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* emmajane waves21:37
newz2000hi emmajane21:37
emmajanenewz2000, hey :)21:37
emmajaneso. rich text editing is ... t e h s u c k21:38
newz2000the best results I've had are starting in the wysiwyg or copying from the wiki21:38
newz2000copying from OOo is never pleasant21:38
emmajaneI tried just about every sane variation last night and for some reason Moodle + Tiny is munging embedded styles on resave.21:38
emmajanenewz2000, Oh I'm definitely *not* copying from OOo. :)21:38
dindabtw - emma meet newz2000, newz2000 meet emma21:38
emmajanenewz2000, there's not enough Scotch in the world for me to do that.21:38
newz2000people wonder why it takes me 2 hours to publish a press release21:39
emmajaneI'm doing OOo -> HTML -> vim cleanup -> Moodle.21:39
newz2000ok, so you have normal, simple html and it's getting converted to entities when you edit it (after having been previously saved)?21:40
emmajaneI'm pasting in HTML as "source" (Tiny editor turned off).21:40
emmajanewhich is fine until you want to edit the page. And then it converts all of the embedded <style> stuff into HTML entities and it all disappears which makes the baby jesus cry.21:40
newz2000oh, ok, so you have styles that are being escaped21:40
emmajanethey still don't show up, they're just converted (adn still hidden)21:41
newz2000so one solution would be to pull them out and link to them21:41
emmajanei.e. they're not showing up as displayed <style> tags with < converted to &gt;21:41
emmajaneglobal styles would be lovely.21:41
emmajanethe problem with "pulling them out" is that there's no way for me to link to an external style sheet from within the resource.21:41
emmajaneit'd have to be set with a powerful fist than what I've got. :)21:42
newz2000let me confer with someone real quick21:43
emmajaneas best I can tell it would be safe to do .generalcontentbox h1 (h2, h3, h4) styles21:43
newz2000are these styles applicable to the whole site or just your material?21:43
dindawhole site meaning just moodle?21:44
emmajanein theory I am following a style guide that should be applied to all courses.21:44
dindanot elearning courses though21:44
dindachanges *could* affect server course - though i doubt it21:44
dindaand desktop course is nothing more swf files21:45
emmajanecheck it out. Moodle rocks.21:45
newz2000haven't heard that before21:45
emmajanebody.course-24 .generalcontentbox h1 will match only me21:45
dindawe would have to test on the test server first21:45
emmajane24 == course id21:45
newz2000oh, slick21:45
emmajaneyou'll have to update the style each time the course id changes.21:45
emmajanesee? sometimes moodle gets it right :)21:45
newz2000ok, so what you're proposing is an addition to the moodle theme21:46
newz2000which I can do21:46
newz2000emmajane: if you just email me the changes you want applied I can merge them into the theme. We have a team that reviews these but they're very efficient so I'd expect it to go through with little effort, providing your code is good. :-)21:47
dindanewz2000: will you do that on the test server?21:49
newz2000oh, sure21:49
newz2000let me make sure I know where it is, just a sec21:49
newz2000ok, got it21:49
dindastuart's playground21:49
newz2000stuart would be the one to review my changes21:50
dindawhat about other RT requests on the server?  do you know who I talk to about status of requests?21:51
emmajanenewz2000, cool, thanks.21:51
newz2000dinda: regarding moodlez it's stuart I believe21:51
dindathanks for your help newz2000!21:53
newz2000my pleasure21:54
newz2000If I might ask for a little help in return...21:54
newz2000would you tell me a website that you, as a woman, enjoy visiting?21:54
emmajaneI'm just peaking at http://moodlez.ubunut.com/moodle/theme/standard/styles.php. I'm not sure which style sheet you'd actually merge it into.21:54
newz2000emmajane: just send me your rules21:54
newz2000they're organized neatly on the server and moodle combines them21:54
emmajanenewz2000, that seems like a question that has an ulterior motive... :)21:55
newz2000yes, I'm trying to learn the difference between sites that women like and sites that men think they like21:55
dindanewz2000: i'm pretty atypical - my fav sites are news, local papers and Drudge21:56
newz2000that's OK. There are a lot of atypical women I suspect.21:56
emmajanenewz2000, heh.21:56
emmajanenewz2000, I like sites that don't get in my way.21:56
newz2000so except facebook I'm happy to look at any site that you like21:57
dindachron.com  galvnews.com21:57
emmajaneclean. easily scanned. and ... obvious?21:57
newz2000I knew it. All this pink stuff is just crap21:57
emmajaneyes. :)21:57
emmajaneUnless you're asking myrtti or hypa7iz21:58
emmajanethey like pink. i know it's shocking... but not all women are the same.21:58
dindait totally is newz200021:58
dindablue is my favorite and purple some too21:58
emmajaneblue == drupal == win21:58
dindathis is an awesome site too:  http://www.writingopensource.com/21:59
emmajanehttp://www.ministryoftype.co.uk/words/article/constructing_the_grid/ <--- I have a crush on grids.22:00
emmajanedinda, now with more mammoths!!22:00
dindaemmajane: I see that! and is that brown?22:00
emmajanepicked by a *girl* no less! (it's addi's theme)22:00
newz2000emmajane: 960 or blueprint?22:01
* emmajane goes back to writing styles.22:01
emmajanenewz2000, 960 because it had better resources first.22:01
emmajanenewz2000, have you played with their gridoverlay bookmark?22:01
emmajanemade. of. win.22:01
newz2000only recently tried out 96022:02
emmajaneit overlays a grid onto any web page you're currently looking at.22:02
emmajanemark boulton used blueprint for the d.o redesign.22:02
newz2000I used 960 for ubuntu.com's latest rev (based on the ninesixty drupal base theme)22:03
emmajaneyou using D6 yet, or still D5?22:04
newz2000I like it's grid but I like that blueprint can be easily adjusted for diff widths22:04
newz2000D6 as of this spring22:04
newz2000waiting for D722:05
newz2000hoping nice ux stuff makes it in22:05
emmajanehoping it doesn't get bike shedded. :/22:05
newz2000me too22:06
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emmajaneArial Unicorn MS != Arial Unicode MS22:16
emmajanemust read ALL the words as they are written.22:16
emmajanenewz2000, updated styles sent.22:21
emmajanenewz2000, thanks again for taking care of this. I really appreciate it.22:21
newz2000happy to help22:21
emmajanenewz2000, one other question: do you know if you can change the resource type in Moodle after something has been uploaded? I'm assuming it's like Drupal where you /can/ do it by hand (change the content type) but you shouldn't really.22:22

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