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dashuaSiDi: I just synced my new Palm Pre and your picture showed up in my contacts.19:32
dashuaFrom gmail, hehe19:32
SiDidashua: eew19:32
SiDipoor you :P19:32
* macvr envious19:32
SiDimacvr: ahah, :)19:33
SiDii'm gonna get more photos from my trip in bourges soon19:33
dashuaThis thing is cool, work flawlessly with Banshee19:33
dashuaLinux kernel, should be a hacked one by now19:34
macvrdashua: if you keep boasting too much , I'd be forced to rip it out from you ,through irc ;p19:34
macvrdashua: does it record videos? heard it doesnt :(19:37
dashuaNot sure, I'm still messing around with it19:39
dashuaThe UI is quite nice19:40
macvrhave fun... :)19:40
macvrin your face iPhone!19:40
dashuaDoesn't look like it =/19:41
dashuaNew theme :)19:42
macvrdashua: have you thought of using semi-transparent image for the panel?19:44
macvrsomething similar to the Gnome-Do dock19:44
dashuaNo, do you have a nice one to use?19:44
dashuapixmaps screw up customization though, colors, etc19:45
dashuaI think that would look nice19:45
macvrdashua: http://filebin.ca/nfkfys/Panel.tar.gz19:47
SiDidashua: back to flat metacity ?19:47
dashuaLike it?19:47
dashuaI just took out the heavy border on the bottom19:48
macvrdashua: I'm not sure where i got it , but I use it. the horizontal one I think is still the original , or maybe i edited it , for the top panel19:48
macvrI think it was from the original dust theme, but not sure19:49
dashuaNot bad19:50
macvrmaybe it could be darkened19:53
macvra bit19:53
dashuaCool, I'll mess around with the levels.  Thx19:53

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