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apwsmb, ok the kernel packages are in, so meta can be uploaded, would you do the honours09:43
smbapw, sure09:43
apwsmb, in the normal place (i hope)09:45
smbapw, yes it is09:45
smbapw, From the debdiff it seems to add new suggest/recommend entries to control.common but not in control. Unfortunately that gets easily lost in the git tree. It will fix itself on build, but it would confuse a bit. Sorry, just saw that now.09:56
apwsmb, s'ok will have a look, rather get it right09:57
smbapw, Right, actually that would probably be also something to go into the changelog as that change fixes a bug09:58
apwsmb, which bit fixes the bug?  the removal of the delta control -> control.common or the adding of the recommends?10:00
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smbapw, The addition of recommends10:01
smbRecommend apport for linux-crashdump10:01
smb    10:01
smb    Bug: #39102610:01
apwyeah will make sure thats in the changelog10:01
apwsomehow it got lost that must be my erorr10:02
apwthis is why you are a good check for my packages :)10:02
smbapw, Yeah, its always good to have the stupid/innocent second glance on it :)10:04
apwi have learned a useful way to do a last ditch check this time round ... thanks10:05
apwsmb, ok ... updated the packages10:10
smbapw, Looks fine to me now. Then I start upload. You will push?10:11
apwsmb, is pushed now (based on your ack there :)10:11
smbapw, Got it :)10:12
apwmost excellent10:12
smbapw, ubuntu installer san says "accepted"10:15
apwhehe sounds good10:16
TheMusoapw: Speaking of the metapackage, I am happy to maintain a separate linux-ports metapackage, as the binary packages built from the meta won't be changing, and it means we update the kernels when the ports kernels are ready, separate from main arches. The metapackage is somewhat easier to maintain separately. :)10:27
apwi assume we are still doing that :)  as i don't see any ports arches in my lnux-meta upload 10:28
apwand yes that cirtainly sounds reasonable to me10:28
TheMusoI know that, and since I wasn't asked about that... But thought I'd double check10:28
apwas they are likely to lag a little at least, cirtainly during this phase10:29
apwi don't see how that package hurts the admins either as its a single package and has a constant name, no newing required10:29
* apw calls that a decision and a plan10:30
apwsmb, ok i built something usnig the build tools .. .and its gone idle(last build failed)10:33
apwis there a toy for finding the logs?10:34
smbapw, There will be a build.log in the <series>-<arch> dir10:34
smbapw, the tool is ssh into the porter, I am afraid10:35
apwheh ok thanks :)10:35
apwsmb, ok so how do i teach this thing about a group of machiens?10:47
smbapw, You add a file in .ubuild/groups that contains the short names (or archs) you want to have in that group. Then you can use than (file-)name instead of a machine10:48
smbIf you use the name of an arch, it would take just the first host it can find doing that arch10:49
apwsmb, does it know which ones are busy?11:26
smbapw, It will check for status files, yes11:26
apwso if i say build amd64 and my local builder is busy it will use ronne, sort of thign?11:27
apwhow does it define the order?11:27
smbErr, no. not that intelligent11:27
smbIt will just tell you I am busy 11:27
apwdamn 11:27
smbI was thinking of that feature but bacame distracted11:27
kdubhello everyone11:38
apwkdub, hello there12:18
pgranerapw: ping13:46
apwpgraner, hi13:46
pgranerapw: i saw your were working on the noveau kernel code... it blew up on me while it was trying to dkms-ify, known issue?13:47
apwthe nouveau stuff isn't in dkms?13:48
pgranerapw: no it was but when I installed the ppa it tried to compile the dkms code and it shit itself13:49
pgranerapw: I suspect the reason is cuz the code int he ppa was for .30 and the kernel I'm running is .3113:50
apwwhich ppa you using13:50
pgranerapw: https://edge.launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/nouveau13:51
apwhrm so you are using the DKMS stuff for nouveau from there, not seen that even, in there is also my .30 nouveau kernel.  most confusing13:53
apwbut yes, the chances of that dkms carrying forward with the level of drm change which occured is low13:53
apwi'll have a look in a bit for the latest nouveau bits13:54
pgranerapw: do you have a .31 nouveau kernel by chance?13:54
apwnot yet13:54
pgranerapw: no worries, I have a card that is supposed to work with it and was trying to test kms13:54
apwyep.  and a good test it would be13:54
pgranerapw: from now on when you update let me know and i'll run it thru its paces13:55
NCommanderapw, I have a patch to fix the ia64 build (it got left out of Luke's tree because I accidently included config changes that were irreveleant to it). I sent a mail to the list but its stuck in a moderation queue14:32
apwheh ... sounds pretty normal ... annoying list14:33
apwok so should i merge whats there, and wait for more, or just wait for more14:33
NCommanderapw, its a single patch, I think you merge what's there, then pop on my patch (I'm uploading it now)14:33
apwNCommander, can do that14:34
NCommanderapw, I plan to work on sparc this weekend, I have the hardware, just a hosed install ATM14:34
apwany idea what the sparc chroot issue is?14:34
NCommanderglibc isn't too happy on the porting boxes14:34
NCommanderDunno why14:34
NCommanderWOrks fine on mine14:34
NCommander(and my sparcs are two models earlier than whats in the DC)14:34
NCommanderapw, anyway, I hope to simply the ports tree down to one sparc kernel, and two powerpc kernels14:35
apwhrm.  is anyone looking at it?  and i assume that affects the buildds too?14:35
NCommanderWhich should make life much much easier for touching ports (although I need to fire an email, we accidently dropped support for Itanium1 machines w/ intrepid, not sure if we care enough to readd it)14:35
NCommanderapw, it only seems to affect dchroot, I'm not fully sure what's going on except it hangs hard14:35
apwdon't we use dchroot for the buildd builds also?14:36
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NCommanderapw, sbuild14:36
NCommanderapw, http://people.ubuntu.com/~mcasadevall/0002-UBUNTU-Upstream-Patch-to-fix-iommu-on-ia64-architect.patch14:36
NCommanderapw, if you want, I can kick the kernel tree after its merged into a devirtualized PPA14:37
apwhow do i get one of those setup i wonder, i could do with one which builds on all architectures for this very use14:37
NCommanderapw, talk to IS, but devirtualized PPAs build on the normal distro machines so they can block things building ina rchive14:38
apwyeah ... but its the only way to do a proper test so someone in kernel should have one14:38
NCommanderapw, indeed. I've had one for ages, but it was never an issue for the kernel team before because the ports tree and the mainline trees were separate14:39
NCommanderOf course, now its an issue ;-)14:39
apwdoes yours have just one machine in it?14:39
apwas in one architecture?:14:39
NCommanderapw, its an all or nothing thing14:39
NCommanderBasically you get PPA only arches, or all of them14:39
apwahh i see14:39
NCommanderapw, hopefully with this upload, this will fix ia64 d-i, and get CD images building again (which is nice because I have an ia64 desktop ;-))14:40
apwyeah there is some hope14:40
NCommanderapw, so everything except sparc should build now (sparc's config files need to be reworked, and the exclude modules updated, which is an annoying amount of drudge work)14:42
NCommanderbut once done, it should just keep on going14:42
mdzapw, it looks like the linux-doc patch didn't make it into 2.6.31, is it still pending?14:43
apwyes its still pending ... not forgotten, we should have no docs now is my understanding14:44
SEJeffIs there any sort of backport or whatnot of the creative x-fi modules for existing distros? Or should users wanting to use that soundcard with a release such as hardy just install their own kernels or manually build the modules?15:20
Kmoscould someone have a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/390292 ?15:30
ubot3Malone bug 390292 in console-setup "undefined kernel key code  ( in karmic a2)" [Undecided,Confirmed] 15:30
Kmosi can't boot my home machine because of the same problem15:31
Kmosi've upgraded from jaunty to karmic15:31
apwKmos, that doesn't look like a kernel issue, they seem to be blaming some userspace code there.  i am supprised its stopping you booting15:47
Kmosapw: I tried to chmod -x console-setup and setupcon as cjwatson suggested but no luck15:49
apwyou still get the messages?15:50
Kmoswhen I do dpkg-reconfigure console-setup it always show these warnings.15:50
Kmosyes, i'm not at home right now, but there aren't no updates that fix it, i can boot in recovery, but not in normal mode15:50
Kmosit hangs at setting console and font15:50
apwyou could try putting an exit 0 at the top of the console-setup script to ensure it does not execute15:52
apwbut its not obvious how setupcon could run if its -x15:53
apwyou might need to do the same to console-screen.sh (add an exit 0 to the top there too)15:54
apwthat also does stuff with the console if setupcon is not avaialble15:54
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cjwatsonKmos: for the avoidance of doubt, I did *not* advise you to chmod -x /etc/init.d/console-setup and /bin/setupcon16:05
cjwatsonKmos: I advised you to use 'set -x', which is a command you put in a shell script to turn on execution tracing16:05
cjwatsonKmos: but, if you did 'chmod -x', then that pretty much proves that it isn't actually console-setup causing a problem after all, but rather whatever runs directly after console-setup, I'd have thought ...16:06
Kmoscjwatson: I didn't know about the 'set -x' command. sorry.. I made the -x and it also breaks. but the problem of dpkg-reconfigure console-setup giving that warning messages?16:16
Kmosapw: I need to try that at home16:16
cjwatsonis entirely unrelated to your boot trouble, and not a high priority16:16
KmosI don't know what's breaking it, because setting debug=vc and remove quiet and splash didn't show anything16:18
Kmosand dont know how to debug it better16:18
Kmosmaybe the only solution is to reinstall :-(16:19
cjwatsonfind the thing after console-setup and debug that with set -x16:19
cjwatson(you'll need debug=vc and remove quiet/splash to get useful output there)16:19
cjwatsonor debug /etc/init.d/rc with set -x to make absolutely sure of which script is being executed at the point of the hang16:20
KmosI need to -x the script at rcS.d after the console-setup16:20
manjoapw, compcache source comes with scripts to load and unload the modules, do we need to ship these userspace scripts somehow ? 17:05
apwi am sure we don't in the kernel17:06
apwi am sure whatever uses it knows how17:06
apwubuiquity or whatever17:06
cjwatsonmanjo: it's already integrated in initramfs-tools and casper17:41
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pgranerapw: ping, that audio bug from yesterday is 394014 FYI18:27
mjg59cking: Where does the source for the hpmini kerneld driver live? I'm sure I'd found it at some point, but now I can't18:42
ckingmjg59: gimme 5...18:52
mjg59Ah, I've found a tarball with it18:52
mjg59Ah, wonderful18:55
ckingno probs18:56
mjg59Didn't catch that it was under a different branch18:56
ckingyeah. What are you gonna do with it?18:56
mjg59Was planning on adapting it to rfkill18:56
mjg59Huh. git will give me the pretty version, but asking it for the raw blob gives me a 0 length file18:57
mjg59Clicking on "raw" gives me nothing back18:58
mjg59And clicking on "HEAD" gives me 40318:58
smbmjg59, HEAD has the same results for me. But raw pops up a save window...18:59
mjg59smb: Does it actually save anything, or is it just sending headers and no content?19:00
smbmjg59, Ah, ok. I see19:00
mjg59Oh, hang on19:02
mjg59It's the same GUID as hp-wmi19:02
mjg59Heh. It's an entirely unnecessary driver :)19:02
mmerloneHi all, I have a question regarding a mac address flip flop reported by arpwatch, is this a rigth place to ask?19:22
james_wcould someone with the power please fish my mail from the kernel-team moderation queue?19:29
robbiewapw: you around?22:30

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