changes -> https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/serverguide/C/automatic-updates.html05:58
bcjetole: looks like it also uses apt-listchanges05:59
twbbc: hmm, never heard of apticron before; it is in main (unlike cron-apt)?06:00
bctwb: yes, I just apt-got it06:01
TimReichhartHi Guys I am currently having problems wiith smarty and everytime I go to this page I get Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required '/Smarty.class.php' (include_path='.:/usr/share/php:/usr/share/pear:./libs:')06:01
bctwb: sorry, it's in universe/admin06:01
bctwb: why are you limiting to main?06:04
twbI want to minimize packages that are NOT from main.06:04
alberticohi... I know that this is not the place for this question, but...06:18
alberticowhat is the difference between installing the Ubuntu Netbook Remix (UNR) image vs the standard iso plus the netbook remix package?06:18
twbalbertico: in general, the install media only differ in what packages come on the CD, and what packages are installed by default06:23
twbe.g. you can turn xubuntu into kubuntu by purging xubuntu-desktop and installing kubuntu-desktop, more or less.06:24
alberticotwb, so nothing special besides standard packages?06:26
twbI can't speak of the netbook images specifically, but in GENERAL, that is correct.06:27
jetoletwb: a beer? buy me a keg and I might work on it.06:46
twbI probably don't have that much money06:46
jetolejoin the club06:46
jetolestupid economy06:48
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Alex_21Hi, all,06:57
Alex_21I can't figure out why php5 is not working on my server. It downloads the files rather than run them06:57
Alex_21Do you have any ideas why this may be?06:57
twbI won't help with PHP, sorry.07:01
Alex_21Why not?07:02
Alex_21I am just trying to deploy Mediawiki07:02
twbBecause PHP is a blight on the land.07:08
Alex_21I require it07:10
Alex_21I can't do anything about it. It is what my organization uses07:10
twbAlex_21: but I can make it more costly to use by refusing to help.07:11
twbIt's like Ghandi's civil disobedience07:11
simplexioAlex_21: apache configs arent right07:12
Alex_21How do I fix them?07:12
simplexioAlex_21: assuming that php5 works, execpt .php files are handled like txt files07:12
Alex_21The guide I used told me to add Code: "AddType application/x-httpd-php .html" to my /etc/apache2/apache2.conf07:13
simplexiowho knows, maybe you need just reload apache2 or add php5 handler to it07:14
Alex_21Is there a better way to do this?07:14
Alex_21I just noticed. Where do I check is libapache2-mod-php5 is installed?07:15
simplexioapt-get install it again.. ?07:16
Alex_21I tried that07:17
Alex_21It isn't in /etc/apache2/mos-enabled/ though07:18
Alex_21How can I check if it is this?07:22
Alex_21How od you save and quit in Nano?07:26
Alex_21Well, that is that figured out. Nano, I mean07:31
Alex_21Now, how can I check if PHP5 modules for Apache are installed correctly07:32
twbNano should have a few lines of help onscreen.07:32
Alex_21As I said, thanks, but I figured out Nano07:32
Alex_21I just need help getting PHP up and running07:32
Alex_21Can you please help?07:34
Alex_21I'm really stuck07:34
ajmitchAlex_21: what have you checked so far?07:44
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twbIs it possible to buy a printed copy of the 8.04 admin guide?08:15
twbSorry, "server guide".08:15
EthosPrint it off yourself? :D08:17
twbEthos: that's not the same as having a nice binding.08:18
twbI mean, FSF will sell you printed GNU manuals!08:18
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uvirtbotNew bug: #392013 in openvpn (universe) "Properly package easy-rsa as a separate binary package" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39201310:01
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jetoletwb: I assume you were just fscking with Alex_21 and don't have any issues with PHP10:20
twbjetole: assume whatever you like; I won't touch PHP10:24
matttanyone know how to query an SATA disk's firmware?10:34
nixiepixelmatt - try installing and running smartmontools10:51
nixiepixelmattt even10:51
nixiepixelmattt - command should be smartctl -a /dev/device10:51
matttnixiepixel: seems overkill just to obtain drive info :/10:54
matttnixiepixel: i see hdparm seems to work, wish there was something a bit more native tho :/10:54
matttnixiepixel: ie. something hidden under /proc :)10:55
nixiepixelmattt - sorry I can't help further :)10:59
matttnixiepixel: not a problem, thanks for your response!10:59
sbeattiemattt: sdparm or possibly /sys/class/scsi_disk/*/device/model11:16
matttsbeattie: boooom!11:28
matttsbeattie: /sys/class/scsi_disk/0:0:1:0/device/rev FTW11:28
matttsbeattie: tnx :)11:30
sbeattiesure thing.11:31
bobganyone know how to check to see if the dir_index option is enabled on a ext3 fs?15:50
bobgfound it -- dumpe2fs15:53
sommerbobg: also:  sudo tune2fs -l /dev/sd*15:53
irjudsoner, Hi16:07
irjudsonI'm trying to find the slapd_db_recover program, but It's not installed, so I'm trying to find the correct package to install (I'm on 8.04 LTS)16:08
irjudsonis there some searching magic I'm missing, google isn't coming up with anything helpful16:08
sommerirjudson: you'll need to install the db4.6-util package16:09
sommerirjudson: at least that contains the db_recover utility16:10
irjudsonthat's what I couldn't track down16:10
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SkaagI've installed sun-java6-jdk on ubuntu 9.04 64bit and I can't find the client libjvm.so, only the server jvm... can you guys suggest a solution? :-)16:45
uvirtbotNew bug: #392146 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 (main) "package mysql-server-5.0 5.1.30really5.0.75-0ubuntu10.2 failed to install/upgrade: subproces post-installation script gaf een foutwaarde 1 terug" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39214616:50
bobgthanks sommer17:10
\shSkaag: isn't the client libjvm.so inside the jre?17:11
\shSkaag: sorry...sun-java6-bin for i386 there are client/ and server/ libjvm.so17:12
\shSkaag: so no client/libjvm.so on amd6417:12
Skaagyah I can see that... too bad :-(17:15
pmatulishow does one install a network printer on the server?18:09
ivoksi guess you have cups installed18:10
ivoksif it's an ipp printer, cups-client would be enough18:11
pmatulisivoks: will check. thanks18:14
jthomas_sbWhere do Tomcat 5.5 webapps go?  'locate webapps' returns both /usr/share/tomcat5.5-webapps/ and   /usr/share/tomcat5.5/webapps19:27
Hecatejthomas_sb, maybe one of the mathes is a symlink?19:46
jthomas_sbdoesn't seem to be19:47
\shivoks: do i have to fear an upgrade of hardy regarding drbd?19:47
ivoksupgrade hardy?19:47
ivoksto what?19:47
\shivoks: sec + sru updates ;)19:48
ivoksthere wasn't drbd update in hardy19:48
\shivoks: but kernel update19:48
ivoksah, no19:48
ivoksit's the same module version19:48
\shand I don't want to screw my 6.9TB DRBD msa 60 drbd device ;)19:49
\shivoks: thx :) trusting your drbd experience :)19:50
\sh2GBit/s drbd link via HA -> 4Gbit/s links as nfs server reboot19:52
\shI#m fcked if this isn't working19:52
\shbond0 is coming up19:54
\shdrdb0 is coming up19:54
\shnow I'm missing my bond1 which is coming up just now19:54
\shthat was the passive part..now for the takeover19:55
\shtakeover succeeded19:55
\shthe real active node is rebooting now19:58
sommerdo you guys have drbd in production on hardy?20:00
ivoksi do20:00
\shas said...20:00
sommerand it works awesome? :-)20:00
sommerI'm currently working on a project with it, but wasn't sure if I should upgrade to jaunty first20:01
ivoksit works as advertised :)20:01
sommerivoks: sweet!20:01
\sh2x hp dl365 with 6 Nics (2 broadcoms int, 4 intel one card ext) attached with 2 HP MSA60 7TB brutto storage20:01
sommer\sh: nice... I have a lot less than that :)20:02
ivoksah.. 2 HP MSA6020:02
ivoksmust be a pain to sync :D20:02
\shthe 2 broadcoms are the drbd links, as LB bond declared...and the 4 intel nics as LB bonds acting as nfs links to the outside20:02
ivoksi'm just mirroring disks in two servers :D20:03
\shivoks: using the save method ( C ) this is quite fast over 2Gbit/s20:03
ivokswith GFS on top of it20:03
ivoksit is?20:03
ivoksi was thinking on testing A20:03
\shivoks: GFS i'll get next week with 4 2012i MSAs (via iscsi)+20:03
ivokscause it looks like C is slow...20:03
ivoksbut it might be cause of GFS20:03
\shivoks: C is slow, but safe...it acks all syncwrites20:04
ivoksi know20:04
ivoksit's written on first when second reports that it has write it all down20:04
sommerhas anyone placed kvm images on a drbd partition?20:04
\shtakeover to active node succeeded20:04
\shivoks: yepp20:04
\sh/dev/drbd0            6.9T  278G  6.6T   4% /webzooms20:05
\shthat's why it's fast ;)20:05
ivoks8.3.2rc2 was released couple of hours ago20:05
ivoksi think we had it packaged less than an hour after the official release20:05
\shbut the fun part about it...we have some Flash Media Servers running which are reading many h.264 FLVs from the nfs storage..and it flys like hell :)20:05
ivoksthat's nice20:06
ivoks\sh: primary-primary or primary-secondary?20:06
\shivoks: p-s20:06
ivoksi have p-p20:07
\shivoks: using HA to switch between p and s20:07
ivoksyou do know that ha is dead? :)20:07
\shp-p I'll try next week with our iscsi msas and gfs and some mysql servers ;)20:07
kinja-sheepWhat's the best way to find out if your (external) hard drive is dying?  I know servers deals with lot of hardwares. :320:07
\shivoks: ha2 is alive?20:07
ivokslet me introduce you to pacemaker; http://clusterlabs.org20:08
\shivoks: aye...something new to take care of...20:08
\shbut seeing the graph..cib and crmd and stonithd looks really like some work of HA20:09
ivoksonly lrmd20:09
ivoksopenais will replace ccm and heartbeat20:09
ivoksand that ccm and heartbeat are from ha320:10
ivokswhich isn't the same thing as ha220:10
ivoksha3 isn't cluster manager anymore20:10
\shivoks: do you have a timeframe when HA[1,2] will go away from U?20:10
ivoksit's just messaging layer20:10
ivoksit will probably be in archive untill debian drops it20:10
ivoksfor karmic, pacemaker-openais should be supported cluster stack20:11
\shivoks: so I have time to deal with the insights of the NWO :)20:11
ivoksyep, but you'll figure it out very quickly20:11
\shivoks: the problem is not my person...the problem is to "tell teamlead/manager that it's better to change"...and teamleads/managers don't have clue sometimes ;)20:13
ivoksha isn't being developed any more20:13
ivokslead developer has left the building20:13
ivoksand it's being smashed into pieces and imported into pacemaker20:14
ivoksyou are on your own if continue with ha20:14
ivoksgood enough? :)20:14
\sh"opensource is not important for us, actually the only important thing is that our infrastructure software doesn't cost any money..."20:14
\shthat was a quote of my manager20:14
\shand that's why my team is using more and more of the opensource stuff....to kill him20:15
ivoksi just love denyhosts20:17
\shok...I'm done for tonight...drinking a beer with my colleague and then going home to kid and wife :)20:18
\shguys...have a nice one :) cu tomorrow20:18
\shivoks: thanks again for your really hard work on this drbd stuff :) it's appreciated :)20:19
\shTODO: ivoks -> free beer next time somehow @uds20:19
ivokstake care20:20
ewookphew. I feel stupid. how do I load a firmware module?20:42
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bc\sh: your manager sounds brilliant (ugh) :)20:52
\shbc: for sure...20:54
* \sh is back at his desk...because of unforseen events *gnarf*20:55
ajmitch\sh: things broke?20:55
\shno...other 3rd level support call20:56
* ajmitch hasn't yet started work for the day20:56
ajmitchbut at least it's friday :)20:57
\shajmitch: hehe...my ex didn't write me an email...so it's just early at your NZ place ;)20:57
* bc is confused by the rotation of the Earth20:57
ajmitchalmost 8AM20:57
\shajmitch: EARLY !20:57
ajmitchI know, I shouldn't be on IRC yet20:58
ajmitchI had to check on this php5 merge & see if it compiled properly after I left it last night20:59
\shbc: the good thing is, that we have internet...and the world never sleeps...and knowing that ajmitch is somewhere in NZ makes me feel better :)20:59
\sh-EPHP5MERGE :)20:59
ajmitch\sh: why, did you want to do it instead? :)20:59
\shajmitch: I just started to code some php crap...and I have to admit...I'm a snake lover ;) but andi gutmans is a nice guy :)21:00
ajmitchyes, I certainly prefer python, but well we use php at work21:00
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\shajmitch: no no please no...I have to fix firefox still to allow file uploads via html form over 2GB ;)21:00
\shbecause our php app can handle it via python ... bah...that really sounds weired21:01
\shajmitch: if you are using zend-framework package from ubuntu...I'm happy :)21:01
ajmitchI'm not21:01
ajmitchwe have our own set of nasties21:02
\shajmitch: let me package it ;)21:03
ajmitchyou're brave21:04
\shajmitch: bah...I have dojo still laying around...and that's more then brave to package it ;)21:04
\shthat reminds me..I have to push zf packages to mentors.debian.net...they are kean to have it included21:05
ajmitchI won't promise to review it & sponsor it :)21:05
\shajmitch: we are motus...we don't need review ;) just upload and get the blame via LP ;)21:06
ajmitchbah, broken dependencies for openldap in karmic, libsasl mustn't be right21:06
\shajmitch: did you ever managed to get OTP via LDAP and SASL?21:07
\shok..done here...21:07
ivoks_pacemaker has a nice feature21:08
ivoks_if misconfigured, it can kill your wifi and leave only ethernet working21:09
\shgone now... really21:10
ajmitchbye :)21:10
bc_brilliant. VirtualBox spontaneously rebooted my machine. -_-21:16
bc_(the host os, ubuntu)21:16
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jthomas_sbUbuntu 9.04, Sun Java 5 and Sun Java 6, Tomcat 5.5.26-5ubuntu1.  I have installed BIRT 2.5.0 and followed these instructions http://www.eclipse.org/birt/phoenix/deploy/viewerSetup.php but when I connect to my  http://localhost:8180/manager/html it says that BIRT cannot start.  Suggestions?21:25
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uvirtbotNew bug: #392236 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 (main) "MySQL 5.0.22 Crash on Ubuntu 6.06.2 LTS" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39223622:36
orudiegood bye Michael Jackson :(23:32
a1faubuntu 9.04 + Dell 2650 = failz23:46

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