SnovaIs there a way to remove a comment on a bug?00:00
Snova(I don't see such a thing, but oh well, it can't hurt to ask)00:00
beunoSnova, only if it's clearly spam00:00
SnovaAh, ok, I just got confused for a moment and put a comment on the wrong bug.00:01
beunoSnova, happens to the best of us, but, for now, it just stays that way00:03
beunomaybe we'll have comment-collapsing in the future  :)00:03
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mtaylorlaunchpad admins around? I've got a borked branch...01:00
mtaylor$ bzr push01:00
mtaylorUsing saved push location: bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mordred/libcpuinfo/add-bindings/01:00
mtaylorbzr: ERROR: Server sent an unexpected error: ('error', 'No repository present: "lp-49577104:///~mordred/libcpuinfo/add-bindings"')01:00
spivmwhudson: ^01:02
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mwhudsonyes, that branch is borked01:02
mwhudsonthe error message is true though01:02
mwhudsoniirc there's a directory .bzr/repository.backup01:03
spivIt shouldn't be an unexpected error in that case... I guess there's a protocol bug.01:03
spivHmm, maybe I should change the "Server sent an unexpected error" message to include the verb name the client was using.01:04
mtaylorwhat would be great would be if there was a way to recover :)01:04
mwhudsonmtaylor: you can probably grovel around with lftp01:05
mwhudsonmtaylor: but delete and re-push is likely easier01:05
mtaylormwhudson: you know - the last few times I've tried that - it's never worked01:05
mtaylormwhudson: I was going to do that - but there's already a merge request with merge comments associated with the branch01:05
mwhudson(btw: no idea how the branch got in this state, pretty sure it wasn't launchpad that did this!)01:05
lifelessmwhudson: its been submitted as a merge proposal01:05
mwhudsonmtaylor: can you rm -rf .bzr with lftp?01:05
lifelessmtaylor: lftp sftp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mordred/libcpuinfo/add-bindings01:05
mtaylormwhudson: I think it was a laptop disconnect in the middle of a bzr upgrade01:06
mtaylormwhudson: lftp is not so much allowing me to connect01:07
mwhudsonthat might do it i guess01:07
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mwhudsonmtaylor: strange, maybe you need to put your username in the url?01:07
mtaylormwhudson: if I do that, it prompts me for password01:07
* mtaylor grumbles01:07
mwhudsonjust hit enter01:08
mwhudsonlftp is stupid01:08
patxwhat is launchpad *for* is it like a bitbucket or sourceforge?01:09
mtaylormwhudson: ooh. it seems like it might actually be working...01:09
spivpatx: roughly, yes.01:10
patxok ty.01:10
mtaylorah. that's what it was01:11
mtaylorI had tried to do upgrade --1.9 on it01:11
mtaylorwhich failed with bzr: ERROR: Cannot convert to format <RepositoryFormatKnitPack6>.  Does not support rich root data.01:11
mtaylorwhich sadly left my branch in a state01:12
mtaylorwhile I'm here... can I poke someone in the eye about integrated wikis?01:14
mtaylormwhudson: thanks, btw. lftp editing worked great01:14
thumperhmm... if someone is asking what launchpad is for, we've done a bad job of the home page01:37
zsquareplusci'm still looking for the section about hosting web pages ;-)01:38
savvaszsquareplusc: how about hosting it at sourceforge and mirroring your code branch to launchpad?01:45
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lifelessthumper: as a byline 'Launchpad is a unique collaboration and Bazaar  code hosting platform for software projects.' is uhm, opaque01:56
zsquarepluscsavvas: i like how launchpad is organized and how you can work with the branches. i'd prefer the the bug tracker too. so just hosting the web site there seems to be a bit unfriendly.02:02
savvasWell, I suggested that as a workaround until your idea is realized :)02:04
* mtaylor just wants lp wiki02:21
thumperzsquareplusc: I too would like some web hosting02:23
thumperthis is a different idea to the wiki pages02:24
thumperideally I'd like to see both02:24
* thumper has cunning plans02:24
* zsquareplusc has python API docs for an extension using sphinx. a wiki wouldn't help for that. but i wiki is fine for other project docs02:27
SnovaI find Trac's builtin wiki quite helpful...02:28
thumperzsquareplusc: as a non-binding question... what would be the most useful way to provide a02:28
thumperzsquareplusc: would you like to provide a website as a stand alone branch or as part of the main branch of project?02:29
thumperzsquareplusc: also, plain branch explosion, or sphinxify / some other ReST processing?02:29
thumperor the normal response of: options for everything02:30
Ampelbeinhi there. Trying to access message 0 of bug 371281 on staging and edge gives me a "500 Internal Server Error" with the content "NoCanonicalUrl": http://paste.ubuntu.com/207250/ Is there something wrong with my code?02:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 371281 in pidgin "pidgin evolution plugin, Evolution hang" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37128102:31
Ampelbeinvia python-launchpadlib that is02:31
* thumper looks for Ampelbein02:32
zsquarepluscthumper: i have the rst documents already in the branch along with the software. the sphinx output is a bunch of automatically generated static HTML files. i would not want to check these into a branch.02:32
thumperAmpelbein: my guess is "it's a bug"02:34
thumperAmpelbein: the return type of the messages is "IMessage" which doesn't have a defined url02:35
Ampelbeinthumper: woohoo. in py-lp-lib?02:35
thumperAmpelbein: it should really be something like "IBugMessage" which has a location (permalink)02:35
thumperAmpelbein: in launchpad itself02:35
thumperAmpelbein: file a bug on "launchpad" or "malone" with your sample code and the IRC snippet02:35
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Ampelbeinthumper: ok, will do. thanks for looking into it.02:36
thumperAmpelbein: np02:36
thumperzsquareplusc: how do you build your project's webpages?02:37
thumperzsquareplusc: I'm not familiar with sphinx02:37
thumperzsquareplusc: do you have custom CSS, make rules, ??02:38
zsquarepluscthumper: in this case, just sphinx. it takes a bunch of rst files, htmlizes, puts navigation around it. it has themes and css, but i used the defaults.02:39
thumperzsquareplusc: I'm just trying to work out some sensible, flexible, useful ways to get web pages up02:40
thumperit is very hard to please everyone02:40
* thumper goes back to writing tests for the nice distro source package branch listing02:41
RAOFNow that I've cut a gnome-do release for 0.8.2, is there any easy way to go through all the bugs milestoned at 0.8.2 and with status "fix committed" and change them to "fix released"?02:44
thumperRAOF: I wish!02:45
RAOFthumper: Yeah, so do I :P02:45
thumperI've been thinking of how to do it with the LP api, but I stopped looking02:45
thumperRAOF: File a bug!  Make it say "Mark bugs in this milestone released" or something02:46
thumperI'd push for it :)02:46
RAOFThis isn't already a bug?02:46
thumperperhaps it is02:46
thumpermake them dupe it :)02:46
thumperluckily there are no bug people on right now or I'd have to duck02:47
RAOFThere it is... bug #34168702:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 341687 in launchpad "Convert bugs from "Fix Committed" to "Fix Released" when a milestone is released" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34168702:50
thumperRAOF: you're too nice to them02:50
RAOFOn the plus side, finding that bug alerted me to the presence of LP's mass-bug-email interface.02:51
thumperLP has a mass-bug-email interface?02:53
lifelessthumper: yes02:55
ajmitchrarely used, probably for a good reason02:56
RAOFforeach bugnum in release ; do echo "bug $bugnum\n status fixreleased" ; done02:59
ajmitchjust a way to fill in the mail03:00
bjsniderguys, i know one can ask for more ppa space but is there an upper limit? i mean what if i needed more than 5gb for a team ppa?04:16
lifelessbjsnider: the limits are policy, so if its for a good cause and has a good reason itshould be ok04:18
thumperbjsnider: I don't know, best to ask one of the soyuz guys04:18
lifelessbjsnider: OTOH though,what are you doing that needs 5G?04:18
lifelessbjsnider: perhaps delete old versions ?:)04:18
bjsnidermultiple mythtv and mythplugins builds for multiple distros, as well as a lot of other stuff related to nvidia04:19
spm_bjsnider: ask a question via answers (how I love typing that contradiction ;-) ) - if you need it urgently, I can increase fairly pronto. Is usually just a sanity check against egregarious abuse.04:21
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bjsniderspm, thanks. that's what i wanted to haer04:25
wgrantRAOF: The easier way to do mass bug changes like that is to say `  status fixreleased', and stick a couple of hundred bug addresses in To.04:33
wgrantNo need for a huge body like that.04:34
SamBRAOF: wgrant had something to tell you04:36
SamBRAOF: might want to tell him once your connection settles down04:36
thumperwgrant: ick04:54
thumperwgrant: I'd settle for an easy to use api04:54
thumperfor bug in my_project.milestone['this-one'].bugs: bug.status = 'Fix Released'04:55
wgrantthumper: I last used this back in the pre-API days.04:55
wgrantBut yes, and the API is a good way now.04:55
thumperAFAIK you can't get the bugs from a milestone via the api04:55
wgrantthumper: IMilestone has a searchTasks.04:56
wgrantSo it looks like you can.04:56
wgrantAnd IProduct.searchTasks can take a milestone argument.04:57
* thumper wonders where searchTasks comes from...05:02
wgrantthumper: IBugTarget, maybe?05:03
wgrantBut IMilestone probably isn't an IBugTarget... hmm.05:03
thumperah, mayby IHazBugs05:03
wgrantA grep through c/l/i should tell you pretty quickly..05:04
wgrantExcept it's all split up now.05:04
thumperwgrant: yes, all split now05:04
thumperwgrant: lp.bugs.interfaces :)05:04
thumperwgrant: as you'll see soon enough :)05:04
* thumper taunts wgrant some more05:04
wgrantIt remains to be seen whether it's soon or not...05:05
wgrantBut we can hope!05:05
thumperwgrant: define soon05:06
spmwgrant: hmmm. bad reaction there. "hope"??? you should be in fear of your brain imploding.05:06
thumperright now the only reason that I know of is shaking out the bugs in the bzr 2a format05:07
wgrantthumper: The tree is also suspiciously unsplit.05:07
thumperI'd be tempted to say something wildly inaccurate or inflamitory, but it would be certain to be taken out of context and posted everywhere, so I'm refraining :)05:08
wgrantI see.05:09
wgrantspm: Why is my brain going to implode?05:10
spmwgrant: is part of the LP Dev hiring process. only those who pass the test of seeing the sourcecode and not having their brains implode go onto the 2nd round of interviews. QED. :-P05:10
wgrantspm: Heh.05:11
spmis also why us losas are careful to only deal with tiny fractions of the codebase. generally only that around config changes. stops premature implosion.05:12
thumperspm is almost right05:13
thumperyour brain doesn't normally implode on sight, just on attempting to understand it05:13
* wgrant must remember to cover the room with painting dropsheets on the 21st^W^W^Wwhenever the code is released.05:13
thumperspm survives by not caring what the code does05:14
wgrantI've got at least some Zope 3^WFramework^WToolkit experience, so it's a very slightly shorter learning cliff.05:16
spmpersonally I always thought it would have been easier to write a for loop with sleep() && leak-memory() functions. but hey. :-P05:16
lifelessspm: so thats why we're open sourcing?05:18
SamBto eliminate the competition's brains?05:18
wgrantThat was my suspicion.05:19
spmBWHAHAHAAHAHAHAHahahahahahaha. <===  obligatory evil laughter. if I had a white cat I'd be patting it's head.05:19
Richlvhi. https://bugs.launchpad.net/linux/+bug/124406 does not open fully for me in opera07:37
ubottuUbuntu bug 124406 in linux "Keyboard keys get stuck and repeat (Feisty, Gutsy)" [Unknown,Confirmed]07:37
Richlvare there any known incompatibility problems with opera (9.64 here) ?07:37
wgrantShouldn't edge be running something more recent?08:31
MaximeHi, It's my first step with launchpad. I'm looking for ssh url. Any idea ?08:39
wgrantMaxime: What do you mean? What are you trying to do?08:46
MaximeI'm trying to upload my first file onto launchpad.08:46
MaximeI think i didn't understand something :(08:46
wgrantMaxime: What kind of file? A file in version control, or a release of your software?08:47
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MaximeA file version control, using bazaar08:47
wgrantDo you have a local branch?08:48
Maximeno, i'd like to use lauchpad as repo. On local, i've only original files08:49
wgrantMaxime: Have you seen https://help.launchpad.net/Code/UploadingABranch?08:49
MaximeYes, i think i'm starting to understand08:50
Maximebzr launchpad-login your-id it's on my computer, not onto server throw ssh ?08:51
wgrantOnce you've run "bzr launchpad-login yourusername", "bzr push lp:~user/project/branch" will use SSH.08:51
wgrantSo, run bzr launchpad-login on your local machine.08:52
Maximeok, thanks, i'm goind to try why this.08:52
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robinIs there somebody have a look at my question? https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-code/+question/7567309:28
MaximeI still have some problem with my first bazaar upload. I get this: bzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "U:/dev/". Any idea of my problem ?09:47
wgrantMaxime: You need to run "bzr push lp:whatever" from within a branch. U:/dev isn't a branch.09:55
Maxime"whatever" is on local or server part ?09:58
RAOFServer part.  Where do you want to push it to?09:58
Maximeonto this project plugins-dc-aa. Push means "send my local files to server", am i right ?10:00
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Maximei've the same error message with this "bzr branch lp:plugins-dc-aa" :(10:02
MaximeSo, first i've to create a local branch ?10:03
RAOFAh, yes.  There's currently no branch in lp:plugins-dc-aa10:03
Maximehumm, trunk isn't a branch ?10:15
noodles775wgrant: the ppa listing is just a snippet (ie. only 3 archives with the latest publishings)10:16
wgrantMaxime: Did you try to push to lp:plugins-dc-aa/trunk?10:16
wgrantnoodles775: Well, that's pretty useless.10:17
wgrantnoodles775: What's the point of it?10:17
noodles775wgrant: with a link to further ones of course...10:17
wgrantnoodles775: Ah.10:17
wgrantThat's eventually always going to be dailies in a lot of cases, so I still don't like it much.10:18
noodles775wgrant: as in the bug, the long-term plan is to (1) have the top *ranked* ones displayed there,10:18
noodles775wgrant: and (2) eventually have the link going to a better page than the ppa search.10:18
wgrantnoodles775: I might read the bug again... there's been a few comments, so I've probably forgotten everything.10:18
noodles775wgrant: yeah, it'd be great to get more feedback from people! Thanks!10:18
Maximewgrant:  i tested lp:plugins-dc-aa/trunk. I got the same error :(10:19
wgrantMaxime: Right. That's just an alias to a branch. You need to push to lp:~personorteam/project/branch10:19
wgrantMaxime: Then you can make lp:plugins-dc-aa/trunk point to that branch later.10:19
wgrantBut you can't use lp:plugins-dc-aa/trunk to create a new branch.10:20
Maximeok, thanks, i'll test that.10:20
wgrantMalone isn't a very good medium for near-realtime discussion like this...10:22
mptI don't seem to be able to unmark a duplicate bug report any more10:29
mptAnyone else have the same problem?10:29
wgrantI haven't tried for a few days, and I don't hold much hope for staging working...10:30
wgrantBut it did work around 2.2.6's release.10:30
mpte.g. https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/hundredpapercuts/+bug/393775 is not a duplicate, but there's no link to unmark it10:30
ubottuUbuntu bug 393775 in hundredpapercuts "change yes-no-dialogs in all applications (dup-of: 389876)" [Undecided,New]10:30
ubottuUbuntu bug 389876 in ubuntu "Inconsistent: Quit without saving Firefox, Gedit, OpenOffice" [Undecided,Confirmed]10:30
wgrantmpt: Refreshed the page?10:31
wgrantI've seen that, but I think it's only after you've already used the AJAX widget once.10:31
wgrantI see the edit link.10:31
mptaha, shows up in Firefox but not Chrome10:32
wgrantI saw a bug about a similar thing earlier. Was that you too?10:33
mptChromium, rather10:33
wgrant(similar thing == sprites not showing up in Chrom(e|ium))10:33
mpt... And in Epiphany but not Konqueror10:33
mptSo, yeah, it's another WebKit-specific bug10:33
bigjoolsmpt: I unmark by removing the bug number in the dupe form10:40
mptbigjools, yes, and that's a problem in itself, but it's not the problem I'm having here10:40
mptThe problem here is that the button to *get to* the form is missing in WebKit and KHTML.10:40
mpt(reported as bug 394189)10:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 394189 in malone "Can't unmark a bug report as a duplicate in WebKit and KHTML" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39418910:41
bigjoolsmpt: aieee that's a subtle difference between FF and Konq to un-dupe10:44
mptbigjools, yes, I much prefer my original design for the duplicate section ;-)10:44
bigjoolswell, the un-dupe link is just a small icon.  ew.10:44
mptMerge proposal comments look awf11:35
mptul in WebKit too, they're wrappe11:35
mptd in the middle of words11:35
elmot yo11:35
elmou sa11:35
RAOFAnd they don't wrap at all in firefox 3.5 :)11:36
wgrantThere are bugs on both issues already.11:36
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RainCTI'm trying for the 3th time to upload a .orig.tar.gz (gears) with dput but there's no way, it always hangs on the last KB. (And yes, yesterday I left it running for over 4 hours and it didn't do anything more).12:07
bigjoolscprov1: ^ did we decide that was a router problem or something else?  I can't quite remember.12:33
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cprovRainCT: router problem was the last guess ... we are not sure what is causing it.12:35
cprovRainCT: ubuntu or ppa ?12:35
RainCTcprov: ubuntu12:36
cprovRainCT: can you please try again ?12:38
bigjoolsRainCT: what sort of local router do you have?12:39
RainCTbigjools: A Canopy WiMAX thing (dunno the exact model, I have no access to it), and an (old) Fonera in the middle for the W-LAN. I think last time I had the problem that was with a different connection (Huawei E220 3G modem).12:44
bigjoolshmmm ok, doesn't sound familiar12:44
bigjoolsif you search the Intarweb for ftp upload hangs, there's a lot hits :/12:45
bigjoolsRainCT: are you NATed?  if so can you try with a real IP12:48
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Le-Chuck_ITAHi all, can a bug be set on more than one ubuntu package in launchpad?14:00
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Sam-I-Amnice backup on amd64 ppa builds :/16:10
elmoSam-I-Am: it's all of 30 builds?16:22
Sam-I-Amis there a place to see the build queue?16:22
Sam-I-Amelmo: the wait time is nearly 12 hours... longer than i've seen before :P16:23
geserSam-I-Am: not the queue itself but the current state: https://launchpad.net/builders/16:27
Sam-I-Amwonder why the amd64 queue is so long vs. the other archs16:30
lex79Hi, I'm uploading kde backport here:16:47
lex79I need more space16:47
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lex79spm: are you around?16:52
bigjoolslex79: file a question on the Soyuz project and it will be dealt with16:52
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ObfreakHello, I require a helper to aid me in recovering my launchpad account (email lost during a DNS change and password reset).16:56
lex79bigjools: https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/soyuz/+question/7582316:58
bigjoolslex79: thank you, an admin will pick it up later16:59
bigjoolsmatsubara: can you help Obfreak --^ ?17:00
matsubarabigjools, yes17:00
matsubaraObfreak, hi17:00
matsubaraObfreak, what's your email address? (feel free to privmsg me if you don't want to disclose the email address here)17:01
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leifdk1978hey guys have a quistion  on launchpad19:20
thumperleifdk1978: just ask away19:29
leifdk1978ok :)19:29
leifdk1978is the launchpad used for tranlastion or only bug an pacakge maintainers19:30
thumperand more19:30
leifdk1978ok cool19:30
leifdk1978just that the danish team is using a other metod to translate19:31
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* rowinggolfer reads https://dev.launchpad.net/OpenSourcing21:13
rowinggolferso not fully open source then :(21:13
rowinggolfer11 weeks since the last launchpod podcast?21:22
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ftagasp :( https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox-3.5  why list untrusted/unknown PPAs there and not the ones maintained by a real team! it was better off21:57
ftait's adding confusion to an already confused situation21:58
beunofta, I'm sorry, we're working on the UI for that22:01
beunoit's temporary22:01
mwhudsonfta: i presume it's automated?22:01
beunolet me find you the bug # so you can help us figure it out22:01
beunofta, bug 28095822:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 280958 in soyuz "Package page doesn't show related PPAs for that package" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28095822:02
beuno(it is automated, btw)22:02
beunowe need to find a good way of selecting the best ones22:02
beunoplease let us know if you have ideas  :)22:03
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ftaok, thanks, i will22:05
EvanCarrollI really wish the bug tracker permitted fileing a distribution bug link for CPAN22:15
thumperEvanCarroll: file a bug :)22:52
rwparris2Hi.  I'm thinking of hosting the addons part of a project I contribute to called XBMC on launchpad, but I don't know if launchpad would really be the best place to do that.  Do you get ftp access to your distributable files/binaries when you release them?23:29
matsubararwparris2, no ftp access.23:32
rwparris2matsubara, is it just a web interface?23:35
matsubararwparris2, there's also an API which you can use to upload and, IIRC, download files23:35
mxpxpodis there a way to grab a bunch of branches at once? or associate a bunch of branches as a "view" where people can bzr branch lp:my-view or something?23:43
mxpxpodfor instance, for project groups that bring a bunch of projects together for a release23:44
matsubaramxpxpod, nope.23:45
mxpxpodmatsubara: are there any plans for that?23:46
matsubaramxpxpod, no, AFAICT.23:46
matsubaramxpxpod, feel free to file a bug on https://launchpad.net/launchpad/+filebug requesting that23:47
mxpxpodmatsubara: well, I guess the real question is does bzr support that?23:47
matsubaramxpxpod, IIUC, what you seem to want is, for instance bzr branch lp:some-project-group and this command will branch the development focus (trunk) for each one of the projects under that project group?23:51
mxpxpodmatsubara: correct23:51
matsubaramxpxpod, I guess a plugin to bzr could do that. Your idea doesn't sound like a very common use case though.23:52
mxpxpodmatsubara: yeah, that's what I'm thinking23:52
matsubaraimagine someone doing bzr lp:gnome23:53
mxpxpodmatsubara: true :)23:53
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