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jacqoliveDoes anyone know how to get involved with developing for Ubuntu in java?19:35
mhall119|workjacqolive: probably bug triaging is a good place to start19:57
mhall119|workthen bug fixing or packaging19:57
mhall119|workI know there's a java packaging push going on19:57
jacqolivemhall119|work: thanks, would launchpad be the place to get involved in this or is there some other place that i can have a look at?20:33
maxbWhat exactly do you want to get involved in?20:42
maxbWriting new things in Java for Ubuntu? Packaging more Java software for Ubuntu? Improving the packaging of Java software already in Ubuntu?20:42
maxbLaunchpad is likely to figure heavily in doing *anything* Ubuntu related, but it's more a tool, than a place to communicate20:43
maxbjacqolive: ^20:44
jacqolivemaxb: i would like to develop new things in java for ubuntu20:46
maxbI'm not very familiar with the "new features" process, but I think early discussion of the things you want to create, such that you work out a rough specification, is important, and you'll want to have a look at the launchpad blueprints system. The ubuntu-devel-discuss mailing lists or #ubuntu-devel IRC channel seem like good places to air an initial idea and solicit pointers about where best to discuss it further20:51

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