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macvrdoes anyone know how to *remove* a project from a bug? since there are so many papercuts being reported and reassigned , its almost creating spam05:38
hyperairmacvr: you can only mark a project as invalid.07:55
hyperairno way to remove it07:55
macvrhyperair: another easy way i find is re-assign it  , but sometimes I'm too lazy to identify the project ;p08:31
hyperairmacvr: you can only reassign a source packge in a distro, but not an actual project =\08:31
macvrhyperair: well the prob is there are so many *1 line feature requests* , after a time its like why bother when the OP doesnt even take the time to complete his own requests!08:34
hyperairheheh leave it to the bug triagers to feel the pain of stupid bug reportrs =p08:34
hyperairi just request for information and mark every damn thing as incomplete08:34
SiDimacvr: you sleep from times to times ?08:35
macvrSiDi: nope ;p08:35
hyperairit's 1pm over there anyways. not bedtime is it?08:35
SiDiits 9 AM here. But the fact is that macvr is on when i go bed and on when i wake up, and i dont sleep much, hyperair 08:36
hyperairSiDi: i'm sure he sleeps when you're not looking ;)08:36
macvrSiDi: well , i just leave my laptop running08:36
hyperairSiDi: i think many people think the same about me.08:37
macvrSiDi: its been on since the last 3 yrs ;p , rarely switch it off , if it had a mouth it would beg for mercy08:38
hyperairwhy do you even use a laptop instead of a desktop then?08:39
macvrhyperair: i find it easy , rather than a desktop , can lie down ;p  too lazy to sit08:40
hyperairmacvr: one of my exclassmates had a cpu and monitor next to his bed, with the keyboard and mouse on the bed. =p08:43
hyperairgranted, his case was because he really didn't have anywhere else to put it but hey it meant he could lie down and use it. =p08:44
macvrbut he cant carry it around , can he ;p08:44
hyperairhmm good point =p08:45
hyperairmy notebook's kinda grounded as well due to the attached monitor =p08:48
macvri make sure not to get used to dual monitors... 08:50
hyperairi only use this set up when i'm home08:50
hyperair~3 months or so then i'm off again08:50
macvrit just becomes weird if its not attached !08:50
hyperairwell it takes some getting used to but it's fine =\08:50
hyperairon the other hand, when i'm using a dual monitor setup, i have to make sure not to trigger the compiz ezoom plugin when the cursor is near place where the two monitors join08:51
hyperairthe cursor starts to jump between the two monitors08:52
hyperairvery irritating08:52
hyperairi contacted the ezoom plugin author about it.. last year i think. no news =\08:52
hyperairi mean he did say he would work on it, but i haven't heard from him since08:52
macvrah ... almost forgot about all the compiz probs!08:55
* MacSlow -> lunch11:54
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SiDitedg: ping ?15:28
tedgSiDi: Hey, I'm on a call right now... I can answer in a few minutes.15:28
tedgSiDi: Sorry about that, what's up?15:38
SiDitedg: hello. i wanted to ask you if it was possible to split libindicate and indicator-applet in LP so that libindicate can be built without indicator-applet's specific dependencies15:39
tedgSiDi: Uhm, in theory.  But, I'm not sure why that'd make a difference.  It seems like that only effects Soyuz, right?15:39
SiDitedg: its actually because someone (Mark__T) wrote an indicator-applet-xfce15:40
SiDiand it depends on libindicate 215:40
SiDi(and my karmic vm doesnt have enough room anymore to install all indicator-applet's dependencies :$ - but anyway it'd be cool for the xfce people to can easily test the xfce applet if you could split the lib and the gnome applet)15:41
tedgSiDi: Okay.  I can look at doing that, they kinda grew organically to be in the same repo.  There's no technical reason to have them together.15:42
SiDitedg: great :)15:42
tedgI'll make kenvandine go through the NEW process of having different source packages ;)15:42
SiDikenvandine: sorry :P15:42
* tedg owes kenvandine lots of beer next week :)15:42
kenvandinenew source package... that is a ton of work :/15:43
kenvandineSiDi, i don't see why that matters?15:44
kenvandineyou don't have to install indicator-applet... just libindicate15:44
kenvandineactually i guess it shouldn't be that much work...  since it was already in main... just being split15:45
kenvandinecan someone file a bug about that and assign it to me?15:45
SiDikenvandine: i cant build it :/15:46
SiDii need to download all of indicator-applet's deps for building libindicate15:46
kenvandinein theory you shouldn't need to build it :)15:47
SiDii need the trunk one for the xfce applet :)15:47
kenvandinewe just need to get it in main15:47
SiDiis there a deb for libindicate 0.2 yet ?15:47
tedgSiDi: I don't think I've put one out there.  But the packaging branch is up-to-date and should build.15:50
tedgkenvandine: I think it's something we should do anyway as when GNOME 3 comes around the applet part will have to die anyway.15:51
tedgI'd imagine all the bonobo deps will fall out of main rather quickly.  Or perhaps I'm just being hopeful :)15:51
kenvandinetedg, yeah... i guess the first step is to split it into a separate branch right?15:51
kenvandinethe sources is what matters for SiDi15:52
tedgkenvandine: Hmm, yeah.  Do you think they should be separate LP projects?15:52
tedgIt seems like a 1:1 of source packages to LP projects makes things easier.15:52
tedgBut, I don't work on the distro anymore ;)15:53
kenvandinetedg, nah... i am happy having them in one project15:54
kenvandinejust split it in bzr15:54
kenvandineand we can create releases for each independantly15:54
tedgOkay.  I'm not going to do that today.  But it'll be a good activity when I can't sleep on the plane.15:55
tedgIt doesn't take a lot of thought, but takes time :)15:55
kenvandinetedg, how is the empathy stuff coming?15:55
kenvandinei plan on doing my part of it on the plane :)15:55
kenvandineunless i find time before then15:55
tedgkenvandine: Apparently there is going to be an Empathy/Telepathy hackfest session at Desktop Summit.15:56
tedgkenvandine: I was thinking about doing it then.15:56
tedgkenvandine: Then I have a basis for asking questions :)15:56
kenvandinei was thinking it would be nice to have it before then :)15:56
tedgkenvandine: I can try, but I need to get some applet stuff done and slides for my talk Monday.  Plus, I'm single-parenting it this week.  I'm not optimistic that I'll get much time on it.15:57
kenvandinei am still needing to prepare for my talk on tuesday :)15:57
tedgI don't even have a clear vision for my slide template yet... usually I have that by now. :)15:58
tedgThe new background art wasn't as inspiring as previous ones :(15:58
kenvandinetedg, background art... did i miss something?16:00
tedgkenvandine: http://gould.cx/ted/presentations/scale7x/16:01
kenvandineoh... background art you created :)16:01
tedgkenvandine: Well, that was basically the Hardy background remixed.16:02
tedgIt was all kwwii's doing.16:02
artirget the jaunty background and do the same :)16:03
* kenvandine is using gnome love artwork :)16:03
kenvandinefeels weird that my talk will demo something not based on ubuntu... and.. it feels weird that that feels weird :)16:03
tedgartir: Yeah, the Jaunty background is boring.16:03
tedgkenvandine: Heh.16:04
artirwho did it?16:04
tedgartir: I believe that mt did.16:04
tedgThough I'm not sure.16:04
kenvandinei like it... it is good for a wallpaper16:04
artirand for cd covers too16:05
* tedg thinks you guys are bland ;)16:05
artiri haven't changed the wallpaper since i installed jaunty, it's simplicity it's appealing16:07
artirplus i don't usually see my desktop clean :P16:07
macvrdjsiegel: https://bugs.launchpad.net/hundredpapercuts/+bug/39315817:54
macvrdjsiegel: ^something that can be fixed this cycle :)17:55
djsiegelmacvr: awesome, but I gtg now17:58
lamalexgo to his new job as Apple CEO he means17:58
macvrCEO , haha!17:59
macvrsomebody will probably have to forcibly throw out Jobs 17:59
SiDiMacSlow: do you use the gconf font size / dpi for notify-osd in trunk ?19:18
SiDiMacSlow: wont work with xfce ^.^19:23
SiDii was wondering why the font was _so_ little with trunk... my gnome font used to be more little than the xfce one19:23
SiDiMacSlow: i'm gonna report this cause we're likely to use notify-osd in xubuntu now (i think its already the case in karmic)19:24
SiDihttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/notify-osd/+bug/339026 actually its already here19:24
MacSlowactually I don't have time to look at bugs atm19:25
SiDino problem19:25

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