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dogsthatmorning people. Quick question about Memory Monster Bug #38053308:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 380533 in ubuntuone-client "ubuntuone-syncdaemon consumes excessive memory" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38053308:17
dogsthatCurrently running at 1.6GB of 2GB total RAM.08:17
dogsthatI can quit out of the client but the ubuntuone-syncdaemon keeps running. If I kill the process, it keeps restarting.08:18
dogsthatIs there a way of temporarily disabling the daemon?08:19
dogsthatBecause I can't use ubuntuone consistently whilst this bug is about08:19
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danagethe ubuntu one wheel never stops-a-spinnin10:17
markgsayedanage: you can see what's going on using "u1sdtool --current-transfers"10:18
danagepath: /home/dennis/Ubuntu One/My F...otes.odt    deflated size: -1    bytes written: -110:22
danagewhat could i mean?10:22
danagethere's plenty of those10:22
sladendanage: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client/+filebug11:53
danagethanks sladen, i just wanted to mention it here as to avoid dupes12:28
danagesladen: interestingly, now it's done and no more ul/dl pending...12:30
sladendanage: yeah, the main thing is to get it filed, as the people who know the answers won't be around until later12:42
sladendanage: if you file it anyway, it is less likely to get lost12:42
sladendanage: if it's fixed itself (eg. just no status updates) then mention that in the bug rpeort too12:43
danageit seems to be done now, i wonder though what it did since no changes were performed12:43
facundobatistaHi all13:01
joshuahooverfacundobatista: hello :)13:25
joshuahooverhello to all13:25
dogsthatgreets peeps13:27
LaibschHi, I have an active LP account, yet I cannot seem to login to ubuntuone.com it seems13:36
LaibschPlease help13:36
LaibschI'm always returned to https://login.launchpad.net/+openid13:37
LaibschAs expected a cookies problem13:38
Laibschbut not for LP.net which I had already whitelisted, but for ubuntuone.com13:38
jblountLaibsch: Sorry about that, after whitelisting ubuntuone.com it works for you?13:49
Laibschjblount: yes13:50
Laibschand I already filed a bug report about it13:50
LaibschI wish webmasters could live without cookies, but it seems less and less can lately13:50
Laibschthen there should be at least a test for cookies, I guess13:51
jblountLaibsch: I agree, a better solution would be a clear error message suggesting you need to accept cookies to log in.13:52
mattgriffinhi joshuahoover... quick chat? :)14:02
LaibschAre there future plans for Ubuntu One to operate outside the "designated folder" on the user's computer?14:06
danageLaibsch: someone said yes to that in here yesterday14:08
LaibschI think that is very important for what I would mainly like to do with it14:09
Laibsch-> backup14:09
joshuahoovermattgriffin: sure14:10
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dobeyrodrigo_, jblount?15:02
CardinalFangme.  me me me!15:03
dobey(i don't recall who all is supposed to be here anyway, but you know)15:03
dobeyaquarius: alright, start us off15:03
aquariusDONE: Submitted initial branch for desktop-couch startup; spoke with jdo about contacts data in XMPP and CouchDB; helped Rick Spencer use CouchDB from Python; set up Desktop CouchDB mailing list; spoke with chad about sync UI for LAN Couch-to-Couch replication; talked to SteveA about GCDS demos; spoke with Till Adam about Akonadi demo; spoke with Rodrigo about Evo demo and Tomboy demo; showed on Snowy mailing list15:03
aquariusthat there is not a problem with PUT on Apache15:03
aquariusTODO: combine records.client and records.server into desktopcouch.records; change records.client to search for port with D-Bus; talk to vds about desktop CouchDB work15:03
aquariusBLOCKED: currently using the horror of lsof to find CouchDB port until the print-the-port logfile patch goes in15:03
aquariusdobey: it's all you15:03
dobeyDONE: more REVU package fixes (mostly reorganized python module layout), empty branch for ChangeUp, poked lemma from kde about xdg keyring15:03
dobeyTODO: finish REVU changes (reorganize python module layout), Fix sharing branch for review comments, handle dbus errors better in applet15:03
dobeyBLCK: Nein.15:03
dobeyurbanape: your roll15:04
urbanapeDONE: Spoke with jblount about kiko's bug list and the new files UI, am very close to checking in a tiny little feature to get us moving along15:04
urbanapeTODO: Keep working on files UI and FF extension15:04
urbanapeBLOCK: Not really, but will be grateful for anyone with YUI experience to tear apart the way I'm doing this stuff in code review. I'd like to be idiomatic, but haven't fully grokked the YUI way to do things.15:04
urbanapevds: all you15:04
vdsDONE: finished my part of phone db reset, discussed with mark about the twins recognitions, discussed with aquarius about helping him with some branches, some research on identity inference, started a branch for identity inference15:04
vdsTODO: work on the mentioned branch15:04
vdsBLOCKED: nope, but if you know something about identity inference help is welcome15:04
vdsteknico go!15:04
teknicoDONE: completed implementation and unit tests for the funambol_reset_devices branch15:04
teknicoTODO: integration tests for the funambol_reset_devices (friggin' Funambol server)15:04
teknicoBLOCKED: nothing15:04
teknicoNEXT: rodrigo15:04
rodrigo_DONE: released couchdb-glib-0.4.1, which is almost feature complete for the needs of evo-couchdb, packaged it and submitted to REVU15:05
rodrigo_TODO: complete missing evo-couchdb stuff, package it and submit to REVU15:05
rodrigo_BLOCKED: none15:05
rodrigo_CardinalFang: you go15:05
CardinalFangdone: talked to statik and aquarius about pairing databases for sync on local ne15:06
CardinalFangtwork.  wrote a lot of GUI and network code to make it easy for users.15:06
CardinalFangtodo: more pairing work.15:06
CardinalFangblocked: none15:06
CardinalFangdobey: EOF15:07
dobeyMEETING ENDS15:07
dobeythanks everyone15:07
aquariuscheers, dobey15:07
jblountDONE: expense reports, check in with urbanape about /files/ stuff, lots of css weirdness in /files/15:07
jblountTODO: Get the /issues/ update fixed, add more awesome to /files/ in the way of a working new folder button15:07
jblountBLOCKED: Nope.15:07
jblount(sorry, I was being chatty in meatspace)15:08
CardinalFangaquarius: got a minute?15:08
aquariusCardinalFang: for you, sir, always. ;)15:08
aquariusjblount: attentiveness fail :)15:08
jblountaquarius: Agreed.15:09
aquariusjblount: I am hardly one to talk, mind15:10
jblountaquarius: Oh look! Shiny!15:12
jblounturbanape: Yo, how's your battery life on the 13" ? Is it still weirdly short?15:27
urbanapeI think it's mostly VMware chewing up battery. Haven't given her a proper shake-down without it.15:28
jblountAh, yeah, that would help.15:28
jdobrienif I delete my UbuntuONe key ring entry...how do i get it back16:44
jdobrienI know there's a command to reauthorize my computer, but I can't remember what it is16:45
verterokjdobrien: ubuntuone-client-applet -s16:46
jdobrienjohn@Colossus:~$ ubuntuone-client-applet -s16:46
jdobrienUbuntu One client applet already running, quitting16:46
dobeyjdobrien: quit the applet, and start it again16:47
jdobrienscanning? I deleted all my machine keys on the web site...how does it do this voodoo it doo16:48
jdobrienoops disconnected16:48
jdobrienhmm it doesn't want to do it16:49
jdobriendobey, verterok: I found that if I have firefox open...it won't work. I needed to delete the key again from the keyring, quit the client and do it again16:52
jdobrienwith firefox closed16:52
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dobeyjdobrien: how did you get another token in your keyring if it didn't work?16:53
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jdobriendobey: I have no idea, but it's easy to repeat16:59
jdobriendobey: I experienced it one time before16:59
dobeyjdobrien: interesting. i'd very much like to know how that happens17:00
jdobriendobey:  I'll do it again17:10
jdobrienkilling the applet17:10
jdobriendeleting the UbuntuOne key from the key ring17:11
jdobrienremoving the machine from my machine list (in the web)17:11
jdobriendouble check the keyring (just in case) I'll leave it open17:12
jdobrienopening firefox17:12
jdobrienmoving the log files17:12
dobeyso the password list gui doesn't auto-refresh17:12
dobeyif something was added while it's open17:13
jdobrienno..i didn't have it open before17:13
jdobriendo you want me to close it?17:13
jdobrienthere is no UbuntuOne key there17:14
jdobrienare we going to fix that name?17:14
dobeyi'm just saying it doesn't matter if it's open or not17:14
dobeybecause it won't give you any useful feedback being open17:14
dobeywe accept patches, though you'd need to migrate also :)17:14
jdobrienjohn@Colossus:~$ ubuntuone-client-applet -s17:15
jdobrienSegmentation fault17:15
jdobrienany suggestions?17:16
dobeydear dbus: i <3 your SEGFAULTs17:16
dobeytry again?17:16
jdobriendarn thing opened a new browser that time17:17
jdobriendobey: now i keep disconnecting17:23
dobeyjdobrien: no you don't. it's probably just going back to disconnected after doing a LOCAL_RESCAN17:25
jdobriendobey: after a few tries. it looks like it wants to stay connected...i just won't stare at it anymore...maybe im making it nervous17:26
urbanapeoh, hey, did the ubunet bzr format upgrade happen already?17:30
urbanapewoops, guess that was for internal17:30
urbanapeAh, I just got an error pushing my local branch to lp that the source branch format does not support stacking.17:44
urbanapeIf it's happened before, I hadn't noticed it.17:44
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dobeyurbanape: weird18:55
urbanapeeverything seems okay, though.18:56
jblountWe didn't switch to 2a / brisbane or whatever the new format is called yet, eh?19:00
urbanapeI heard next week19:02
dobeyjblount: no, not yet19:18
dobeyjblount: and lifeless was suggesting we should probably switch to 1.9-rich-root instead for now19:18
dobeyand then perhaps week after next, switch to 2a19:18
jblountdobey: Cool, I saw some of the back and forth, but didn't here a final word.19:19
dobeyyeah, i don't know what we'll do exactly19:19
dobeyi made ChangeUp be 1.9-rich-root though (i think)19:19
jblountDoes it make a coffee shop more hip if you are sweating?20:15
dobeydoesn't that make it a sweat shop?20:17
jblountdobey: Good point. Does it make a sweat shop more hip if you are sweating?20:18
dobeyi think the hip sweatshops provide caffeine20:19
jblountDo they make replacment hips at these sweatshops? And when does this joke get to long?20:20
jblountpfibiger ♥''s Tootsie-Pops. Just saying.20:35
_simono_hi, how do i delete my account, after canceling my subscription?20:45
pfibigerjblount: you and your crazy ascii characters. you're like a texting japanese schoolgirl.20:48
jblount_simono_: That's a good question! Your account is a record attached to your LP account, but I'm not sure we're currently exposing a way to delete the account...20:50
jblount(although we should!)20:50
_simono_jblount: i see. do you have any idea when this will be implemented?20:51
jblount_simono_: Unsure, but we can probably do it on our end for right now, for you. We would be talking weeks not months as far as time frames go.20:52
_simono_jblount: ok, if you wan't to keep to your database clean, you can delete me :)20:54
jblount_simono_: Noted, and thanks!20:56
_simono_jblount: thanks, and keep up the great work with ubuntu one, I really like the idea of it.20:57
jblount_simono_: Sure thing, feel free to throw us any ideas you get, we're going to be changing things rapidly to make it more awesome.20:58
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jblountOH MAN21:55
* jblount just saw some mindblowing zero conf CouchDB stuff from CardinalFang, and it is awesome.21:55
CardinalFang:)  zeroconf is admittedly f'ing magic.21:56
rmcbrideIt does do its job nicely21:57
CardinalFangG'night, all.22:04
dobeyman. firefox was just using 112% of my cpu23:00

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