chrisccoulsonbeuno - regarding bug 189192 - gdm-setup does not exist anymore in gdm-new, which is going to shortly appear in karmic I think00:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 189192 in hundredpapercuts "gdmsetup dialog is to big for 1024 x 768 resolution" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18919200:30
chrisccoulsonnot sure there's any point spending effort on fixing something thats about to disappear00:31
beunochrisccoulson, it's going away?00:31
beunoin karmic?00:31
chrisccoulsonAFAIK, yes. i don't think there is a graphical tool to configure the new GDM yet00:32
beunochrisccoulson, if you can confirm it, please mark is as invalid00:32
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chrisccoulsonand if it is, it won't be gdm-setup - it's all been re-written00:32
chrisccoulsoni'll try and confirm that tomorrow. i havent done any proper testing with gdm-new yet, but the last time i tested it there was no gdm-setup anymore, and upstream hadn't developed any tool to configure it yet00:33
ebroderWhat are the rules for a version number of a Debian-native package that only exists in Ubuntu?01:30
ebroderAre they arbitrary, so long as they end with ubuntuN?01:30
ScottKebroder: If it's truly Ubuntu unique and will never be in Debian either, the ubuntuN is optional.02:08
ebroderOh, ok. (package in question is branding-ubuntu, so it's probably not going to end up in Debian)02:10
ScottKProbably not02:10
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Mezmorning sabdfl02:27
sabdflhey Mez02:34
sabdflit is, in taipei :-)02:34
Mez sabdfl it's just about morning in the UK02:35
Mezwell, it is morning... but early enough that I should be going to bed02:36
ajmitchdepends on how early you need to be awake02:36
ionIt’s 4:37 here. Bedtime.02:37
MezI'm session chairing @ EuroPython02:37
ajmitchoh nice02:37
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keestonight's puzzle: why is sizeof(struct dirent64) == 276 on i386 and == 280 on amd64?04:08
lifelessbet its the timestamp04:10
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slytherincjwatson: the powerpc chroot you gave, it is to be used with pbuilder, right?05:46
slytherincjwatson: I am getting this error when using it - http://paste.ubuntu.com/207307/05:50
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dholbachgood morning07:30
* StevenK glares at compiz07:53
highvoltagedid it glare back?07:54
pittiKeybuk: FYI: http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=48580607:54
ubottuGnome bug 485806 in general "gtkdoc-check can't cope with BUILDDIR != SRCDIR" [Normal,New]07:54
dholbachWhen you stare into the abyss, the abyss is staring back at you.07:56
nellerydholbach: bug #?07:57
StevenKBut compiz is pulling KDE for Ubuntu and UNR07:57
QuintasanHi \o07:57
dholbachnellery: hm?07:58
nellerydholbach: ah, nevermind you were referring to compiz07:58
nellerybad attempt at a bad joke07:58
dholbachit was a Nietzsche quote :)07:58
dupondjeWhy does firefox-3.5 still use the Shiretoko menu item + logo ? :s09:16
RAOFdupondje: I'd guess because we haven't switched on the branding yet?09:17
dupondjemenu item still says 'Beta' now :P09:18
dholbachdupondje: I'm sure asac has a branch of it, where you can just fix it :-)09:20
dupondjeor we look friendly to asac to fix it ;)09:21
dupondjehmz, that rule file is dynamic :P09:36
asac_dupondje: plan was to switch branding when we switch to ffox 3.5 by default09:48
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dupondjeoh ok asac_  :) looked bit weird now09:50
dupondjeand when is the plan to change to ff3.5 default ?09:50
asac_dupondje: when all xul1.9 dependencies in main are ported to 1.9.109:52
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asacshouldnt take too long09:53
dupondjeand the search providers aren't installed by default now ?09:57
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asacdupondje: yeah. keep firefox-3.0 installed for now10:36
dupondjeokey :)10:37
asacdupondje: its  bug 38348410:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 383484 in firefox-3.5 "search engine plugins missing in firefox-3.5 packages" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38348410:40
dupondjeI'm sure u'll fix it ;)10:41
pittimvo: meh, what is the working way of saying "apt-get source linux"?10:49
pittioh, --only-source10:49
pittimvo: nevermind, found it10:50
slytherincan anyone please give back gnome-applets?10:50
Tm_Tslytherin: but they was so tasty10:50
pittislytherin: done10:50
slytherinpitti: thanks10:51
dupondjeasac: I see that clicking links in other apps is broken also by install ff3.5, dunno if known bug10:52
cjwatsonslytherin: our chroots use launchpad-buildd (a wrapper around sbuild) to build, not pbuilder. You'll probably have to mangle it a bit to make it work with pbuilder; I'm guessing not *too* much but I don't know how10:59
asacdupondje: yeah. its a missing custom application entry. you can change that in gnome preferred applications dialog ... just set custom command firefox-3.5 %s11:00
slytherincjwatson: I can try using sbuild. Any idea if it will work with sbuild out of box?11:00
cjwatsonI have no idea. Sorry. All I was doing for you was shovelling the bits around.11:01
cjwatsonWorth a try I'm sure.11:01
slytherincjwatson: I will try tonight and let you know. Meanwhile I guess I will also ask persia.11:03
pitticjwatson: ah, you managed to get something buildable out of the udev bzr branch? *applauds*11:03
cjwatsonpitti: debian/rules package didn't do what I wanted, I had to do the same but without the clean-tree11:04
pitticjwatson: I added a debian/rules prep for that yesterday11:04
pitticjwatson: to work around the gtk-doc breakage11:04
cjwatsonpitti: yes, I used that11:04
cjwatsonpitti: but debian/rules prep; debian/rules package resulted in a substantial diff from 143-7 because some things were cleaned up relative to what was in the 143-7 diff11:05
cjwatsonI had to do debian/rules prep; (the dpkg-buildpackage bit out of debian/rules package)11:05
cjwatsonand that worked fine11:05
pitticjwatson: right, I don't use debian/rules package either11:05
slytherinpitti: I though gnome-applets FTBFS on ports architectures was transitional failure. But it looks like gnome-applets needs update in build-dependencies (libgucharmap-dev -> libgucharmap2-dev)11:19
seb128slytherin, correct11:22
seb128will be fixed in the next upload11:22
slytherinseb128: thanks. :-)11:23
pitticprov1: hm, this SRU was uploaded/built yesterday, and apparently published just fine: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pidgin/1:2.5.5-1ubuntu8.211:31
pitticprov1: however, binaries are missing from archive.u.c.: pidgin | 1:2.5.5-1ubuntu8.2 | jaunty-proposed | source11:31
pittiany idea about that?11:31
pittihm, they are on cocoplum, so probably not a soyuz problem11:31
cjwatsonpitti: xorg-docs/xorg-docs-core looks like a trivial main promotion to me, and is necessary for installability. Any objections?11:44
pitticjwatson: agreed11:44
pittialthough I object to installing it by default11:44
pittiit's 2 MB, and not really necessary; we have manpages already11:45
cjwatsononly xorg-docs-core is installed by default11:45
pittiah, good11:45
cjwatsonwhich is Installed-Size: 10811:45
cjwatsonxorg-docs is just in supported11:46
cjwatsonand xorg-docs-core actually seems to be the thing that provides manpages11:46
mbiebl<pitti_> mbiebl: would you mind if I add some bug fix patches to devkit-power and add myself to uploaders?12:05
mbieblpitti: please go ahead ;-)12:06
pittimbiebl: oops, sorry, I rebooted and was thrown out of debian12:06
pittimbiebl: thanks12:06
pittimbiebl: Richard just accepted my patch :)12:06
pittifinally, no lid open-boot-lid-close at the right time madness at login any more :)12:07
maxbHas anyone else experienced gtk programs segfaulting when you touch a combo box? So far I've only had this happen in Eclipse. But not much else that I use uses combo boxes.12:28
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seb128maxb, there is a bug open about that12:41
maxbah, /me heads malone-wards12:41
bullgard4pitti: Why does the command /usr/share/apport/apport-gtk produce no output? It triggers some hard-disk activity though.13:24
pittibullgard4: by default it shows pending crashes13:25
pittibullgard4: (hd activity> it checks for pending crashes)13:25
pittibullgard4: try --help13:25
bullgard4Thank you.13:32
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dholbachchrisccoulson: done16:29
chrisccoulsondholbach - thank you:)17:02
dholbachcan somebody please change the Maintainer field of piding to ubuntu-devel-discuss@lists.u.c? :)17:15
dupondjedjsiegel: i'm on the bug u mailed :P17:15
djsiegeldupondje: oh, sorry for the spam :)17:16
dupondje100 mails /day17:16
dupondjeor 101 mails /day17:16
dupondjewho cares :)17:16
djsiegelyeah, I am at about 100017:16
djsiegeldupondje: I am flailing around trying to find people with time to do a paper cut this week17:17
dupondjeN_("Toggle the Search Bar to locate documents and folders on this computer by name"),17:21
dupondjeok djsiegel  ? ;)17:21
seb128dholbach, you still have upload rights don't you?17:25
seb128dholbach, ie no need to ask every day about pidgin, just upload?17:26
dholbachif it were a branch, I'd just add it there17:26
dholbachno need doing an upload just for that17:26
seb128well why do you ask then? ;-)17:26
LaneyI didn't see a bug about it when doing the merge ;)17:27
seb128I forgot when I sponsored the update today but if that's worth doing an another upload ...17:27
seb128Laney, yeah there is none, that has been mentioned on IRC and I said I would change it but I forgot today17:27
Laneyyeah I did too...17:27
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kirklandpitti: ping18:02
kirklandpitti: what's the story with hal?  there's a bit of hal in kvm that I'm wondering if it should remain, or be dropped?18:03
seb128kirkland, he's away for the evening18:03
seb128kirkland, but hal is being deprecated so better to stop using it18:03
kirklandseb128: okay, cool, thanks.18:03
seb128you're welcome18:03
Keybukkirkland: what do you use HAL for?18:05
kirklandKeybuk: hal + policykit for /dev/kvm access18:05
KeybukI may be able to help with knowing what to replace it with18:05
KeybukACL setting?18:05
kirklandKeybuk: only pertinent for desktop-y use of kvm, like virt-manager18:05
Keybukor brokerage?18:06
kirklandKeybuk: /dev/kvm perms are18:06
kirklandcrw-rw----+ 1 root root 10, 232 2009-06-29 17:53 /dev/kvm18:06
Keybukgetfacl /dev/kvm ?18:06
kirklandthat's wrong18:06
kirklandcrw-rw----+ 1 root kvm 10, 232 2009-07-01 09:08 /dev/kvm18:06
Keybukkirkland: also getfacl /dev/kvm18:07
kirklandKeybuk: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/207624/18:07
Keybukso that's what HAL is doing for you18:08
Keybukit's arranging for active console users to have a rw ACL on /dev/kmem18:08
Keybukuh, kvm sorry18:08
kirklandKeybuk: okay18:08
Keybukthe good news is, you don't have to do anything18:08
zygamvo: hey18:08
Keybuklittlebigplanet udev-143% grep kvm extras/udev-acl/70-acl.rules18:08
KeybukSUBSYSTEM=="misc", KERNEL=="kvm", ENV{ACL_MANAGE}="1"18:08
mvohey zyga18:08
zygamvo: nice to see you again!18:08
mvozyga: nice to see you!18:08
Keybukthat bit is already being handled by udev now18:09
zygamvo: I've revived development on command-not-found18:09
mvozyga: nice, have you seen the latest stuff in the 0.2.x branch?18:09
zygamvo: I'll try to join all distros that use this kind of tool together with one client18:09
zygamvo: I've branched off the ubuntu-core-dev tree18:09
zygaI've seen spellcheckin magic! (really amazing)18:10
zygaand lots of nasty l10n/python/gettext issues helpers18:10
mvozyga: its pretty nice, I like it18:10
kirklandKeybuk: cool, so i can just drop the hal part?18:10
zygaI plan to track ubuntu-core-dev as I make improvements not to loose any patch18:10
mvozyga: its great to have you back18:10
Keybukkirkland: yup18:11
kirklandKeybuk: rock on, thanks.18:11
zygamvo: I don't think I'll catch up with karmic (I don't know any deadlines) but I'll try to setup a ppa soon so that  interested people can inspect what I did18:11
zygaI'm glad to be back18:12
mvozyga: keep me notified, I'm happy to merge/upload improvments and fixes18:12
zygamvo: I'll keep that in mind18:13
mvozyga: what are you plans? making it more distro indepedant?18:14
zyga1) speed18:15
zyga2) unified for distros18:15
zyga3) separate front and backend18:15
zygaI'm planning on getting it to target ubuntu/debian, suse and later fedora18:15
zygasuse has a totally independent implementation18:15
zygathat can become a backend for cnf18:15
zygaone source18:15
zygathe packager/author already expressed interest in that18:16
shayaanyone here using the firefox 3.5 package?18:16
shayait doesn't seem to play html5 video18:17
zygafedora is difficult because of packagekit, packagekit is sloooow on fedora, I'm no sure I can get the kind of speed I want18:17
zygamvo: but I have a technical question for you if you dont mind18:17
zygaactually two:18:17
zyga1) is it safe to keep apt.cache open for long periods of time?18:17
mvozyga: nice, for speed, will the C client become reality?18:17
zyga2) what is the good way of accessing localized package description by name18:17
mvozyga: keeping it open is probably not a great idea, it can change under your feet18:18
zygamvo: I experimented with a vala client in the past but I was always put off buy vala being inmature back then18:18
mvozyga: for the localized description that should just work via python-apt transparently18:18
zygamvo: I hope to make a small stub client that just wakes a dbus service that actually gives you the data18:18
mvozyga: I was told its much better nowday, but I got no first hand experience18:18
zygamvo: I tried getting l10n summary but I failed, can you give me some hints?18:19
zygabasically I did this:18:19
zygawhere cache is apt.cache.Cache()18:20
zygabut that is terribly slow18:20
zygaI was thinking about manually getting at the required data (I know where it is)18:21
zygaso that 1) you can "keep" the cache warm in the server18:21
keesScottK: do you remember the history of cyrus-sasl2-heimdal's need for exact binary version matching with cyrus-sasl2?18:21
ScottKkees: Vaguely.  It used to be in the same source package and Debian split it out for some odd reason.18:21
mvozyga: give me a minute, I build a example18:22
kirklandKeybuk: what about lshal?18:22
kirklandKeybuk: is something else going to provide that functionality?18:23
kirklandKeybuk: we're using that for report-bug functionality18:23
Keybukkirkland: replace with /var/log/udev18:23
keesScottK: upstream uses this now:  Depends: libsasl2-modules (>= ${source:Version}), libsasl2-modules (<< ${source:Version}.), ${shlibs:Depends}18:23
kirklandKeybuk: coolio18:23
ScottKkees: I don't think we have any need to be more strict than Debian is.18:23
keesScottK: okay, I'm going to fix it for hardy, jaunty, karmic.  (intrepid is >=)   it broke when cyrus-sasl2 update went out.  :(18:24
zygamvo: back (kids), thanks for the example!18:26
zygamvo: I want to get access to package summary in a fast/safe/memory efficient way/without blocking regular apt18:26
zygamvo: I was thinking about parsing translationi files directly but they have no index (bad)18:27
zygacnf could keep a cache of package name -> seek offset with hints for the implementation18:27
zygaand this cache could be built the first time the index is cold18:28
zygaand discarded on index update (mtime18:28
zygamvo: but frankly this all seems to me like re-inventing packaging system in a bad way :/18:29
mvozyga: yeah, one problem is that you can not get the pkgcache without the depcache with python-apt :18:31
zygadepcache is expensive?18:31
zygamvo: as I said for the time being I'd love to hack an 1) efficient 2) temporary solution18:31
zygamvo: http://pastebin.com/m7fe1c2dd (small peek at what I'm doing now)18:34
mvozyga: sweet, how do you record the amount of usage?18:34
mvozyga: yes18:35
zygamvo: I parse shell history (currently only bash)18:35
mvozyga: wife is calling, can I mail you the example (maybe there is a bug somewhere, the description should be localized)18:35
mvozyga: nice idea18:35
zygamvo: sure, thanks for your help - I'll stay in touch18:36
sorentseliot: Hey. I patched up the bcmwl package last night to support 2.6.31. Is there some upstream that would want the patch?18:36
sorentseliot: I doubt it would get very far if I just pasted into Broadcom's web based "Contact us" form or whatever :)18:37
allesmueller_hi, I have really strange problem on jaunty (nbr) with a netbook nc10 - where to ask?18:37
ionsoren: I think the patch broke bcmwl with 2.6.30, btw.18:38
zygaallesmueller_: I have an nc10 with me18:38
allesmueller_zyga, with hsdpa modem?18:38
ebroderAnybody familiar with iscsi? I think bug #394398 is a regression in the recently SRU'd-to-hardy open-iscsi18:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 394398 in open-iscsi "Logic to determine expected number of running session wrong (regression in hardy's open-iscsi 2.0.865-1ubuntu3.1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39439818:39
sorenion: Really? Hm... I wrapped it in #ifdef's and such.18:39
sorenion: Perhaps I screwed it up :(18:39
allesmueller_Zyga, good - did you experience problems with heavily used ssl streams like openvpn or citrix secure gateway?18:39
ionsoren: http://heh.fi/tmp/bcmwl-make.log18:40
zygahmm, no I don't use vpn's18:40
zygabut still I did some heavy traffic18:40
zyga(about 4Mbit sustained018:40
sorenion: Gah.18:40
sorenion: I see the problem18:40
zygawhat kind of problems did you experience?18:40
sorenI checked that the #ifdef's were applied correctly, but didn't notice the wrong attribute name.18:40
ionsoren: I wouldn’t mind using 2.6.31 if it didn’t make X unbearably slow and break backlight control. ;-) (Didn’t get around to reporting the bug yet, but i will)18:41
allesmueller_zyga, well regular traffic seems ok, but these 2 applications fail - they work with same settings on a huawai e27018:41
zygaI have a different modem18:41
zygaI use an internal samsng modem (usb device)18:41
allesmueller_zyga, yes thats the one which makes troubles :(18:42
zygaIt works perfectly for me18:42
allesmueller_zyga, which firmware?18:42
zygabut as I said I don't use the vpn18:42
zygaI didn't add any extra repos I don't know18:42
zygastock from ubuntu18:42
zygabut actually I don't have afirmware18:42
allesmueller_zyga, it's in the hardware18:42
zygathe modem just works using the acm driver18:42
zyga(yeah but I didn't upgrade)18:43
allesmueller_how old is your NC1018:43
zygaI might update though... I did boot xp once to upgrade all "win" drivers18:43
zygasold in december 200818:43
allesmueller_you can look with minicom - if you wanted18:43
allesmueller_mine is Revision: Y3100XXHL118:44
zygaactually it's downstairs18:44
zygaif you want I can try18:44
zygaahh, samsung software ;-)18:44
allesmueller_when did you upgrade last time18:44
sorenion: Fix uploaded.18:45
ionsoren: Cool18:45
allesmueller_zyga1, startet schnell :)18:47
allesmueller_ups wrong lang :)18:47
zyga1allesmueller_: nc10 !18:47
tseliotsoren: sorry but I have no idea. Did you use DKMS for the patch?18:48
zyga1allesmueller_: what can I write to ask the modem it's version?18:49
zyga1do you know the at command?18:49
zyga1Revision: Y3100XXHJ318:50
zyga1allesmueller_: I hope that helps18:50
allesmueller_zyga1, seems older than mine ... thank you very much for your help18:51
zyga1how do you determine that?18:52
zyga1do you know how to parse samsung modem version numbers?18:52
allesmueller_it's in german, sorry http://www.mobilfunk-faq.info/samsung-tipps-tricks/19134-howto-erklaerung-der-firmwarecodes-bei-samsung.html18:53
zyga1can you write your modem version again18:54
zyga1I know how those numbers work18:54
allesmueller_Revision: Y3100XXHL118:54
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zyga1I have a more recent version18:56
zyga1whoops no sorry18:57
zyga1I calculatated right but I swapped versions18:57
zyga1your version is two months older18:57
* allesmueller lost last hope18:57
* allesmueller doesn't want to use the external modem - that really sucks18:58
zyga1you can just use my version18:58
zyga1samsung's polish page has those drivers18:59
zyga1you can flash them somehow I'm sure (I don't know how regular people do that really)18:59
allesmuelleralready downloaded, just don't know howto flash without windows19:00
zyga1I'm sure you do need windows though :/19:00
allesmuellermaybe some freaky at command syntax :)19:00
slangasektkamppeter: do you know why printing has broken horribly for me some time in the last two weeks?19:04
slangasektkamppeter: are there reports of major regressions in karmic?19:04
tkamppeterslangasek, no major regressions in Karmic. Please tell me what exactly does not work for you. Printer model? Files/apps which do not print? ...19:37
slangasektkamppeter: HP PSC 750, all printing from evince is broken19:37
slangasekalso from firefox19:38
slangasekcolor printing is squished into a narrow band on the left of the page; b&w printing is rendered on 1/4 of the page19:38
slangasek... and the printing dialogs appear to have changed completely?19:38
mneptokslangasek: <kosh> a stroke of the brush does not guarantee art from the bristles. </kosh>19:40
slangasekfull-duplex printing is a three-edged sword19:42
tkamppeterslangasek, looks like that something with HPLIP is not working ...19:42
slangasektkamppeter: could be; is there testing I should do before filing a bug?19:46
tkamppeterslangasek: My PhotoSmart C8100 works perfectly.19:49
tkamppeterslangasek: Please file a bug, especially attach an error_log as described in the "CUPS error_log" section of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingPrintingProblems19:50
c_kornhello, why do I only get empty packages with this control and rules file? http://pastebin.com/d4904a825 http://pastebin.com/d3024e5e619:51
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maxbcdbs! runaway!20:01
c_kornisn't my package. :P20:02
c_kornit seems to be because of missing .install files.20:02
maxbMakes sense. If you don't tell debhelper to install anything... :-)20:03
c_kornwell, I did not advise it to install into debian/tmp20:04
maxbthat's common idiom for a multibinary package20:05
c_kornyes, I realized it. now I have to create a gnome-commander.install file with content "debian/tmp". then I think it stripes the binaries inside and installs the debugging symbols into the gnome-commander-dbg package20:07
hilebtw reminds me, why alsa-plugins build insists building amd64-versions on i386?20:08
hilemultiarch is fine, but seems strange you need to build multiarch by default20:08
slangasekthat's not multiarch20:10
hiledunno if it's multiarch but you need to install binaries which don't work on your hardware to build it20:12
hilei386 and x64 are IMO different architectures to me... not like m68k vs arm but if you can't run the binary you are required to build..20:14
hileI just don't understand requirement for control file rules like libc6-dev-i386 [amd64]20:17
slangasekmultiarch is the exact opposite of this, fixing it so we /don't/ need to build i386 binaries on amd64 and vice-versa20:18
slangasekwhat you're looking at is the workaround, needed in order to support installing 64-bit applications on an i386 system - which works only if you're running a 64-bit kernel20:18
hilebut this was build requirement, not install requirement?20:19
hilewell anyway, it works, was just confusing20:19
slangasektkamppeter: do you want this bug filed against cups, or against hplip?20:21
tkamppetersladen: hplip20:22
slangasektkamppeter: ok20:22
tkamppeterslangasek: hplip20:22
tkamppetersladen: Sorry.20:22
slangasekhmm, perhaps I should have the printer connected while filing this bug20:23
tkamppeterslangasek: Yes, to get the correct error_log and also to get correct apport data.20:24
slangasekthe error_log is all but empty20:24
slangasekbut yeah20:24
tkamppeterslangasek: There is something really broken on your box. Especially if you have set the debug mode of CUPS no one got an empty error_log.20:26
tkamppeterslangasek: Can you look for CUPS-related "audit" messages in /var/log/syslog?20:26
slangasektkamppeter: er, I haven't set any debug mode for CUPS20:27
tkamppeterSee the web page which I mentioned earlier ...20:27
slangasekI hadn't read that wiki page yet, didn't realize you wanted an explicit config change first20:27
slangasektkamppeter: btw, what happened that hpoj is now forced to be removed?  that appears to leave me with no option to have cups running at the same time as I'm using the scanner20:38
billisnicei had trouble getting today's updates to update.  When i typed in my password to install all the updates, they unchecked for a second and went back to the update menu with them checked.20:44
slangasektkamppeter: bug #39444720:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 394447 in hplip "karmic printing regression on HP PSC 750" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39444720:47
maxbDoes anyone have a version of update-grub that works across multiple ubuntu installations in different partitions?21:04
dupondjeSarvatt: u have a nouveau version for 2.6.31 ?21:12
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c_kornthe current ubuntu daily is not installable? xorg: Depends on xorg-docs-core which is not installable21:51
Viper550hmm, I have a little pondering - have we ever thought of '''removing''' Gimp from the default install?21:55
Sarvattsaves a huge chunk of space on the livecd removing it, thats for sure :D21:57
ionTriple quotation mark? :-)21:58
Viper550If we remove gimp from the default, an advanced piece of software whose basic functionality for image tweaking/etc can be found in other apps, we can put more useful stuff in22:00
Viper550you know what, I'll make a spec for that22:00
Sarvatt(like the pae kernel)22:01
EvanCarrollI really wish the bug tracker permitted fileing a distribution bug link for CPAN22:13
EvanCarrollit should permit linkouts to rt22:14
EvanCarrollThe way Debian packages perl, is seriously 110% retarded.22:23
EvanCarrollIt makes me sick.22:23
ionevancarroll: Because making a version control system do the hard work of rebasing patches is bad?22:24
EvanCarrollThis is why god invented subclassing, and namespaces -- if debian wants to break stuff, they shouldn't be monkey patching it into unbroken stuff.22:28
EvanCarrollAnd they should be subclassing.22:28

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