porthosefdr: have a look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Debian/Bugs00:02
billybigriggerdid i miss the empathy hug day?00:05
emil_sHello! I have a problem that I can't mount an NTFS filesystem using the kernels read-only driver...00:12
emil_sWhen I try to mount the partition, mount says "FATAL: Module fuse not found.". Which package may cause this?00:13
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nhasianbillybigrigger, looks like all the bugs have already been triaged.  unless you found some new unreported bugs?01:43
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pace_t_zuluis anyone able to confirm launchpad bug 394088 ?02:21
ubot4Launchpad bug 394088 in devicekit "DeviceKit tries to automount EFI partition on Intel Mac at GNOME login" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39408802:21
pace_t_zuluor can anyone suggest information that would be useful towards triaging launchpad bug 39408802:21
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LimCorehi. Can we turn off the annoying fater/beeper sounds in Ubuntu in this millenium?02:43
d1bLimCore: rmmod pcspkr02:43
d1bjust blacklist it02:43
LimCoreyes, can we do that by default for ubuntu in this millenium?02:44
d1bLimCore: i think there are several bugs filled on this already02:44
LimCoreotherwise, when ever I hear loud farting sounds comming from another room I think, uh-oh, another new linux user... god this is annoying02:44
LimCoreI dont know why sometimes ubuntu takes months.. years.. to fix TRIVIAL things02:45
d1bLimCore: its not trivial02:46
d1bbut i agree with you, it should be replaced with a visual cue02:47
LimCorethe fixes are one liners,  or exactly _1_ line to rmmod pcspkr02:47
d1bjust like if ubuntu detects its a nv card and its a laptop(acpi) it should try the vesa driver02:47
d1bbut no it tries the nv and fails hard02:47
d1bLimCore: its also a gnome sound setting if that even still exists ;)02:47
LimCoreguys.. JUST black list the pckspkr by default, that is all02:50
LimCoreanyway, it is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/39408902:52
ubot4Launchpad bug 394089 in ubuntu "annoying sound - pc beeper belongs in the 1990's its time to let go!" [Undecided,Invalid]02:52
LimCoreok, bbl cu02:52
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dholbachgood morning07:30
thekornhello dholbach07:36
dholbachhiya thekorn!07:36
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ColdWindis it okay to suscribe maintainers to their bugs when they're not?11:42
ColdWindboth primary and secondary11:42
BUGabundoColdWind: don't subs any one!11:46
BUGabundoask them 1st!11:46
* BUGabundo $ mv /dev/arse /media/kitchen; do eat; done; mv /dev/arse /tmp/newjob;12:53
indusis knowlegde of python enough to squash a bug?13:25
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gzojwit would seems my freshly installed ubuntu 9.04 just killed entire /usr ext4 file system lol wtf16:38
gzojwalso, sudo should be in /sbin/  not in /usr/  because otherwise it is inaccessible when repairing16:40
hggdhgzojw, about sudo: I am not sure why you would need sudo if you are repairing the system from recovery console17:09
hggdhalso, on ext4, there were some issues, and I thought all them known ones were addressed. Perhaps you should open a bug for it17:10
gzojwhggdh: the bug seems to be that mount now fails in epic ways if you use -o17:22
hggdhgzojw, if this is a new bug for ext4, then please do report it (I do not use ext4, so I am not up-to-date with it)17:23
gzojwok. Im debugging more first17:24
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TrijntjeHi all. I set 2 mouse buttons to bind to 'rotate cube' in compiz. Most of the time this works, but sometimes nothing happens and the mouse input is sent to the window the cursor is over at that moment.  Should I file a bug report for compiz?20:59
shane_faganDid anyone fail in installing the nvidia drivers on the most recent karmic update of the kernel ?21:03
BUGabundoboas noites21:28
xnox!Linus Torvalds21:41
ubot4Factoid 'Linus Torvalds' not found21:41
xnoxand ubottu doesn't answer anything to that either21:41
xnoxIs that a bug? especially for newcomers on #ubuntu21:42
xnox!Mark Shuttleworth21:42
ubot4Mark "sabdfl" Shuttleworth is our favourite cosmonaut, the founder of Canonical and the primary driver behind Ubuntu. You can find pieces of his thinking at http://www.markshuttleworth.com21:42
Nafalloxnox: might be because they share the same database? :-)21:42
xnoxNafallo: aha ;-) nice21:42
xnoxbut do you think there should be something about Linus similar to what we have about mark?21:43
Nafallono idea. I'm not fuzzed. also, I'm not sure.21:43
xnoxWhat product is ubottu in launchpad? =)))21:44
* xnox is asking a bit too much.... maybe.....21:44
Nafallojpds: ^--21:44
jpdsxnox: Sec.21:44
BUGabundo!bot | xnox21:45
ubot4xnox: Hi! I'm #ubuntu-bugs's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots21:45
jpdsxnox: ^-- that and https://code.launchpad.net/~tsimpson/ubuntu-bots/tweak21:45
xnoxCool thanks ;-)21:45
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