cfedde_every time i try to start the front end i get a black rectangle followed by full screen gray with a black box and a gray bar that i can controll with the arrow keys can some one tell me what is going on here?02:34
rascal999I've just installed mythbuntu and the 'Launch MythTv' setup button is greyed out, why?13:09
Seeker`any idea why mythtv's volume is lower than rhythmbox? I've put all of mythtvs volume settigs to full, as well as alsamixer20:41
rhpot1991Seeker`: IIRC you said you were using hdmi, did you disable volume control in myth?20:44
rhpot1991could do a straight passthrough and just let your TV/receiver handle the volume20:45
Seeker`rhpot1991: I didn't, no20:45
rhpot1991page 3 or so of the general settings I believe20:45
Seeker`the "use external mixer" option?20:45
Seeker`sorry,disable "Use internal volume controls"?20:46
rhpot1991thats how you'd kill it20:46
rhpot1991if you look around in there, or maybe it was in the recording profiles, there is an option for recording sound level, you can adjust that as well20:46
rhpot1991that wont effect digital sound though I don't think20:47
Seeker`hmm, disabled the internal mixer20:47
Seeker`still not as loud as rhythmbox20:47
Seeker`rhythmbox is "too loud" at about 18 on the receiver20:48
Seeker`need it to be at least 20 to have a listenable volume with mythtv20:48
rhpot1991mess around with the audio settings in myth, and launch alsamixer from a terminal, you can try to adjust some things in there20:49
Seeker`everything in alsamixer is on full20:50
Seeker`the only setting that has any bearing on the HDMI volume level is the "IEC958 1" switch, which I can only mute/unmute20:52
rhpot1991Seeker`: busy now, but if I get a chance I'll remote in and look for where the recordings volume setting is (or if it even still exists)20:52
rhpot1991Seeker`: what kind of tuners do you have?20:52
chaslinuxWondering if I missed a setting in mythbuntu or if I need to buy a video card with HDMI. Getting a small picture in the centre of my LCD tv.20:53
Seeker`I have a nova-T 50020:53
Seeker`chaslinux: how are you connecting to your LCD at the moment?20:54
chaslinuxSeeker: DSUB20:54
Seeker`chaslinux: is the desktop only displaying in the middle of the screen? with black borders round the edge?20:55
chaslinuxSeeker: yes, but only when I try to watch TV or record, it's fine with myth tv menus.20:55
Seeker`chaslinux: have you tried the zoom setting?20:56
chaslinuxNo... on the TV or in Myth TV?20:56
Seeker`press m while watching something20:56
Seeker`then you can change the zoom settings in that menu20:56
chaslinuxK thanks will check that out... nothing like IRSSI on a big screen tv ;-) Thanks Seeker`20:57
Seeker`Hope it works20:57
chaslinuxDid I love you!20:58
chaslinuxlol thanks worked like a charm20:58
Seeker`glad I could be of some help20:59
Seeker`you can set a default zoom in one of the settings menu20:59
chaslinuxThat's great, my wife is going to be thrilled20:59
chaslinuxThe aspect ratio was off21:00
chaslinuxAs soon as I put it to 16:9 it looks fine.21:00
Seeker`rhpot1991: Even DTS / DD passthrough is really quiet21:02
Seeker`rhpot1991: I'm beginning to wonder if rhythmbox applies some amplification to stuff21:02
rhpot1991Seeker`: if thats the only issue you might be able to just modify volume for rhythmbox21:20
Seeker`rhpot1991: the problem is that i need the receiver much higher for mythtv than any other source21:35
rhpot1991Seeker`: the propper thing to do is to let your receiver control the volume and not let myth controll it at all21:38
rhpot1991if you go into the recording profiles, 4th page in there is a volume control21:38
rhpot1991setup > tv > recording profiles21:39
rhpot1991I believe this only effects analog though21:39
rhpot1991and will only take place on new recordings'21:39
Seeker`I only have 2 pages of options21:40
rhpot1991not available then, thought it might not be21:42
rhpot1991Seeker`: hop over to #mythtv-users and ask there, someone might have a better idea21:42
rhpot1991for me once I kill volume control in myth everything is about the same going to and from my receiver (or so I think)21:43
Seeker`may try SPDIF, although I'd rather not have to buy another cable21:44
Seeker`having everything go over HDMI is nice21:44
rhpot1991I'm doing SPDIF, but only cause HDMI wasn't passing through digital sound for me properly21:45
rhpot1991I had to saw up 2 wires to get them to fit next to each other, a real mess21:46
Seeker`mythtv is great21:46
Seeker`but there are a few small things that really annoy me21:46
Seeker`getting my remote working properly is a pain, and it has randomly stopped receiving some keys21:46
Seeker`if i start a movie and choose DTS, it often reverts back to DD a few seconds later21:47
rhpot1991Seeker`: I have seen an issue where irw still gets remote commands but myth never seems to get them, very hard to reproduce21:50
Seeker`rhpot1991: that sucks21:54

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