asacfta: how can the version of a daily be ?01:56
asace.g. ubuntu2 ?01:57
asacshouldnt that be ubuntu1~umd1 ?01:57
asacor was that a second upload because of a build failure?01:57
asacok jaunty piece are in -security PPA fwiw. tomorrow things are probably built02:00
ftasmall bug in my bot02:00
ftaharmless and difficult to catch, i'll try to fix that another time02:01
asacoh i386 build will start in 1h ;)02:01
asacamd64  in 5 hours02:02
asacyeah. corner casish02:02
ftacprov is following my branch02:03
ftahe asked me to start coding in python instead of perl ;)02:03
ftai think i'll buy a HP Photosmart C6380, i'm sick of waiting02:06
micahgfta where are you located?02:07
ftamicahg, paris. why?02:07
micahgI have a couple of refurb Photosmart 6280s02:07
asachmm /build/buildd/gtk-vnc-0.3.8/./plugin/npshell.c:84:19: error: npupp.h: No such file or directory02:08
asacwas that removed from xul 1.9 to 1.9.1?02:08
ftaactivex; lol02:09
ftamicahg: running fine with ubuntu?02:10
ftamicahg, i'm interested by the scanner part, i guess the printer is fine out of the box02:10
micahghaven't tried them02:10
micahgthey're to sell02:10
micahgI use an epson cx500002:11
micahgit's great with xsane02:11
ftawell, i hope the hp is fine too02:12
ftaasac, any success with my bot?02:12
asacmixed feeling on that one.02:18
asaci will check tomorrow where i stand02:18
asacran into other NM troubles on trunk i had to fix first02:18
ftafile bugs, or something ;)02:19
ftai guess i should package it02:19
asacsparc fails in nanojit http://launchpadlibrarian.net/28574493/buildlog_ubuntu-jaunty-sparc.xulrunner-1.9.1_1.9.1%2Bnobinonly-0ubuntu0.9.04.1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz02:21
asaci remember that bug02:21
asacarmin76 pointed me to it i think ... sync_instruction_memory02:21
ftasame http://launchpadlibrarian.net/28566619/buildlog_ubuntu-karmic-sparc.xulrunner-1.9.1_1.9.1%2Bnobinonly-0ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz02:22
ftai pointed it to armin76 ~ rc102:22
asacah ok02:22
asacdo you have the bug  id?02:22
asacmozilla bug 48658402:23
ubottuMozilla bug 486584 in JavaScript Engine "tracemonkey uses Solaris-only code on SPARC" [Normal,Assigned] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=48658402:23
sattamhi  , we have arabic issue in the Firfox 3.5 : https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=499538 , ubuntu going to patch it  ?03:13
ubottuMozilla bug 499538 in Layout: Text "Arabic letters are disconnected in edit fields" [Critical,New]03:13
micahgCan you please file a bug in Launchpad?03:19
micahgubuntu-bug firefox-3.503:19
micahgand note the mozilla bug #03:19
sattammicahg: sure ,03:20
reedUbuntu is not going to pull in random patches like that03:20
micahgsattam: do you know if it's fixed in the release of FF.503:20
reedUbuntu will get the patch when Firefox gets it for 3.5.103:20
micahgreed: is it not worth it for him to file in LP?03:21
reedI don't see a point... there's already a reviewed patch, and it's already blocking 3.5.103:21
reedfiling it in LP won't change the fact that a fix won't be available until 3.5.103:21
micahgbut if someone else has the issue they'll see it03:22
sattami  want you to apply these patch in the current release03:22
micahgsattam: as reed said, that won't happen until 3.5.1 is released03:22
sattammicahg: OK ,03:22
bbigrasI just installed Firefox 3.5 from the fresh built of the Ubuntu Mozilla Security Team. Is it normal that the package depend on 3.0 and still call himself Shiretoko?05:26
bbigrasfresh build*05:28
=== asac_ is now known as asac
micahgpign asac, fta, re bug 38348407:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 383484 in firefox-3.5 "searchbar broken" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38348407:37
micahgasac: fta: if the search plugins are the same for FF3.5 and FF3 I would suggest breaking them out into a separate package07:47
micahghi asac09:49
micahgdid you see the msg I left you?09:49
asac_micahg: 08:47 < micahg> asac: fta: if the search plugins are the same for FF3.5 and FF3 I would suggest breaking them out into a separate package09:49
asac_that one?09:49
micahgyeah, and the others09:49
micahgit seems like the plugins are missing09:49
micahgbug 38348409:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 383484 in firefox-3.5 "search engine plugins missing in firefox-3.5 packages" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38348409:50
micahgat least in the versions that were in the repos before09:50
asac_ah yeah09:51
=== asac_ is now known as asac
asaci will think about it09:53
asacusing a separate package might work09:54
asacbut not sure we want to introduce a separate source09:54
asaclike "firefox-common" ;)09:54
micahgyeah, well, you can have the latest FF generate it09:55
micahgand have the older one get free updates :)09:55
micahgalthough, you'll run into a problem if there's a security flaw in teh common elements09:56
micahgthan you have bump the later one for no reason09:57
asaci am not sure yet09:59
ftaasac, http://identi.ca/notice/592643710:55
ftaasac, http://identi.ca/notice/592392410:56
BUGabundofta: reporting here?10:56
BUGabundofta: ppl shouldn't be using your PPA! I told then that!!10:57
asacdailies shouldnt get official branding anyway ;)10:59
bbigrasthe one from Ubuntu Mozilla Security Team is branded as Shiretoko too11:00
asacbbigras: https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-karmic-firefox-3.511:03
asacFirefox - PPA - open up maxVersion in application.ini and package dependencies: DONE11:04
asacfta: so fennec 1.0 luckily seems to be  built against 1.9.111:04
asacalready thought we might need to remove it from archive completely11:05
asacwell. at least the version you uploaded once11:05
ftathe new one currently needs 1.9.211:06
ftaprobably fixable11:06
bbigrasasac: will the official branding be only for karmic? or if also for jaunty will it be on the security ppa or only when it get in universe?11:07
asacyeah. thats what i thought11:07
ftait has to do with l10n11:07
asacbbigras: first in karmic. we for released ubuntu versions we usually need to wait until we have done the trademark review11:07
asacfta: yeah now i remember. but if its because there are different strings now in trunk that fennec uses, its probably hard11:08
bbigrasasac: ok thanks and good work11:09
=== BUGabundo1 is now known as BUGabundo
ftaalways to "good work" for asac, and the bugs to me :P11:23
asacbbigras: thank fta who prepared the 3.5 update ;)11:26
BUGabundo~:| /me is confused11:26
bbigrasfta: thank you too :)11:27
BUGabundofta: aahahahh love the dent!11:28
asactransition ppa is full :-P11:33
asacfta: is the b1 tarball for fennec broken?11:37
asaci see that its still open in changelog11:37
asacactually ... where is the orig?11:39
asacfta: oh11:39
asactar: /usr/lib/xulrunner-devel- Cannot open: No such file or directory11:39
asac ls -l /usr/lib/xulrunner-devel-1.9.1/11:39
asacbin             idl/            include/        lib/            sdk/            xpcom-config.h11:39
asachmm strange11:40
asacwhy my -dev still11:40
asacii  xulrunner-1.9.1-dev                 1.9.1+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.9.04.1     XUL + XPCOM development files11:40
asacoh i forced it ;)11:40
asacso unping11:40
asacfta: whats the best way to test if a file exists in make?11:56
asacifneq (,$(wildcard ...))11:57
asacsounds complicated ;)11:57
BUGabundoasac: pitty will have to change *buntu-desktop seed too, right?12:01
asacall CD rdepends needs to be ported for that12:09
BUGabundodon't you forget about that asac ehe12:11
asacfta: so now fennec builds here, and it works, except that the browser window itself is broken12:23
asace.g. doesnt render at all12:23
asacfta: fennec get-orig-source got 1.0~b2+hg20090630r611 for me12:39
asacisnt that wrong?12:39
asace.g. shouldnt that be b2~hg ?12:39
rippsasac: that depends, was the source from a commit after or before beta2 was released?12:53
* BUGabundo $ mv /dev/arse /media/kitchen; do eat; done; mv /dev/arse /tmp/newjob;12:53
asacripps: before ;)12:54
asaci am sure its a bug ;)12:55
rippsbeta2 hasn't been released yet, than that a bug, but since reverting would require an epoch so that things would install correctly, might as well just leave it alone and wait until the official beta2 comes out12:56
asacripps: we havent done any upload with b212:57
asacnot even b112:57
rippsstill, it's kind of a hassle to fix it, is it really essential to fix the version number?12:58
asacwe need at least get a plan how to unbreak this situation12:58
asacif they release b2 it should have higher version than a pre snapshot12:58
rippsyou need to replace with a version value higher than b2, but still work when beta2 comes out.... all I know is that it would probobly require an epcoh12:59
asacfor xulrunner and stuff we are kind of lucky because we get the +nobinonly for free12:59
asacripps: no it doesnt12:59
asacfix it in mozclient for fennec12:59
asacand all is fine12:59
asacwe havent uploaded anything with ~b212:59
asacso its fixable12:59
rippsIf nobodies installed it yet, than it should be pretty easy to fix13:00
asacits a bit of a pain for the existing dailies ... just want to know whats the plan to get out of this situation is ;)13:00
asacripps: then fix it ;)13:00
rippsI don't use fennec, nor do I know anything of it's packaging... :\13:01
asacripps: its probably a problem in mozclient13:01
asacin general13:01
asacso it affects all packages that use it to produce tarballs13:01
asacso if you say ./debian/rules get-orig-source in xulrunner-1.9 you probably get a wrong version13:01
asacanyway. lets wait if fta has any plan yet13:02
asacdoesnt matter anyway, because fennec seems to be not supporting 1.9.113:02
vadi2Hi. I installed ff 3.5 final, and the fonts in it are broken again - unlike my gnome preferences, it's the default huge and fuzzy letters. How can this be fixed?13:58
fta2asac, i think i have uncommitted changes in my fennec branch13:59
asacfta2: now its gone ;)13:59
asacif that was something to keep give it to me i can commit it on top if you dont want to rebase ;)13:59
fta2asac, and the "+" was expected, upstream bumps the version at the last minute, unlike ff13:59
asacfta2: what do you mean by "last minute"?14:00
asacthey are not yet at b2 ... but we have b2+hg14:00
fta2they are14:00
asacthere is no tag14:00
asacas long as there is no tag we are probably at b2~hg14:01
asacand after b2 tag we are at b2+hg14:01
fta2Topic for #mobile is: Fennec Project || Fennec Beta 2 is out! http://blog.pavlov.net/2009/06/26/new-fennec-releases/14:01
fta2hence the +14:03
asacok ;)14:04
fta2mozilla 49809814:07
ubottuMozilla bug 498098 in Plug-ins "Fullscreening youtube videos freezes Flash" [Critical,Resolved: duplicate] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=49809814:07
asac_bzr bd really breaks tarballs14:09
asac_what a mess14:09
asacso b2 is more broken than b1 ;)14:16
asac_ok dropping ball on fennec for now. seems we need some low-level gecko fixes in order to get it work with 1.9.1 branch - to be continued another day14:19
asac_its probably the canvas browser that is a bit busted from what i see14:19
asac_vadi2: so your complain is that ffox does not honour the gnome settings?14:21
vadi2asac_: yes, my font hinting preference14:22
vadi2lemme show you14:22
asac_can you confirm that its just the hinting?14:22
asac_e.g. it uses slight but you want full?14:22
vadi2no it is on full and I want slight14:22
asacvadi2: what do you get here: ls -l /etc/fonts/conf.d/*hint*14:23
asacvadi2: try sudo rm /etc/fonts/conf.d/10-hinting-full.conf14:25
asacvadi2: try sudo rm /etc/fonts/conf.d/10-hinting-slight.conf14:25
asacsudo ln -s /etc/fonts/conf.avail/*hint*full.conf /etc/fonts/conf.d/14:25
vadi2sorry, I just looked in gnome prefs14:26
vadi2ff is using the "slight" one14:26
vadi2and I'd like full :x14:26
vadi2will that do it still?14:27
asacso its bug 37976114:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 379761 in firefox-3.5 "FF 3.5 font hinting" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37976114:27
vadi2asac thanks, that worked14:30
vadi2was 3.5 supposed to replace 3.0? it still has the blue logo14:30
asacvadi2: no. we will replace it as soon as we have ported all rdepends that are on CD14:32
asachopefully soonish ;)14:32
vadi2thanks for your help14:32
asac_damn i forgot to swithc maintainer back to me for icedove14:47
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synta10hello everyone16:53
synta10anyone alive here?16:55
muszekhi... 3.5 died twice on me today.  I'm running the version from sucurity updates repo.  Is there anything I could do to help tracking a bug?  It didn't happen in 3.0.  The window just disappears.17:03
muszeklast time it happen I was just pressing a regular link (plain html)17:04
Mook_sbI dunno anything at all here, but do you have stacks or other forms of error output?17:04
muszekMook_sb: nope, but if I was given some directions, I can have something next time it happens.17:05
* Mook_sb waits for somebody who actually uses ubuntu - sorry, I was just hanging out here because I'm interested :p17:05
muszekI am using Ubuntu :)17:06
synta10muszek: have you tried to start out w/ the fresh profile?17:10
muszeksynta10: no, I haven't17:12
muszeksynta10: I'll do that and will come back if it happens again17:13
asacsynta10: ?17:14
synta10asac: what's up?17:14
asacyou asked if anyone is alive ;)17:14
asacmuszek: do you have extensions installed/enabled?17:15
synta10asac: okay, I admit I did; I've recommended muszek to start w/ new profile17:15
muszekasac: yes.  quite a few installed, some automatically disabled after I ran 3.517:15
asacmuszek: so did this go away with fresh profile?17:16
synta10you can also try to disable all the extensions to see if it still happens17:16
muszekenabled: Adblock Plus, DownThemAll, Firebug, Firecookie, Firefinder for Firebug, MeasureIt, PermaTabs Mod, Remember The Milk for Gmail, SenSEO, SEO For Firefox, Tree Style Tab, Web Developer17:17
muszekasac: I'll do that shortly and come back here if it crashes again17:17
muszekPermaTabs Mod is not enabled, my bad17:18
fta2asac, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=474790  :(17:21
asacwhats the essence there? skype broken?17:23
fta2no, a tool to grab 32bit files17:24
asacwhy does that exist?17:25
asacbecause we dont ship enough stuff in ia32-libs?17:25
fta2because ia32-libs is obviously crap17:25
asacbut can any out-of-distro tool be better?17:27
asacwhat does it do?17:28
asacinstall stuff in /usr/lib32 ?17:28
fta2maybe automatically create & maintain a custom deb, instead of putting files directly in the filesystem17:31
fta2files that cannot easily be removed17:31
asacdoes it do that?17:32
fta2same here17:32
synta10are there any estimations when the Fx 3.5 final will be pushed to official Jaunty repos?17:39
synta10well, how it is about localization of Firefox in Mozilla Security repo?17:46
asacsynta10: we give it 2 days baking time in ppa17:47
asacso tomorrow night17:47
synta10asac: thanks; where it will be then? in jaunty-proposed?17:48
asacand -updates17:49
asacsynta10: install it from ppa now17:49
asacthe more testers there are the more confident i am about the quality and the sooner i feel brave enough to get it rolled ;)17:49
synta10asac: I am running it already, it's still Shiretoko and I am missing Czech locale; but overally it looks fine17:50
asacsynta10: we wont get translations until we make it default17:53
asacunlikely that we get translations for jaunty17:53
asaci will think about it17:54
asacmaybe we can do something somehow17:54
synta10well, maybe backporting the Karmic version?17:54
asactranslations are done differently17:54
asacwe ship them in the  big langpacks17:55
synta10ah, yes17:55
synta10I see that langpacks are in /usr/lib/firefox-addons/extensions17:56
synta10separately installed localization extension (xpi) works fine, but it's not quite user friendly solution17:59
synta10I guess there could be separate firefox-locale-* package in repos, like w/ thunderbird18:01
asacyes you can use upstream .xpis18:02
asacthat should work18:02
asacdont konw a differnt solution right now18:02
asacmaybe indeed a tweaked backport somehow at some point18:03
synta10I guess Fx 3.0 stays as default in Jaunty, doesn't it?18:04
synta10ok, and one more thing - will the final version in Ubuntu repos get the new icon or it will still use the Shiretoko's?18:09
synta10nevermind, thank you asac for your answers!18:25
miikdude put so firefox-3.5 come on update20:31
miikasac, hello you!!20:32
miiki know its you who is the boy who make firefox in ubuntu20:32
miikyou are the boss guy20:32
miiklook i have karmic, and you need to put so 3.5 come in update20:32
miikalso i need songbird in repo20:33
Picimiik: I suppose I was wrong to assume that you would have something constructive to contribute here.20:33
miiknobody here talks with me, i get the pissed fucked off20:33
Picimiik: Please stop20:34
miikthe boss dude needs put firefox 3.5 so it comes to my computer in update20:34
miikand i need songbird in repo, i waited 1 year20:34
miikno i waited more20:35
miikjcastro, you have best name jorge castro, its rox, its like fidel castro!! lol20:37
Picimiik: Firstly, this is a development channel, demanding things won't get them here any faster. Secondly, you're free to help test 3.5 in jaunty, karmic is not released and as such the release requirements are different.  Thirdly, there is a lot of discussion on songbird on this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/94494 , it would be wise to read it to see what the blockers are.20:44
ubottuUbuntu bug 94494 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] Songbird" [Wishlist,In progress]20:44
NCommanderasac, bugger, you uploaded icedove when I had patches I still wanted to submit :-/20:53
NCommanderasac, how's the future look for a -2 upload ;-)20:54
BUGabundoboas noites21:28
BUGabundoasac: have seeds been updated for FF3.521:36
ricklerrehey, I'm sure lots of people have been in to ask this today, but what's the timetable for firefox 3.5 release to repositories?  is it hours, weeks, or with the next release?  thx21:43
BUGabundoeheh I just asked that21:45
BUGabundoricklerre: it *is* in the archive! just not the seed!21:45
BUGabundoricklerre: $ sudo apt-get install firefox-3.521:45
ricklerreBUGabundo: right, that's obviously the untested non canonical one, and it doesn't actually update does it?  it just installs a second?21:46
BUGabundoare you crazy dude?21:48
BUGabundothat's the real thing mantained by this hard working team21:48
BUGabundohow can you even think that?21:48
BUGabundomicahg: hey21:48
ricklerreI see21:50
ricklerresorry to offend, I must have been mistaken21:51
ricklerreat what points are updates issued to the "firefox" package though(this is just out of curiosity)21:52
BUGabundono offece21:52
BUGabundohope I didn't offend you either eheh21:52
BUGabundoricklerre: AFAIK its up to asac21:53
ftadamn, people are cloning our builds: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox-3.521:53
BUGabundoThe following unsupported and         untrusted PPAs also provide        'firefox-3.5':21:55
ftaand our official ppas are not even listed21:55
BUGabundoask LP admins to kick them21:56
ftabug 28095822:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 280958 in soyuz "Package page doesn't show related PPAs for that package" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28095822:05
micahgthat's a cool new feature22:13
asacricklerre: http://www.asoftsite.org/s9y/archives/160-FAQ-Where-can-I-get-firefox-3.5-for-Ubuntu.html22:40
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asacNCommander: huh?22:41
asacNCommander: you have icedove contributions ;)22:41
asacgive them to me ;)22:42
asacNCommander: i couldnt wait longer with upload ... we already skipped .21 and i thought maybe they would start the MIA process on me ;)22:42
NCommanderasac, I want to shove the ARM patches in there for it22:42
NCommanderOnce I fully test them (I've built it, got a debdiff, etc.)22:43
asacNCommander: oh right. i think i could cherry pick them22:43
NCommanderasac, if you want, I was going to provide a branch then request permission to upload (I am in icedove uploaders ;-))22:43
ricklerreasac: thanks22:43
asacyou wouldnt feel comfortable to just pull them in and see whats going on?22:43
NCommanderasac, I like my sanity tests, but its your call22:43
NCommanderasac, (although I think we still need an upload to karmic :-/)22:44
asacNCommander: its not yet uploaded, yeah22:44
* NCommander is approaching his days end22:45
asacNCommander: ok please start with current .head branch ... then request merge of whatever you want to upload22:45
asacthe -2 release is already opened22:45
asacso add your changes/cherry-picks there22:45
NCommanderasac, sweet, now I just need to forward port ;-)22:45
asaci had problems with getting merge request mails in the past week or so22:47
asacso maybe ping me when you have the merge ready ;)22:47
asacargh. libgudev is still broken in karmic :/22:48
asacstill == agian22:48
* asac checks if there are updates22:49
asacNCommander: seems we also have problems on mips ;)22:51
NCommanderasac, woo, thats the sound of testing breaking!22:51
NCommanderThat's nasty22:52
BUGabundoasac: been testing the new AUTO account from NM 3G23:00
BUGabundoit has a few minor bugs23:00
BUGabundoif you set it to autoconect it doesn't set DNS or something23:00
BUGabundothen the 1st manual, terminastes imediately, and a 2nd one works fine23:01
BUGabundoasac: plus I get disconected a lot! never happened before23:02
=== BUGabundo1 is now known as BUGabundo
asacBUGabundo: what is "auto connect"?23:16
asacyou mean the Auto GSM Connection created if you dont use wizard?23:16
BUGabundoits quite nice!23:17
BUGabundonow I don't need/have an account23:17
BUGabundoasac: is there any hidden trick to force 3G to stay *always* connected to 3G? 2G sucks!23:23
asacthe auto GSM connection is known to have issues23:25
asacwizard is getting more mandatory in future23:25
NafalloI thought wizards died with Merlin?23:26
BUGabundoNafallo: LOLOL23:29
BUGabundoasac: mandatory? please explain23:29
asacno wizard will come back23:30
asacmightier than ever ;)23:30
BUGabundoso it will just be auto?23:31
asacit will try its best23:31
asace.g. getting network id from your SIM23:31
asacscanning if you are roaming23:31
asacto suggest the right provider23:31
* Nafallo thinks the wizard should have a picture of asac.23:32
BUGabundoasac: so if it fails, the user fallsback to manual?23:32
Nafalloif that image fails, we fall back to an image of Merlin :-)23:35
asacBUGabundo: the user falls back to selecting amongs all providers23:38
asacand if his provider is not there he can enter his info manually23:38

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