DanaGinteresting: http://www.spinics.net/lists/linux-acpi/msg22931.html00:08
maxbdesiorous !?00:13
instructor_maxb: they leave a lot to be desired ?00:19
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yofelshould go to bed...00:32
drs305Hey billybigrigger02:02
nhasian!info empathy02:04
ubottuempathy (source: empathy): High-level library and user-interface for Telepathy. In component main, is optional. Version 2.27.3-2ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 302 kB, installed size 1212 kB02:04
kenyonjust installed karmic and activated nvidia restricted driver. upon reboot it says nvidia module not found. worked fine on this machine with jaunty.02:16
giacothe current version ( 7.4 ) of libgl1-mesa-dri and libgl1-mesa-glx is broken for my graphic card ( 965GM ) at the moment I'm forcing the installation of the older version ( 7.3) with dpkg -i, but obviously apt-get is complaining about that. How can I upgrade this package ( maybe compiling it ) in a ubuntu fashion way?02:17
kenyonopting to install grub2 during a karmic server install fails. installing grub2 during a desktop install works. need to investigate more.02:19
Protector1981anyone has problems with intel graphic and x-servers?02:24
giacoProtector1981, me02:26
jacoba little slower than usual for me today, but working fine in general02:26
Protector1981:( gives a workaround for this problem?02:26
jacobProtector1981: depends, what problem are you having?02:27
Protector1981Warning: Could not generate /etc/X11/xorg.conf.failsafe for vesa driver02:29
Protector1981this is the complete errormessage02:29
Protector1981And then: X-Server is now deactivated. Restart GDM when its correctly configured02:29
jacobhmm. haven't seen that yet.. granted I haven't done a full reboot in a few days02:30
Protector1981have kernel bootoption: i915.modeset=0 is that the problem?02:31
jacobProtector1981: it's possible, were you having problems with kernel modesetting to begin with?02:32
Protector1981befor update display is freezing in blackscreen...then i have set mode and fully reboot...but NOW oO02:32
Protector1981ok wait..i testing02:32
Protector1981ok, yes...without i915.modeset=0 screen is freezing in a black display02:34
jacobProtector1981: this is a shot in the dark, but could you run `aptitude show libglu1-mesa | grep Version` and tell me what version appears?02:35
jacobok.. my guess is there's a problem with that or something related. (still using 7.4.1 here).02:37
jacobother than trying to revert some packages, I can't think of many ideas02:39
Sarvattupdate your system, karmic was unbootable for a few hours earlier because of an xorg update..02:39
Protector1981unbootable is not correct :D but no x-server ;)02:40
Protector1981my luck that a using wicd :D then i have WLAN on shell02:40
Sarvattgdm is trying to start X from the wrong location02:40
Protector1981can manually start x?02:41
RAOFProtector1981: Just FYI, I also have WLAN on shell with NetworkManager.02:42
Protector1981hmm when i type X then i have a black screen lol :D02:42
oldude67any one know why my system is giving me an error when updating because of a screen profile?04:06
oldude67dpkg --configure -a gives error of dpkg: error processing screen-profiles04:08
oldude67http://paste.ubuntu.com/207286/ anyone else get this error ?04:22
oldude67is there a work around on this error ?http://paste.ubuntu.com/207286/04:33
pace_t_zuluis it a known issue that keyboard hotkeys for laptops are currently broken in karmic?05:03
Protector1981no...works on my laptop05:04
pace_t_zulusound hotkeys work on my laptop but brightness keys do not05:04
Protector1981all hotkeys works on my laptop ;)05:04
Protector1981lol....shell is flickering when i press downkey05:06
DanaGgrr, damned ext4.05:07
DanaGYou know, you'd think a journal would let it recover from unexpected lockups... but nope, instead the journal just aborts.05:07
DanaGEVERY damned time I get a hard lockup... I have to run a full, long fsck, or I get a read-only mount.05:07
Protector1981should ext 4 not comes with optimized journaling?05:08
DanaGGranted, I have it set to run the data through the journal.... but it seems there's really no user-transparent fault-tolerance after all.  Grr.05:09
DanaGIf I let it try to boot normally... /home becomes read-only as the journal aborts.05:10
akioI can't believe the Pirate Bay finally bit the dust. I will miss it.05:18
pace_t_zuluakio, agreed05:19
pace_t_zuluakio, yet there is no mention of it at the front page of thepiratebay.org05:21
akioyes there is05:21
akiobut this is off topic, I am however using Karmic, the UNR version...05:21
akioWhich is not as fast as Moblin but It definitely inherited the KMS and 10% battery increase.05:22
ubottuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore05:25
pace_t_zuluakio, i see no mention05:27
akiohover over the image05:27
akiothen read between the lines05:28
akiothey are blogging like a dying animal05:28
akioif dying animals could blog that is05:28
akiothen read the news about it05:29
pace_t_zuluakio, i already knew the news05:31
akioso you are implying that they are not sentenced?05:31
akiopardon me, it has been a long day05:32
akioit isn't stated plainly but it was all I needed to figure it out, I knew they were going down I just didn't know it was final. That blog post implied it, I then confirmed it.05:34
DanaGugh, is it just me... or did ccsm become totally useless?05:36
DanaGNow, instead of having nice dropdown lists.... it has text entry fields!05:37
DanaGopeneffects: animation: Glide 1, animation:Fade, animation:Fade         opendurations: 200, 150, 150.  openmatches: long,hideous,strings05:39
DanaGWhat happened to CCSM?  Somebody destroyed it!05:39
crdlbDanaG: that's not intentional05:40
crdlbthe way the animation settings are stored has changed (from an int enumeration to a string), but the UI should not05:40
crdlbbut that was in jaunty too05:41
DanaGhmm, how do I fix ccsm, then?05:43
DanaGReverting to the default profile makes compiz not suck-ass slow.... but then I can't do the "try each setting until it works again" method until I have a sane UI back.05:44
crdlbyou're using all official packages, right?05:45
DanaGyeah, I think I am.05:45
DanaGdpkg -l | grep compiz:    http://pastebin.com/f5a33c1fa05:46
DanaGoh, and on R100, compiz somehow makes... something.... take 80% CPU.05:48
crdlbjust to verify, command -v ccsm ?05:48
crdlband python -c "import compizconfig; print compizconfig.__file__"05:49
DanaGoh, and video card is an RV200, by the way.05:50
crdlbheh, really?05:50
* crdlb has been using one of those for years05:51
DanaGI've just recently revived my old desktop, that's been in the closet for like 4 years.05:51
DanaGThough it used to have a 9800 Pro.  I lent that to one of my friends so he could play Oblivion on something better than an FX5600.05:51
crdlboh, ccsm isn't even showing the TreeView?05:52
DanaGCan't say I know what you mean by that.05:53
crdlbnormally it uses a TreeView widget to display setting lists, such as animation effects05:53
DanaGNope, it's just using listboxes.05:53
DanaGOh, and there's only one tab for "animation": General05:54
DanaGLemme' try purging and reinstalling everything compiz.05:54
crdlbok, what about the Outputs setting in General Options > Display settings?05:54
DanaGText list.  640x480+0+0 is only entry.05:55
crdlbbut it's a list with a button to add another row?05:55
crdlbwell, if this is a packaging problem, somebody else will notice :)05:56
DanaGI'm going to purge everything compiz, as well as removing all my custom installed plugins.05:56
DanaGargh, pata_amd is giving me lots of interrupts.06:02
DanaGoh, and something funny: Silicon Image chips are not SiL3112 and such... they're SiI06:02
DanaGthat is, "sii" with second 'i' caps.06:02
DanaGnope, still le' broken.06:06
DanaGhmm, is compiz supposed to use indirect rendering on radeon?06:09
DanaGugh, now it's being slow and craptacular; I can't figure out why.06:14
DanaGoh, and things like staticswitcher, show only names:06:16
DanaGnext_button, next_key, prev_button, prev_key, auto_change_vp, window_match06:17
DanaGso yeah, ccsm is broken.06:19
DanaGand simple-ccsm doesn't even start.  =P06:19
DanaGWhat's the correct name of magic lamp?06:20
DanaG ccsm06:21
DanaGAnother CCSM instance already running06:21
DanaGdamn you, I want to run a second one!06:22
DanaGccsm --help06:22
DanaGAnother CCSM instance already running06:22
DanaGhmm, under compiz, my  wallpaper is missing.06:32
DanaGAnd I can't figure out why that's happening.06:36
DanaGhmm, what would make the nautilus window go black like that?06:41
DanaGwhat is UP with that?06:47
DanaGOdd... apparently the texture is just plain too big for the video card.06:48
DanaGThat'd also explain the CPU usage.06:51
DanaGBUt it worked fine on the livecd!06:51
SwedeMikehow much video memory do you have?06:52
DanaG64 megs is all the card has.06:53
DanaGOddly enough, my panels are fine.06:53
DanaGAnd an app window maximized to fit within those panels (32 pixels top and bottom)... is fine, too.06:53
SwedeMikeit's not easy to find compiz system requirements, so I have no idea if 64 megs is enough. guess it will depend on your screen resolution as well.06:56
DanaGhmm, might have to up the AGP Aperture Size.07:15
snaxI'm experiencing an interesting problem with gksu after upgrading to Karmic08:12
snaxit works fine when run from a terminal, but does not work when run from the gnome run dialog or a menu launcher08:12
snax.xsession-errors shows "sudo: sorry, a password is required to run sudo"08:13
dupondjelol :( firefox-3.5 is in repo's now, and menu item still says 'Beta' :p09:09
dupondjeand its Shiretoko icon :(09:09
rippsWhenever I'm in a folder with vidoe files, my computer grinds to halt and becomes unresponsive for several minutes. What the hell is going on? Is it the thumbnailer? Shouldn't they have such low prority that it shouldn't interfere with regular usage.09:12
Protector1981relax dupondje 3.5 Final is coming in the Repos ;)09:12
dupondjeProtector1981: its the final ? :P09:12
Protector1981Final is out...yes09:13
Protector1981but not in repos09:13
dupondjeit is09:13
dupondjeVersie: 3.5+nobinonly-0ubuntu109:13
dupondjethats final my friend ! ;)09:13
Protector1981ripps: its the thumbnailer, the video is analysing and creating an thumbnail09:13
Protector1981i think beta? oO09:13
rippsHmm... it looks like it might be because of memory leak, After my computer started moving again, nautilus says it's taking up 165 mb, and it's slowly dropping09:13
rippsProtector1981: the problem is that I can see the thumbnails being created, the computer tends to freeze immediately after making the thumbnails, not during09:14
dupondjeProtector1981: firefox-3.5 (3.5+nobinonly-0ubuntu1) karmic; urgency=low09:14
dupondje  * New upstream release taken from tag FIREFOX_3_5_RELEASE09:14
Protector1981wait booting up karmic09:16
Protector1981must see :)09:17
Protector1981hmm, has only rc2 in the repos09:19
Protector1981ok, have german karmic09:19
dupondjeaptitude update ? ;)09:21
Protector1981only xulrunner is updated09:22
dupondjeyour mirror is slow :P09:23
Protector1981ok..german mirror -.-09:26
Protector1981NOW yes, thanks all09:26
Loloftheringshi all, does anyone know if the nvidia-173 drivers are available in karmic?09:53
RAOFLoloftherings: Yes.  However, I'm not sure if they actually _build_ against our kernels.09:56
Loloftheringsk, time to upgrade to karmic then :D09:57
zniavrethey did not build on vbox installation10:04
zniavreeven on 2.6.30 kernel on my jaunty (with mainline kernel)10:05
Protector1981without drivers?10:05
Le-Chuck_ITAhi there, update-manager seems broken, it does not install updates, known?10:36
mvoLe-Chuck_ITA: a gksu problem10:37
Le-Chuck_ITAmvo: is it already reported, known etc, so I should do nothing?10:37
mvoLe-Chuck_ITA: known and being worked on, not sure if there is a bugreport (but I guess there is)10:37
Le-Chuck_ITAok :)10:38
dupondjesynaptic is also broken ?10:38
dupondjeI can't start it from the menu, but can start it from console :s10:38
Protector1981start it from terminal10:38
Le-Chuck_ITAdupondje: seems the same thing10:38
mvowell, gksu10:38
Le-Chuck_ITAdupondje: if gksu is broken it won't launch things as root, that's all10:38
dupondjeoh ok :)10:39
Protector1981sudo synaptic is a alternate, but....not sooooooooooooooooo good for gui apps10:39
Le-Chuck_ITAas we are in topic of "things that do not work on karmic and may need bug report", does your touchpad tapping work in karmic? it's enabled in the mouse configuration10:39
Le-Chuck_ITAbut does not work10:39
dupondjeits broken :P10:39
Protector1981touchpad tapping doesnt work? oO10:40
Le-Chuck_ITAthis is causing pain in my finger, let me check if known10:41
Protector1981touch tapping works on my notebook :D10:41
Le-Chuck_ITAProtector1981: synaptics driver? Can you check?10:42
Protector1981öhm...command? :(10:43
DanaGdamnit, Karmic won10:44
DanaGwon't suspend!10:44
Protector1981sry, but...have never checked ;)10:44
Le-Chuck_ITAProtector1981: open /var/log/Xorg.0.log and text-search for "touch" :)10:44
Protector1981wtf....have no Xorg.0.log oO10:45
ubottuUbuntu bug 378391 in xserver-xorg-input-synaptics "Source rename clobbered local changes (so tapping not working in Karmic)" [High,In progress]10:46
Protector1981at the top10:46
Le-Chuck_ITAProtector1981: don't worry, found :)10:46
Protector1981hm touch not found10:46
Le-Chuck_ITAProtector1981: maybe it's being seen as a ps2 mouse10:46
HewSound broken in last 24h. Known, or just me?10:47
dupondjeits broken since weeks here10:47
zirodayHew: I do remember some discussion in -devel about it10:47
Le-Chuck_ITAProtector1981: take a look at the mouse preferences in the System menu10:47
Protector1981its curious...under windows i MUST install synaptic driver to use touch correctly10:47
Le-Chuck_ITAProtector1981: check if you have the touchpad tab and if it work10:47
hoellpmy sound was broken yesterday, but was easily fixed by adding my user to audio group10:47
Protector1981so touch tab oO10:47
Le-Chuck_ITAProtector1981: not so strange. Also webcams and printers require hackering on windows.10:48
Le-Chuck_ITAProtector1981: perfect. It works :)10:48
Hewalsamixer itself is broken so something is seriously wrong10:48
* Hew investigates10:48
Le-Chuck_ITAProtector1981: it is not detected as a touchpad, I would report it as a bug. If you also have jaunty check it there too, at worst in a livecd10:48
Protector1981ok nice :)10:48
DanaGargh, stupid pm-utils.10:48
Protector1981check it later in jaunty10:49
DanaG/01PulseAudio: line 17: 29478 Quit                    (core dumped) sudo -H -u $i pactl suspend-sink 0 >&/dev/null10:49
Protector1981btw: sorry for my bad english10:49
Le-Chuck_ITAProtector1981: I am italian10:51
Protector1981but its hard...my Fujitsu Siemens E4010 with Karmic booting faster as a HP 6720s with jaunty ;)10:51
Protector1981Le-Chuck_ITA: nice :) Karmic testing World Wide :)10:51
Le-Chuck_ITAgo koala go!10:52
Protector1981yes yes....koala u win the race10:52
dupondje(--) SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad: touchpad found <- mine is seen as Touchpad :) but no tapping :P10:52
DanaG /usr/lib/pm-utils/sleep.d/99-power-state-fix.sh10:52
DanaGArgument needs to be true or false10:52
Protector1981for workaround scrolling up dupondje10:52
hoellpdupondje: i had to reactivate tapping by hand10:52
hoellpbut the touchpad works well again now10:53
dupondjeworkaround is é the bugpage ? :p10:53
Le-Chuck_ITAdupondje: that's the bug I linked10:53
hoellpyep, search launchpad for it10:53
Le-Chuck_ITAhoellp: don't be cruel 68 bugs and it's the last one :)10:54
hoellpi found it as one of the first10:54
Le-Chuck_ITAmurphy's laws, which as usual can be explained by saying that the bug is young and therefore not prioritised and default sorting is for priority10:54
Le-Chuck_ITAthen you sorted by something else :)10:54
dupondjeits a workaround in the bugreport10:54
dupondjenot a fix :)10:54
Le-Chuck_ITA https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-input-synaptics/+bug/37839110:54
ubottuUbuntu bug 378391 in xserver-xorg-input-synaptics "Source rename clobbered local changes (so tapping not working in Karmic)" [High,In progress]10:54
Protector1981that is that what i say :P10:54
Protector1981-say +sayed10:55
hoellpworkaround is better than don'twork10:55
Le-Chuck_ITAdupondje: why do you expect a bug report to include a fix by default? When they will know a fix, the bug will be colsed10:55
Protector1981correct? oO10:55
Le-Chuck_ITAWorkaround is installing jaunty's package?10:55
Protector1981Sleeping in my car *dance10:55
Le-Chuck_ITAthis gives me an idea10:56
Protector1981jaunty ppas in karmic? ouh10:56
Le-Chuck_ITALaunchpad should have a way to mark comments as workaround and put them on the right side below attachments.10:56
BUGabundomvo: so what's up with GKSU?10:57
Protector1981not work?10:57
BUGabundoProtector1981: :)10:57
dupondjewe love alpha ! :D10:57
Protector1981gksu synaptic NOW work? oO10:57
hoellpsure we do ;)10:57
Protector1981befor 2min not oO10:58
Protector1981what the hell10:58
BUGabundoProtector1981: err try $ sudo synaptic eheh10:58
* BUGabundo checks for updates10:58
Protector1981gksu synaptic....password10:58
hoellpgksudo works even worse10:58
Protector1981then i retry10:58
Protector1981works oO10:58
BUGabundoas anyone filed a bug on that?10:58
hoellp*check check*10:58
Protector1981gksu very instabil ;)10:59
hoellpvery deutsch ;)10:59
hoellpno, i don't think there's a bugreport11:00
hoellpanyone had more luck?11:01
Protector1981so guys....i go off ;)11:01
hoellpcheck Bug #393909 for gksu11:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 393909 in libgksu "gksu doesn't work in pannel and menu-starters" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39390911:03
dupondjeits only in the menu indeed11:03
dupondjecause else it works11:03
hoellpnot for me11:04
hoellpit works if i run a command with sudo before and enter my pw11:05
dupondjegksu --description /usr/share/applications/synaptic.desktop /usr/sbin/synaptic11:05
dupondjethis works in terminal11:05
dupondjebut not from meny11:05
dupondjewtf :)11:05
hoellpthen i don't get asked and it works in the terminal11:05
hoellpif the leasetime for my pw is over, gksu stopps working11:05
m_tadeuhi all...when I click on a link under kopete or kmail, it shows me the followinf message:11:14
m_tadeuCould not find the program 'arora'11:14
=== BUGabundo1 is now known as BUGabundo
m_tadeudoes anyone know where is this configuration?11:14
hoellpcheck the default applications in systemsettings11:15
hoellpand select a browser you have installed11:15
m_tadeuahhh cool...how idiot...was looking on the mime types11:21
m_tadeuthanks a lot :)11:21
BUGabundohey m_tadeu11:21
m_tadeuhey there11:21
m_tadeuhow's it goin?11:21
BUGabundoola Bmw1000c11:21
BUGabundoerr filled with bugs! ehe11:21
Bmw1000cBUGabundo you mean "hi Bmw1000c "11:22
m_tadeuI'm quite stable here11:22
hoellpstable yes, but full of small bugs11:23
hoellpjust as is to be expected11:23
m_tadeuwell...this is the clean up phase ;)11:23
hoellpi like it ;)11:24
hoellpand i love the new gnome-do11:24
hoellpvery slick11:24
m_tadeuglad to hear gnome is moving again....was a bit stalled for some time11:25
m_tadeudoes anyone know how to set the splash in grub2?11:27
hoellpi can't read the damn mono rants anymore11:29
hoellpit's getting totally out of control11:29
BUGabundohoellp: I have the emails on ignore now!11:30
BUGabundodon't care. really I don't!11:30
hoellpme neither, either include or not, i don't really care11:30
hoellpi just want a good standard set of apps11:31
hoellpthe only problem i have is, i don't use tomboy and i can't stand banshee11:31
hoellpthe only useful mono progs for me are f-spot and gnome-do11:32
hoellpbut these two are totally worth it11:32
BUGabundohey RAOF11:32
BUGabundogot to love Do, but its unstable as heck RAOF ;)11:32
BUGabundoI don't even use f-spot LOL11:33
BUGabundoDo alone! its one of my main apps!11:33
hoellpi use f-spot to catalog and tag11:34
hoellpbut not even on a weekly bas11:34
hoellpBUGabundo: do you have 0.8.2 yet?11:35
hoellpit works better for me, and a lot faster11:35
BUGabundohoellp: yes, from PPA11:37
hoellpit crashed about 5 times when first configuring it and i was about to remove it, but since then, it just works11:38
BUGabundoyeah me too11:39
hoellpff3.5 stable is in universe already?11:56
BUGabundowas it unstable anytime ?11:56
hoellpVersion: 3.5+nobinonly-0ubuntu111:57
hoellpand even set to replace ff3.111:57
hoellp*switch switch*11:57
hoellpomg winerepos have the worst server ever...11:58
hoellpjust ubuntu-desktop is not updated yet12:00
BUGabundolet me poke some ppl on that12:00
m_tadeuapt-get is trying to install 2 packages that contain the same file, leading to an error...is there a way to tell apt to do it anyway?12:04
hoellpyou probably should just wait12:05
m_tadeuwell...I'm stuck in the middle of important updates....and got stuck because of a background image ;) if ther is a way to move along, it's probably better then being stuck here12:07
BUGabundom_tadeu: try aptitude ?!?12:08
maxbBUGabundo: How's that supposed to help?12:08
maxbm_tadeu: What is the file and what are the packages?12:08
BUGabundomaxb: better handling ?12:08
maxbBUGabundo: No12:08
maxbI'd say bug in the package, make sure it's reportde12:12
maxbaptitude may well help you manouvre around the one problem to install other updates12:13
maxbbut there's no way I no of to conveniently force the issue without potentially leaving your system in a somewhat indeterminate state12:13
m_tadeuyup...I'll make sure it is....I'll try aptitude....probalby will remove those wallpaper packages12:13
BUGabundohey Hew12:16
BUGabundomaxb: true!12:16
Hewhi BUGabundo12:23
hoellpwow, nice day for updates12:24
hoellp2.6.31 is coming down12:25
BUGabundoI was expecting it for august12:25
hoellpbut i'll wait a bit12:25
Unksigood idea12:25
dupondjejust install it :)12:26
dupondjeyour alpha or you aren't ;)12:26
hoellpy, but it's my only pc right now12:26
dupondjealso here :)12:26
hoellpso, better wait a day or so12:26
BUGabundomain laptop here too12:26
Unksidupondje: yeah, theres kde4.3rc1 coming in too, better wait that its all there and not break it by purpose if you can just wait a few hours to let it be consistent ;)12:26
dupondjedon't use KDE so :)12:27
MechdaveHas anyone got the brightness bar on the desktop all the time on their laptop? I'm using Karmic12:28
BUGabundodupondje: I use kmail :12:29
dupondjeThunderbird !12:29
BUGabundoMechdave: one thing I know ! GPM is utterly broken and so is any kind of power manager!12:29
YaManicKillbroke x :(12:29
BUGabundomy laptop dropped from 2:30h to 1h :(((12:29
YaManicKillwhat would you recommend to try if x broke when i updated? i am using the nvidia drivers 18012:30
MechdaveBUGabundo, That would explain it then :)12:30
dupondjeok guys :) I gonne rejboot :P12:30
yofelYaManicKill: define 'broke it12:33
yofelYaManicKill: you should check your Xorg.0.log12:33
hoellpok, DON'T upgrade to kernel .31 the restricted modules are still missing12:34
hoellpYaManicKill: did you upgrade in the last 10 mins or so?12:34
YaManicKillhoellp: yes...12:34
YaManicKillis that my prob?12:34
YaManicKillyofel: where is the log?12:34
hoellpjust boot the old kernel and wait12:34
YaManicKillok...2 secs...lemme reboot12:35
hoellpnice bootspeed ;)12:35
m_tadeualso kde....there are some packages from rc1 but just a few....didn't know it was comming out12:35
Unksifortunately i got only the wallpapers on last update12:35
dupondjenow we know its NOT working :)12:35
hoellpso, firefox 3.5 is stable already, but the branding package doesn't do it's job yet12:35
Unksigonna wait till evening at least on that.. maybe tomorrow would be good12:35
hoellpUnksi: just check if all the necessary packages are there12:36
dupondjehoellp: asac_> dupondje: plan was to switch branding when we switch to ffox 3.5 by default12:36
hoellpok, that explains it12:36
Unksihoellp: yep.. am too lazy for that ;)12:36
BUGabundogive the guy a break12:36
hoellpwhich guy? dupondje?12:37
dupondjeasac :P12:37
hoellpno breaks with the breaks ;)12:37
BUGabundohoellp: poor asac!12:37
hoellpi got time, just thought i'd mention it12:38
hoellpanyone knows something about the plans for banshee?12:38
dupondjedamn, they need to pull a new version of Nouveau driver into Karmic12:39
YaManicKillthanks guys...i have my lovely desktop back12:40
hoellpYaManicKill: and wait with the next update until the linux-restricted-modules get updated too12:41
hoellpthen you're good to go with the new kernel12:41
YaManicKillhoellp: ahh, ok, cool, thats what i was just bout to ask :P12:41
dupondjeonly if u don't use nouveau :P12:41
hoellpdoesn't it work?12:41
hoellpi never use it, i'm too fond of 3d...12:42
dupondjenouveau needs updated12:42
dupondjeto work with 3112:42
ubottuUbuntu bug 393885 in nouveau-kernel-source "Does not build on 2.6.31, linux-core/drm_memory.c:286: error: ‘struct agp_memory’ has no member named ‘memory’" [Medium,Confirmed]12:43
hoellpi hope it's an easy fix12:44
dupondjethey just need to pull new version from git12:45
dupondjeand make a package of it :P12:45
* BUGabundo $ mv /dev/arse /media/kitchen; do eat; done; mv /dev/arse /tmp/newjob;12:53
=== AndrewGe1 is now known as AndrewGee
dupondjegksu fixed !14:17
patapoufHi all, I still have many issue with Jaunty with the Compositing (Compiz or Metacity with opensource radeon driver) and I wonder if Karmic solved some of the issue.14:23
=== maxb__ is now known as maxb
BluesKajgrub2 almost broke my setup , it doesn't see X , so I had revert back to legacy-grub and the previous linux-kernel-image14:37
DaskreechIf I'm not seeing a sound card in lspci or lshw I'm pretty much hosed eh?14:37
hoellpwhat has grub to do with x?14:37
BluesKajhoellp, good question14:39
hoellpi guess you're victim of 2 possible problems right now, either missing a gdm update that bugged many of us yesterdy14:40
hoellpor you updated to the .31 kernel today and rely on a proprietary driver14:40
hifiso at least .31 will be in the karmic release?14:41
hoellpit already is14:41
hoellpbut not completely...14:41
tgpraveenhifi: yep14:41
hoellpmissing restricted like usual14:41
BluesKajactually updated to. 31 yesterday, bur decided to try grub 2 today14:41
hoellpbut .31 has neiter restricted modules, nor nouveau driver14:42
hoellpso you probably just lack a graphics driver14:42
PiciWhat happens if you tell grub2 to use an older kernel?14:43
BluesKajnope, cuz i booted fine with .31-linux-image this morning...it didn't break til I tried to run grub214:44
hoellpgrub2 depends on a specific kernel?14:44
hoellpah, now i understand...14:45
BluesKajI wouldnt jump to that conclusion directly , but it makes me wonder14:45
hoellphow did you make the change to grub2?14:47
BluesKajwith apt14:47
hoellpand the upgrade script?14:47
BluesKaji didn't run the upgrade script til I tried the grub2 test boot , which is an option14:49
BluesKajthe grub2 boot failed to recognize the Xserver14:50
BluesKajanyway , I'm going to wait til it's more mature14:50
BluesKajyeah hmm14:51
tgpraveenthe X guy in dev team said alpha 3 woulde be the time when all the X stuff would be stabilized14:52
tgpraveenso till then problems have a high rate of occurence14:52
Daskreechas far as X can be stablized14:52
tormodthere should not be any interaction grub(2) <-> X14:57
tormodother than having splash or not in the grub kernel line14:57
DaskreechSplash is X or a frame buffer?14:58
DaskreechI'm almost certain if I specifically don't install X I still have a splash screen14:58
tormodsplash is frame buffer, once you have X you would not need splash14:58
Daskreechso how is that an X interaction?14:59
tormodbecause splash does things with the graphic card setup that sometimes clashes with X14:59
tormodit is a bug of course. but one more reason to get rid of usplash15:00
Daskreechwait when are we doing that? ubuntu+1 or +2?15:01
tormodthis was apropos "<BluesKaj> the grub2 boot failed to recognize the Xserver"15:01
tormodusplash should go away in Karmic15:01
DaskreechHooray for cross distro collaboration15:02
Picitormod: I didn't think that was happening this release.15:02
tormodit will not be replaced by plymouth, if that was what you are thinking :)15:02
tormodthe goal is to have X started so quickly after grub that there is no need for usplash/plymouth15:03
Daskreechtormod: What about the rest of the services? They take time to start15:04
DaskreechI know ext4 is quicker at fsck and all but ...15:04
tormodPici, I could be wrong, or plans can be changed of course15:04
Picitormod: I could be wrong too15:04
tormodmost services can be started after X. X does not depend on all that.15:05
tormodfsck is not really checking your fs if it is clean15:05
tormodI am sure we can get X started early, but I am more pessimistic about also having gnome loaded in 10 seconds :)15:06
DaskreechI can load KDE in that time15:07
Daskreechwell a cached load15:07
Daskreechnot sure about a cold boot load15:07
tormodwe are talking 10 seconds total, from grub to quiet gnome, more like 5 seconds for cold start of gnome...15:07
DaskreechIn any case my issue is giving people a login before things like databases etc have initalized15:07
DaskreechSounds like a security issue15:08
tormodwell if your login depends on databases it will be launched after those15:08
tormodon most systems, there is no database other than some /etc files15:09
tormodthat's event driven startup (upstart) - launch things as soon as dependencies are met15:10
tormodnot like the old sysvinit, start everything first just in case some nut needs it15:10
Daskreechthere really need to be more upstart tuts around15:11
Daskreech It's starting to break sysv stuff for me and I'm not sure yet how to propely use upstart15:11
DaskreechThat's more me not havingtime to attack it though :-)15:12
tormodupstart is not api-stable so do not port your stuff to it yet15:12
tormodit maintains compatibility with sysv stuff by running the rc scripts as well15:13
tormodso things can be ported over bit by bit15:14
tormodif it breaks your sysv stuff it is because your sysv stuff is broken :)15:14
tormodmake sure they have the LSB headers for dependencies etc15:15
Arnehi there, does the karmic alpha 2 already have the air artwork?15:43
aboi need help15:59
Daskreechapparently not enough16:00
miikit come kernel 2.6.31 in update, yes... but now it nvidia driver dont work it dkms error, why?16:04
jmlis there an ubuntu-lts channel?16:04
miiki dont know16:04
tormodjml, use #ubuntu16:04
jmltormod, ok, thanks.16:04
miikmy nvidia dont work in 2.6.3116:05
miikit only work in 2.6.3016:05
tormodmaybe you should try nouveau16:05
miiknoway, it has sucks16:05
miikit has no cool 3d compiz + game16:05
miiknouvea is hippie open source driver of crap performance16:06
Picimiik: Those are risks that you run when using an Alpha version of Ubuntu16:06
Picimiik: stop with the degrading comments16:06
miikbut karmic alpha 2 more stable than jaunty16:06
tormodso stay at alpha 2 :)16:06
* Twigathy guesses he'll install the new kernel but boot the old one :)16:07
=== le_bilou1e is now known as le_biloute
tgpraveenmiik: nouvea does not suck16:09
miikTwigathy, yes thats what i do16:09
Twigathyhm, can I resize /boot safely?16:09
tgpraveeni think it is better at 2d performance than proprietary ones16:09
miiktgpraveen, it can do Compiz, game like Nexuiz, Sauerbrauten, Alien Arena? it can do porno video?16:09
tgpraveenand 3d is being worked upon16:09
TwigathyI have a 1G CompactFlash and only 100M partition for /boot. Can I just grow it to use the whole thing?16:10
tgpraveenin karmic +1 i am guessing that it will be in as default and by then probably nvidia willl also support it as it will have kms etc16:10
miikwhen nouvea get kms?16:10
miiki want kms16:10
tgpraveenmiik: i think video playing should be fine and compiz also does work i think though not sure16:10
tgpraveenmiik: by time of karmic +116:10
tgpraveenwith kernel 2.6.32 or 3316:11
dupondjemiik: I first want nouveau to get working with 2.6.31 :(16:11
tgpraveenmiik: and to give a idea of how good it is fedora provides it in its default install from f10 or 1116:11
tormodthere is already ppa packages for nouveau-kms but it's rather shaky at the moment16:11
tgpraveenand red hat has employed the main dev of nouveau16:11
tgpraveentormod: define shaky?16:12
miiki love redhat16:12
tormodlike it does not work for many people16:12
tgpraveenmiik: yep i find myself liing red hat a lot these days too16:12
tormodtgpraveen: but expect it to improve over the next weeks16:13
tgpraveentormod: cool but it wont be in karmic right16:13
tormodtgpraveen: no16:14
jmlI'm running karmic on my laptop, with hardy in a chroot -- what's the most expedient way for me to get python2.316:14
GatoLokotgpraveen there are optional packages for karmic in the universe repository16:15
tormodGatoLoko: we were talking kms here16:15
tgpraveenGatoLoko: yeah but i am afraid some kittens might die if i use it ;-)16:15
GatoLokotormod doesn't the karmic packages support kms?16:16
tormodnot for nouveau. only the ppa packages do (try to)16:17
GatoLokomaybe i'm mistaking something because i've tried karmic packages and git self built ones alternetively16:17
tormodthere is even a live CD with nouveau KMS so you can test it without sacrificing kitten16:17
dupondjetormod: but there is no package for 2.6.31 kernel ?16:24
tormoddupondje: right, you will have to install the kernel explicitly and choose it while booting16:26
yoasifcwillu, around?16:27
dupondjearen't the changed added yet into 2.6.31 ?16:27
dupondjethe changes needed for nouveau16:27
itswhatevidk if it was the upgrade process, but my 2.6.31-11 doesn't seem like it's even loading into memory from grub16:29
itswhatevi'm back on n-116:30
cwilluyoasif, pign16:31
tormoddupondje: the changes are not in the main kernel, so wait for someone to build a new custom kernel16:31
tgpraveenguys to all those on karmic is there any recognizable performane as compare to jautny?16:32
Ngooh, 2.6.31 in karmic17:45
tgpraveenbug #39036217:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 390362 in hundredpapercuts "entering wep key to NM requires tabbing/clicking" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39036217:48
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=== thekorn_ is now known as thekorn
DrUnKnMuNkYDoes anyone know if Thunderbird 3 is going to be included in 9.10?18:00
=== akgraner_ is now known as akgraner
tgpraveenDrUnKnMuNkY: when is it going to be released?18:00
tgpraveenis anyone here following gnome 3 developments18:01
tgpraveenif so then tell me what will happen to nautilius once zeitgest is in?18:01
DrUnKnMuNkYtgpraveen: not sure.. they've released a second beta so I imagine it would be ready before the end of october18:02
DrUnKnMuNkYmozilla doesn't work on a time-based release schedule though18:02
sporkboyneed help! just did an aptitude upgrade (karmic), rebooted, now I have no video (nv), and I'm not sure how to connect the wifi to even try to fix it w/o nm-applet. :/18:02
tgpraveenDrUnKnMuNkY: it probably has to make it before the freez18:05
tgpraveenand it mostly wont happen18:05
tgpraveenmaybe they could provide a thunderbird 3 pacakge anyways along with thunderbird 2 in the repos18:05
tgpraveenu should ask somebody in #ubuntu-devel and request for this18:05
DrUnKnMuNkYtgpraveen: that's what i was hoping for at least... just something to test it out without having to compile/package it myself18:06
sporkboyalso... I'm starting to regret trying karmic (I know, I know)... is there anything other than a reinstall that can be done at this point?18:06
=== lifi is now known as bdl
DrUnKnMuNkYsporkboy: look online somewhere for instructions on using wpa_supplicant to connect to wifi, and you'll likely need to reinstall if you can't get anything to work18:08
=== will___ is now known as throughnothing
tgpraveenDrUnKnMuNkY: cant u just change ur sources to jaunty ones18:10
tgpraveenand then roll back or something18:10
tgpraveeni am probably sure something like that is possible18:10
DrUnKnMuNkYtgpraveen: i'll figure something out.. just thought i'd ask first. thanks18:11
DaskreechWhere is the --nofloppy coming from? it's not in the menu.lst18:20
dazjorzis Jonathan Thomas in here? :)18:28
dazjorzthe package for kdebase-runtime should get Depends: kdelibs = 4:4.2.95-0ubuntu118:28
dazjorzshould be removed from kdebase-runtime-data.install18:36
iPoRndoes anyone have any problem opening Synaptic ?18:51
iPoRnwhen i try to, i get this error: Unable to execute /usr/sbin/synaptic as root ; Unable to copy the file of the user Xauthorization. <- it was in Portuguese, i translated it ;x18:53
dupondjeiPoRn: u have latest updates ?19:00
dupondjecause there was some bug19:00
iPoRndo you know witch package contain that error?19:00
iPoRnthe ones that i have left to do is, the new kernel, and kernel stuff19:01
miikmozilla team have channel?20:31
Picimiik: #ubuntu-mozillateam20:31
mphillis there a known issue when trying to install teh nvidia driver?21:05
shane_faganI have that issue too21:06
anderskmphill: yes, bug 39426221:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 394262 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-180 "[Karmic] nvidia DKMS building and installation for kernel 2.6.31-1-generic fails with exit status 10" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39426221:06
shane_faganI dont know if there is a bug reported yet21:06
shane_faganThat answers me then21:06
mphill"ERROR: Unable to build the NVIDIA kernel module."21:08
mphillerror: �agp_memory� has no member named �memory21:08
mphillsomething verbose like that :)21:08
anderskYeah, that is bug 394262.21:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 394262 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-180 "[Karmic] nvidia DKMS building and installation for kernel 2.6.31-1-generic fails with exit status 10" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39426221:10
mphillandersk: thanks21:11
mphillthat helps21:11
mphilla lot21:11
mphilloh the joys of running alpha21:12
shane_faganYep, just dont restart and it shouldn't effect you too much21:13
mphillwell i did the patch from work21:16
mphilli should try to restart gdm and see if the fail safe stuff is running21:16
mphilltotally awesome 2.6.31 made it in thought21:17
shane_faganmphill: nice21:18
BUGabundoboas noites21:27
DanaGWeird things are happening on Intel with the xinput2 PPA.21:45
DanaGIt sees a second, phantom DVI output with a 1366x768 top resolution.21:46
DanaGoh, and on a site note.... nouveau works better now than it used to, on that NV17.21:48
DanaGWon't modeset, though... something about failing to allocate aperture.21:49
BUGabundoDanaG: ill try it when I format21:49
dupondjeDanaG: but nouveau doesn't work on 2.6.31 ?21:49
DanaGThe PPA Nouveau, that is.21:49
DanaGHmm, haven't tried it on 31.  I did the nouveau last night.21:49
DanaGThe intel is today.21:49
dupondjeu got nouveau from xorg-edgers ?21:51
DanaGyeah, the nouveau-kms repo.21:53
=== BUGabundo1 is now known as BUGabundo
DanaGugh, damn intel KMS... sets the thing to an invalid resolution -- that is, one the monitor doesn't support.22:55
DanaGWorks fine without KMS.22:55
=== BUGabundo1 is now known as BUGabundo
DanaGgrr, intel driver in the xinput2 PPA just hard-locks Xorg.23:29
DanaGhard-locks compiz.23:29
DanaGI have to kill -9 compiz.23:29
DanaGAnyone know how to make KMS work on Intel?  For me, it doesn't work -- it sets an invalid screen mode.23:50
DanaGoh, and for some reason, it seems to think it has two HDMI ports.23:55

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