dragon_It'd be cool to have ubottu create links to Google searches09:57
dragon_query "google keywords" could fetch "http://www.google.com/linux?q=keywords"09:58
dragon_can't tell if anybody read that10:04
Myrttiso what do you suggest, how would it work?10:07
dragon_Myrtti: probably like the way ubottu's other commands do10:09
Myrttiso you're really suggesting that we'd give  people lmgtfy links?10:10
Myrttiif not in reality, then in effect10:10
dragon_sort of, for those who try IRC before Google10:11
dragon_command will be subjected to the same moderation and abuse control as other commands, so it seems ok to me so far10:12
MyrttiI hate the suggestion10:12
Tm_Tdragon_: no thanks, lmgtfy is already too much10:13
Myrttiit's just not worth it10:13
Myrttiwe're supposed to give quality answers and support, and take this atleast in a semiprofessional attitude10:14
Myrttigiving halfhearted, unchecked and possibly bad, harmful or just plain wrong advice in the form of random google links  is not a good idea10:14
Tm_Twhy not then direct our support channels to ##google or even the actual webpage (;)10:14
Tm_TMyrtti: agreed10:14
dragon_makes sense10:15
MyrttiIRC channels, if mentored and monitored correctly, give better advice than Google.10:15
Tm_Tgoogle doesn't ask "did that work?"10:15
Tm_Tnor pretty much help you any way with your attempts10:15
Myrttigoogle also returns results including arbitrary root account activation, use of unchecked totally random scripts (of -matix fame and similar) and randomly compiling stuff from source without checking the repos10:18
Tm_TMyrtti: not to mention random packages10:20
dragon_yeah, plain google does that.10:20
Myrttiin short: benefits don't overrule the possible harm done10:21
Tm_Tif you don't want to help, don't try to help then (;)10:21
Tm_Tthat's the guideline for lmgtfy-type of persons10:21
dragon_Tm_T: there are some questions that deserve a lmgtfy answer10:22
Myrttidragon_: there is no stupid questions10:22
Myrttithere is only stupid answers10:22
Myrttipeople want to be held by hand when doing new things.10:23
Myrttiit's human behaviour, we're scared of trying new things.10:23
Myrttiquite possibly people have done google search, have found confusing information and come to IRC to get a confirmation on a road to travel10:23
Myrttiand all you see is "how do I install software in Ubuntu"10:24
Tm_Tdragon_: the whole purpose of #ubuntu for example is to help with ubuntu, be it by giving good search words10:24
Tm_Tor something else10:24
dragon_i agree that a link to ubuntu docs would be way more helpful than a link to google10:25
Myrttithe problem with lmgtfy links is also that in order to justify their use in any given circumstance, you'd have to do the google search yourself, check that the results given are valid and good, and the reproduce the query for the person asking10:26
Myrttiand in most cases it's just easier to hand pick the result URL's and give them to the person, than giving him the lmgtfy link and give a warning "but don't use the second link, it's bad"10:28
Myrttinot to mention the fact that google gives different results depending on your language and location10:28
dragon_Myrtti, Tm_T: thanks for your feedback. it helped me understand things better.10:44
Tm_Tdragon_: np, that's why we are here for10:45
dragon_catch ya later10:45
jussi01crud, why didnt I see this before.10:49
Tm_Tsee what?10:49
jussi01We have that facility on ubottu, (the google one) but we chose to disable it10:49
Tm_Tgood (:)10:50
jussi01Philip5: can we help you with something today?10:50
Myrttijussi01: look around10:50
Philip5juliux: ehem, i don't know... can you? ;)10:51
jussi01Philip5: sorry.10:51
jussi01I thought I was elswhere :D10:51
Philip5hehe, no problem10:51
Philip5i'm not sure who i'm today either10:52
MTecknologynalioth: Do you have packages for jaunty and karmic yet?15:53
Tm_TMTecknology: packages of what?16:09
MTecknologyTm_T: PackageInfo plugin on ubot316:10
evanrmurphyI've been waiting two weeks to get some flags from the founder of #ubuntu-l10n-es with no response. He initially opped me, but didn't pass the flag so I lost it on reentry. I'm pretty sure he meant to grant the flags (asked me if I wanted to be "coordinator and op" for the channel beforehand), so I was wondering if someone here could do it. Thanks for your time.19:05
evanrmurphyTo clarify: I highly doubt this will create conflict, but on the offchance that P3L|C4N0 does complain later, I suppose we could have my flags revoked. Requesting a "/msg ChanServ FLAGS #ubuntu-es-l10n evanrmurphy +*".19:07
evanrmurphysorry, channel name backwards there. Should be #ubuntu-l10n-es... "/msg ChanServ FLAGS #ubuntu-l10n-es evanrmurphy +*".19:08
naliothevanrmurphy: nothing works unless you're identified to services19:09
evanrmurphynalioth: Could you paraphrase that please? Identified in which sense?19:12
naliothevanrmurphy: /msg nickserv help identify19:13
naliothw/o being identified, any troll could /nick evanrmurphy and kick / ban / murder in channels you have ops in19:14
naliothwithout the identification services of this network, i mean19:15
ubot2In #ubuntu-br, icefusion11 said: !poo is <reply> Acrônimo de Programação Orientada a Objetos19:16
evanrmurphynalioth: Thanks, now I'm identified. Sorry, I thought I was already, but apparently the automatic identify didn't go through.19:17
naliothevanrmurphy: if you are +e, services knows who you are19:18
naliothWant to see if someone is identified to services at a glance?  http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#spoofing evanrmurphy, this will show you who is and who isn't identified (so you don't talk to trolls)19:19
evanrmurphynalioth: OK, thanks.19:22
evanrmurphynalioth: Would you be able to grant my request?19:23
evanrmurphyCAPAB IDENTIFY-MSG19:24
naliothevanrmurphy: i'm afraid you'll need to ask P3L|C4N019:33
evanrmurphynalioth: Is there a response time cap on his unilateral authority? I sent him an email two weeks ago and a MemoServ note before that.19:37
evanrmurphyI'd appreciate a comment from one of the members who was helping me on this case earlier. (m4v, Pici, niko)19:38
nikoevanrmurphy: i'm not an op of #ubuntu-es* related channels, but i know the issue with P3L|C4N019:45
nikowe have the same one years before on #ubuntu-fr*19:46
nikofinally the guy leave the lead19:46
evanrmurphyniko: You mean P3L|C4N0 finally left, or other person?19:51
m4vevanrmurphy: the problem isn't with you only. We're trying to contact p3l|c4n0 as well19:51
nikoevanrmurphy: other one19:51
nikowith same issue19:52
evanrmurphym4v: Ah... I wasn't aware.19:52
m4vyesterday we had a talk about it in #ubuntu-es-ops with erUSUL and RoAkSoAx, we'll ask him to add another admin (+*) to the channels he owns19:56
m4vhe's been missing for a week...19:57
evanrmurphyniko, nalioth: Thanks for your help with this! m4v and RoAkSoAx are assisting me now in #ubuntu-es-ops and the channel in question.20:15

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