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seelecan anyone get flash to work in arora?02:24
JontheEchidnaworks fine here02:30
ScottKRight, but you're sick and went to the dentist today.  You aren't a credible witness.02:30
seelehow did you install it? i used the deb packaged and restarted arora and it still isnt working02:30
JontheEchidnaI installed flashplugin-installer a while back02:33
seelehum.. that is already installed02:34
seelei'm not giving it a passing grade if i can't get hulu to work!02:34
* seele stomps her foot02:34
JontheEchidnacome to think of it, hulu didn't work the last time I tried it02:35
JontheEchidnayoutube works, though02:37
JontheEchidnayeah, hulu no workey02:37
seeleyeah, screw that. F02:40
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Quintasanhi \o07:57
hungerVery quiet today... Is everybody traveling to akademy?11:00
freinhardnope, some don't ;)11:16
Tm_Twish I were11:18
pktIt seems the reverse dependencies of kdebase-runtime 4.2.95 are in karmic while kdebase-runtime itself isn't11:36
seaLneshould any updates yesterday in kde settings disable keyboard layouts? today i had to re enable them11:46
neversfeldesame here11:52
seaLneand i want my sound back, makes video editing hard *sulk* ;)12:05
pktwhat happened to your sound? pulse audio?12:06
hungerseaLne: I think there were some xorg/hal updates that broke keyboard layouts in X yesterday.12:08
seaLnepkt: hmm actually it looks like sound is working again \o/ alsa just seemed to be crashing which was weird kmix would die if you did anything and alsamixer wouldn't work either12:12
pktseaLine: that is good news, since my sound is still not working12:16
pktbut I don't care enough to look, there are bigger problems for now :)12:16
pktbtw, I think the reason behind the current kde fiasco is the buggy kdepimlibs5 package12:18
pktin kdelibs5.install it should have been libgpgme*.so.2.2.1 not 2.2.012:18
pktI mean kdepimlibs5.install of course12:23
TroubleKDE 4.3 RC1 has been officially relleased on kde.org! \o/12:25
pktthere is a circular dependency that troubles me14:10
pktkdebase-runtime -> kdebase-workspace -> libknotificationitem1 -> kdebase-runtime14:11
pktthis is also for build dependencies (!)14:11
pktI can't understand how kdebase-runtime can be built with such a dependency14:12
pktis it really needed?14:12
* ScottK thought we fixed that.14:13
pktScottK: thanks, I 'll try an apt-get update14:15
ScottKpkt: I mean a while ago.  We may have inadvertently dropped the fix.14:16
pktScottK: yeah, it is not working right now14:17
pktwhat was the fix btw?14:17
lex79pkt: a line in debian/rules14:21
ScottKSomething like dpkg-shlibs -x whateverbinarynamefromkdebase-runtime in libknotificationitem1 debian/rules14:21
ScottKlex79: Can you check that?14:22
lex79ScottK: in kdelibs-experimental ?14:22
ScottKlex79: Yes.14:22
pktcool, that would be nice14:24
pktI will try it here too14:24
divanhi all - quick question(if anyone knows) - when will kde 4.3 rc1 be hitting any kubuntu repo now that its out?14:24
pktsoon probably14:24
ScottKdivan: It's mostly, if not all, in Karmic now.14:24
pktisn't 4.3rc1 the 4.2.95?14:24
lex79yes it is14:25
pktthen indeed it is almost there but the kubuntu-desktop metapackage is uninstallable right now14:25
ScottKExcept pimlibs totall ftbfs.14:25
divanScottK: Thanks - jaunty? switching to Karmic might be a bit too buggy for me just yet :)14:25
ScottKDunno, but I know the PPA for backports is being worked.14:25
pktI posted the fix in this channel :)14:25
pktjust up libgpgme++ from 2.2.0 -> 2.2.1 everywhere (kdepimlibs5.install) and it works14:26
pktnow if that bug with kdebase-runtime/kdelibs is fixed too, the whole should work (hopefully) :)14:27
ScottKpkt: Thanks.  I'm looking at pimlibs now.14:28
micmordHi kubuntu folks, does anyone knows if someone is working on porting "kiosktool" on KDE4? I am lock to kde3 on kubuntu 8.04.2 :-(14:28
ScottKmicmord: There has been some discussion about it, but I don't know how much progress.14:28
ScottKmicmord: #kde-devel is probably a better place to ask.14:28
micmordScottK: thanks14:28
* ScottK is fixing pimlibs....14:29
freinhardScottK: in case you have a look at kdepim, would be nice to know why ktimetracker_plugin.dekstop get's lost.14:29
ScottKfreinhard: It'll be long enough before I get to it that I'll probably forget.  You might ping whoever did the current upload.14:29
ScottKBonus points for Riddell on pimlibs for uploading it to the archive with ~ppa1 still on it.14:30
Tm_TScottK: that's there so we can see if you catch it14:31
pkthmm, kdelibs-experimental's debian/rules is one line only :/14:34
pktit probably needs an override or such14:34
lex79pkt: i'm working on it14:39
* ScottK is on the phone.14:41
pktlex79: thanks, tell me if you could use any help/testing/etc :)14:44
lex79ok, testbuild done, fixed14:49
lex79ScottK: fixed in bzr14:49
pktlex79: great, thanks :)14:50
ScottKOff the phone.  Test building the old pimlibs first to make sure I can replicate the failure, then I'll try pkt's fix.   Working on lex79's circular build-dep fix in the mean time ....15:10
lex79and fixing launchpad bug 394168 :)15:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 394168 in kdeartwork "error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/kdewallpapers_4%3a4.2.95-0ubuntu1_all.deb (--unpack):" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39416815:11
ScottKpkt: The magical cdbs incantation (thanks to lex79) is DEB_DH_SHLIBDEPS_ARGS_ALL := -- -xkdebase-runtime15:11
ScottKlex79: Later.  I'll work my way up the stack.15:12
lex79Yes ok15:12
lex79[01:35:23] <Riddell> kdepimlibs fixed15:13
lex79[01:35:29] <Riddell> took an svn snapshot15:13
lex79[01:35:33] <Riddell> seems to have fixed kdepim too15:13
ScottKlex79: It's FTBFS in the archive currently.15:13
lex79very good15:14
lex79ironic :)15:15
pktSkottK: thanks for the info15:15
pktI 'm a real newbie in cdbs :)15:16
lex79me too lol15:16
ScottKpkt: Assuming your recommended fix for pimlibs works, I'll credit you in debian/changelog.  How do you want to be listed?  Pantelis Koukousoulas?15:17
pktyeah, I don't mind15:18
pktit is my real name15:18
ScottKI can also steal all the credit if you don't want to be listed?15:20
Tm_T"pick me pick me!"15:20
* Tm_T shames him/her/itself15:21
DrknezzHi guys!15:21
DrknezzI want to ask something, why did you leave adept? packagekit is so bad, it barely displays GUI apps, and not all of 'em :(15:21
pktprobably because packagekit is cross-distro15:21
Drknezzbut packagekit is evil15:22
Drknezzit is very limited15:22
pktwhatever gui features are missing can probably be added15:22
Tm_TDrknezz: can you provide precise data how it is limited?15:22
ScottKDrknezz: Adept was basically dead upstream.15:22
ScottKTm_T: It is limited.15:22
Drknezzalthough kpackagekit has good looks, when you search for devel packages, none show up15:22
Drknezzwhille in synaptic, packages are there15:23
Tm_TScottK: yes, but saying "it's limited" itself tells nothing to me15:23
ScottKDrknezz: Essentially we don't develop a KDE package management front end.  We went with the one we thought had the best change of being developed/maintained by someone else as we don't have the people to do it.15:23
DrknezzTm_T: it is very "newbie-oriented", and when you search for devel packages which you dont know their names.... :/15:23
DrknezzScottK: hmmm... reasonable enough15:24
pktI always just use the command-line15:24
ScottKTm_T: My two favorites is it doesn't handle config file differences and doesn't verify packages are signed (Adept 3 didn't do this one either, but Adept 2 did)15:24
DrknezzScottK: but i have a question, if Adet was cool, easy to use, and powerful in kde 3, why it became so crippled on Kde4?15:25
Tm_TDrknezz: KDE4 != KDE315:25
ScottKDrknezz: Because it had to be essentially rewritten to port it to KDE4 and the port was never finished.15:25
Drknezzpkt: try using apt-cache for all your package searching ;)15:25
DrknezzTm_T: ¬¬15:25
pktthat is what I do :)15:25
Tm_TDrknezz: there's wajig (:)15:25
freinhardadept took hours to load and searching was a pain on slow hardware. i like packagekit+index15:25
pktI also use the web of course ;)15:26
DrknezzScottK: The mantainer said he left the project because you just suddenly moved on to packagekit15:26
Tm_TDrknezz: says where?15:26
ScottKDrknezz: That's true.  That's why I said barely maintained, not unmaintained.15:26
ScottKTm_T: It's accurate.15:26
Drknezzfreinhard: try searching for kernel packages with kpackagekit ;)15:26
DrknezzScottK: oh well :/15:26
DrknezzScottK: I'll have to use Synaptic's lame grey-brown appearance when ran as root15:27
ScottKDrknezz: Adept was being done by one person who wasn't very motivated about it (this isn't a criticism, just the situation).15:27
DrknezzScottK, i understand15:27
ScottKDrknezz: The command line tools really are better IMO.15:27
ScottKSo you don't "have" to use synaptic15:28
DrknezzScottK: i know, i love apt-get15:28
pkte.g., 'apt-cache rdepends'15:28
DrknezzScottK: but, when you're about to search for devel packages for a compilation :S15:28
pktyou just call the command you want15:29
freinhardDrknezz: that's why real kubuntu-hack0rz that need -dev packages or special kernel stuff use aptitude.15:29
Drknezzpkt: What if the app is not in repos? XD15:29
pktand let command-not-found deal with the problem for you15:29
Tm_Tfreinhard: does not15:29
Drknezzfreinhard: aptitude is kinda reundant for me, i prefer it only for installing meta-packages15:29
pktDrknezz: if it is not in the repos then the gui tools can't help you either15:29
Drknezzpkt: command-not-foun phails sometimes15:30
pktthe gui tools fail more often :)15:30
Drknezzpkt: i mean, if the package isnt in repos, but it's deps are15:30
freinhardwhy are xsd files associated with konqueror? that's quite useless.15:30
Drknezzpkt: I <3 command line xD15:30
* Drknezz is compiling the 2.6.30 kernel :p15:31
pktapt-get build-dep linux-image15:31
Drknezzpkt: i never use linux-image from repos15:31
Drknezzkernel.org FTW15:32
pktyou didn't get it15:32
pktyou just get the build-deps15:32
Drknezzidk, i just dont like using build-dep for some reason15:32
Drknezzbuild-dep is eeevil15:32
pktno idea what you are talking about15:33
ScottKkdelibs-experimental uploaded.  Thank you lex79 and pkt for your contribution to Kubuntu.15:33
pktheh, nice :)15:33
pktit built here fine too15:33
DrknezzI may revive my PPA :p15:33
pktthe ppas are the best feature of ubuntu/launchpad for me15:34
Drknezzhmmm.... Ubuntu on the clouds15:34
DrknezzKinda hard of thinking a computer on the net si processing your top-secret OO.org document, leaving your processor stupidly idle15:35
pktwell, if one is using a web service for top-secret stuff then it isn't the processor that is stupid :p15:36
pkton the other hand  running an experiment in 5 EC2 machines that cost you 2 euros in total15:37
DrknezzAnyways, why would someone ever want to make another pc process YOUR stuff?15:37
pktwhile at the same time preventing your small laptop from frying15:37
DrknezzAppart from science15:37
pktfor public stuff in general, why not?15:38
DrknezzI mean, what's the real-world application of that?15:38
pktcheaper cpu power, bigger bandwidth, persistence ...15:38
pktsometimes it is a win, sometimes it isn't15:39
Drknezz"Hey guys, im using ubuntu in the cloud now, have to wait for the download to complete, so we can get out...." ¬¬15:39
DrknezzPretty lame if ur not on fast connection15:39
DrknezzAs much as it can be useful, it can be pretty useless to the common ppl15:39
DrknezzBye bye guys15:41
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micmordScottK: kiosktool seems still alive https://mail.kde.org/mailman/listinfo/kde-kiosk15:52
micmordsorry, correct url http://websvn.kde.org/trunk/extragear/sysadmin/kiosktool/15:53
ScottKOK.  Good to know.15:53
micmordreally the ml contain a lot of spam15:53
ScottKpkt: I'm test building your pimlibs fix now.  It turns out it was the way you suggested before and got (presumabley accidentally) reverted in the last upload.15:55
jjessemorning nixternal15:56
jjessenixternal: you havea a job yet?15:56
jjessebummer on that15:56
nixternalI am cycling every day...I have applied to a few bike shops as well as Trek, Bontrager, SRAM, and others...thinking about getting into the cycling industry a little15:56
nixternalwell, I have 27 days to decide if I am going to rejoin the military15:57
nixternalif I don't have a job by then, I just might be off, back in the Navy again15:57
nixternalcuz on the 29th, I turn 35 which means no more joining/rejoining the military15:57
jjessewhat would you do in the navy this time?15:57
seelenixternal: how long do you sign up for? 6 years?15:57
nixternalsame thing15:58
nixternalseele: probably 10 years15:58
* jjesse doesn't remember last time15:58
ScottKnixternal: National guard will take you up to 44.15:58
jjessewow 10 years is a long time15:58
nixternalGunner's Mate/Combat Engineer/Blow stuff up15:58
jjesseooo cool15:58
nixternalScottK: forget the National Guard, GO NAVY!15:58
ScottKJust saying.15:58
seeleyou know what they say about those navy guys..15:58
seeleScottK: you were in the navy right?15:58
nixternalI am senior enlisted so ship duty is calling me :)15:58
* seele 's brother is in Norfolk right now15:59
ScottKseele: Yes.15:59
nixternalimagine all of the liberty I get now pulling into a port :)15:59
nixternalseele: that's probably where I would get stationed if I went through with this15:59
nixternalso, if you want to hire me, you have 27 days, otherwise I might be gone :)15:59
* ScottK looks for kwwii to make countdown artwork.16:00
nixternalblasting the Village People the entire ride to Norfolk!16:00
nixternalthat was good16:00
* ScottK does $WORK while pimlibs builds ....16:08
pktkdepimlibs, kdelibs-experimental and kdebase-workspace built fine here16:10
pktnow building kdebase-runtime16:11
nixternalMC meetings will drain your life blood16:22
* ScottK didn't need to join to guess that one.16:24
ScottKpimlibs fix uploaded.  Thanks again pkt.16:29
macoseele, should kmail say "canceled" instead of "aborted"?16:30
macowhen you hit the "-" button on an imap sync16:30
seelemaco: Canceled. The tooltip even says "Cancel this operation"16:31
* maco tries it16:32
seeleunless it is inconsistent and it actually says aborted somewhere16:32
macohey it does16:32
lex79ScottK: I need more space in ppa staging16:32
macoseele, should i just do it in kde's svn and send it upstream?16:33
ScottKlex79: Is there stuff in the the PPA that's already in Ubuntu and can be deleted?16:33
macooy, im forgetting how to use svn16:33
lex79ScottK: I'm uploading to stage the backport. so I think no16:33
lex79before uploading to ppa backport I should uploading to staging for test install16:34
lex79and if testbuild fine I can copy the packages to ppa backport16:35
pktkdebase-runtime had some problems with a shutdown dialog svgz16:36
seelemaco: i think that is probably best.. but if they dont like the changes let me know so i can talk to them16:37
macoseele, when "abort" is used in an error message to say that its the program giving up, not the user canceling the action, should that also be changed to "cancel"?16:41
seelemaco: no, leave those for now because they might depend on semantics more16:42
seelei can see developers having a strong argument against a technical description compared to an interactive UI element16:42
neversfeldelex79: no bindings? :(16:42
ScottKIt looks like a lot of stuff was blocked on kdepimlibs, so we should make progress soon.16:42
macoseele, alrighty16:43
lex79neversfelde: python kde4 was empty16:43
lex79yeah, binary package was empty :)16:44
lex79in jaunty, not in karmic :)16:44
lex79same issue last time with 4.2.90, but doesn't matter now ;)16:45
pktpython bindings seem the most mature this time16:45
pktalthough the ruby ones seem nice, too16:45
ScottKIn karmic bindings is waiting on pimlibs.  If there are bindings changes needed in karmic, please let me know soon.16:45
pktkdebase-runtime built fine ?16:45
lex79ScottK: what shoul I do with ppa ? :(16:45
ScottKlex79: No idea.  I've never had to ask for more space.  I think ask in #launchpad.16:46
ScottKpkt: Didn't look at runtime yet.16:46
pktlex79: yes, the typical way is via a question16:46
pkthere is mine: https://answers.launchpad.net/soyuz/+question/7224316:47
ScottKNo one uploaded kdegraphics.16:48
pktScottK: kdebase-runtime didn't want to build here, just fyi16:48
ScottKOh dear.16:49
lex79kdegraphics is in ppa16:49
ScottKlex79: I'm pulling your packaging from bzr.  I assume that's correct?16:59
lex79uhmm..I don't remember, can you see in ppa k-n ?16:59
lex79before to see bzr16:59
ScottKI've already got it test building.  Would you please check.17:00
ScottKI can, but it's not convenient and I'm really supposed to be doing $WORK right now.17:00
DaskreechRC is on it's way to karmic?17:02
pktyeah, it is17:03
pktit is almost there actually17:03
lex79ScottK: I'm checking, just a moment17:04
neversfeldestaging ppa is full?17:07
lex79ScottK: go17:09
lex79ppa k-n == bzr17:09
lex79neversfelde: yes , I requested more space -> 5GB17:09
neversfeldeok, I'll upload kdetoys to ninja then17:10
pktlaunchpad probably needs a "transitions" feature like debian has17:16
pktkdebase-workspace-bin: Depends: x11-xserver-utils but it is not going to be installed17:21
pktit seems x11-server-utils is not even in the archive17:22
pktakonadi-server, x11-utils and kdepim-runtime are also uninstallable atm17:22
pktx11-utils depends on libxxf8xdga117:23
pktwhich isn't in the archive17:23
pktshouldn't this dependency be just dropped? nobody uses DGA anymore17:23
pktoops that was incorrect. x11-utils works now17:29
pktwhat is kdepim-runtime?17:36
Simelex79: what is the same issue with the bindings?17:41
pktin the jaunty backport the python kde4 bindings binary package turned out empty :)17:45
ScottKSime: I think it's just packaging issues.17:45
SimeScottK: ok, thanks.17:45
pktbut in karmic it worked, so17:45
ScottKlex79: kdegraphics uploaded.  Thank you for your contribution to Kubuntu.17:46
pktScottK: have you seen the problem with kdepim-runtime?17:46
pktplasma-widgets-workspace depends on kdepim-runtime17:47
pktbut such a package doesn't seem to exist17:47
ScottKI didn't look at it yet.17:48
ScottKI think it's new for 4.317:48
pktyeah, I saw something about putting what akonadi needs there or something17:48
pktbut I don't know anything more :(17:49
ScottKIt's in the New queue.17:58
lex79kdeartwork fixed18:01
neversfeldegnarf, I have to leave again, dunno when I am back. So if kdeutils and kdetoys is a show stopper someone else have to do the jaunty packages. sorry18:03
lex79neversfelde: ok18:04
* ScottK throws up his hands.18:11
ScottKNo COPYING file in kdepim-runtime18:11
ScottKRiddell: ^^^18:11
lex79ScottK: copyng file for akonadi?18:14
ScottKThe kdepim-runtime package18:14
lex79akonadi-kde now is in kdepim-runtime18:15
pktyeah the same as akonadi should apply18:15
ScottKIt's not in the tarball18:16
ScottKLooks like it was added after.18:17
lex79I know but I think  you can repackage the tarball18:17
ScottKI can.18:18
ScottKIt wasn't how I planned on spending my afternoon.18:18
pktit would take a whole afternoon?18:19
lex79ahah :) I guess18:19
ScottKI'm already way over my Kubuntu time budget for today.18:19
pktcan I help?18:20
ScottKlex79: Can you put a package together?18:20
lex79I should repackage the tarball ?18:21
ScottKlex79: Yes.18:21
lex79ok, I will upload to ppa k-n18:21
pktthe k-n ppa is the "kubuntu-ninjas" private inaccessible thing?18:22
lex79this evening, in my utc I mean :)18:22
lex79pkt: yep18:22
ScottKlex79: No need to do it in the private repo anymore.18:22
pktoh, I see18:22
ScottKDo it somewhere public so I can grab it more easily.18:22
lex79uhm..ok in my ppa so18:23
ScottKpkt: We get tarballs from upstream pre-release to work on packaging on the condition we don't make them public until release day.18:23
ScottKNot that you can tell from today's mess.18:23
pkthehe, it is not that bad :)18:23
pktwait to see fedora18:23
pktrecompiling glibc just to get rpm to work18:24
ScottKlex79: dgetlp http://launchpadlibrarian.net/28565081/kdepim-runtime_4.2.95-0ubuntu1.dsc to get the existing package.18:24
lex79ScottK: ok thanks, I poke you when is done18:24
pktyey! with kdepim-runtime kubuntu-desktop finally becomes installable18:53
DaskreechSo update?18:56
pktnot yet18:57
pktI just managed to build what's needed locally here18:58
pktyou still have to wait for proper packages to be uploaded, compiled etc18:58
pktat least there doesn't seem to be any more ftbs-type bugs :)18:58
ScottKkdegames not even uploaded ....18:59
ScottKUnless it's in New18:59
* ScottK looks18:59
pktwell, at least nothing depends on kdegames19:01
ScottKYeah, the node packages (the ones that other ones depend on) are all building now.19:01
pktthese are the ones I care about mostly :)19:01
ScottKpim won't be installable until we get -runtime licensing sorted out.19:02
ScottKlex79: I'm pushing kdegames into the archive now (it's a big tarball, so it will take a while).19:09
* ScottK loves fat pipes. 52MB uploaded already.19:11
jjesseanyone having crazy problems w/ plasma crashing on kde 4.2.90?19:51
macojjesse, how long has 4.2.90 been karmic's version?19:52
macoif its been there a few weeks, then yeah, ive had it crash a few times19:53
jjessemaco: i'm running jaunty19:53
jjesseit seems to crash a lot19:53
jjessemy display will get fuzzy and then crash19:53
divanjjesse: I noticed plasma crashes consistently where a new network interface is brought up or lost.19:53
jjessedivan: agreed on that19:53
macoi dont have that problem19:53
divanperhaps its a known bug19:54
macomaybe nm is sending different errors and its having trouble interpretting them?19:54
divanwill see if jaunty 4.2.95 fixes it - which is nowhere to be found (for the impatient)19:54
jjessei reported a bug last night on bugs.kde.org where browsing smb shares was causing crashes and it was moved as a duplicate19:54
jjesse4.2.95 is the one that was just announced as being available? release candidate or something like that?19:54
divanyip kde 4.3.0 rc 1 (as oppose to beta2) so that should hopefully address quite a few bugs. Its apparently available for karmic but not anywhere for jaunty yet19:56
ScottKlex79: I see kdepim 4.2.95a in KN ppa and an svn snapshot in bzr.  Which is it (neither have been uploaded)?19:58
ScottKjjesse: RC packages are in progress.19:59
DreadKnightRC1 being packaged or what?20:01
divanas per [20:59] <ScottK> jjesse: RC packages are in progress.20:01
jjesseScottK: thanks for the update, wasn't trying to be pushy, just have a plamsa crash problem :(20:05
ScottKWe're mostly waiting on buildd's now.20:06
* ScottK predicts sometime tomorrow before all the bits get done since I'm the onlyl core-dev around it seems.20:12
divanScottK: sorry - thanks for the work :)20:18
ScottKlex79: I went with 95a on pim20:23
ScottKSo far I think it's all uploaded.  Just need the fixed pim-runtime tarball.20:25
Simethis is for kubuntu-ppa backports?20:30
* mgraesslin hopes he will be able to update before travelling to Gran Canaria :-)20:43
lex79ScottK: I'm here now20:44
lex79so, is it all right?20:44
* Sime and mgraesslin hope that we will be able to update before travelling to Gran Canaria :-]20:51
mgraesslinor we have to ignore all those warnings on stagign website and install those packages :-P20:52
lex79RC will be soon in backport ppa20:53
lex79when will be ready ;)20:59
mgraesslinbetter a little bit later than broken packages21:00
lex79mgraesslin: yes21:01
Riddellhow's RC 1?21:08
lex79Riddell: I need more space in staging !!!21:16
Riddelllex79: fooey.  you need to ask a question on answer.launchpad.net/soyuz or something21:17
macohiya Riddell21:17
lex79Riddell: it is done...but launchpad guys are slow. I'm the fastest here :D21:18
Riddelllex79: link?21:19
lex79Riddell: https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/soyuz/+question/7582321:20
lex79I go to dinner now :P21:23
Riddelllex79: granted!21:46
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lex79Riddell: thanks23:15
lex79Riddell: http://websvn.kde.org/trunk/KDE/kdepim/akonadi/23:28
lex79COPYING and COPYING.LIB are copying files for kdepim-runtime?23:28
ScottK-palmWould someone please look at kdebase-runtime FTBFS on i386n23:29
ScottK-palmlex79: yes23:29
RiddellI put COPYING in SVN23:30
Riddellso don't worry about it23:30
ScottK-palmSomeone accepted the source, so we are on our way.23:31
Riddellkdebase-runtime/4:4.2.95-0ubuntu2 is compiled on i38623:32
ScottK-palmOK.  I guess I was looking at the wrong one.23:33
lex79kdeplasma-addons is ftbs in all arch23:33
ScottK-palmLaunchpad on my phone is even more painful than normal.23:34
ScottK-palmlex79 it needs almost everything else built first.23:34
lex79true, I see now the buildlog23:35
ScottK-palmLook at the dependency chart on the wiki.23:35
* ScottK-palm goes back to driving.23:37
Riddellkdeadmin kdeedu kdeutils  kdetoys waiting on kdebase-runtime23:37
Riddell(on karmic)23:38
Riddellkdepim waiting on kdepim-runtime to get published23:38
Riddellotherwise I think karmic is good23:38
Riddellhow's jaunty?23:39
lex79I almost finished23:39
lex79Tomorrow afternoon I can copy to backports, before I want do a testbuild23:41
lex79erm testinstall23:42

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