pooliehello all00:07
poolielifeless: hi, i was thinking about having a stab at either bug 385826 or bug 393677 today...00:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 385826 in bzr "push and pull with different formats extremely slow on network" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38582600:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 393677 in bzr "pushing a 1.9 branch stacked on a 2a branch causes problems" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39367700:15
lifeless38826 is what spiv is working on00:15
lifeless393677 doesn't conflict with anyone00:16
lifelessso I'd suggest 39367700:16
pooliehm i meant the one with InterDifferingSerializer00:24
pooliebut at any rate it's related to what he's doing00:24
pooliei was hoping it would be complementary00:24
pooliei wonder if he sent his patch...00:24
lifelesspoolie: so there are three things that need to lang all roughly at the same time00:25
lifeless1) streaming inv deltas00:25
lifeless2) fixup the streaming rich root conversion00:25
lifeless3) disable IDS for non-local operations00:26
lifelessmy hunch is that its better to have one person do all three, as I expect test interactions00:26
spivpoolie: still working on that patch... currently fixing differences in behaviour between the streaming path and InterDifferingSerializer that the tests found.00:29
lifelessspiv: the rich root conversion path?00:30
spivlifeless: right00:30
spivWhich I guess is your 2) from above.00:30
lifelessthere are three separate bugs for 1,2 and 300:30
spivI'm basically taking the logic from IDS and transplanting it.00:30
lifelessyou'll probably want to close them all  :)00:30
spivSure, the more bugs closed the merrier :)00:31
spivFWIW, I have the bulk of 1) done, although I haven't finished exhaustively testing or polishing because of 2).00:32
lifelessthe reason for 2 is that without 3, which needed 1, I'd have had to write awkward tests for 2 rather than the simpler generic tests00:33
lifelessand as it wasn't being used that seemed counterproductive00:33
GungaJinI upgraded to 1.16 on Windows and I keep getting now "bzr: ERROR: Unable to look up default port for ssh".00:35
GungaJinAny ideas why?00:35
spivGungaJin: Someone else had that error the other day, but I don't recall the cause :/00:35
spivWhich version did you upgrade from?00:36
spivHmm, I wouldn't expect there to be any changes since 1.14 that would cause that.00:37
GungaJinBut that's what I'm getting on Windows00:38
spivI wonder if something odd changed in the build process for the Windows installer since 1.14?00:38
spivIt sounds like a system misconfiguration issue, but I don't know why 1.16 would expose it if 1.14 didn't.00:38
spivGungaJin: can you run the command with -Derror added to the commandline, and pastebin the traceback?00:39
spivHmm.  That error string isn't part of bzrlib, so maybe it's one of the bundled plugins that's causing it...00:41
spivAh-hah, and I was right.00:42
spivIt seems to be due to the bzr-svn plugin.00:42
lifelessplease file a bug on bzr-svn00:42
spivProbably you can work around it by using --no-plugins or explicitly giving the port number in your URLs (i.e. bzr+ssh://hostname:22/...)00:43
spivBut please do file a bug.00:43
GungaJinHow can you tell it's in bzr-svn?00:44
spivI *think* this bug is already fixed in bzr-svn trunk, looking at the code.00:44
GungaJinI think so too.. I just found a similar post in launchpad.00:45
spiv(it now mutters that message to the log and returns cleanly, rather than raising an error)00:45
spivGungaJin: I can tell because the last part of the traceback is in plugins\svn\auth.py00:45
GungaJini c00:46
GungaJin(sorry.. I don't really know python..)00:46
spivSure, that's ok.00:46
spivThat's what we're here for :)00:46
poolieigc, you should blog about the bzr-explorer release with pretty pictures00:48
igcpoolie: shall do00:51
zsquarepluscis there a recommended way to convert from svn to bzr?  i used just "branch" (with bzr-svn installed) and it seems to do the expected (creating a native bzr branch)00:53
SamBjelmer: with what should I replace "svnversion" in a Makefile in order to get something sensible from a bzr-svn working copy?00:53
RAOFzsquareplusc: Yeah, that's about it.00:59
RAOFSamB: GNOME Do uses 'bzr version-info --custom --template="bzr {branch_nick} r{revno}"'01:00
zsquarepluscand is there a history editing tool. i.e i have an private branch that i'd like to clean up before publishing01:00
dashzsquareplusc: 'uncommit' is about all there is01:01
RAOFzsquareplusc: Not really.  You _can_ effectivly re-structure history by judicious merging, though.01:01
SamBRAOF: I meant, a way to extract just the nearest ancestral SVN revision number01:01
SamBwith maybe some indication of how far away it was01:01
dashzsquareplusc: in general, there's not much reason to clean up history in a branch01:01
poolieigc, it does look like links to the group blog posts are broken on planet bazaar01:02
dashsince it doesn't show up in the normal log of mainline01:02
pooliethe feed looks ok to me so i'll file an rt I guess01:02
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SamBpoolie: but clicking on things from the feed, does that work?01:02
RAOFzsquareplusc: If you've got a branch with lots of experimental commits, and you'd like to tie them into feature-commits, you can bzr merge -rA..B ../experimental branch, possibly fix stuff, then commit.  Follow with bzr merge -rB..C ../experimental, rince and repeat.01:03
pooliehow about for you? http://bazaarvcs.wordpress.com/feed/01:03
GungaJinHow do I uninstall the svn plugin?01:03
zsquarepluscdash: because i ran that project privately it may contain comments not intended for others eyes. or think of passwords in old changsets01:03
zsquarepluscRAOF: ah ok. so i could create a new history with a few important points relatively easy.01:05
RAOFzsquareplusc: I don't _think_ there's much support for that yet, although it's an acknowledged need.  Someone more knowledgable might have a better idea.  IIRC I've seen lifeless talk about this before?01:05
dashzsquareplusc: what RAOF described doesn't erase history01:06
zsquarepluscthe alternative is i just import the head w/o any history. but that is kind of sad for all the time i took to write the commit comments :-)01:06
RAOFYeah.  What I sugested merely clusters history into potentialy more useful groups.01:06
lifelessGungaJin: if you've used the executable installer you can't01:07
lifelessGungaJin: because its bundled in the same exe01:07
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pooliefiling an rt for the feed links...01:07
lifelessGungaJin: I think we'll need to fix the 1.16.1 installer with a new bzr-svn01:09
zsquareplusci could start with an empty branch and go through the revisions of the original, copying the files to my branch for each step. would some work. :/01:10
dashzsquareplusc: _do_ you have passwords in your revision history?01:11
GungaJinlifeless - probably, but I don't feel like writing --no-plugins all the time... and I don't use this plugin anyway.01:12
dashthere is a plugin named 'bzr-rebase', it might be of help01:12
zsquarepluscdash: probably not :-)  but it is a history over a few years, who knows what i did back then ;-)01:12
zsquarepluscan other issue i have is with bzr-gtk. everytime i start one of its commands like bzr vis i get a traceback (DBusException) on the 1st run. the 2nd time it is working.01:13
zsquarepluscmm. with 1.13.1 (jaunty)01:14
spivGungaJin: I think there may be another way around it01:14
GungaJinI'll be glad to hear it.01:15
spivGungaJin: you might be able to avoid that error by adding an entry for ssh to your windows\system32\drivers\etc\services directory01:15
spivGungaJin: I haven't used Windows in a pretty long time, so I might be wrong, but I think that file is used to lookup port numbers when a program calls the getservbyname winsock function.01:18
spivGungaJin: you can probably just add a line like "ssh 22/tcp" to that file to avoid that bzr-svn bug01:19
GungaJinhmmmm... could be.01:19
GungaJinbut I'm just using the default port...01:19
SamBspiv: why does guessing that have anything to do with using windows?01:19
spiv(that bzr-svn bug is triggered when getservbyname fails to look up a port for a scheme like 'ssh')01:19
SamBoh, because you can't remember if there is a file like that?01:19
spivSamB: I'm pretty sure there used to be a file like that in roughly that location in older versions of Windows.01:20
spivSamB: I could be wrong about the details, current Windows might do something completely different, etc :)01:20
SamBwell, if there is already a file there, you can be pretty sure that it's for that01:20
spivI think I'm mostly right, or wouldn't be wasting GungaJin's time, but I figure I should be clear when I'm not totally sure about my advice :)01:21
SamBa quick google indicates that they're apparantly still there in vista01:21
kingoslifeless: sorry to bug you, but any plans of what to do about my bzr check failing bug?01:29
kingoslifeless: I have a lot of users that would like some faster performance, and we can't upgrade because check fails01:29
kingosmaybe there is someone else who could help?01:29
pooliekingos: what's the bug number?01:30
kingosbug 35602801:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 356028 in bzr "bzr check fails with KeyError" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35602801:31
lifelesskingos: hi. I'll look into it this afternoon.01:35
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kingoslifeless: thanks01:49
emet2 collaborators, no server02:46
emethow do I set up something like this02:46
zsquarepluscno server at all, or could you run a ssh/sftp server?02:49
poolieemet, if you have email you can just use bzr send02:50
pooliethen merge or pulll from the bundles02:50
davidstrausszsquareplusc: please explain your question a little more02:50
zsquarepluscdavidstrauss: that was directed to emet.  i like that you can push and pull a bzr branch to a server with just an ssh account there. so no special SW on server02:52
emetokay bzr send might be a solution, SSH seems like a more secure solution02:57
SamBemet: bzr send is plenty secure if you review the diffs02:59
pooliewell, send is as secure as your email setup03:00
pooliesend with gpg and smtp tls and it's about as secure as ssh imo03:00
spivGrr, pycurl test hangs are annoying.  At least you can strace to find out the fd it is polling then use gdb to close the fd to unhang it (and fail the test).03:02
lifelesspopping out for a walk; going to think about how best to fit in the iterchanges changes for dirstate03:07
spivStill, everything other test is passing, so that's good.03:14
spivNow to fix the duplicated code...03:15
* igc lunch03:53
pooliespiv, can you push it before you go out?04:04
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lifelessI wish pyrex could be run straight from python05:21
lifelessit would be awesome05:21
Peng_Like what, import a .pyx and it would be automagically sorted out?05:22
Peng_Doesn't Cython have a feature like that?05:22
Peng_lifeless: http://docs.cython.org/docs/tutorial.html#pyximport-cython-compilation-the-easy-way05:23
lifelessPeng_: no, I mean run in emulation05:30
lifelessPeng_: to allow debugging with pdb etc while fixing shit05:30
lifelessthen set it free with C after that05:30
lifelessPeng_: do you do stuff with GnomeDo?05:31
Peng_lifeless: Never heard of it.05:31
lifelessI saw a reference to Peng in the release blog post for it yesterday05:32
lifelesswas wonding if Peng == Peng_05:32
Peng_I really should've gone with a more unique handle...05:33
Peng_lifeless: Too many other people use Peng.05:53
Peng_Yeah. :\05:54
lifeless(pronounced 'win')05:54
* Peng_ is terrible at coming up with names.05:54
lifelessI'm suggesting it for a name for you05:54
Peng_God forbid I ever have children... :D05:54
Peng_Not taken. Does Freenode allow 3-lettern icks?05:54
Peng_err, s/n / n/05:54
poolietry it... :)05:54
lifelessI suggested Peng__ too, but you seemed to miss the joke :)05:54
Peng_lifeless: Oh. Yes, I did.05:55
Peng_Someone on one network is annoyed by the single _. Two would probably kill him. :D05:55
poolie"joke" :)05:55
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lifeless\o/ dirstate pyx passing the first test06:35
lifelessits polish from here on it06:35
pooliethat's good06:39
lifelessstill got some careful thinking to do06:39
pooliebut also surprising to me06:39
lifelessabout ways we could still generate bad inv deltas06:39
lifelesspoolie: whats surprising?06:39
lifelesspython passes; CHKInv next06:45
vilahi all07:13
pooliehello vila!07:16
poolievila, lifeless, any thoughts on my recent comments at the bottom of bug 340347?07:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 340347 in bzr "log+ transport apparently breaks readv iterator" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34034707:41
lifelesspoolie: listifying is permitted by the contract07:41
lifelesspoolie: in particular, the http transports all buffer a full copy AIUI (because of the underlying behaviour)07:42
pooliei doubt access to packs over http would work in that case07:42
poolieand it does seem to07:42
vilalifeless: meeep, only pycurl does that07:43
poolieif it doesn't turn them back into a generator it will probably give a similar failure07:43
poolieit might...07:43
* vila checking07:43
lifelesspoolie: so what failure do you get? MemoryError?07:44
poolielifeless: http does buffer a lot of stuff potentially but does eventually yield it out of readv, as a generator07:45
pooliebzr: ERROR: exceptions.AttributeError: 'list' object has no attribute 'next'07:45
poolietypical failure for something that wanted a generator and got a list of course07:45
lifelessthe iterator probably wants to return iter() of what its returning at the moment07:45
vilapoolie, lifeless : confirmed, pycurl buffers as much as 4M, while urllib-based goes to great lengths to *not* buffer at all07:46
lifeless-or- the calling code should iter() what it gets07:46
lifelessvila: hyopthetical07:46
vilalifeless: ??07:46
poolielifeless: itym s/iterator/decorator/?07:46
lifelessvila: what happens if you ask for 10000000-10000999, 15-20, and the server gives a 20007:46
poolieas i say, i'm actually wondering if we should do both of those07:46
lifelesspoolie: yes, yes, I do07:47
lifelesspoolie: and I think both would be sensible07:47
vilalifeless: as in 'squid is involved' ? :-P Seriously, pycurl will certainly raise MemoryError, urllib should just seek() the unwanted bits (I don remember exactly if we allow unsorted ranges)07:48
lifelessvila: any server is allowed to do this07:49
vilalifeless: I know, but some proxies abuse it (still joking ;-)07:49
lifelessvila: squid doesn't do this in fact; it generates ranges from its local cache07:50
lifelessvila: if we _permitted_ it to cache it would do better07:50
vilalifeless: hmm, I didn't thought about that... From https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/120697/comments/7 , my conclusions at that point was that we don't want squid to download a whole xxGB pack files for answering requests that will at most represent yyyMB, am I wrong ?07:54
ubottuUbuntu bug 120697 in bzr "bzr shouldn't bypass http caches" [Unknown,Fix released]07:54
davidstraussIs it time to talk about Squid in this channel, too? :-)07:55
lifelessvila: we don't, but on the other hand if we're going to read all the pack file eventually anyway, cache hits would be good07:55
vilalifeless: ok07:56
vilapoolie: I implemented readv as http://paste.ubuntu.com/207353/ in my transportstats plugin, AFAIK the tests are still passing07:58
vilapoolie: i.e. just do for item in whatever-the-decorated-returns: yield item07:58
poolielog+ folds the whole thing into a list07:59
pooliethis may be inferior07:59
pooliein several ways, but it does mean we can print the whole size07:59
vilayup, that's a problem transportstats has to address at a different level (and theres is still that big FIXME)08:00
poolielet's merge it sometime...08:00
poolieat least the feature if not the code08:01
pooliegetting a total count at the end of -Dhpss is good...08:01
vilayeah, there is a huge TODO in that plugin :-/08:01
vilalifeless: g'night08:06
poolielifeless, how about moving ReadVFile from pack.py into transport?08:19
poolieit seems totally generic08:19
pooliei guess it can wait though.08:19
nono0is there a bzr service like bitbucket08:40
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* igc1 dinner09:35
victory747Hi, I have a problem with bzr-svn - I branched a repo and then branched from that for my working copy.  Later, I had to bzr svn-upgrade the svn repo due to the format changing in bzr-svn.  Now I can't merge my working copy back into the svn one since the ids are different, nor can I bzr svn-upgrade the working copy since the parent is not a foreign repository.09:47
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awilkinsShould 2a always be smaller than the equivalent 1.14-rich-root repository?11:49
LarstiQawilkins: http://bazaarvcs.wordpress.com/2009/06/30/scability-benchmarking/11:51
awilkinsI'm just repacking it11:53
awilkinsIt was 711M to start with now it's 90411:53
Peng_Don't forget obsolete_packs.11:53
awilkinsDeleted those11:53
awilkinsAnd I'm only sizing "/packs"11:53
asabilhi all11:54
asabila small stupid question, how can I cherry pick the last 3 commits from a release branch into trunk ?11:54
asabilbzr merge -r -3.. ../series/0.2  doesn't produce the expected result for me11:55
jelmerasabil, what's unexpected exactly?12:02
asabilI would like it to apply the 3 last commits as patches into the current working tree12:03
asabilat least that what I would expect since bzr doesn't track cherry picks12:04
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jelmerasabil, but what does bzr merge -r3... do that you don't expect?12:04
asabilit just applies the last commit as a patch12:04
jelmerasabil, ah, sorry12:04
jelmerasabil, if you mean the *last* three patches, try -r-312:04
asabil-r-3 will only apply the 3rd to the last patch according to the bzr user guide12:05
awilkinsLarstiQ: After a repack it's now 651MB so a little smaller :)12:08
LarstiQawilkins: ok12:09
Peng_bzr.dev r4494 ("(Jelmer) Pass create_prefix paremeter to BzrDir.push_branch.") doesn't actually introduce any changes...12:13
jelmerasabil, I mean -r-3..12:13
asabiljelmer: doesn't work, it tries to delete all the files12:14
LeoNerdHaving 'bzr shelve'd some changes, can I show the stored diff somehow; like bzr shelf1 show ?12:29
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* asabil thinks that bzr needs something like bitbucket or github13:04
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gmbI'm receiving the following error when trying to `bzr branch`: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/207499/ Is there anything I can do to resolve it?13:23
LarstiQgmb: there are bugs filed that look like that. Offhand you could try reconcile13:36
gmbLarstiQ: Okay, I'll give that a shot and do some digging. Thanks.13:37
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vilaGoood morning jam !14:50
jammorning vila14:50
Takmeh - is there a way to resolve "AssertionError: Tried registering <blah> as parent while None already was parent" on a bzr-svn pull?15:02
jelmerTak, what version of bzr-svn?15:06
Takwhatever comes with the bzr1.16 winstaller15:13
jelmerTak, you may be able to fix it by removing the cache directory and letting it regenerate that15:14
Takwhere is the cache directory?15:14
jelmersomewhere under the directory with local settings for your user account15:15
awilkinsYegods, our network is reaching new lows today15:16
bialixhello bzr!15:28
bialixjam, vila: I have fix for bug 30755415:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 307554 in qbzr "`bzr branch URL .` refuses to create new branch in empty directory" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30755415:29
bialixcan somebody review it? please15:29
vilawow, I was convinced you managed to addresed the problem in qbzr only and din't need a fix bzr 8-/ I realized you updated the bug on lp correctly but I misread things between the greyed 'undecided' and the double affectation bzr/qbzr :-/15:34
bialixvila: no, the fix for bzr core is still required15:35
vilabialix: I see that15:35
bialixI've followed lifeless suggestions15:36
vilabialix: sounds correct at first read, I'll install it and review15:37
bialixI know, I've missed NEWS entry15:38
vilabialix: an Ukrainian and French to write NEWS entry in English :-) Help !15:39
LarstiQcan I help? ;)15:39
vilaDutch to rescue ! Hurrah !15:39
bialixit was joke, I knew15:40
vilabialix, LarstiQ : Joke aside if alex can pastebin a proposed NEWS entry and wouter can review it, I'll submit the result :)15:41
vilabranch now accepts a --use-existing-dir parameter (Alexander Alexander Belchenko, #307554)15:42
vilaIs that correct and complete enough ?15:43
bialixno, you wrote my name twice15:45
vilabialix: :)15:46
bialixone sec15:46
vilabialix: your got the code from cmd_checkout ?15:46
bialixvila, larstiq: http://pastebin.com/m160586c615:47
bialixLarstiQ: ^15:47
vilagod for me15:48
vilagood for me15:48
bialixLarstiQ: you have to approve it15:48
bialixhe's ran away?15:49
bialixvila: it seems so15:50
bialixvila: what is your verdict?15:54
vilaapprove, I'm fixing a few typos and I'll submit15:55
bialixok, many thanks15:55
Takjelmer: should I file a bug about that? I'm not sure how to reproduce...15:57
Tak(bzr-svn issue from hours ago...)15:57
jelmerTak, It works now?16:00
jelmerTak, I'm suspecting it's a bug in bzr-svn that was fixed earlier but caused issues in the cache16:00
Takyeah, it seems to be working16:09
SamBjelmer: what was it that needed to happen before bzr-svn supports ignoring files based on that SVN property?16:17
SamBjelmer: and more immediately useful, do you know of any tools to convert that property into the form used in .bzrignore files?16:18
jelmerSamB: bzr needs to support a generic API for handling ignores rather than relying on the fact that a versioned file named ".bzrignore" exists16:19
SamBjelmer: oh, that has to be versioned?16:20
jelmerSamB, there's some functions in bzr-svn for handling svn:ignore data, which is used for svn:ignore in working copies16:20
SamBthat sounds kind of sick16:20
jelmerSamB, .bzrignore doesn't have to be versioned atm16:20
SamBah good16:20
SamBthat's as it should be, I think16:20
SamB... how else is a soul supposed to test changes?16:20
SamBso ... can bzr-svn access the svn revprops when in a bzr-format working copy for a bzr-format branch?16:22
jelmerSamB, only svn:author, svn:log and svn:date (which are mapped to their bzr equivalents)16:27
jelmerSamB, if you think there's a reason to support others, please file a bug :-)16:27
SamBI was just hoping to add a command to to generate ignore rules in the form required by ".bzrignore"16:28
SamBso it would have to get the property from somewhere ...16:29
jelmerSamB, svn:ignore is not a revision property but a file property16:29
SamBoh, file property16:29
jelmerfile properties aren't stored anywhere either (bzr doesn't have "free-form" file properties, only specific ones)16:30
* SamB doesn't know why he said revprop above16:30
SamBwell, would it be reasonable to write a command that takes an SVN url (perhaps defaulting to bound or parent URL?) and perhaps SVN revision number and outputs .bzrignore rules ?16:32
* SamB wonders where svn:ignore is documented ... tries googling16:33
jelmerSamB, yeah, that'd be reasonable16:37
SamBis there a URL for the latest released svnbook ...?16:44
SamBjelmer: so where is this code dealing with svn:ignore?16:49
jelmerSamB, workingtree.py16:51
SamBand would I be able to use this even if I don't have an SVN working tree?16:52
SamBhmm, the main bit seems to be a method on SvnWorkingTree, so I'm thinking "not without refactoring"16:53
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SamBjelmer: how do you test bzr-svn?18:11
SamBI mean, I don't really want to run all of the bzr self tests for bzr+all-installed-plugins18:12
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backzhi, how to get a list of changed files since X rev?19:05
beunobackz, bzr log -v -r X19:07
backzbeuno: ok, but I need only list of files19:08
backzI'm creating a rsync.txt19:08
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beunobackz, not sure if there's a command that will give you that exact output19:09
backzok, no prob, I'll parse log -v output in vim19:10
Takffs, how do you show the branch uri(s) in git?19:20
garyvdmWrong channel?19:21
Takit's relevant, because I'm trying to refind the uri for an existing git branch so I can rebranch it with bzr-git :-P19:23
Takthen the voices will stop shouting19:24
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phinzejust had a cool idea; wondering if there already exists a plugin that does this19:54
phinzewould be nice if i could put in a comment some keyword that would block a checkin with that file19:54
phinzewouldn't be hard to have a plugin that checked incoming checkin for that keyword and bailed if it was found19:55
phinzesomething like # DONT-CHECK-ME-IN \n print($SECRET_VALUE)19:55
ddaaphinze: first note that you have to store secret values in the source tree of your deployment, you need a better configuration system.20:49
ddaaphinze: then, the common way to deal with this use case is with "bzr ignore"20:50
ddaasince involuntary commit is usually a consequence of runnig "bzr add" and not checking the result.20:50
phinzeddaa: right, i was just using a simple example20:50
phinzei'm just picturing a sanity-check that allows a dev to, for example, insert debugging code and make sure she doesn't forget about it before commit20:51
phinzewhereas bzr ignore is file-wise20:52
ddaaoh, that's a much better use case :)20:53
phinzei looked at a few other pre-commit plugins; and it should be pretty simple to whip up.  i'll post to the room if/when i do that20:53
ddaaI sometimes put "NOCOMMIT" comments in my code. But what I usually mean is "do not merge that into trunk", not "do not commit that in my development brancH"20:53
ddaaso, I guess it would be useful to have an option that says in essence "bzr commit --with-the-nocommit-crap-too"20:54
ddaa<rant>You know, bzr developers have this strange habits of doing multiple commits on development branches before merging on mainline, while other dvcs have crappy log commands that cause this behaviour to be regarded as "commit log pollution"</rant>20:56
ddaa<rant>So they write strange tools to avoid doing commits, such as hg queues, and they claim they are really cool, while they are half-assed solutions to the wrong problem.</rant>20:56
ddaaOops, sorry, I ranted on hg queues again.20:57
fullermdddaa: You should try hg queues; they totally solve that problem.  They're really cool.20:57
* ddaa hits fullermd with a large nail-studded stick20:58
mneptokfullermd: don;t take offense. that's ddaa's customary mating ritual.20:59
ddaamneptok: I do not remember hitting any female with a nail-studded stick at our former common employer's meetings.21:00
ddaaI guess it was against company etiquette, unlike, say, filling a female's belly button with sugar.21:02
fullermdAre you mad?  Think of the calories!21:02
moldydoes bzr have an equivalent to svn export?21:10
moldyTak: i just realized that. the syntax was a little weird to me :)21:11
ddaamoldy: what about 'bzr export'?21:11
moldyddaa: yep, thank you21:11
moldyi got irritated by the fact that it takes the destination as first and the source as second argument21:12
ddaathe common use case is to run this command from within the source21:12
moldyyep, i happen to have another use case :)21:13
mwhudsonjelmer: hello21:41
jelmermwhudson, hey21:42
mwhudsonjelmer: thinking about using bzr-svn for launchpad again21:44
jelmermwhudson, \o/21:44
mwhudsonjelmer: have you made any releases subvertpy of bzr-svn since the last time i talked to you about this?21:44
mwhudsonjelmer: does bzr-svn have anything like the git.db file?21:45
jelmermwhudson, that depends on what the last time was that we talked about this :-)21:46
mwhudsonjelmer: it has something in ~/.bazaar/svn-cache, right? not in the repo21:46
jelmermwhudson, bzr-svn basically has a companion release for every bzr major release21:46
mwhudsonjelmer: :)21:46
jelmermwhudson, yeah, it's separate from the repo indeed21:46
mwhudsonjelmer: so i guess if i did nothing each slave would end up building the cache separately21:49
mwhudsonjelmer: do you think it's worth trying to preserve it somehow?21:49
jelmermwhudson, if you have patience it's not really a problem to recreate it each time21:53
mwhudsonsounds easiest :)21:53
jelmerpreserving it would mainly save some CPU cycles on Launchpad's side21:53
jelmerand if people start roundtripping revisions from bzr into svn heavily you might face some other performance problems21:54
jelmermwhudson: It would be nice to be able to import all of the branches from a foreign repository at once, that should in the general case be only slightly more expensive than fetching trunk22:15
jelmermwhudson: There are separate commands for this, but no infrastructure afaik22:16
mwhudsonjelmer: i think i'm going to mumble something about colocated branches here22:16
jelmermwhudson: :-)22:17
mwhudsonjelmer: i guess we could do something where we update all branches that we're doing from a particular repository at once22:23
mwhudsonjelmer: but that sounds a bit complicated22:24
jelmermwhudson, Well, the functionality for that is mostly already there but spread across multiple commands22:24
jelmerthis is what "bzr svn-import" / "bzr git-import" do, and we'll probably end up with a "bzr hg-import", too22:24
mwhudsonjelmer: complicated on my side, i meat22:25
* mwhudson needs coffee22:25
jelmermwhudson, ah22:25
jelmeryeah, it would I guess22:26
mwhudsoni'm not really worried about wasting launchpad cpu cycles22:27
mwhudson(we can just buy more machines :)22:27
mwhudsonload on the remote server is more of a concern22:27
mwhudsonbut heck22:27
mwhudsoncscvs is about as bad as it can possibly be for this...22:27
jelmerwell, there wouldn't be much overhead on the remote server with this22:28
jelmerbecause we can update all branches at once22:28
jelmerimporting all branches at once would be a lot easier on the remote server than importing two individual branches separately22:28
mtaylorlifeless: awake yet?22:46
mwhudsonjelmer: what about servers like svn.apache.org or svn.kde.org?22:52
mwhudsonthat contain squillions of projects22:52
jelmermwhudson, that's trickier, though svn-import can import parts of the repository already22:53
mwhudsonwhich, obscurely, reminds me to go check on a svnsync i've had running for days22:55
lifelessmtaylor: yes22:58
lifelessmwhudson: multipull22:59
mtaylorlifeless: yay!23:00
mtaylorlifeless: so - since you know everything... you wouldn't happen to know what the gcc option is that causes pointer values to be set to certain values indicating uninitialized and freed, would you?23:01
mtaylorlifeless: sometihng like ABBACDDC and BADDAFFA or something like that23:01
lifelessin forte?23:02
mtayloris it in forte? I thought it was a gcc opt23:02
mtaylorthat might explain why I haven't been able to find it in the gcc manual23:02
lifelessI'm fairly sure gcc doesn't, but othere compilers do (and I don't know which ones do)23:03
lifelessit came up in the past in standards-wrangling discussions23:03
mtaylork. thanks.23:03
lifeless'is NULL == 0L'23:03
lifelessand so on23:03
mtayloryes. lovely conversations those must bre23:03
LarstiQvila: hmm, no bialix. Sorry about earlier, but the conference wifi is pretty spotty at times23:03
lifelessoh yes23:03
lifelessmtaylor: if gcc has it it would be a -f option23:06
lifelessmtaylor: and you'd need to compile the closure of libraries23:06
lifeless-fdelete-null-pointer-checks - nice23:07
mtaylorthat's pretty23:10
mneptokoh no! The Other Monty has infected #bzr!23:27
lifelessmtaylor: a quick google.. http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&ct=res&cd=11&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.parasoft-embedded.com%2Fproducts%2Finsure.jsp&ei=m-NLSs79N5Pq6gOPyMDFBQ&usg=AFQjCNH33zIQ-AZmFK1aptLpTwE9x-6ZPg23:32
* mtaylor is EVERYWHERE23:37
fullermdReally?  Cool, I was needing somebody already in my attic to run some coax...23:39
mtaylorfullermd: I'm not only there, the coax is already run !23:39
mtaylorfullermd: now you just have to pay me the yearly licensing fee for use of the coax...23:40
pooliehello all23:48
igc1hi poolie23:53
=== igc1 is now known as igc

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