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noodles775me (just to get in early)15:00
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barryhello everyone and welcome to this week's ameu meeting.  who's here today?15:00
barrygood one intellectronica :)15:00
* gmb keeps needing to remind himself that it's not a problem with X when intellectronica has his keyboard in Hebrew mode.15:01
marsbarry, flacoste sends his apologies, he is celebrating Canada's birthday today15:02
barrymars: thanks15:02
barryallenap: ping15:03
barrybigjools: ping15:03
marsbarry, and gary is off sick15:03
barryBjornT: ping15:03
barrymars: k, thanks15:03
barryEdwinGrubbs: ping15:03
barry[TOPIC] agenda15:04
MootBotNew Topic:  agenda15:04
barry* Roll call15:04
barry * Action items15:04
barry * Mentoring update15:04
barry * jtv: if code catches {{{Exception}}}, make sure {{{KeyboardInterrupt}}} and {{{SystemExit}}} are not swallowed.15:04
barry * Peanut gallery (anything not on the agenda)15:04
barry[TOPIC] action items15:04
MootBotNew Topic:  action items15:04
barry * intellectronica to email list about higher JS branch limits15:04
intellectronicasorry, i didn't15:05
barry[TOPIC] mentoring update15:05
MootBotNew Topic:  mentoring update15:05
barryfirst, let's welcome leonardr to our cabal!15:05
leonardrthanks, barry15:06
rockstarleonardr did great last week.  He'll be graduating in no time.15:06
gmbbarry: And deryck15:06
barrygmb: you type faster than me :)15:06
barryand deryck15:06
henningejtv1: you're not deryck15:06
bigjoolsme, sorry15:07
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barryalso, noodles775 you're graduated!  cprov has nothing but glowing reports.  congratulations15:07
noodles775great! Thanks barry!15:07
cprovnoodles775: congrats!15:07
daniloswoohoo, noodles775 congratulations!15:07
henningenoodles775: Glückwunsch!15:07
noodles775And thanks cprov for all the time you spend helping me :)15:07
intellectronicacongratulations noodles775!15:08
noodles775Cheers everyone :)15:08
jtvcongratulations noodles77515:08
barrynoodles775: you can stay on thursdays/euros or switch to monday or friday if you want.  you're call and just ping me after the meeting if you want to rearrange your schedule15:08
noodles775barry: will do, thanks.15:09
barrydoes anybody have any other mentoring items today?15:09
barryk, moving on...15:09
barry[TOPIC]  * jtv: if code catches {{{Exception}}}, make sure {{{KeyboardInterrupt}}} and {{{SystemExit}}} are not swallowed.15:09
MootBotNew Topic:   * jtv: if code catches {{{Exception}}}, make sure {{{KeyboardInterrupt}}} and {{{SystemExit}}} are not swallowed.15:09
barryjtv: this will go away in python 2.5 :)15:10
jtvHmm, that wiki markup doesn't look half as good on irc15:10
jtvbarry: are we there yet?  :-)15:10
* barry looks to flacoste and gary... damn!15:10
marsjtv, barry, why not add a lint tool warning for "catch Exception"?15:10
jtvThere is one, actually.  But it's not clear what it wants you to do.15:11
marsjtv, ah, fix the string it spits back at you?15:11
jtvBut yes, corollary: once we've upgraded, maybe that should go away :-)15:11
barrydoes anybody not know what we're talking about here?15:11
marssaying "This is bad" is one thing, saying "This is bad, ensure foobar" is another15:11
jtvmars: right, it just notes that you're catching Exception.  Which isn't the surprising part.15:11
intellectronicais there an easy, or at least obvious, way to do that?15:12
intellectronicaor should you simply never catch Exception?15:12
barryintellectronica: until py2.5, you need separate except (KeyboardInterrupt, SystemExit) clause15:12
barryintellectronica: catching Exception is way better than a bare except (usually)15:12
barryintellectronica: except that in py2.4, "except Exception" catches KI and SE exceptions too15:13
barryin 2.5 the exception hierarchy was rearranged so that KI and SE are siblings of Exception, not children15:13
barryBaseException is the mother of all exceptions, and it rarely needs to be caught15:13
intellectronicaso, except KI: raise \n except SE: raise \n except Exception: stuff... ?15:13
barryintellectronica: yep, or except (KI, SE): raise15:14
bigjoolscan we just upgrade Python already ...15:14
barrybigjools: yes please15:14
sinzuiWe need more eggs I think15:14
jtvbigjools: can you have it ready by Monday?15:14
adeuringi think an "except Exception" is in most cases bad as well:, unless you log an OOPS15:14
bigjoolsjtv: I'll get my wife to do it15:14
gmbadeuring: +115:14
* barry hopes we do it before the open source release15:15
cprovadeuring: right, I think that's the rule.15:15
rockstaradeuring, +115:15
jtvit's right, but we have a few scripts that don't do that.15:15
barryadeuring: certainly, if you as a reviewer see "except Exception" or <gasp> bare-except, you should ask lots of questions15:15
adeuringbarry: right; but it can't hurt to update the wiki page ;)15:16
jtvbarry: right, that is the real point here.15:16
barryadeuring: sure.  would you or jtv like to take that action?15:17
adeuringbarry: I'll do it15:17
barryadeuring: thanks15:17
* jtv bows to adeuring who beat him to the15:17
barry[ACTION] adeuring to update wiki to describe 'except Exception'15:17
MootBotACTION received:  adeuring to update wiki to describe 'except Exception'15:17
barryadeuring: please also do include info on KI and SE, and that py2.5 changes things15:18
barry[TOPIC] peanut gallery15:18
MootBotNew Topic:  peanut gallery15:18
adeuringbarry: I'm already wrote a note about that ;)15:18
barrythat's everything on the agenda, does anybody have any other topics today?15:18
barryadeuring: thanks :)15:18
marsbarry, me15:20
barrymars: go ahead15:20
marsso yesterday we had an issue with unescaped HTML data appearing in the browser15:20
marsthe fix was to remove a "structure foo" statement from the TAL template15:21
marsgiven that the TAL "structure" statment is potentially dangerous, should it raise a lint warning?15:21
intellectronicamars:  no, it's used legitimately way too often15:22
danilosintellectronica: +115:22
bacintellectronica: +115:22
marsbarry, that's all then :)15:22
barrymars: thanks15:22
barryanything else guys?15:22
jtvoh come on already, we've been through that!15:23
MootBotMeeting finished at 09:23.15:23
jtvthanks barry :)15:23
barrythanks everythone15:23
intellectronicacheers barry15:23
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MootBotMeeting started at 17:29. The chair is barry.23:29
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barrythumper, mwhudson hi23:29
barrymwhudson: wanted to speed through today's meeting, so shall we start with a recap of ameu?23:31
barrynoodle graduates, deryck and leonardr are new mentats23:31
thumperbarry: yep, I ready the backlog :)23:32
barrythumper: ah cool.  i don't need to explain "except Exception" then :)23:32
thumpernot to me23:32
barryi'm sure not to mwhudson either23:32
barryother than that. i have nothing on my list.  do you or mwhudson have anything?23:33
thumperone thing23:33
thumperthe other day stub landed a method to help printing unicode in doctests23:33
* thumper looks for the method23:33
thumperI recall a commit flying past, but I can't see it in pages.py23:34
barryit rings a vague memory23:35
* thumper checks loggerhead23:35
mwhudsonhi oops sorry23:36
thumperhmm, can't find it right now23:36
mwhudsonbarry: what was it about except Exception?23:36
mwhudsonoh right23:37
* mwhudson read enough backscroll23:37
barrymwhudson: cool23:37
thumperadded to doctest but not pages23:37
barrythat always drives me crazy that they have different globs23:38
thumpera bug should be filed :)23:38
thumperalso it needs to move to lp.testing23:39
barrythumper: jfdi man!23:39
mwhudsonbarry: i heard a rumour that all javascript changes are supposed to be QAed before landing or something23:39
mwhudsonbarry: do you know anything about that?23:39
barrymwhudson: we talked about that on the list a few weeks ago, but i don't know that anybody has actually done that23:40
mwhudsonover this side of the world it sometimes seems like decisions on process get made but that noone tells us :)23:41
barrymwhudson: we only do that when we don't follow those decisions ourselves :)23:41
barrybut yeah, i hear ya.  hopefully these meetings can help that23:42
barryanything else guys?23:42
mwhudsonbarry: i guess a single place on the wiki to go and look this sort of thing up would be good23:43
mwhudsonbarry: maybe there is one already!23:43
mwhudsonbarry: nothing else23:43
barrymwhudson: agreed!  it should be here if anywhere: https://dev.launchpad.net/Reviews23:44
barrycool.  thanks guys23:44
MootBotMeeting finished at 17:44.23:44
* mwhudson subscribes23:44
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thumpermwhudson: heh23:46
* mwhudson subscribes the other way23:46
* thumper subscribes too23:47

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